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I love animals.
When I was sick last month, Kiwi slept on my chest as I was lying in bed. She never does that. 
Last week, I went to the post office and there was a dog, he ran to me to be pet and this made me smile on a very sad day.
Today I practiced yoga for the first time in weeks, and Noodle put his little paw on my hands when I was in down dog, like to say “you will be ok” and then just laid there. 
It’s like they feel it when we need them.

So I know I’m like a week late to this but better late than never. 

I’ve seen a heck of a lot of people post their contribution to the HS fandom now that it’s over and I figured I might as well do the same.

I’m a pretty decent fanfic writer and I’ve written a lot of fics, so here’s the fic list! It’s going to be broken up into categories by ships/other with a very small summary. (I made most of these before the last homestuck updates so the info in some of them may be wrong because of the latest updates.)


  • Karkat’s Lessons- Karkat learns about what’s he’s destined to do in life with the help of Kankri and a lecture that lasts forever.
  • Karkat’s Journey- (Part Two of Karkat’s Lessons) Karkat sets out into the new universe with hopes of becoming a leader to the new race of trolls but history ends up repeating itself once they find out that Her Imperious Condescension has already taken over Earth.
  •  The Kids Are Alright- The Game’s finally over and Dave’s just happy he can stop worrying about dying and destruction and just relax with his alien boyfriend.
  • A Sprite, A Ghost, A Dream Bubble- Neither Davesprite nor this dead Karkat are the “original” versions of themselves and that sucks, but at least they have each other.
  • Picture Perfect- Dave just wants Karkat to see himself the way Dave sees him.


  • Migraines and Sore Throats- Sollux was just some troll that created a better chatting application to use for himself and his friends, he didn’t realize that’d he make such a huge connection with someone who typed in weird grey text.


  • The Only Hope For Me Is You- Gamzee’s let out of the fridge and it seems like Karkat’s the only one willing to help the poor clown change.
  • Best Friends?- The story of Gamzee and Karkat and how their friendship grew through the years.


  • ScreenEridan and Sollux weren’t perfect matesprits. Hell they weren’t perfect kismesis’. But they were happy and that’s all that mattered to them.



  • His PrinceKarkat Vantas never really expected to become anyone’s matesprit, especially not Equius’s.


  • Turtlenecks- Karkat and Kankri were the exact opposite, yet they were perfect for each other.


  • LovelyJohn stays on the meteor instead of Dave, and it is boring. Everyone except the one person he wants to talk to talks to him. He just needs some way to get the nubby-horned troll he desires to talk to him, and when he does get that he wonders if maybe he wants more than to just talk to Karkat.
  • Love Actually- Was there ever really a point in time where Karkat denied his feelings about John? No. Was there ever a point in time where Karkat realized his feelings about John were something different than what he first thought? Oh yeah. Definitely.




  • High School Football HeroNepeta just wanted to play football and not even the school’s fucked up sports system will stop her and her girlfriend from achieving her goal.


  • Night Of The Living GamzeeGamzee Makara finally snaps, hunting and killing every single troll or human inhabiting the meteor
  • The Loneliest Corner of the Meteor- Karkat’s lonely. He was lonely ever since Kanaya and Rose hooked up. Since Dave and Terezi hooked up. Since the death of a vast majority of his friends. Since Gamzee broke off the already fragile pale relationship with him. What’s a troll to do when no one on this small meteor will even give him the time of day?
  • Ground Control to Mituna Captor- We all know that Mituna suffered severe thinkpan damage from protecting his friends from some sort of monster, but how exactly did it happen?

Thanks for reading! Remember to comment and tell me how my writing is! Happy late 4/13!!


Here are some lazily drawn “draw your squad” pictures that nobody wanted.

The first two a made today for fun, the last two a made a few weeks back before I even had a Tumblr(I just got Tumblr 3 days ago I think…) I never bothered to post them on DA or anything, so here. (And yes, the third one is my header for my page. I don’t know why I chose that to be it.)

I did show my friend the first one, and since the last thing I posted was that gif of Error calling Ink “smol”, they said that that picture was Ink getting revenge on him and it’s just a never ending cycle of them getting revenge on each other.

I’m so sorry I made these. Hopefully the least they did was make you smile or even chuckle slightly. They’re only for giggles.

Ain’t shitposting fun.


