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Hey, I just saw that people have been bugging you because of that post you made. As a bisexual woman living in Trump's America, I've been totally fixated on Sherlock because that's a problem of a manageable size that still covers issues I care about. Don't let people tell you that queerbaiting on a major TV show isn't just another facet of the same issue as the youtube / lgbt+ thing, and just as important to point out. Take care of yourself! (I love your blog.)

Thank you! You take care of yourself too, ok? (tgoihfdo i’m glad, cheers!)




This quote often saved me in the past, because you know that all of my animations are made with a Nintendo DSi, I always got the “well … you should try something more professional, buy a tablet” or “It’s funny but it’s for kids, try another program, with “clear” lines”, When you got too much of this you ask to yourself if you are going to the wrong way, but I love my DSi and it was the only thing I got to animate so I DIDN’T QUIT ! 

If I listened to these people, who certainly don’t even remember me “lol”, this blog would never exist ! So please ! Keep doing what you make and Love it ! 

Passion is for me one of the best energy we got ! We don’t have to leave it.

Few days ago I reached 100 000 followers, you can’t imagine how shocked I was, I never excepted a number that huge ! I was afraid of thinking so many people are watching my pigeons xD (and that so many people see my English mistakes ;u;)  but now I’m fine ^^’

I’m always happy to see that many people laugh, have fun and are happy seeing my animations and I will keep going this way because now I really love doing it and knowing that it bring so much happiness is enough for me to know that I will never stop ! 

Thank you everyone for your huge support ! I’m pleased to learn you some french :D !! Never be afraid to ask me things if you want to learn some ;) ! 

I wish you the best ! Je vous souhaite tout de bon ! 

I forgive you.

you never apologized for everything that you ever put me through and you probably didn’t even notice any of it because people usually don’t notice things they dont care about, and thats what I was to you. I was just another person that existed, I was just another person that made you feel like you were worth something.

All you ever did was make me feel incomplete. I’d look at myself for hours until I could no longer recognize anything in trying to figure out why you don’t love me in the way I put love into you.
And even if you didn’t love me in that way, why couldn’t you at least be a good damn friend.

but you never gave me a thing. and I used to stay up at night trying to convince myself that you cared about me when I knew damn well you never did.
I always knew what I was to you but I tried to ignore it for so long, I convinced myself otherwise because when you know that the person that you love, does not even give a damn about you something inside you shuts off and I couldn’t deal with that and I didn’t want to accept that so I kept trying to see something that was never there.
I think thats what destroyed me in the end, knowing the reality of what we were but trying to look past that and find something that wasn’t there.
I was looking for so long, I got lost and forgot what I was looking for.
and I forgive you.
I forgive you for all of it, I forgive you for the nights I stayed up crying because you chose her. I forgive you for leaving and then coming back just so you could leave all over again. I forgive you for the things that you said when you and i both knew you didn’t mean them. and I forgive you for using me to try and fill the hole that she left in you. I forgive you for using me as a fix for your confidence because throughout everything all I ever saw was how great you are, and all you ever did was feed of that.

and now I forgive myself.
I forgive myself for everything that I put myself through. I forgive myself for letting myself believe that you really were the greatest part of me. I forgive myself for loving you when you weren’t worth a damn thought.

because after stepping away, I see it all so clearly now. After I accepted what I really was to you, everything else made more sense.
I destroyed myself in loving you and for that I am so sorry but when I say I forgive you, I mean I forgive myself, I forgive giving so much of myself to someone that didn’t care how my day was going. I forgive myself for all the hurt I endured.

—  I have to let go, and to do that I need to forgive.

Elizabeth of York aesthetic for @margarettudor

   Endearingly called “the Gracious Queen” by her subjects, one clear demonstration of the English people’s love for her can be recalled: while progressing over a carpet of woolen cloth that watching crowds were permitted afterward to take as a souvenir, a riot ensued and some died in the ordeal, all to obtain a piece of the cloth the Queen had tread on.

   After her premature death, the Tower – where she had died – ceased almost entirely to be used as a royal residence. Her family and subjects genuinely grieved her loss.


