i made you a thing because i saw you wanted shotgunning

We’re all quick kisses and accidental hand touches
And you’re all
“you’re the type of girl i would date if i was gay”
And i’m all little giggles and too much eye contact

I always wondered why you wanted to practice shotgunning when we got high
You were thinking of my soft lips when you said you wanted to be good at it for your future boyfriend
Just that last word made me cringe
And you kept asking why I was being mean to you that night

Maybe it’s the kind of thing where I know I’m allergic to pine needles but you can find me hanging out in the woods any given weekend
Or why you said you wanted to go to Pride because of the cute outfits but I saw your eyes water during the speeches
Maybe it’s the kind of thing where you’re asking me how I came out to my parents and I laugh and tell you I never did
and it only makes you more scared

You said if we go past second base, it would make us lesbians
And I said “well we’re already halfway there”
And you didn’t text me back for two weeks

In the future you’ll be telling your daughter about that alternative girl in high school who helped you learn that cherry chap stick is your favorite fruit
And she’ll laugh for your sake because she doesn’t fully understand
And you’ll say my name during sex sometimes
And the man you’re with will ignore it

—  Pride is pertinent