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You know what’s great about fairy tales that haven’t been made into Disney movies?  How completely bullshit they are.  Like, if it’s a popular enough fairy tale that it’s gotten its own movie, a lot of the completely random-seeming shit has probably been excised from that version.  If it’s just been left to molder since people stopped drinking beer for breakfast, started being able to read on a massive scale, and learned how not to give themselves ergot poisoning every winter…well, it might just sound like something a sleep-deprived kindergartener made up.

“Here, dearest sister, take this vial of water.  If it turns cloudy, you’ll know I’m sick.  If it turns red as blood, you’ll know I’m dead.”

“This is a very useful thing, dearest brother, as reliable post hasn’t been invented yet, and you’re going to just wander around until you make your fortune.  I have only one question.”


“Where the hell did you get this?”


“Where did you get a vial of water that magically knows if you’re sick or dead?  Like, did you just pick it up at the market?  Did you have to go see a witch?  How much did you pay for this?  The whole reason you’re leaving is that we’re fucking broke.”

“I just…it was just lying around.”

“What, in the attic?”

“I guess?”

“Why would we have a vial of water that can tell if you’re sick or dead just lying around in the attic?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe we can ask those animals that tricked the robbers out of their cabin in the woods.  They seem to know what they’re doing.”

“The animals…that tricked the robbers…out of their cabin.”


“I hate this town.”

“Young man, if you let me sit by your fire, I’ll give you a sack of gold that can never be emptied.”

“Why would you be just wandering around alone dressed like a beggar if you have a sack of gold that can never be emptied?”

“I just…am.  Fuck you.  You want the sack or not?  Because I am dog tired, and freezing cold, and offering you a magic money-sack if I can just take a load off.”

“This is the sort of magic sack that’s going to make me really happy for like six weeks and then I’m going to get murdered in my sleep by trolls, isn’t it?”

“…yes.  Do you want it or not?”

“What the hell, with plague going around again, I’m probably not going to live more than another few months, anyway.”

“That’s the sort of can-do spirit murder-trolls love to see!”



“Young lady, I’m very hungry, won’t you please share your bread with me?”

“Shit.  Are you the sort of stray dwarf I’m supposed to help, or are you going to murder me unless I start hitting you with a stick right now?”


“Those are my two options, right?  I mean, I can’t just say nah, I only have enough for me, and keep on walking.  I have to either feed you or beat the hell out of you.  So which is it?  I don’t want to get magic-murdered for picking wrong.  The last person you turned into a stone or a goat or whatever, what’d they do?”

Why is every traveler on this road so fucking weird?  I just want a hunk of bread, lady.“

“So you’re not magic?”

“Oh, well.  Yeah, of course I’m magic.”

“But you’re not going to do anything magic right now.”

“Are you on some bizarre quest to marry a prince even though you have absolutely no idea how to run a kingdom?”

“No, of course not.  Jesus.”


“I’m trying to figure out how to turn my seven brothers from dead swans back into humans permanently.”

“Your brothers were turned into dead swans.”

“I mean, I don’t really mind, because they transform back into men at night, but my fiance won’t get married until the mill’s courtyard isn’t full of dead swans all day.  He thinks it’s gruesome.”

“Why would anyone turn your brothers into dead swans?”

“We think the local witch was just trying to turn them into swans.  Or maybe kill them.  She was on a bender, so she can’t really remember.”

“Okay, but why?”

“My brothers were kind of dicks, before they got stuck as dead swans all day.“

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if you give me half your bread, I’ll tell you how to turn them back into people full-time.”

“Why are you being so nice all the sudden?”

“Because I now really need a beer, and I hate drinking on an empty stomach.”

“Young woman, who is coincidentally very beautiful and very virtuous even though you grew up very poor in a time when that very well may have meant chronic malnutrition and seeing family members literally die of hunger, you may have the hand of the prince in marriage if you can lift his curse.”

“Okay, yeah, I’m pretty sure I can do that.  I’ve got some good fairies backing me up, and also half the animal kingdom.”

“That’s very impressive.”

“Yeah, I did a lot of really random stuff and went vegan for a while, and now apparently everything under the sun owes me.“

“Well, you’ll enjoy your time as a princess, then!”

“Well, before we do that, I thought maybe we should talk about why the curse was put on him in the first place.  Maybe you could tell me who did it, and why, and if we know where they are now.  Maybe we could sort of come up with a plan for dealing with them.  You know, after I break the curse.”

