i made this specifically to show cory

Hey y’all. Let’s talk about that time when I finally got to talk to a handsome guy ;)

I managed to get his other profile picture before he changed it.

So basically we found each other in one of the gay chatrooms and we hit each other up.

His name is Jeffrey from Austin, Texas. That’s far but I have hopes we can meet in the future, so no worries.

I feel he could be fake. No guy that handsome would respond to me, don’t you think? So, I asked him the infamous question - to take a selfie with a specific pose.

Of course he would make an excuse. Then he worries I may be a spy or terrorist.

Native American?

Um… I’ll let this one slide…

Maybe he’e just heartbroken… So I told him of course I’ll be there for him. And then he sends me this:

I mean… I uh… Sure.

We texted for another hour. Then, he sent me a pic of his father. That’s cute of him!

That’s when he made the mistake of showing me more pictures. I began to ask a friend to help me search this man via Google Image reverse. And he found this:

I guess his name is Cory now. He also does Personal Training. Pretty neat.

Let’s not forget he’s from Florida. So let’s finish that conversation, shall we?

It has been almost 8 hours. Oh well… it was fun while it lasted. I knew it was too good to be true.