i made this manip to see what she could look like on the show

Camren 2017: They’re So Obvi

Okay. First let me apologize for the delay in getting this theory out to you guys. The last few days have been crazy busy. Secondly…grab a bowl of popcorn and warm cup of tea…this is going to get interesting. I’m sure the skeptics will try to refute any and all evidence I am going to provide in this post. So, “screw you in advance. don’t like it? don’t agree? ignore it. please don’t insult me or my fellow munchkins”. Now that all the preliminary stuff is out of the way…

Camren is alive in 2017. I believe that Lauren and Camila are not only on good terms but also seeing each other on the low again. Crazy right? Hard to believe, I know but the evidence I’ve gathered has me convinced. I’ll start with the release of Camila’s CITC and IHQ video and single. Camila released her debut single CITC on May 19th…two days before on the 17th I came across this photo…

I’m not sure if she followed the Camren account on the 17th or if she followed them along time ago, but I think it was recent. It showed up in my recent suggested likes and posted the same day I found it.
Then on the 19th, the day CITC was released, a photo of Lauren was posted to a stylist IG wearing a wig with bangs…

Not a big deal for most. But my delusional triggered camren mind sees the wig with bangs as a nod to Camila and the release of her single and her new hairdo. I get it. I’m reaching super far with that one right? Well when was the last time we saw Lauren with bangs in a photo? (where she wasn’t a toddler) And the photo happens to post the day Camila’s first single debuts? Coincidence? If you’ve been in this fandom long enough you know that word doesn’t exist.  On May 16th before the picture of Mani following the Manip Squad surfaced and before the Lauren wig pic posted another screenshot surfaced. 

…on the 16th Camila posted some snippets from her music video and supposedly Lauren liked the video. Speculation says that Mila deleted the third video clip because Lauren “accidentally” liked the video. 😏 we know how Lauren likes to accidentally like things…funny how her likes are only accidental when it comes to Mila. Camila is well into her press tour for both her new singles and on the 19th of May after the successful debut of CITC, Mila did an interview with Power 106 FM…

https://youtu.be/4M95O9N_lyw  (link to interview)

in the interview she clarifies the interviewer that her album is NOT about boys…now I know that can be interpreted many ways. But if you’re singing about experiences and relationships and you say the album isn’t about boys (I’m sure she will discuss some 5H things but not for the entire album) then who is the album about Mila? Sorry to inform your representatives…but I think your gay is showing. 

Okay, still hanging in there with me? Excellent. Let’s keep going. On May 21st, Camila made her solo performance debut performing IHQ and CITC at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards…she killed both performances. 😩🙌 Anyway…some of her red carpet photos surfaced and there are some inexplicable scratches on her arms that kind of look like they could have come from a dog or cat.  And who recently got a puppy named Leo? Lauren, that’s who. And who also has a dog named Leo? Camila, that’s who. Lauren was definitely around when Camila got Leo so I’m sure she knew what naming her dog Leo would do to this “delusional” fandom of ours. Don’t believe me about the scratches? Check out the photo.

Now some poor overly dramatic souls speculated that Mila was self harming…😒 smh. Sometimes this fandom is just too much. They are clearly scratch marks from a small animal. Also, since we’re the talking about the BBMAs, MGK and Halsey were there looking very close and cuddly and “coupley”. And I think its very funny that they are both VERY CLOSE to both halves of Camren. I mean come on…do you really think they don’t have the tea? MGK refers to Mila as his sister and Halsey is a die hard Lauren supporter and fan. The pair (halsey and lauren) have gotten super close recently after their collaborative project of Strangers. Which is a bop and I fall in love with it more and more every time I hear it. I feel like with MGK and Halsey being as close to Camila and Lauren as they are if the two (camren) weren’t getting along wouldn’t that cause issues with MGK and Halsey too? Ever hated someone your best friend or significant other like? It will definitely cause tensions to rise. I just want MGK and Halsey to spill all the tea about their double dates with Camren LLS…since Lauren spilled the tea all over Halsey’s carpet its only fair she return the favor…😂😏.

Then on the 27th of May like clock work….Ty$ and Lucy came through to distract us. Ty$ liked a provocative pic of Lauren’s… You guys know the one😏. And Lauren went like crazy on his page too. I wasn’t surprised or derailed by the interaction seeing as how all signs have been pointing to camren since a couple days before the release of Mila’s debut single. Then…supposedly Lucy did an IG live where she was asked to stick out her tongue if Camren was real…or something like that. And she did. 😮 Now I did not witness her doing it. But I have a screenshot of the request and Lucy responding with her tongue out 😜

…but again. I can’t confirm if it happened exactly like that because I did not see the video myself.  

With all that being said. I can say that I am thoroughly convinced Camren is alive and well in 2017. I’m sure I missed a ton of stuff as my personal life has been kind of hectic over the last month or so. But May has rewarded us for sure with Camren indirects/proof. Let me hear your thoughts? Do you agree? Why? Do you disagree? Keep it respectful but tell me why. Did I miss something? Help me fill in the blanks. I hope this theory wasn’t disappointing or too far fetched. I’m just relaying my thoughts on the current Camren situation. Don’t be distracted by Mila’s hetero narrative or Lauren’s PR BS RS…lol. Nothing can Kill Camren. Its the cockroach of Relationships. Their connection will exist long after the nuclear holocaust and Zombie apocalypse. 😂😂 IT’S CAMREN YO!!!

S/C fic - Possession

I’m grumpy. My stupid Office, isn’t working and has been “fixing” the problems for 4 hours. This Shouldn’t take long, thanks for your patience.  My ass. I want my Word. I can’t even open my old stories. This computer has been nothing but issues for the last 16 months.

But, I digress. While I just saw the most beautiful photo of Heughan, posted from SA, this fic is a tribute to @artistsassenach and her amazing manips she’s been doing, (like crazy, mind you) of late. I know Hannah doesn’t really read fic, but the story is inspired by the Family Heughan. And, some Barbour, as well. There’s still smut.

All my fics can be found, here: http://archiveofourown.org/users/WanderingSummerBreeze/works

Disclaimer (for my new followers): I’m a shipper. I believe in end-game. I don’t hate on anyone, I don’t even allow them in my atmosphere, let alone my lane. If you feel otherwise, feel free to un-follow. I show no animosity. My blog is for happiness, not bitchy, high-school antics. I’m a firm believer that if you have nothing nice to say, nothing productive to insert into a conversation, you say nothing at all.

Pos-ses-sion (noun)
the state of having, owning, or controlling something.

I thought I had hit my possessive overdrive the first time I heard my last name in conjunction with her first. We had made reservations at some little Bed & Breakfast in Skye, nearly two years ago, and the simple introductory, Reservation under Caitriona Heughan had sent me flying. I was only two feet behind her, carrying the luggage, but I may as well have been swinging from the clouds. 

The pride I felt. The heat in my chest, as I absorbed the name - Caitriona Heughan. I never thought anything could overcome that. But that wasn’t the case. It happened, over and over. over the next eight months.

I had been gone for days. Promotional tours, while she worked. I had arrived back home, sometime in the early morning hours. I should have let her sleep. I could see her exhaustion on her face, as slumber engulfed her. But I couldn’t help myself; we had been separated for nearly a week, and my body called to hers. I sensed the same, as she rolled onto her side, the sheet dropping from her breast to expose her nakedness. I smiled, the dimness of the room not hindering my expression as she extended her arm, taking hold of my hand and pulling me in beside her.

We had skimmed over foreplay, needing our body’s submission far greater. We needed to feel each other wrapped around our skin. Tenderness would wait until passion had its fill.

I pushed into her quickly, as her hands dug into my back. I wouldn’t last long. Neither would she. I felt the tenseness in my abdomen, and closed one hand around her throat. Not tightly, just enough. She smiled the smile of a the devil, as he lured you in, all the while allowing you to think it was your idea.

One hand fell to my ass, pushing me deeper inside her, as her other one scratched the back of my neck, pulling me into her.

Me came in a thunderous explosion of colour and light and screams and cries.
It was hours later, as passion had given up command of our bodies, the tenderness could finally pass through the doors. I kissed her gently, but thoroughly. Our tongues expressing our love. When we parted, there was a bit of sorrow, like I wasn’t ready to move on. But she smiled, the glorious smile of an angel, handing you over to God, and I found myself traversing down her body. Like the dark giving way to the light of the morning, so did our bodies, as I kissed her softly, tasting the sweat and saltiness of her skin. It did not bother me, that I would soon be tasting our joint passion, between her legs. I took some strange and sick erotic pleasure in that cocktail.

Spreading her thighs, the stickiness of our union painting abstracts across her alabaster skin. I would feed off her, and while I would never choose a Balfe-Heughan smoothie as a beverage at a restaurant, there’s something quite different when your between her thighs, and she’s moaning above you, urging you on, and you dart your tongue out, for that first taste, that sets my caveman urges afire.

But as I ended the trail around her breasts and dipped further down her torso, a darkness crossed under my eyes, and I pulled back to get a better view. And as I perched upon my elbows, staring down at the naked form below me, a stick figure, drawn complete with a smiley face and a waving hand, looked back at me.

I brushed her stomach, as if some imaginary cartoon had suddenly clouded my vision, but alas, it remained. Its grin not sinister, but shy.

I looked up to her face, then. A soft smile and a single tear falling into the abyss of dark waves, settled upon her features. I felt her stroke my hair, her thumb lazily drawing back and forth across my tumble, allowing realization to flourish inside my brain.

I looked at her stomach once more, and there was that feeling again. That pride and possessiveness that should send me straight to hell. I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness as I let the stick-figure into my heart. I kissed her belly, then. And I cannot remember anything after, other than Caitriona pulling me up to her, turning us over, and her body making love to mine as I lay in a bed of emotions, my mind drunk on happiness and wonder.
When she began to show, when her belly made the world aware of our union, I was proud, taking every chance to claim her body as mine, with a hand to her stomach, and a slight rub of possession. She was mine, and what lay nestled in her belly, was too.

But when the time came, one lazy Saturday morning, as she pleasured herself atop my body until she cringed in pain, falling to my side, it wasn’t possessiveness that I felt. I was no longer filled with pride or joy, but was drowning in fear and worry. My pride turned to fault. I was the reason she was in pain. I was the reason she clenched my hand with each contraction as the anguish wracked its way through her body.

No, the pride did not return for many weeks.

I watched from the door-frame, as Caitriona placed our daughter in the bassinet. She flicked the little music box to lullaby’s, and called me forth with her hand.

I brushed her hair behind her ears, before wrapping my arm around her waist to stare down in the cradle before us.

I kissed her temple. “Are you alright?”

I felt her head fall against my shoulder, as our blonde-haired beauty settled into slumber.

“Yes. She wouldn’t take much tonight.” I watched as her hands rubbed her breasts in an ache I would never understand.

I took Cait’s hand, pulling her away and into our bedroom.

We curled into each other, fighting off sleep so as to not close our eyes off to each other too soon. The night always came too soon.

I let my hand fall to her breast, gently weighing it. She laughed, but didn’t push me away.

“They’ve always been spectacular, but God, they feel amazing.”

She laughed again, more out of a sarcastic amusement. “They don’t feel amazing. And they look even worse. Naked, anyway. Through clothes, they look fantastic.”

I pulled on the hem of her nighty, a breasts falling loose. “They still look pretty good to me.”

One of her hands cradled my head, as the other draped itself across my hand on her breast.

“Did you want to taste?”

It was asked in such a childlike manner, it pulled me from my thoughts. I watched her face, shy and needy.