“Why would we do that?”

“Well, somebody sort of turned the prince into a giant fish and made it so fishermen can’t stop trying to catch him, so it seems like they might just try something else if we undo that.  I want to be ready.”

“Nonsense.  This curse was a one-time thing.”

“The witch still lives like right next door, yes?”

“Yes, but she’s calmed down a lot since she did this.”

“She just turned a guy into a newt last week.”

“But she likes us now.”

“Not enough to undo the curse, though.”

“Well, no.”

“So, we should probably have a plan, right?”


“Okay, I’m going to keep walking until I find an enchanted prince with more sensible parents.  Peace out, your majesties.”

Just Go Possible Triggers

Quick Info - set after Sam and Dean get out of the prison. Dean is kind of an asshole
Word Count - 1500
Warnings - Angst. possible triggers (verbal abuse) Dean is kind of a dick…Don’t say you weren’t warned!

This was written for @avasmommy224‘s Birthday challenge. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!!
My prompt -  “If you love me, you’re going to have to love all the things about me”

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Just Go

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Say You’ll Want Me Pt. 7

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Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 

Part 7 is here! Only 2 parts left guys… we’re getting close to the end and I’m not sure I’m ready lol. Thanks again for all of your awesome feedback <3

Tags: @daintymissdevitt  @iloveenzoamore @ang-78 @legitlunatic @fan-fiction-galore @imaginingwwesuperstars @silverrawrs @tooweirdforlifex @darwarsnoam @alexispoo @shadow-of-wonder @mindsetcalamity @omgmissmillie @skyrina @lifeoutofcontrol @laigy2213 @bulletbaybay @thedeboniardevistation @doitwithcole @helluvawriter @allgirlswrestlingclub @sarahmatthews7 @waynscastle @jazzytoosweet @mermaidfett @laziestgirlintheworld @alexahood21 @thathpchick @valeonmars @xxmaddhatter39xx @mrlooch @laochbaineann @fearlessflawlessdior @jenn0755 @wrasslin-x @megan-monroe @brooklyns-scumbag @phlebotomyprincess1 @rollinstrash @squirrel666 @effy-christine @wweximaginesxd @pjanina13 @awkward-potato-imagines @persephone93 @zombiexbody @fandom-preferences-imagines @superkixbaybay @veewizardofodd @lionpotter 

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So… Prompto’s journey in Brotherhood hit me real hard.

I grew up very skinny but the minute I hit 21 the pounds began piling on as my metabolism slowed. Now at 26 I’m… kinda big. 170lbs big. My diet varies anyway (depression kills it stone dead) but I’m so, so scared of running/physical exercise because I’m an ungainly klutz. I’m scared people will laugh at me. My stamina is like, zero. I can swim - I swum 1km in an hour last summer, which for me was amazing - but I hate changing in the locker room and I would go by myself, with no one to say “hey, good job.” 

I’m a depressed shut in who honestly doesn’t feel worth a damn. But these last few weeks I’ve made some amazing friends in the FFXV fandom who make me feel worth… something. And hey okay, so Prompto can’t actually cheer me on IRL (way too busy fighting daemons and playing Kings Knight) but maybe I could be like him and just try. And it’ll probably take ages. And I’ll probably be overweight and out of shape for a long while yet. But maybe I can change, and maybe along the way I’ll find some self worth from within, just like he did.

Shingeki No Kyojin Episode 9 Discussion + Spoilers








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Part 2 for my husband??? YAY PART 2 FOR MY HUSBANNDNDDDDDDDD oh uh. Viewer discretion is advised bc ya know. EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE IN THE MIDST OF GETTING SOME EXCEPT FOR ME???? 

YEAH I HAD THIS GIF IN THE LAST ONE AND GUESS WHAT IMMA HAVE IT HERE TOO SO suck it. Honestly, I think about this gif a lot and it’s usually me doing it to him and like except it wouldn’t be giggly after it would. It would be v sexual oops SORRY BYE 

LOOK LOOK BLACK AND WHITE his muscles look so DEFINED AND HIS SCRUFFIES GOD DAMN GOD DAMN GOD DAMMMMNNN DAMN DAMN DAMNNN i love scruffy scruff okay like he is growing it to be my beast PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE ugh 

…. I HAVE THIS PICTURE SAVED ON MY PHONE AND honestly I want to get off on his thighs, like sure he can take me after, idgaf but I WANT. TO. GET. OFF. ON. HIS. THIGHS. FIRST. God and his arms. And everywhere. Dear lord almighty. 


