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Let's Pretend (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Epilogue ❤️

A/N: Here it is you guys! The Epilogue! *cries historically* I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who’ve stuck with this story! It’s my first series and y'all are hella awesome for all the positivity!! 😭❤ Please excuse any misspelling! And most of all, enjoy! - Delilah ❤

Warnings: Mentions of sex. Fluff. 

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The Wish Spell

Summary:  You use a spell to make a wish come true with unexpected results.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Castiel, OFC Sal

Word Count: 5772

Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex, language, fluff, wee bit of angst, mention of past abuse

A/N:  This one is close to my heart.  I hope you like it and I’d love to hear your feedback.  MAJOR shout out to the wonderful, lovely and helpful @wheresthekillswitch for being my beta on this.  There’s no way I would have achieved what I wanted without your help.  And thank you to the fantastic @arryn-nyxx for the beautiful aesthetic!​ Thank you!


You didn’t mean for it to happen, not really.  You’d hoped sure, but that didn’t mean you were actually expecting it to work.  You’d been out with your friends celebrating the long weekend but the pit of loneliness grew to a crater the moment you were home.  Since you’d had a few too many beers you started researching wishes.  That led you to spells and then before you knew it you were rummaging through your house for a candle and printing out a picture.  You wrote your name, birthday and wish on the picture then you folded it three times.  You lit a candle and held the paper over it till it caught fire and burned out.  You were tired of being alone, but you were also terrified to make a connection.  After the flame went out you curled up into bed and you dreamt of him, but that wasn’t out of the ordinary; you dreamt of him often.

The next morning you wake up and as you stretch your arms out you bump into something.  You shoot up and look over and there he is sitting on your bed his green eyes looking back at you.  Dean Winchester.  He’s leaning back on his hands with his long legs out in front of him.  He’s wearing a flannel shirt and jeans and he even has his boots on.  You sit staring at him unable to think or to speak.  He purses his full lips then smirks at you.

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RFA + V/Saeran realize it’s MC’s birthday

Hey all! It’s my birthday today, so I figured now’s as good a time as any to post birthday headcanons. Since I just moved to a new area and know very few people here, I went with more of a “Oh, it’s your birthday???’ vibe rather than (most of them) having known when MC’s birthday is all along.

Requests are open.~


  • you had surprised him at rehearsal with some lunch just bc you wanted to see him on your birthday
  • your phone was blowing up w/ messages from your family
  • he didn’t mean to look, but he glanced and saw a “Happy Birthday!” text
  • s h o c k e d why didn’t you tell him??
  • soon as you left, he was calling Seven
    • “Of course I knew!”
    • “Why didn’t you tell me???”
    • “Figured she’d tell people if she wanted them to know…”
  • welp he was supposed to be rehearsing all day but he wasn’t about to spend all day w/o you
  • so he told his director who totally understood and then left
  • showed up with a dozen roses
    • “Happy Birthday, my princess.”
    • “How did you–”
    • “I saw your phone - I’m sorry. But you deserve to be spoiled today.”
  • spent the rest of the day doing just that


  • bright and early, Seven was calling him
  • he figured this boy needs all the help he can get
    • “Today is what?!” omg what is he going to do he’s got nothing planned!
  • spent all morning shopping - flowers, groceries, he has everything put away before you’d even had your usual morning call
  • when you did call, he hoped you’d mention your birthday but you didn’t
  • he invited you over and you happily agreed
  • you were totally shocked when you arrived and his apartment was decorated for your birthday
  • and something smelled wonderful
  • greeted you at the door w/ a kiss and flowers
    • “Happy Birthday, MC~!”
  • he cooked two of your favorite meals for lunch and dinner and you spent all day cuddling and watching romance movies


  • she had asked you a while ago because she kept all the files of RFA members up-to-date
  • she’d made a note on her calendar and had it remind her a week in advance there’s no catching her off guard
  • but you hadn’t mentioned it since? to her or any of the members?
  • you forgot she knew tbqh
  • she assumed this meant you didn’t want a huge fuss but she wanted to do something
  • she ended up making a small cake for you the day before to wake up to the next morning
  • and she turned off your alarm she had worked through enough birthdays and you deserved the day off
  • closed the bakery early to spend more time with you
  • you couldn’t believe she remembered! you didn’t think you could love her any more but you were wrong
  • spent the rest of the day cuddling under blankets watching whatever you wanted to watch Zen’s musicals were definitely part of it tho


  • you had pointedly not told him bc you knew it would be over the top and you felt guilty
  • the boy already buys you basically anything you show the slightest interest in
  • you breathed in the direction of a designer toilet seat once and it took like three hours to convince him it wasn’t a hint that you wanted it does anyone need something like that jfc
  • but he found out on the day of, when you got a call from your parents singing Happy Birthday to you
  • you were embarrassed
    • “I didn’t want to make a big deal about it…”
  • too late, he had already picked up his phone
    • “Jaehee, cancel all my plans for the day. It is MC’s birthday.”
  • bc it’s Jaehee, she foresaw this outcome and had not scheduled him anything today anyway
  • he made you strawberry pancakes and served them to you in bed
  • had the chef make your favorite meals the rest of the day
  • bc he couldn’t resist, he bought you a new dress and jewelry to match but otherwise did a good job respecting that you didn’t want it to be a spectacle


