i made this my theme background

Theme #16 by raiidens
Are you sad because you can’t get a customized DS with your favourite colours? Well shed no more tears, I made a DS inspired theme! And I say inspired because I used reference pictures from about three different models and also kinda did my own thing too. Hope you like it!
Static preview + install
  • 400px or 250px posts
  • Up to 8 links
  • Customizable colours, images, fonts
    • Screen background: 340px x 430px
  • Ask/about/nav can be disabled
  • Functional buttons
    • Up and down arrow buttons scroll through posts
  • Infinite scroll (optional)
  • Monochrome posts (optional)
  • Removable captions

  • Leave the credit or move it somewhere else visible
  • Edit as much as you like
  • Like/reblog if you’re using!
  • Show me what kind of creative things you’ve done with it!

*aqua theme playing*

Percy certainly spends a lot of time in the ozean (when he’s not to busy sassing monsters and gods) where he meets all kinds of creatures, in this case a baby-Hippocamp :D

White Nonsense aside, here’s a few warnings if you want to watch Doctor Strange (no spoilers, just some stuff to keep in mind)

1. Do you have a trigger or squick about hand injuries/surgery/etc? Be forewarned, big theme in the movie.

2. A PTSD warning for a rather violently rough car accident in the movie (and a second kind of background car accident visible near the end)

3. Ommetaphobia/eye squick for a brief trippy scene involving falling INTO the pupil… it makes more sense in context

4. Vertigo/nausea with movement… TONS of movement and artistic trippy weirdness and it made me a bit dizzy (the 3D may have contributed) and god knows how bad it would have been if my vertigo were as bad as it was several years ago or I was on any meds that made it worse. Yikes.

Good movie if you can overlook the White Nonsense and “lol what’s a Bechdel Test” and Beneficial Cucumber’s general presence (and even if you can’t overlook those it can still be entertaining while you side-eye Marvel going “are you serious right now”). But yeah. The hand injury thing got me shivering and the car accident made me a bit tense (I’ve only been in minor accidents but it was still rough)

<3 Take care of yourselves


[06] Starchart by anaarthemes

preview 01 / preview 02 / preview 03

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This is a pretty simple theme that I made while listening to Undertale songs a lot but is named after the kittems game.


  1. Don’t remove credit.
  2. Don’t use as a base code.
  3. Don’t repost/claim as your own.
  4. Both light/heavy CSS editing is allowed as long as credit is intact.
  5. If you find errors/have questions, IM me here.

Feature overview:

  • 400px/500px posts
  • custom background image (repeat or full)
  • 150x150 custom sidebar image
  • Post ‘headers’ with reblog + like buttons
  • 10 font options, 3 sizes
  • Optional dropdown links or icons with 3 custom links

Icon art by elentori-art

10 Day Robron Challenge: Day Six

Day 6: Favourite Break Up/Argument

OK firstly, I have no clue why I thought it was a good idea to include this theme - what were you thinking, Tash?!? I must really hate myself because why else would I make myself celebrate their angst??! I mean, who has a favourite argument, really?! 

Anyway, I made my bed and now I must lie in it. I really struggled to pick one here, but went with the one that I kept coming back to, even if I think this will be an unpopular choice:

The Lodge and the Aftermath

OK, so I’m aware this will divide opinion. I’m also aware this isn’t a healthy point in their relationship and am not trying to glorify that in any way. It’s not just a break up or an argument, it’s an absolute bloody disaster, that at the time I thought there would be no coming back from. 

HOWEVER! Maybe it’s because I can watch it back now knowing they made it back to each other, and because we’ve had some A+++ character development for Mr Shifty himself, Robert Sugden, but I’m strangely obsessed with these lodge scenes, and here’s why:

1. I believe Robert did love Aaron when he first told him so, but I don’t think he really knew it himself and I believe he only told Aaron to manipulate him to keep quiet about Katie. I think the first time Robert told Aaron he loved it, and really meant it, from the bottom of his heart, was at the Lodge. 

2. Linked to that, I also think this is the first time Robert really exposes himself to Aaron. He’s in survival mode - not game-playing, manipulative, thrill-seeking, cares-for-nothing-but-himself mode - and he’s panicking about  Aaron betraying him. All he has left to try and keep Aaron is honesty, because he knows Aaron can always see straight through his lies, and off the back of that we get:

“I wish that was all I cared about.”

“It’s You. You’re the worst mistake I’ve ever made.”

“Falling in love with you ruined everything.”

and, from the deepest, darkest pit of his heart, for the first time with real feeling - “I meant it. I Love You.”

3. Also it becomes obvious how Robert is so out of his depth? Like, he’s been playing the village villain for a while, but Ryan Hawley manages to give Robert a heart, and these Lodge scenes just make it so clear to me that Robert is out of his depth and spiraling. He’s broken in these scenes. I mean, he’s so riddled with devastation when Aaron says he doesn’t love him that he actually puts a gun to Aaron’s head, like he actually thinks he could be capable of going that far, and it’s incredibly clear that he cannot go through with it. Robert has a temper, and he’s impulsive; he acts first and thinks later, and he will fight to protect something that is important to him. But he’s not a bad person, in his heart, even if he does bad things. And this is even more obvious since we’ve had Robert supporting Aaron through his trial, and SSW scenes, and the emergence of Romantic Robert - that side to him was always there, but it was just hidden away because of the fear and the self-loathing and this desperation to keep a hold onto the life that we know he’d worked so hard for.


“Because he wanted to be here with me, didn’t you? I spent the full week here, in your bed.”