Well, I’ve been reflecting and I have finally accepted what’s happened. I also realize how beautiful life is. People my age think they’re invincible, or their priorities are in all the wrong places. But I’ve literally kissed Death for 6 weeks straight. It’s seriously humbled and opened my eyes. I’ve come to learn so much about myself since July of last year. Not just on my own, but with the help of a therapist. She helps me cope with my post traumatic stress disorder. Made me realize deeper issues I’ve had. I see and react to many things entirely different. It’s like I’ve started this clean new slate with my daughters hand in mine. Ive never been this happy or fulfilled in my entire life. And I owe it all to my daughter. Regardless of the damage I went through just to have her. I always wanted to be a mother. I never knew I could love something this much. But I go to sleep and wake up happy knowing that she is there waiting for me. Although I need a heart transplant by the end of this year, I am happy. I am happy I will get to continue my life where it left off. I will be healthy again. I will be fully me again, wireless. I will have a heart beat again. Not mine, but someone else’s. and every day I will be thankful that that person chose to be an organ donor and to save my life. I’m only 26, and I feel I grew mentally 10 years. Life is so fucking beautiful. I can’t stress that enough. I appreciate the little things I never did before. Like the fact that I can now lay completely flat without feeling like I’m drowning due to fluid in my lungs. Or that I can pick up my daughter for the first time until she was five months old. The way she looks for me if I walk away, making her smile, she gives me so much joy. I wasn’t ready for her but I’m so glad I have her. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. And today, she is 7 months old. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. The person who I carried for 9 months. The person who means the absolute world to me. You are my everything. And I simply can not wait to get to know you your entire life. ♥️

Notice Board

By Skyler10

Summary: When his sister finds a lost mp3 player, a physics professor falls head over heels for his neighbor, an art teacher with impeccable taste in music and a smile that lights up the universe.

Notes: For the TimePetalsPrompt “lost and found.” Thought I would try something different this week! I’ve never written an AU like this, so… hope it works. haha

Rose Tyler hadn’t yet lived in the building two weeks when she spotted a note on the hallway notice board directed at her. She was on her way to a night class at the local community college where she taught painting and sketching, so she didn’t have much time. But something about the post made her stop anyway. And it’s a good thing she did.

Notice: to the person playing the loud music last night

Please turn it up, that was my favorite band. ;)

Interesting. The person it was addressed to had to be to her. She had felt a little guilty at the time but knew her closest neighbors were gone for the week and figured anybody else would knock on the wall if they were bothered. She tried to remember the bands she’d had on as she painted. Her music always helped her get in the zone for her work and the louder the better.

She shook her head tried to move on with her day, but soon realized it was going to drive her nuts. What songs had she even been listening to? She got out her mp3 player just as the doors of the crowded lift opened. An acquaintance – just in time, Rose remembered her name was Donna – from a few floors up greeted her with the usual exuberance Rose had come to expect every Thursday night, as if they didn’t see each other every week coming or going. A while back they had met at a bar, realized they lived in the same building, and Rose hadn’t been able to get a word in edgewise since.

Never mind on the playlist, she sighed, stuffing the mp3 player back into the open pocket on her art supply bag. Small talk with Donna it was.

The Doctor, as his students and colleagues called him, was running late for his morning faculty meeting after a late night. He loved his drives out of the city to help his grandfather with his telescope. Donna called it “manly bonding,” but he didn’t mind her teasing. Still. Lucky thing he didn’t need much sleep. This morning, it was up to him to defend the funding of the new observatory and planetarium. What good was an astronomy program without that? If he was supposed to encourage students to aspire to the government’s new space program, what good was all that physics instruction without vision? Without ambition? Without desire?

At that, he realized he was staring at a beautifully designed notice that hung on the community corkboard.

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An Original Quick Watercolor Work. #303

First things first: I would like to thank you all as I have just realized that I’ve already hit 63K views!!! That is incredible and you guys sure made my day!! (:

Now since we’re pretty much at the last week of August, I’ve just made a September Challenge and it’s now up in my blog. Do check it out and you might want to participate in it!

Dedicated to my-reason2smile, chosen from the 302nd post! 

Check out THE ARTIC SOUL for more original artworks.

[Fic] The Small Things

m!hawke/fenris. romcom/fluff. 800 words. Post DA2. Fenris and Hawke travel through Ferelden to get to the newly built Lothering for temporary refuge and Fenris wonders how Hawke keeps his spirits up.