Darling, you broke me in more ways than one

And while you run off and find another heart to break

I’ll be repairing mine

Darling, you lied to me more than once

I trusted you with my life and yet

You made it fall apart

Darling, I’m over you

And when you come crawling back to me

I won’t let you because I know better 

for some of you it’s already 2017, but i’m still in 2016 (help) so i wanted to thank every single one of you for being by my side during this weird year, i wouldn’t make it if it wasn’t for all of you. with this lame edit and a few words, i want to thank you for being who you are and make me smile. this follow forever will for my favorites blogs and mutuals, but i love every single one of you. this year i suffer and had fun with one direction and i found out skam and yoi, which made this year so much easier to get through and we made it. this year brought me bad things too but i could make it another year, so somehow this year was good. happy new year and i wish all of you only the best because that’s what you deserve.every single one of you are so special and i’m glad that i found my place here. i hope that 2017 will bring us peace, love and everything that we want. i love you and thank you for being here. and thank you for the 11K followers, it’s insane but thank you for the love and support. i’m just a normal blog but it means a lot to me.

bolded: ultimate favorite/ friends and people that i met that made my year so much better

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a thank you letter to the boy who didn’t treat me right,
thank you for teaching me a very valuable lesson. thank you for making me realize how beautiful, deserving, and lovable i am. these realizations of course were not because you made me feel these things (don’t flatter yourself) but because i came out of this relationship with a much deeper understanding of just how valuable i really am. how dare you make me feel inadequate, not worthy of being loved, and unsure of myself. im not sure i will ever understand how a human can be so cruel to another the way that you were with me, but i am at peace with it now. i am coming to terms with all that has happened, and i am ready now more than ever to close this chapter and rid myself of you completely. i will no longer let your words or actions stain me the way i let them before.

based on a scene from this perfectly perfect modern Steve and Bucky au where Steve sees Bucky for the first time (sort of) after they’ve just been texting ever since Steve messaged a wrong number

Truly an amazing scene. Reminds me of the “OLD” vampire diaries writing that made this series so unique. Honestly the only thing that could’ve made this scene better was if Damon said “ I’m leaving because I’m in Love with my bestfriend and I can’t go another day living with this guilt. When I look at you I no longer see Elena. I used to wish you died so I could see her. Now I hope you live so I never have too.”
—  written by ibbie33il about the Bamon scene in 8x10 on youtube

Tyler and his dark figment based upon the nickname “stone-face Tyler”! Requested by @somerandomflamingo. Please reblog, it helps spread my art! I would really appreciate it 💙

@apocalyptotyler @another-tyler12-blog thought I’d tag you guys because you’re Tyler blogs, hope you don’t mind 😅

Also!! I would love to have a gif made of this that either glitches between the two pictures or fades from one to the other, so if anyone could do that for me I would absolutely love it and be indebted to you! Message me if you would like to do this!

Another thing is that I would really love for Tyler to see this, but unfortunately I do not have a Twitter. So, I’m looking for someone to post this on Twitter and tag him for me WHILE STILL GIVING ME CREDIT! If anyone is interested in this, message me! DON’T DO THIS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION THOUGH okay thanks 😊


And here’s another statement that Kojuro makes that I love. I really love how this game says things like this because they are right. You never blame or force the victim to apologize because the perpetrator made the choice to hurt them-not the other way around.

And, In case you forgot, Kojuro previously made the statement that a person’s lust is no excuse for forcing themselves on someone else, in another event story.

I spend a lot of time missing you
but even more thinking about
what I could have done to make you stay.

Most days, I feel like more poison than girl,
more fury than fire, more sex than touch,
making out on your best friend’s couch
the second he went upstairs,
making out because it was the only thing
we could bear to do with our mouths.

Everyone tells me it isn’t my fault,
that leaving me on the cold hard pavement
was cowardly, and I can’t say I disagree,
but in the end, you didn’t destroy me.
We destroyed each other.

We’d flash our supernova hearts
disguised as teeth,
finding comfort in the explosion
because it didn’t make us bleed.
We did a lot of things I’m not proud of.

But we loved much harder
than I could have ever imagined
loving anybody ever, and I think
“fuck you” is just another way of saying
I wish we could have survived this.

—  This is just a fancy way of saying I miss you and I wish you were here and I wish you had stayed and I shouldn’t be thinking these things anymore but I am anyway
One goes along smoothly enough, one thing following another, and it’s all very jolly and plain sailing, and you think you know all about it, and suddenly one doesn’t know where one is a bit, and everything seems different from what it used to seem. Now today, coming up that path, riding behind you, I seemed to see everything as if…as if it had a kind of meaning. You’ve made the difference to me. I don’t see why I shouldn’t tell you. I’ve felt it ever since I knew you…It’s because I love you.
—  Virginia Woolf, The Voyage Out

hello my lovelies!! it’s the december 31 where i am and i just want to give an end of year message - 

1. first of all, please do not drink and drive this new years - OR EVER! 

