i made up color schemes


Rose Quartz + Serenity | Yoon Jeonghan icons

v2: less edited

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I hope you weren’t expecting good designs cause their outfits are really boring and not magical-looking at all lol

Anyway, Midna is a Gerudo with vitiligo (her cousin, Nabooru, is also a hero). Zelda is just Zelda. They’re both 22 years old, attend the same university as Fi, and were both trained by Fi when they just started their magical hero job. Midna’s hero name is the Shadow Queen and she uses the Shadow Mirror to store and summon lots of things (basically her Hyrule Warriors moveset).  Zelda’s hero name is The Empress and she uses light arrows and has the blessings of the Three Golden Goddesses so she can do, like, other magic things too. Together they’re a very famous power couple!!! Or something. Idk, I just made this up right now.

I had to change Midna’s color scheme cause the Twili color scheme would not look good with her vitiligo skin color. Trust me, I tried.

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i don't mean to overstep any boundaries, but have you heard of the term lithromantic? i ask because you tagged that ask saying your brain is weird and i think you might benefit knowing a lot of people feel that way?? again, so sorry if this is out of line, please just delete this if it is.


That hit me so hard oh my god. Oh man that fits me so much better than just aromantic I think? Cause I always low-key fancy people theoretically but if it was ever anything more than just a thought it makes my skin crawl, and not in a good way.

Thanks so much for sending me this. That was genuinely helpful to know! 🌻💛

Dear Anonymous,

We’re not in any rut!  Our magic’s just as dazzling as it was before that “Mr. Reus” fiasco!  We’ve just gotta rethink our strategy now that our secret’s out.

Highlighting our different personalities might be a good start, but there’s no way I’m switching my hairstyle back to her’s again.  Maybe we can just put on different wigs or something…

Oh, and it was Bonny who made the design for our costumes…but I came up with the color scheme.  Cute, isn’t it?

-Betty de Famme


Minghao Icons

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i haven’t decided on a color scheme yet, but i made up some new creatures today. they’re called tibbits and they’re kind of a mix between cockatiels and dragons! they are extremely rare and if you find one, they’ll grant you a wish. for every wish they grant, they get more plumage on their head crest. younger tibbits look up to those with large head pieces!

i give you the doodle buds!

 i wanted to draw all of the kids that i know of and it turned into a big happy group photo

i feel like they would all be the best of friends x3

this drawing should have been done like months ago but i kept getting sidetracked

so the kids in it are

aj (me and pjs kid) bottom middle @7goodangel

splat( me and inks kid) bottom right he didint have a color scheme so i made it up as i went might change some things but idk

splat loves to learn new things so when he found out he has a sister who is part paint being he was excited to learn about her!

marge( me and swinkers kid) top middle @chuubifrog

bling and chaching (alainas and freshs kids) the 2 in the middle holding hands


and cray (fresh and pjs kid) bottom left cray belongs to @weezy-pup


So many Fatesona Kids that I had to draw some of them!!

I feel like Vincent would be protective of @tacticianwinter ‘s Allen, but he can handle himself just fine in battle haha

@tomodaichis ‘ Hiroki and Allen would always drag Vincent off to play~

@oreowarrior drew a great pic with asugi!vincent, Allen, Floran and his child, @yuruya , and @ominousrain ‘s Mirena, so I did a little continuation ;v;