i made this while medicine drunk

Imagine – Slow Dancing with Dean Ambrose after a fight

Word Count – 1487

Warnings – Angst, Drinking

A/N – Sorry for being off schedule lately. I’ve been super busy with going to doctor appointments almost every day and school. Hopefully I can get back on track soon!


Vince McMahon gave you and your boyfriend Dean Ambrose three weeks off since you’ve been working nonstop for four years. You both were so excited, you finally got time to be with each other without worrying about staying in character backstage! Nothing could go wrong! At least that’s what you thought.

The first few days were nice, staying at home and relaxing on the couch together. Catching up on The Walking Dead. But the rest of the week has been lonely, for you anyways. Dean’s always out drinking with his hometown friends, which you didn’t mind if it was just for a few nights. But it’s been every night for almost two weeks now. You both go back to work in a week, it’d be nice to spend the last week of your vacation with him!

Tonight was the worst though. You were sitting on a bench inside the airport, eating Mc Donalds and hopping Dean didn’t forget he was supposed to pick you up.

“Are you coming?” You texted him about 7 minutes ago, still no reply. “Maybe he’s driving” you thought to yourself.

15 minutes go by and now you were getting furious. You called him a few times, still no answer.

It was 9:30 PM and you had your last straw. Dean was supposed to be here at 7:40 and he still isn’t here and even worse not returning your calls. You stood outside in the freezing rain, catching a taxi and telling him to drop you off at your house. Your leg was bouncing nonstop the whole car ride along with you playing with your fingers, trying to keep your calm and checking your phone.

You thanked the taxi driver, got out of the car and stomped to the door while shivering in the rain. You didn’t even think to bring a jacket or an umbrella. You went inside and found Dean drinking whiskey with his legs propped up on the couch.

“DEAN, FUCKIN’ AMBROSE!” You yelled, slamming your keys down on the table.

“Oh.. hey babe! You made it!” He burped after, slurring his words

“Yeah, thanks to a taxi driver. What the fuck happened?!”

“What do you mean?”


“I was? Oh.. My bad..” He frowned.

“You’re a fuckin’ drunk.” You growled, walking away. While you were walking away you heard him say “I love you” but you slammed the door.

You woke up the next morning to Dean asleep on the couch. You grabbed a bucket along with a glass of water and medicine and put it on the table next to him, slightly waking him up.

“Good morning darlin’” He said tiredly. You just gave him a stare, making him confused.

“What’s wrong?”

“You don’t remember?” He shook his head, grabbing it in pain

“You were supposed to pick me up from the airport. I called and texted, waited forever and decided to just stand in the damn rain and wait for a taxi. I come home and you’re drunk off your ass! At 10:30 at night!” His heart ripped apart.

“Y/N, baby, I’m so sorr –“

You cut him off, slapping his hand away

“if you were sorry you’d clean up your act, Ambrose! You go out and drink so much, what if you drive home drunk and get in a crash and get hurt, or die! Do you know how much that would destroy me? You don’t care either way. I’m tired! I’m going to say what I said last night, you’re a drunk! Get your shit together!” He didn’t answer, knowing you’re right.

“I need to go, I need air.. I’ll be back later. Hopefully you’ll be here and not out drinking with your buddies. It seems like you care more about drinking then you care about me…”

You grabbed your keys along with a jacket and left, leaving him broken hearted and alone.


You braced yourself for the arguments that were about to come as you pulled into the driveway, seeing Dean’s car was still here. “Maybe he didn’t go out” you thought to yourself, hopping you were right and that his friends didn’t just pick him up or something.

You walked in and your breath was caught, not believing what your eyes are seeing. The lights were dimmed, candles on the windowsill, Dean standing in the middle of the room with roses in his hand, and a huge trash bag in the other that was filled to the top. He was wearing his leather jacket and cleaned up jeans along with his black tank top he always wears.

“What is that?” You asked, nodding your head towards the bag. He shook it, hearing bottles clink together as he did.

