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Oh my God. I just finished that Tododeku fic I came across and it was SO FUCKING GOOD. LIKE REALLY GOOD. I spent the whole day reading it and I finished it just now and hrkkhggddsdfgh. AMAZING!!
I could list so many reasons as to why I enjoyed it so much but I won’t cause this post will get too long so just read it: Summer Stars by PitViperofDoom. (This fic has probably been known by others for awhile but w/e I’ll still show my excitement and join the party late lol).

I love the blog whattheysaidtome, and it’s nice to be able to vent and also see that I’m not alone, but some of the really aggressive emotional/verbal abuse things remind me so much of my friend’s mother and it makes my heart ache seeing the shit her mother’s said in direct context of it being abusive :(


Hey guys kinda a selfish future warning from me - 

But like - if Lest dies in the OnS manga - I’ll probably lack motivation to continue editing for it :TTTTT like idk if I’ll just stop/drop it completely, but definitely I’ll be kinda dead here jdghsfdlkj

I mean like jfhgkjfdljkhfdg it’s stupid and selfish of me but the main reason I’m still in the fandom is bc of the people I met + I like editing for the manga + Lest exists and he is alive and thriving - and if that were taken away then I’d be like lmao adios I’m out -

HHHHH sorry but honestly Lest means a lot to me even if I don’t really show it bc me being in and out on this blog fjhgsklfdjh G A H H H H H please just don’t kill anymore of any of the vampires Kagami I’ll be v upset and heartbroken okay ;;;;;

Fake It

Pairing: Cjamm/You

Summary: Your best-friend asks you to fake a sex tape with him. What could possibly go wrong?

Content: Relatively SFW

Word Count: 2,496

Notes: Writing this may or may not have helped me get over a bit of a block with TDL. <;

“All I’m asking is for you to pretend.”

It was absolutely ridiculous. The most incredulous idea you had ever heard. You would never - could never - even pretend. It made your self-esteem shrivel just thinking about it. Goosebumps prickled the fine hairs on your forearms. Not knowing whether the hit the infuriating man in front of you or vomit out of disgust had you staring at him in silent shock.

“All it would take would be a little clip,” Ryu Sungmin said smoothly - breaking the silence and causing your heart to pick up speed. A little clip would even be too much. The thought of it alone was too much.

“You have been listening to Fucknut for far too long.” It had to have been his insane labelmate that had put the idea into his head. There was no other explanation.

“Maybe, but it could help both of us. You’ve fallen off the face of the earth as far as the media is concerned and I need something to boost the PR on my next album. It’s a win-win,” he coerced, leaning across the table in excitement as you sipped on your cheap cup of Joe.

“I feel like that type of PR wouldn’t exactly be good for either of us,” you scolded. The entire nation would have their pitchforks at the ready. There was no way in hell what he was suggesting could possibly be beneficial in any way.

“As long as it gives everyone a reason to talk, I don’t see how it could be bad.”

“No! No!  No!” Your raised voice had a few other eyes in the coffee shop turning towards the two of you, but you didn’t care. The entire situation was ridiculous. Sungmin was crazy, absolutely crazy, and you wanted no part in his half-baked scheme. You finished your cup of coffee before standing to make an abrupt exit, eager to get away from the insanity.

“Y/N!” He exclaimed, grabbing your hand before you could make it too far from the table. “Do you want to be known as a one-hit wonder for the rest of your life?”

His words immediately struck a cord. You had been making music in South Korea’s underground hip-hop scene for a few years now. It was about a year into your career you released the single that had blown up the internet and made you a hot item for all of a month. After that, your name had fallen back into obscurity just as quick. Since you refused to participate in any reality shows like the sellout that was Sungmin, it had stayed that way. Everyone knew the name of the song, but the had easily forgotten the name and the face of the person behind it. It hurt your ego more than you cared to admit.

“At least I didn’t sell out only to live in Byungyoon’s shadow!” Just like he had touched a sore spot, you knew you had to from the murderous look that graced his admittedly handsome features. His eyebrows knitted together and his grip on your hand tightened. At this point the two of you had attracted even more eyes, all of them curious about the interaction and no doubt even more so when they realized who the man you were arguing with was.

“I’m just going to take that as a joke,” he said lightly, his normal cockiness coming back to him easily. You should have known better, Sungmin was too full of himself to let anything anyone said do too much damage. “But I wasn’t joking. This could change your career.”

You grunted in response, and pulled him up from his chair and outside into the bustle of the city. Evading prying eyes was much easier amongst the throngs of people. When you were safe and blending in with the passersby, you rounded on him. “Are you really so full of yourself that you think faking a sex tape with you would the epitome of my career? You’re not that great.”

“But I am that great,” he retorted with a waggle of his neat eyebrows. “And it would. You don’t have a label, you don’t even have a crew but this could change all of that.”

