i made this over a year ago wat

So I’ve noticed all of the ship wars in the SU fandom as of late. It’s getting really annoying tbh. 





Rebecca herself said that she loves all of the ships, so why are we as a whole acting like some are fatal? Erasing sexualities, really? The Harry Potter fandom has ships where straight characters are headcanoned gay and so forth. What do they do? Nothing. No one cries about it like the SU fandom does.

Let’s go over some main hated ships

Jaspis- I know, abuse. But guess wat? The abuse was not only done on Jasper’s side. Lapis abused her, as well. There’s redemption that can be made. That’s what a focus on the show is, anyways. If they talked and realized their mistakes, it could definitely work out. I’ve seen so much worse in other fandoms.

Stevidot- the ship I had in mind through this whole post. People say that it’s pedophilia, is it tough? We don’t know exactly when Peridot was made, we just know she’s era 2. That could literally mean centuries ago or five years ago. Gems don’t have ages. They were never babies and they’ll never be elderly. If someone saw Steven walking with Pearl, they’d think she was his mother. If someone saw him walking with Peri, they’d think they were school friends.

Pewey/Gregpearl- Oh hohoho, this one. Let’s be real, majority of this fandom hates these ships. They say pearl is a confirmed lesbian, when not exactly. There’s no proof (that RS tweet was photoshopped) and yes, she’s only shown female attraction, but some bisexuals and pansexuals also only show interest in  a certain gender. That doesn’t make them less valid. And saying Pearl hates men is stupid, she’s literally interacted with four or five men.

Lapidot/Amedot- the biggest war at the moment. I know, some are pissed because of what Zuke may have done to Peri and Lapis, but do we really need to fight about which is a better ship? No. Both show chemistry and would work out just fine. All three deserve love. Trying to put down the other is pretty childish, as far as I’m concerned.

Do you guys really like being known as the worst fandom on tumblr? I personally hate it. When I mention I’m a fan, I have people thinking I’m a sjw who hates all men. I’m sure many others have the same problem. 

If you hate a ship so bad, just fucking blacklist it. Don’t make an anti blog and torture shippers. They did nothing to you.