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Witchy things to do when you’re low on spoons

As a witch with a chronic illness that can leave me extremely low on energy for weeks at a time, I’m always looking for witchy things to do that won’t leave me exhausted. Even simple spells draw from your own energy pool so these are the things I do when my pool is running dry.

  • Cleansing -  Negative energy always builds up in my space during a bout of sickness, after a good cleansing of my outer I find my inner much more positive also. Here are some easy ways to cleanse

-Light some incense
-Fill a spray bottle with water (moon water would be handy for this), herbs of your choice (I usually use sage), and some salt. Then go around to each room and spray some into each corner
-Cleanse yourself by taking a bath or shower and using gorgeous smelling products
-Open a window and let the fresh air blow positive energy into your house

  • Sigils -  When I don’t have the energy for full-on spells/rituals I sit down and make some cute sigils. I try to make them specific to my situation, so when I am feeling especially down because of health issues I will make a sigil with the intent “My health does not affect my mental state” or something similar. You can also

 -Put a sigil on your pill bottles for a little boost (although magic is NOT a replacement for medicine and you should never completely rely on it for any health issues)
-Put a sigil on your heat bags/hot water bottle
-Draw them on your wrist
-Draw them at the bottom of your tea mugs with honey

  • Beauty Products -  Being stuck in bed feeling like death himself can make me feel, well, not awesome appearance wise. I found making myself feel nice on the outside can help my moral SO MUCH. I don’t mean you have to get up and put on a full face of make-up, but these little things can make a big difference

-Rosehip oil spray. It smells amazing, has many magical benefits including health and feeling calm and sensual, and is super refreshing with the added bonus of being rly good for your skin
-Scented lip balm for when your lips are feeling dry and sore eg I have pomegranate lip balm for when I want to make an offering to Persephone but have absolutely no energy. They come in sooo many flavors and scents, just pick which ones resonate with what you need!
-Perfume/essential oils. Just use a scent that corresponds with what you would like to do, like tea tree oil for health or lavender for relaxation. Also, smell pretty=feel pretty.

  • Prayers -  It can be hard keeping up appearances to the Gods when you have no energy so every night before bed, or generally whenever I feel like it, I say a little prayer. Of course if you are a secular witch you could just take some time to appreciate the things in nature/your life that makes it magical.
  • Tea -  It’s so nice having a soothing hot drink when your throat feels like a huge cluster of quartz has gotten stuck in there. There are so many posts out there about magical uses for tea but here is a couple 

-Adding herbs for intent
-Leaving a crystal in your mug overnight so your mug and tea is charged with intent
-Blowing away the steam and visualize blowing away negative energy

  • Get to know your crystals - Lets be honest, I have so many crystals I’ve forgotten what half of them are. I like taking them out and surrounding myself with them and then picking them up one by one and focusing on its energy to re-connect. This takes barely any of my energy as I can do it in bed, and makes me feel warm and fuzzy seeing all my pretties in front of me.
  • Read/Study - This is what I spend the majority of my time doing. There is ALWAYS more to learn about witchcraft and I can do it while lying down. There are so many free witchy book pdfs on tumblr as well, just remember not to believe everything you read.
  • Witchy Crafts - This one could take a little more spoons than the others, but it’s super gratifying. To find some things to do you can scroll through the tumblr tag “witch diy”. Some things I have done are 

-Sewed cute tarot bags to hold my cards
-Used thick cotton to make my own little necklace crystal holder
-Bought gemstone beads and made my own jewelry

  • Visualization - This is in my opinion the foundation of all spells and a lot of the time I don’t even use any other ingredients because that takes too much energy. I just focus on my intent and chant a little bit or sing and let the spell come to light all through visualizing it. I have charmed items, helped my plants grow and a lot more this way. I also like to visualize myself in a beautiful, flower-filled forest and feel the sun/moon pulling dark clouds of negative energy/illness out of my body to help when i’m feeling particularly unwell.

  • Meditation - My favorite spoonie witchy thing to do. It calms you, cleanses you, broadens your mind and senses and helps me personally deal with any pain caused by my illness. It can be done at any time and you really feel recharged afterwards. You can even light some candles, light some incense, sit outside under the moon, so many things.

