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Misunderstanding 4/?

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Genre: Angst/….?
Pairing: ReaderxYoongi
Part 4/?

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My boyfriend of 3 years is cheating on me with a stranger and as if that was not enough he lied to me about our date. Work he said.
Yes, working hard on your physical condition.
I never would have thought that this could happen to me. Everyone told me how lucky I was to have such a sweet boyfriend who sends me flowers to work, brings me on beautiful dates and writes me songs. But it seems like that was not the real Yoongi…
Why is this so bitter? What did i do to deserve this?

Sitting on the bench I cannot stop thinking about this and cry endlessly. Thousands of questions are flowing in my mind.

What if he has an explanation for all of this?
What if that girl is family and I just never met her before?
What if it is just a misunderstanding?
What if it is not?
What if I am the crazy girlfriend who overreacts again?
Maybe I should talk to him first before having this kind of conclusions?
I mean it is Min Yoongi after all he would never do this… Right?

All those What ifs make me feel dizzy. What am I supposed to do now?

I feel my phone buzzing in my hands. I look up and check my phone.
03:16AM: a lot of missed calls and some messages by Hoseok. Of course.
He wouldn’t  believe me. He just knows me too well, I never did this before.
I should write him back or else he will go crazy and I don’t want him to worry too much. He doesn’t deserve this.
I unlock my phone and I see messages and calls from Yoongi as well.
Seems like he found out what happened and knows now? Seeing his name on my screen reminds me of the scene I just witnessed.
Now I really don’t feel like answering anymore.
I look up to the sky and a single tear rolls down my face the moonlight shining on my face.

Is this how all of it will end?
Just like that without a warning, without a chance to recover?

After staring at the sky for way to long my tears stopped and the cold wind dried them on my face. What a wonderful spring day it could have been after such a lonely night. But my hopes got crashed.
My phone starts buzzing again and this time I decide to read the messages I got from Hoseok.



I made him worry so much after practice. I sure don’t deserve him as my best friend. I should make sure to write him back. Or should I just go back to the dorms get my stuff and leave? But chances are high to meet Yoongi..
I look at my messages and see Yoongis name popping up again. I want to know what he says but I kind of don’t want to know too. My curiosity wins.



As I am reading his messages my thoughts just scatter all over the place. 

‘UGH, this is so frustating!’

What can I do right now? I really don’t want to see him but what if I just understood everything wrong? 
I need to face him anyway right? And I need my keys to go home as well. I get up from the bench and turn around making my way back to the dorm. 
What should I say when I see him? What if he really is cheating on me? But on the other side… what if he is not? 
After walking for a short time I stop. Did I overreact?

‘God, I can’t even feel my legs anymore.. how long was I sitting here for? Am I a kid? Ugh.. I am so dumb’

But even if I did overreact who was that girl in his arms? Why was she there sleeping in HIS bed with MY boyfriend and using MY slippers?
So many questions but no answers. I take out my phone to keep reading the messages.
Wow. Perfect. MY battery died. Even this fits my shitty situation right now.

‘What did I do to deserve this?’ I whisper to myself.

A cold shiver runs through my whole body as I continue walking. I should have worn my shoes for gods sake. It’s so cold. 

Note to myself:

Never run off again with slippers on.


I AM SO SORRY. It took me like forever to post this :(
I had a lot going on but here it is: PART 4 OF ‘MISUNDERSTANDING?’ !

I hope you guys like it! Thank you for all your support and messages ♥

s is for secrets

adrien, nino, marinette, and alya play a particularly interesting sleepover game of truth or dare.

this is possibly one of the best things i’ve ever created. i was basically laughing the entire way through doing it and was constantly sending snippets to the @mlfanfiction people (so thanks u guys for the encouragement!!)
i hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it


“You’re what?” asks Alya, frowning at her friend and hugging her pillow between crossed legs and arms.

“I’m… Ladybug?”

“Dude,” breathes Nino, laying upside down across the bed and flopping back to stare at her, his glasses sliding off his face. “Dude.

Adrien just stares.

Marinette squirms uncomfortably. Maybe this was a bad idea. “Do you not believe me?”

