i made this one with my new tablet

Hacking a Cheap Wacom Tablet

When I received my Intuos5 in 2012, I expected it to turn me into a drawing grand master with all the cool extra functions it had.

I was a bit disappointed to find out that it drew exactly like my old Bamboo, except the pen was nicer to hold. Since then, I’ve tried not to throw more money at Wacom than I absolutely have to. 

I’m currently using a medium Wacom ONE, which is Wacom’s cheapest tablet. The pressure sensitivity is great, and it draws perfectly well. However, it’s less comfortable to use compared to my previous Wacom tablets. Since I do use the tablet for hours every day I decided to do a bit of DIY!

1)     Changing the nib

The Wacom tablet pen comes with the default plastic nib which works but I like the other nibs better.

I found that the white-tipped flex nibs are nice for smooth, worn out tablet surfaces. I used them a lot last year when I did digital painting.

Nowadays, I spend a lot of time sketching and doing detailed lineart on the computer. I find the grey felt tips more suited for this task, for they provide a more pencil-like texture.

The nibs used to be marketed as only compatible with professional range tablets. Honestly, though, they work with any cheap Wacom tablet! I’ve tried these nibs on my old Bamboo Pen and Intuos Draw and they fit just fine.

2)     Protecting the surface with Bristol Board

Ever since I started working on my comic in 2015, I spend around 3 hours using my tablet every day. I managed to create a smooth shiny bald patch on this tablet in a month.

I couldn’t find any good surface protectors on the internet so I experimented with different types of papers.

So far, my favourite is the Bristol Board. It has an extremely fine paper texture that comes pretty close to the original surface texture of the tablet.

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After working with the new tablet, I seem to be able to use my similar style, however it still blows me away of how close up i can get with pulling in specific details on certain places. But with this style I am working on a new one as well. Paid Commission was made for my good friend Fernir based off his handsosme rouge and his somewhat card feti- love of poker.

Baby Fever (G-dragon fluff)

A/N: this is so incredibly short that i almost feel bad for making this based in one scene. i wish i could have added more but ill just make up for it by updating more this week. maybe like always. I got a new computer today so i’m more likely to update faster but because for the past 4 months I’ve been trying to update on my hone but that prolongs the update. Either way, i hope that the new computer will benefit my blogs more and i cam deliver faster like i used to. This story is made for @chryskl so i hope you like is short one shot i made even though its been soooo long since you actually requested this anyways


“oh this is cute, baby look at this” you laid on the couch with your tablet skillfully balanced on your swelled belly. You had grown accustom to online shopping ever since you became prone to water retention in your ankles. It was nearly unbearable to even walk to the bathroom let alone around a store, but you had your man with you the whole time threw this so the unbearable became tolerable.

“whats cute this time?” jiyong leaned over the arm rest and over your head to see the rainbow colored poke-a-dot styled booties on the screen. he lets out a defeated sigh and shakes his head “come on jiyong don’t do that, i know what you mom said but come ooonn what mom would by this?” you headed it almost everyday from your mother-in-law. ‘don’t buy the baby to many clothes they’re just going to grow out of them in a month’ and you did well with just buying a few selected onesie and socks and blankets bu the reality of the fact was, this is your first baby and you couldn’t be anymore infatuated with the wide arrange of baby clothes and toys and cribs and shit. It was the one thing that made you feel like you were actually ready for this baby. 

“you know i don’t care about buying baby clothes, id let you buy the whole store but you know how aggressive my mom has been about this baby, i don’t even think she was this worried me when i was a child” he sated a matter of factually and sat on the other side of the couch. he laid your feet in his lap and absentmindedly massaged them. “oh dont say that. i mean she had to have learned all this stuff from somewhere” you defended your mother-in-law giving her the benefit of the doubt despite her being the pain in you foot for the past 6 months. You positioned yourself to sit up with the tablet and let jiyong see the screen “okay but you cant tell me that this baby tiger onesie is not cute, you just cant” he chuckles at how you strongly insisted on the outfit but it had to admit, seeing his child in this would be a great idea. and so that was item 9 in your online chart. “ugh babe, are we sure we’re ready for this?” laying the tablet in your lap and dazing out on jiyong’s face. You never stopped worrying about this pregnancy, from the first test to the first ultrasound to the first time you got asked ‘aww how far along are you?’ and now here you are in your second trimester still wondering how ‘ready’ you both actually were. “baby-’ he started rubbing his hand on you hard pregnant bump “you ask me this every month and every month i tell you that we are have never been more ready for this baby” his hand attracts to your like a magnate and he continues “we are at i good place in your lives right now, we are stable and happy, i love you and our baby, so for the 6th time, don’t worry about the parenting stuff until we get there okay?” you head it turned to face him and his soft bottom lip pillows against yours. “okay?” you smile and nod in agreeance, he was right, we were going to be find with this child of ours, we have the support if he need it and the advice when we need them so what was there to be scared of? i guess going into labor. 

