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A Group Effort

Anon: I would love to see my boy Lance with a headcold!! Make him suffer :’)

Anon: i’d like to see Lance with a headcold! and i dont care more than that. just as long as i can see my boy with a snuffly nose.

A/N: This is my first cold-based fic! I’m much more used to fever- and stomach-based things, so here we go with expanding horizons! Pray for me and spelling out sneezes. This had a lot of Lance and Keith still hating each other, it almost hurt my heart to write after all the Klance stuff.

It’s silent in space. It is a vacuum, there’s no medium for sound to travel through. Even while in their lions, practicing maneuvering through fodder the castleship threw at them, the paladins remained silent and focused.
It didn’t last long.
“Alright. That’s it. I’m done. I’m going back to the castle.”
The other four paladins sounded off in Keith’s ear.
“Wait, why?”
“I don’t understand.”
“What’s happening?”
“What is it, Keith?”
“I am done listening to Lance sneeze into the intercom.”

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The CEO (M) - Part 3

Pairing - Chanyeol x Reader 
Genre - smut 
Word count - 1309
Warning - Sexual content 
Dedicated to - @chanyoel

Chanyeols POV:

“I can’t do this anymore… it doesn’t matter what I say or do, he hates me. He hates me and he’s not afraid to shout it into my face or to everyone…. Today he did it in front of the whole broad, can you imagine? It was awful…. How can someone be so nasty.… What have I done to him to make him hate me so much. I’ve done nothing but be caring and helpful. I never wanted to steal anyone’s job…” while she was saying all this she began to tear up. There was a long pause of silence lingering in the air until “I know but he does everything to make me feel worse, I don’t know if I can take this any longer Jennie. I didn’t bother with guys like him but I can’t handle this anymore. He broke me. He must be so proud of himself. Maybe accepting this job wasn’t a good idea after all..” There was another long pause. “Okay.. and how are the kids? I miss you guys so much…” More sobs hit my ears. “Okay give them big hugs from their auntie, I will see you soon… Love you, bye.”

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Imagine #10 Charles Xavier (Logan Howlett?) - Part 2

Requested by Anon: Hi love I just found your tumblr and its amazing, and I was wondering if you’re planning to write a part two of the Charles Xavier imagine where the reader has siren powers? 💗

 Requested by Anon: Hii could you do an imagine where you have the ability to make everyone horny who touches here (like Alisha in Misfits if you have seen it) and she is barraly 18. she has a thing for for Charles and Logan and yeah… I love your blog ❤ 

Originally posted by xavierstea

 Not my gif

Words: 2181

Warnings: Swears, fem!reader, angst-ish, typos

A/N: Well, both these requests are from months ago and I am really sorry! I’m also sorry for not uploading in weeks. I’m really busy right now with my brother moving in and my other brother behaving like a twat, uni is killing me and I have a date tomorrow, which is probably going to be a fucking disaster, since I have neither confidence nor social skills. Also, I have no idea, why every Part 2 to whatever I write turns into angst. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! xoxo

Part 1

You could see the mansion from all the way down the street, its roof peaking through the scanty green of the early April trees. You hadn’t been here in a long time. And if you were completely honest, you had to admit that the way you had left hadn’t exactly been the behaviour of a young, well-mannered lady. The past years you had been trying to blame it on your mutation, but at least saying goodbye wouldn’t have hurt anyone, that you couldn’t argue with.

Seriously though, you thought, as your reluctant steps brought you closer and closer to the last place you wanted to be, what were you doing here again? You had always hated confrontation, nothing had changed about that after you had left Charles and the others. But you had also never in your life felt as bad as the months after you had disappeared without notice.

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You Attend The Late Late Show With Him (Request)- Harry Styles

“Love, get out of this bed,” Harry says from above you, pulling the covers away gently from where you held them above your head. He had been dressed and ready for a well half hour, but couldn’t bring himself to wake you up, considering the night you had before.

“H, leave me the hell alone. I’m so exhausted,” you groan, turning over and covering your face with the pillow as your fiancé laughs.

“We’re going to miss the flight, and then the Boys are really going to ream our arses’. They still haven’t given up on the last time,” he says, taking the pillow and turning you over forcibly but gently, climbing on top of you and kissing your lips as your eyes open. “Mm, you awake now?” he asks, lips still red from the night before.

“I guess so, but I might need another to truly wake up,” you smirk, looking up at him from your place on the bed, his shirt just barely covering your panties that you’d slipped on when you went to use the toilet after spending most of the night awake making love to your boyfriend. You thought he was leaving by himself to go to L.A. for The Late Late Show with James Corden, but he had already packed your suitcase and told management you would be joining him. “You know, we spent the whole night up, when we could’ve very well saved some for when we got to the hotel, but no, someone was a bit too excited, if I say so,” you laugh as he leans back down to kiss you, your arms wrapping around his neck, until he starts to tickle your sides, that when you jump out of the bed, swatting his arm and running to get in the shower. 

“We could just sleep on the plane and still have time at the hotel,” he says hurriedly, cursing at himself for not just containing himself a bit more the night before. He quickly makes up the bed, grabbing your suitcases and putting both by your bedroom door. He walks to the mirror, fixing his hair and putting on the rings by his nightstand, fixing his shirt and jeans before going to make you and himself a tiny breakfast.