Kirkwall was long behind them. Fenris had never made home of a place. Kirkwall was no different. Home was wherever Hawke was, though traveling long distances again would take some getting used to.

    The roads of Ferelden were gravel, nothing like the soft sand of the Wounded Coast or the paved roads of Kirkwall. Fenris refused to use shoes despite Hawke pleading with him.

    "I ran from Tevinter to the Free Marches and the Deep Roads. I think I can handle Ferelden,“ Fenris insisted. But Ferelden was not kind to his feet. Though fugitives, they remained on the main roads most of the time. People with broken carriages was an all too common sight due to the state of the roads. Had Fenris not intervened and reminded Hawke that the Chantry had a bounty on his head, Hawke would have stopped for each and every person in trouble to mend their carriages. The constant drizzling allowed them to hide in bland cloaks and away from nosy strangers, at least. They had yet to fight off angry templars.

    One late night at camp, hidden behind shrubbery and trees, Fenris sat by the small fire inspecting the sorry state of his feet. With the stealth of an assassin, Hawke appeared by the fire and chuckled. He said nothing to not wound Fenris’ pride. Ferelden was not kind, but Hawke was.

   At the next inn, Hawke singled out a traveling salesman from Orlais. Fenris looked from afar, amused by Hawke’s suddenly thick Fereldan accent. A little back and forth later, Hawke had convinced the Orlesian salesman to join him for a round of Wicked Grace along with three of the salesman’s companions. Five pints in, Hawke had them down next to naught. Playing with Isabela had taught him a thing or two about the fine arts of cheating.

    "You didn’t need to do this,” Fenris said once they stood outside the inn, a small bag of coin richer and a sturdy horse to their name.

    "You refuse to use shoes, Fenris. It was either this or a piggyback ride all through Thedas.“

    “I didn’t know that was an option.”

    “It’s too late now. We have a horse.” Hawke smiled.

    “Yes, an Orlesian Courser. I’m sure it won’t attract any attention.”

     Hawke mounted the horse with ease and held his hand out for Fenris.

   “Lothering is less than a day away,” he said as he helped Fenris up on the majestic beast. “Varric said there would be a warm room, bed, and homemade food waiting for us.”

     “So a shed and a blanket then.”

     Hawke laughed.

   The weather cleared along with the dense forest. Large, lush fields lay ahead, grass greener than envy. Fenris could make out the silhouette of creatures on the vast fields, but could not tell what they were. Horses, surely, but nothing like the horses he had ever seen.

    A bellowing sound had Fenris sit up straight, straining his hearing to identify the noise. Another eerie bellow and no reaction from Hawke.

    “Did you hear that?”

    “Yes, it’s from the field.” Hawke yawned.

    “Do you think it’s a demon? This place was littered with Darkspawn a few years ago, wasn’t it?”

    “What, that sound? The ‘moooo’ sound?”

    “It sounded more guttural.” Fenris frowned and looked ahead.

    There it was a again.

    “Did you hear it now?”

  “Fenris, those are cows.” Hawke paused and chuckled softly. “You have seen cows before, right? Big, snuggly, horse-dogs who produce milk?”

    Fenris huffed in disgust. Milk had only been for those who could afford it. He had no memory of drinking milk as a child, let alone as a slave. Hawke drank it like water. Claimed that his consumption of milk lay behind his extraordinary physique. Fenris could scarce stand the taste of it and could only recall faintly paying attention to cows in one of Hawke’s encyclopaedias.

    Hawke laughed again, his lips against the nape of Fenris’ neck. The vibrations of it against his skin and the sound of it so near his ear had Fenris close his eyes briefly. His heart fluttered. With everything Hawke had lost, his laughter still rang with joy.

    “How do you manage that?” Fenris asked.

    “Manage what?”

    “Keep your spirits up.”

    “I focus on the small things, Fenris.”

    “Such as?”

    “Such as keeping your feet warm and out of harm’s way and tricking rich merchants out of their socks. You should try it some time.” Hawke rubbed his beard  against the base of Fenris’ ear and got a giggle out of him.

    “I call dibs on the next rich merchant we meet then,” said Fenris, eyes ahead. It was time to get a look at these ‘cows’.