“Yeah right. I bet it could even land me a date with Lee Dongwook too, huh?” Your voice was dripping with sarcasm. How had you even become this lunatics friend in the first place?

“No, but I’m more amazing than him away,” he replied with a wink.

“No!” You replied one last time before shaking free of his hand. “I have to go, douche-canoe. Tell Daewoong I’m going to fight him for this.” You rolled your eyes and turned on your heels.

As Sungmin watched your retreating figure, hips swaying with sass and confidence, he couldn’t help but smirk. You were stubborn as hell and usually took shit from no one but there was one person in the world who could sway you. Sungmin knew it wouldn’t be long before you cracked.

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Continuation from here: x

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⌈ —  Oharano nodded in understanding; of course, the younger Kirishima would be popular. He was cute and a great athlete, he would figure the #1 Flanker in Kanagawa wouldn’t have trouble talking to people. “Wouldn’t it be better that way if you’re interested in getting to know me to just talk?” he said, “I wouldn’t mind getting to know you as well.”

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some months ago i confessed to a cute guy who used to be my #1 crush ever for yrs and he made fun of me and my feelings, i felt like shit bUT moved on, decided to love myself all the good things etc. and now that im looking and acting like the godness that i am, that motherfucker had the courage to come talk to me and ask me out, as if i'd let him break my heart again HAHAHAHHAHAHA im currently drinking his tears.

Pass me a glass of his tears.  We can laugh together.

…Someone hit me with the pros and cons of moving my main from Balmung.

nix-ien submitted: 

 *silently leaves this here hoping the art is not that bad* um yeah, have a nice day. :)


Preference #12.2 He Doesn’t Like The Way Your Boyfriend Treats You part 2

Masterlist // Part 1


You entered your home and the smell of weed hit you hard. This was the strongest it has ever been. You walked further in and saw your kitchen was a mess. Food was all over the place and scraps of paper and bags left evidence of serious munchies. You walked into the living room and that was also a mess. You noticed something off then you realized that your favorite vase was gone. You looked around and found one piece of it on the floor. The rest was shoved under the couch.

“Jake!” you screamed through the house. You were more than angry or pissed this time.

He came down the stairs slowly. He was probably still high. He had the same look on his face when he was.

“Baby, you’re home,” he said, trying to hug you.

You forcefully pushed him back, “Jake, I’m sick of your shit!” you yelled. “Every time I come home, your high with your friends. You’re not even trying to get your life together.”

He blinked and looked at you in silence as if he was confused, “I think you need to calm down, babe,” he chuckled. “You can clean this up and I’ll be waiting for you up stairs because I know exactly how to calm you down,” he mumbled pulling you closer to him.

“Jake, let me go.”

“Come on, Y/N, don’t be such a bitch,” he sighed before grabbing your bum.

“You’re such an asshole!” you yelled, slapping him across his face hard. “Liam was right, I do deserve better,” you mumbled.

“Why are you always listening to fucking Liam; you fucking him or something. I’m your boyfriend!” he yelled. “Maybe you should be with him.”

“First, I listen to Liam because he actually looks at my best interest. You couldn’t give a fuck. Second, we, this is over. I want out of my house by tomorrow!” you yelled before you stormed out the house and on your way to Liam’s.

“So he is moving out,” you finished telling Liam.

“Well he wasn’t worth the trouble anyway,” Liam sighed.

You nodded, “Maybe I should just be with you be with you instead. Jake recommends it,” you chuckled. Liam chuckled nervously in response. “You wouldn’t date me, Liam?” you chuckled.

“I know you’re not serious and I honestly wouldn’t mind being with you. I would actually love to,” he mumbled the last part.


“I know but you just got out of a serious relationship so I’m here for you,” he shrugged.

“Liam, I would like to give us a try but if you don’t mind, I would like to wait until I’m ready,” you decided.

Liam was a great guy and you felt like he deserved a chance. He had been by your side for years. If anything, he had been like a boyfriend for the last couple years.

“I would like that.”


You spent the next two at Niall. You had explained to him that it wasn’t the first time. It usually happened when Chris was drunk. He would apologize the next morning but two days ago was the first time he wasn’t drunk.

“Y/N, you got to end things with Chris,” Niall said for the fifth time today. “You can live here until you can get your own place.”

“What if he won’t let me?” you asked. “What if he really hurts me for trying to leave. What if he hurt me for being here with you?”

“No,” Niall stated firmly, “He will never lay a finger on you again because I won’t let him. Even if that means I’ll take you on tour, he won’t hurt you again, Y/N, I promise,” Niall reassured.  

You smile at the thought of being with Niall instead of your boyfriend. Niall was always sweet and kind. If anything, you felt like a stupid for listening to Chris and not to Niall.