You quickly get out of the shower, freshly bathed, shaven, and had used Harry’s favourite scent on your body. You pop in front of the bathroom mirror and sink, brushing your teeth and drying your hair with a towel, quickly tying it into a top knot and throwing the towels in the laundry bin. You walk into the wardrobe, putting on a matching hot pink bra and panties set, then throwing on black leggings, a black t-shirt, and a sweatshirt, one that you had stolen from Harry before he left for tour, but it was ironed and nice enough to wear out of the house. You sprayed perfume on yourself, another one of Harry’s favourites, and grab your converse before walking down the stairs to meet Harry in the kitchen. 

“Thanks, baby,” you say, placing a quick kiss to your fiancé’s lips and taking the toast and eggs from his hand. You both eat fairly quick, putting the pan in the sink and checking your carry-on to make sure that phone and computer chargers had been packed, alongside your phones and computer, itself. You hear a car beep outside the house, meaning that Niall had arrived to pick you up and drive all three of you to the aeroport together. Harry sets the house alarm, taking both suitcases behind you, whom carried the carry-on and made sure that the house was locked up afterwards.

“Look who made it on time,” Niall laughs from the driver’s spot, you sitting passenger, Harry insisting that he would sit in the back. Your left hand was laying on your lap and Harry couldn’t help but smile at the diamond sitting on your ring finger. You said yes, and you were going to marry him, and everyday Harry seems happier and happier just knowing that the three letter word was your answer. “Mate, you listening back ‘dere?” Niall asks, looking at Harry from his mirror.

“Yeah, yeah, what’s up?” Harry asks, drawing his attention back towards his best friend, who had been apparently trying to get his attention for the last few minutes.

“We ‘ave to go straight to ‘de hotel, and ‘den we only have like an hour before we ‘ave to head back to James’ studio,” Niall says, turning his attention back to the road. It was early in London, awfully early, but by the time you arrived in California, it’d be the night and time for another interview.

“Okay. Baby, do you want to just grab a bite to eat in the hotel, or meet up with the Boys at the studio and find something closer to there?” Harry asks, turning his attention towards you as you contemplate your answer. You have this little dimple, not one as deep as his own, but one that is visible and stuck out most when you were concentrating or laughing, and he could see it at this very moment and it made his heart flutter.

“Why don’ we just eat at the hotel, this way we can all leave together and we won’ have to worry about getting back to the studio,” you say, turning your body around and facing Harry. “What’re you smiling about, hmm?” you ask watching as he shrugs but the smile never fades. You grab his hand and squeeze it, before placing a small kiss to the back and letting it go.

“You two make me sick,” Niall says from next you, shaking his head and chuckling as you two both laugh at his commentary. “But if you two could hold on the loving-on-each-other, it’d be great so we can just get on this damn aeroplane.”

You laugh and get out of the car, taking your bag and the carry-on whilst the pilots load the luggage on board and you walk hand-in-hand with Harry to board. Harry sits across from you at first, but just long enough for you to take your phone out and quickly take a picture, before moving over to his side and snuggling against him. “I love you,” you say, taking your phone and editing the picture, readying it for you to post.

“I love you more. But I also love you in my clothes. And you’re wearing my favourite perfume. What’re you trying to do to me, love?” Harry says, head resting against your own, placing a few kisses there and then placing a lingering one on your lips.

“Okay, okay, you two. There are other people on this plane,” Louis jokes from the seat next to you, already putting in earphones and humming the melodies to the new songs off the album.

“What do you think James is goin’ to ask you ‘bout?” you ask, looking up at him and adjusting yourself so you could place your legs in his lap and head on the pillow.

“Probably ‘bout Zayn leaving, the new album, I think he might ask about that “No Control Project” the fans are doing, and possibly us. I know once we posted the pictures about us being engaged, people have been tweeting questions and I’m pretty sure he’ll take some of those,” he says looking down at you whilst drawing circles on the palm of your hand. “Do you wan’ me to answer the questions or just leave it private?” he asks, looking at you intently, waiting for your response. You both had been not completely private with your relationship, but did keep certain aspects away from all to see.

“I mean, we already posted the pictures online, so answering the questions can’t be too bad. Just don’t say too much about the proposal, I mean if it’s asked, you could talk about what you did, but what you said to me I want to be completely private. Your memory and my memory only. It was the best thing you have ever said to me and I want to cherish it all by myself,” you say, leaning back up to kiss him, smiling as he wraps his arms around your waist. “I love you.”

“I love you so much, babe. You don’ even understand. But c’mon, we need sleep before we get there, it’s goin’ to be a long night. And not just because of the reasons you think I’m thinking of,” he smirks, planting a kiss on your forehead before wrapping the blanket across your bodies, and laying his head on yours. You smile and quickly upload the picture to Instagram before closing your phone, cuddling into Harry, and falling asleep.

@Mrs.StylesOfficial: Look at my handsome man. Whatcha doin’ over there, H? #fiancé


“Baby, I’m sorry to do this to you, but the plane is landing. We got to get up to go to the hotel,” Harry whispers from beside you. He’d only woken up ten minutes ago when we heard the pilot’s voice on the intercom. He watched you for a few minutes, amazed that this sight was what he has to look forward to for the rest of his life, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. “My love, c’mon, we can go eat and then the interview and then go back and sleep,” he says, brushing stray hairs that had gotten loose from your bun, away from your face.

