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I wanted to thank you guys for this evening, and apologize for the spam as well. I’ve been working non stop for months and I’ve only done a few paintings for studies, and I can’t seem to manage to draw much for myself lately so this had been a very nice stress relief. You guys are reaally funny and cute and I just loved interacting like this tonight. <3

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(1/2)Ok so I was reading this Silver meta that covers his entire character arc (less episode ten because I think it was written before it aired) that made some very good and interesting points. However, one thing that stuck out to me was his lost leg was kind of glossed over, and one of the assessments regarding his character, while true of many of his actions, contradicts that particular one.

(2/2) It got me thinking. What are your thoughts on it? I came late to the fandom so this has probably been discussed before, but it’s one of the defining points of Silver’s story, and I want to know everyone’s thoughts.

Ok, so this answer got truly excessive. It’s ridiculous. I thought I was barely scratching the surface of things there were to say about the significance of the loss of Silver’s leg to his character arc, but then it got longer than most of the undergrad essays I ever wrote (final word count 3110…). Yikes. I don’t know if I went overboard, or whether there really is just that much to point out, but this became a literal essay with quotes and everything. Suffice it to say, I think my one line tl;dr is: ‘if you write about Silver’s character arc without talking about the loss of his leg then you’re really missing a lot, because it ties into everything’. Either that or I’m reaching and rambling and I need to not do that.

A longer tl;dr: The loss of his leg opened up a whole world of new experiences for Silver. It forced him to feel and do and be things he had spent a long time carefully shutting out, and in doing so it didn’t just turn him into a new person, but a person who was at odds with all of the things he had built his previous life upon.

I’ll put the rest under a cut, because otherwise I’d be a dash-clogging monster.

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The Typewriter

Alexander Hamilton x Reader 

Note: Aaaaaand it’s finally done. I accidentally lost over half of this and had to rewrite it but I actually like this version better so it wasn’t too big a travesty. I had to include a very dad like G.Wash in there because who doesn’t love G.Wash being a dad towards Hamilton? Anyway requests are still open so send them on in guys! I have some plans with friends coming up but don’t worry I still have time to write! 

Request: Hi steph!!! OK so you know how typewriters were first being made in the late 1700s early 1800s? Imagine if reader was working on designing one and gave it to ham to test it (his crazy typing speed tho?? Honestly he prob would type scary fast) 

Word Count: 1,078

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You take a breath as you knock on the tall wooden door in front of you, shifting uncomfortably as you try to hold the heavy object in your arms. Today is the day that you finally discover if your invention works the way it’s intended.

A friend of yours had suggested you contact the Treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton to test your machine, knowing that Hamilton writes a lot and your machine is supposed to help cut down on time spent hand writing everything.

When Mr Hamilton opens the door to his office for you, he’s not exactly what you were expecting. He’s shorter than his reputation suggests, as you had heard his achievements in the war you expected him to at least be tall.

“Hello! You must be Y/N L/N, come in” he says as he ushers you into the room.

His office is a disaster, but something about the man tells you that despite the chaos Hamilton knows exactly where everything is and can find anything at a moment’s notice.

“Yes, it’s nice to meet you Mr Hamilton. Where can I put this?” you ask, gesturing with the box in your arms.

“Oh of course let me help you with that” He grabs one side of the box, bearing half the weight with you. “On the desk is fine” the two of you manage to get the box settled on the desk in front of his chair.

You pull the lid off the box to reveal your machine, he lifts it up so you can move the box away and gently places it back down on the desk.

“I call it a typewriter. It works by feeding the paper in through here” You tap the top of the typewriter. “Then you simply press down on the key for the letter you want and it is printed onto the paper”

He looks at the typewriter with a look of wariness as he slides into his chair. You feed the paper into the top of the typewriter and nod at him.

He reaches out hesitantly and presses down on a random key, a grin spreads across his face as the letter is printed onto the paper. You let out a sigh of relief as you realize that the typewriter works exactly as it’s supposed to.

“This is incredible. I could get so much more done so quickly!” He exclaims, as he continues to press different keys, getting used to the placement of each letter. 

“That is the idea. Well the plan is to lend this to you for the week and see just how useful it can be” you explain. 

He manages to pull himself away from the typewriter long enough to stand up and shake your hand, his grip on your hand quite tight in his excitement. 

“Thank you Y/N. I’ll be sure to take notes on how it all goes” His eyes are alight and you can’t help the feeling of pride surging through your body as you think about how you are the reason for his happiness in this moment. 