You heard your phone ring and Chris’s contact show up on your phone, “Uh should I answer it?” you asked, pushing the phone toward Niall.

“Yeah tell him how you feel,” Niall said, answering the call and handing you the phone.

You pushed the phone back to him, “I can’t.”

Niall quickly took the phone before answering it for you, “Hey Chris, this is Y/N’s best friend, I’m sorry to say that Y/N will no longer be seeing you anymore because I honestly think she deserves better than a selfish dick like you. She’s too good of a girl and doesn’t deserve you beating on her. Now today we are getting her stuff out of your apartment and if I were you I wouldn’t stop us,” Niall finished hanging up the phone.

You were shocked to say the least, “Niall…”

“No he treats you like shit I can’t see the girl I love be hurt by some asshole,” he told you.

“Thanks Niall, I love you too.”

“No, Y/N, I really love you and that’s why I couldn’t stand you with Chris because I wanna love you better. I have seen you go on dates with horrible guys and this where I draw the line. I want you, Y/N.”

You were taken back. Niall had never seen this side of Niall before. He was never one to speak out like that. He usually sat back and let you do you want.

“Niall, I only dated shitting guys because you never made the first move,” you told him.

“You’re right but I’m making it now because I was stupid not to before,” he said, taking both of your hands. “I can’t risk losing you to some asshole.”


You woke from your slumber with another terrible headache. You surveyed your surroundings; you were in Zayn’s bed. You figured you left Zach last night because it wouldn’t be the first time you did, but you remember last night. You remembered coming here and talking to Zayn. You remembered the kiss You heard foot steps come up the stairs and you saw Zayn appear in your doorway.

“You’re up,” he yawned while taking a seat at the edge of the bed.

“Yeah uh but I feel like we need to talk,” you said, looking down. “I think we need to talk about last night.”

“What about last night?” he asked, scratching the back of his neck.

“I remembered what happened last night, Zayn, and I feel like we-” you were cut off by the ringing of the doorbell.

“I called Zach to come and get you,” Zayn said, getting up to get the door.

“Zayn, seriously, because I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted you when I was sober because I still want you now!” you yelled at him as he went down the stairs. He stopped. “I always wanted you, Zayn, but we were with other girls, and I knew I needed to move on from my crush. I thought I wasn’t good enough. You were right; I deserve better and I know you’re better. I’m stupid for not seeing that sooner.”

He walked back up the steps to meet your gaze. Your eyes were watering trying to keep in tears you just wanted to let go.

“Y/N, you were always good enough,” he whispered better placing his lips on yours. Compared to last night, this was better. Unlike last night, Zayn was sure of it. One hand was on the small of your back and the other was on your cheek. You felt your phone vibrate in your back pocket and the doorbell ring again. You broke the kiss before answering the your phone.

“Babe, where are you?” Zach said through the phone while knocking on the door.

“I’m sorry but I have been informed that I actually do better than you. It took some time but better has been in front of me for a while,” you said, looking at Zayn.

“Y/N, you know I’m the best you can get so just come out so I can get your ass home,” Zach demanded.

“I found the best and you should probably leave his properly,” you smiled.

“You were bitch anyway and you’re not worth my fucki-” he began before you ended the call.

“I only want you,” you whispered against his lips.


You wanted to believe Max; you really did, but you kept thinking about what Harry said. Harry had always been a trustworthy friend, but Max was your boyfriend. You knew if you confronted him and  you were wrong, all the trust in your relationship would be lost.

You had texted Max to meet you at your apartment and he was running late. You surfed through channels trying to pass the time until the doorbell rung.

“It’s open,” you yelled. You heard a loud sigh as soon as the door opened.

“Hey, baby!” he yelled back running into your living room to sit next to you. “You wanted to talk?”

You sighed trying to decide to as him or not. “Max…” you began, fidgeting with your fingers, “You know what; I’m just gonna ask. Max are you cheating on me?” you asked in all seriousness.

He shook his head, “Y/N, what kind of question is that?” he asked. “You know I love you.”

“If you loved me, you wouldn’t answer my question with a question,” you said.

“Baby, I would never do that,” he said, bringing you closer to him. “I think you need a reminder on how much I love you,” he whispered in your ear before beginning to kiss you. It wasn’t slow or passionate. It was rough and hungry. “Besides, why would I leave lunch to cheat on you?”

You pushed him away from your lips, “I never mentioned lunch, Max,” you said.

“You sure?”

You shook your head and felt tears in your eyes. “Harry was right,” you mumbled, getting up.

“Who was right? Y/N, I’m not cheating on you,” he said, grabbing your arm.

“I want you out, now!” you yelled, pushing him toward the door. “Don’t even bother coming back.”