“Ugh,” you groan, wiping your face and opening your eyes, adjusting to the darker surroundings that you had arrived in. “I want a pizza,” you say, wrapping your arms back around his waist, trying to wake yourself up, and his cologne was surely doing the trick. It was your absolute favourite and got it for him every year, both as a selfish gift and non-selfish because you both completely loved it.

“Okay, babe, I’m sure I can arrange that,” he chuckles, rubbing circles on your back as he pulls his phone back out of his pocket, checking his mentions on both Instagram and Twitter, smiling at the new post you had uploaded whilst he was sleeping. He quickly responds to Twitter and leans back over to you. You had managed to get up from your seat and grab your carry-on and backpack. “I love you,” he whispers against your lips, kissing you multiple times before you could respond.

“I love you, too. Where’d that come from?” you giggle.

“I can’t just tell you that I love you?” he asks, hand interlocking yours as he hears the wheels meet the road beneath the plane.

“You can. Always. I love hearing you say it,” you say, leaning in to kiss him.

“I love to say it. But I also see that you changed your name already,” he smiles. You swear that the minute you said yes to his proposal, anytime you would speak his smile would grow larger and larger.

“I did, I did. You know we are getting married in six months, I think it’s time,” you laugh, standing up from your seat and grabbing Harry’ hand to interlock your fingers and you walk off the plane and into the car that waited to bring you all to the hotel.

The ride was quick compared to the 14-hour long plane trip. Once you got checked in to the hotel, everyone dispersed to their own rooms to drop off luggage and then went to wherever they wanted for the remaining hour-and-a-half before the car came back to take the crew to the studio. You and Harry stayed in the room, ordering a pizza, ready to just relax for the time you had.

You were laying on the bed, hands on your stomach as an unknown program played on the TV. Harry climbed on the bed, leaning over to turn the box off, and then pulled you to the middle of the bed. He climbed on top of you, kissing you deeply, running his hands down your sides as you hands attached themselves in his hair. He moaned as you pulled lightly on the hair, creating a massaging sensation, and as soon as he pulled off you shirt, already leaving love bites on your neck, there was a knock on the door, signalling the arrival of your food.

“Fuck,” he whispers whilst climbing off of you, “Stay right there.” He finds his wallet on the dresser, grabbing twenty dollars out. He opens the door, says ‘thank you’ to the delivery man, pays him, and shuts the door as fast as he possibly can. He walks back over to you, climbing back on top, kissing you again. “Killed the mood, didn’t it?” he says as you giggle from underneath him.

“Yeah, little bit,” you laugh, getting up, pushing Harry onto his bum as you pull your t-shirt back on. “Later, baby. Later on, when we get back, no one will interrupt us. Okay?” you say, giving him a quick kiss before going to eat the pizza that had just arrived.

You two made your way downstairs just in time to meet with the rest of the band and avoid any embarrassment. The car pulled up a few minutes after you all had gathered together, and everyone piled in, ready to just arrive at the studio. “I’m surprised we didn’t have to come up and get you,” Liam says, laughing alongside the other two members.

“Oh shut up, Liam,” Harry chuckles, knowing that that is exactly what happened the last time. 

As soon as you and Harry had your first time together on your one-year anniversary three years ago, it has been quite hard to keep your hands off each other. Especially on one occasion where Harry was almost late for sound check because you both had stayed at the hotel for a bit too long.

“C’mon, Liam, leave us alone for one night?” you ask, pretending to pout for a minute, and then everyone is laughing. The rest of the time was spent discussing bits of your wedding that is set in stone and fully prepared, and what else needed to be done in order to be ready for the wedding in November. 

In a mere ten minutes, the whole entourage was being ushered into the studio, the Boys going to meet James backstage whilst you, Lou, and Sophia stand around by the side where you would watch the show.

“There’s the better half,” James says, walking over to give you a hug.

“How’s it going, Cordo?” you ask after giggling, feeling Harry come up and wrap his arms around your waist from behind, resting his head on your shoulder.

“I’m well, and you? The wedding’s coming up soon, yeah? November, right?” he asks, taking a sip from his mug.

“Yeah, we only have a bit left before we’re done planning, as well,” you add, pressing a kiss to Harry’s cheek quickly, feeling his smile grow as he places a kiss to your shoulder.

You and James talk a bit more until he’s being called out, in order for him to start the show and introduce the Boys. You and the girls watch from the side, listening to the men talk about their fans and the new “No Control Project” and you swear you can see all of their faces light up. There are questions about Zayn and how the tension is between the five, quickly dismissing any rumours that there was fighting continuing, and other nonsense. But towards the end you hear James say your name, and you look over to see Harry’s smile grow as big as possible. 

“Harry, we’ve seen that you have a bride-to-be, if I’m correct?” James says, leaning forward to speak directly to your fiancé.

“You are, James,” he says coolly, trying not to let himself burst with every detail that he would like to share, just not particularly on camera.

“I’ve met your missus, she’s quite lovely,” James says, flipping through note cards, assumingly the ones that have his questions.