So these are all I can think of right now, feel free to add on so we can all help each other out! Much love to every one of you 💕



a self love ritual

I’ve been down on myself for way too fucking long

herbs: pink salt, basil, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, rosemary. tea bags w pomegranate, orange, lemon & jasmine. roses, ivy, & hydrangeas.

carved the bottom of each candle with my initials & on the sides with what I wanted them to represent. pink for self love & beauty; white for peace, travel, & luck; red for creativity, good sex, & motivation/passion.

used lavender vanilla oil to anoint them bc it’s my favorite& dipped them in moon water for dat lunar power & dressed the bottom of each candle holder w petals & leaves.

crystals: pointed quartz to direct the positive energy to me, opalite, obsidian, rose quartz, citrine, carnelian, selenite, moonstone & some stones I found at a gas station that took my breath away lol. also have a lemon offering stone from a batch I made a while ago. its my last one sooooo..

I burned a bay leaf with a positive wish for myself & am going to add the ashes to my stone & give it to earth tonight. gonna get fancied up & let happiness flow into me 🌈 asked the universe to bring me to good things & to give me the courage to accept what it brings!

I feel pretty warm n fuzzy so I would advise u try this spell when ur down on urself

anonymous asked:

You love calling out/deactivating. I love reporting. You leave Aizy alone. She made a post apologizing for her au a while back. Ignorant people like you and your followers don't acknowledge that. And blocking people who are being complete dicks isn't a problem you anon. Tumblr recommends you to do that if ur being harassed by others. This blog is a disgrace. You laugh at Aizy's age; how old are you? Don't you have anything better to do than ridicule people like a sick child? Get back to work.

i’m breaking this argument down?? is that okay?? am i going to hurt ur feelings uwu??

what have i said so far. oh yeah let me help u out u arrogant bitchbucket:

“she’s not a terrible artist!! she just has really fucked up au and it’s not okay to do that and target people w mental illness” and what do u do? “how old are you?” “get back to work” “RIDICULE PEOPLE LIKE A SICK CHILD”


next, i would love to point out that the first sentence (don’t worry baby,, i’m breaking them all down 😘😘)


“You love calling out/deactivating.”

i like calling out people who tell me that my illness and my past traumas shouldn’t matter so yeah i’m pretty salty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“I love reporting.”
so by ur logic,, ur worse than me??

“You leave Aizy alone.”
uhhhhh i’m only replying to hate anons so u leave me alone?

“She made a post apologizing for her au a while back.”
pray tell? has she said smth like “i’m sorry,, but it’s not my fault” because if that’s her reasoning then,,,,

“Ignorant people like you and your followers don’t acknowledge that.”

you’re the ignorant one sweetie,, google ignorant people and you’ll see ur name under there 😉😉
before u ask, let me tell u what ignorant defines as: lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated

SO by me saying “it’s not okay to demonizing/romantize murder!!” i’m ignorant? WOWOW boy am i in for a surprise!!

“And blocking people who are being complete dicks isn’t a problem you anon.”
uhhhh commas pls,,, are u insulting urself or ??
i mean block people, i don’t care!! u do u!! but the fact she ignores people because someone calls her out,,,

“Tumblr recommends you to do that if ur being harassed by others.”
ohhh seriously?? why haven’t i get notifications to block you guys?? oh yeah, ur on anon hahahha oops sorry!! i didn’t get the memo!!

“This blog is a disgrace.”
says the one that’s on anon

“You laugh at Aizy’s age; how old are you? ”
16 LMAOO,, isn’t /that/ sad!!?! me, a 16 year old, knows better than a 18 year old,, i think i’m going to shed a tear 😢

“Don’t you have anything better to do than ridicule people like a sick child?”
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i don’t know how to respond to this,, jk this one is the easiest to destroy,, man ur argument is getting weaker and weaker my dude!! so okay

“don’t you have anything better to do” yes i do!! i would love to be talking to my followers about my fashion aus or my great gatsby au but you know,, hate messages get me OFF!! if u catch my drift 😜

“ridicule people like a sick child” so because i’m underaged, i’m a child (which i totally get because i’m under 18 so i’m a child hahah lowkey roast if ur not dense enough) and sick because i have mental illnesses or ???? ur just using that to insult me like what neurotypical people do 🤔🤔🤔🤔 this is a mystery to me

Get back to work.
to continue insulting you/slaying you/ whatever people call it?? please be specific?? idk what ur talking about?? idk. my opinion

For @medicaldoctordana who patiently, hundreds of years ago, asked for a fic where Mulder was getting sympathy pregnancy symptoms, and then had to kindly remind me about it, because I’m such a shit.

