i made this shiz!

They should be around during the next Steven birthday party.


Chuck → favourite underrated character
Bryce Larkin

Fluffy/Romantic Prompts

(Okay, so, I really wanted to write some fluffy shiz, so I made a list of fluffy/romantic prompts from other lists, which I’ll credit at the end of this one) Send in a number and a ship, and I’ll write a drabble/fic around it! 

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Have some progress picture of my Vulpes Inculta build because I made all this shiz in one day. xD Shirt finished, skirt thing needs fastenings and weathering, need to build shoulders and strap ‘em…. then. Then I get to make the dog hat. Look at the quality of that faux fur I’m so glad I got it. Gonna make a headdress thing.

I made asks!
  • Basic shiz:
  • 1. How you doin?
  • 2. How old are you?
  • 3. What your name?
  • 4. Favorite (subject of your choice)?
  • 5. Pets?
  • 6. What do you like to do?
  • Music themed stuff (I love music themed ones *winks*) :
  • 7. Put your music on shuffle, what came up?
  • 8. Could you make a playlist for (list character or ship of your choice)?
  • 9. You got any bands/singers you don't like?
  • Gettin weirder:
  • 10. Could you send a picture of what you look like irl?
  • 11. Are you a light sleeper, or a heavy sleeper?
  • 12. Pick up the book nearest to you, flip to a random page. What's the first line you see?
  • 13. Look up from the screen. What's in front of you? Can you take a picture of it?
  • 14. Can you give me a vertical tour of your bedroom? (Lol, this is weird. But I will never pass up a chance to brag about my cool room)
  • Emoji code asks:
  • 👌🏻 = I love your blog
  • ✌🏻️ = I want to be frens
  • 😂 = you're pretty!
  • 🙃 = I may, or may not, have a crush on you
  • 😏 = I might want to make you into a meme...
  • 🎶 = I like your taste in music
  • 😘 = you're so nice!
  • Extra ones I just now thought of:
  • 15. Could you write headcanons for (character or ship of your choice)?
  • 16. Could you write fanfic for (character or ship of your choice. Having prompts helps)?
  • 17. Could you do fan art for (character or ship of your choice. Plz specify...)?

Do any of y'all like supernatural?

Cause I wrote a thing with Gabriel, so if you want to read that hmu and I’ll tag you. I won’t be posing it here, I made another blog for some other fandoms and shiz. A n y w a y… Lemme know

                                            VIDEO DIARIES

“I think somewhere in your sweatshirt I lost myself. I think my heart is still shattered on your bathroom floor.
Is your sink still leaking?
Is your mind still on her? Have you thought of me?
Because I’ve thought about you every night since you slammed your fist through my wall and you promised you didn’t think she was beautiful.
You called me before you left and your voice was shaking I asked if you were coming home and I could hear her laugh.
You snuck out of her bedroom and kissed me goodnight.

- So sad, So sad 

 (via loviely)



God, it is so much fun to have you as a friend! HAHA!
Though we haven’t done angsty rp or some type- besides swirllantro and the bird,,, i will always be around,for rping, for fun and some other shiz! (( i hope that made sense) 



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