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too many white ppl not wanting to speak up bc they’re scared of bein ostracized by their white friends…and u know what i’m really sick of? white ppl who never bring up issues on their own. they wait till all the people of color on their twitter feed, on tumblr are discussing something and post a shitty rephrasing of a post a person of color already made and better to seem involved. they try to rehash a point that has been made millions of times to the point where it’s common knowledge and play this off like they’re accomplishing something. you don’t have to teach poc about racism. we fucking know all about it.

y’all are silent 364 days of the year but then when poc are upset about something you decide to chime in with your obligatory white two cents that accomplishes nothing. and you won’t bring this stuff up in front of other white people either. not ever. you’ll listen to the white people around you being openly hateful and you’ll keep your mouth shut. all this talking like you care and then you refuse to confront your racist and hateful white friends because you don’t want them to exclude you or get mad at you. if you care about us why the fuck you want friends like that in the first place? 

we can tell when you’re posting shit just to seem like “one of the good ones” and we can tell when you post stuff bc you’re scared the big bad people of color will come for you if you don’t and you’re just trying to cover your ass

To all of the aces that follow me, I love you. And you are valid. Don’t let whatever anybody else says let you believe that you don’t belong in the LGBTQ+ community. I will fight them. You are part of this family.

There will be people who reblog this with mean comments, don’t listen to them. Ignore them. You belong.

Making out with… Taeyong


Anon: Making out with taeyong plsss❤️❤️❤️ love you and your blog xx😊

Anon: Can we get a making out with taeyong pretty please? I love your blog aaaah!!! <3

Yay! Finally got this posted. Writing this made me really sad because I’ve realised how alone I am lol :-( I need friends too lol

Anyway, I hope you like it! Tell me what you think! Bisous, Flo xx

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  • This would be both of your favourite type of skinship
  • Since you didn’t really do any PDA, any kind of skinship, specifically making out, was saved for when you were in private 
  • Your “making out” position usually started with you two standing up
  • His arms would be wrapped tightly around your waist, so that your body was pressed to his
  • You’d allow yourself to melt into his touch, and would trace his jaw with your fingers and thread them through his hair
  • They aren’t necessarily planned but they’re not spontaneous either
  • But they would always always always start with a hug
  • Not a normal one though, 
  • Usually he’d hold you for a long time
  • But when he wanted a kiss, it wouldn’t last long and he’d resort to kissing your neck softly as a sign
  • A lot of giggling and teasing too
  • Eventually, he’d reach your lips and wouldn’t hesitate to smash them onto yours immediately 
  • His kisses would be open and wide 
  • Very slow as well
  • There’s no such thing as fast paced with Taeyong
  • He likes to make sure you understand how much he loves you and how lucky he is
  • And he also like the feeling of your tongues touching
  • Yes, I know that’s gross okay
  • But I really that the pair of you would actually really like it
  • Tbh it’s probably unlike him; since he’s so tidy and clean
  • And playing tonsils table tennis isn’t exactly clean or hygienic
  • Anyway
  • For sure, he wouldn’t be able to contain himself
  • He’s hands would start wandering
  • Rubbing gently your thighs or the small of your back
  • Sometimes he’d run his hands through your hair or rub your jaw gently in order to ease up and relax into the kiss
  • A lot of moans and groans would fall from his lips
  • Very low and deep moans and groans
  • I mean, no one wouldn’t be able to say what they’d be like really
  • Cos he’d just save them for you and your ears
  • He’d also whisper a lot
  • Complimenting you and telling you how much he adores you
  • “You’re so beautiful”
  • “Don’t stop”
  • “I can’t control myself”
  • Just imagine for a moment
  • Shut your eyes and just imagine Taeyong complimenting you
  • Like that in itself is a blessing from God
  • lol okay got a bit too hyped there sorry
  • It would be sensual and slow 
  • Something the younger members should never ever see just in case
  • Although it has happened that Ten walked in and you didn’t realise for about 5 minutes
  • And he just watched with his mouth wide open 
  • Because these make out sessions would last quite a long time
  • It can go up to like half an hour
  • You’d end up sitting on his lap, and he rested against the bed frame
  • 20% of the time this making out session would end with sex
  • But most of the time it wouldn’t
  • Taeyong wouldn’t make out with you because he wanted sex or was horny
  • He’d just like holding you and kissing you and just being with you
  • Totally harmless and not expecting sex at all
  • Anyway, if it didn’t end up with sex, it would last way longer like an hour extra
  • Neither of you would see where the time passed but tbh neither of you cared
  • I see Taeyong being the kind who’d want to kiss you and make out with you all the time when you’re in private
  • At first you were a little annoyed, since you didn’t want to always make out
  • But within a few sessions, you pretty much made it part of your daily life lol
  • Afterwards, he’ll look at you so fondly and just admire how gorgeous you looked or how lucky he was to have you
  • Although he’d do this anyway
  • It would just X10 stronger after making out
  • Whoever gets to kiss Taeyong and make out with him, is darn lucky
  • You better treat him right mate