Title: Couvade Syndrome
Author: @chileananderson (anonstarbuck)

“Honestly, Scully it fits!” Mulder exclaims as he follows a disgruntled and very pregnant Scully into the kitchen. He’s holding up a computer printout like its the Holy Bible of pregnancy facts and starts rattling off symptoms in his familiar slide-show monotone. 

“Stomach pain, back pain, indigestion, changes in appetite, weight gain, diarrhea, constipation, headache, cravings, nausea, breast augmentation, insomnia. Also, stiffening of the glutes, generalised aches and pains…”

“Mulder, for the last time, you do not have Couvade Syndrome! It’s not a real medical syndrome and it is psychosomatic at best; which by the way,” she looks at him, her eyebrow quirked, “is your area of expertise.”

She huffs somewhat indignantly as she reaches for the camomile tea and turns to glare at him as she waits for the water to boil. She is no longer going to the basement office, but she starts rattling off the facts to disprove his theory as if his breast growth was their most current X-file.

“First of all, you’ve always been a insomniac. And concerning your digestive system? Your stomach pain, indigestion, weight gain and changes in….regularity, Mulder you’ve been eating all of my food, which is high in fibre because pregnant women tend towards constipation. I’m not changing my cooking to best suit your bowels.”

She scowls at him accusingly, “Also, you’ve been eating all of my chocolate. If binge-eating my snacks and then getting indigestion is sympathy pregnancy then, dammit, you’ve had Couvade’s since 1993.”

He grins at her and shrugs, the point conceded, but not without a last attempt of winning her over.

“But Scully, that’s happened because I’ve had changes in appetite,” he whines, if somewhat jokingly. He steps forward to cup her rounded ass and gives it a slight squeeze.

“I’ve been getting all sorts of cravings,” he murmurs into her ear.

She shakes her head and rolls her eyes but not without a smile tugging at the corner of her lips. She returns the favour, lovingly squeezing his left asscheek and remarks with a smirk,

“Ahh…and here’s the mystery of your stiffening glute…” she laughs as his butt muscles twitch under her touch. “It’s been…stimulated,” she discloses softly with a chuckle. “Same goes for your pectorals, which explains the nipple sensitivity.”

He beams at the memory of her hands and teeth all over him and stiffens against her. She licks her lips and  misses the way her breasts would press against his chest when her belly wasn’t in the way. She sighs as she cups his face and pulls him down for a soft kiss.

“All I’m saying Mulder is that you can’t just have sympathy pregnancy and get to do only the fun things. It’s not fair. I’m swallowing horse pills, I’m nauseous, and I’m rubbing oil on my perineum to prevent tearing for when I’m in labour.”

She expects him to grimace or shudder at the thought, but he just strokes her waist where she swells into what she thinks is planet-sized proportions. He stares at his hands tracing the growing contours of her body, fascinated by the person they’ve managed to create together, inside her.

“And all I’M saying Scully is that I sometimes think I can feel the baby inside me too, somehow.” 

She softens and watches his fascinated study of her, and can’t hold back a giggle when his curious fingers sneak up and cover her breasts, a cup and a half bigger than when she had first met him. 


“Scully, you would be shocked and surprised to know what kind of stroking my perineum is familiar with.”

He breathes into her ear and whispers deeply, “But I’ve never used oil. How very kinky of you. I like it.” 

The water has boiled but she makes no move to make her tea, enthralled by the brush of his breath against her skin.

“And Scully?” he murmurs and she angles her face so that he can press his lips against her neck as he speaks to her. 

“Mmm Mulder?” she asks and relaxes against the cupboard as his thumbs trace over her hardening nipples.

“I’ve seen you swallow much larger things than those horse pills.”

He presses his erection against her with a little more force. “And if I remember correctly, pregnant or not, you have never, ever had a problem with your gag reflex.”

She can hardly believe it when she feels her mouth water at the thought of him inside her mouth, her lips sliding up and down the length of him.

She reaches for his belt. “Get ready, G-man,” she purrs as she slips her hand into his front pocket and strokes his thigh. He closes his eyes and groans slightly.

She pulls out his wallet and taps it gently against his forehead while he blinks his eyes open with disappointed confusion. 

“It’s your turn to buy the chocolate.”

Jerome Valeska- Homework

An: i put this on wattpad but i wasn’t getting teh views so it came to tumblr woo

Jerome Valeska x reader

mild fluff.