As you approach Alexander’s office door a week later you notice a tall, bald man standing beside it, his head in his hand. Your frown grows as you move closer and realize who the man is. 

“Excuse me, Mr President?” You ask carefully, not sure how to speak to a man like George Washington. 

He looks up at you, an expression of concern on his face as he takes you in. 

“Yes?” he asks.

“My name is Y/N L/N, I’m here to see Mr Hamilton. He’s testing a machine I designed” you watch as his frown turns to an expression of realization and he shakes his head. 

“So you’re the reason he’s been sitting in that office of his all week, hardly doing anything but writing hm?” He ask, his eyebrow raising as he looks down on you. 

“Yes sir, I apologize I didn’t realize he would be like this when I asked that he would become so… obsessed” You struggle to find the right word under the president’s intense gaze. 

He chuckles softly as he pushes the door to Hamilton’s office open, without so much as knocking, to show you exactly what your invention has caused. 

The office is even more chaotic than it was a week ago, more papers are scattered around the room. Even Hamilton himself looks like a mess, the circles under his eyes are darker than they were the last time you saw him, his hair is a mess and looks as if it hasn’t been washed in days and his facial hair has grown longer. 

“Oh my goodness” You mutter as you watch his hands flying across the keys, faster than you could have imagined. He doesn’t react to the two of you standing there, his focus is locked on the typewriter as he continues to write like mad. “He’s been like this all week?” you ask, not taking your eyes off Alexander. 

“It took him about a day or so to really master it and memorize where the letters are but after that, yes he’s been like this” Washington explains. 

“I um… I didn’t expect this to happen, this wasn’t my intention at all I simply wished to test my machine” you finally tear your gaze away from Alexander and look up at Washington. 

“I understand, I don’t blame you for this. Alexander has always been like this, always writing like he’s running out of time” Washington points out. 

“Well I suppose he sort of is, the intention was that he would only be borrowing it for the week” Washington laughs softly and watching Alexander with a fond expression. “If I take it back I think you might be able to convince him to take a break” you point out. 

“I just might. Alexander…” he trails off as he approaches him. 

Despite knowing that you’ve caused Alexander to sit hunched over your typewriter for days on end you start to feel quite impressed with what you’ve achieved with this small machine. You know that this will revolutionize the way everyone works from this moment on, and in that moment you couldn’t be more proud of yourself if you tried.

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Sorry! I haven't been following you for very long but how come you are just lunging on your horse right now?

basically late Oct/early Nov he was showing some behavioural issues, took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with a sprain around his sacroiliac joint, blah blah, 3 weeks off, 2 months of physio, then diagnosed as being ok but needing a custom made saddle, then 2 months waiting for that, then basically i’m now getting me sorted bc i got pretty nervy in the face of his behavioural issues (???? even tho he has thrown worse at me before and i’ve gotten him through it??? i’ve just lost my mojo/all self confidence that what i’m doing is the right thing), first thing was getting my general balance and whatever a bit more in order and main thing making sure i have the canter transition on my aids bc that was where the whole issue became noticeable, and now we’re taking it nice and gradual for both me mentally and physically while i get back in the swing of things bc of the lack of confidence and being a bit unco rn. anyway, there ya go. see my ‘arthur injury tag’ and ‘arthur diaries’ tags for more detail.

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So, I’ve kind of been stalking your blog for a while now, and I’ve become quite a fan. I think your artwork is pretty cool; your characters are so natural and perfect, they are very real people to me, just as real as I am. That’s quite the achievement as an artist… I love how much attention and effort you put into each one of them. Ok my friends forced me to say this, but I also have a crush on you. I'm sorry, don't even worry about it. Happy (very) late birthday from one of your fangirls.

I’m so happy to hear that you like my ocs! I mean, they are pretty useless. Oh does that make them more realistic? lmao. This message made me so happy and embarrassed (but like in a good way yknow) 

but did your friends really force you to say that?? because that means you have mentioned me and/or showed me to your friends and I do not believe that. very suspicious!! thank you again!! <3 <3 <3

hi so i know i haven’t been on here in a long time oops but a few things

  1. why am i still getting followers omg i haven’t posted anything let alone original content in so long but thank you guys!!
  2. i haven’t posted original content lately bc a) uninspired and b) busy so my journal is really plain/icky and i’ve hardly taken any notes (p much my only class with notes was math, and she made printouts for every lesson god bless)
  3. i hope to be more active soon but i’m not sure if it’ll happen. again, i’ve been very uninspired/kinda down (i failed one of my classes ugh) but i hope i get to talk with you guys again!! i know it’s said all the time but the studyblr community is honestly really great so thank you again

ok that’s about it but i’m up to talk to anyone if y’all are still around :’)

John Murphy x Reader

Part 3

Summary: Reader started to train with someone at the camp, and Murphy is frustrated about it.