“So we are officially over,” you ended after telling the whole story to Harry. You had called him over after you kicked Max out. You had stopped crying after awhile, trying to get over Max. “You can say it.”

“Say what?” Harry asked.

“I told you so,” you mocked Harry’s voice.

“Y/N, you loved him and you want to see the best in people. Love in blinding,” he said. “But I didn’t love Max,” he mumbled after the fact.

“Yeah I know, you hated him,” you chuckled.

“Only because I love you and he treated you like shit,” he mumbled almost too loud.

“Harry, what did you say?”

“I love you, okay? I admit it,” he spoke louder. 

“Harry, why didn’t you tell me sooner?” you asked in shock. Harry as been your friend for years. He never said a word.

“I don’t know,” he said. “You know what, I should of never said anything so lets just forget I even said anything,” he decided.

“Maybe I don’t want to forget,” you smiled.


You and Louis fell asleep during the middle of the second movie.You had fell asleep on him, but this was a normal thing for you both. When you’re friends with someone for about twelve years, it seems to happen more than once.

“Baby, I’m home!” Marcus yelled as he opened the door. “And I know you got my text.”

You felt yourself wake a bit, dreading to see Marcus. He wasn’t the easiest to handle when he was drunk.

“Louis, wake up,” you said, shaking him a bit.

“Mmm, I know. I heard him,” he chuckled, sitting up.

“What the fuck, Y/N,” Marcus slurred as he came around the couch. “What the fuck are you doing.”

“Hey, look man-” Louis began standing up.

“Shut the fuck up. You’re here trying to fuck my girlfriend,” he yelled pushing Louis back, hard.

“Woah, Marcus calm down,” you said shooting up. You voided the space that was between him and Louis. “We were just watching some movies after I finished studying without you.Nothing is happening between me and Louis. You would know that if you were here instead of getting drunk with your friends.” you said putting your hand on his chest. Your frustration levels were quickly building.

“I leave because all you do is study and you literally do nothing else except bitch about how I can have fun without you.” he quickly said, slapping your hand from him.

Louis quickly intervened, “Hey you don’t put your hands on her like that!” Louis yelled moving you behind him.

“I do what I want to my girlfriend. Why don’t you go back to your gay ass boyband,” Marcus spat.

Louis’s temper and practice has hit its breaking point.

“He deserved it,” Louis mumbled as you tended to his swollen cheek.

“Don’t worry, he won’t be coming back here again,” you said. “It’s over.”

He nodded. You were tired of Marcus being a drunken mess, Louis was sick of you being treated that way.

“Thanks for standing up for me, Louis,” you smiled, giving him an ice pack.

“Well, frankly Y/N, I really do believe he was a shitty guy,” he said, tossing the ice pack.

“Yeah but you’re a great guy,” you whispered. He was. He was always there even after he became famous. He never change and that’s what you loved about him. Maybe you loved him more than you thought.

“Would you be upset if I kissed you right now,” Louis asked slowly.

You shook your head before you placed your lips on his.

Fireworks. For the first time, you felt fireworks. It wasn’t anything fast, it was slow and soft. You felt his hands grip your waist as you place both your hands on his cheeks.

“Oh shit,” he winced in pain from the pressure on his hand on his swollen cheek.

“I’m sorry,” you giggled.

“Don’t be. I’ve been wanting that for ever.”


A/N: This is written off this prompt proposed by @kagabutt. I was going through my prompt tags and had to write this for Kagami’s birthday. I changed the prompt just slightly but it’s got the same base. Hope you enjoy (:

Pairing: AoKaga
AU: About ten years after high school. 
Characters: Aomine Daiki, Kagami Taiga, Mibuchi Reo, Hiumuro Tatsuya, Hayama Koutarou
Words: 3041
Rating: M

Honestly what was he doing? It wasn’t like him to take it upon himself to “treat himself”. A large exasperated sigh escaped from between his lips as he shuffled his way down the soon-to-be busy city streets. With his hands in his dress pant pockets, his blazer left unbutton, and his red hair slicked back; he continued his walk, looking around nonchalantly. Kagami stopped in front of a closed shop with a large black tarp draped behind the glass window. He took a look at himself, criticizing his outfit and questioning whether or not it was appropriate. Maybe he was a little too over dressed? Ah, whatever.

With a few minutes walk added to his journey, he had finally brought himself to new trending bar on the upside of Tokyo. Upon entering the bar, Kagami was suddenly greeted by an overwhelming amount of high-end lights and furniture; accompanied by a large mahogany bar in the back, which stretched from one end of the room to the other. Just parallel to the counter was an assortment of various champagne and wine glasses, polished and glimmering in the low light setting. Seriously, was he wearing enough to be in such a place?

“Taiga-chan,” a familiar voice greeted him from the side. There was only one person who’d call him that.

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