The high school that was in Gotham(which had the original name of Gotham High), had a football tournament with a neighbouring school.

(Y/N) wasn’t exactly what you’d call ‘athletic’, she didn’t participate in any sort of sports clubs of any kind. But she had a keen eye for journalism. She did help to run the school’s newspapers and, every year, she, with along a couple other people, designed the yearbooks and other offical stuff like that.

(Y/N) was frequently asked by the head of year to go along to one of the matches to really get a detailed overview of what happened. She never did, because she figured she could ask  her friend, Angie, who was a star cheerleader, what went down. But sometimes Angie wasn’t very reliable. So she eventually decided to tag along to a game.

“(Y/N), wanna come sit with us on the bus?” Angie asked as her and the football team started to board the iconic yellow school bus. (Y/N) shook her head.

“Thanks, but i need to catch up on some homework. Gotta have some peace and quiet.” She said while pointing to her dark red backpack.

Angie looked a little disappointed, but flipped her beach blonde hair back and gave Julia a little smile.

“Ok, see ya around. Can’t wait for you to see my amazing cheerleading skills!” She joked.

“Yes, yes Angie, i’ll write something about the cheerleaders.” She assured her friend.


“And i’ll comment on how excellent your kicks are.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes while smiling.

“Thanks boo!” Angie nuzzled (Y/N) into a hug, (Y/N) looking a little surprised, but patted her back gently. Angie then hopped into the bus to sit with the other cheerleaders.

(Y/N) was just about to walk in as well until the footballers of the school shoved pass her, almost knocking her over. She grumbled, pondering whether to make a big deal out of it, but decided against it.

She plodded to the back of the bus, and slumped in the uncomfortable chair, sighing, and then pulling out a green textbook.


(Y/N) was so caught up in her work that she couldn’t notice the bus being hijacked by the recently let out psychopaths. To be fair, her black beats headphones blasted music in her ear to the maximum, which probably wasn’t very smart.

Just as she was about to write the word ‘the’, the book was yanked from her hands and thrown randomly, hitting the head of one of the team.

She abruptly looked up, to be met with an unexpected view.

Jerome Valeska.

One of the murderous psychos that was busted out of Arkham Asylum. 

He was a redhead, around the age of (Y/N) , and green/blue eyes, the same ones staring at her paired with a sinister smile.

(An: you’re around 17 in this story sorry not sorry)

Jerome was scarily close; you could see the freckles dotted around his cheeks.

‘Gingers’, she thought rudely.

“Well that’s just unfortunate, you missed out on the big show.” He mumbled eerily. (Y/N) couldn’t comprehend what he was saying; she paid more attention to the fact that she could probably die. Sweat fell down her forehead in pearls.

His smile then changed into a frown, and his eyebrows arched. Jerome then got up from his crouched position and threw his hands back.

“What, are you not gonna say anything? Come on,” he growled, glaring at her like she was a piece of meat,“speak, i dare you.”

(Y/N) was doing that thing where her throat was spasming, barely being able to breathe. She could almost cry. The way he saw death as if it was nothing. Sickening even.

Jerome was starting to get impatient, tapping the tops of the crappy chairs with his fingers, slapping his thighs in a rhythmic way, running a hand through his gelled hair.

“You’re boring. I think i’m just gonna kill you.” He said lightheartedly while pulling out his pistol.

(Y/N)’s eyes widened in shock and she almost screamed “Wait!” To which Jerome had her at gunpoint, with a scowl.

It was just then she realised all the cheerleaders and footballers that were handcuffed to the seats with duct tape on their mouths, soaked in gasoline, but with interest in their eyes, were looking at them.

How the hell did she miss getting covered in gasoline? And why was she still intact? That’s what she’d ask Jerome, even if it did kill her.

“Uh… Um, h-how come e-veryone is handcuffed a-and,” she paused to regain her composure, “has duct tape over their mouths, but i’m fine?” She breathed heavily. Like getting your exam results back.

He smiled a coy smile. Not exactly what she expected. He relaxed his eyebrows, which sent an all-clear sign to (Y/N). He loosened his grip on the pistol.

Jerome was about to reply, but then the distinctive sound of police sirens rose as cop cars came into sight on the right. He groaned and muttered in annoyance. But a glint of a good idea sparkled through his eyes.

He looked back at (Y/N), grin as wide as the Cheshire Cat, “who knows? You’re coming with me.” He demanded.