(Pt.1) (Pt.2) (Pt.3) (Pt.4)

Everything ached you hadn’t done this much work your entire life. Taking 100 prisoners, expendable people, to the ground as a test for survival sounded like great idea. You know, until they all actually survive, and are completely out of shape from being locked up in space. You tried to steady your shaking hands, and nodded to your new friend Bentley, signaling you were ready. You had met him a couple days before at a bonfire, and when you mentioned you had never fought before, Bentley had offered to teach you. If you didn’t learn to fight now, you never would, and you could end up dead just like Jasper almost had.

Thinking about it made you freeze again. Watching his lifeless, speared, body come through camp was a wakeup call for everyone. You couldn’t imagine what he was feeling right now. We aren’t on the Ark anymore, and we were definitely not alone.

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Story by krispinathederpkrispinathederp

Aurora had a very difficult day in the third grade, a new student arrived and deiced to make fun of Aurora’s quills calling them “shark fins” This never bothered but then the rest of the class started to tease her calling her quills “shark fins” as well. The more they teased, the more she started to think her quills were shark fins and her feelings got hurt..

/ / / / / / / /

When the pink hedgehog got home, she ran to her room wanting to hide. Sonic ( who made sure he was home when Aurora came home)  felt his father sense tingling and went to his daughters room.

“ Tiny” he called “ you ok?”

“ I’m fine papa” Aurora told him , she wiped her face not wanting him to see her cry, Sonic knew she wasn’t fine, he could tell in her voice, normally Amy would be the one to comfort her but Amy was going to be working very late, So Sonic had to step in. He grab hold of the door nob.

“ Can I come in?” he asked. it was silent for  a few second but then tiny squeak from the inside confirmed him he had permission to enter.

Opening the door his eyes met with Aurora, she was sitting on her bed, her face red and tears staining her face, sonic has never seen his daughter so upset, he carefully walked over to the bed and sat down.

“ Aurora what happen?” he asked.

“ I….” the pink child wasn’t sure if she wanted her dad to know but open her mouth to speak “  A new girl started in our class” she said.

“ Well that sound nice” Sonic said “were you nice and help her feel welcome?”

Aurora nodded but then the tears came back ” I…I was nice but then she….” Aurora shut her eyes ” she started to make fun of my quills, she called them shark fins” she open her eyes , with her right hand she pointed to her back quills” Then the whole class started to pick on me as well…..” she brought her knees closer to her.

“ did you tell the teacher about this?” He asked

“ ….No..” she said “ I couldn’t do it, plus she was a new student and new students can’t get in troulbe on the first day” she explain. Sonic scooted closer to his daughter he placed a hand on her shoulder.

“ It doesn’t matter if some one is a new student or not, if they are making you feel upset you need to let your teachers know,  if you keep this hidden you only be hurting yourself”

“ I don’t want to be a tattle tale” Aurora said.

“ this isn’t about being a tattle tale, it about stopping some one from being a bully, Same goes with fighting Eggman, I don’t let him bully the towns foke do I?”

“ No” Aurora started to perk up “ it cause you get’em right?”

“ Right!” Sonic smiled at her “ Now if you get picked on again what are you going to do?”

“….Tell the teacher” she answered

“ That’s my girl!

// / / / / /

Wow! sorry it’s long but another “what-if”  Aurora was upset and Amy won’t be home til late, so Sonic would have to be the parent and talk with his daughter.

Aurora belongs to E-Vay

[E-vay’s Note: This was so sweet, both the drawing and the story! And that’s a very valuable lesson that parents need to teach their children, and who better to do that than Sonic? Thank you for this :) I loved it!]