Okay. Okay I am. Get ready for the screaming. 

LISTEN LET’S FIRST START OFF WITH THE SCRUFF. HIS FACE IS SO SCRUFF I JUST WANT HIS FACE ON MY FACE… and in between my legs but that’s not important, NEXT UP LOOK AT HIS ARM VEINS, WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WTF GOD, IT’S SO HOT. NEXT, HIS CHEST IS HAIRY AND SWEATY AND DEFINED AND HOLY jesus look at his tum tum hair and DEAR GOD OKAY I NEED TO STOP BEFORE I GO INTO TOO EXPLICIT BUT SWEET JESUS and then he’s tugging down HE’S TUGGING DOWN JUST REVEAL TO ME… nevermind don’t, my eyes only, no one else gets to see his member… I LOVE HIM I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM FUKC FUCK FUCK FUCK UFKC okay but imagine like the arm veins when he’s fingering you, sweet LORD. 

“Shannon stop screaming about his scruff,” YA KNOW WHAT I WILL ONLY STOP WHEN MY THROAT GIVES OUT… then he can use it for something else… Either for choking on his dick or for choking with his hands, either or, I’m flexible like that. 

He is absolutely adorable here, okay there is… THERE. IS. so much to say about this picture, look at his shoulders, okay imagine biting those puppies lmao 

He’s got the pouty lips which I’m in love, I HAVE A GOOD POUT TOO SO Like imagine if we were both pouting WHO WOULD WIN obviously it would be me bc princess BUT LIKE WE would be a force to be reckoned with. PLUS PLU SPLUS SCRUFF LOOK AT IT LOOK AT THE GLASSES GOD, COULD HE GET ANY CUTER??? 

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Move the belt and we have ourselves A FANTASTIC VIEW Plus I love confetti omg, I wanna win something and have confetti. AND I WANT A BIG BELT LIKE THAT JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT bc lord knows I mean. I can smack talk but like. Not the best at the wrasslin. 

Lmaooooo this is not a good picture for either of them BUT I A M SO IN LOVE WITH IT, it’s fantastic and I am so happy. 

LOOK AT LIL BABY TYLER LIL NO MUSTACHE BABY, god this picture makes me happy. 

… FUCK FUCK FUKC FUKC FUCK. look how good he looks, oh my god oh my godoododddddd, THIS POST IS SO HARD TO MAKE BECAUSE LIKE LITERAELLY I WANT TO WRITE 500 PARAGRAPHS FOR EACH PICTURE, FUCK. he’s so hot, how can one person be this hot????? 

Welcome to the GUNNNNN SHOWWWWW, POWPOW I wish I had muscles like his bc then I could take on the world… Last week I tried to switch my tv’s, don’t ask I JuST WANTED THEM IN DIFFERENT ROOMS and anyways, it took me like 20 minutes and I dropped it on my toe at least 4 times and yup. What were we talking about again?? 


…. NOT GONNNA TALK ABOOOOOUT. THE BING BONG. I know it is from a movie or show okay, But i tried to google it and only found Bing Bong from Inside Out which only made me feel guilty BECAUSE I WAS TRYING TO USE IT FOR SOMETHING DIRTy and????? Yep. 

THat’s the end of this because yes. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH basically I just want a relationship with this man and I love him? I showed my mom a picture of him, which she was like “he’s cute, but what is with you wanting to date older guys,” AND SHE GOT SO EXCITED WHEN SHE LEARNED HE’s actually age appropriate. But yeah. I want him to be my boyfriend, he would be the very best boyfriend in the entire galaxy.  

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I have already used your blending two gifs in one tutorial, so now I know how to do that ;D But mostly, specifically, I want to learn how to make gif two and three (how to even make them match in colors and how to use that texture... How to get that dark pinky color in the last gif and match it with the light over?) from this post /post/163329947819/tw-appreciation-week-day-one-favorite-character ? Does any of that make sense? :P

OH YOU’RE RIGHT! I REMEMBER THAT. you made a blue sterek gifset it was beautiful i remember now lmao okay so, i was gonna make this private but since i’ve already made a tutorial with the coloring i used for that gifset, imma just do it like this. please let me know if there’s something you don’t understand, because i’m already a mess explaining things in my language, i’m probably worse doing it in english. so i’ll explain how to make these (not the gifs themselves, but the coloring):

this is the coloring i used. sort of. it’s not gonna look the exact same way but you can adjust it. also this is a gif heavy post.