Making out with… series

Please request more members!


hEY TAYLOR!!!! lasT time we’ve ~interacted~ anD by that i mean that yo u liked a post of mine from last march of me leaving pictures of you holding awards on a phone in target™ ((((pS THANK YOU FOR THAT BTW)))) anYWAYS,,!,!, i just thought i should give you an updAte on my life. soOoO i chANGED MY USERBAME!!! i used to be @thinkingthatyoucouldbetrusted but then i decided that tHat was waY too long so i shortened it up:)))) aLSOOO YOu first followed me when i was in the middle of 7th grade, nO W IM A FRESHIE IN HIGHSCHOOOL WHOAHHHh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anD i’ve made a lot of neW friend s (online and in real life:)))) aLSO i made a nEw instagram and its @couldbtrusted (iTS LIT w/ vIDEOS of me #awkwardly dancing)

My friend made this really sweet post about me in the Black Girls are Kawaii page on fb and I’m lowkey tearing up ;u;

Even though there was a lot of drama when I started the Kawaii Black Girls did and I got a  lot of backlash for it, I’m glad I endure it because it was so worth it imo. 

All I ever wanted was for more black girls to see that they could wear cute fashion and rock it. That there were other black girls with the same interests as them!!

Now I see more black girls wearing kawaii fashion and cosplaying than ever before and I feel like I’ve reached my goal! I’m so glad I was able to bring this community together ;-; I love all the kawaii black girls ♥

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NCT as kids in my class
  • Taeil: *always on time and seems to be paying attention but doesn't actually know what's going on*
  • Hansol: *blasts shakira's 'hips don't lie' every possible minute for two weeks straight*
  • Johnny: *has shown up to class for maybe four days in three weeks*
  • Taeyong: safety first kids, please always remember that
  • Yuta: i know i shouldn't have punched him but i mean it was a discussion about women's rights and he was wrong
  • Kun&Winwin: *always talk in chinese and take great pleasure in the fact that no one else understands what they're saying*
  • Doyoung: actually if you crash down there and die then your family is gonna get a lot less money than if you crash and end up having paraplegia, think about that
  • Ten: *already didn't do the homework on the second day*
  • Jaehyun: *always late, always asleep, somehow the teachers love him*
  • Mark: when will i get paid for enduring this
  • Renjun: *helps everyone with the homework*
  • Jeno&Jaemin: *applaude when bus driver manages to turn the bus around in the middle of the street*
  • Haechan: *on the bus* okay but i am sitting in the cool seat so i am the cool kid so you cannot complain about what music i play *plays 'never gonna give you up' and almost gets killed*
  • Chenle: no i'm not thinking about what to answer, i'm thinking about if i should give you an answer or not
  • Jisung: my mum will still love me if i fail this grade so it's okay

Selfies with friends, Katsucon 2017! :D

1. @reallyquantum, 2. @ask-actual-angel-krista, 3. Krennic-senpai (sorry I just wanted to type that) @shikarius, 4. @renastere, 5. @grannyhitsuzen

I saw a lot of other friends too but I DIDN’T GET SELFIES WITH U ON MY PHONE I’M SUPER SORRY (uh, my costume took away my thumbs and made taking selfies difficult so I asked them to take the photos a lotta times ;A;) BUT IF YOU GOT PHOTOS WITH ME AND POST, LEMME KNOW SO I CAN REBLOG ;A;

