i made this while very drunk

Even’s id

I reblogged a gif set that made me think about the possible symbolism of Even’s id and it being referred to twice, and I’m currently under the influence while writing this post so this’ll be very extra but bear with me. Let my overanalysis occupy your mind for two seconds so you’ll forget we still haven’t gotten a new trailer.

In episode 2 Isak bumps into Even on the tram and asks him to buy beer for him, and Even pretends he doesn’t have his id with him to get Isak to follow him home. This is a rather transparent excuse considering most Norwegians have their id printed on their bank card, and casually misplacing your bank card doesn’t sound plausible to me. 

I’ve already talked about the symbolism of Even repeating his outfit from this clip in the reunion clip, and how that information and the knowledge that Even had eyes for Isak way before Isak took notice of him imply that the random encounter on the tram and what followed was so much more meaningful to Even than could be interpreted at the time the clip came out. The day that Even pretends to have forgotten his id is the day that he falls for Isak so utterly and completely that he forgets everything else, he forgets himself, his reality, the fact that his girlfriend is about to come over and all of this will be over. It’s an afternoon of pure fantasy. It’s an afternoon where the reality of the Even Bech Næsheim printed on his id is not fully present. At this point everything that Isak offers is a fantasy, something that can only come true in a parallel universe, or to be more precise, not even in a parallel universe because that concept wasn’t brought up until later on. Even never alludes to Sonja before she shows up. We also know now that it was not just a matter of Even having a girlfriend, because Sonja was so much more than that. She was the person who knew about his illness and had stood by him, yet for a moment here it’s as if she doesn’t even exist. While making cheese toasties Even steals a glance at Isak’s face illuminated by the afternoon sun. It’s a fantasy. 

On the other hand, the hotel scene in episode 8 is when Even finally presents his id. This is already alluded to in the previous clip called Dette er Even, This is Even. So far Even’s been a big mystery, but now we’re finally finding out who he really is. This is the night that Isak finds out the truth about Even’s illness. This is the night that we are presented with a naked Even both literally and metaphorically. This is it. It’s no longer a fantasy. It’s real. The part Even tried to hide has been uncovered, and Isak must now accept it, because to love a person is to love them completely. And in the end Isak delivers. He chooses Even despite all of this, because this is Even, and this Even is real, and good, and this is the Even he is so bloody glad to have met.


“I was meant to sit next to Russell Harty and keep still and quiet. I was all dressed up like an Amazonian seductress, and treated like the hired help. This is no way to treat a guest. Being stuck there while he ignored me made me feel very uncomfortable.”

“I wasn’t attacking him because I was drunk or stoned. I was lashing out because I felt he was not being proper. Harty was rude. I wasn’t going to put up with it. I lashed out on live television. It takes balls to do that, which could be seen as a little crazy. And then they tried to get me back on the show! The ratings soared. I had done him a favor. They wanted a rematch. It was all so tacky.”

“When he died, my phone never stopped. It rang off the hook. What do you think about Russell Harty dying? Well, I am very sorry, but what do you want me to say? I didn’t know him at all. I didn’t kill him. I had nothing to do with it. I wasn’t there at all. I had an alibi.”

In my first week at my new job I immediately made one friend: the girl who sits next to me, who’s really funny and hard-working and real and makes constant poop jokes and took me to lunch several times. Yesterday she got laid off. Fuck.

A vendor came in in the afternoon and made everyone really strong margaritas, though, so I got to know some other people and I ended up getting invited to some fancy exclusive photographer’s party in the LES and having a long talk with another girl while we walked over. Then I got real real drunk, probably talked way too much to a couple of people I work with and a lot of strangers, sent some very risqué and regrettable texts, somehow got on the right subway back, and rewarded myself for not getting lost by buying a shit-ton of McDonald’s and making a judgey face right back at a woman who gave me a look in my corporate housing elevator as I was carrying it up to my room to eat in bed.

Anyway it is 3 AM and the hangover has begun and oh my god I have to go to work today

SITS fanfic (Drunken!MC kisses the guys for the first time)

Sooooooo this just came to me while I was relaxing and suddenly found myself typing away. This is my first SITS fanfic I am posting so please be nice about it ; v ; I love these dorks very much and had some fun writing this

Also, the drabbles are written in the guy’s POV and takes place before relationships :3

~ ~ ~

You managed to get a big break from a recent screenplay and the guys wanted to celebrate with you. As you all relaxed in the living room drinking away the night, everything started to get a bit fuzzy and every little word the guys said made you giggle.