We had spoken about it. I had said I wanted to taste her. Some weird perversion I only felt comfortable talking about with her. I had put the child inside her, so the milk was mine. It was the most absurd thought, but there it was. But she was sore. That much I knew. She had given birth four weeks ago, and was tired. Her body, a mass of emotional turmoil.

“I don’t have to. Not tonight. You’re exhausted.”

She shook her head, a delicate smile crossing her face, “I want you to. I can’t have you inside me yet, well, beyond my mouth…”

I felt the corner of my mouth rise. “Thank you for that.”

Her shoulders shrugged, “I may be tired. I may be sore. I may not know what the hell my body is doing from one moment to the next. But the only thing I do know, is that when I have you inside me, wherever that may be, I have this,” she looked away, cocking her head to the side in thought, before turning back, “sense of possessiveness, or something. Like I own you. I know, it’s silly.”

I shook my head, knowing. “Not silly at all. I think I may know how you feel.”

She took me to her breast then. I was soft and gentle at first, unsure of whether it was pleasure I would be giving her, or its close counterpart, pain.
But as I suckled, finding a new way of caring for her nipples, Caitriona’s hand fell to my head, holding me to her bosom. It took a moment or two, but the milk began to flow. I let it flow passed my lips, and I drank her sweet nectar, like a bee to a flower. My body, instinctively, draped itself across hers, and she held me tightly. To her body. To her breast.

I could feel my hardness beneath my shorts, and I ground against her thigh shallowly. This wasn’t about me. I wanted her to feel pleasure. But I’m a man, and giving her pleasure, does the same for me.

I set one breast free, claiming the other, learning its tricks and temperament for giving me what I wanted. I palmed her other breast, making sure it knew it hadn’t been forgotten. Catriona moaned heavily against me, a leg wrapping around my rubbing thigh.

I drank from her. I possessed her. And when she came hard against my body, my thigh coated in her juice, I claimed responsibility for her climax as well. Exactly as she’d been doing each morning with me.

Escape, for OQArtistWeek

This is a late entry for #OQArtist week, based this sexy manip of @starscythe *fans self* . I realize this is probably a bikini Regina is wearing, and this is probably a beach scene judging from the wet strands of hair, but Regina has this flawless movie star makeup on and she always seemed a bit too refined for beach sex. The facial expressions are so sexy and needy, I pictured something sweaty and intimate between two people desperate for one another. So I always saw this art as something quite different.

Thanks Bea as always. Betaing porn is hard, ya'all, and she betas it like a champ. I guess trigger warnings are in place. This is a hard M rating (shocking I know) and things get…intense.

It’s just coffee.

She repeats that every time they go out in these excursions.

They are coworkers, and it’s just coffee. Or in her case, tea. Just tea.

Coworkers drink coffee and tea together.

There’s nothing scandalous about that.

But coworkers don’t find whatever excuse they can to brush against one another. Coworkers don’t trade intimate details of their lives that they don’t even share with best friends, cry on each other’s shoulders, or spend the majority of the day stealing glances at one another. And coworkers definitely, definitely do not fantasize about one another.

So maybe she’s just a coworker to him, but he is absolutely more than that to her.

“He asked me to marry him,” she says quietly. She hates to bring it up, but Robin should know about the proposal. He’s her friend. Her best friend. The only person in this entire competitive, cutthroat network whom she trusts. Definitely the only person who honestly cares about her. But it’s not that, not just the fact that they are friends that has her feeling obligated to tell him about the proposal. He should know because of the way he looks at her.

The way they look at one another.

She watches his eyes fly to her naked ring finger. “What did you say?” He looks hopeful, as if she finally made the right decision. But he’s wrong.

“We’ve been dating forever, and I think there’s more positive than negative. I said yes.” She covers her left hand with her right. “The, er, ring is being resized.”

“Eight years and he doesn’t know your ring size,” Robin grumbles.

“Do you?” She asks defiantly. “It’s not something men know, unless you are in a habit—”

“A habit of buying jewelry for the woman you love?” he quips. “I assure you if I had proposed to you I’d know your ring size. I’d take one of your rings to the jewelers to match it. Or, Christ, a good jeweler could show you what each width looks like, and, I’ve held your hand enough to know what your fingers feel like from memory, so I'd—”

It’s a bit too honest, has her squirming a bit, because he’s right, absolutely right, he’s held her hand so many times, but also, this is wrong. Absolutely wrong. And what right does he have to criticize her decisions in her love life when he’s never tried to be a part of it?

“Sorry,” he breathes, “I should be congratulating you, I’m just… I don’t think he’s good enough for you.”

That’s… sweet, she supposes. And to be fair she’s shared her problems with Graham many times, so perhaps it’s understandable that Robin would feel this way.

“If there’s someone better, I haven’t found him.” Regina says, staring defiantly at him.

“Any man in his right mind would be over the moon to have you,” he whispers. It’s honest, too honest. But she’s made her choice, and this can never be, anyway. There’s a strict no fraternization policy at work. He’s technically her boss, so that’s an extra layer of forbidden, isn’t it?

“Let’s talk about something else,” Regina says, lifting a hand off the table to smooth her hair. “Something to make me feel… happy.”

He offers her a sad smile, and she knows it’s very telling that talk of a proposal is depressing her, but well, that’s the way it is, damn it.

He shifts the topic to their quirky coworker, and then they are laughing, exchanging jokes and smiles and touches as if nothing had changed.

Things go well until her phone pings. It’s a reminder chime, and she frowns, glancing down at it curiously. There’s nothing on the schedule for today that she can remember.

“Shit,” Regina grumbles, “Robin, there’s a meeting today. In 5 minutes.” She turns her screen to his.

He looks puzzled. “I swear I didn’t know anything about this, Regina.”

He grabs his phone and checks emails frantically. “Looks like it’s an emergency meeting to deal with the Army of God threats again.” He rolls his eyes.

“Anything I should be worried about?” Regina asks, sipping the last of her tea.

“No, no credible threats. But their leader is appearing on Fox today, and we expect him to give us and a few other organizations a bit of a shout out. You know how that goes.”

“Get ready for hate mail and death threats,” Regina says rolling her eyes and rising from her chair. “We are going to be late. We have to hurry.”

The meeting is on the fifth floor. She thinks he realizes what that means at the same time she does — right when they reach the elevator. The fifth floor meeting room is large, with glass walls that face the elevator. Everyone will see them walking in late, together, and that won’t do much for rumors that have already started about the two of them.

And really, with her occupation, it’s sort of assumed she will try to sleep her way to the top at one point or another. Who better than a media director often tasked with assigning high profile interviews to reporters like her?

“You take the elevator,” he says, with a frown. “I’ll use the back stairs.”

The back elevator and stairs are not to be used for anything other than moving in the high profile guests or interviewees that need and added layer of security. Robin is one of only a few with the code. And while he can’t use the back elevator (risk of being seen using a secured area) he can probably sneak up the stairs. No one really even knows that stairwell exists. It’s hidden and secure, designed that way for good reason.

Regina nods. “See you there.”

He smiles at her and rushes off, waving slightly as he goes.

And then she waits for her elevator as impatiently as one can possibly wait.

(She will look back on this day and thank god for the fact the elevator seemed to be stopping at every floor at a treacherously slow pace. Thank god that she figured she could use the exercise. Thank god it all, because she might have been dead had she waited for it. Instead, she’d opted for the stairwell. It was only five flights, after all…)

After what feels like an hour, but is only probably a few minutes, she turns towards the stairwell and decides to make up for lost time. She’s cursing her heels as she rounds the stairs to the third floor when the first explosion hits with a Crack and a Boom!

It’s so much noise, so loud it almost feels as if there’s no sound at all. Debris falls from the ceiling, covers her in dusty plaster and paint chips, and god knows what else, her head is spinning, ears are ringing, eyes burning as there is one thought going through her mind.


The explosion reverberates everywhere in that stairwell, echoed and shimmied from every inch of the walls, and she doesn’t know where it came from, but god let it not have come from that secured stairwell. Not where they keep the high profile guests, where someone who is targeted might be hiding, please let him be alright.

She turns back to the third floor door and opens it. People are panicking, running towards her, a fire alarm is sounding, the emergency lights are flickering, and the crowd is shouting that she turn around, but she’s not listening, her mind is racing with hypothetical scenarios she wishes she could erase from her memory, heart nearly exploding at the thought of losing him.

Robin, please be okay, Robin.

She reaches the secured area in the back, elbowing past frantic people trying to push her away. But it’s mostly clear now. She hears some pop, pop, popping from above, isn’t sure what that is, what’s happening, and the ceiling above feels like it’s moving, giving out… will it collapse?

She reaches the back area, finds that secured back door, and knocks and screams. It’s still locked. She had held out hope that with the electricity going out maybe the electronic lock would fail and she’d be able to get to Robin.

But they must have a different power source. The code button is still there, gleaming red awaiting an electronic badge or code to be punched into the keypad below. And she has neither.

She has nothing but fists and her voice as she punches and screams.

“Robin! Robin!”

Robin is alive, Robin is okay. He’s resilient and smart and cunning and he’s a survivor and that’s what survivors DO. They survive.

These little pop pop pops sound closer and louder now, she still isn’t sure what it is, but it’s followed by more screams and that can’t be good.

There could be anything on the other side of this door, she very well knows that. There could be men with guns and suicide bomb vests on, Robin could already be dead, they could have used this stairwell to—

It really doesn’t matter to her, she’d gladly risk her life for that wonderful man. He’s everything to her.

“Robin, please!” She screams again. Her hands are bloody now, banging carelessly against an ungiving door.

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Behind The Story

Summary: The reader is a cast member of the show and she’s injured making her unavailable going to a convention. Her co-stars and the fans misses her so Jensen thought of the idea of show her love via a video and posting it on twitter.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairing: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2k+

Warnings: PURE FLUFF.

Behind The Story Masterlist


A/N: For the ones who had read my preview to my upcoming series Unusual, y’all are going to be reading some future sneak peeks on this one shot, I’ll probably combine the fics… What do you guys think of that? I’ve always wanted to write something like this and I am very happy on how it turned out. Hope you guys like it too and please, let me know what y’all think? Special thanks to my friend @sis-tafics who beta it ♥ 

By the way, this is like a bday present from me to you guys (my birthday is tomorrow) yikes! Tags are on the end of this post and the gif is not mine but the twitter manip is. Also, I won’t put the read more because my blog is having problems and if I put it then the ones on the computer won’t be able to read it completely. Sorry, I know how it pains but tumblr is being an asshole with my blog. 


Reader POV:

A bucket of extra butter popcorn, your dog Jules cuddled up next to you, a show about two vampires in love with one girl playing on TV and a huge cast that started on your mid thigh and worked its way to your toes. “Miss you guys wish I could be there to hug y’all.” you tweeted for the 1.M followers you had on twitter thanks to you character on the hit show Supernatural. Same show where you accidentally miss landed while having a fight stunt and broke your leg in the process. You sighed and smiled while reading all the quick response by the fans.

“We miss you too, Y/N.”

“J2 misses you.”

You smiled at the tweets as you read more tweets.

“Jared is teasing Jensen on how was his fault you’re injured.”

You laughed at that tweet, because it was totally true but it was truly an accident.