“aye- what about cute hats for out little peanut to keep warm?” jiyong lifts the tablet back up lighting your faces “OH MY GOODNESS HATS” you completely forgot about the hats “wait did you just call it a peanut?’ you questioned after thinking about it for a second “yeah, it looks liked a little cashew in the ultrasound last month so ya know” you chuckled at his logic, he was already developing the impossible stubbornness of dad logic “then why not call it little cashew” you suggested “no that is a weird pet name for a baby” like i said before ‘impossible’. 

This year for the Holiday, I decided to do another Draw Tablet Giveaway. Rules and how to enter are below.


  • Reblog to Enter.
  • One Entry per Blog.
  • Must be a current follower of at least one of my blogs. If you followed after this post was made, you will be disqualified.
  • Must be comfortable with giving me your address and personal email.
  • USA residents only please.
  • If you win and do not respond within 3 days, I’ll choose a new winner.
  • No giveaway blogs
  • Must enter before 1/ 2 /18

How to Enter:

To enter, Reblog this post.

Winner will be selected randomly.

*This giveaway is aimed at individuals who are in need of a drawing tablet and is geared towards artists who have never owned a drawing tablet before.


NEW Wacom Intuos Draw Model Number CTL490DB

System Requirements:
PC: Windows 7, 8 or 10;
Mac: OS X 10.8.5 or later; USB port;
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive;
Internet connection

Color: Blue

Model Number: CTL490DB

Interface: USB

Brand: Wacom

What’s Included:

-USB cable
-Replacement pen nibs
-Software download instructions
-Installation CD



Avatar Korra - something from my sketchbook.

My tablet is derping a lot recenetly (I should probably start saving up for a new one) so I’ve been drawing in my sketchbook a bit more frequently. You’ll probably start seeing my sketchbook more often now that I finally got the courage to show it to you. Hopefully you like this drawing of this fandom I haven’t showed enough appreciation towards^^

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost without permission.

anonymous asked:

What are some of the first things you do with a computer once you get one? I'm not asking generally, I just mean you specifically.

If I built it myself or if I bought one(like a laptop) then I pretty much always open Internet Explorer/Edge and use this software called Ninite to just click and set up key software I want to set it up with like 7zip, Chrome, DropBox, FileZilla, VLC, Putty, Visual Studio Code, OpenOffice, and so on. I also install CCleaner to automate the task of cleaning things off and saving hard disk space.

If it’s a laptop though then there’s a very good chance that it’s loaded with bloatware like all that HP customer support, Dell Warranty, Welcome Center, ASUS WebStorage, McAfee, and all that other manufacturer bullshit that they pre-install on your laptop. Not including all the stuff that Windows 10 and such does too such as all that Xbox,Cortana, and Try Office stuff. I make careful sure to use CCleaner and clear all of that shit up and get things to be as nice and tidy before I really dig in and install my usual work-fun software like Adobe software and Steam and whatever.

A lot of my stuff is backed up on dropbox and totally decentralized so that if I ever lose my desktop or laptop then it won’t be that devastating of an experience and is moreso just the monetary loss of the hardware and so on. I use things like GIT for all my programming and dropbox for lots of other stuff. I also have two servers that I use to store certain things especially related to school so that I can easily retrieve and upload from any computer out in public and I use sites like google docs so spreadsheets and documents are all online and available. I’ve grown to the point that computers arent super personal and are kinda just particular ways to interface with more decentralized stuff. My home desktop feels more like a workstation for video or programming or art or whatever than otherwise and I’m set up in kinda the same way on my laptop. I have a dedicated “Archive” drive that I fill up with completed projects and art and then I swap it out for a new one. (the last archive drive I put in storage has everything I’ve made from 2009 to late 2016)The only devices that really feel super personal and would fuck me up if I lost is my phone or tablet.

Also I organize art on my drives by year and month like so:

jessyisjessy  asked:

Hi Leslie! Have you ever considered getting deals with Huion or Ugee where they send you one of their tablets for review purposes? I see a lot of art youtubers do it and considering your audience is big enough, getting a drawing tablet for free doesn't seem like it could hurt?

ive gotten contacted by companies before to do a sponsored video but i never take em up for the offer just cuz im not really interested. huion was actually the first company to try to contact me haha but i had just recently bought a new tablet and felt guilty to have 2 brand new ones and i wasnt sure if i could do a giveaway lmao. 

there was only 1 company i was interested in making a video for but they stopped replying to me cuz i suck lmao all well. my loss. 

Originally posted by tobigifs

Heyyyyyy there, sorry for the hiatus (which is still going to continue at least until June I think) but med school is really taking its toll on my spare time. Plus, my tablet is broken so I can only make pencil doodles until I get a new one

But anyway, I watched Moana about one month ago and I ADORED it. It’s definitely my favorite Disney movie ever, for a bunch of different reasons. So here’s a quick screencap redraw I made as warmup

=Here, in the Underground, is Kill or Be Killed…=

Heya. Is been a while and I finally got a decent computer since the old one was almost falling apart so this is the first doodle I made on a new application I found just installing my tablet. It was simple so it didn’t have lots of tools and just a few colors so I did what I could. Even so I liked the result.