“Y/N is wonderful, she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, besides One Direction,” he says, seeing a picture of you and him from Instagram appear on the screen.

“I have a few questions here from fans, and I am going to ask the more vague ones, this way you don’ have to give anything away that you don’ want to, okay?” James asks, looking intently at Harry waiting for his nod of approval. As soon as Harry nods his head, James starts to ask the questions. “When is the wedding exactly?”

“The wedding is the 16 of December. The day we met three years ago,” Harry answers, taking a quick peek at you on the side, mouthing ‘I love you’ before answering the next questions.

“Okay, here are two. How did you propose? And, I want to know, have you thought of letting me be the best man?” James asks, and Liam, Louis, and Niall shake their heads, laughing quietly.

“Well, Y/N and I don’t want to reveal too much about the proposal, but basically I did it when we were in a bit of a rift. She had no idea and the best part was that she was mildly irritated at me when I did it,” Harry says laughing. “My sister actually helped me pick out the ring, because her and Y/N are best friends and she knew what she wanted. I already had an idea, but that really helped. And for the second questions, no. I already have my best men.”

“Really? Are you sure? I would make a great best man,” James says, earning laughs from everyone in the room.

Harry just shakes his head, waiting for the final question to follow suit.

“Did you ever think that maybe you two were too young to get married right now, I mean you’re both in your twenties,” James says, sitting back in his seat and drinking from his mug.

“No, not at all. We love each other, and the people who love us, support our decisions completely,” Harry says, smiling and finishing the interview before walking off stage and sneaking up behind you, and hugging you tight.

“Hi, baby. You did great up there,” you say, leaning up to kiss him, your arms locking around his neck loosely.

“All because you were here,” he says, kissing you back, foreheads resting against each other. 

You had finished UNI within the first year of you and Harry dating, so ever since then you’d been on the road with the team. Management paid you in bits to just keep everything in check, seeing as though you basically acted like a mum to the group, even with Liam being the responsible one. It was really nice being able to spend time on the road with Harry and not have to be away for a long time.

“Alright you two, are going to come back to the hotel with us or not?” Louis asks, looking behind waiting for you to follow.

“Yes, yes, hold on,” Harry says, taking your hand and guiding you out to the car. The ride seems shorter back to the hotel and as soon as you were let out, both you and Harry walked straight up to your hotel room. 

You unlocked the door, feeling Harry push you in lightly, closing the door behind him and locking it. You quickly take off your sweatshirt and shoes, giggling when you feel Harry pull you up close to him.

“What do you want from me, mister? Is it was I think it is, hmm?” you ask, leaning up against his ear and kissing down his jaw and near his lips, but never touching your mouth to his.

“You know what I want, missus. Now stop teasing me,” he whines, grabbing your cheeks gently and connecting your lips to his. You two strip of your clothing and fall on the bed, spending the night professing your love to each other in more way than one.


“You know, I know we say it, but I can’t describe how happy you make me,” you whisper, fingers tracing the butterfly on his abdomen lightly.

“And I know I say it quite often, but I am so in love with you, that I can hear you breathe in the morning and I feel like I fall more in love with you,” he says, the pads of his fingers resting lights on your bare back. 

He’s so in love with not only you, but this moment. You’re both lying underneath the blanket, bare from making love just hours before, and now you’re professing your love for one another in whispers, as if you want no one else in the world to know why you are so deeply in love with each other.

The wedding was not too far off, and he couldn’t wait for moment where, this, right here, would become his forever.

Hello, darlings.

Here is another request. I am trying to get as many as I can done before I go to dance later on, and then once I get back, I will finish up.

Feel free to send in requests and I will respond back as soon as I can.

All the love,

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The Wrong Window

a.k.a. what happens when I can’t think of a proper title.

(Sequel: The Coffee Date)

Pairing: Phan

Genre: Fluff (I guess), AU

Warnings: Some swearing, references to alcohol

Summary: Dan gets drunk when staying in Manchester and ends up getting lost on his way back from a party. He ends up at a block of flats where his friend lives, but what will happen when he climbs in the wrong window, only for his idol AmazingPhil to be the one to find him in the morning?

Word Count: 3,921

A/N: So I saw this prompt (getting drunk and climbing in the wrong window and waking up shirtless on a stranger’s couch) and thought it was really cute and wanted to write something for it, and also needed something to practice with as I pretty much haven’t written anything since April. So this happened. Re-reading it and it’s not as bad as I thought it was, but it’s not my best either (feedback still appreciated though). I said I’d post it though, so here we go.

Oh and I seem to have developed a habit of starting each new section with a single word sentence, sorry.

Also so much dialogue in this ugh kill me.

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You Love Me Again

Summery: You and Robbie got into a fight and he gives you the silent treatment

“Come on Robbie, you can’t seriously be mad at me about this?” I said as I was walking behind him.

Last night I went out with a few friends and we had some drinks. A fan of Robbie’s also was in the club and so happen to have a update/gossip blog. She had uploaded, on every social media she owned, a photo of me and my friend Sean. Sean and I had been friends since my junior/his sophomore year in high school, now we’re both college students and still great friends. I will admit, I did have a crush on him when we first met, but that was 7 years ago. Seven. I’m with Robbie now, might I add, and I’m incredibly lucky to him and I wouldn’t trade him for anything because I’m deeply in love with him. Stupid update accounts, always starting unnecessary drama. Messing up my vibe. So now here I stand, a few days later trying to convince Robbie there is nothing going on between me and Sean.