“No, girl, we believe you, we’re just… what,” Alya replies, gesturing at her with one hand. “I mean, I never thought you’d admit it.”

“What?!” Squeaks Marinette, her face flaming red. “What do you mean? Are you saying you knew?”

Alya nods solemnly and Nino kind of shrugs. “You were never that subtle about it. Always disappearing and being late. But we didn’t want to confront you about it so we just kind of discussed it and the more we did, the more obvious it seemed,” Nino admits.

“I can’t believe this,” says Marinette with a laugh, sounding as if she’s about to faint. “Does anyone else know? Adrien, did you know?”

The three of them glance over at Adrien and he just stares back with wide eyes and then slowly shakes his head.

“I almost forgot that sunshine boy over here totally has a thing for Ladybug,” Alya says, wiggling her eyebrows. “Looks like you two were made for each other, am I right?”

“Th-that’s not true at all!” Exclaims Adrien, his face immediately going as red as Nathanael’s hair as he lifts his pillow and launches it towards her as forcefully as he can. Alya bursts into laughter as it bounces off her head and she chucks it back. “I never said that.”

“Dude. Are you kidding,” Nino deadpans. “You don’t even need to say it. Marinette’s not good at hiding her identity, you’re not good at hiding your emotions. I know that most of the time you restrain yourself from talking about her but I can see it in your eyes. Like the burning flames of the Eiffel Tower after an akuma attack are flickering behind them.”

“Poetic,” snorts Alya, and Nino grins back at her. “Why don’t you write poetry like that for me?”

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ohharryhoney  asked:

things you said when you were drunk Tomlinshaw

When Louis wakes up, it’s to a pounding head, a foul taste in his mouth and a note taped to his forehead. It probably says something that the paper obscuring his vision is the last thing he notices, only halfway through brushing his teeth does he realize that he’s opening his eyes but not seeing his own reflection, but he’s way to fucking hungover to figure out what it is. He does, eventually, snatch the offending paper off his head and reads it, but only after he’s made his tea and climbed back into his bed.


Oh christ, Louis knows this handwriting. 

You were quite spectacularly off your arse last night, and I’ll be surprised if you remember much of anything 

He stops and tries to think, but fuck, no, that hurts and it’s all a blur anyway, he vaguely remembers matching Niall shot for shot somewhere in the beginning but after that, it’s like everything’s on fast forward. And muted. And blurry. And shit, what did he do.

so here’s a very short, somewhat annotated list of some of the things you said to me over the course of last night.

“I want some chicken” (you and your fast food habit is disgusting)
“Get me some chicken” (I almost considered taking you to get some but then…)
“You kind of look like a chicken”
“You have this face, yeah, makes you look like a chicken”
“That’s the one!”
“It’s good, I love chicken”
“I actually like your hair” (I like yours too)
“and your face” (ditto)
“I like what it looks like with my hands in it” (it feels quite good too)
“Why are you such a fucking giant”
“I don’t want my band to break up”
“Here take this water gun and help me find Liam” (you filled the gun with vodka, Louis, VODKA. I’ve no idea why I like you)
“I want more”
“I want you to tie me up” (Christ, Lou, you have no idea how hard it was for me to not fuck you, right there, in the middle of your living room)
“Punish me, when I’m bad”
“I want more” (you said this a lot, and it took me a stupidly long time to figure out what you meant, I’m sorry)
“Nicholas” (this isn’t out of the ordinary, I just love it when you say my name, love the way it rolls off your tongue, the way it sounds in your mouth, when it comes across your lips)
“I’m not sure I know who I am without them” (oh, love)
“I am sure about you” (Louis, I’m sure about you too. I think we might’ve done this backwards)
“Please, Nick, please get me some chicken, I’m dying” (you were lying on your kitchen floor, literally, on your back on your kitchen floor, you disgusting person)
“If I say something will you promise to hear me out” (you just promised me a blowjob in exchange for chicken)
“I want you to mark me up”
“Sometimes I think about you telling me what to do, or what not to do, all kinds of things like sitting at your feet, or when to come or using the loo, and I get so hard, Nick, all the time” (this sentence is engraved, forever, in my memory Tomlinson, and we’re going to discuss all of this)
“I just. I want more” (me too)
“I love you” (you said more, actually, about being sorry and ruining our agreement and you ran away before I could say anything back, if you’re so sure about me why do you keep doing that?)

