i made this one with my new tablet

After working with the new tablet, I seem to be able to use my similar style, however it still blows me away of how close up i can get with pulling in specific details on certain places. But with this style I am working on a new one as well. Paid Commission was made for my good friend Fernir based off his handsosme rouge and his somewhat card feti- love of poker.

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Hi Leslie! Have you ever considered getting deals with Huion or Ugee where they send you one of their tablets for review purposes? I see a lot of art youtubers do it and considering your audience is big enough, getting a drawing tablet for free doesn't seem like it could hurt?

ive gotten contacted by companies before to do a sponsored video but i never take em up for the offer just cuz im not really interested. huion was actually the first company to try to contact me haha but i had just recently bought a new tablet and felt guilty to have 2 brand new ones and i wasnt sure if i could do a giveaway lmao. 

there was only 1 company i was interested in making a video for but they stopped replying to me cuz i suck lmao all well. my loss. 

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Heyyyyyy there, sorry for the hiatus (which is still going to continue at least until June I think) but med school is really taking its toll on my spare time. Plus, my tablet is broken so I can only make pencil doodles until I get a new one

But anyway, I watched Moana about one month ago and I ADORED it. It’s definitely my favorite Disney movie ever, for a bunch of different reasons. So here’s a quick screencap redraw I made as warmup

my tablets broken…. so i wont be posting anything digital for a while…..

This was made for two different July prompts, mixing them both in one!: ✰ Several ‘Sonas ✰ and ✰ Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby! ✰ Sooo… I made my gemsona (Rubellite) with my Pearlsona (Pink Pearl), a new-made Quartzsona (Rose Quartz), a Rubysona (Handy Ruby? XD) and a Sapphiresona! (Pink Sapphire). They make a cute (very pink) Team! :D

Btw, my tablet is on its deathbed, so……… drawing will be slow for a while (I had to make half of this drawing with my mouse! ;w; )

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So, you tagged that Host comic "looks alright I guess", and I just wanted to tell you that you just did a hecking lie, because it looks AMAZING. (Also, I hope you have a nice day.)

Thank you so much! You have no idea how happy that makes me ;w;

I just got a new tablet yesterday and it’s smaller, and I’m uneasy to do stuff because it looks a bit different from my usual digital stuff. And also my trad art is very different from my digital one…..

So thank you. I swear you made my day brighter, thank you! You’re very nice, and I hope you have a nice day too!

Many of you asked me to show them the “tips” or “steps” to create a comic. I decided to let you see how a page birth. Don’t consider this post as a tutorial, because I’ve never been good at explaining and I’m not even sure that my method is correct. I hope it can help you anyway give you good advices. (this method is valid for comics on paper too) :)

Step 1: Create a Story-Board:

write the plot somewhere and create a simple story-board. It is an essential process that allows you to establish the dynamism of history and every single page. (The characters of my story-boards usually are adorable little monsters, as you can see x) ).

Step 2: To draw panels.

When I'm good with the storyboard, I create a new "layer" and I impost the panels.

Step 3: to draw

 following the way of the storyboard I start to draw. As you can see Nick is blue and Judy is red. That's because I create a layer for every single character so that, if I have to make some changes to a particular character I will not have problems.

Here you can pick whichever you prefer. The most important thing is that you follow the story line.

when I finished drawing, I change the color of the levels and take them to the gray, just as if I had drawn with a pencil. Because for me it is easier to ink on gray.

Step 4: To Ink

I create another layer and I ink. the worst step for me. I hate it! you need to arm yourself with patience because inking with a tablet is not simple….

Step 5: To  draw backgrounds

I do it after the ink, only because I’m lazy and I can do it because I use a graphic program. if you draw on paper you have to do it when you’re drawing, first of to draw the characters.

Step 6: To color.

I create a new layer. This is one of my fav steps. I personally love the comics that present clear dark shades made with pen, like the drawings were sketches.

These are the “basic steps”, good for who doesn’t use graphic programs and only paper, pencil and pen.

then I add tones and Baloons:

If you’re drawing on paper you have to consider baloons as characters and you have to draw them since the beginning.

That’s all.dears! ^^ I hope this could help you! Thank as Always and byeee!!!!

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Meebs, make sure to look in your tablet for spare nibs, as far as I'm aware most (if not all) wacoms have about four or five somewhere hidden inside them. Wacom nibs are made to wear out I think, so the surface doesn't take damage as fast. I have used a Wacom Bamboo for over three years and I still have a new nib left, so I think they're still quite durable. Glad to see you back!! ^^

Oh i did that, i discovered 3 spare nibs in my tablet ^^ After just one day of using, i noticed that the nib is already misshapen and it got me scared XD I read to put a sheet of paper over the tablet surface, but i placed a foil over it. Maybe it will last ;-;


A very, very, very huge thank you to everyone who came by to see me at Momocon this year!  I’m incredibly fortunate to know and befriend the best people on the planet who go out of their way to make and bring me gifts. I really can’t thank you enough- I keep all them on my desk behind my monitor to remind me everyday of how wonderful and supportive people really are- I hope you each know that I support all of your endeavors (thesis programs, regular cosplay volunteering, and leaping into foreign countries to teach English), too! I know you’ll be successful!  

@littlewingjay and @makowashimai brought me a beautiful custom painted Ithnan Egg!  

 Rivers_in_the_desert (on Instagram) brought me the Aladdin clip so I can now keep him close at all the conventions on my lanyard.