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Euphoria {Pt. 2}

OK so there were so many ways this could’ve gone and I played around with all of the scenarios *trust me) and I felt like this was the one that was the most interesting and most exciting. Pt. 2 definitely isn’t as raunchy as some of my other one shots but I think it’s one of the sexiest ones and also one of the ones that’s more this-is-disturbing-but-hot-anyway, which is what I wanted to go for. I really, really REALLY hope you guys enjoy this installation because I am excited for you all to read it and I think it gets into their relationship and into Bonnie’s psyche about the relationship a little bit more and I think it’s very honest. I’m going to link part here just in case you guys want to read it back-to-back: http://zalrb.tumblr.com/post/134700408935/a-woman-possessed-pt1 and because no one answered my call for gifs/manips I just used ones already made :) People to tag: ‘bonkais-witchywoo bonkai-is-life bonkai-diaries bonkaiforever bonkaiqueen bonkaimonluv thewitchandlonerdiaries humbu-bumbu beccacupcakesxo writeturnlove wasabicakes jordanjanellejoy darkbonkai offlinebonkai malachaibennett misslilmel kissmebluesexyvioletsme melissasbamonromantictales mysticfalls-originals l0nd0ninnit much-lemons queensfelicity sunnydrive92 sobeyondtwisted @iddieforkai @tasha-sews @ecksnohhs

(not my gifs/manips!)

The stench of death was immediate. Bonnie stepped into Kai’s foyer and was automatically filled with dread and righteous anger; Kai had fed here recently. Bonnie could sense it, feel it.

“Kai!” Bonnie stormed through the halls, looking in the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom. “Kai!” She walked upstairs and found him watching TV in his bed, eating the remainder of a slice of apple pie.

“Where’s the body, Kai?” said Bonnie.

“Don’t you love eating in bed?” he said. “There’s nothing like it. It’s just so… decadent.” He put another forkful of pie into his mouth.

           “The body.” Bonnie repeated. “Where’s the—”The blare of the Friends theme song interrupted her.

“Ah, Friends,” said Kai. “The nineties might’ve been hell— literally but at least it had Friends. I bet you were into Monica and Chandler. Not me. Ross and Rachel … people don’t fight that much if there isn’t something real there.”

“Kai, where is the damn body?”

“Gone,” said Kai, his eyes remaining on the TV.


“Yeah, I disposed of it,” he said as he put another piece of pie in his mouth, chewing as he laughed at something Chandler said.

“You don’t even have the decency to at least try and lie to me about killing someone? Or at least try and act like you care that you took someone else’s life?”

“Why would I care? And why would you expect me to. You know who I am.”

“I do know who you are,” said Bonnie, nodding her head, her face etched with angry repulsion. “You’re a monster.”

“And you’re sleeping with me so what does that make you?”

“Worse,” said Bonnie. She watched him eat the last of his pie and she felt something in her snap; there was something about the way he was always eating that enraged Bonnie, it was an embodiment of Kai’s smugness, of his cavalier devilishness — an embodiment of what attracted her to him and angered her about him. “How are you still eating when you just fed?”

“Ironically, feeding makes me hungry for human food, like food humans eat,” said Kai. “Well no, feeding makes me hungry for you but I didn’t think I’d see you for a while with you know, the intervention and everything.”

Bonnie didn’t bother to ask how he knew about the intervention; Kai always knew about everything that happened to her. He had his ways. She had long since given up on questioning what methods he used to acquire information about her daily life, the life separate from him.

           “Everything about you, about this, is just wrong on every level; morally, legally —”

           Kai put his plate on the bedside table and stood up, walking toward Bonnie with that deceptively lazy gait he adopted when he wanted to appear harmless but was actually preparing himself to strike. “You came here looking to pick a fight,” he said. “Don’t start freaking out because Jeremy showed up.”

“Don’t you dare say his name,” said Bonnie sharply, the threat in her tone sliced through the air and split the window so that the glass spider-webbed.

           Kai raised his eyebrows appraisingly and Bonnie glared back, her hands clenched in fury. It was a gut reaction; hearing Jeremy’s name come out of Kai’s mouth spiked her with indescribable fright that was both violent and heavy with guilt. It wasn’t something she could explain, only something she could feel and it felt unbearable.

           “Me saying Jeremy’s name isn’t going to corrupt his soul,” said Kai. “Which is too bad for him. He would’ve still had a shot with you if it did.”

           “A shot with me? A shot with me? He isn’t some guy I met at the campus bar, he’s—”

           “The boy you loved.”

           “The man I love still.”

           “You’re protective of him you’re not in love with him.”

           “How the hell would you know? You know nothing about me and him, what we were — I died for him, Kai, something like that, what we went through, it doesn’t just go away. I can’t just wake up one morning not loving him.”

           “Who are you trying to convince?”

           “Don’t you —”

           “And even if that’s true,” said Kai, interrupting her. “You know it doesn’t matter. Love doesn’t mean the same thing to you as it did before, what you two were, what you two had, you don’t want that anymore, you can’t want that, not after you’ve had this. Simplicity just doesn’t cut it for you now and that’s all Jeremy is. Simple.”

           “You piece of shit,” said Bonnie, her voice low and dangerous. The lights in the room began to flicker. “I am so sick of you acting like you know everything about me.”

           “I do know everything about you!” Kai yelled, his voice reverberating throughout the house, cracking the ceiling so that the flicking chandelier started to descend. “Why else would you be so goddamn angry? Because you know I’m right and you hate yourself for it. This, us, it’s in you now. You fiend for it, for the places I take you, you spend all your waking hours thinking about it, driving yourself crazy with need for it and you can’t ever go back to the girl who stupidly died because she felt the warm, gooey feelings they sing about in love songs.”

            “Oh get a hold of yourself, it isn’t that deep!”

           “Then why are you here, Bonnie?” The chandelier crashed to the floor and the cracked windows shattered completely. “The boy you say you love —”

           “Stop calling him a boy!”

           “The boy you say you love shows up after all this time and where the hell are you? Not with him! No, you’re here. With me. Your friends ambush you with an intervention about how much you’ve changed—”

           “The intervention was about me fucking a sociopath,” said Bonnie venomously.

           “And that’s not indicative of how much you’ve changed?” said Kai. He didn’t wait for Bonnie to answer. “Whatever the intervention was about, the point is, you’re not with them, working things out, you’re here yelling at me. And Damon —”

           Bonnie let out a frustrated yell that sent a tremor through the entire house, causing the floorboards to shake. “Don’t start on Damon!”

           “Do not defend him,” bellowed Kai.

           “I can’t believe you. My ex-boyfriend shows up but you’re hung up on Damon?”

           “Jeremy wants someone who doesn’t exist anymore. He’s way out of his depth. Damon —”

           “Is with Elena!”

           “Don’t act like that means he doesn’t want you! He belongs to Elena but he thinks you belong to him and that’s something I can’t fucking stand!”

           “What century are you in? I hate it when you do that. ‘Belong’? I don’t belong to anyone!”

           “Well certainly not to Jeremy.”

           “You’re despicable,” said Bonnie, her mouth contorted with fury, her voice ragged with vitriol. “I don’t know why I didn’t just let Caroline and Elena intervene.”

Bonnie charged out of the room and down the hall but Kai followed her, yelling as he trailed her footsteps down the staircase to the foyer. “Yeah, Bonnie, why didn’t you let them? Pretty defensive on my behalf, weren’t you?”

Bonnie whirled around so quickly that Kai flinched but didn’t take a step back. The floorboards had stopped shaking but the television and radio turned on to white noise and static, the microwave started to beep.  

“I was defensive on my own behalf,” screamed Bonnie.” I just couldn’t believe the nerve they all had to pass judgement on me when they’ve all also screwed mass murderers!” She started to walk again.

“Stop acting like this is just about sex,” said Kai. He pushed the front door shut just as Bonnie wrenched it open but used so much force that one of the hinges fell off.

           “It is just about sex!” Bonnie turned to Kai, gesturing wildly. “There is nothing else here.”

           “What do you call what you’re doing to my house?” said Kai. “I work you up this much that you’re destroying it! There’s power between us, there’s power in you that only I know how to reach.”

           “This is just rage!”


           “And hate! God, I hate you. I hate you so much I can’t —I can’t even — I can’t control how I react around you!”


           “Are we just saying words now? Fine! How about these ones: pain, guilt, disgust, shame. Those are the emotions in me only you know how to reach.”

           “If you didn’t get off on that then you wouldn’t be coming back every single time!”

           “I come back because the sex—”

           “It isn’t just sex, it’s fucking euphoria.” Snap! Pop! The sounds of appliances exploding. “You’ve never had it so good. You’ve never felt so good. You’ve never wanted anything as much as the pain and the guilt and the disgust and the shame and that’s why you’re here! You don’t want to escape this!”

           “Stop telling me what I want!”

           Bonnie turned to leave again but Kai grabbed her by the wrist and jerked her to him so that her back collided with his torso. His lips pressed against her ear. “Escape it then.”

           Suddenly, they weren’t in his house anymore.    

           They were …

           Not they. She. She was alone. Kai was gone. And she was in her dorm. The lights were off. Candles were lit. She was standing in front of them, holding a lighter and she was in a blue sundress … wait, she knew this scene, this night. The night after she’d returned from the Other Side. The night she and Jeremy first …

           A vision. Kai had used his vampirism to implant a vision in her mind; to make a memory resurface and engulf her.

           The door opened. Footsteps. And then she heard herself say the words, “I’ll admit it.” She kept trying to get the lighter to ignite. “I miss magic.”

           The footsteps got closer to her and Bonnie quickly glanced behind her to see Jeremy walking further into the room, a small grin on his face. Warmth spread throughout her chest as she listened to him approach; it was a fuzzy feeling, gentle and light and then —

           It was like her entire body pulsated.

           She was still in that blue sundress, her hair cut into the same short bob it had been on that night but now she was in the corner of the dorm watching herself and Jeremy, watching her own memory. “Step away from the candles,” said Jeremy.

           “Not one for the element of surprise, was he?” said a voice; it was low and smug and mischievous, full of promise. Before she could respond, Bonnie felt lips graze the back of her neck, tickling her skin, sending her body into a shock of shivers. Strong, careful hands slowly circled her waist, making her heart pound hard against her chest. Already, her breathing was shallow. Already she ached between her thighs. Already, the rage that had overcome her during their argument morphed into a riotous desire churning uncomfortably within her. He could do this with just one touch? No matter the situation? No. Bonnie couldn’t allow that.

           “Kai, what’s the point of —” She started to turn around to face him but Kai took her by the arms and angled her back so that she was once again looking at her past self and Jeremy.

           Kai whispered into Bonnie’s ear. “Watch,” he breathed, nibbling her earlobe. His lips trailed down to kiss and nip her neck, steadily intensifying the pulsating ache in her gut. He leisurely ran his fingers up and down the length of her midriff, stroking her skin through the material of her dress and the effect was immediate, almost magnetic; Bonnie reached behind her and grasped his shirt, her back arching off of his torso.  She started to close her eyes.

           “Watch,” he breathed again and Bonnie opened her eyes, pressing her lips together as Kai’s hand slid down and pressed against her groin, rubbing her dress against her panties, which rubbed against her. “That, what you’re seeing,” Kai’s voice was husky as he rubbed Bonnie harder. “That’s what you still want, right?”  

           Bonnie watched as Jeremy and her past self started to kiss. It was slow. Sweet. Hesitant. Like they had been. She remembered how at the time she’d felt like it was a life-changing moment, how that warmth had enveloped her, how —

           One of Kai’s hands slipped beneath the hem of Bonnie’s dress, his fingers caressing her legs, up and down and back again, teasing her, taunting her; he stroked her softly but there was a menace to it, a deviousness to his softness that agitated Bonnie with delicious anticipation; that inflamed her skin with a lustful need for more and more now.