(Y/N) shook her head skittishly but he grabbed her arm and dragged her along.

Before she was out of the bus she caught a glimpse of her friend Angie, in the same state as the rest of the people on that bus. (Y/N) saw the worry that filled her eyes.

As soon as she was out of the bus, the sound of a gun cocking was heard and the feeling of a cool gun was harsh on her temple.

She felt a presence behind her grip her by the shoulders and her back touching a chest, which she could only assume it was Jerome’s.

(Y/N) could feel his breathing on her neck. 'Oh, so he is alive. Thought he was a vampire or something.’

“He looks like a male prostitute, what with his suit having black fabric around his crotch looking like a thong.” (Y/N) spoke aloud, without realising.

“Excuse me?” Jerome pulled her hair to bend her head to the side more and aimed the pistol by her neck. He was even closer than before. (Y/N) cursed.

“Did i s-say that out loud?” She squeaked at him, to which he nodded slowly, smirking. She gulped, looking ahead to see GCPD cars.

No surprise that the men that stepped out of the central car were Detectives Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. They displayed a look of determination while ironically walking uncertainly.

Harvey nudged Jim and he said something inaudible for the Maniax and (Y/N) to him. Jim nodded. And Jim looked to the little fiasco with steady hands.

“Jerome, release the hostage and the bus now. If you all willingly do so, we can arrange to shorten all of your stays at Arkham. We’re only telling you this once.” He offered to the Maniax, Jerome scowling.

He shuffled around a bit which made (Y/N)’s position more unbearably painful than before. It had now come that he had his right arm clutched tightly around her, his nails digging into her forearm. The pistol was still pointed at her neck though.

“By how much?” Jerome asked with a sharp intake of breath before. (Y/N)’s face grew flustered, but she couldn’t pinpoint the reason why.

It wasn’t because she thought he was attractive, did she? No!


He was a murderous, crazy ginger. That isn’t the best combination that a girl could want.

But, he had charisma and charm. That’s what any girl would want.

“I’m sorry?” Harvey yelled because there was a distance between the sides.

Jerome lowered his head and glared daggers.

“I said, by how much!” He shouted at them. She could feel the tension growing. (Y/N) was almost certain that some people were going to die today. She felt tears brimming at the thought of possible events.

Jim Gordon stared at them for a bit, then quickly conversed with Harvey before looking back. Harvey stopped him and pushed him gently to the car because he knew that someone was going to fire a gun.

He eventually yelled, “six months!” (Y/N) knew that wouldn’t have been satisfactory for Jerome, or the rest of the Maniax for that matter.

“Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Are you kidding me? Six months off a life sentence? Ha!” He bawled, the other three escapees joining in, “you’re a joker, Jimbo! Boys?” He looked to them again, halting their chuckles,

“Shoot to kill” he orders, and they fire their guns. Jim and Harvey sprint to opposite sides.

As (Y/N) witnessed the shattering of a car window, and the outing of a nameless cop, she couldn’t bear the situation, couldn’t bear the pistol by her jugular, couldn’t bear the firm arm wrapped around her.

And she lost it.

She started to sob and wail and bawl and cry, and Jerome stopped chuckling and gazed at her.

“Hey, what’s wrong (Y/N)?” He asked. If she hadn’t been crying, she would’ve realised that he used her name, even though he never asked.

“J-just leave me be! I want to go home! I don’t want to die!” She choked out.

He slowly took away the pistol from her neck and pulled her back to the doors of the coach. He put his hands on her shoulders and looked at her sincerely.

“Hey, don’t cry now. Life’s a joke and i’m the jester. It doesn’t help to be down all the time. Lighten up!” He groveled while (Y/N) just stared at the ground.

He looked out into the distance in frustration. 'It was going to take a bit more effort to calm down a wailing woman’ he thought.

And thought. He didn’t quite mind her, even if she was a little nervous.

Jerome did admire how her flowing ink black hair contrasted with the depth of (Y/N)’s forest-y green eyes. Maybe if she would smile like he did she’d look out-of-this-world pretty. He came up with an idea.

(An: and you have black hair and green eyes as well. It’s because i actually made a person but tumblr prefers to be the person :3)

“Hey!” He exclaimed while moving his hands to her upper arms, “why don’t you help me set your school bus in a flame? It could look real gorgeous.” Jerome added.