  @moonyhime created a custom Magi messenger tote that I desperately needed! My tablet (and I) are so happy! They’ve also done so much for me in the past, too– they made the naked Sinbad doll in the photo and gifted one of the young Sinbad keycharms that I collect every convention!   

Just, seriously, I’m so happy and thankful. I know I’m a flake in person but I absolutely adore each of you and hope that happiness and success seeps into every available nook and cranny of your lives.

I treated myself to the Sharkkan figure and 3 new keycharms this convention (Hinahoho, Drakon, and Mystras).

I hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend regardless of where you spent it!


How I usually edit my pictures.

_a tutorial by londerlaand.

I wanted to show you guys my newest baby and took the chance to try to write a little tutorial since a few of you asked me how I edit my pictures. 

This tutorial assumes that you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop!

(also sorry for the wall of text. As I’ve said I am not very good at explaining things. Anyway I hope this helps a few of you guys and please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions!)

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Cuneiform cookies in the news!

I’m so excited to be able to announce that my cuneiform cookies have been featured in the New York Times!  The first half of the article interviews Katy Blanchard, the brilliant librarian who started the trend, and the second half interviews me about the cuneiform cookies of Enuma Elish that I made last year:

Ah, Finally, Ancient Clay Tablets for Dessert

(The New York Times’ Facebook post about the article says, “And just like that the archaeo-culinary craze was born.”  One can only hope!)

Happy Birthday @orangekissess ! Also Merry Christmas!

This is her OC, Annis, who I really love.

Okay, so a few things about this. I was tired when I drew it. I made mistakes. I can’t draw hair to save my life. I had to reference her art a lot. I’m an amateur. I wanted to clean this up on photoshop but my tablet broke. I hate how my signature looks so I really need to think of a new one.


a friend of mine shared on facebook one of his drawings from 2005, so I went and dug out some of my old artwork and found these mean babies. these were some of my first digital drawings, done on a tiny adesso tablet without pen pressure. i remember being so proud of achieving such a realistic look on zidane, even if it took me like three days. anyway the doodle below is something I scribbled quickly because those old drawings made me self-conscious. :< looking back on stuff is fun, if only a little cringey, haha.

PHEW! This one took a while but I’m really happy with how it turned out! This is the first time I tried to do this kind of lighting and I think it turned out pretty good. Donnie’s eyes used to be much bigger and I left them for a long time before finally changing them to a normal size. It was cute while it lasted. As soon as I can I’m going to post a little cut out of this picture. I really liked how Raph turned out so I made a small version with just him. And this is the first picture I did fully with my new tablet!

Oh! I also have a little marble soda in there because Leo drank one in one of the episodes of the show! I thought it was really cool so I plopped it in there as an Easter egg.

So, what’s going on here? The boys decided to go camping! (Some more reluctantly than others.)

Donnie wasn’t a big fan of the marshmallows. They got way too sticky and he had to wash his hands for a week straight to get the gunk off. He keeps his wooden weapon away from the fire.

Raph did NOT want to go on this camping trip. The darker it got the more Mikey wanted to tell ghost stories and no matter how tough Raph tries to act he’s still pretty freaked out. All the bugs flying around don’t really help either.

Mikey is loving telling the scary stories for once. He can tell he’s freaking Raph out, even just a little bit so he’s not stopping any time soon. Mikey, unlike Donnie, didn’t see the point in keeping his mostly wooden weapon away from the flames so he chucked them anywhere. He also may or may not have just eaten all of the marshmallows.

Leo didn’t really mind anything his brothers were doing. He was just enjoying the outdoors, meditating a little, having a generally peaceful ti- WAIT IS MY MARSHMALLOW ON FIRE!?

My first EVER piece of digital art made with the graphics tablet I got for Christmas. Its Enjolras and Grantaire (obviously) - the sketch was from a while ago in my sketchbook but it is one of my favourites so I thought it would be nice to scan it in and have a stab at colouring it digitally.

If anyone has any constructive criticism it would be much appreciated because obviously I’m very new to all this xx

Holy butts, so I got this trimmer line for new pen nibs for my tablet and it is AMAZING. I highly recommend this over buying more premade ones, especially the wacom ones.
I have had my tablet for years and have always hated the scratchy plastic to tablet sound so I looked for an alternative on YouTube. Found this video –> ( videooo ) and it shows trimmer line, fine sandpaper and like 5 mins and poof, new nibs for cheap! (Like 10-12$ on Amazon)
Supposedly they last like 3 times as long as the Wacom ones (will see later!) But even if they don’t there is enough trimmer line to last me hundreds of nibs xD
So I tried out the one I made and it is like drawing with butterrrr, the sound as well as the smoothness of the lines are both a million times better than my old nibs. Anyone who has a tablet go buy these noooowww!

P.S. Happy Holidays to all of you lovelies <3

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I have a request for a tutorail if you can do one that is,uhmm Could you teach use how to make custom bodies/poses??

Of course.

An introduction: I use Paint Tool SAI. If you do not use Paint Tool SAI,  your method of editing sprites may be different, but the idea is the same. If you have any questions(on the method or Paint Tool SAI), feel free to inbox/message me, but not on anonymous; that way, I can help you personally.

I am no means an expert, nor am I a good teacher, but hopefully this will help.

Custom bodies and poses can be done in two ways; by making your own resources completely or pulling from others to have different arms and poses depending on what you choose.

What that means is draw out your own pose, whether by scratch or using a pose already made, completely covering it:

Don’t ask why they all have capes; it ended up being coincidental and dumb.

Or taking various parts to make one(hint: the arm) while keeping the rest:

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