“Robbie, baby, please. You know I’d never cheat on you! I’m the one who should be hurt since you’re accusing me of these accusations.” I told him.
“How? How do I know you’re not cheating me? You told me yourself you use to like him-” Robbie said but I cut him off.
“Aha! See those key words, use to. I used to like him, now I don’t. You know why? Because I have you and I love you. Only you no one else.” I said.
“Really? You love me? Stop talking to Sean.” Robbie said crossing his arms.
“What! Robbie!” I said in disbelief.
“See! You do have feelings for him! You can’t even give up seeing him or even having the chance to say his name.” Robbie said.
“Robbie, you’re being overdramatic about this whole situation. Why do you even read those gossip blogs, all they want to do is put tension in our lives that we don’t need. Why can’t you see that?” I said.
“I’m not overdramatic! You’re the one who always wants to be with Sean!” Robbie raised his voice.
“Oi, don’t raise your voice at me Robert. And now you’re just blowing this out of proportion, you’re actually losing the plot of this conversation.” I said.
“No I’m not! Listen, if you want to be with Sean so badly, then go have him!” Robbie yelled before storming off into our shared bedroom.

Did he just break up with me? Out of frustration I threw the nearest object to me and smashed it against the wall. Ugh! This is what I get for dating an actor, a drama queen (or king under the circumstances).
I sighed and laid down on our guest bedroom bed. I screamed into the pillow. Why? Why why why why WHY?! Every time I have something going good for me, people have to fuck it up! I’m not taking the blame for this, it’s actually social media’s fault. They took something innocent and made it into this huge scandal. In frustrating situations like these, I would go to Robbie because he would hold me and tell me everything was going to be alright. But now I have no one. I decided to call my best friend and see what she can make of this.

“Hey girly! What’s up?” She said cheerily.
I groaned into my pillow.
“What happened?” She asked.
“What about Robbie? Did he do something? Or someone..?”
“No, a fan of his posted a photo of me and Sean at the club from the other night and made it into a huge deal. Now Robbie’s accusing me of cheating and I think he broke up with me..” I said mumbling the last part.
“What do you mean you think he broke up with you?” She asked.
“He told me to go be with Sean and then left into our bedroom.” I said.
“Okay, do you think he means it?”
“I don’t know, he was yelling at me and his face was all red. What do I do? I don’t want him to break up with me.” I said and my voice broke at the end. “I don’t want to lose him, I love him so fucking much. I don’t want this to be the end of us.”
“Okay okay, shh, calm down. It’ll be okay. Maybe wait until he cools off, then you can talk to him civilly about it, yeah?” She advised.
“Yeah okay, I’ll do that.” I said wiping my tears away.
“You good now? Hey, if you two actually broke up we can take his prized possessions and burn them all.” She joked.
“Haha yeah, that’d be fun.” I smiled even though she can’t see me.
“I gotta go now, but text me if anything else goes wrong.” She said.
“I will, bye.”

I sighed and decided to take a nap. Maybe this is all a dream and I’ll wake up next to Robbie.


When I woke up the sun was gone and was replaced by the moon. How long have I been asleep. I looked down and saw I was under the bed sheets and my phone was now on the nightstand. I smiled thinking about Robbie doing this.

I got out of bed and went to the living room. Robbie was sat on the coach watching some football(soccer). I sat next to him and laid my head on his chest.

“Who’s playing?” I asked, but got no answer.

Instead Robbie got up and went to the kitchen without a single word to me and I fell flat on my face on the coach. He’s still mad, but now giving me the silent treatment. I sighed and followed him to the kitchen.

“Robbie, don’t be mad. This is seriously one big nothing. You know I’m friends with Sean, just friends nothing more. Before this you never had a problem with him, now all of a sudden a gossip fan post one collage photo of us, with everyone else might I add, onto social media and you blow your top off on me.” I said and almost broke but I didn’t.

No reply. No glance. No nothing.

“Robert Andrew Kay, look at me when I’m talking to you.” I said.

Nothing, he took his food he was preparing and walked passed me without a glance.
He is really doing this, well fine.

“Fine Robbie, you want me gone? You want me to be with him? I will, if this is your way of telling me you don’t love me anymore and you want to break up, consider message received.” I said marched my way upstairs.

I grabbed my bag and started putting clothes I would need for the next day and tonight. Dickhead thinks he can treat me this way, well think again laddy because I won’t stand for it. Robbie and I’s shared cat, Pan, jumped onto the bed and looked at me.

“Hey Pan, how ya doin buddy?” I smiled petting him.
He purred at my touched.
“Daddy’s being a right foulgib right now, but don’t worry it’ll be over soon.” I said to him.

I picked up my bag after putting on my shoes and made my way back to the living room with Pan right behind me. Robbie’s eyes were still glued to the tv and not once giving me a glance.

“I’m leaving now Robbie, just like you wanted. This is a low, even for you.” I said and picked up my keys heading to the door.