(Y/N) stared at him in horror. She could never do such a thing. Burning her friend alight. It was unmentionable, disgraceful, prepost-

'It sounds kinda awesome.’ She inwardly thought.

“No! I can’t and i won’t. Im not a killer!” She told Jerome and herself.

“Suit yourself. But you’re still my hostage, so you can come and watch.” He told her as he dragged her again by the forearm to a little corner where the trail of gasoline started.

He pulled a lighter out of his back pocket, smirking in her direction, and ignited it.

Well he tried.

It was out of fuel.

“Ugh, this is embarassing. Anyone got a light?” He called to the rest of the team. And one of them ran up to him eagerly.

He looked harmless, but (Y/N) knew that he was anything but that. He was just shooting the cops.

He passed Jerome a ready lighter.

She glued her eyes to the flame; when it sparked out of the lighter, when it reacted to the gasoline, making a jaggedy line slowly leading to the bus where Angie and the team were trapped.

She saw how Jim Gordon sprinted to the bus.

Jerome threw the lighter to the side, and took her hand.

“We’re going!” He said excitedly, rushing to the van he came in, she assumed.

“But-but I can’t leave! My friend’s in there!” She cried to Jerome as she was pushed in the seat of the van.

He merely slammed the door in her pleading face. She tried to escape but he had thought one step ahead and locked the car until he could get in. She bashed the door helplessly.

“Wow, you should maybe put your seatbelt on. Wouldn’t want to break your beautiful face, would we?” He climbed in while she rested her head on the door.

“Didn’t even let me finish my homework.” She spat at him.

He cackled loudly and placed a kiss on her cheek as she sat back up.

And she blushed.

An: Yeah it’s not very fluffy or smutty sorry. I just felt like a retake if somebody was there that Jerome fancied.

Ha i think im a good writer 😒

“Cotton Eye Joe” by Brooklin Cooley
(audioswap from reminiscence)

Original Dance: Reminiscence (carmodance) 
Song Used: Nina Simone “Cotton Eye Joe” cover

(For those who don’t know, the number of slow, instrumental contemporary solos and dancing to Cotton Eye Joe have both been a running joke in this fandom for a while).  

also i made a thumbnail, but tumblr wont show it. >:(

so here it is as a normal picture

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This is the first thing I ever crocheted, just about five years ago. As you can see, it is A Certified Mess™.

Stitches are uneven and huge knots are left in where I attached more yarn. I had no sense of what colors go with what colors, so I used every skein of Red Heart my dad bought me indiscriminately. I couldn’t figure out that there was an extra stitch I was missing on the end of every row until about halfway through, so it’s shaped like a wonky hourglass. And eventually I got sick of the whole thing and “finished” it, so while it’s the width of a normal blanket, it’s about half the length.

My mom kept it. I honestly couldn’t tell you why, because if it was me, I would have flung it straight into Lake Michigan. On fire. But it is on my mother’s bed, to this day. 

But today, I found myself glad that she did. I walked into her room wearing a scarf I’d made recently and, looking down at this monstrosity, it made me realize how far I’ve really come. I learned to crochet as a coping mechanism - a survival tactic, really - while sitting in psychiatric hospitals and residential treatment centers throughout my early 20s. I never expected anything to come of it; I just wanted something to do with my hands to stave off panic attacks and flashbacks. 

But with just a few years of experience and practice and patience and youtube tutorials and tumblr calls for help, I’ve not only started making more polished things that I’m proud of, but I’ve also learned other skills, all of which make me excited to learn even more. And all the while, I loved what I was doing.

Normally I’m not for all those kitschy, overly-optimistic sayings spread by facebook wine moms on top of a generic pretty landscape. But even I got slapped in the face by the symbolism of it this morning. While it doesn’t make perfect, practice definitely makes improvement. And sometimes, you can’t truly appreciate the work you’re doing until you take a step back and look not at what you wish you could do, but all the beautiful things you’ve already done.

Part 6 - In The Car.

it was two days ago. Monday night. Was so horny out of a sudden. Quickly texted my 17 years old boy Irvine (from Part 3 and 4) and told him I need his dick now like literally now. But he didn’t reply me I guess he was busy or didn’t felt like replying me, he was my first choice because I live 5 minutes away from him. 

Fine, I texted another guy that I met here on Tumblr. Well he reads my content and message me we talked for abit and tease each other with my butt and shaved ass pictures he showed me his dick it was huge. I texted him. As he stays in Kuala Lumpur too.