I struggle with Flowey. A lot! So I’ll be doing more practises of him in future draws.

Inspiration from here TuT

new theme search!!

hello!! I’m looking to get a new theme for my blog and I’d really appreciate if you have any suggestions or want to recommend places to look!!

I’m looking for themes that

- are pretty clean/not too bulky to load

- image friendly! (also preserve images- ie not fade them, resizing, etc.)

- keep captions/easy to read, visible tags (tablet friendly!)

- links visible, preferably not a drop down menu 

- and I’d really love if there’s complimenting pages for an about/FAQ :^)

you can recommend themes you know or ones you’ve made!! I can mess with basic html so editing minor things isn’t a huge issue.

thank you!!!

Hey guys!

I have been playing way to much of the new South Park The Fractured But Whole game lol, I made my protagonist into a character, Blaire McCoppin, one of the new kids in town! As in @thethinkingfruit and I are making sibling New Kids with a back story and powers and shit, so look out for that yo!

But yeah this is my kid, Blaire, they’re gender fluid and musically inclined.

If you want to commission me to draw anything for you, contact me at JESPOLDEN@GMAIL.COM


Drawing Program: Clip Paint Studio
►Tablet: Wacom Bambo
►Recording: Open Broadcaster
►Video Editing: Filmora
►Original time: 2+ hours

Commissions are open HERE

Webcomic | Nuzlocke | Twitter | FA

Patreon | Donate | Commission | DA

086/365  |  08.03.17
Carpe Diem. 

July was an oddly busy month full of family time, catching up with friends, and work assignments. Not necessarily a bad thing but I did find myself in a weird funk for not being able to get back to this quickly. With that said I’m trying out a new strategy that I have to credit to @gregorydarroll. Each month will be dedicated to one unique style of illustration or animation. The purpose is to learn a new technique and really develop a deeper understanding of the tools I’ll use to accomplish this. For the rest of August, I’ll be creating simple line art animations using my Wacom tablet, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

Instagram: @creative.365 


How I usually edit my pictures.

_a tutorial by londerlaand.

I wanted to show you guys my newest baby and took the chance to try to write a little tutorial since a few of you asked me how I edit my pictures. 

This tutorial assumes that you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop!

(also sorry for the wall of text. As I’ve said I am not very good at explaining things. Anyway I hope this helps a few of you guys and please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions!)

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This was made for two different July prompts, mixing them both in one!: ✰ Several ‘Sonas ✰ and ✰ Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby! ✰ Sooo… I made my gemsona (Rubellite) with my Pearlsona (Pink Pearl), a new-made Quartzsona (Rose Quartz), a Rubysona (Handy Ruby? XD) and a Sapphiresona! (Pink Sapphire). They make a cute (very pink) Team! :D

Btw, my tablet is on its deathbed, so……… drawing will be slow for a while (I had to make half of this drawing with my mouse! ;w; )

Many of you asked me to show them the “tips” or “steps” to create a comic. I decided to let you see how a page birth. Don’t consider this post as a tutorial, because I’ve never been good at explaining and I’m not even sure that my method is correct. I hope it can help you anyway give you good advices. (this method is valid for comics on paper too) :)

Step 1: Create a Story-Board:

write the plot somewhere and create a simple story-board. It is an essential process that allows you to establish the dynamism of history and every single page. (The characters of my story-boards usually are adorable little monsters, as you can see x) ).

Step 2: To draw panels.

When I'm good with the storyboard, I create a new "layer" and I impost the panels.

Step 3: to draw

 following the way of the storyboard I start to draw. As you can see Nick is blue and Judy is red. That's because I create a layer for every single character so that, if I have to make some changes to a particular character I will not have problems.

Here you can pick whichever you prefer. The most important thing is that you follow the story line.

when I finished drawing, I change the color of the levels and take them to the gray, just as if I had drawn with a pencil. Because for me it is easier to ink on gray.

Step 4: To Ink

I create another layer and I ink. the worst step for me. I hate it! you need to arm yourself with patience because inking with a tablet is not simple….

Step 5: To  draw backgrounds

I do it after the ink, only because I’m lazy and I can do it because I use a graphic program. if you draw on paper you have to do it when you’re drawing, first of to draw the characters.

Step 6: To color.

I create a new layer. This is one of my fav steps. I personally love the comics that present clear dark shades made with pen, like the drawings were sketches.

These are the “basic steps”, good for who doesn’t use graphic programs and only paper, pencil and pen.

then I add tones and Baloons:

If you’re drawing on paper you have to consider baloons as characters and you have to draw them since the beginning.

That’s all.dears! ^^ I hope this could help you! Thank as Always and byeee!!!!