Hiyom, guys! Sarapyon here and since it’s already the holidays, my birthday (it’s on December 28 but you can just treat it as any other day) and ending of the year are just around the corner, what better way to do it by making my first ever follow forever (๑°꒵°๑)

I’ve been here on tumblr for five years, but around 2011, this blog was originally just for Fairy Tail, Johnny’s Entertainment & K-Pop (well, mostly U-KISS and JYJ only), but I can’t believe that this blog became a multi-fandom blog. I mean I still can’t believe how the hell did I even got 8800+ followers when my blog are full of Fairy Tail, Haikyuu!!, FINAL FANTASY XV, seiyuus, seasonal anime, video games, JE groups and so on. I bet me from five years ago wouldn’t believe that this blog made this far by making gifsets, translation posts and more.

Thanks to this blog, I made a lot of friends here who I met personally (which you guys always thought I live in the States lol) or chatting here in the tumblr messenger/twitter/other social media as we talk about the fandoms that we love. All I can say is THANK YOU! Thank you for following me, for appreciating my works, for helping me out improve my gifs/graphics, for giving me advice whenever I rant about my personal life here on this blog sometimes. I really appreciate it so much, you guys are awesome!!

To my mutuals, I still can’t believe that you guys can stick with me even though I have so many other fandoms. If only I could travel all over the world so I can just meet you guys, hug you personally and how awesome and grateful I'am that I got to know you. Some of you already know about me having some friend issues before but I’m so happy that you guys are there for me even if some of you live far away. Seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH for making my 2016 better!!! I hope that 2017 treats you well and let’s continue to talk, spazz or rant about the fandoms we love o(≧∇≦o)

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Once again, thank you so much and I wish you guys will have an awesome day and hoping that 2017 will treat you well!! And I noticed that some of the people on my blogroll aren’t active anymore so I might do a follow spree soon 〆(・∀・@)

Caught: Daddykink!Ashton

Request: Can u do a smut about Ashton being ur dads best friend and u have a crush on him. And one night u were home alone cause ur parents went to visit ur grandma so u invited one of ur guy friends and when u were about to do it with him Ashton came and made the boy leave and punishes u with his daddy kink

Requested by: crazyfandommasterlist

A/N: HI guys I’m so excited to post this first smut on my page. I’ve written smut for years but have never published it. I hope you guys like it but that you understand that is very graphic and sexual in nature. Therefore if you are not comfortable with that please do not read. Thanks you all so much, enjoy!

I was sitting in my room doing homework when my parents call me down stairs. Groaning, I get up from my desk and trudge down stairs. When I walk into the living room they are both sitting on the couch and my dad’s best friend Ashton is sitting in one of the chairs. I stop dead in my tracks and cross my arms awkwardly. If I would have known Ashton was here I would have changed and ran down to them immediately. I’ve always thought he was extremely attractive and have slowly fallen in love with him over the years. His laugh is intoxicating, his music so full of soul, and his heart being the kindest I’ve ever encountered. As I’ve gotten older I’ve almost felt like he’s feeling the same way, but sadly I can never know for sure and even if he did there was no way he would act on those feelings. To him I’m probably just his mate’s kid.  

“Y/N sit down, honey.” My mom says and I do calmy, but also very confused on what is happening.

My dad sighs. “So you’re not going to like this, but since we are going to be on vacation all next week and you have to stay home for school, we want Ashton to check in on you every now and then just to make sure you’re okay…”

I scoff. “Like a babysitter?” I’m eighteen years old and my parents can even trust me to stay home by myself, how typical. “This is ridiculous…” I say, but then trail off. Ashton and I by ourselves with my parents away? Who knows what could happen… but still I’m not a child and this is my senior year.

“I know you want to be treated like an adult, but we worry.” My mom says.