I walk out now, things are over. I don’t want to leave, but it’s clear he’s made his choice.

I was opening the door, but then it shut again. I turned around and Robbie was inches from me.

“Don’t you dare walk out of that door.” He said to me.
“I thought-”

But I was cut off by Robbie’s lips on mine. He doesn’t deserve for me to kiss him back, but it was a second nature for me too.

“You love me again.” I said with a small smile.
“Don’t you dare ever doubt my love for you. Because I love you. I love you more than you know, I’m hopelessly and endlessly in love with you and if you walk out that door I’ll never be able to forgive myself. Baby, I am so sorry I doubted you. Truth is, I was scared. Scared of him. Scared that you’d leave me. But I know now the truth, I always knew the truth but I let fear take over me and I said the things I said. I didn’t mean it, any of it. I’d never want you to leave me, almost seeing you walk out that door gave me a heart attack. I love you and I shouldn’t have flipped out on you the way I did. I shouldn’t have flipped out in general. I’m sorry baby, so incredibly sorry. Forgive me?” Robbie said finishing his speech.

(A/N: I was bored and wrote this half asleep.)

Imagine: Best Friends Brother

 Anonymous said:

Ive got a huge crush on by best friends twin brother and we’ve talked about it shes fine w it and two years ago he asked me out I said yes but we never did anything and I kinda shot him down and we said we’d still be friends but we havent really been friends we still talk a bit but i wouldnt call him a friend BUT recently Ive sat next to him in class and now my crush is coming back and hes so hilarious and sweet ugh please can you do an imagine where your crush is your best friends brother/twin


English was always made so much better by Y/c/n. He is ridiculously funny and your teacher would glare at the two of you several times every lesson whilst you tried to suppress you laughter from something he had said. You liked him so much and recently your feelings for him were all you could think about, if it wasn’t for the fact he was your best friends twin brother, you would definitely be together by now. It’s not that the situation between you and Y/c/n was awkward, you just didn’t want to risk something going wrong between the two of you as this would not only ruin your relationship with him, but also with your best friend, who you had known since you were tiny. 

It was lunch time and you were sitting at a table with your group (this, obviously included your best friend.) They were all talking about the history assignment that was due in tomorrow. You riffled through your bag, trying to find you water bottle. You sighed as you realised it was’t in there - you must have left it in your locker. As you pulled your hand out you saw a bright yellow post-it note stuck to the back of your hand. You peeled it of and read the notes on it (notes you had been passing back and forth with Y/c/n in English).

I’m soooo bored - Y/n x

Bored? How can you be bored, Shakespeare is a truly fascinating novelist!! - Y/c/n :)

Shakespeare is a play write, not a novelist; get it right Y/c/n! -Y/n x

Same thing smarty pants. Do you know what page we’re meant to be on? - Y/c/n :/ x

Not a clue. I thought you said you were going to pay attention to English lessons in the new year, it is your new years resolution after all ;) - Y/n x

Ha as if. Also it’s hard to pay attention when I have someone as beautiful as you distracting me ;) - Y/c/n x

As you re-read the note at the bottom of the page your heart leapt. 

“Ooh Y/n is blushing! She must have a love note, come on Y/n who is it from?!” Your best friend laughed trying to grab the post-it.

“No one!” You said quickly, shoving the paper into your bag.

“So it WAS a love note!” Another one of your friends said triumphantly.

“I urm, no, not really.”

“Don’t worry Y/n it’s okay, we understand.” The same friend said winking, you gave her a puzzled look. “It must be really awkward having a crush on your best friends brother..” You looked down at you feet. For God’s sake..

“And it must be really awkward for you too (best friend’s name), that he likes her back!” You honestly didn’t think she could have said much to make the situation any more uncomfortable.

“It’s not awkward at all.” Your best friend said, smiling, “Infact, it’s really cute.”


an. I hope you like this one :) Sorry it took so long to upload! Remember to inbox me with requests/questions/anything - I always love to hear from you guys!!


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Black Velvet prompt: Celebrity AU

Part of the Yang is a rapper and Weiss is a fangirl Au- the other stuff for this can be found here x and this is alexander-the-amazing’s awesome AU.

Blackvelvet finally meet and Weiss seems to be rather bad at handling the fame that comes with dating Yang…

Warnings: Mild language and so much fluffy ridiculousness.

Freezerburn (established) and Blackvelvet

2341 words

The Magic Number

Yang smirked when she looked at the beautiful form of her sleeping girlfriend snuggled into her side, clearly tired out after a day of trying college work. She carefully adjusted herself so she could reach into her pocket and retrieve her cell phone, the movement merely prompting a sigh from Weiss as she nuzzled into Yang’s collar.

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Depth over distance pt.2

[A/N: Let me just start with saying, THANK YOU, to all the sweet messages i got. it really warmed my heart! It got more positive feedback then i ever thought it would. It made me so glad. This all very new to me, writing. But it’s amzing to know people actually liked it and can’t wait to see what happens, it’s just really cool that you guys actually enjoyed it! So here’s part 2! Part 3 will be up sooner, think it might be..Monday?

Big thanks to storey-time You’re the best! x

Part 1 for those who haven’t read it.