“Is she drunk?” You heard one of the guys question.

“Seems like it.” Another stated while chucking a bit, “she really can’t handle her alcohol.”

You gently feel a hand lifting your arm and wrapping it around a shoulder, “I’ll take her upstairs.” You hear the voice faintly stating as you felt yourself moving along with whoever was helping you.
- - - -
Kyohei Rikudoh

She kept giggling every now and then and I won’t lie, it sounded pretty adorable. Seeing her in such a drunk state appeared kinda amusing.

“Wheeeeee let’s go to space Kyooooooooo~~!” She slurred while attempting to hang from my hold almost hitting her head on the wall.

“No no, let’s stay down on earth ____.” I chuckled in response.

I entered her room and gently sat her on the bed and suddenly felt her arms wrap around my arm, causing me to jerk back a bit. Her hold was surprisingly strong somehow.

“_____? Mind letting go?” I asked while for some reason was embarrassed that she was holding me tightly.

“Noooooooooo stay with meeee~~” she giggled when finishing her sentence, “I got a secret for youuuuu~” she tugged my arm playfully.

I found myself sitting down next to her as she wobbly made her way to sit on her knees and face me with a flushed face and weary eyes. She looked really cute.

“Now what’s this so called secret you have to tell m–”

Before I could finish asking I felt her lips press against mine.

I felt my heart pick up its pace at the sudden action, never have I felt this way for someone to cause such a reaction. Before I could ask or even react she suddenly fell dead asleep on her bed, leaving me sitting next to her processing what just happened and a faint warmth still lingering on my lips.
- - - -
Iori Enjo

I am still questioning as to why I was even helping this drunk women back to her room. Her head was swaying about as she kept going on and on about something dealing with flying?

Stupid orange-breath.

“IIIIIIori~~~ why are you so ruuuuuuude? Don’t you know I’m human tooooooo~?” She began slurring out.

I think she was reciting some kind of lyrics from another song? Goddamn she is so annoying.

After what almost felt like forever, I kicked her door open and felt her press her whole body against mine. I pushed her away slightly to lay her on her bed.

Not expecting her to drag me along.

“_______?! What the hell?!” I exclaimed while sitting up with her arms still wrapped around my shoulders, “Let go of me alrea–”

I got cut off abruptly by the feeling of her lips against mine.

“Shuuuuuuuu you’re so louuuuuuuud~~” she slurred after pulling back and gazing at me with sleepy eyes only to release her hold around me and fall against her bed asleep.

I gazed at her sleeping figure trying to realize what just happened, and suddenly feeling myself not as annoyed by her than I was before. What the hell?
- - - -
Kota Igarashi

I rolled my eyes for about the fifth time at another ‘how I am like a cat’ comment by a very drunk _____.

“I meaaaan, Nagi was riiiiight~ you do lash your claws out a loooooot~” she slurred while imitating a cat scratching at the air.

Wow she was more irritating than usual.

“It’s so cute thouuuuuuugh~ sometimes I even imagine you with cats ears and a tail~” she giggled describing the image as I continued to walk and felt my cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

Finally arriving at her room I trudged in and dropped her on the bed. Until I felt her pounce on me from behind causing us to collapse on the floor.

“Ow! ____?!” I exclaimed attempting to get her off me.

I felt her suddenly nuzzling her nose against mine, my cheeks flared up in embarrassment once more and before I could lash out I feel her lips against mine.

My eyes widened in surprise and the second her lips left she passed out on my chest. I couldn’t even process what just happened, my entire mind was blank.

I looked down at her sleeping form, feeling my lips twitch and lingering with warmth that was just shared between us.

What were these strange emotions forming?
- - - -
Nagito Aoshima

____ and I were both giggling nonstop as we chatted while heading up to her room. Her drunken state was incredibly cute as she kept getting very clingy and commenting on how I am pretty much a puppy 24/7.  

It caused a small part of me to smile since the fact was that she always thought about me in someway.

“Like, since you are like so happy right now~ I can imagine youuu with a trail wagging ahaaa~~” she commented while resting her head on my shoulder.

Wow, she is really cute.

We entered her room and I gently sat her on her bed and joined her, since it was too good to pass up seeing her in such an interesting state.


I suppressed some laughter and responded back while smiling, “yeeeeeeessss ____?”

I turned my head to face her only to feel her lips against mine.