2. STAY SAFE! look after yourself as well as your friends and family!

3. congrats on making it through another year!! 2016 has been very tough but YOU MADE IT! and you’ll make it through 2017 as well!

4. and if no one has told you this, i’m very proud of all you and proud of what you have achieved this year. 

5. a follow forever type thing will be going up next week to showcase all my favourite bloggers of the year!! if you’d like to be considered, just drop a message because i always love following new blogs! :)

i’d also just like to say that i’ve sort of made it one of my new years resolutions to look out for other tumblr bloggers because i know that i got a lot of hate this year and had everyone looking out for me so i want to do the same for everyone in the next year! 

Give me all the happy ending, ‘soulmarks are a real, legitimate thing with no underhanded tricks’ soulmate AUs!

A soulmark world where homophobia was never a thing, because it couldn’t be!

A world where aromantic people are matched with their perfect partner in crime!

A world where asexual people are matched with their perfect brotp!

A world where two people meet and instead of their timers stopping, they sync up and start a new countdown (or their tattoos match but a new part of the design suddenly develops), because they’re poly and there’s someone else (or multiple someone elses) out there for them! Or poly people who meet a single soulmate and realize something’s missing, but keep quiet until their partner says one day “Does it seem like something’s missing to you?” and both their marks start counting down together in sync.


+sherlolly because...mycroft is love

I think it’s no surprise now to those of you who know me that I love Mycroft. This story is basically 90% Mycroft, or what I like to call ‘Mycroft-centric’, but set to a background of blossoming Sherlolly. It ended up Mycroft-centric because I’ve always had an issue with the way Mycroft was always made fun of regarding his weight and this rumoured love for cake. I got so fed up that I decided to write this to subvert all the things that had been said about him. I love Mycroft but I also particularly love writing Molly and Mycroft having a sort of real kindred affection for one another and a deep understanding between them. What can I say, they’re my ultimate brOTP. :) Still has nice Sherlolly moments tho. So if you’ve come to read this, thank you so much! xx


Hunger  ( also on FF.net and AO3 )

The cake place, as Sherlock had called it, was a simple cafe that Molly had picked for its low human traffic and of course, its delicious cake. The three of them, Molly, Sherlock and John, were halfway through their little birthday-do for the detective when John received a call from Mrs Hudson regarding little Rosie.

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A/N: when I wake up at 1 in the morning, and can’t sleep… I write stuff sometimes with fluff. Because I love fluff.


There were a few things in life that you loved to death, which included; your parents, your pet, peanut butter, and the freakishly large guy in your PE class that was your best friend. Emmett Cullen.

Yeah, the one with the cute dimples. You could have sworn that in another life, you two were married. Or at least that’s what everyone around the two of you said.

Emmett stood next to you in long blue gym shorts and a grey top, that didn’t suit him at all. It always made you laugh a little at the sight of him having to play clumsy at any sport the coach made you guys play. The frown that set upon his face after he purposely tripped or aimed horribly, made your day. He nudged your side slightly with his elbow, knowing you enjoyed watching him purposely fail.

“You know i’m the best person at sports than anyone here, y/n” he muttered, sounding grumpy.

You laughed again, shaking your head a little. “I still don’t get why you can’t be good at sports Em” you replied and leaned on the basketball pole behind you.

Emmett huffed, and bounced a basketball around. “You know why… If the coach ever asked me to join any team, I could seriously hurt someone.”

You rolled your eyes, “How noble of you. Carlisle said no, huh?”

Emmett glared at you and threw the ball in the hoop at close proximity. “Yeah, pretty much.”

You smiled, watching him miss a few baskets and make others. Watching him play a giant klutz was like watching comedy live. It was pure entertainment for about an hour. He was taller than everyone else here, he could practically touch the net of the hoop without having to jump. He was much stronger, and he would have been scary if it wasn’t for the dimples, curly hair, and how much he smiled. You were beginning to think you had a crush on your best friend.

“Earth to y/n, calling” he said, waving his large hand in front of your face.

“Yeah?” You asked, cheeks turning slightly pink.

“Thinking about me again?” Emmett asked with a grin plastered on his face.

“You wish, Cullen. You wish” you said, trying to stop your cheeks from turning red.

You walked over to him and took the basketball, bouncing it a few times before aiming, throwing, and watching Emmett steal the ball midair.

“Aim higher, short stuff” he mocked, making the hoop.

“I don’t need advice from the worst basketball player here” you mocked in return.

He put a hand over his chest trying to express his offense, “That actually hurt, y/n”

“That’s what you get for calling me ‘short stuff’ Em.” You took the basketball back and tried throwing it into the hoop again, and made it.