Me : Hey there ? Can I have your dick tonight please ?

Colin : (replied after an hour) Hey sorry. Was taking a nap. sure

Me : mine if I just suck you in the car ? 

Colin : Sure.

We both were pretty straightforward. Told him that we will meet in Solaris Mont Kiara. I quickly wash up wore my sexy (very revealing) singlet and shorts with a pair of black tight boxer. I was early there, was driving around looking for shady and dark spots for our session. I was really horny that night. Couldnt stop stroking my dick while I drive. I didn’t want to do it in the toilet of the Malls because I couldn’t moan. But in the car. I could moan as loud as I wanted to.

At last I found a perfect spot for us nearby a abandon building/restaurant, pick him up somewhere nearby as he enters the car. 

Colin : (went straight to my nipple thru my singlet) what are you trying to show here hmm ?

Me : ( I moaned a little while im still driving to the spot) 

Colin : Are you wearing any pants ?

Me : I took them off just now actually

when we reach our spot. I start jacking off while he slowly reaches my dick stroking it for me. While I lay down on my seat and he reaches for my nipple licking it , I moaned because it felt good.

Colin : fuck yeah , you like it ? 

all the way down to my dick sucking it for me. My precum was everywhere.

Me : My turn. 

As he lay down on his seat removing his pants and underwear. His dick was huge for a Chinese with 6 Inches (15cm at least) with a perfect dick head I dive in as hungry as I was. Up and down worshiping his big dick with my tongue down to his balls sucking it. 

Colin : fuck yeah suck my balls

Continue tasting it while my right hand stroking my own wet cock. And here is it again where I tried my ace up my sleeves on his big dick. Where I use my tongue to swirl around his head like drawing a circle his reaction made me happy when I does it. I love to impress my tops.

Colin : oh fuck so good. I’ve been waiting for that. Read it on your Tumblr didnt knew it really felt that good.

I didnt reply him as I was busy satisfying him I told him I’m close. While my left hand stroking his hard cock and my right hand stroking my own wet cock. We managed to cum together. We both cum alot. I swear it was so exciting throughout the session because people might saw what we did inside. 

Very first time doing it in public and I cant wait for the second time tho :) xoxo


It’s been six months since I started this blog way back before the season premiere and I was nervous, but it’s one blog that I have no regret in making. It is because of all of you that follow, interact, or simply enjoy reading what I write that have made the experience worth while. Can I lay down some facts for a sec? Yeah? Cool.

Before I made Lisa, I had all but given up on rping as a whole. I’d lost the love that I had for this hobby, I feel into a rut with my writing and I seemed stagnant, but it was the creation of Lisa that brought the light back into this hobby. It made me enjoy writing again, I met people that helped get the creative juices flowing again. For that, every single person in this fandom deserves my gratitude. Of course, I can’t include everyone in my bias list, but now that I hold a gratitude for the fandom as a whole for accepting me and giving a wife OC a chance.

So without further moments wasted reading about my endless gratitude for all of you, I would like to take a moment to thank those that have become great partners, this is to the partners that should all know how much they mean to me, and if two cute lil fox cubs is how I can show that then so be it :D

( please forgive me if i miss someone, there’s gonna be a hot mess of you all and we all know how tumblr can be. there’s no particular order here, just went from my follower list :D)

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old stories

I fell out from the web of sheets,
set down my shades where
the sun drapes upon layers of stone,
and I sat for a while, listening
to a speech made by a branch
hanging from nothing
and to the delusional babble of 
traffic spilling in from the river

did I sleep at all?
from every corner of last night
came lights and sweat and breathing
as if directions through this lopsided triangle
were breaching the walls of that room
where I was holding time for the first time
in a long time

a delirious symmetrical fallout,
a summers eve on a morning in April,
a garden that grows from sand leftover
from the clock that ticks no more–
why am I the one who is these things?

this sunlight bleeding from music
that shakes the palms and saturates the earth
with cubes of skin and bruises?
why am I the one who is alive
in tombstone absentia, scouring the earth
for a breath already taken, and gone

where does the narrative play into this nonsensical one-act diatribe where I am the kind with amnesia

anonymous asked:

do u ever miss being a GA viewer. im a tad over being angry over everything and miss the gold old mindlelss enjoyment of my faves.


Let me say a few things though because this is something I’ve actually been thinking about for a while, (the difference between a GA viewer and fandom viewer).