While attempting to process the fact that she just kissed me, I felt her hand on top of my head fluffing my hair, “gooooood boyyyyyy~~~” she managed to say before collapsing into sleep.

I felt myself manage to close my slightly opened mouth from the shock, to look down at her figure. Feeling my heart slightly quicken a bit at the sight of her vulnerable state and a soft smile form along my face.
- - - -
Takashi Ninagawa

I held onto ____’s wrist with one hand while holding her by the waist with my other hand. Trying to keep her arm over my shoulder to keep her from flopping around due to her drunken state.

While keeping quiet and listening to every weird comment coming out of ____’s mouth, I tried not to pay much attention to her. I forgot why I even volunteered to help her up to her room.

“Like, you are suuuuuuch a geniuuuuus when it comes to music Takaaaaaa~~~”

I mumbled a ‘thank you’ in response as she began humming a random tune that was slightly murdering my ears.

I felt my eye twitch a bit, praying she wouldn’t begin singing out loud.

There is no way this girl could ever be as good as Ryo with our lyrics. I sighed softly as we arrived at her room and sat her on the bed.

I suddenly felt her arms wrap around my shoulders tightly. Never being in this kind of situation I did not know how to react, “U-um….?” Was all I managed to stutter out.

Though before I could react anymore, I suddenly heard a soft melody form in my head. What was that? It sounded, almost like a love song? I couldn’t really process it correctly.

Before I could continue my thought, I feel warmth pressed against my lips.

The music grew louder for a split second, until she released herself from me and fell onto her bed. Fast asleep. The minute her form was away from mine, the melody in my head disappeared. I sat there trying to process what all that was about, I got up to leave and found myself looking back at her form, hearing the music faintly in the back of my mind.  

anonymous asked:

Do you ever hate yourself for being so sadistic to your characters? Like, once I made a main characters father have a heart attack, bake in a hot house for the weekend, and I had her discover his body when she was 17. Then six months later her twin brother was still grieving, and crashed his car while illegally drunk driving. This killed him.. And, what happened the very next Christmas? Her mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer!

Please keep in mind that all actions in a novel must serve a point to the plot. Bad things happen to the MC because storytelling doesn’t work without conflict. Things get worse for the MC because upping the stakes fuels the climax. But if you’re just shitting on them indiscriminately without purpose or reason, the reader will call you out for your lack of believability and direction.

Just Another Shadowhunter

Jace x Reader

Requested By Anon

Alec rolled his eyes and slung you over his shoulder. Cheering you up was an excellent excuse to go and see Magnus, plus he didn’t mind hanging around with you after the whole wedding ordeal, nothing had changed apart from your continuous history questions that he had to ask Magnus.

She didn’t question him as he lugged her all the way to Magnus’, the warlock chuckling and presenting you with a strong drink. Once you’d drunk enough to slid down and plop your head in Magnus’ lap while your feet lent on Alec’s shoulder they coaxed out of you why you looked so down.

“I’m dating the best Shadowhunter of our generation and I’m just another Shadowhunter.” You sighed.


“A very important Shadowhunter.” Magnus corrected with a playful tap to the end of your nose, making you smile.

“Yeah, I mean your aim with the confetti needs some work.” Alec snickered still not letting you live down whooping and chucking confetti on him as he made out with Magnus.


“Weddings have to have confetti it’s like a Mundie law or something.” You say seriously which makes Alec laugh harder.

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Five facts about me

So I was tagged by @dragonchristianlady97 to name five facts about myself.  I was also tagged for eleven a while ago by @azraelgfg.  Sorry Azzy, you’re only getting five. ;)  

  1. I am a tri-citizen, as are both my kids by right of me.  My dad, brother, and nieces are also tri-citizens (not the same countries), and my husband and mother are dual.  We are very, very, very lucky, although passport renewal is kinda a bitch with the new fly rules that require all passports to be active. Every single member of the family has different dates.
  2. I once booked a plane ticked to England while walking home from work at 5 pm on a Friday because my grandfather had just died.  The flight was for 8:30.  I made the flight with luggage.
  3. I once had people over for dinner and desert was going to be flambee’d apples.  I had a peeled apple as a test that I LOST in the proceedings.  My drunk friends and I searched the whole kitchen – no luck finding ‘test apple.’  We found it an hour after dessert was finally served sitting in the cupboard on top of a pile of plates.  I have no idea how it go there.
  4. I have seen and taken photographs of the African big 5 (Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo, and Leopard/Cheetah).  Originally you were supposed to shoot them with a gun, but, fuck that.
  5. As a rule I’m not good in crises.  I’m not physically brave or naturally composed.  But I am proud of myself for one incident on the I-5 out of Seattle.  We were behind a multi-car accident (bumber to bumber rather than pile up) and we stopped, and I got a toddler out of the back of the worst car which was filling up with smoke.  Then I walked around with him because his mom was young and in really rough shape and having hysterics.  I wasn’t a parent at the time, so I just walked up and down with him and explained how everyone was OK because of physics and crushability of cars, etc, and we waved at other people.  I’m now a parent, and looking back, I think I did OK.   