I think that’s all that needs to be said though, yeah?

don't count your owls - norio - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

     don’t count your owls  

Author: norio                    
Relationship:   Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Akaashi KeijiBokuto Koutarou                                            Additional Tags:    Alternate Universe - Hogwarts
Bokuto gets stuck as an owl and Akaashi gets stuck with Bokuto.


So i spent the whole day reading Haikyuu-fanfics while listening to epic/emotional/orchestral music. Then, i found this wonderful Hogwarts AU Akaashi/Bokuto fanfic and after some time that  BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM SOUNDTRACK   started playing in the background. I didn’t even notice, at first.
But when Akaashi faced a few Dementors and was about to get killed the music started getting louder and louder which made everything incredibly dramatic and then THE CHOIR GOT TO ITS CLIMAX  - AT THIS POINT I STARTED SHAKING HOLY COW that shit gave me the hardest goosebumps of my life. Even the Jazz-themed part after that FITS PERFECTLY INTO THE WHOLE SITUATION. I’m literally crying right now.

I really need some fanart to this fanfiction
or  more   owl!Bokuto turning into human  /  human!Bokuto with wings  fanart  in general, please Q_Q

I even tried to draw something matching to that one amazing part of the vocals getting louder. (00:52) It’s just a quick drawing of him spiking because it was too hard for me to actually draw Bokuto turning into a human again and using the Patronus charm.    RIP ._.

New Theme!  A New Year, a New Nikki

After a few months of the Urotsuki theme with some lovely art by @senrife (that I completely forgot to credit them for OTL my apologies), it’s time for a new theme featuring the original dreamer.   The header art is by @wildcatfourteen, and the gif & background were made by me.  

The blog also has a new mobile theme.  After months of using @spenchaaaaan‘s wonderful Wenjadanlaweilaya & the Great Blue Super Magic Water fanart, I ended up using one of the New Year’s doodle request I made (I’ll finish the last of those tomorrow).

Here’s to a nice, pink year everyone. c:


so here’s the backgrounds i’ve made so far because there’s enough to make a masterpost of.  if you use them anywhere (besides as your personal backgrounds) on any website or even as your background on your tumblr theme please give credit so other people can come find them and save them, too!

reminder that these were originally all made for me so they fit my personal taste in backgrounds (very simple and minimalist)


sweating Foxy (under the sun)

oh what i hv done in my lyfe?? lol i expected to make it just a doodle but then i made it into my usual, simple colour artwork x’DD

yes he’s sweating alot and he needs to take of his shirt to get a cool breeze over his…six packs chest and yeah i’m really in dilemma which background colour to suit this seductive mood/theme (so that’s why i made the two variation xD;;) which one is probably the most suitable?? /shrugs

reblags are appreciated and choose which one do you think suits well (cuz i’ve no idea;;)


Know more about Sienna here
Know more about Selkie here

Also, some clarifications:

  1. their age is unknown because the characters on the game don’t have a definitive age and I made my OCs to fit this theme (but for reference, Red would be around 16-18 and Kye would be 20-25). Kye’s age is also unknown due to her background history (as well as her name).
  2. None of them have a “crush” on either of the games. However, unlike Kye, who is aromantic, Red is Panromantic.
  3. The sorcerer thing is something I learned after reading a bunch about the terms and wiccan culture (btw if you’re wiccan I accept suggestions and corrections)
  4. The symbol on Kye’s forehead simbolizes the wiccan Hexagram, wich is a representation of a combination of all elements. The symbol is also said to be a representation of Aether (the fifth element). Please, if it offends anyone, especially due to the similarity to the Star of David, let me know!
The Wheels Are Turning ...

A colleague of mine and I were talking (more like complaining) about the lack of cross-curricular projects and planning at our school - especially in the English and Social Studies departments (which seems like a perfect combo, in my opinion).  We were both upset about the lack of expanding our students’ depth of knowledge in subject matter because they could not grasp the basic background knowledge necessary to move forward … sooooo, we made a decision.

We figured that if we wanted to get something done, we’d have to make the change ourselves.  We’re going to have to model it for the admins in hopes that they will see the benefits of consistent and relevant cross-curricular planning.  We’re going to do a novel study (Ready Player One) - in English I, they’ll focus on the theme of journeys/quests (in lieu of studying the Odyssey) and in World Geography, we’ll study the future of map making and the role of virtual reality and other innovations.  I’m super stoked because were going to GAMIFY the unit based on 80s/90s video games.

I talked to my students about the idea - and they went BALLISTIC! They think it super awesome that we’re reading a book that is current, but also allows for them to show what they know.  They gave me homework (studying up on the 2000s games and consoles) and are already talking about avatars and guilds … did I mention, we won’t actually start this project for another 3 weeks?!  I love seeing the excitement of my students; I’m not going to lie, this project has really pushed me over the hump of exhaustion regarding my teaching this year.  I’m feeling rejuvenated … and I freaking love it!

Here’s a little sneak peek at the website I’m building for the game …

My Favorite Things From Steam Powered Giraffe’s Performance at the San Diego County Fair
  • The Spine coming out ten minutes early then running away when everyone started cheering
  • “I was made with a titanium metal spine and well thats my BACKstory”
  • Butter Vendor fight
  • The Walter Workers Caramelldansen in the background
  • Hatchworth tastes cat blood
  • Rabbits breakdown mid Honeybee
  • Qwerty singing the fresh prince of bel air theme
  • Hatchworth and Beebop getting milkshakes after the show
  • Spine and Rabbit’s secret handshake
  • GG possibly trying to eat Rabbit
  • “The Spine infinite loop slap Hatchworth in the face”