i made this while listenning song for cory

Jessie’s Girl (Harry Styles Imagine)

REQUEST: (from anon) Okay can you Maybe write something inspired by the song “Jessie’s girl”? Like harry having a friend that wants you as his girlfriend but you’re with harry and so on ? Really fluffy? Would be so cute and nice from you! 😘

Thank you to the one who requested it! 

While writing, I listened to Glee’s version on Jessie’s girl and it made me miss Cory so much! 

I wasn’t able to proofread this yet… super sorry. And I’m sorry as well because I wasn’t able to put “really fluffy” to this, just “fluffy”. 

Anyways.. hope you guys still like it.




Harry’s POV

Today the birthday of my little petal Y/N. She thought that it would just be me and her tonight, but what she doesn’t know was that I threw her a surprise party with the help of Niall.

Niall was the one who introduced us three years ago, and after a few months of courting, she was finally mine.

“Petal, you ready?” I shouted. Usually, after 30 minutes of waiting for her to get ready I’d start pestering her to rush but it’s her birthday, another 30 minutes won’t hurt.

“Almost done Poppet!” she shouted back. The nickname both gives me the creeps and the butterflies.

Creeps because it’s not manly enough for my masculinity, but butterflies knowing that she’s the only one who calls me that. It’s like our special nicknames for each other.

Poppet & Petal.

“Done.” I was too into my thoughts that I didn’t hear her descending the staircase. I was mesmerised by what I saw.

My Petal was rocking a red lace sleeveless dress with black heels. Her hair was curled to one side and she was wearing the jewelry set that I gave her this morning.

“Wow.” was the only word that came out of my mouth.

“Too much?” She asked.

“You look amazing. I can’t believe you’re mine.” I said, aiming for a quick peck. She smiled and kissed me back.

“C’mon! We’ll be late for our reservation.” She said, letting me go.

I quickly, yet secretly sent Niall a text saying that we were on our way and head to the car. The entire ride, I made Y/N wear a blindfold as to make everything a surprise.

As we get to the entrance of the bar where we held the party, Niall was by the door.

“Everything’s set.” Niall mouthed. We entered and…

The surprise was a huge success! My petal was so happy to see her closest friends and family to celebrate her birthday. I flew in her parents and other family members to celebrate with her.

“Thank you bro. You have no idea how much this means to us.” Shaun, her cousin, said.

“Yes dear, thank you so much.” Her mom said.

“Anything for her ma’am.” I replied, giving Shaun a pat on the back.

Liam and Louis were onstage, goofing around and entertaining the guests. I then heard Liam say, “Please welcome Niall James Horan!”

Wait… I didn’t know he was performing.

Jessie is a friend,

yeah, I know he’s been

a good friend of mine

But lately something’s changed

that ain’t hard to define

Jessie’s got himself a girl

and I want to make her mine

What is this dickhead doing, staring at my girl like that.

You know, I wish that I had Jessie’s girl,

I wish that I had Jessie’s girl

Where can I find a woman like that, like

Jessie’s girl

His song ended and he immediately ran to Y/N and gave her a hug. The smile Y/N had on her face was so wide that it even reached her ears, 

I decided not to act on this jealousy thing and just enjoy the party. Of course, I made sure to have Y/N beside me the entire time. The party was a huge success and everyone started heading home, as did Y/N and I.

The entire ride home was silent. I can see Y/N giving me a weird look but decided to wait to ask me. When we got home, she practically dragged me out of my seat and into the house.

“Ok Harold Edward Styles! What’s wrong?” She blew up. I knew she was angry because she never used my whole name.

“That Horan bastard is the problem.” I immediately opened up. I then see her eyes soften.

“What happened?” She asked with a small smile on her face, rubbing my arm soothingly. I sighed.

“While sing a while ago, my suspicions of him liking you was proven. He likes you, I also talked to Liam you know, to ease my anger. But he agreed to my suspicions. He admitted that Niall has been crushing on you for ages now.” I said in a sad tone.

I’ve never loved anyone like how I’ve loved my petal. I never cared for anyone like how I cared for my petal. She’s my only petal, you know? And I don’t know what will happen if I lost her to someone else. The thought of someone making her smile and not me, it sickens me.

“And you think that you’ll lose me to him?” she asked. The next few words that might come out from her mouth might be the words that I’ve been dreading to hear. I wasn’t able to answer with the fear so all I did was nod.

“Oh baby. You’re my poppet… my ONLY poppet. Get it?” she said, putting her hands on my cheek to make me look at her. No one can ever understand the relief that I felt after.

“One and only?”

“One and only. Poppet and Petal forever.”

I like that… 

Poppet & Petal forever.