I tag @blackcorazon, @priestess-of-artemis, and @the-overanalyzer

TT - Bar Edition

T: The oddest guy whispered in my ear on Friday night “I want to tie you up and fuck your brains out”. I’ll ignore the fact that he was elderly and had an issue with wandering eyes and missing a few teeth. Still made me feel good.

T: A bouncer had to break up a fight between myself and some douche bag. Thank you, tequila

T: The same bartender gave me vastly different amounts of Jameson every time I ordered. This still bothers me

T: Drinking before going out doesn’t end up saving me any money

T:  I go through waves of boredom and entertainment while out

T: A woman was very very upset because her drunk husband kept dry humping guys while we were in line. I’m betting they’re issues have only just begun

T: I’ve been putting off looking at my bank account because I’m afraid of what that balance looks like now 

Marijuana Masterlist

4/20 - danalingphil

Summary: Here’s a fic about Dan and Phil getting stoned

Bellis Perennis, Myosotis - daegukkie

Summary: Dan doesn’t think love exists, and he’ll do anything possible to stop himself from falling into it - but when he meets Phil Lester, a boy who loves plants and latin, Dan’s coming close to the edge.

Brownies (fanfiction.net) - FangirlsArePeopleToo

Summary: phil finds out dan smoked pot with the same ‘friends’ that left him in the park. So phil has to take care of him while he’s tripping out.’ After Dan eats a couple pot brownies, Phil is in for a very interesting night.

Drugs Not Pugs - indiestripper

Summary: Dan and Phil getting high while phil is wearing his pugs not drugs sweater.

Feeling Good - birdyhowell

Summary: Dan steals alcohol and brownies from a party his brother was holding (who I made older in this fic) and meets Phil at their favourite meet-up place. Best friends for years, they get really drunk for the first time and learn that the brownies they had were actually weed brownies. Cue young Dan and Phil confessing some feels and start hooking up.

Head in the Clouds - phansdick

Summary: Dan and Phil get high together and Dan doesn’t know how he feels about it at first.

High On Illegal Marijuana (ao3) - jlawad

Summary: happy 4/20 phandom!

Never Can Say Goodbye - phantabulousfiction

Summary: Badboy!Dan and Phil were in love in high school, and Dan found a way into every part of Phil’s life. Eventually they lost contact, but they ended things on a good note. Phil gets a job as a tattoo artist, and Dan comes in one day to get a tattoo. They find each other to be different than how they used to be, but still somehow the same.

Warm (ao3) - Emptylester (timelordangel)

Summary: Dan hasn’t really smoked weed since University, but one night he decides to get Phil high for the first time. It’s certainly an adventure.

You’re Worse Than Nicotine - lionessphil

Summary: Innocent!Phil and bad boy/stoner!Dan meet in detention and end up smoking a joint while getting each other off.

i sent you this in the drunk stream, made it during the stream 


Thanks so much! Yeah, I had an awesome drunk stream yesterday. It was really fun and hilarious to do it (and probably to watch me), but if you were hoping that I’d actually get anything done, well, it wasn’t very productive. Oh well, not planning on doing another one in a while, and I still have my new computer so there’s that.


Jensen & Quinn

Drunk In Love

Warnings: Lots of Smutty Smut.

Authors Note: Special thanks to my first ever beta reader @daisyjm75 for trying to police my semi colon use. It’s a hard job I know! LOL And to @writingcreatingstorytelling and @ariallane for listening to me bitch about how hard it is to write smut! You guys are the best! xo

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Protect You||Calum Hood

“Anonymous said:
can you do a Calum imagine where he protects you from your ex or something like that?”