Emu’s who wanted to be tagged: theblanknotebook chicadificil  If you want to be tagged, let me know! 

If you want, listen to this song while you’re reading, it might set the mood for you.

Part 1 2 3 4


As soon as Rae got home she went straight to her laptop. When she logged into Facebook she found two friend requests, one from Archie and one from Arnold “Chop” Peters. “His name is Arnold?!” Rae thought out loud. She started looking at their photos, inspecting and exploring who these new two people in her life were. She had gotten a pretty good understanding of who they were by spending a whole day with them, but there was something about looking at a Facebook page that revealed things about people that you may not have noticed before. For instance, Chop had a girlfriend. Her name was Izzy and she had long, flaming red hair with a face that could light up any frown. Rae noticed that if the two weren’t smiling beside each other in a picture, they were almost always snogging the life out of each other. “They look so in love” Rae gushed, leaning on her hand as she continued looking at his page.

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Michael is your brother’s best friend - Part Nine

Part One | Part Two | Part Three (A) | Part Three (B) | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine

Summary: Michael is your brother’s best friend and you both hate each other but something happens and your feelings start to change….

A/N: IT’S BEEN 3 MONTHS SINCE I LAST UPLOADED AND I CAN’T APOLOGISE ENOUGH, I’VE JUST BEEN SO BUSY. To make up for it, I added a bit of sexy time (kind of?). I recommend reading the previous part before this because it starts where it left off. Hope you enjoy x

Thinking about it now, maybe chasing Michael down the street may have been a bit impulsive. What, who were you kidding? It was down right ridiculous. But all you wanted was to get away from your brother while he was acting in such a controlling way and you thought it would be best to let him cool off before you tried to speak to him again.

When you took time to think about it, this was the first time you’d spent a long time with Michael alone since you had started ‘dating’ (was it considered dating if you’d never even gone on a date?) You’d arrived at Michael’s house around 10 minutes ago, and after the usual niceties, an offering of a drink or something to eat, you sat down on the sofa and waited for him to set up the DVD player. You’d gone through his DVD collection (noting that there was an abnormal amount of Disney films for a 19 year old boy and you were positive that he didn’t have any sisters) before choosing some Hollywood horror movie that obviously had a very low budget due to the awful special effects.

When the movie’s starting credits began to roll, Michael came and sat on the sofa close to you, with his arm around your shoulder. You leant your head on his chest and placed your hand on his thigh and he smiled down at you.

“I’m presuming that you’re going to be staying the night?” Michael asked.

“If that’s okay with your parents,” you replied.

“They both work quite late so they won’t even notice you’re here.” He said, “I can take you to school tomorrow before they’ve even woken up.”

You looked at him in confusion, “Won’t they see me if I’m asleep on the sofa?” you asked.

“Why would you be on the sofa?” Michael asked, looking puzzled.

“No offense Michael, but your house doesn’t look big enough to have a spare room,” you replied.

The crease on his forehead evened out, “I thought you could sleep in my bed?” he said. It sounded like a question, as if it was obvious that would be where you were sleeping.

“Oh, that’s fine with me,” you said, kissing him softly on the lips as a thank you. Michael instantly made the kiss deeper, sliding his tongue against your lips, asking for entrance. Well what could you expect? This was Michael you were kissing. You opened your lips and allowed him into your mouth. He swirled his tongue against yours and ran it along the sides and roof of your mouth, tasting you. Due to the rude awakening from your brother, you hadn’t had time to brush your teeth this morning so you hoped that your morning breath had worn off a bit and that it wasn’t too bad. Michael didn’t seem to mind and continued to kiss you demandingly, putting his hand on the back of your neck and adjusting you so that you were laid on the sofa with him on top of you. He pulled you closer so his tongue could explore deeper into your mouth and he started to grind down onto you.

You had never had a boyfriend before, but that didn’t mean you didn’t know what an erection felt like. He was half hard and you groaned as he continued to roll his hips and rub his crotch against your thigh.

You ran your hand through his hair and pulled the strands at the nape of his neck, eliciting a moan from the back of his throat. Hmmm, interesting. You pulled his hair again, a bit harder and you could feel his breath catch. So apparently he had a hair-pulling kink? You were sure that would be useful to know in the future.

All thoughts seemed to melt away as Michael started to rut harder against you and his breathing became uneven. Feeling brave (but still a little apprehensive because you had never touched a guy before) you slid the hand that wasn’t in his hair, down his body and started to rub his dick through his jeans.

“Fuck, Y/N. That feels so good,” Michael breathed, pushing himself down into your hand. You smiled against his lips at the reaction you were getting and tightened your hand as you continued to stroke a little faster. You could tell Michael was close because his rhythm was irregular and his kissing was uncoordinated and erratic.

“Ugh, Y/N. Can you feel what you’re doing to me? Feels so good,” Michael muttered. You bit his shoulder through his t-shirt, trying to make him stop talking because it was turning you on so much, along with his cock in your hand. All of a sudden, Michael stilled and you could feel a dampness seeping through his jeans and onto your hand. It didn’t take a genius to understand what had happened. You continued to rub him through the after shocks, still pulling his hair and biting down on his shoulder. You’d stopped kissing by now and he had his head on your shoulder, groaning into your neck.