I made this tumblr what, a year ago, I think? I was a GA viewer for a long while. I think I joined mid season five. And here’s something that Ive realized recently. Analyzing characters on here means OVER ANALYZING them as well. Here on tumblr we REALLY REALLY see the faults in characters. We critique down to the last morsel of sand. And because of this I really feel like we dehumanize characters. We get angry at them for not being perfect or hold them up to higher levels than we hold ourselves or others in the real world up to.

For instance a lot of people have (over) analyzed Killian’s recent actions to the point that they view them as these VILE reprehensible things that are unforgivable. And all the dude did was keep a secret out of fear and embarrassment of his past and handle it wrong. We (not all of us) act like we are incapable of of understanding what it’s like for a human to mess up and be afraid and have poor visceral reactions to things. Essentially nit picking and dwelling on something tends to turn it into something greater and more severe than it actually is.

Idk, I just miss being a part of an audience that view the characters on a very human and empathetic level. I know a lot of us still do that but a whole lot of us don’t. 

Not sure if this at all made sense, but I guess what I’m saying is, I FEEL YA MY DUDE.  


I can be the sweetest thing, but that doesn’t mean I always give people my best—especially those people I have crossed paths with.

I’m sorry that I turned your life upside down and made you think that you had found heaven in my arms. It’s not that I am uncaring or broken, but that I became so wrapped up in loving you that I didn’t realize I was breaking myself. I let you get close, when all the while there was a wall that no amount of effort would ever let you climb over. So even though I don’t like to see people hurt, I still couldn’t help but hurt those who wanted to be close to me, especially you.

I’m sorry I broke your heart, together with mine. I’m sorry that I’ve hurt you with my words even more than my actions, my selfish act. The way that I can twist words to create a smile across even the most bitter of hearts is a beautiful gift, but it’s not one I always use for good. The thing about being able to see the soul behind someone’s eyes is that I also know exactly where to put the knife and twist deeply so that they hurt just as much as I do. I don’t often know when to stop, or when enough is enough, and because I follow the beat of my heart more than anything else, I can rationalize even the most horrible truths to myself. And so I am sorry that I never gave you the best parts of me, and that to me you became only lessons that I needed to learn. I didn’t always intend to hurt you, but I know that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

I know my sorry, won’t fix what I’ve done-I do really sorry and I mean it.

How do you break every rule you ever made

To beg for help, or explain how you feel

When you’ve spent your whole life being strong?

Who do you break down in front of

Not your friends who you love too much to burden

Or the family that raised you the right way.

What do you say

To the girl who you’d give your heart toEven though you’re sure you lost it a while ago.I’ve got too many questions, not enough answers, no one to ask.


srelio  asked:

Hello, I just wanted to say your art is wonderful and I totally agree sketchy art is amazing and yours is super cool and inspiring. Your picture with RD and Gilda, literally made me say "These are fucking dope." out loud, and that doesn't happen anymore while I'm absent-mindedly just scrolling down Tumblr. Well done, friend. You are awesome.

>///< Thank you very much! I’ll continue to do my best!



This guy came to me offering to buy me things in exchange for my photos.

Quickly he became toxic, seemingly demanding for things that would make me uncomfortable, such as going on live cam.

On the second day of our arrangement, so far approx. $203 in exchange for 9 photos and 3 videos, I started feeling emotionally down and needed a break.
He came off as very inconsiderate, as if I were a toy that had become broken and wasn’t worth his time. It was toxic to me and only made me feel worse.

I blocked him after that.
A little while later I received a message from someone via tumblr that my photos were posted on a submittion blog.

This guy has posted my photos without my permission and is threatening to continue. He’s being extremely toxic and petty about the situation and has been from the very beginning.

Please reblog and report his tumblr/kik

biancajoffre  asked:

Hi! I am a HUGE fan of your comic, which is A-mazing! And wanted to ask: how are are you doing? How is your little bundle of joy? Also, I love Beauty and the Beast so much that I've made my own version called The Crippled Belle, though it's not on my Tumblr post yet, but it will soon!

Hi Biancajoffre!

Gosh, thank you! All things considered, I’m doing pretty well, I think!  Managing my time with a baby is a big challenge though… I’m typing this one-handed while he sleeps on my shoulder, because he’ll wake if I put him down! Please let me know when your version is posted, I’m sure there are lots of folks here who would love to see it!