Also, I’m in your guest room.

Louis almost brains himself attempting to get out of his bed and across the hall and into the next room, and then yeah, there he is, sitting up against the pillows, glasses perched on his nose, phone still lit up but forgotten in his lap, looking at and through and into Louis, smile brilliant and kind. “‘I love you too, idiot.”

And Louis can’t decide between laughing hysterically or crying, because that’s all he’s wanted for so long. He climbs up onto the bed, straddling Nick’s lap to take his face into his hands, and kisses him. Slowly, so slowly, until they have to pull apart in order to catch their breath. And he has to say it again, so he can remember too, so when he looks back on this moment it’ll have everything. “I love you, Nicholas.”

“I love it when you say my name.”

He wiggles his eyebrows and grins. “I know. I’m never throwing that paper out, even though it’s completely embarrassing.”

“I think what’s more embarrassing is that I’m so gone for you I went out and got you chicken.”

Louis pulls back, eyes dramatically wide. “You didn’t.”

“Unfortunately I did. It’s in the fridge, love.”

He kisses him three, four times in rapid succession before throwing himself off the bed. “Ugh. Best. Best boyfriend ever.”

And well, Nick thinks as he watches Louis’ bum as he rounds the corner towards the kitchen, that’s new. That’s more. He’s more. He’s ridiculous.
It’s also perfect.

Send me a ship and I’ll write you a mini-fic


summary: you and luke have been roommates for all your college years, overtime becoming best friends. you’ve been pining over him for years quietly, but he doesn’t see it. despite having been pining over you too.

After living with him all your college years in your shared apartment, you knew him like the back of your hand, and so did he. Over the years the both of you had become close friends, both of you having each other’s backs. Not to mention an ever-growing attachment towards him, with his stupid cuteness, really, really bad jokes, and how much of a good friend he was. It was hard not to feel yourself being doting whenever you were around him. Your body would always heat up as your heart rate accelerated whenever he complimented you and flashed a grin. A stupid grin that always made you melt a bit.

Unfortunately Luke was a bit clueless to realizing how much you had actually liked him. Usually he would brush it off as something platonic and friendly which aggravated you constantly. The thought of him only seeing you as a friend had also disappointed you. To be fair, you wouldn’t have had the guts to tell him anyway.

You were washing the dishes and stacking them onto the dish rack, finishing up until you heard an exasperated groan coming out from the blond. Followed by a multitude of his whining and complaining. You walked over to the paper towel holder, tearing one off and drying your damp hands. You smiled to yourself as you watched him struggle on his studies. His hair sticking out everywhere as he chewed on his bottom lip slightly, “Ugh,” he sighed dramatically, tossing his things in front of him and stretching his legs out. His hands ran through hair again, smoothing it out, “this essay is so stressful,” he mumbled, “and stupid, this class is just an elective.” he complained, his baby blue’s averting to you with his lips pink and pouty. 

Heat rushed to your cheeks, reddening them as you cracked a small smile. You threw your paper towel away in the trash and looked down at him, “How far into the paper are you?” you raised a brow at him.

“Almost done,” he replied, grabbing his laptop again and jamming his finger down on the space bar. He stared blankly at the screen, looking completely run out of thoughts. You stifled a laugh, walking towards the other couch perpendicular to his. You turned on the television and scrolled through Netflix, scanning through the abundance of TV shows. Luke looked at you curiously, unable to focus on his work as he observed you trying to make up your mind on what to watch. 

You felt his eyes on you, you rotated your body to face him, “Work on your essay Hemmings,” you chuckled, “if you finish then we can watch Parks and Rec or something together,” you suggested, earning a pout from him.

“I’ll try and finish I guess,” he huffed and went back to writing, trying his best attempts to finish. Eventually he did, as you could hear his triumphant voice claiming that he had finished. He shut his laptop and shuffled to his room, charging it and leaving it to rest. Considering how hot the bottom of it was, the boy’s legs were scorching. The blond headed back to the living room, plopping down on the couch, “Y/n,” he called, getting your attention. He spread out his arms for you, “let’s cuddle,” he beamed at you cutely.

