i made this. :3

  • Geralt: Yen, I've properly taught Ciri the ABC'S.
  • Yennefer: Alright, let's hear it!
  • Little Ciri: A is for Always Go For The Throat
  • Little Ciri: B is Beat The Crap Out Of Them
  • Little Ciri: C is for C-
  • Yennefer: Ciri, I love it, but just give me a moment. *turns to geralt and whispers* Why are you doing this to our child?
  • Geralt: .... our child? *smiles*

cottoncandyfeuilly  asked:

Feuilly and Jehan having a sleepover!!

Feuilly’s place is an odd mixture of tidy and in need of being cleaned. There’s nothing out of place, it always looks cosy and it’s never dirty, but there’s a growing layer of dust on everything that isn’t used regularly. That mostly means the various books and (handcrafted) treasured objects scattered across the shelves that line nearly every inch of the walls. Jehan loves Feuilly’s apartment. More than with most people they think it’s really like walking into a part of Feuilly’s mind. At least this is what Jehan imagines Feuilly’s mind must be like, full of shaved wood, carefully cut leather, folded paper, thumbed paperbacks and a podcast playing in the background.

But right now there’s no podcast playing and it’s too dark to see much of anything except the vague outline of the window, where the streetlights try to shine through the curtains. Jehan is lying on the floor of Feuilly’s bedroom, wrapped in Feuilly’s duvet. This was a compromise. If it had been up to Feuilly Jehan would have taken his bed and he would have slept on the floor. With a smile Jehan snuggles deeper into the covers. They feel a little guilty about staying so late Feuilly wouldn’t let them leave anymore, but not too much. It’s not like they’re keeping him up. They know he has to work tomorrow.


Oops. Guess they are keeping him up. “Yeah?” Jehan asks quietly.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” Feuilly asks. His voice is low, but not groggy. “You’re not cold are you?”

“How could I be?” Jehan laughs. “Your duvet is huge.”

“Why then?” Feuilly asks and they hear him turn around to look down the side of his bed.

“You’re not asleep either,” they point out.

“No, it always takes a while to get my thoughts to quiet down,” he says. There’s a soft breathing sound Jehan associates with Feuilly grinning. “And your tossing and turning isn’t helping much either.”

“I’m sorry,” Jehan whispers indignantly. “I like to nestle!”

Feuilly laughs softly. “Of course you do.”

“I’ll be quiet,” Jehan smiles. “I know you have to work in the morning.”

“Wasn’t trying to guilt trip you,” he says pleasantly. “Just saying.” He laughs again. “It’s like having a hamster in the room.”

“You used to have hamsters?” Jehan asks curiously.

“One of my younger foster brother’s did,” he answers.

“Did you ever have any pets?” they ask. “Or did you share them?”

“We shared,” Feuilly mutters.

“Never wanted one for yourself?” Jehan whispers. They always wanted pets, but one of their moms was allergic for basically everything with hair or feathers.

“Sure I did,” he says. “But I’m not home enough to give a pet proper attention. And I’d rather not have one that has to live in a little cage.”

“You could build them an enormous cage,” Jehan says decidedly. That’s what they would do if they had hamsters, or gerbils, or-

“Still a cage,” Feuilly hums.

“Yes, but-” They’re cut off by the sound of Feuilly’s chuckle and shut their mouth. Yeah, now they’re really keeping them up. “Sorry,” they whisper, pulling the duvet up to their chin. It’s so big they can still have it tucked all the way around their feet. Beside them Feuilly’s bed creaks and they suddenly feel a careful hand pat them on the top of their head.

“Look,” he yawns. “It’s the rare, orange feathered Jehan in nesting season.”

“Pfff,” Jehan snorts, but they close their eyes as Feuilly softly scratches through their hair.

Feuilly keeps going until Jehan has drifted off far enough not to protest when he retracts his hand. They barely register it when he mutters with a smile in his voice:

“Night, nesting Jehan.”

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Does angus often get jealous like gregg?

Angus: But, uh, yeah… I do get jealous a lot. Probably way more often than bug ever does.

Angus: I just, uh… tend to hide it. I dunno why, I guess I just… I don’t really like getting angry. And jealousy just… I dunno. I hate being jealous. It sucks. I don’t, uh… wanna make Gregg feel bad over some dumb feelings, I, uh, guess.

Angus: But, uh, yeah. I do get jealous. A lot. I think jealousy is sort of, uh… common, when you’re in a relationship. Shows you care, I guess? Like, if you get jealous, it’s because you love your partner and don’t want anyone to take them away from you…?

Angus: But, uh, then again, it could just mean you’re insecure

Angus: I dunno. But, yeah. I get jealous. And, er… don’t tell Gregg this, but…

Angus: I wish he uh, spent more time with me. He spends a lot of time with, uh, Mae. And I don’t mind that at all, uh..! I’m happy he has somebody he can spend time with and all t-that, I just…!

Angus:Sigh. Maybe I’m just like, super selfish. Uh… just… forget I said anything, alright..?


Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!


Just a few posts I collected that are nice examples of how Tony Stark is not just some self-centered jerk.

     I’ve said it before, but you can’t take everything the man does at face value. He’s a deep and very human character that you have to pay close attention to and try to understand.