           What the hell is wrong with me?

           The thought was a distracted one. It was hard to concentrate on anything other than the feel of Kai behind her, against her, on her, overwhelming her senses so that the only thing she could experience was him but she knew, she knew even now that the promise of depravity, of her depravity the way he unleashed it attracted her like nothing else had in the past and nothing else would in the future and that killed her.

Kai’s other hand crept onto Bonnie’s collarbone. He curled his fingers beneath her chin, holding her head in place so that she couldn’t look away from her past self and Jeremy kissing. The fingers on Kai’s other hand brushed the underside of Bonnie’s underwear as he looked at her looking at Jeremy and Pre-1990s Bonnie. She hated how she moistened at Kai’s touch; hated how she was in this memory with him, watching herself with Jeremy; hated that she had the power to disengage from this memory, from this game Kai was playing but she didn’t have the strength to.

           Jeremy lifted Past Bonnie onto him and turned around so that she was sitting on the bed and she started undoing his shirt with what she’d thought was frenzy at the time but that now looked woefully restrained.

           “He doesn’t know what to do with you,” said Kai, moving his hand from Bonnie’s chin. “He doesn’t know who you are in bed. The depths you can plummet to…” He placed his hand on Bonnie’s wrist and then moved her hand to his mouth, wrapping his lips around her index finger. He sucked. Hard. Bonnie gasped. Her knees almost buckled and Kai pressed her against him to keep her from falling. He withdrew Bonnie’s finger from his mouth.

           “That’s what you want? That’s enough for you now? ”

           He brought Bonnie’s hand back down to her side, slipping it beneath her dress and past her panties, guiding her fingers into herself. He moved her wrist in circles so that she started massaging her clitoris.

           “Oh.” Bonnie moaned, swaying her hips with the movement she was making, with the movement Kai was orchestrating her to make. She grinded back on him and he hardened against her, causing a trill of arousal to burn deep in her gut. She rested the back of her head on his shoulder.

           “Watch,” said Kai, his voice hoarse. He grabbed her beneath the chin again as his other hand worked her wrist into faster circles. “Tell me that what you’re seeing is what you want now.”

           Jeremy and Past Bonnie were kissing again and Jeremy had grabbed her to him so that Past Bonnie had to stand up to continue the kiss; they switched positions so that Jeremy was the one sitting on the bed, he was kissing her neck, she was starting to take off the straps of her dress…

           “If that were me I wouldn’t have been able to wait,” whispered Kai. He slid his hand down her neck to her chest to her breast, his tongue running along her jaw. “I would’ve torn that dress off you the minute I saw you in it. I would’ve said ‘fuck the party’.”

           Bonnie tried not to let his words lay claim to her body; tried to not only remember but relive what she’d felt the night she and Jeremy first had sex; tried to appreciate the feelings he’d inspired in her at that time but she couldn’t. She was devastated with lacking, harsh disappointment; suffocated with the knowledge that Kai was denying her, holding back from her, not giving all of himself over to her but promising to with his touch because sex with Kai … each time it unlocked something within Bonnie, brought her to a part of herself she didn’t know existed before him, took her to depths that wrecked her with pleasure, that brought her to a hedonistic bliss that charged her with a strange empowerment, that brought her to … to …

“Say it,” whispered Kai.


“Bonnie, say it.”

She wouldn’t. No, instead she would — quickly, Bonnie turned around but before she could kiss him, Kai sunk to the floor, kneeling in front of her, throwing one of her legs over his shoulder. He kissed her leg with a voracity that left Bonnie breathless and he trailed his nose down her stomach, his lips skating over her navel, over her panties; he nuzzled her between her thighs, tugging at her underwear with his teeth, agitating her ache. Bonnie fisted her hand through Kai’s hair, clenching tightly onto his strands, pressing his face further into her, her entire body slick with sweat. His mouth had found its way to her ache and Bonnie mewled as Kai flicked his tongue and she tugged on his hair, demanding, begging that he continue, that he do more but he only teased her, gently licking and then pressing his lips against the lace of her underwear, inflaming her ache and refusing to satiate it. Bonnie couldn’t help the moan that escaped her lips and she saw Past Bonnie stop kissing Jeremy and look up but instead of seeing Jesse like she had done that night, she saw herself with Kai kneeling before her. Bonnie and Past Bonnie had locked eyes.

           “Oh my God…” said Past Bonnie, staring at the corner.

           Distantly, Bonnie knew that this was when she’d said “I think Jesse’s dead” but she didn’t know if Kai had allowed her to say that in this constructed memory. She couldn’t ask. Didn’t want to. Kai had chosen this moment to slide his hands up Bonnie’s curves, massaging the dips of her skin, his palms kneading and squeezing her breasts, rubbing her nipples and a red streak of pleasure flashed before Bonnie’s eyes, making her lightheaded, making her entire body hot.


           “Say it,” he murmured against her skin.

           Bonnie made a sound halfway between a sigh of frustration and a groan of arousal. She watched as Past Bonnie and Jeremy started to talk. “You. And Me. And this…This is worth it. Any consequence is worth this.”

           How she had meant that then. How being with Jeremy had taken precedence over physical pain, over personal consequences, over her own life. How that type of devotion wasn’t one that spoke to her anymore.

Past Bonnie kissed Jeremy and started to move toward the bed. The moment she put her hand down and inched on to the mattress, Kai had grabbed Bonnie from behind, his face still pressed against her pelvis, and swung her other leg onto his other shoulder so that only his hands supported her and she grabbed onto his neck to strengthen that support. Jeremy followed Past Bonnie onto the bed and Kai had moved forward so that Bonnie’s back slammed down against the floor, her thighs cushioning his head.

           He took no prisoners then.

           Abruptly, Kai pushed Bonnie’s dress up and grabbed her beneath the chin yet again, turning her head so that she was facing Jeremy and her past self. Kai tore through Bonnie’s underwear with his teeth and then stroked her clitoris with his tongue, twirling and lapping, burrowing his face between her thighs, grunting with greed. He eased a finger into her, making her cry out and she wanted to move, writhe as his tongue and finger swirled pleasure into her body, but she could only watch Jeremy and Past Bonnie together and suffer the waves of guilt that crashed over her because she’d felt disturbed by the situation but she was too aroused to care. Kai withdrew his finger and then pressed it against Bonnie’s lips; she enclosed it in her mouth, sucking on it, tasting herself on Kai’s skin, as she watched Past Bonnie raise her head to kiss Jeremy. Jeremy had gently pushed Past Bonnie back down onto the bed so he could nibble at her neck…

           Kai increased the pressure of his tongue and Bonnie sucked his finger even harder, dragging her nails down the nape of his neck, moaning loudly, desperately. She tilted her pelvis upward, urging Kai on, and she felt her ache start to throb into a build that sent her entire body into convulsions.

           And then he stopped.

           Bonnie had never before suffered such violent frustration. It tore through her, making her entire body scream. The word No! reverberated against her bones, her blood boiled.

           Kai raised his head, moving his hand from Bonnie’s chin so that she could turn away from Past Bonnie and Jeremy kissing and look at him.

“Say. It.” Kai’s eyes were intense. Red. Veins darkened his face. He stared at Bonnie with wicked longing — there was haughty stubbornness there, the determination to keep teasing her until she gave in but the gluttony for her lurked beneath that, his desperation for her to just say what he needed to hear so they could lose themselves in each other, so he could bury himself in her. And even with all the pain and the guilt and the disgust and the shame, Bonnie lived for it. The way she could torture him. The way he could torture her. The power she felt over him and because of him and wrapped up in him; the savage gratification. It wasn’t something she’d ever experienced with anyone else, it wasn’t something she could experience with anyone else. Least of all Jeremy.

           “Bonnie,” he whispered frantically.

           “Euphoria,” said Bonnie. “You bring me to euphoria.”

           And then his mouth was on hers, a moan low and deep and primal in his throat as he kissed her with a frenzy so passionate it made Bonnie’s entire body sing Kai’s name. His lips were everywhere: her jaw, her collarbone, her breasts; the tip of his tongue trailing down her throat, he sucked her neck , pushing his hardness into her groin, making her mewl into his mouth. Bonnie hooked her nails into his shirt and tore, ripping it in half so that she felt his bare back, felt his muscles work beneath her palms. She ran her hands all over his chest, feeling his tautness, hastily removing what was left of his shirt so she could kiss his shoulders, biting down so that he groaned. He moved away from her, settling on his knees and hastily began undoing  the belt to his jeans and Bonnie’s body screamed again; she needed him against her, she needed to feel him, it was physical, any space between them was torturous. Bonnie sat up and without hesitation pressed her lips against Kai’s neck, kissing her way down his chest, tasting him with her tongue, teasing him with her mouth; his breathing turned ragged, his hands slipped beneath her dress and squeezed her bare behind, which made her squeal, which made him laugh. Her mouth reached his fly and Bonnie’s unbuttoned his jeans and tugged down his zipper with her teeth. He inhaled sharply and she grinned. Then he was in her mouth. He clutched her behind even harder, stroking its roundness with his thumbs. Bonnie eased him further into her mouth, bobbing her head.

           “Shit,” he breathed.

           Bonnie sucked harder, Kai’s groaning and swearing mixing in with the mingled sighs of Past Bonnie and Jeremy entwined together; she saw them in her mind’s eye, the gentle almost insecure way Jeremy had rocked into her and as she saw them, she felt Kai, not only in her mouth but on her skin; his pleasure incensed her. One of his hands was now on the back of her head, clenching her hair and urging her on and Bonnie twirled her tongue around him, itching the tip of his manhood with the tip of her tongue, feeling herself giving in to some sort of satisfaction of pleasuring him here, in this memory.

           It was wrong. And it was depraved. And she didn’t care. She knew she would later but later was forever from now.

           She moved away from Kai, leaving him wanting like he left her and she started to slide the straps off her dress but Kai grabbed her by the wrist to stop her and then yanked her to him so that her mouth smashed against his. He kissed her now with an urgency beyond desperation now that they were both so close and so ready. Abruptly, Kai wrenched away and flipped Bonnie around so that she was lying on her stomach and no longer facing him. He rubbed his hands on her ankles and then smoothed them up her calves, pushing up her dress, his palms brushing over her behind, his lips suddenly on the base of her spine and then on her back, on the nape of her neck … Bonnie closed her eyes and groaned.

           “Say it again,” he whispered.

           “Euphoria,” said Bonnie.

           He eased into her and Bonnie’s hands turned to claws on the floor, her nails scratching the hardwood. She swore as Kai started to flex and gyrate his hips, his torso now flat against her back, his arms on top of hers, his palms on the back of her hands, his fingers entwined with hers. He tugged on her earlobe as he rocked into her, his thrusts making sweet contact with her ache. He kissed the part of her back that was bare as he maintained his rhythm  and then removed one of his hands, sliding it beneath Bonnie and then into her and she couldn’t help but scream from all of the sensitization. Searing red and a deep blue, vast blackness … colours, vivid and intense, flashed into Bonnie’s mind — visual embodiments of desire, of pleasure; she was faint, her entire body tingled, everything around her seemed to flicker, and she felt herself build, felt herself rise to an eruption that was sure to wreck her completely; this was a different from when Kai bit her, this wasn’t vampirism, this was magic, this was … it was …

           Oh God.