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Make Me Proud - pt.2

Long Distance Relationship with Mark
Genre - Fluff (Slight angst but still not yet)


Mark had been gone for around two months, you missed him a lot but you still talked every day and it was fine.

It was a Friday, the day you always Skyped and as always you heard the Skype call ring. It was hard to Skype because of time zones. It may have been 4pm on a Friday for you but for Mark this was 8am on a Saturday.

“Hey y/n,” Mark called out cheerfully, waving to you across the screen. “How has your week been?” He asked. Nothing you spoke about ever had much consequence but you had fun together.

“It was good, I got full marks on my test and I should graduate in about eight months from now, as soon as I do I will come visit.” You replied smiling. Two months was a really long time in reality. But both of you liked to pretend it wasn’t.

“How about you?” You asked him. Mark looked happier than usual, something good must have happened.

“We have the last Rookies show ever in Bangkok next month, after that I’m debuting in the first sub unit y/n!” You clapped your hands together in excitement. He was achieving his goals.

“That has made my week infinitely better just by hearing that. Mark you must be the greatest rapper SM has ever seen.” He was young to debut so he really must be good.

“Are you eating okay though because I want to make sure they treat you right, don’t let them forget your still technically a kid Mark make sure you don’t get to tired.” It was just to reassure yourself he was okay. You knew Mark was okay.

“I tell you this all the time. I will never be unhappy working hard at what I love. Never worry. Make sure you are okay to, are you still being happy? Have you eaten some ice cream from our favourite shop on my behalf, because if you haven’t that would be unforgivable,” Mark said jokingly.

These chats made everything okay, Mark and you were so happy even when you had to deal with being far apart.

Mark turned round and shouted at someone behind him.

“Donghyuck! Yah Donghyuck! Stop it, annoy me some other time I’m talking to my friend from Canada!” He said. He had told you about Donghyuck. He always complained that he was really annoying and made his life unnecessarily difficult but you knew Mark loved him really.

“Ahhhh Marky are you talking to your girlfriend ahaha, let me say hi.” Donghyuck shouted in the background. At this point Mark got up from where he was sitting and held up one finger at the camera indicating he would be back in a minute.

After about thirty seconds, some whispers and some shuffling, Mark sat down again frowning with a Donghyuck sitting next to him that looked as if he was the happiest puppy alive.

“Hello y/n, nice to meet you. I am the rookies number one visual Haechan!” He spoke in Korean but you been studying so you could visit Mark more easily.

“Hey Donghyuck I have heard all about you,” you said grinning at Mark who looked most annoyed.

“Mark never stops talking about how much he misses you and how great you are, it’s annoying please come here so he will stop.” Donghyuck announced. You laughed out loud and nodded to him.

Mark pushed Donghyuck.

“I said you could say hi and you did. Now go find Jeno and annoy him instead.”

He got up and waved bye before leaving you alone again.

“I’m sorry for that, I know we don’t have a lot of time to Skype and he kind of ruined it.”

“No, no Mark. It makes me happy to see your friends and to see you have nice people to live with. I like Donghyuck he is funny.” Mark gave you a look.

“Not more funny than you though of course.” You said making a heart with your hand.

“Please stop, nobody wants to see your aeygo y/n.” He stopped laughing and looked over at the wall next to him.

“I know we joke and we can still be happy, but I do miss you y/n, I want you to know that. I have a lot of fun here with all my members and I am about to achieve my dream but without you it will always be less fun. I don’t tell you about my bad moments because I don’t have many and I don’t want you to worry. But I miss having you here.” He seemed sad.

“Mark…” you didn’t know what to say.

“I wish I was there to hug you and say it will be okay Mark,” you started, “and it will be okay, as you said the bad moments are very few. But I can’t sit and hug you it kiss your cheek to reassure you. But never feel like you can’t tell me something.” You assured him.

“As long as you are still my boyfriend and we still talk and we still Skype like we do now, everything will be okay. Also if you need someone to hug I suggest Donghyuck, he seems like a nice guy who could be a good substitute me.” You said.

Mark deadpanned.

“And we ended on a low with your jokes about my professional evil child/ band member.” Mark looked right at you.

“I will text you after practise and I will call you tomorrow. And I will see your face again next week as always. I love you y/n.”

“Love you too Mark.”

Sugar and Spice - Michael Jones x Reader

Name: Sugar and Spice

Pairing: Michael Jones x Reader

Word Count: 380

A/N: Flashfics, get ‘em while they’re hot! No really, send in some requests. <3 I’m really bored at work.