He was laid completely on you now and you could feel all his weight pressing you down into the sofa cushions. You could feel his breathing evening out as the carbon dioxide puffed against the skin of your neck and you ran your tongue over the bite mark on his shoulder you had left, soothing the red indents from your teeth. He hissed in pleasure and when you looked down, he had his eyes closed and a blissful expression on his face. You looked over at the TV and realised that you had absolutely no idea what was happening on the film and yet somehow, you couldn’t find the energy to care. Some girl was getting stabbed to death in a bathroom by some person in a weird ghoul mask. You easily decided that watching Michael was a lot more interesting and you could see his eyes moving underneath his eyelids in his sleep. You finally took your hand out of his hair and adjusted the cushion behind your head before closing your eyes and joining Michael in a state of slumber, feeling more content than you ever had before.

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Summer to Remember-Part 17-Taylor Caniff Fanfic

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 

Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16

(This part is just a filler. Sorry its really short :/ )


2 weeks later. August 1, 2014

“Life is a highway. I wanna drive it all night long!” We sang. I laughed as we all started mumbling different words. We were coming home from Venice beach. We all decided to make a video before the last week of summer. This last week of summer is gonna be a week we will always remember. So were gonna do an update video. We all walk into the living room. I set up my camera and we all sat somewhere. Either on the couch. The two single seats. Or the floor. I sat in the middle of the couch and everyone found a seat.


“Hey my angels! Since summer is finishing up were gonna do an update video!” I say waving to the camera. “Oh yeah and I will be answering the questions from a few days ago with the hash tag #summergang.” “So I’ll start and well go around.” “First of all, we have been traveling around our RV and I’ve been hanging with these dudes all summer long.” They smile at the camera. “Yes there was drama, but there were many moments where all of us would be laughing, crying, and living.” “I’ve gotten really close to them and I’m really glad, but soon this summer vacation will end.” I had tears brimming in my eyes. “Now that some of us are heading to college, I really don’t know how were gonna keep in touch. Like some of us will be in different parts of the country or traveling. Just to let you know, I’ll be going to college in California.” I say. Taylor slung his arm around me. Before I could say anything a tear slipped and rolled down my cheek. I wiped it quickly. “Okay, next person.” I say breathing in. All the boys and Kirstin went and spoke and at this point most of us were crying.

“Well guys I guess that’s it! Well see you later.BloooopWeewopeeoaa…Bye!” I say covering the camera. 


I turn off the camera and we all huddled up.

“So I guess this week is our last few days together.” I say. They nod. We all hug and began to cry. We decided to just watch previous videos and slide shows of us during our trip. I couldn’t stop laughing when Taylor was playing with Jacob’s guitar and he decided to hit his own head and he said, ‘That hurt like shit.’ and the video where we were all singing back in Daytona and we got attacked by fangirls and ended up running from them. That was so much fun, but why did this summer go by so quickly. Ugh, that fucking saying.Time flies when your having fun. I wish we could just slow down. A picture came up and it was a picture of Taylor and I. During freshman year. I was confused at first. I turned to Taylor and saw he was trying to make it go to the next slide by clicking on his phone. I knew he never deleted them! He sat back down and I turn to him. “Caniff.” I say and he scoots over to me. “Was that the picture we took on the first day of freshman year?” I ask. He nods and looks down. I smile and lifted his head. “So you never deleted them?” I asked. He looked directly in my eyes.

“I never deleted them.” He said and I blush. “I never lost feelings for you. I didn’t find feelings during this summer. I always had feelings for you.” He said and I smile, then tears started to roll down my cheeks, but I wiped them away.

“I have a secret.” I say. He nods. “I never lost feelings either.” He smiled and cupped my face.

“I love you Y/N.” He said. I smile and leaned in. So did he. Once we kissed the same electricity flowed through me.

“I love you Taylor.” I say kissing him again. With that I fell asleep in Taylor’s arms.

I woke to sniffles. I look around to see everyone huddled around. I walk to them and they let me in.

“What happened?” I ask. They all looked over at Shawn.

“My EP made it to #1.” He said. I smile, but we all started crying. We all started crying because Shawn was going to be traveling with Austin. Oh no. The separation begins now…

“Johnson and I are going on the DiGi fest tour.” Gilinsky said. I began to cry even more. 

“All of us are going to the college down here.” Cam said.

“But all of us are gonna be in different places at different times.” I say crying a little. Kirstin came over to me and pulled me into a hug. I smile and hug her. There were only 9/14 of us.. I began to sob and I was soon in Taylor’s arms. I gripped onto his shirt and I left wet stains on his shirt. Sorry. “I-i’m sorry.” I stutter. Taylor looked at me.

“Don’t be sorry.” He said with tears brimming in his eyes. I kissed him.

“Please don’t leave me.” I say into his shoulder.

“I promise.” He said. Then there was a knock at the door. Oh no.


Cliff hanger! Sorry It took me a long time to write this. Part 18-20 is coming out this week. I’ve been out and about trying to get school supplies and shit. But I’m gonna get started after I upload this. Sorry for a really small part. I had to add this filler. Wondering who it could be? Go onto my twitter and suggest! Sorry for a really crappy chapter. I’ve been really busy and had writers block.. 

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