           Bonnie couldn’t think, she couldn’t concentrate, she couldn’t remember, she could only feel, she could only experience, she could only let that far corner of her mind unlock with each of Kai’s thrusts, his primal grunts constant in her ear. Bonnie put her hand over Kai’s and stroked his wrist as it stroked her and then she turned her head to the side in time to see Jeremy rest his head on Past Bonnie’s shoulder. Then —

           She felt the muscles deep inside her clench and quiver around Kai, his erection deep within her, his harsh breathing and strangled murmurs radiating throughout her body. She felt herself roil and churn, Kai’s movements making her quicken and then she cried out, feeling herself shatter into thousands of pieces, giving way to oblivion, giving way to that vast blackness that flashed through her mind; the pleasure too great, too intense, too extreme for one body.


Bellarke AU: Life on the Ice

Clarkes a figure skater, and Bellamy is a hockey captain that both fight over who has the rink on a dailey basis.

“Princess!” Bellamy calls, interrupting Clarkes routine on the ice. Two months ago, she would have most likely stumbled at his booming voice, but ever since Mount Weather High School started remodeling their rink, all the activities that took place there had moved to Ark States Private School, her school.

They said that it would be done in at least 6 months, 4 more months of seeing Bellamy and his pack of hyenas demanding for more rink time, rink time she can’t afford to lose. And apparently, either could they.

(Share the rink they said, it shouldn’t be a problem they said, bullshit is what Clarke says.)

Clarke turned to see a dark brunette with messy curls, and hard brown eyes skating onto the ice, Bellamy Blake of course. She could recognize his disheveled hair and cocky demeanor a mile away. 'Wolverines’ was spread across his dark red jersey, his hockey stick locked in his grip. He had his notorious stride and scowl present, as always. So confident, so arrogant, perfect ideal hockey captain.

The rest of his team stood at the entrance, awaiting how this battle would play out; as usual.

Clarke was sure to keep up her own confidence as she rested her hands on her hips skating towards him as well her blue eyes glaring into him, knowing just what was about to follow.

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Rumbelle Manip Request

resonatethroughtime & anon prompted “Could you do a manip with something like Rumbelle expecting a baby? Just anything you can figure out.”

“I was wondering if u can do one where Belle finds out she’s pregnant?”


YAY RUMBELLE BABY! under the “read more” you’ll find the first [mini] fic I’ve ever written! ahah I’m sorry if it looks a bit crap! [and also sorry if there are some language mistakes =| I’m italian theheheh] 
I just thought writing this was the best way to show what I was thinking when I was making the manips =D
anyway I really hope you like it =D it was a really sweet prompt to make *^*
thanks for it! 


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anonymous asked:

How about some single dad Harry fics? I checked your masterlist and didn't see any on there.

Hello ! There’s not so much fics but well, that’s my fav!

Single dad! Harry :

(thanks @yourssincerelylarry for the pain, this manip is killing me)

- Standing on the Edge of Forever : “So let me get this straight. You took Mr. Squiggles from the classroom habitat, took him with you on your fieldtrip to the zoo, and released him in the aviary?”Harry Styles is a single father, just trying to keep his life organized after losing his husband four years earlier. Between his daughter, Liam’s hellion twins, and Sophia throwing him into any romantic tangle she can think of, life gets a little crazy. Of course, everything changes the moment Lo and the twins get interested in their school musical, The Wizard of Oz. Because the new director, Louis Tomlinson, is just about the most attractive man that Harry has ever seen.Featuring adorable Dad Harry, hotshot actor Louis, three sassy kids, a badass Sophia Smith, and a Liam who just wants all their kids to be well behaved. (55k, my fav !!)

- May You Enjoy Your New Life : It begins for them all at the bungalow – ‘Alright, time to lay out the cards. We’re in this together and hopefully, for the long haul, yeah? So I think – you know, we should just be honest. It’s deal-breakers time. That thing that like, if we’re gonna hate you or something, just tell us all now.‘When One Direction begins, Harry Styles is a sixteen-year-old boy foundering under the pressure of impending fatherhood. His ability to balance the sobering responsibility of caring for his tiny daughter, Millie, and the exhilaration of seeing his own dreams coming to fruition affects not only his future, but those of Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis, who never expected fealty to be the key to their success. But Liam is the first to show him how to grow up without growing old, and Zayn is the first to defend from the public what is private and precious. Louis – Louis is the first for a lot of things; for most of the moments of Millie’s life and for the moments of Harry’s that matter. And Niall is the first to toast when Millie is born: Go maire sibh bhur saol nua – (264k)

- Didn’t think it would work out : here was no way he could let it happen, the prospect of working with Harry for the next two months or so seemed like a nightmare specially designed for him. From hell. By the devil himself, probably. Perfect torture, fit amazingly well with the self-destructive path he’d been on for a year now, Louis clearly had to say no.“‘Course, yeah, I’ll clear it with Simon then, brilliant, cheers mate,” Fuck.—–Or, Louis is a primary school teacher, Harry has a 7-year-old son in his class, Louis has a 1-year-old crush on Harry, and they have to put on the school’s Christmas play. Brilliant. (16k)

- Celebrity Status : The one where Harry’s an X—Factor contestant with a kid, one too many tattoos, and his favourite judge’s room key. (3k)

-In the Country: Harry and his son Luke spend the summer at Harry’s childhood cottage in the country. But after meeting his old playmates and meeting the man of his dreams - will he be able to return to his rock star persona?  (16k, no smut)

- i can’t be no superhero (but for you i’ll be spider-man) : Harry is a single father who has a son with some issues. Sometimes Louis dresses as spider-man. Spider-man is Lloyd’s hero, but then again, maybe Louis is a bit of a Superhero as well. (19k)

- your eyes are like starlight now :  “Yeah. Me, Daddy, and Buttons. That’s my puppy. I named him. Sometimes we call him Butt for short,” Olivia told him, looking up at the boy with a full smile, minus her two front teeth. Louis realised that talking to this girl was more fun than talking to Zayn. Zayn was a little shit, though, so that was understandable. or the one where louis hates his job as an elf at the shopping mall, but hates it a lot less when he meets olivia and her hot daddy (2k)

UPDATE (last update on April 4th 2017)

- A Life That We Share (I Owe It All to You) , by Rearviewdreamer :  When Harry’s son came home from school crying he didn’t think things could get any worse. Lucky for them, things were just about to change for the best.or Harry’s son get bullied until Louis’ son shows up :) (34k)

- Four Houses Away , by @greyish-sky : “Hey, Ash. What are you doing here?”“Lucy went grocery shopping and I thought we could play FIFA?” Ash blinks his big, green eyes. “I’m tired of playing alone and Daddy said you used to play with him?”Harry told his son about—again, it doesn’t mean anything. “He told you I beat him every time?”Ash laughs. “Yeah. He said he sucked.”“I don’t have an Xbox, though. You’ll have to bring yours.”Ash does a little victory dance and starts running. Louis stops him before he reaches the stairs. “I need to call your dad. D’you know his mobile number?”“He made me memorize it.”That’s so Harry. Louis fishes his phone out and hands it to Ash. He types his dad’s number and starts running away. “Don’t run!”Ash jogs. Or, having Harry back in his life wasn’t in Louis’ to-do list. (23k)

- The Summertime, The Butterflies, All Belong To Your Creation: When Louis decides to help out a lost little girl at the park, he never expected it would lead him to finding his home. (11k)

- Wasn’t Expecting That   : Since moving out of his mum’s house with his baby daughter, it’s always been just Harry and his little Luna Flower; dad and daughter against the world. Things are just fine and Harry doesn’t think he needs anyone – and that could have had to do with the fact that he doesn’t think there’s anyone out there good enough. But, with a leap of faith and some unexpected twists and turns, maybe he might just prove himself wrong. Or, the one where Harry is a single dad and gets more than he bargained for after a one night stand of sorts. (103k)

- Behind The Lights   : Inspired by Maid in Manhattan, but not the same at all. (61k)

anonymous asked:

I have more issues with W than I have with M. It's obvious that M is just a beard. She might like the attention she gets being with D but she looks just as unhappy as he does when they take pics. W on the other hand stays out of the limelight for the most part but he seems to be in love with Chris. And the fact that Chris dedicated the book to him really made me think this might be real. Chris books are his babies and I don't think he would dedicate them to someone he didn't love. Your thoughts?

Honestly, when I first joined the fandom, I had a really hard time dismissing the PA.  Because agreed, beard is easy.  Even before i knew, I sensed something was off and never felt they had chemistry.  And now that i know, the more they try to sell it, the less believable it becomes.

But Chris sells his fake relationship better.  Well at least he did. I actually don’t think he does anymore (which in large part is because i think he is over it completely).

I guess the thing that happened that finally convinced me 100% that it was in fact not real, was Halloween.  I can easily dismiss the Kiss Pic.  My friend, a physical therapist (and for the record, not a CC fan, she’s just aware because of me), who knows how every muscle works and is attached to the body, and how the muscles can move, looked at the photo and in less than 5 seconds, was able to dismiss it, saying the way the PA’s head is attached to his neck by the muscle is physically impossible. Others have done a much more sophisticated analysis and come to the same conclusion, photoshop.  But go ahead, google the pic and compare the neck muscle with this anatomy pic (but you didn’t think I’d go there). You too will see its actually humanly impossible:

So why use a manip? Not necessary if this is a real relationship.  Not to mention, if this was real, do we really think Chris Colfer would have allowed that picture to be leaked? A man who craves privacy.

Besides this, Chris puts out constant hints all of the time on social media.  He has thrown more shade at beard than I would even think possible. Remember the backstage Hedwig Kiss?  This was his IG like about an hour after Miss I crave privacy posted it on facebook:

He does this constantly, He has shown Darren so much support its unreal. He is often able to tell the future. Its amazing. And he has thrown more shade at her, that there is absolutely no question what his opinion is and how he feels about her.

TLOS.  Are you reading? I know, I am such a broken record.  Darren is all over those pages. I just did my post on Arthur this morning.  He is so many other characters.  And yes, I do think Will is represented, as Lester, the assistant.

And let’s talk about Chris on this tour.  Wearing 2 necklaces.  One Gemini.  One Saturn/Aquarius.  And he has been sure to show us the necklaces practically ever single night. And you know what night he did not wear them?  Ab Fab.

Speaking of the premiere.  Not a date, Chris made sure to bring a chaperone. Also, W was relegated to the back seat!! And that selfie.  So incredibly awkward.

On the dedication, I hate that he felt that he needed to do it.  But there is not one world written that makes me think this was written to the love of his life, soul mate, chosen partner. It was written to someone that he plays interactive games with.  Figures out what 10 years olds would understand.  and is his secret weapon.

Secret weapon indeed,  As long as the PA is the perceived boyfriend (and remember Chris had never named his as the boyfriend), it is impossible for CC to exist.  And further, as Chris is openly gay, most do not think he would choose to hide.  He doesn’t need a beard.  And if we are being honest, was it a choice?   I think he was forced to hide and participate when he fell in love with Darren.  So fine, a choice, but one to protect the person he loves,.  And make no mistake about it, Chris could have walked away. He did not have to participate.  But he did.  Why?  Because clearly, as he stated himself, there is so much love between these two that he will fight for as long as he has to as long as love triumphs in the end.

I think it has long been established, no question this is Darren, as posted on Chris’ IG and used a year later on a talk show.

And finally, if ever one questions, and yes, something else I have brought up continuously, a video cannot lie.

The Captain’s Cabin, Part Two (see the first here)(ff.net)(ao3)

“What do you think they’re talking about out there, Swan?”