Prompt:  “ Hi! Could I please have a Michael x Reader where they’re doing a live stream and he texts the reader that he’s hungry so she brings brownies to the set…”

Michael rolled his eyes at Gavin’s squawking over some perceived slight. It had been a while since he was on the RT Podcast instead of the Off Topic set, but he couldn’t complain. It was nice to relax instead of sitting on a bar stool for two hours.

“Damn, I’m fucking hungry.” Michael commented, cutting off Gavin mid-complaint.

“We had pizza right before the fucking podcast!” Geoff said incredulously, gesturing off-camera to the table that still had pizza boxes stacked on top of it. Michael shrugged nonchalantly and pulled his phone out of his pocket.

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The boy who tasted better than Prozac

“My mother told me that you can’t cure depression, 
that taking pills wouldn’t fix me and taking six 
instead of the prescribed two definitely wasn’t 
going to speed up the process. But I met a boy 
who tasted better than Prozac. He made it easier 
to get out of bed. He kissed me like I was 
alive, like I wasn’t empty, like maybe there was 
something left inside me. He made my bones 
ache less when he touched me. He made it okay. 
When my world was crashing down around me, 
he picked up all the pieces. When I stopped 
breathing and tried to tear open my wrists to 
find the last little bits of happiness left in my 
veins, he was there to lace me back together. 
But he left and I haven’t washed my hair in three 
weeks. My mother was right.”

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I listened to the podcast and I loved it. I've never laughed so much in my entire life probably. About the MonMon's situation, isn't it weird that we got part 2, a week/10 days after we started all talking about hobrien in London? Like "What Hobrien, don't you see I'm with my girlfriend who did a hell of a mess just to arrive here because we had to book the flights last minute just to show you something?" I'm not excluding that honestly. Tyler, if u read this, it's okay to be gay. Go for it!

This just made me lol. 

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I couldn't post this on my blog but I just needed to let out my feelings. Orphan black ended today. And this show just means a lot to me. I live in a country where gay people are the equivalent as murders and are told that they're gonna go to hell, so watching this show made me feel like it was okay to be a lesbian for one hour a week. I only started watching last year but I love this show forever and I'm forever grateful

pt2, the reason I put out my feelings on you is bc I’m closeted and don’t wanna out myself so sorry 😂

i’m glad you had something that made you feel good about yourself, even if it was only for a while

i’m sorry you have to go through that

it’s okay, no worries!

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Mikayuu/Yuumika and 80 for the drabble thing :D

80. “How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?”

Mika looked down at his phone and pressed the home button, the brightness of the screen illuminating his face, causing a blueish tinge.

6:45pm it read. 

He sighed and put his phone back in his right pocket. Tonight was the night of their homecoming dance and of course, Yuu was late. Even when he had specifically told him not to be. 

He sat down on the old wooden chair outside his front porch and waited, staring at the streetlamp across the road, it’s yellow light attracting all sorts of bugs. 

Hurry up! he thought, his body starting to shiver slightly. I’m freezing my butt off here!

After about 10 minutes, finally, he heard the sound of a car engine in the distance. He watched as the vehicle slowly came closer until it came to a complete stop just before his letterbox. Mika stood up and began making his way down to the black convertible. 

He had gotten about halfway down, when he heard the sound of a car door slamming shut and and footsteps running toward him. He watched as Yuu came closer until he stopped just in front of him, his black hair slightly dishevelled, cheeks slightly flushed. 

“Mika, i’m so sorry i’m late! I-i didn’t realise the time until Guren came into the bathroom and asked when i was going to leave to come and get you because it was getting pretty late and then i looked at the time and thought, crap!, i’m gonna be late! Oh, and these are for you” he then held out a bouquet of flowers and grinned sheepishly. 

Mika blinked and retrieved the roses from him. Even if he tried, he could never truly be angry with Yuu. Because then he’d make it up to him with something as cheesy as a bouquet of flowers. 

“It’s okay. I forgive you, but next time Yuu-chan, please just.. try to be a little bit more on time?” he said returning the smile.

“Yes! I-i promise, i swear! I won’t let you down again Mika!” he nodded enthusiastically. 

Mika laughed. He looked just like a puppy, honestly. 

Mika then noticed what he was wearing. He looked wonderful in a black tuxedo. It brought out the green in his eyes even more. Yuu was so beautiful, he took Mika’s breath away. 