Nodding and shrugging still I look over at Ashton and he finally speaks up. “I promise I won’t be too… overbearing…”

A few days have passed since that conversation with my parents. Since they are out I thought I’d take advantage of this opportunity. I pick up my phone and dial Sam. Sam and I have strictly friends with benefits. Hell not even really friends. We mess around and fuck from time to time and then we just leave each other alone. It’s not my ideal situation, I mean I’d like to be in an actual relationship with someone some day, but it’s been since anyone has shown any interest and well… a girl has got needs. Sam says he’s on his way and I freshen up a bit.

“It’s Sam.” He says coming inside knowing I left the door unlocked for him.

I call back to him turning off the tv. “Upstairs.”

He comes up stairs and kicks his shoes off immediately along with taking his hoodie off. “How are you?”

“About to be a whole lot better you?” I say waiting for him.

“Agreed…” He mumbles and pulls me down to sit with him on the bed. “You ready to go?” I nod and he kisses me roughly.

For a while we just get warmed up by making out and running our hands over each other. He takes his shirt off and swiftly pulls me onto his lap. I can feel myself getting more and more worked up as he grasps my hips to help me firmly to grind against him.

“Fuck Y/N…” He says.

“Yeah, What the fuck Y/N?!” A voice other than Sam’s rings through the room and we both jump in shock to see Ashton standing in the doorway.

“Ashton?!” I say confused and embarrassed.

He comes up to me pulls me off of Sam’s lap and looks at Sam with a look that could kill. “Get out…. Now.”

Sam picks up all of his stuff and practically runs out of the door. “Ashton! Are you serious that’s so un-!” I go to start yelling and complaining, but he pulls me close to him and gives me the same look he gave Sam.

“Is this what you do when your parents are away? Invite boys over to fuck you? Can you imagine what your parents would say about this Y/N? Do you have any idea how much trouble your in?” He asks deeply and roughly.

Quietly I whimper out. “Please don’t tell them….”

He sighs heavily and lets me go. “Sit on the bed.” I give him a strange and confused look. “Sit. On. The. Bed.” He repeats, obviously not pleased. I do as he says and become suddenly aware that I’m still only in a bra and cloth shorts. I cross my arms over myself feeling very vulnerable in front of him.  “Y/N I’m not going to tell your parents you’re eighteen for god’s sake.” He says sharply, obviously still pissed and pauses walking up to me and placing one of his huge muscular hands on my cheek caressing it with his thumb. “But you still need to be punished darling… and I think you and I both know Daddy’s the one you want to punish you.”

I look at him shocked and gasp surprised at his forwardness. Is this really happening? Am I dreaming? Fuck I need to say something, just do it. “Yes, Daddy.” I shyly and quietly say.

Ashton wraps a hand around my throat firmly in the most intoxicating way. “Louder princess…”

“Yes, Daddy.” I say more confidentiality, but my voice still quivering.

He growls. “On my lap.” He demands sitting on my bed and I follow his directions immediately. “Good girl, of course now you can listen….” I smile a little bit, even though I’m so nervous I’m almost shaking. “Now even though you need to be punished if you need to stop your safeword is pineapples. Tell me if you understand.”

“I understand Daddy.” I say and I can feel his fingers slowly unhooking my bra and letting it fall to the floor.

He groans and massages them lightly with his hands. I gasp at the coldness and the sudden touch. “Oh babygirl you are so beautiful… take the rest of your clothes off for Daddy, yeah?” He asks and I stand up a little awkwardly stripping for him. “So beautiful, you are a masterpiece Y/N… get back here.” He commands, and again, I follow his orders but this time he stops me in front of him. He runs his hands all over my skin and curves while turning me in a slow circle. He then takes his clothes off besides his boxers and stands in front of me. I reach out to finally feel his body but he bats my hand away. “You haven’t even been punished yet…”

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” I tell him and he smiles a small smile before sitting on the bed and draping me over his lap.  

“Count them or you’ll get more…” He warns spanking my butt making me wince in pain and moan in pleasure. In all the fantasies I’ve ever had of Ashton I never dreamed he would have ever been as kinky as I’ve always been but now I’ve been proven wrong.