Killian sat right next to Emma as they both took over the corner of the bar, necks twisted and bent to properly spy on the couple currently loitering at the far end of the pier. He didn’t feel bad for spying on his brother — not when he was in public and pointedly ignoring the oncoming lunch rush they were about to get — but he didn’t want to get caught, either.

“Whatever it is, it’s definitely not the scenery. He could’ve picked a better excuse than ‘going out to see the otters playing under the pilings,’ you know.”

“I don’t think they were looking for a better excuse,” he replied, meeting her eyes in what’d become a familiar look exchanged between the both of them. They both saw it when Elsa cornered Liam against one side of the railings and laid her hands on him, taunting him with her nose just inches away from his. “I’d reckon it was just the first thing he thought of.”

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  • Luke: "And here we have the lovely (Y/N) (Y/L/N)", the interviewer said, bringing you into a small stage at the red carpet. "Hi", you greeted her. "You look gorgeous", she said, the camera man filming you from head to toe. "Thank you", you smiled sweetly, the first award show you'd attend already blowing you away. "And there's a certain cute celebrity that agrees with me, might I add", she giggled. Really? Who?", you asked. "Let's watch, shall we?", she pointed to a small screen next to her. It was another interview made on that very same award show, only that instead of you, four boys stood on the small stage. "So, who do you think is the hottest girl here?", the interviewer asked. "We all know Luke's opinion", Calum stated, making Luke blush and the other boys laugh. "Why's that?", the interviewer curiousy asked. "'Cause he hasn't stopped saying how hot (Y/N) (Y/L/N) is", Michael explained laughing. "Oh, so you have a crush, huh". Luke shrugged: "I might have". "Well, you should talk to her at the after party", the interviewer suggested. And you sure as hell hoped he'd follow her advice.
  • Ashton: You were on a small trip to Australia, a little bit of vacation. I mean, it'd be a little more like it if you weren't being constantly mobbed by fans and paparazzi everywhere you'd go. Just like it was happening now. While you tried to make your way through the crowd without being rude, the shout of a paparazzi caught your attention: "(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Do you think you and Ashton Irwin could work? Or is his crush unrequited?". "What?", you abruptly turned around. "Ashton Irwin, from 5 Seconds of Summer", he replied. "What about him?", you questioned again. "He said you're his celebrity crush on an interview. Didn't you know?". Well, as far as you were concerned, Ashton's celebrity crush was Hayley Williams and he didn't know who you were. "Oh", was what you managed to get out as a reply, nodding your head. "So...", the paparazzi insisted, "Is it unrequited?". "I might have a crush on him as well", you winked and turned.
  • Michael: "(Y/N), (Y/N)", Ellen shook her head, "It's your first time here and I already am going to set you up with someone...". "What?", you laughed. "Yeah, I interviewed a band here last week", she explained, "And it turns out one of them has a huge crush on you". You turned to a small TV next to you, where you saw 5 Seconds of Summer sitting where you were now and Ellen in front of them. "So, we're going to play a game now. I'll say a celebrity name and you'll say the first thing it comes to your mind, okay?", The boys nodded and sifted in their seats while Ellen began saying some names. "(Y/N) (Y/L/N)", you blushed when your name was mentioned, heart beating faster. "Fucking hot", Michael blurted out quietly, biting his lip. "Well, someone's sexually frustrated", Ashton commented, making everyone laugh. "You have a crush on her, then", Ellen said. "Yeah", Michael shrugged and the screen went black. "So...", Ellen turned to you. "Well", you said, "I'm not gonna lie: the first thing that comes to my mind when someone says 'Michael Clifford' is fucking hot as well".
  • Calum: For some time now, your fans and the 5SOS fam had started shipping you with Calum. They thought you'd look incredibly cute together and had everything to do with each other - the perfect match. So for that reason, there were manips of you and Calum all over the internet. Seeing as many gossip magazines had no way of knowing whether those pictures were real or not - many of them fooled even you -, they assumed they were. And also assumed you were dating. So the reason why Twitter was breaking down at the moment was 'cause a magazine posted an article saying you were officially dating for three months now. You were a little unsure on what to do, seeing as something like that had never happened to you before. But Calum didn't seem feel the same, 'cause, not long ago, he tweeted you about it: "@(Y/T/N) Did you hear the news? We're dating! Congrats to us!!". A little cautiously, you typed a reply, trying to keep it funny and classy: "@Calum5SOS I heard it as well! Been asking myself where's my ring, though... #IfYouLikedItThenYouShould'vePutARingOnIt". Not long after, he had already replied: "@(Y/T/N) Guess we're going to have to meet up so I can give it to you then...".

Well, I was planning to cover my face but then the context of some of the photos would be lost so heck, here’s my fugly mug! This is just a small token of appreciation for the SPN fandom on tumblr for getting me hooked on Supernatural and introducing me to JIBCon. It’s because of y'all that I got this amazing experience.

All I ask is that you keep these strictly on tumblr and in this post. Do NOT edit/manip/copy these and post elsewhere please. Thanks!

I was actually supposed to have a Jared solo (planned pose was to put our hands together and compare them coz he reportedly has HUGE hands) and a J2 (planned for the standard sandwich) but due to Jared being unable to attend, I switched my Jared POs for the Rich/Rob double, Tahmoh, and Mark. I was planning to buy them anyway so somehow it worked out ok, even though we all missed Jared terribly.

And now some notes:

Mark - He was very intimidating (umm… King of Hell?) and I almost didn’t ask for the pose but I gathered some courage and asked him if he could cover my eyes in a “Guess who?” pose. He agreed and had already settled behind me, hands over my eyes, while I awkwardly stood there. And again, with some last minute courage, I put my hands up on his and made an “o” with my mouth. And can I just say, I unexpectedly LOVE this pic the most!

Felicia - she was so adorable and so WHITE! I swear I am not that dark/tan! But yeah, I asked her for a selfie pose (but stupidly I didn’t actually take a selfie. Sigh) and she loved it! After the shot she goes “I love it! That’s so meta! I want to see the result!” So later when I go for my autograph with her, I showed her the photo and she again said she loved it. 😄 And then we chatted real quick about books (I gave them a ribbon bookmark each) and how we both prefer old fashioned hard copy versus e-books.

Tahmoh - He was so TALL! I didn’t really have a pose in mind for him, so when I walked up and we greeted each other and he just opened up his arms wide, looking at me expectantly… Well, heck, who was I to protest the big hug??? He was chewing gum so he smelled minty fresh. 😊

Rich/Rob - They were kinda chatting and greeted me warmly when I walked up. I didn’t have a pose in mind for this too so when Rich put his arm around me, I just went with it and slid mine around their waists. I regret not going for hugs! Coz I heard Rob gives the best hugs. And I totally regret not buying a Rob solo PO. I fell in love with this adorable man-child during the con. Sigh… Next year, I’m gonna squish the fuck out of him. 😅

Jensen/Misha - I showed them the photo I saved on my phone, with essentially the same pose but instead of smiles, I asked them to look really intimidating instead. My headcanon is that they are extremely clingy, over-protective big brothers, out to intimidate the shit out of my date. Lol. I still cannot get over this!! Oh, and I think I cropped it out but Misha’s butt was totally way out there, since he was trying to avoid pressing his crotch to Jensen’s hands on my waist. 😂

Jensen singles - One was supposed to be the J2 double but I got 2 singles instead. Jensen was such a dear, all of them were, because they all took on more photos and autographs to accommodate Jared’s absence. But I get the feeling Jensen took most of it on.

Anyway, I did both photos one after the other. I went for the “bully” pose first, showed him the concept shot and he goes “Ok, yeah, I can do that.” And before I even got my phone stashed away in my back pocket, I feel this incredibly heavy weight on top of my head. The stupidly hot dork had already started on the pose! So I cross my arms and roll my eyes in a long-suffering way for the shot.

The next one was just an improvised pose, luckily I had my FBI Sam with me coz I asked someone from the US to buy it for me at Hot Topic and she gave it to me at JIB. I just asked Jensen to kind of comfort me since Jared wasn’t there. So he grabs my head and presses it to his chest while I hold FBI Sam and pout. I was so flustered by Jensen’s presence that I totally forgot to look into his gorgeous eyes! Ugh. Next year for sure….

Misha - Well, what can I say. We all know Misha can’t keep his tongue to himself so I just went with what came naturally for him and asked him to pretend lick my face. He grinned at me and said, in no uncertain terms, a decisive “YES!” while clasping his hands together. So when I hesitantly take a step towards him, he drapes himself over me and sticks his tongue close to my face. Of course, I pretend to back away but really, if he had decided to lick me for real, I would not wash my face forever! The photographer took a long time for some reason, so I kinda had Misha wrapped around me for a while. Not complaining.

Richard - He’s just such a lovely man! There was a bit of trouble with the camera so it took a while to get the session started. But we got there and when I showed him the concept shot saying “I’d like to do this to you, if you’re ok with that.” He takes a look and goes “You got it!” He then proceeds to squat down in front of me and let me smoosh his cheeks. I just adore him! And then afterwards, I thanked him and went in for a hug, which he happily gave along with a parting squeeze.

Osric - My last PO for JIB. I was super exhausted by this time that the pose I had in mind for him sort of flew out the window and when I went up to him, all I could say was “I just want a hug.” He smiled and basically crushed me to his torso. And I’m not sure what happened, he didn’t let go for a long time so I kind of was awkwardly hugging him and he started a series of really loud burps. 😅 After that he looks at the photographer and asks “We got it?” To which the photographer says yes and gives a thumbs up. He finally lets go of me and I instinctively pat him on the chest asking “Are you ok?” He smiled down at me and says “Yes, thanks, I just burped.” Lol. I grabbed my bag, and only later, when I got out of the photo op room did I realize that HOLY SHIT!!! I actually touched Osric’s rock hard abs and I didn’t even realize it!! Those are some solid bumps that my palm came in contact with. 😄

And there it is! Sharing my JIB photo op experience with y'all!


1. Why did James Corden make sure to talk about Louis being single and taking advantage of it then the very next day we learned Briana’s name?</p>

2. Why did Tammi follow baby and wedding accounts on Twitter before she should have reasonably know Briana was expecting?

3. Why did we find out so early?</p>

4. Why was Briana’s social media wiped?

5. Why were there articles with every single member of her family?</p>

6. Why did her ex-stepfather send her mom that weird message asking if B was pregnant? Why did he misspell her name? Why did he use her first and last name as if her own mom wouldn’t know who he was talking about?</p>

7. Why did blogs get anons warning us weeks in advance?</p>

8. Why did blogs get the pic of Eli and B that someone seemed to want leaked pretty badly? Why did they want us to know he had seen her if he was there to get the news of his impending fatherhood?

9. Why was Simon the first person to talk about it?</p>

10. Why did Liam talk about it before Louis? Why was he more concerned with a ship that didn’t involve him than the other huge 1D ship he’s a part of?

11. Why was the topic blacklisted for most of promo?</p>

12. Why did Harry talk about babies multiple times in that one interview yet the interviewer never mentioned the elephant in the room?

13. Why did Louis stay in Canada when the rest of the band went to LA?</p>

14. Why did he avoid LA like the plague right until the very end?</p>

15. Why did the media bring Harry into it? Pregnant Harry manip?</p>

16. Why “It’s not real. It’s not real. It’s not real.”?

17. Why Tamara at Glastonbury?

18. Why did he show up to dinner with her family on the 4th still wearing the Glastonbury bracelet? Was that a fuck you?

19. Why was Tammi papped solo? More than once?

20. Why did the family try to get people to post pics of pregnant women they were trying to pass off as B but who obviously weren’t?