Your heart nearly melted on the spot at his simple gesture. Warmth rushed throughout your body and you shuddered at the sudden change of temperature. Unfortunately this was all just platonic and never more than that. That’s how it’s always been. Nevertheless you stood up and walked over to Luke, lying down beside him and snuggling up close. His arms wrapped around your waist securely, pulling you towards him comfortably. He nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck. He let out a sigh and watched some TV shows with you. Mostly making unnecessary commentary and cracking a few lame jokes. He also found it hilarious to poke you and listen to the high pitched squeaks and yelps that spilled from your mouth, “Quit it before I smack you Hemmings,” you threatened as he distracted you from watching the show.

He giggled, squeezing you firmly and earning an agitated sigh from you, “Y/n I’m bored,” he huffed and sat up. He crossed his legs as he let you rest your head on his lap.

“What do you propose we do Luke?” you looked up at him and stretched your feet to the armrest of the couch. He shrugged in reply, his fingers combing through your hair as he remained quiet. You huffed back, staying quiet as well. The both of you enjoying the comforting silence between the both of you. Soon enough the both of you began talking again. Unsurprisingly about the most weirdest things, but you two didn’t care.

You straddled him and leaned back, resting your back on his bent knees. You scrolled aimlessly through your phone with one hand, the other intertwined with Luke’s. The both of you showing each other funny memes and text posts while laughing your asses off, “Your knees are stabbing me in the back whenever I laugh Lucas,” you giggled and shifted a bit.

“Sorry.” he said under his breath, protruding his bottom lip out. He scrolled through an abundance of apps, trying to entertain himself, “Fuck,” he muttered as his phone died. Your eyes lifted from your phone screen, watching the blond lunge from the coffee table to put his phone down, “My phone died,” he claimed lamely. Earning a soft chuckle from you as you turned off your phone and did the same. 

He glanced up at you curiously as he watched you toy with the hem of your shirt. The both of you having nothing to say to one another. His free hand ghosted to yours. The both of you interlocking your fingers together. He squeezed your hands gently. He smiled a bit as he lowered his knees, stretching them out onto the other end of the couch. He stretched out some more, shifting you while he was at it. A groan escaped his lips as he stretched himself out. His hand flew to your hips, assuring your balance on him.

As you engaged on your phone sitting still the blond decided it would be funny to make weird faces at you until he had caught your attention

The lip-pierced boy hummed a song that had been stuck in his head quietly to himself. His lips pursed together as he thought to himself. Eventually his humming became singing as you observed him getting lost into his own swirling thoughts. You blushed and smiled softly. The urge to get up settled through you, yet you didn’t want to move at all. Despite the numbness your legs were going through.

You sat there still, enduring the irritating pins and needles in your leg. But Luke’s voice was able to divert your attention away from the feeling. Unfortunately you couldn’t help but squirm and twitch your leg a bit. You heard a laugh come out from him and you jerked some more. You whined, “Shut up,” you huffed and got off of him as blood rushed down to your legs. The sudden rush eliminating the feeling which earned a sigh of relief from you. 

“You’re so weird y/n,” he smiled goofily, “but it’s okay because you’re my best friend,” he added as he grasped your hand and pulled you onto him again. Your face collided into the soft cotton of his shirt on his chest. His accustomed woody and beachy scent surrounding you faintly. Before you knew it strong arms wrapped around you tightly, more or less squeezing the life out of you. You squirmed and squealed, knowing that he would do that as he always did just to get a cruel laugh. 

Deep down you knew that you wouldn’t even mind him doing this for a few hours. Just a bit more light on the squeezing the life out of you though. You giggled, desperately trying to wriggle out of grip and catch your breath, “Luke!” you shrieked, “Let go of me you shit!” you giggled and strived to pull his hands apart from his firm grip.

“Hey take that back!” he protested, tightening the hold on you. Which made it extremely hard to escape. You shook your head, struggling under him more. 