He spanks me 20 times by the time he’s done there are tears running down my cheeks. Ashton pulls me up and hold me close. “It’s okay… Daddy’s here… I’ve got you.” He whispers his tone and demeanor completely changing. I pull back and look at him for a moment and then with a leap of faith I kiss him. He’s kissing me back and it’s the most passionate kiss I’ve ever experienced, My breath is almost taken away by it. He immediately, then shifts us so that I’m on my back and he’s hovering over me. He kisses down my body and I wrap my fingers up in his hair.

“Daddy.” I moan once he gets to my heat and starts softly teasing my clit.

He chuckles and yanks his boxers off throwing them somewhere out of view. We start kissing again and he thrusts into me roughly making me squeal a little in pain. He holds me close, whispering that it’s okay and that he’s got me in between hard thrusts. “You feel so much better than I ever imagined fuck.” He groans.

Meanwhile, I’m moaning and whimpering too much to even respond, but soon he flips me over and stands me on all fours. I moan loudly at the new position while tightly grasping at the bed sheets. With one hand he reaches under me and rubs my clit, making my pleasure even more intense than before and he used the other to firmly hold onto my hip which I’m positive with have a handprint on it even tomorrow. “Who’s your Daddy?” He asks groaning.

I moan out getting so incredibly close to my orgasm. “You are Daddy, oh my god I’m close.”

“Hold for Daddy, baby girl, just a minute longer.” He tells me and I try as hard as possible and when my legs start shaking he finally gives me the okay.  

I hit my high so hard and I know he hits his when I feel his load on my butt and lower back. “Oh god.” I gasp, still feeling the orgasm race through my veins.

“I’ll be right back.” He whispers.

Ashton disappears for a minute and then I feel him wipe the cum off of me. He picks me up in his hard and carries me to the shower, which I can know hear water running from.

He takes me into the shower and lets the warm water hit us both. Then kissing me passionately and roughly and whispers. “I love you.”

I look up at him. “You do?”

He nods. “I have for awhile… and seeing you with that… that… that kid I couldn’t take it anymore, you had to be mine…”

“W-what about my parents?” I ask confused. “They would never accept us… they think you’re like my uncle…”

“Thought maybe I could follow you to whatever college you decide on… keep us for a secret for a while… find the right time eventually or maybe not…. But I mean all that only if you’d want me too…” He explains still holding me close.

My eyes light up in happiness, and I pull him down and kiss him. “I love you too… and I like that plan a lot.”

He chuckles. “I’m glad… This isn’t the way I was planing to tell you by the way. Thought we’d go on some dates first or something. Something more romantic… you deserve more that a surprise fuck.”

I laugh and blush at him. “We can still do that… I’d like that a lot.”

“Well, I mean I could just take you to my place while your parents are away… watch over you a little more closely… I mean just for your safety obviously…” He winks at me.

“Only if you help me pack.” I tease him playfully.

“You got yourself a deal baby, I love you.” He says.

I grin at him and kiss him softly. “I love you too Daddy.”

hello :-) today marks the day this blog was made exactly a year ago on 22nd of December 2015!!  6k+ posts  later here i am!! celebrating my one year anniversary of buingtans!!! i’ll try keep //this// as  short as possible but thank u to eVERYONE who followed me?!? im shOOK i didnt expect to get over 3 followers but thank u so much!! also very big thank you to all my friends/mutuals(some of which i HAVE been following forever [or since the day this acc was made] hehfhdj) , people i’ve talked to etc. since making this blog;; it’s been really fun so far and I am truly blessed to have met such k0ol ppl :^) i hope this blog will have many more anniversaries to come!! [follow forever is below the cut bc this probably will b long lol]

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I need sprites :'3c

as u guys can see, I went and made an ‘incorrect fatesona quotes’ blog. 
kinda just for the purpose of messing around and making memes

but I don’t wanna keep re-using the same characters that I’ve already received permission from by friends (as well as my own)

so.. like/reblog/reply to this post if its okay to use your fatesonas sprites to make incorrect fatesona quotes please! ; w ;

and if you don’t have sprites, you can still lend me your fatesona for quotes, they’ll just be in script form rather than the actual fire emblem support format.

if you’d like you can even submit prompts, quotes and memes for me to use, and which fatesona and or canon characters to use for them ; w ; /