“My alcohol. Empty. Down the drain, sweetie. I don’t want to be this way anymore.. I don’t want to hurt you anymore. And if you don’t believe me here’s a video.”

He walked up to you and pulled out his phone. He pulled up the video and pressed play.

“Hey darlin’. You’re out somewhere mad at me, which you have every right to be. I’m sitting here at home, and I’ve taken in every word you’ve said over the last few weeks and… you’re right. I need to quit, or I’m going to kill myself. I’ve already called and told my friends, they asked me if I could come out tonight and I told them No. It felt pretty good, actually. Knowing I get to stay home with the love of my life and cuddle up on the couch with her. I’m rambling sorry, anyways… I don’t want my life to end short. I don’t want you to think I’d put ANYTHING in front of you! You come first. Always. I want to grow old with you, have little Deano’s running around the house. And of course because you want one… a cat.. Even though I can’t stand cats if it makes you happy we can get one, but not right now since we’re always on the road. I want to live and be happy with you, so that’s why I’m doing this.”

He picked up a bottle of whiskey and poured it down the drain. You could tell he hesitated for a second, but you both knew he wanted it to be done. The video went on for a few more minutes then it ended.

You looked up at him with tears in your eyes as he had some in his too. He passed you over the roses and gave you a soft smile.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know. I know I’m not good at being romantic, but I hope this was alright.”

“You dork, of course I like it! I love it!” You punched his arm, making him rub it but smile.

He turned around and grabbed the remote, turning on the radio and playing “Crazy Girl” By Eli Young Band. You raised your eyebrow, giving him a smirk

“Country, Dean Ambrose listens to country?”

“Not really, but when I heard this song it made me think of you. I’m not good at this, but will you dance with me, darlin’?” You shook your head and blushed as he placed his hands on your hips, looking down and smiling trying to hide the blush coming across his cheeks.

You two swayed back and forth as the music played softly. You leaned your head on his chest, feeling his left hand move to your back and his right go in your hair, running through it gently as he hummed along with the song. You felt like you were in heaven. Hearing his heartbeat and feeling the vibration of his humming coming from his chest. His heaven was just having you in his arms.

The song ended. The look of love in his blue eyes as he looked down into your y/e/c eyes and hearing his heartbeat quicken as he watched you. A smirk running across his lips as he leaned down and kissed you, tugging his fingers in your hair and you with your arms around his neck. You were a lot shorter than him so he picked you up and kissed you again, leaning his forehead against yours and kissing your nose.

“Did you really mean it? We can get a cat in the future?” You asked excitedly, making him chuckle

“Yes, in the future. But for now all I want is you. You’re all I want. Not booze, not drunk nights with friends. I could stay like this forever if we added wrestling into it.” You both laughed, kissing each other again.

You finally had your Dean back.

I’m pretty drunk
I probably passed at out a few hours ago
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I somehow made it to a couch after I passed out (which I faintly remember but not really??)
I just woke up at 5 a.m. and got some water?
I legit just made a little jingle in my head that went “This is mine, that is not, move you self”
I’m still fucking drunk help me
(Also, someone please, send me a prompt, I would love to write something for someone

Dean Spam #2: The Medicine - Request

Requested by anon:  Being deans girlfriend and him having to wrestle with her trying to get her to take her medication

Pairing: Dean x reader.

Word count: 442

Warnings: Innuendos.

A/N: Agh, the horror of being sick!


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“It says here you have to take it three times a day.” Dean informed as he read from the white box in his hands.

“There’s no way I’m doing that.” (Y/N) threatened. Her stuffed nose and raspy voice begged otherwise.

“Until you stop talking like Chuckie Finster, you do as the doctor says.” Dean said.

“But it tastes awful!” She whined.

“I don’t care.” Dean took the bottle out of the box and started serving the gruesome white syrup in the tiny cup the box included. “Now drink up.”

“No.” She stated.

“(Y/N), just swallow it.” Dean rolled his eyes.