“Never!” you refused, putting your movement to a halt. You felt his hand poke your ribs, tickling the hell out of you. You screamed and laughed, desperately trying to curl up into a ball, “I knew you were going to do that!” you gasped between breaths, his attack of tickles not seeming to slow down or stop, “O-Okay,” you huffed, giggling uncontrollably, “you’re not a shit and I mean it!” you panted. You knew beforehand that ask if you had meant your words, as he’s pulled that stupid card on you for nearly 4 years.

The tension around you finally dissipated and let out a sigh of relief. The boy let out a ridiculing laugh at your struggling. The corners of his mouth turned upwards, you deadpanned at him. Turning your head away from him and refusing to speak, “C’mon y/n don’t ignore me,” his bottom lip protruding outwards. He could still tell that he was continuing to contain his bursts of laughter. You huffed, ignoring him and playing with your hands. He sighed, trailing his hands down your arms and to your hands. You looked up at him, wondering what was going on in his head. Your cheeks radiated heat as he interlocked his fingers with yours. 

“What are you doing?” you whispered and looked up at him curiously.

“Nothing,” he stated simply, squeezing your hand gently as you relaxed a bit. Soft yet calloused hands entwined with yours. His eyes studied you, he smiled to himself as he came to notice how pretty you were. His expression full of wonder as to why he never noticed it earlier. His eyes fixated on every feature he could possibly find and became fond of.

“Oh,” you stammered and felt his eyes boring on you. He noticed you blush, he furrowed his brows at you confused as to why you were so flustered.

“You okay y/n?” he asked you, dumbfounded to even the slightest gestures that made it obvious to your enormous crush on him, “You’re being all quiet and secretive around me again,” he pouted, “for like the thousandth time.” he added, “you okay?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” you attempted to keep your cool at his abrupt question as you bluffed. 

“Hey stop lying y/n,” he frowned. His brows were knitted together, “I just want to know if anything’s wrong.” he admitted genuinely, “You always act weird around me now and I keep thinking it’s because you don’t want to be my friend anymore,” he frowned, blurting all of his thoughts out. He rambled on and on, his eyes never leaving you, “I just want to know if anything’s wrong y/n,” he huffed.

You listened to him intently, though refusing to make eye contact with him. You nervously fiddled with your fingers. Your thoughts were scattered and refused to correspond with the words trying to form between your lips. Luke waited patiently for your response, his own facial expression was puzzled and clueless. Which somewhat frustrated you as well. You let out an exasperated sigh, “Do you really not see how obvious it is?” you looked up at him surprised.

The blond shook his head vigorously, “… No?” he answered truthfully. 

You widened your eyes, “But I make it so obvious though,” you murmured, sinking your shoulders though. 

“Y/n,” he whined impatiently, “what the hell are you talking about?” 

“Luke,” you began, blushing furiously, “I like you, I really, really like you,” you pulled your knees up to your chest. A cheek squishing against your knee, embarrassment evident from the heat rushing throughout your body. You rotated your body away from him, refusing to see his reaction. 

He gawked at you, shocked and flustered all at the same time, “Holy shit y/n…” he drifted. His arm lunged towards you, his hand gently resting on your shoulder. You jerked away from him, letting out a whine and keeping to yourself the best you could, “Please look at me I had no idea.” he blubbered, looking up at your back and sighing, “I didn’t mean to make you say that,” he apologized repeatedly. Unfortunately he couldn’t get a response from you as you were mortified as to what just happened. You picked at your nails and gazed down at the floor. Your face still red and your palms sweaty.

You eventually calmed down within an hour or so. Although your mind raced with ideas about how Luke was possibly feeling right now. He’d given up on trying to get your attention and just stayed silent with you the whole time. He surprisingly looked more frustrating than you did once you allowed yourself to direct your eyes towards him. Rising up, you straightened out your shirt and set foot on the creaky wood, “Are you just not going to say anything?” you muttered, slightly dismayed. An unnerving pit sat in your stomach, you turned around to face him nervously.

Yet he nothing came from his mouth, he was still deep in his thoughts. As you noticed how unresponsive the blond was you let out a deep sigh. Mostly out of
despondency, even though you knew you were pretty much going to be rejected from him in the first place.