21. Why did they do the same with pics of the baby?

22. Why did Fizzy call them out on it? Why did Ashley lie about them being Facebook friends? Why did that confrontation get dialed back?

23. Why was B papped at the passport office?

24. Why did she go to London when she could have gone to any show in the US?

25. Why did she go to six shows and stand where fans had access to her?

26. Why didn’t she have security?

27. Why did she roam around the stadium and the Starbucks in the stadium with no one to protect her from the fans who wanted to “harass” her other than Fizzy?

28. Why were seats labeled so that fans would know they were for Louis’ entourage? Why didn’t it happen before then or after that?

29. Why does the girl who got the first pic of B at those shows have a Simon follow on Twitter?

30. Why did her family say she would be there two weeks when she was not?

31. Why the van full of brunettes while B was in London? Is that why she left early?

32. Why were the Bears set up to portray a Larry wedding while she was there?

33. Why did the family register all of those url’s? BrianaTomlinson?

34. Why so long to announce the name?

35. Why the SydneyReign url? Did Louis fuck that up when he announced the name as Freddie?

36. Why were they trying to auction a url?

37. Why didn’t she have a baby shower?

38. Why did the birth announcement come via UA? And a comment by granny on an Instagram post of a pic of trash?

39. Why was our favorite UA owner conveniently in LA for the birth?

40. Why did Harry go back to LA THE NIGHT of the birth?

41. Why did he tweet those lyrics?

42. Why did Louis tweet lyrics to a song about daddy kink?

43. Why were there no visible signs of an IV?

44. Why was she so perfectly made up and posed in that hospital pic?

45. Why was Louis papped at Sunglass Hut the next day wearing what appeared to be a hand written hospital bracelet?

46. Why was he papped arriving to Tammi’s condo with a car full of baby supplies that could have been delivered and should have already been set up?

47. What happened to the pap pics of her wearing a mini dress just a couple days after giving birth? Why weren’t they used? Why did it seem like they were replaced by another set of pap pics?

48. Pleather legging and heels just a few days post birth?

49. Why the name Freddie after the Bears focused so much on Freddie Mercury? Who was in Queen? Queen as in one who reigns?

50. Why rent a house in LA that is owned by Paul McKenna? The person who some believe to be Simon Cowell’s lover?

51. Why rent a house one hour away from your newborn?

52. Why did Louis say he was looking forward to no responsibilities during the break?

53. Why was he papped carrying a book named The Psychopath Test at the beginning of it all?

54. Why have his bandmates not acknowledged this life changing event on any form of social media?

55. Why the appearance of Olivia in October?

56. Why was Olivia’s social media wiped?

57. Why does she even need a nanny? She’s unemployed? Why does the baby stay in Olivia’s room? Why does Olivia interact with the baby more than Briana? Why for someone who is supposed to be her bff does she seem to know so little?

58. Why does it seem so difficult for Briana to provide basic facts about her child and her birth experience?

59. Why was the original announcement and birth so closely linked to Drag Me Down and History video?

60. Why did Jay follow Tammi on Facebook, share a post about being fame hungry and then unfriend her?

61. Why did Jay and Briana follow, unfollow and then follow each other again on Instagram?

62. Why did Briana only unprivate her Instagram when she posted something she knew the fandom would explode over?

63. Why no paternity test?

I intentionally didn’t include things that people seems to have different opinions on. Like her change in physical appearance and the possible different Freddie’s. I wanted to highlight all of he weirdness and the wtf moments surrounding this entire situation that exist without those. As you can see there’s quite a few and I’m sure I missed some.

Love the ship, hate how it was handled

I’m about 234902304923049309340 years late to the party, but when has that ever stopped me? 

Disclaimer: I know i’m gonna talk about a ship a lot of people don’t like, but I do, so here’s some thoughts on it.

When I first saw AOU, I hated it with a passion. I still hate it on more levels than Dante’s hell has layers, but I don’t hate Brutasha anymore. What I hated about their romance was the way it was handled, not the concept itself. To make it easier for you to decide whether you want to continue reading, here’s a brief overview of the points I’m going to make:

  1. Natasha’s characterisation has always been flawed
  2. Love does not make Natasha weak
  3. Bruce Banner is good enough for her
  4. Dismantling the scene that everyone hates

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anonymous asked:

Most celebrities wait until 5 months of pregnancy to confirm whether or not they're pregnant, at 5 months there's less of a risk of miscarriage, I mean look at Beyoncé no one knew of her pregnancy until she was 5 months pregnant and she was the one who told everyone she was pregnant, not some 'close friend'. Why would you release a pregnancy in you most vulnerable state when the father is a member of a boyband and has tons a savage teenage girl fans, look what happened to Eleanor. It's not safe.

Oh, you’re 100% right. Celebrities with MUCH bigger names than Louis Tomlinson - or even Harry Styles - have hidden pregnancies for MUCH longer.

Eva Mendez - Hid her pregnancy with Ryan Gosling for seven months by hiding from the paparazzi.

Adele - Hid her pregnancy for seven months, and even attended award shows during her fifth months but hid it by her clothing and avoiding the press.

Beyoncé - Hid her pregnancy with Jay-Z for five months, and only revealed it in a performance during the VMAs.

Britney Spears - Hid her second pregnancy for five months.

Ali Larter - Hid for the first four months of her pregnancy.

Claire Danes - Hid her pregnancy for four months, hid it while she was filming Homeland.

Natalie Portman - Hid her pregnancy for four months.

Isla Fisher - Hid her pregnancy with Sacha Baron Cohen while filming a movie, when she was three months along. Her co-workers had no idea.

Mariah Carey - Hid her baby for more than three months.

Jessica Simpson - Hid her baby for three months.

Jennifer Garner - Hid her pregnancy from her cast members, who only found out through the press.

Jennifer Lopez - Hid and then denied the pregnancy in October, when the babies were born in February.

Evelyn Lozada - (Basketball Wives) Hid her pregnancy for six months. “When fans asked how she did it, Lozada tweeted, “LOL – It was pretty easy. Just stay home & mind your own business…”

I’m not 100% sure on those numbers, but they’re likely in the ballpark.

Here & here you can see people that hid the children completely.

All that to say - They definitely could have hid a baby from a woman not in the spotlight for the entire pregnancy, if not years thereafter. No one would have been looking to see if a woman that Louis Tomlinson was spotted with a couple of times was pregnant. It would have been extremely easy to hide. If they were really concerned about protecting her privacy and the public not making a mockery of their child (as they have), they could have kept this completely under the rug. I would hate to see any child find the articles that have been written about this one, or the overall media response treating it like a joke, attaching clips of Louis throwing a fake baby off stage, and manips of his bandmate pregnant. If it was real, we SHOULDN’T know, for the protection of the child and the mother.

There is no reason for us to know about this pregnancy. None at all. Especially right now. Combine that with how he was papped with her multiple times and her name was in the papers when we hadn’t had a clue who she was, combine that with how they made sure we knew Louis was in LA for the ‘pregnancy scare’, combine that with how they deliberately tried to get photos to leak multiple times to prove they were hanging at, combine that with the hints dropped on Tumblr and Twitter about her being pregnant, combine that with how PEOPLE randomly started talking about Louis Tomlinson when they never reported on him before back in March and then got the exclusive on this story, combine that with the fact that the media has treated it like an April Fool’s joke instead of the birth of an actual child, combine that with the fact that they kept bringing up his relationship with his bandmate with zero prompting instead of talking about the child and the implications it had on the band’s future, combine that with the way the family has run to the press, combine that with the family following update accounts and leaking more photographs, combine that with the fact they waited 2.5 weeks after the scandal broke so that people were still aware of 1D but capable of focusing on the music when a single dropped, combine that with the fact that the baby story dropped a week early and the single was also released exactly a week early, combine that with the fact that we got a new picture and Liam confirmation 3 days after the single dropped and 1 day before their first appearance on national television, combine that with the fact that Louis himself, his friends, or his family have not commented. 

There isn’t a single piece of this that does not look entirely and 100% fabricated.

Magic Is Emotion

After Emma accidentally hurts Killian when she loses control of her magic, she decides that it’s for the best if they stay away from each other. But magic is emotion, and feelings can’t just be suppressed, and maybe it’s time to stop running…

Note: I wanted to write a one-shot to go with this manip. It got a little angsty, but then it gets a little fluffy, and maybe a little smutty towards the end. Promise. It’s my first time writing something like this, so fingers crossed that you’ll like it!

Also on ff.net and ao3

Killian is surprised how much it hurts this time.

He has lost Emma before – when the curse hit, when she told him that she loved another man, when she was determined to go back to New York, when Zelena forced him to betray her. He’s familiar with that heart-wrenching feeling, the way it twists inside him and leaves emptiness, but only now does he realise that every time until now it was overshadowed by the regret of what if. He didn’t really have her, before.

This time is different. When she looks him in the eye and tells him that she was wrong to think they could make this work, when he realises that she really means it, he swears that he can actually feel his heart breaking.

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Cara | Epilogue

Previous Chapters: Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven | Chapter Twelve | Chapter Thirteen | Chapter Fourteen | Chapter Fifteen | Chapter Sixteen | Chapter Seventeen | Chapter Eighteen | Chapter Nineteen | Chapter Twenty | Chapter Twenty One |
Cara Mia (one shot which was the inspiration for this story)

Loki/Cara manips: Collection one | Collection two | Collection three | Collection Four | Collection Five |

AN: Big thank you to evieplease for betaing this whole fic.

AN2: Thanks to everyone who supported me in writing this. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for some humour, and some news!


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Taking Him Down a Peg or Two -Actor Tom Hiddleston/OFC S&M One shot

Ok, so i’ve had a found mood all day, and needed to write something harsh, something completely different from the nice sweet fluffy Whistler. This is it.



Contains Anal, Sex Toys, Pegging.

This fic is inspired by this shot that appeared yesterday. Its a manip and its not mine, but the artist has inspired the filth within my mind to come spewing forth.

AGAIN - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Usual fluffy service will resume tomorrow:

Rated 21+

You watched as he worked the red carpet, signing autographs and posing with screaming fans, laughing and joking with them as they showed him the art they’d made of Loki, taking selfies with the ones in the costumes, in addition to the horned golden helmets there was starting to be a growing number of Hank Hats with fringed jackets appear at these things.

Externally you were the perfect PR guide, blending into the background, you’d been hired when Luke had split off and started his own agency, your ability to blend into the crowd the whole reason you’d gotten the job. But you’d had enough of Hiddleston’s games, the way they’d asked him repeatedly to ensure he wore underwear, yes he’d been gifted by forces on high with a huge cock, but for christs sake if he wanted to be known as a serious actor, they needed to get the legions of fangirls to start talking about his talent and stop fantasising about riding him into oblivion.

Finally you were able to drag him into the theatre and you sat in silence throughout the awards ceremony, sinking into the shadows, watching as he worked the crowd as he accepted his award. Twitter started going nuts as a glossy magazine had just announced he was the Sexiest Actor of the year, this only added to his ego.