Hello Friends! Ok so tomorrow is the first day of December which means Christmas is slowly creeping in and the hype is real!! I just want to highlight how a lot of you mean so much to me and how I am glad I’ve met great people on here. I haven’t talked to so many of you as of late and I legit miss you all ok cool. I suck at conversations ok but I promise i got better ok I’ll shut up about myself and talk about all of you now. You all are special to me whether we’re best friends, share common interests or I just love you blog a lot. I love every single one of you I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas because y'all deserve it. Btw if you are not here I made this rlly fast and if I follow you already ily ok thanks. Ok enough w this let’s get on with the list! Tis’ the seasons friends! (thanks btw to Sam for this hella cute graphic she made :3)


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Q: Something that made the rounds around the Internet very quickly was a photo of you in the studio with Bieber. Did you get any work done with him or no?
A: Oh no no no. That’s a big misunderstanding. OK, here’s the deal. [Laughs.] I was in the studio one late night, working on the mix and unfortunately I was trying to get the normal studio I go to but they were booked up. The only studio available was this one studio that’s like a fucking playground for every Top 40 artist in the world. And I hate going there because when you go there you just run into everybody and people just wanna walk in your session. So I’ve been dodging this place for years but this one night I had no choice.
—  Kid Cudi in Complex Magazine
Day One Recap: Straight Sex, Modern Masculinity, and Going Viral

1. Opposite sex relationships are complicated and fraught with gender issues when it comes to division of household chores.

2. Straight dads are taking on a lot more childcare duties, but are leaving household chores to moms. According to the research, straight dads would have more sex if they did more dishes, mopped, and made the beds. Although if the bed is already made and the floors have been cleaned, they didn’t really clarify where this extra sex should take place.

3. Straight guys are having to define and redefine what masculinity means to them.

As a gay man, I found this concept interesting. Seems like straight men are very late to the party on this one. Hopefully, they’ve learned by now it’s ok to cry at their party.

Modern straight men are finally having to decouple masculinity from sexuality. For too long, as a group, straight men have assumed the opposite of masculine is gay. It’s not.

Gay men learn this fact at a much earlier age. For example, I can behave in a hyper-masculine way, which I’ve done at times when it seemed to help guarantee my safety - middle school comes to mind, but it doesn’t change the fact that I still like dudes.

Gay men learn to accept and embrace a broader definition of masculinity at a much younger age. This freedom from masculinity dissonance allows us so much more control over our lives and is one of the reasons I’m happy being a gay man.

I feel a lot of sadness for straight men who feel pigeon-holed by masculinity. A constricted life is no way to live. So, yeah, I’ll call them Gurrrl and camp it up when the situation calls for it. Hopefully, it makes them freer to realize masculinity is a spectrum and it’s ok to explore it. It won’t make you gay, I promise.

4. Outside of Tumblr, I pretty much only follow gay blogs and Gawker (cuz gay owned). This occurred to me when I attended a panel of speakers who described what happened when one of their posts went mega-viral. I had no idea who the hell these people were. (No insult meant to them. This is much more a reflection of my internet consumption habits.)

Quick aside: Several of the panel members mentioned being courted by “Fox & Friends.” Fox News has friends? Really? Who? Why?

Anyway, one guy wrote a post about play dates. I think he didn’t like them or something. Never heard of it. I was the only person in the room who hadn’t. Apparently everybody in China read it, too. But still not me. I felt bad. I didn’t admit to not knowing who he was.

Another guy got famous from making lunch art for his daughter. I know of this trend, but not of this guy. Although I wish I knew more about him cuz he was smokin’. Whoa. But, he was married. To a woman. I swear. All the good ones are either married or straight.

One lady took pictures of her dog and baby napping. Together, I think. Definitely never heard of this. I thought only cats went viral on the web so I was terribly confused by the puppy angle. And, who knew babies actually f*cking napped? What magic does she have over her baby? That’s what I wanted to know.

But the one who really threw me was a black gentleman whose picture of him doing his daughter’s hair went viral. This happened on the gay blogs to a gay black couple from Atlanta so I thought he must be one of those dudes. But then he talked about a wife and I realized it wasn’t him. Bummer.

The moderator of the panel talked about her work at Busby and everybody nodded enthusiastically. I was like, “Who the f*ck is Busby?” As the panel discussion was ending, I realized she was saying, “Buzzfeed.” I really gotta get out more.

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Can I have a bit of a spoiler for the poly fic? *__________* PLEEEEEEEASE i'm leaving tonight so I need something to read on the plane ):

“I think it’s a great idea.”  Archie said, “Fuck working for someone else!” 

“I don’t know if I can pull it off yet!”  Finn laughed, “It’s just in the planning stages.”  He lit up a cigarette, grinning genuinely for the first time in four months, “How’s Italy?”

