i made this when the 2nd one first came out

150716 MCD Prerecording- Dont wake me up :

* The boys recorded 4 timed. First rehearsal, 2nd camera test and 2 recording cos donghae made a mistake (:

* When hyuk came he asked us if we ate and we all said no. He said ‘you guys everyday never eat’, we started screaming we were hungry and then hyuk starting toughing his thighs and then pointing at us (like he was giving us the meat of his thighs lol)

* The 3rd time they came out donghae tapped one of the male dancers’ butt then stood on his position to start the song and put both of his hands on the male dancer’s butt infront of him LOL. He practically cupped the dancer’s butt HAHAHAHAHA. The dancer just laughed.

* Hyuk played with the dancers on his side too. There were too male dance together on the middle for stanby and out of nowhere one of the dancer put his hand on the dancer next to him and this dancer did the same to him, Hyuk saw this and delicately separated the dancer and asked the dancer to his right if he was okay hahahaha and then brushed his shoulder lol.

* Hae was in a bad mood at the beginning of D&E recording  but thanks to the dancer who messed up their duo, he smiled & they did a 3rd take. He came back with a better mood for the last take

* For the last part when they faced each other, Hyuk and Hae played a bit, smiling. Hyuk was in a playful mode, trying to make hae smile 

* They recorded only once and after they came back to stage and hyuk said its over so we were like noo and he said they did it too well 

* Hyuk said it’s not a problem if we don’t eat cause the promotion last only one week