Olicity - A Vaguely In Depth Look At The State Of Affairs Of Our Fave Couple With A Surprising Amount Of Hedgehog References

Okay, so seeing as we have that 3 week hiatus thing going on with Arrow, I thought it was a good time to ruminate on what happened in the last episode and what it all means. I know there have been many most excellent posts made on the subject already (see jbuffyangel and Jenn from Just About Write - soo sorry I don’t know your tumblr handle, Jenn, not that you’re going to read this, but I feel like I should apologise nonetheless), so this is most likely redundant, but that’s never really stopped me before, so I don’t see why it would now. 

I realise that many Olicity fans are still a little 

about what happened with Felicity and Ray in that episode. 

With that in mind, and with me being the ever sensitive soul that I am, we won’t use gifs directly about Olicity due to some potentially fragile states, but rather, much like employing the ‘where did the bad man touch you’ doll, I’m going to use a stand in to work through my thoughts about what is going on. 

To that end, I’m going to use Annie and Jeff from 'Community’ to help me out. If you don’t know about Jeff and Annie and the tangled web they weave… well, this isn’t the posting to bring you up to speed. Suffice to say, they were never meant to be, but the chemistry between the two actors was so explosive that these polar opposites started to have a slow burn tease being written about them. Sound familiar? ;) 

So, Olicity… how did we get from here from there and why does here suck so much? I know what you’re going to say, Felicity boinking Ray, that’s what sucks. Maybe, on first glance, but here’s what really sucks for me. In the beginning, it was Felicity Oliver listened to. She shaped him, told him there was another way, and he listened. Pig headed, stubborn as a mule Oliver listened and not only listened, but took on board what she was saying and actually made changes in his life for the better. She was his partner, she was different to every other woman in his life. And they both knew it and that knowing it just continued to build and build…

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About losing weight

As you know if you’ve followed me for a while I started seriously working out in early December because I was told it was the only thing I could do to fight my fibromyalgia. I’ve been working out 3-5 times a week since then, and made incredible progress! But that’s not what this post is about.
During these last 3 months I’ve dropped a pants size, a cup size and my skin has cleared up really nicely. But I haven’t lost a single pound. In fact, I’ve gained a few.

And why is that? Because I’m replacing my fat with muscles of course, and muscles weight more than fat.
My point is that weight is not the sole indicator of your health, and I feel like people but way too much emphasis on it. I have never weighted as much as I do now, and I’ve never been as healthy. My body is strong and powerful and awesome!

Think about weight like you think about BMI: it’s a very broad scale that might help you a bit, but it is not the ultimate way to measure health ! 

I just really wanted to touch on this, carry on with your day <3


This is the person who has been harassing me for almost two years. These are the new messages I since yesterday.

I haven’t spoken to them in almost two years. I turned off anon so now she is sending me messages as herself. Way back when this first started I tried talking to her in a calm and adult manner to try and resolve things (last three photos). Ever since then I have received abuse on Twitter and Tumblr.

I have never threatened violence against this person; I have never contacted them since the original dispute; I do not wish violence upon them; I have no plans of contacting them in any way in the future.

The reason I am posting this publicly, against my better judgement, is that I would like level of abuse and harassment I have been receiving for the last year and a half made clear. Since this dispute started, she has claimed that I have plotted to murder her, and that I have been sending abusive messages to her. In the last two weeks alone I have received over ten of these messages, although they have been on anonymous.

in previous cases I have ignored, reported, and deleted the messages. Ignoring has seemingly done nothing. Now I feel that because this behavior has escalated so much out of nothing, this should be seen by the general public of Tumblr. This is the kind of behavior that has been allowed on this site for nearly two years. This is what abuse looks like.

If you know this user, please re-evaluate if you would condone this behavior in your friends. Staying silent is still a form of support to abusers.

I have done everything I can on Twitter and Tumblr to have her blocked, ignored, and reported, but these sites have done very little to protect their users. On many occasions she has gotten other users to harass me as well, despite the fact that I do not know them and that I have never contacted them in any way.

Cyra, if you would like to talk about this in a calm manner, I would be happy to. If not, I’ll repeat when I said nearly two years ago: Please do not contact me or other third parties again. Sending threatening messages over behavior that has not and will not occur does not make others want to interact with you and resolve issues.

You do not have the right to disrupt my life and make threats of violence and act on stalking behavior to make me feel bad for something that has not happened. You do not have the right to impose a false power-play on other people to get what you want. You do not have the right to abuse someone because they had a disagreement with you in the past over fictional characters.