Emmett smiled proudly, staring at you a little too intently. You could feel your heart leap, and plummet as soon as Emmett turned away to grab the ball.

Shit. Shit. Shit. You were falling for your best friend.

You were lost in thought for a while, battling your internal crisis, before you felt something hit your head slightly.

“Ow” you muttered, your hand rubbing the spot where Emmett flicked your head.

“You got to stop thinking about me in class y/n, I know i’m breath taking and all but Mike almost hit you with a basket ball, and you just stood there frozen” he said and tossed a ball over to Mike.

How long was I standing here? You asked yourself and mentally cursed a thousand times over.

“Emmett, can I ask you something?” You stared up at him, and watched him freeze in place.

“It’s nothing bad, I promise.” You added.

He shrugged which meant ‘go for it’ and held another ball in his hands.

“Why haven’t we ever gone out on a date?” The words slipped out of your mouth too quickly to stop them.

Emmett arched an eyebrow, and actually thought about it for a moment.

“I dunno… I guess the first time we met, you said we’d be 'amazing best friends’ and that i’d be your maid of honor once Johnny Depp came on a white horse to ask for your hand in marriage” he replied, a bit off tone. “So, I guess I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, short stuff.”

“I don’t remember saying Jonny Depp, I think my last infatuation was Channing Tatum” you corrected him, with a small smile.

“Right” he replied, spinning the ball in his hands. He was quiet now. Reserved. Which meant he was lost in thought…

You stared at his features for a while. His strong jawline, the curve of his nose, the shape of his eyes… You were definitely falling for him.

“Emmett, I think I love your more than peanut butter” you said walking closer to him.

He was caught off guard and stared down at you, “more than peanut butter? Hm, that’s quite a lot, coming from you.”

You nodded. You didn’t want to lose your best friend, if dating didn’t work out for the two of you… But you did in fact love him more than anything in that moment, and wanted to try being more than just friends.

“I love you more than peanut butter too, y/n” he replied, the dimpled smile you liked so much adorned on his childish face.

“You don’t even eat peanut butter, which should be a crime by the way” you replied, your stomach feeling fluttery at what he just said.

“Way to spoil the moment, short stuff” he said, shaking his head.

“Say, we do go out… What happens if, you know, things don’t work out.” He asked, suddenly serious.

“We go back to being 'amazing best friends’ and you get to attend my wedding once Channing Tatum asks for my hand in marriage” you replied, trying to lighten the mood.

He half smiled, and spun the ball in his hand. The gym was getting to loud, so he walked a bit closer to you, closing any space that was left. Which made you want to throw up butterflies.

“I think I might like you too much to let you leave me for Channing Tatum” he said.

Your eyes widened a little, and you felt hard lips crash onto yours. Soon, it became a make out session, and the gym had become dead silent.

“Break it up you two, unless you want to visit the principles office” the coach yelled.

You parted from Emmett, face as red as a tomato. You coughed in order to get your composure back, and you could see Emmett grinning without a care in the world.

“Sorry coach, I was just teaching my girl a few basketball tricks and we got a little carried away…” He replied, causing the coach to scoff a little.

“Son, I think she should be teaching you about basket ball.” The coach replied, causing you to laugh a little.

Emmett held onto the basket ball, and then turned to face the basketball pole at the very far end of the gym, which was opposite of you two. He threw the ball, and made it in… Effortlessly. The coach was struck dumbfounded, as the bell rang. You could feel Emmett’s cold hand take yours, leading you out the gym to your first official date.

Hobbit Falls AU

Earlier this week I reblogged a meme that said:

1 - TAKE YOUR OLDEST FANDOM you know the one, that first thing you made art or wrote fic for, where you made all those really weird over the top OCs because you didn’t know any better
2 - TAKE YOUR NEWEST FANDOM yeah, that thing that you love and can’t stop thinking about right now
3- SMASH THEM TOGETHER like freakin’ conceptual play-doh
4 - MAKE SOMETHIN’ OUT OF IT make fic! art! a song! whatever!

And I remarked (in the tags): “if you think I wouldn’t do a Tolkien-Gravity Falls mashup, then you have another thing coming”.

My initial thought was more along the lines of, Ha ha, that would probably work really well with a DD&MD reference or something, Ford and Dipper as elves, etc. etc.

Then on the bus home, it hit me.  The Pines are totally hobbits.  Disreputable hobbits with a taste for adventure, of course.  But absolutely hobbits.  And after that, it wouldn’t leave me alone.

This got long, so… hit the link below for lots of thoughts, plus better views of the figures.

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