“Mika, y-you look…. lovely” Yuu stammered, a light blush spread across his face. He then shuffled his feet awkwardly. 

Mika felt his cheeks turn red, blushing madly. “Y-you too, Yuu-chan” he choked out. His throat felt slightly dry. He didn’t think he looked nearly as handsome as Yuu did in his white tuxedo but he didn’t feel like arguing about that. Not tonight anyway. 

“A-Anyway, let’s get going otherwise, by the time we get there, the dance will be over” Mika managed to compose himself and chuckled slightly before beginning to walk forward, passing Yuu slightly. 

Yuu’s hand shot out to grab Mika’s arm. “W-wait Mika!”

He turned around and gave him a quizzical look. “What is it Yuu-chan?”

“I-i really am sorry Mika. Not just for tonight, but for everything the past few weeks. I’ve been such a sucky boyfriend, i kept forgetting we had plans and then that night at Shinoa’s party…”

Mika couldn’t deny that Yuu had been a bit out of it lately. For the past few weeks, every time they had made arrangements to do something, Yuu would either cancel at the last second or just completely forget to show up. Mika didn’t know what was going on but that night at Shinoa’s party, Yuu had gotten quite drunk and said some things he probably shouldn’t have. 

“Yuu-chan… let’s not talk about this now okay?” he answered, his voice soft. 

“No! I need to apologise to you Mika. I… i didn’t mean to say those things to you. None of it was true! Because you aren’t annoying or clingy or anything like that! I.. i don’t know what i was even thinking saying dumb crap like that anyway, but Mika, none of it is true, you have to believe me!” he pleaded. Mika could see that his eyes had begun to water. 

Mika would be lying if he said that those words hadn’t hurt that night. He just chose to let it go because he knew that Yuu was drunk and he didn’t know what was going on. He had then passed out on one of the couches shortly after and Mika then had to call Guren to come and get them, because Yuu had driven them both to the party and Mika was slightly drunk at that point as well. Although, nowhere near as much as Yuu was. 

“I-it’s okay, i don’t hate you or anything if that’s what you think” he then turned his head away from Yuu’s intense gaze and began walking. “We should go before we really do miss the dance.”


“I hear that Mitsuba might get crowned Homecoming Queen and that, in itself, is a hilarious thought, so we should leave right now before we miss that-”

“You are mad at me aren’t you?”

Mika stopped walking. He had started to tremble and before he had even realised it, he felt the fat droplets fall down his face. 

“Oh Mika, i’m so sorry…. i…. i’m the worst aren’t i?” Mika could hear in his voice that he was sobbing, maybe even more than he was. “I hurt you and that’s the last thing i wanted to happen. I’ve just been so stressed lately with my teachers down my throat about my grades and Guren’s threatening to send me to summer school and i suppose that party was the final straw and i took it out on you and oh my god…. i’m so ashamed of myself” 

“I thought you hated me” Mika whispered. “I wondered if i had done something to upset you and that’s why you kept cancelling our dates. I… had this horrible feeling that you might have wanted to break up with me but were too kind to say anything because you didn’t want to upset me, and when that party happened and you said those things, i…..”

He turned around and faced Yuu once again, his eyes red from crying. “I thought that maybe you didn’t love me anymore” he barely managed to say, his voice thick with emotion.

“Mika, how can you think i’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?” he replied, his voice cracking slightly, his face stained with tears.

“Yuu-chan.. please, tell me if i did anything wrong or if i said something that upset you to make you so distant and….. angry”

“No, it’s nothing that you did Mika. If anything, the fact that you’re still here and still putting up with me is a miracle honestly.” he then laughed slightly.

“Because i love you, Yuu-chan” Mika answered, then smiled, his face beginning to sting from the tears which had started to dry up.

“Mika… god i love you too. So much. I don’t deserve you, i really don’t”

Mika walked back towards Yuu and grabbed his hand with the hand that wasn’t clutching the bouquet. “No, you don’t” he teased. “Also, if you’re struggling with your grades that badly, i can help you, y’know?”

Yuu grinned. “Mika, i really want to kiss you right now”

“Then do it, silly”

Yuu leaned his face closer to Mika’s and pressed his lips against his mouth. It was soft and sweet, just like Yuu’s lips. Mika took his hand out of Yuu’s so he could reach up and touch the side of his face, his fingers knotting slightly in Yuu’s silky black hair. He then felt Yuu run his fingers through his hair before resting them there. He hummed, closing his eyes. 

