i made this monstrocity for you


Hello Everyone! I’m a little too paranoid to post selfies, so I’ll just introduce myself here! My name is Anna (she/her pronouns), though I sign my art under the handle NebulaStep. I use I am 21 and aroace! I got into Thomas Sanders at least a year ago thanks to one of my best friends. The Sanders Sides were one of the things that got me out of my creative rut, and I am so glad that I am part of this sweet community. 

In honor of the Community and Pride Month, I made pictures of each of the Pokemon!Sides with different messages, with different Pride Flag colors sprinkled in (the only exception is Haunter!Anxiety’s picture, which contains the colors Pink and Lavender, in reference to the pink triangle and the Lavender Menace. In case it is hard to read, he is scratching out the word REBEL).

I hope you guys have a great day, and a wonderful rest of Pride Month!