i made this psd myself!

Under the cut are 80+ female names based on characters from Disney films. I’m slightly obsessed with taking names from movies and coming up with variations and names that sound similar for my characters, so I figured I’d share some of my ideas with you guys. Hope you enjoy!

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  • I know you may think why does this end on the 10th if it is a mid-season giveaway, and thats because thats when I break up from college for christmas!
  • You must be following me to enter but you do not have to be a TWD Blog (you do have to be a rp blog though)
  • As many reblogs as you like but likes do not count!
  • Giveaway ends December 10th 11pm GMT
  • 3 Winners will get 500+ icons and their own icon PSD tailored to their FC