“I get the taste either way.” She complained.

“You swallow worse.” Dean spoke, half-jokingly half-serious.

“DEAN!” She squealed. Dean chuckled.

“Don’t make me force you.”

She made him force her.

Dean crawled over (Y/N) and wrestled with her. His hunting abilities were nothing compared to his drunken ones.  Not a single drop of medicine fell off the cup thanks to his ability to keep cups, glasses and any other liquid container in perfect balance no matter what because it would’ve been a sin to drop whiskey while being drunk.

“Why couldn’t he give me pills?” She argued as he dodged the cup.

“Because you need syrup, not pills.” Dean replied, looking for another way to reach her mouth while, at the same time, pushing her hands away.

“I don’t want it.” She insisted.

“Fine, don’t drink it.” Dean granted and (Y/N) stopped fighting. “But I won’t kiss Sicky Vicky.”

(Y/N) gave him her best puppy eyes. “Not even on the cheek?”

“Nope.” Dean popped the last syllable, “I need to be healthy and close contact with you could get me sick.”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes and groaned. Dean used her open mouth as an advantage and poured the medicine in. (Y/N) almost choked but didn’t spit it.

“EW!” She whined, making weird faces as she swallowed, “You are an awful person.”

Dean shrugged his shoulders. “I won’t apologize.”

“I could’ve died!” She complained, “In fact, I think I’m dying at how bad it tastes.” She continued, falling to his lap and melting.

“You’re a real drama queen.” Dean laughed.

“You wouldn’t say that if you knew how badly the medicine tastes.” (Y/N) mumbled as she continued her tantrum.

“I don’t think it’s that bad.” He said as he poured a bit over his finger and tried it. “Never mind.” He gulped, “I was wrong, this tastes like ass.”

“How do you know how ass… Never mind.” She groaned, but was happy to know Dean was aware of the hideous taste of it.

“Either way, you’re drinking it until you get better.”


*Requests are ALWAYS open.*


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5 mingyu

5. First time taking care of the other when they’re sick

When Seungcheol had first called you in and asked you to go to the dorms “because Mingyu needed you”, you hadn’t really known what to expect, especially when all the information you got was that he’d be there alone and if you just had enough time, it would be great if you could spend the day with him until the rest of Seventeen got back home.

And yet even without knowing what to expect, you were taken aback when Mingyu opened the door to you, cheeks flushed and his eyes glassy and his voice croaking when he greeted you. Out of habit, he was about to lean down to kiss you, but you placed your forefinger on his nose and gently pushed him away. “You’re obviously sick, so no kisses.”

He pouted and groaned, coughing right afterwards. You shook your head and shut the door behind you before ushering Mingyu to the living room, where you told him to sit down. Looking up at you, he broke into a goofy smile when you touched his forehead. “You’re burning up.”

“Yeah, I have a fever,” he said, his smile not wavering even a little. You rolled your eyes playfully and placed your hands on your hips for a while, looking at Mingyu as he leaned comfortably against the backrest of the couch.

“So this is why you needed me…” you muttered with a sigh and made a mental checklist of things you needed to remember and do when you were sick and wanted to become healthy as soon as you could. “Have you taken any medicine? Eaten well? Drunk a lot?”

Mingyu nodded after each question. “Come on, I’m not a child. I know how to take care of myself that much.”

You squinted your eyes and ruffles his hair, slightly sweaty. “I’m almost certain Seungcheol or someone made sure you did all that before they left, though.”

He didn’t answer, breaking into a coughing fit instead. You moved to stand closer to him and rubbed his back, a pout forming on your lips - his coughs sounded painful, and you had no doubt he had been coughing a lot lately. His voice sounded stuffed, too, and the tissues lying around told more than enough.

“I think you should lie down,” you said, still a bit unsure of what to do exactly. You had taken care of people when they were sick, but it had usually been a relative or a friend; somehow, with Mingyu it was different, especially when he was barely ever sick. Sure, he didn’t have a day he didn’t sneeze, but it was never because of a cold, and even his sore throats were usually only caused by using his voice too much and too loudly.