“Hey I’m just gonna go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back,” your boyfriend Calum said and kissed you on the cheek. He left you in the crowded club and you started sipping on your drink while watching people on the dance floor.
“Well hello there, it’s been so long,” an all too familiar voice from behind you said. You sighed and turned around and stood face to face with your ex boyfriend.
“What do you want?” You asked coldly.
“So we’re not gonna greet each other properly now huh?” He asked and let out a little chuckle. He reeked of alcohol, and it was obvious he was drunk.
“Well I just thought I made it very clearly that I never wanted to see you again after finding you in bed with my best friend,” you muttered and tried to walk away but he grabbed your wrist.
“Oh baby don’t be like that, don’t bring up old shit from the past. It was a mistake, we had something special, don’t throw it away over one mistake,” he cooed and wrapped his arms around you in a tight grip.
“Let go of me right now, my boyfriend will be back any minute and he wouldn’t be too pleased with this,” you threatened but he just laughed at you.
“Like you have a boyfriend, you’re too ugly,” he said and chuckled. You managed to get out of his grip and poured your drink over his head.
“Leave me alone you bastard,” you said coldly.
“What the heck? You stupid bitch you ruined my clothes!” He yelled and pushed you which led to you falling backwards on to the floor.
“What the fuck man?” You heard Calums voice yell. He punched your ex in his face and he stumbled backwards as blood started dripping from his nose and lip.
“Don’t you ever touch her again,” Calum spat at him. You stared at the scene in front of you in chock as your ex muttered something and left the club. Calum knelt down beside you where you still sat on the floor.
“Are you okay baby? Did he hurt you?” Calum worriedly asked and kissed the top of your head.
“No , I’m fine,” you mumbled. “Let’s just go home.”
“Of course,” Calum said and helped you up. “Are you sure you’re not injured?” He asked and wrapped his arm around your waist.
“Yeah I’m sure, thanks for protecting me,” you said and smiled at Calum once you were outside the club.
“Anythig for you my love,” Calum said and you kissed him. “I will always protect you.”

This mix was ostensibly made for my DnD campaign, but mostly it’s just a giant, atmospheric mix about SPACE. Need some SPACE music? Well, here you go! Hopeful songs about SPACE! Ominous songs about SPACE! Songs about having character development in SPACE! Songs about taking selfies and tweeting them to hotties while drunk in SPACE! I got it all covered.

the universe is very big and very complicated.

1. Contact - Daft Punk 2. Temporary - Homestuck 3. New Map - M83 4. Hot Like Dimes - Pretty Lights 5. Satellites - E.M.A. 6. Buzzsaw - Big Giant Circles (feat. Zircon) 7. Plan the Escape - Son Lux 8. Neptune, The Mystic - Isao Tomita 9. A Glorious Dawn (Carl Sagan feat. Stephen Hawking) - Symphony of Science 10. Lifestream - Nobuo Uematsu 11. Prologue - M'Michel 12. Horizon - Assemblage 23 13. Shadow Dancing - Christopher Franke 14. Blade Runner Main Theme - Vangelis 15. The Sun - The Naked and the Famous 16. Tick of the Clock - The Chromatics 17. Earth: The Oldest Computer (Last Night) - Childish Gambino feat. Azealia Banks 18. Wound - Arca 19. The Parish of Space Dust - Gorillaz 20. The Mission: Unexplainable Stories - Cloud Cult


anonymous asked:

So, I just flew by and landed here... and found the most epic Tabris of all time and I just wondered if you've drawn any of your OCs drunk anywhere? Damn... that sounded weird but I liked your drunk Anders and Fenris comic. <3

This made me realise I have not which is very weird because drinking is Opiel’s second favourite activity after making disgusted noises so here, have a tiny baby Opiel and Kaldaer

“okay, seriously — i’m in desperate need for a drink, or twenty. i need to be drunk and the fact that i’m not right now is seriously disappointing. though good news, i managed to meet a few very interesting people ‘round here while i was on the beach so i suppose being bored or anything wouldn’t be a problem while i’m here.”

Also here’s a piece I finished based on the memory of when I went to see Brand new in Kentucky w/ yungkxnye basically everything represents something! The astronaut represents brand new and my favorite album by them. The stars are made from my ticket to the show and a map of Kentucky. The constellations are the zodiac signs of everyone who I went with (my mom: Scorpio, kaia: aries, and me: libra) and the lil comets are made from beer caps which represents how it was my brother 21st birthday and how we walked around downtown Kentucky @ like 1 am after the show with him while he was rlly drunk, and also how a pissed off lady in the crowd threw a beer all over me. (Very pointless caption but I’m just very proud of this piece!!!)