“It’s okay if you don’t like me back,” you affirmed, still pretty disappointed, “I just… wanted to let it out- but it’s totally okay if you don’t like me…. ” you rambled on and on about how “okay” this all was. Much to your dismay he didn’t reply at all, you were starting to get irritated and desperate due to his lack of reassurance towards you, "Please don’t hate me,“ you squeaked, worst case scenarios flooding your thoughts as you began to overthink everything through, "The last thing I want to do is ruin our friendship,”

That was your greatest fear at of all of this, despite the rejection being bad enough. You were absolutely terrified of the thought of him not wanting to be you’re best friend anymore. Especially since you two lived together in the first place. Blood pumped into your heart more quickly as it felt like it sank simultaneously. Words of nonsense poured out of your mouth as you desperately tried to get him to not hate you, “D-Do you not want to be-”

“Y/n,” his head snapped towards you, his soft voice echoed through the previously silent room. His hands wrapped around yours to stop them from gesturing so much. You blushed, relaxing under his touch slightly. You gulped, looking at him wearily, “I don’t hate you,” he kissed your head and pulled you into a warm and welcoming embrace, “I like you too okay?” he reassured you, his cheeks emitting a pinkish hue. 

“Y-You do?” you stammered. Palms sweaty as you found yourself flustered. 

He nodded, his lips turning into a grin, “Yes I do, I never realized that you did too,” he murmured sheepishly as he rubbed his hand over the back of his neck. He combed his fingers through his hair, silky strands of hair flattening underneath his fingertips. 

You nodded understanding, “I’ve liked you for ages,” you admitted, your tone shy yet sincere, “I thought I was pretty obvious,” you rambled, gesturing your hands out for emphasis, “you know with all the blushing, staring, and nervousness.” you continued, going on and on, “Sorry for going on so much, I just really love-like you…” you blushed and looked down embarrassed.

Luke chuckled, “Awe y/n,” his fingers lifting up your head so you could look at him. He stared into you deeply and affectionately. His swirling blues fixated back and forth from your eyes to your lips. Baby pink and pierced lips agape, he shifted closer towards you, “I love you too y/n, I promise.” he stated. 

You looked down at his lips, lips you’ve always wanted kiss. You leaned forward towards him, the proximity between you two starting to close. Your hands rested on his chest gently as you straddled him. In return he moved even closer, looking down at you to assure that you were completely okay with it. You nodded, urging him to keep going. He smiled goofily and stifled out a giggle, causing you to giggle as well, “Hurry up,” you whined, moving your hands up his arms causing him to shudder. 

“Don’t rush me,” he retaliated, still having a stupid smile plastered on his face as he pulled away from you to stop himself from giggling so much.

“You suck,” you pouted, “Luke hurry the hell up before I leave you and go to my bed instead,” his laughs had yet to disperse. You sat there, sighing and blushing red, back turned to him. 

The laughs had finally stopped, and before you knew it he turned you around, pecking your lips and pulling just a few centimeters away, “I’m sorry baby,” he said the word to you for the first time. The feeling in your stomach warm and at the same time foreign, “you’re just really cute I got distracted,” he confessed, blushing just like you were. 

Soft lips pressed against yours yet again, kissing you harder. While at the same time managing to sweet and tender as his lips moved against yours. Strong hands squeezed your hips firmly as you rested yours on his shoulder. He deepened the kiss, becoming more needy and loving by the second, “I love you,” he mumbled against your lips, moving your hips a bit with one hand and running his fingers through your hair with the other.

“I love you too,” you murmured, a smile forming as you kissed him. You two finally pulled away in order to catch your breaths, both of your lips became red and swollen from the kissing. Your head rested on his shoulder, and arms wrapped all the way around him possessively. His chin rested gently on the crown of your head as he pulled you to him, “Want to be my girlfriend?” his voice soft and soothing. 

You nodded in response, “Mhm,” you smiled, pressing your lips to his briefly, “I would love to,” you smiled at him, admiring how pretty every part of him was. He looked at you just the same, his thumb running over your cheek softly. A dimpled smile remained on his face as he stared at you longingly. 

“I love you,” he murmured in your ear again. The both of you talked for hours on end, holding each other close and securely. The feeling of you two being even closer than before caused butterflies in your stomach. Especially since after living with the boy for 4 years and going through almost everything together, you would never want to live with anyone else beside him.