Yuu released the kiss after a while and removed his fingers from his hair and smiled. “Are we good?”

Mika dropped his hand from Yuu’s face and smiled back. “Yeah we’re good”

Yuu grabbed his hand once more and squeezed it tightly. Mika squeezed it in return. 

“So….about that ‘Mitsuba might be crowned Homecoming Queen’ scenario, are you sure about that?”

Mika giggled. Yeah, they were going to be just fine.


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This is just a weird little question that I've had, but it's just bothering me. I made an alien race last week, and I made the mom. I made her a Trans woman, and I was like "Okay, Cool, I love her". I made her kid yesterday, and I was thinking that I should write that she is trans as well. They are the only two characters of this new race that I made, but not the only transgender characters that I have in my whole character roster. Am I doing something wrong with my new mother and daughter?

Nonny, don’t worry about it. You may want to consider adding or at least referencing other members of that race so that it doesn’t end up looking like every person from that race is trans, but otherwise, just write your story, okay? And make sure that you’re doing your research on writing trans characters - we’ve had lots of discussion on the topic lately in terms of what to do and what not to do, so that should give you a good start. Good luck!


“Six” pt 8: Animals

You and Steve become more intimate. Steve goes to Brussels to check on your family. You and Bucky embark on a shady adventure and neither of you wants to tell Steve about it.

Spinoff of the Mayday Series

Captain America x Reader

Warnings: Some smut. Language. A decent amount of gun violence. Rated very R.

I had gone out early that morning, to get some food because I was starving and I figured the guys were, too. I also needed to clear my head. A lot had gone on the last few days that I really needed to start coming to terms with. I’d taken some money out of a drawer in the kitchen, grabbed the keys off of the counter, and left, hoping I didn’t get pulled over. I didn’t have a legal identity, much less a driver’s license.  I figured I’d be back before anyone woke up.

I stopped at a small market and bought some things for breakfast. As I drove home, my mind wandered to the night before, and to Steve. I’d seen pretty much all of Steve that there was to see in the early hours of the morning. And I was actually pretty happy about that. I hadn’t thought I could be happy about anything. I was used to training and cryo and murder. Not butterflies, soft hands caressing my skin, and love in the dark. This would take some getting used to, if I were to let it continue.

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48. deancas :DDDDDD

“Hey boo,” Cas calls out from the laundry room where he’s getting the washer ready. “Can you bring me the sheets?” 

Dean trips over the boots he left at the end of their bed in shock.

He can’t quite figure what to say to that or even how to comprehend that, so he’s just standing there, in their room, in his boxers gaping like a fish. 

Cas pokes his head around the corner and arches an eyebrow at him, “Dean, the sheets?” 

“Did you just call me boo???” Is all Dean can think to say in response. 

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I know it doesn’t fit with canon but just imagine little baby Adrien being told that his mother was gone just out of the blue. 

One day she’s there and the next day she isn’t and he is just so young and small and *new to life* he can’t really understand what it really means. he’s only 6 and the world is a wonderful place full of happy things and maman always comes back late at night because of her work and sometimes papa too if he comes back home at all.

sometimes, when adrien is being bad and not following the rules, he’ll try to stay up as late as possible to see him walk through the door. he’s only ever done it once, but he remembers seeing how tired papa looked, shoulders hunched over like he just ran around the entire house, the skin under his eyes a deep purple like the time adrien ran into the piano and had a long bruise on his shin for *weeks*, and hair sticking up like maman had rubbed his head like a puppy. that’s what she does to adrien anyway.

but one day nathalie comes into his room without knocking, something she doesn’t really do unless she’s in a hurry or she has bad news to give him like when he has to model *twice* in one day. he doesn’t like modeling all that much, but it makes his parents happy so it makes him proud to do it. her eyes are red, he notices first, and her hair is messy and standing up like someone rubbed a balloon against it.

“adrien,” she addresses him like he’s a grown up and he likes it because it makes him feel like papa. “oh how do i say this,” she mutters under her breath like he isn’t supposed to hear her but he does anyway. he looks away and tries to pretend he didn’t though, to make her feel better. she rubs a hand over her face and her chin wiggles. “adrien, your mother…your mother is gone.” 

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Jealousy - Drabble Game #9

Request: Can I request a 5 and/or 43 Gabriel x reader for the drabble games (am I too late?) - @xotaku-baekx
Words: 978
Warnings: None
A/N: Of course you can! And you are definitely not late to the party don’t worry! :D and I’m not hugely happy with this one, it’s not one of my best…

Link to reference post: x | Requests are open: x

5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
43. “YOU DID WHAT?!”