Even though he was grumbling about how he wanted to do everything but lie down, Mingyu stood up, and after regaining his balance that the almost lost with your help, pointed at the door to his bedroom weakly. You placed your hand on his back as you walked to the dark room and you helped him into he bed, tucking him in and sitting next to him.

“It’s hot,” he complained, and you could see the sweat gathering near his hairline and his skin gain a shinier layer altogether. You shushed him gently and caressed his cheek.

“It’s a part of having a fever,” you said and smiled a little when Mingyu closed his eyes, breathing deeply.

“I’m thirsty,” he said suddenly, but didn’t open his eyes. You patted his chest and went to get him a glass of cold water that you placed on the table next to his bed after giving him some.

“Anything else you need?” you asked, your hand running up and down on top of him. Mingyu opened his eyes and got a pleading look to them, puckering his lips a little.

“A kiss would be nice.” You shook your head with a wide grin and reached for Mingyu’s hand to squeeze it.

“Use that as your motivation to get healthy soon, because until then you’re not getting a single kiss,” you smiled, giggling when Mingyu groaned.

Somehow, you managed to get Mingyu to sleep, and while he did that you went to the kitchen and went through the cupboards and fridge, taking note of everything they had that you could cook. Luckily it seemed like someone had been to the store after Mingyu had gotten sick, or then they just were prepared at all times, and you found a stack of chicken soup and some medicine.

You watched TV for a while, but when you, a few hours later, could hear Mingyu coughing and blowing his nose in his bedroom, you rushed there. He lay back down and looked at you with his eyes only half open, seemingly tired yet with a grin on his lips. “I had the weirdest dream.”

“Oh yeah?” you asked with a smile and returned to his side, asking if he was hungry before encouraging him to tell about the dream.

“You were a fairy, but I was not,” he started with a chuckle; you couldn’t help but wonder what you had both looked like. “Like you were barely the size of my hand, yet somehow we ruled the world together.”

You laughed softly while shaking your head. “At least it wasn’t a bad dream.”

Mingyu nodded, and with his stomach grumbling, admitted that he was rather hungry. You got the soup ready and were soon bringing spoonful after spoonful of the soup to Mingyu’s awaiting mouth, as he had claimed he was too tired to eat by himself. You knew it was probably only half true, but let him have his way anyway.

When you had placed the bowl away and gotten Mingyu some more medicine, you were sitting on the edge of his bed again. “So…”

He sighed and looked at you with a pout. “Are you absolutely sure you’re not willing to at least cuddle a little? I’m sure it’d help me get healthy…”

You rolled your eyes and let out a deep sigh. “I suppose cuddling won’t hurt too much… But if I get sick, I’ll come after you.”

Mingyu snickered while you cuddled up to him and shut your eyes. “If that happens, I’ll do my best to take care of you, too. You’ve done a good job, so I’ll have to repay someday.”

You laughed a little, shaking your head that was resting on Mingyu’s shoulder. “What’s there to repay for? I’m doing it because you need someone to take care of you, and more importantly, because I love you.”

You could feel him place a kiss to the top of your head, but didn’t mention it. “Well, I’d be doing it because I love you, too, so.”

A groan left your lips as you gently smacked his chest. “You become even cheesier when you’re sick, sheesh.”

A silence fell over you as you both relaxed in an attempt to fall asleep.

“My muscles hurt everywhere,” Mingyu whispered, tired and frustrated with the ache. You looked up at him.

“I already gave you medicine, but do you think being on your side would help?”

Mingyu shrugged but rolled to his side anyway, facing the wall, and you wrapped your arm around his warm body. It didn’t take him too long to fall asleep again, after he had complained about how hot he was another couple of times and you had shushed him with small kisses to the back of his neck.

“Here’s your motivation to get healthy.”

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