“Well the dig is fucking amazing.  And Izzy is a force to be reckoned with!”  Archie laughed, “It’s real nice having her around a lot.”

“Missing Tom?”

“Well he’s here a lot o’ the time.  The boxing joint’s going so well and they’ve got a great manager in so Rhys and Tom have both got more free time now, so they’re thinking of opening up another one in London, I’ve been offered a job in London, and Chloe’s work takes her there so often it’s ridiculous to stay in Stamford anymore.” 

“Oh my fucking god!  You’re coming to London?”  Finn looked at his computer screen in disbelieving joy.  The picture was slightly pixelated, but Skype was coping ok today.  

“Probably!”  Archie declared, “And you’re in fucking America!” 

“Only eight more months!”  Finn replied. 

“And every time Phil gets another American role!”  Archie reminded him.

“Aye there’s that, but London’s our home so we’ll be there most o’ the time!”  Finn said excitedly and then quite suddenly his face dropped, “Oh but Chop.”

“Yeah.”  Archie said slowly.  “He broke up with Pam.”  Archie said, “He’s just real unhappy.  Danny says the business is doing great and that he could run it himself if Chop wanted to go to Italy…”

“He won’t go after her.”  Finn said.  “He knows how to take a no.”

“And Izzy keeps saying ‘no’ to him.”  Archie agreed, “But she hasn’t dated anyone since him.  Actually, she’s acting a bit like Phil did when Rae said no to him; having a bunch of lovers and not getting emotionally attached to any of ‘em.”

“Maybe she’s still in love with Chop.”  Finn knew what Archie was hinting at, “Maybe she’s just living the life she wants with no man tying her down.”

“Or woman.”  Archie said and Finn cocked an eyebrow.

“Aye I know; she pansexual right?”

“That’s it.”  Archie answered.  “I don’t even know if Chop’d know what to do with her if they got back together now anyway.” 

“I’m sure he’d figure it out.”  Finn answered.  “But he won’t go after her.  It’ll only ever happen if she goes back to him.”

“I really don’t see it happening.”  Archie answered, “Even if they are still fucking every time they’re in the same country as each other.  Izzy’s enjoying her life far too much to ever go back to Stamford and I don’t see Chop ever leaving there.”

“I dunno.  People can change.”  Finn shrugged.

“Anyway, I’ve got some monumentally big news.”  Archie said.

“Bigger than coming to London?”

“Well yeah.”  Archie said.  “Much.”  He cleared his throat and Finn looked at him expectantly.

“Tom and I are-” The screen froze and Finn’s eyebrows furrowed.  He waited to see if Skype would fix itself, but the call dropped out and he rolled his eyes and tried calling Archie again.

“Hey.”  He said when they reconnected.  “I didn’t hear your big news, it cut out before-”

“We’re gonna be fathers.”  Archie cut in over Finn and Finn stopped dead, his mouth still open. 

“Wha-”  He stopped himself from asking ‘what’ and suddenly chuckled, “um… congratulations?” 

“I know, I know.  Tom hates kids and never wants them…”  Archie said and they both laughed.  “But Lindy got in a bit o’ trouble.”  Lindy was Archie’s youngest sister, she turned 21 this year.


“Yeah… and she doesn’t want to abort it so….”

“Wow.”  Finn marvelled as he realised what Archie was telling him.

“She was looking into putting the baby up for adoption and… I dunno.  I just… I offered to be the one to adopt it when it comes.”

“Did you ask Tom first?”

“No.”  Archie said with a tone that denoted that the conversation that he had had to have with Tom had not gone well.

“So is he seeing himself as a parent yet?”  Finn asked and Archie shook his head.

“No, he’s seeing himself as an unwilling participant in my fuckbaggery.”

“He’s obviously very impressed with your decision.”

“Very.”  Archie said.  “But he knows I won’t go back on the promise I made my own sister, so… he has very begrudgingly agreed to go along with it.  And our baby will come along in late May.”

“What about the father?”

“Shithead skipped out as soon as he found out.” 

“Is Lind ok?”

“She will be.  She was a lot happier when I said I’d adopt it.” 

“So when you get a place in London, you’ll be looking for one with a nursery?”  Finn asked, there was a small stab of desire in his heart and he realised he was envious.  Rae didn’t want children, but there was a part of him that would love to be a father. 

“Yep.”  Archie said with a grin that he couldn’t keep off his face, “I know Tom’ll come around… I’m so fucking excited to be a dad!”