“Well, how do I look?” You walked into the library, smoothing down the front of your dress as you went, feeling a little self-conscious about how it was sitting on you body. In fact, you were feeling a little self-conscious about how everything was feeling on your body. Your hair was done up in an elegant style and you had dusted your face in a light amount of make-up, which looked a hell of a lot different to your usual style. Dean looked up at the sound of your voice and let out a low whistle.
“Lookin’ good, Y/N.” He let his eyes rove up and down your body in that stereotypical way which made you blush like mad and push his shoulder lightly. Sam rolled his eyes at his brother’s typical behaviour, throwing you a ‘you look great’ with a friendly smile.

Their opinions were appreciated, and definitely did something to bolster your self esteem, but they weren’t the ones you really cared about. You turned towards your angelic best friend turned crush, eagerly awaiting his opinion on your outfit.
“You look, you look wonderful, Y/N.” Gabriel replied a little flatly, a sad smile on his face. His hesitation made your own smile drop and a wave of anxiety wash over you. Before you could sink further into a pit of despair, your phone buzzed in your hand, signalling your date was outside.
“Well, I guess I better, uh, get going.” You say to no one in particular, and then rush off up the stairs before anyone could see the forlorn expression plastered all over your face.

You hadn’t been looking forward to this date. You didn’t even mean to say yes to the guy, but it was a spur of the moment thing that you only caught yourself agreeing to after you’d already said yes and given him your number. You didn’t even know why you’d done it, maybe because you were sick of pining over Gabriel when he clearly wasn’t interested. You’d already seen the fantasy women he could create and you were not a patch on them, so your subconscious had decided enough was enough and agreed to a date with the cute guy from the supermarket.

You wanted to say you were having the worst time of your life, but you couldn’t. He had actually turned out to be a really sweet guy whom was insanely funny and a gentleman to boot. The restaurant he’d taken you to was lovely and he’d been nothing but attentive all night. You could see yourself falling for this guy, just as soon as you got over Gabriel.

You excused yourself to use the bathroom before dessert, needing to freshen up your make up and you’d promised Charlie you’d let her know how it was going, even though she didn’t agree that you should go on it and she’d insisted you and Gabriel were her OTP and ’you can’t just get over him. It’s meant to be, Y/N!’

You had to disagree with her. You and Gabriel had been friends for a long time, and in all those years the only thing that had changed about your relationship was that you had fallen for him. Hard. To keep hoping that something was going to happen between you was killing you emotionally, so you had all but given up hope.

Walking back to your table, you soon realised it was not your date whom was sitting opposite your chair.
“Gabriel?” He looked over his shoulder at you and gave you that cheeky grin which made you melt on the inside.
“You know, this guy has great taste.” He said, digging his fork back into your date’s dessert.  

“What are you doing here? Where’s James?“ You bombarded him with questions. He held his hand up to stop you asking anymore.
"James will no longer be dating you.” He said, matter-o-factly.
“Why?” You couldn’t help but feel a little hurt at that.
“Because I dropped him in a black hole.” Again, it was so nonchalant that it took you longer to process what he’d said. When you did, you were furious.
“Come on Y/N, that yahoo? Please, he’s not good enough for you.”
“He was great!” Screaming your frustrations at him sounded great right about now. “What is your problem?! You’ve hardly spoken to me since I mentioned this date and now you’re acting like the last week never happened. What’s going on, Gabriel?” He remained stoic, staring you down as if not admitting the problem was going to make it go away. There was something in his eyes you hadn’t seen before, and suddenly his attitude with you all week and the way he was acting right now everything clicked into place. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” He’d been made, and he knew it.
“Yes, okay! Are you happy now?” 'YES!’  You screamed at him in your head. “That guy was perfect, and I couldn’t compete with that! So maybe I eliminated the competition, but that guy couldn’t love you like I love you.” There was a stunned silence between you, neither of you quite believing the words that just came out of his mouth. “Because I do Y/N. I love you. And if you don’t feel the same then we’ll go back to being just friends and forget-”

Your finger on his lips before he could finish what he was saying. “That’s not what I want.”
“It’s- it’s not?” You bit your lip and shook your head, smiling through the teeth. You released your lip just before he pulled it into his mouth, nibbling on it slightly. “Thank dad.”