i made this while watching the footy so i probably screwed something up

the bachelors react to a farmer they have a crush on (pre-romance) inviting them to sleep over! how would they react to snuggling up and watching an old movie/ pajama parties/ popcorn fights/ sharing a bed? 

Elliot would be obvious as fuck, to be frank. He’s a gentleman, and he has these boundaries he’s set for himself in his head, and this is crossing all of them. He would feel honored to be invited into the farmers home, would compliment their footie pajamas, but would probably draw the line once he was supposed to hurt the one he love- I mean, um, was friends with. The farmer probably invited him over just to see how much they could make him blush in one night, tbh, because if they did their expectations were exceeded. (also please imagine Elliot watching Finding Nemo for the fist time and sobbing into the farmers should while they pat him on the back)

Shane… would not be expecting this kind of party. A whole night of drinking, smoking, petting chicks nabbed from the farmers pen, that would be what he was expecting. Loosely hanging linen pajamas and cuddling close under blankets? He would be.. a little out of his area of expertise. As long as the farmer took it slow, guiding him though the nights activities at his own pace, he might not just bolt for the door. Just face it though, the farmer would never get him to show of his tummy just yet, so he’d have to wear an over-sized hoodie instead of whatever they picked out for him. All in all, he’d hug the farmer pretty close to his chest that night, and you’d gain +1 Shane friendship.

Alex is best friends with Haley, YOU CAN NOT tell me he hasn’t had a sleepover before. He would be pretty confident to start of with, walks in in nothing but a pair of pajama pants and bunny slippers. He is the master of popcorn fights, and abuses his power, tickling definitely follows his supreme victory. The farmer and him would have a ridiculous fake argument over whether they should watch “Tarzan, The Ape Man” or “Howard The Duck” (It would get super heated really quickly until there was a moment of silence and then they’d both just burst into laughter in unison). Once whatever movie they decided on started to play, and the farmer snuggled up, Alex would suddenly got unnaturally quiet. So what if the farmer was leaning on him? Haley always said his bulk made a good pillow! It doesn’t mean anything, right?! This internal dialogue would continue tenfold when they went to sleep that night, Alex not getting any proper shut-eye. (If the farmer wrapped an arm around him in their sleep, that would not help, and Alex would later deny feeling all warm and fuzzy because of it)

 Sebastian would just. Shut. Down. Do I say yes and go? What if I embarrass myself? What if I have a weird dream about them? What if they want to change in the same room? But how do I even say no? If I don’t go they’ll think I’m too unavailable for them or that I don’t like them! What if they think I’m avoiding them! Oh Yoba I need a smoke… In the end Sam would catch on to how he was acting and explain to the farmer how nervous the sleepover was making Seb. The farmer would cancel it because “I forgot that I have to stay up late all week that week in order to catch this rare type of fish…” Sebastian would be happy, the farmer would be happy, everyone’s good.

Sam is the Platonic Man. The Bro. The Dude. Sam’s the best at separating those buddy-buddy moments from all that romance goopy shit. Like you wanna have a sleepover? Sam will carry over all his video games and game systems for you two to use, no hesitation. You wanna popcorn fight? You just got a slice of pizza in your face, deal with it! Cuddle and watch movies? More like cuddle and watch Adam Sandler movies while laughing your asses off at all the dumb jokes. He would even suggest other things, like makeovers or jam sessions or pillow fights. Sam is down. He’s probably suggested sharing a bed. His resolve breaks an inch when he wakes up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and sees the farmer all curled up into his chest because shit he feels something a little bit more.

Harvey would do the one thing he knows how to do in tense social situations; spit medical jargon until the person talking to him gets bored and goes away. The problem is, the farmer doesn't get bored of listening to him, and as the night continues, his monologue gets increasingly faster and faster and his voice raises in pitch. The farmer would try to get him to settle down by watching a movie, but with their arms around his waist, oh Yoba… this man is screwed. He’d end up leaving early because of “work”, leaving the farmer to wonder what exactly they had been doing to make him so uncomfortable and how to avoid doing it again.