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Sorry for my ignorance, but I seem to be out of every random war there is Who are yh bois and why are armhs hating them?

Ok so this is what was going on to the best of my knowledge. 

  • Billboard tweeted yesterday that the YH Boys are attending the BBMas
  • Scroll down this tweet and I see lots of people shaming armys for being rude to these boys and for leaving death threats
  • Scroll down and I see armys (some) leaving replies like 
  • “Why are they coming?” “We wanted bts to perform!” “I vote bts for bbmas blah blah blah” “Who are they and what have they accomplished?”
  • Scroll down and I see armys defending themselves and saying “But it was nct stans who started it first” “They were the one accusing the boys of plagiarism” 
  • Scroll down and I see both fandoms blaming the other fandom for starting it first
  • I saw screenshots of comments under one of their music videos where nct stans (some) were bringing up the whole copying nct dream issue
  • The death threats I did not see so I dont know how much truth is behind that

I would like to say that I did see more comments where people were calling out other fandoms for leaving rude comments and less of those actual rude comments. I dont know if that means that people realized their mistakes and deleted their comments or, people saw a few comments and blew everything out of proportion. BUT.

What I did see with my own eyes, were armys leaving irrelevant ass comments and complaining under a post that had NOTHING to do w/ BTS and, nct stans leaving plagiarism claims under one of the YH Boys’ music videos. The latter issue is a little old news which I was not aware of. Nonetheless, as someone who stans both BTS and NCT, I would like to apologize for any of the hurtful things either of the fandoms said to the YH Boys. 

Side note: No one is (atleast I’m not) blaming the entire fandom for acting this way. I am aware it was only a few people from both fandoms.