i made this months ago so it's not very good

important thing abt the ho who runs this blog

so maybe a few of u know that i started this blog bc i had a “friend” who i honestly despised and i didnt want her to know i was into yoi bc she liked it too so i made a blog where i can cry in peace (very petty i know but she was Not A Good Friend plus she was an anti too so like. that was a pile of shit i didnt want to deal with) and i used an ~online alias~ ‘olivia’ to cover my tracks

but i cut her off a few months ago so i have no reason to really hide this blog anymore and i dont have much reason to continue using the nickname plus it started feeling weird being referred to as olivia??? its weird idk

so uh tl;dr i guess im asking yall to stop calling me olivia from now on??? and refer to me as 'missy’ which is like my actual nickname and smth im much more comfortable with lmao

i still rly love being called 'liv’ tho so if ur uncomfortable referring to me as anything else then just use that

bleusarcelle  asked:

OOOOH NOW I GET IT. Lmao, I'm sorry. I just didn't know what was all the music topic about, like, even after I followed u I was like... Idk what happening but they sound cool so kay. But then a mutual of mine was like 'listen to this' and it was the Moana Cover Vld Edtion, which amazing btw, amazing voice, and I was like OH OKAY I GET IT OK THIS MAKES SENSE. IM sorry its so random, I just thought i might share that I think you are amazing and pretty chill. I like u.

HEY THERE! ahha don’t worry about it omg. this made me laugh lol. i think my blog can be confusing sometimes tho bc i do suddenly get swept into things very passionately then suddenly it’s something else and i profusely apologise bc it’s probably like “god….. wtf is sunny yelling about this time” hahaha.

i also made the vld epic trailer music thing a few months ago which was good fun if you ever saw that 8). fandom projects are always good fun! omMMM i actually found you through a really positive post you wrote about being a good space for people and bringing ppl together not tolerating hate ect and i too think you’re v chilled and awesome. being chill is cool. i like seeing you on my dash bc you’re super friendly and welcoming! 

that is really kind of you to say about the music thank you for taking a moment to tell me. that makes me happy ahhh. i put a lot of work and passion into the projects i do around here - so feedback is really nice to hear!!! 

spoiler: i like u too 

colouring tutorial

i was asked how i coloured this gifset, so here’s another fun tutorial for you guys (in typical kiera fashion it’s probably gonna be image heavy and a bit long lmao sorry) and i hope it makes sense lmao

what you’ll need:

content warnings: flashing gif, guns

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I’ve seen a couple of posts about OCs recently and it made me realise that the majority of my followers don’t know anything about my OCs! So! Here’s a picture I drew several months ago (I think it’s actually closer to a year ago now but SHH) of my character Lucas from my first book. 

He 15 years old, lives in a city in my original world, Enderria, and he has nitrokinesis (the ability to create and manipulate explosions). He is not very good at controlling his powers. He accidentally razed his hometown to the ground just under a year before the story starts, which partially deafened him, killed nearly everyone he knew and made him a fugitive. He’s my precious child and I love him, and I hope people like him! If you wanna know more about him or my original series, please ask! :D seriously it would kinda make me really happy ahahah

I watched the volcanion/magearna movie here and…. I loved it! Definitely the best xy movie, and the best movie imo for a long time, since DP. The stuck on you tropey bit for like, the first hour was actually really well done and very funny, and made this gif I made months ago incredibly accurate

 but like the plot was good and engaging too, very evil baddie which is nice, and there were SO many just cute nice pokemon just being pokemon moments, (its going to be gif hell when the dvd comes out). Oh and magearna itself was such a good character and pokemon.  I didn’t know how I felt about it beforehand but now I love it. Also yass puni-chan, slaaay. 

Now all that’s left is for me is to update this

EDIT: it was also basically an ash fashion show, walk walk fashion baby 

EDIT X2 COMBO: It’s filmed in the cinema obvo, but the quality gets much better after the first few mins