After numerous hours watching him at the after party you finally delivered him back to his room, having sent the hangers-on and groupies packing. He was completely inebriated, so much so that you’d had to strip him as he’d been unable to undress himself. Surely this was above and beyond the call of duty you thought as you pulled his suit trousers of his legs, even you couldn’t help but glance at his crotch, and despite your distaste for him, you felt a tingle between your thighs at the thought of the thick meaty cock driving into you, however the moment was abruptly ended as he lifted one knee and let out a long fart, proving that he was just a man, like any other. Leaving him spread eagled on the bed as he started to snore loudly, you gathered bottles of water and packets of dry crackers, placing them on the bedside cabinet and made your way to her adjoining room, closing the door and climbing into bed. Checking in with Luke over Skype you updated him on the evening, checking that nothing had been scheduled for the next day which was a pre-appointed ‘free’ day to allow Tom to recharge. Signing off you drifted off to sleep, having dreams she didn’t want to admit to yourself, and woke just as frustrated as that you’d gone to sleep feeling.

You were soon aware of the sound of vomiting in the room next door. Serves him right you thought as you showered and dressed, before poking your head into the next room just in time to see Tom emerge from the bathroom looking like death warmed up. Oh if only his hoards of fans could see him now. Placing more bottled water on the side, along with some painkillers you told him to get some more sleep, order room service, and reminded him to wear a robe this time when he opened the door. Gathering up his suit to take to the cleaners, you left him to it, and the last you saw he was sprawled out naked on the couch flicking through the channels aimlessly.

Many hours later you returned to the hotel, having spent the day running errands both for you and for your client, however you were in a much better mood having arranged to meet up with an old lover when you were in New York in a few days time. Knowing that you wouldn’t see daylight for a good 24 hours when you were with him put a spring in your step, and you’d treated yourself to some new toys for your rendezvous.

Stepping into your room you immediately noticed that something was amiss. Your laptop was open and running on the bed, you knew you’d switched it off and stowed it in your satchel. Some of your clothing was hanging out of your case. You quickly walked to Tom’s room to check on him, but were shocked by what you saw.

He was lying on the bed, naked except for a leather jacket and a pair of your stockings. One leg crossed over the other, looking directly at you as he leaned back on his elbows, supported by a pile of pillows. You stopped in your tracks;

“You’ve been in my room”

He smirked “Well… you’re in my room” he uncrossed his legs, you watched as his erect cock bobbed around before resting against his flat stomach, he continued; “You have a very… interesting… taste of pursuits”

“You looked through my computer, what gives you the right…” trailing off, seething with anger.

“I was just checking my emails, but I got bored” This was hardly an excuse, but as you watched him an idea came into your head. He’d obviously read through your Tumblr feed, saw what you liked as otherwise he wouldn’t be sat wearing the stockings. He knew what he was letting himself in for and you decided it was only the right thing to do as his assistance is to guide him. You dropped your shopping bags to the floor and reached into the large purple paper bag, the bag that contained your treats for New York, and pulled out a riding crop;

“Turn over” you instructed.

He paused when he saw the crop; “umm…”

“I said, turn over. On your knees Hiddleston” you watched as he flipped himself over onto his hands and knees, not giving him time to settle before you brought the crop down sharply across his pert buttocks. You heard him howl in pain and a bright red mark appear;

“That is for the invasion of privacy”

“Sorry Mistress”

Mistress? You liked the sound of that. A smile spread across your lips as you raised the crop again, bringing it down again with a loud ‘thwack’ sound;

“That is for your un-gentlemanly behaviour” your voice drowning out the howl from below, but you were on a roll;

Thwack! “That is for not wearing underwear after we have repeatedly asked you to”

Thwack! “For the incurable flirting with TV show hosts when you are meant to be talking about a serious subject”

Thwack! “For the continual delays you cause at events from spending too much time on the red carpet”

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

You were breathless from the force you’d been putting into the blows, the howls from Tom’s lips had only driven you on. You heard him sniff a little and realised you’d brought tears to his eyes, but you felt no remorse;

His voice quiet and feeble he asked “What were the last ones for Mistress?”

You laughed “They were because I enjoy punishing you Thomas… because they were payback for all the shit you make me deal with”

“Am I to have any more Mistress?” He said peering over his shoulder at you.

“Not at the moment, now you will obey my commands” you paused “Sit”

You watched as he turned over and winced as his raw buttocks rubbed against the bedcover;

“You will watch as I undress. You will not touch unless I tell you to”

With that you stripped out of your blouse and skirt, revealing your lace bra and knickers, your legs framed by stockings and the matching suspender belt, the dark lace a stark contrast to your peachy skin. Removing your knickers you stood dominantly over him.  He went to reach forward to touch you, but you caught his chin with the riding crop making him freeze;

“Thomas…” you warned

“Sorry Mistress”

You looked into your bag of goodies and smiled, pulling out a Stainless Steel Plug, a sparkling jewel at the end catching the light from the window in its facets.

“Is that… is that… for me?” His voice wavered.

“No Thomas, it is not for you. I am here for my pleasure alone. You will only be punished.”

Taking the new bottle of lube from the bag as well you passed both to Tom;

“Show Mistress how much you care for her. Please her as you put this where it belongs” turning and bending over slightly, pulling your cheeks apart as you stood dominantly in your heels at the foot of the bed. You heard him move on the covers and the click of the lid from the bottle of lube. Soon the cold liquid was trickling down your crease and you felt the glorious cold touch of the plug as he worked it into the liquid, coating its smooth surface. He pressed it against your rear entrance, pushing firmly against the tight ring of muscle before you relaxed and allowed it access, sliding in with a pop and it was soon fully seated. He pressed against the Jewel and you suppressed a moan. Correcting your stance as you turned back to him he went to hand you the lube back;

“No Thomas, I suggest you keep hold of that for a moment… for your own good”

His eyes were wide with wonder as you pulled the next toy from your bag of tricks; a long black double ended dildo, shining from its new and unused state, it gently wobbled in your grasp.

Tom looked nervous; “Is that for me?”

You grinned; “Yes” as you stepped forward towards him.

“What…what…are you going to do?”

“Thomas, I am going to peg you. And you are going to enjoy it”

“I… I… you… what’s pegging?”

“You will soon find out. Now further back onto the bed”

You straddled the bed and pulled his legs apart, running your fingertips down the backs of his thighs;

“It’s going inside me?”

You chuckled “Oh Thomas, my darling Thomas, only half of it is going in you, and look, it’s no bigger than you are. Now you will get to experience what all your little groupies get when you take one of those tramps back to your hotel room”

He watched as you lifted his legs wide and gently used your fingertips to stroke his scrotum. His eyes grew wide as he saw you push the tip of the dildo into your sopping cunt, swallowing a good half of it whole;

“Now Thomas, the lube…” taking the other end of the dildo and laying it on his stomach next to his own straining cock. He squeezed a little bit onto the tip of the black appendage.

You laughed “Is that all you want? I’m happy to go in dry, but are you sure?” you said with a smirk, watching as he then squeezed a generous amount onto the dildo. Taking the bottle from him you rested it on the bed next to you. Aligning the head of the bulbous latex with his tight ring you gently pressed forward, you watched as he winced;

“Hmmn, maybe this will help you relax” as you squirted some of the slippery liquid onto your hand and wrapped it around his cock, slowly pumping your fist from base to tip. With each stroke you lent forward slightly and instructed him;

“Thomas, just relax”

Eventually as you rocked your hips the dildo got purchase and slid in a couple of inches;

“OH MY GOD” Tom cried from below, panting hard and clutching at the bed covers. You allowed him time to adjust to the size, before gently pulling back slowly then forward, making him take another inch, rocking your hips so the lube worked the shaft. Soon you were in a good six inches, his tight ring straining around the slippery invasion;

“I think it’s time to start the punishment again them Thomas, don’t you agree?”

Not waiting for him to answer you pulled your hips back and thrust into him, the slap of your thighs against his upturned buttocks going in time with his cries of pleasure as the shaft hit his prostate.

“Oh Mistress, yes, harder… punish me”

Soon you were fucking him, using his arsehole as an anchor for the dildo, relishing the feel as with each of your thrusts it delved deep within you as well, making you grip onto Tom’s thighs, your fingernails leaving ivory crescents in his skin. Soon you were getting close to your orgasm, thrusting harder you rode the closer you got, until you felt that fire within you explode, riding your pleasure out on the hard phallus.

You stilled as you came down from your high, slowing your hips before pulling out of Tom with a pop, reaching down and removing the glistening shaft from yourself. You looked up to see a look of dismay on his face;

“You’re not… we’re not… you can’t just finish like that… I haven’t…” he could hardly string a sentence together, he’d almost been at his peak before you’d stopped, leaving him teetering on the edge.

“Thomas. We are not finished. But before we start again you will fetch your Mistress a drink”.

You watched as he awkwardly got off the bed, keeping his legs slightly apart, his angry purple cock straining as it stood at full mast. Busying himself with the minibar he quickly poured a vodka for you and slipped in some ice, before handing it to you, watching as you downed it in one and handed the glass back to him.

You walked slowly across the room, swaying your hips so that the plug that was still settled deep within you rubbed gloriously against your tight opening, knowing it could be seen and that it was no doubt what Tom was watching. You stepped onto the raised platform by the window and peered through the net curtain, taking in the view of LA below. You turned back to Tom who was still standing on the same spot, jaw open, glass still in his hand;

“Thomas. Put the glass down and come over here to continue attending to Mistresses needs”

Quickly ridding himself of the glass he was soon standing behind you;

“What would Mistress like me to do?”

You took a deep breath; you’d been looking forward to this part the whole time;

“Thomas. You are going to remove the plug from Mistress. Slowly, gloriously, and tease her tight ring with it” You paused to take a breath; “You are then going to fuck Mistress hard where that plug has just come from. You are going to plough into her and make her scream. You are going to spill your seed within her, and once you have finished, you are going to push that plug back in so your hot seed remains there”

Before you’d finished speaking his hands were on your hips, his lips tracing along you shoulder. When you felt his hand reach down to the plug, gently tugging on it, pulling it slowly out through the tight ring of muscle, and quiet pop as it finally left you. He reached down and placed it on the table beside you before lining his bulbous head with your rear entrance, his shaft still slippery from the lube you had applied earlier. Pushing gently he slid straight in to the hilt, his balls resting against your sopping cunt. He pulled back, completely out, before ramming his entire length back into you and set off at a punishing pace, the frustrations from your earlier punishment being taken out on you. He rode you hard; the feel of his length driving you wild as you leant forward to allow him deeper, ploughing your depths. You felt him reach around and pinch at your clitoris, pulling on the tight pink bud, it was making you breathless, you were rocking back to meet each of his thrusts, crying out with pleasure each time he pounded his thick cock back into you.

You reached your peak together, your cries mixed as your bodies tensed, and your muscles clamping down on his cock as he emptied himself deep within you with a low growl. Standing breathless you shared a brief moment of tenderness as he held you in his arms, before gently pulling out of you and placing the plug back within you, following his instructions. He silently left you there to catch your breath as he went to the bathroom to clean up.

You poured yourself another drink as you watching him return from the bathroom, shedding himself of his jacket and the stockings. He was the first to speak;

“I thought you were going to save the toys for New York?”

You smiled at him “If you hadn’t of driven me up the wall over the last 72 hours I might have”

He walked to you and wrapped you in his arms;

“Are we still going out tonight?”

“Yes, I just need to put my dress on and I’ll be ready”

“You’re going to leave the plug in?”

“Yep. Depends how badly you misbehave tonight, you may end up getting punished in the car on the way back” Kissing him gently; “Now go and have a shower, you still smell of stale booze and vomit”

He laughed as you slapped him on the butt; “I think I may be misbehaving a fair bit tonight” with a grin.

You laughed to yourself, if only Luke knew the relationship you had with his top client, each day it was getting harder and harder to pretend to hate him.

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