i made this wooo

its been three years now since i started those shitty MH comics(I started then in March 2014 :0! ), and it was a dang trip for me. I had been such a fan of MH way before i started the comics, but it helped me shove my art out there and ive met so many incredible people and creators and dang here i go being sentimental

so heres me trying my best at recreating 2014 mh comics style

icons n stuff



it big but hey, i made some lil icons for ya’ll

and also i added in snapchat flowers in end me but look at them

they are pure and cute

gonna do a puppy one next and yes the last one isnt the same size as the first two, lmAO IM SORRY </3

oh and yes requests will be done, pls be patient with us ‘v’

Yes you are free to use these as you like~ Please credit G-ency when you do!

Happy Birthday Listener!
Happy Birthday Listener!

Contains: Yuri being awkward and adorable, faint present wrapper sounds, obvious improv

Yuri finds out that the Listener’s birthday is today, and so he immediately runs around making reservations for dinner and buying presents and just doing everything he can to make sure that the Listener’s birthday is a good one, because he never really celebrated one on his own. 

A/N: Hello yes I made this on the spot. Since my birthday is tomorrow (18 fam wooo) and I won’t be able to upload or be on Tumblr often I’m going to put this out there and it’s somewhat relevant yaaay. Sorry that it’s awkward this is what happens when I don’t have a script. Anyways! Thank you so much for listening and I hope you enjoy it! Happy Birthday to whoever’s birthday it is!