I wish you the best and hope you have a good rest of your year.

So, I moderate a FB forum for women…the group is primarily for questions and support regarding healthy living, but we have become a very close group and we have a “vents and reviews” page too, where we can discuss non health related things like family, relationships etc. 

The other day I made the decision to post in the group about my bisexuality, as I have known for years but never really came out to anyone until the last couple of weeks. I posted in the group that I was really sad that A) I feel like I won’t ever be comfortable telling my family, as they are very religious - my brother in particular is a judgmental bag of dicks who called me a “disgrace to Christianity” because I support marriage equality. And B) I don’t really feel like I (me, personally, this is not a reflection of anyone else’s circumstance) have the right to be nervous about coming out because, in my case, I am incredibly blessed to have a supportive husband, amazing friends and security in my safety. My heart breaks to read stories of people in the lgbt+ community, especially young people, who live in real fear of abuse, homelessness and discrimination should they choose to come out.

Anyway…this is the response I received from this incredible group of women…most of whom I have never/will never meet in real life. I wanted to share this because it showed me that support and love can be found in surprising places. 


So yeah, I lost all my stuff last week on the tube; (my camera & lens, Mac, and Tripod). Luckily, as of now I’ve got my Mac and Tripod back

So here are some photos I’ve made that I thought I’d never be able to post 

And from this experience I feel like people are innately good, whoever handed them in saved me

Update, they may have found my camera and lens!

First is an edit I made at 3/4am of a photo I took of my mate

Last is another image from my upcoming project, that seems to be taking ages

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This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go…

Pretty much the only photos I have of last night. I always have a rule of the less photos, the better the night, as I tend to only take photos when I’m not actually having that much fun. 

I already made a post about last night but I’m still so overwhelmingly happy that I cannot stop myself.

I am so, so grateful. I know not everyone gets this chance. I know because I’ve been that fan up until 3 weeks ago that never got to go to a show or a red carpet or had a like or a follow and none of it looked like it was in my future. 

I will never stop being grateful for the fact I got to be in the same city, building, room as taylorswift. I will never, EVER stop being grateful for how kind Andrea was and I will never stop hoping that she knows, in some way, how much that small act of kindness meant (and will forever mean) to me. I will never stop being grateful for my Dad, who has never been perfect but has for the past few years been my rock and my carer and my friend. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew, I was enchanted to meet you


We’ve done this before when we created #the sparkplug tag but after this last week we’ve decided that it is time to do it again and add #the tremors tag and #sparkquake safe zone. This past week has made quite a bit of the Static Quake fandom feel unsafe in their own spaces, which is something that should never happen. So like last time, Lore and I decided to expand the safe spaces for the fandom that are all our own.

This is fully to foster a safer and more positive environment for fans who love Daisy and love Lincoln and love the ship to share things without worrying about being watched, digging through hate, or reblogging something that another unit of the fandom doesn’t want us reblogging.

What to post in these tags:

  • Gifs
  • Photos
  • Meta/Theories
  • Fic
  • Screencaps
  • Edits
  • Friendly discussions
  • Positivity about fellow fans
  • Anything you would normally post in the Static Quake/skye*rdie/Lincoln Campbell/Daisy Johnson tags that is safe material and fair-game for the Static Quake fandom

What not to post in these tags:

  • Posts that are unrelated or mean-natured. These are spaces for this fandom so feel safe.

These will all effectively keep our posts from appearing in the main tags to be scrutinized and will create a collection of posts from people who ship the same way as you do, hopefully decreasing the negativity and cruelty that has centered on the fandom as of late.

Please reblog to spread the word and be sure to start filling up these new tags!

something happened to me last week that sounds like a fake tumblr post someone made up for notes. my prof put a fandom reference on our midterm exam. you’ll never guess which fandom. i’m not making an actual post about it other than this until she grades the exams and hands them back so i can include photographic evidence

Woah such a good series

Just started watching again last week. I can’t believe I haven’t watched this show for like 3 years. I saw it when it first came out, but got distracted while waiting for season 2. But I have returned once more. I can’t believe what I missed. But I guess better late than never.

So I made this blog for all my cannibalism needs. I also need more people to follow. So if you blog Hannibal feel free to like or reblog the post so I know.