  • he knew of course, he’d known since day one
  • but you didn’t know he knew
  • which means his surprise party would be extra surprising he only hoped you liked that kind of thing
  • sent you on a scavenger hunt while he got everything ready, your party was totally space-themed
  • by then, you realized he knew
  • but you thought the scavenger hunt was it
  • so when it led you to his house, you were just expecting him with a goofy grin and honey buddha chips or something
  • then the door sang Happy Birthday to you which you loved
  • when you came in and all of RFA yelled “Surprise!” you almost cried
    • “I didn’t want anyone to feel like I was expecting anything so I didn’t tell anyone…thank you so much.” you felt so special
  • lots and lots of kisses and cuddles and making everyone tell you two to get a room


  • you were cooking lunch when you finally said something out of necessity
    • “Oh, my parents are insisting on taking me out to dinner for my birthday tonight…I’d love it if you came, too.”
  • you heard him set his pipe on the table and you turned around
  • he was silent for a moment
    • “…It’s your birthday?”
  • he looks hurt oh no this is not what you wanted
  • you had started to ramble, wanting him to understand
    • “Oh, I didn’t tell anyone! It’s honestly…just another day for me. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.”
  • he made his way to the kitchen and placed a kiss on your cheek
  • felt around for your hands and laced his fingers through them
    • “Of course I’ll go to dinner with you. But can I make the day at least a little special for you?”
  • how can you say no to that
  • so you two dressed up and took lots of pictures together and he takes lots of you
  • they turned out amazing even with his limited vision


  • woke up w/ a groan and Saeyoung standing over him
    • “So what are you gonna do for MC for her birthday?”
  • what
  • was he supposed to know it was your birthday?
  • is that a thing he’s supposed to do? shit
  • deadpan stare, Saeyoung was almost sure he was gonna get punched
    • “…got any ideas?”
    • “Oh! Oh! Tons!”
  • he turned them all down
  • in the end he went with something pretty simple
  • surprised you with ice cream and your favorite cookies
  • and promised to do whatever you wanted all day pls don’t abuse it
  • you were super touched and looked at him with surprise
    • “But…how did you know? I didn’t tell anyone.”
  • you both ended up glaring at a snickering Saeyoung
  • while you were both secretly grateful bc it was a really nice day 
dating mark!!

2/? for the dating series!

lets get on it!


- so,,, y'all meet during trainee days

- he’s the new trainee and you help him cause you were from canada too

- “ok so this is training room 2 and oMG PUT JAEHYUN PUT YOUR SHIRT ON”

- tbh that was mark first impression for jaehyun and still teases him to this day

- anyway 

- you asked him what he got in for (rap, dance, vocals, or acting)

- and he was like

-“rap cause i got that canadian swag

- turns out you rap too!

- you guy had this deep ass convo about your fave rappers and shit

- btw ur a 99 liner too (or whatever u want but)

- you guys became pretty tight

- and both developed feeling for each other but those don’t get announced for a while 00ps

- time skiP 4.5 yEArS

- sO now markipoo is about to debut nd you still hAVENT jeSus

-  mark still likes u a lot and vice versa

- like with doyoungs, the guys pretty much pressure him into confessing messing cause e all know he wouldn’t

- so like he wrote this rap for u aND its!! so!! sweet!!

- he like strummed his guitar and rapped and uGH yOU almOST crIeD

- all yo members were like “jeno beTTA DO THIS FOR ME OR IM SUING”

- anyway ofc u accepted cause,,,, he’s mark


- the one that everyone wants to be 


- you would wake up to texts asking if you’ve eaten, slept, and had a good day

- like maRk i sHoUlD bE asKINg yOU thAt

- he isn’t into pda tho

- like occasionally u will get a nose peck or smth but that as about it

- its cool tho cause ur not into it either


- like oneday u were like

- “mark i drew a bird  (like the one thats a curvy line y’know) isn’t i- OMG IT LOOKS LIKE UR EYEBROWS FUCKAHKSHH”

- “I’m breaking up w u” - mark

- he doesn’t mean it tho

- he loves u sm like its crazy

- he will give the bEST hugs

- and cuddles!

- he just pulls u into his chest and wraps his arms around you uHGHG

- conversations that switch between english and korean

- sometimes confusing as hell cause he talks fast and u can’t tell whether it was eng or kor and just nod along


- and even tho he aint a vocal, he’s a vocal


- like he just whisper raps and it soUND SO GOOD

- always raps to u

- lmao his confession rap was cringe as hell

- “u nd i got that sw-sw-swag and those sk-sk-skills”


- he makes that face,,, you know,,, the one where he just stares blankly for a sec (pros  cause he forgot it and had to take a moment to remember)



- remember y'all r only 99 liners so nO FUNNY STUFFZIES 

- taeyong, doyoung and jaehyun had to give y'all the talk

- u guys couldn’t make eye contact until 3 days later

- when marks sad, you make sure to give him the biggest hug and let him vent out his feelings

- usually r about missing home and having the stress of debuting in tHrEE groups 

- you just whisper like “one day, we can go to canada together”

- and he looks up at u with his puppy eyes nd

- “promise?”

- “promise.”


- u and johnny made a diss track about sm

- “yo,,,uh,,,johnny boi hasnt debuted,,,uh,,,I’ve been a trainee for 6.9 years,,,check,,”

- it was trash but it was YOUR trash

- mark once got jelly of jaehyun cause u guys r really close like siblings

- “yo jaehyun sauce le peppers’

- “why can’t i sauce the peppers :(” - mark

- y'all haven’t really gotten into a fight

- like u’ve disagreed b4 but not a full out fight or anything

- once tho, he told u were “untalented and helpless” cause you accidentally spilled iced tea on him when he was super stressed out

- and u cried for like 8 hours 


- he felt so bad like he had to ask his members for help

- ‘mark are actually dumb” - everyone

- he found u curled up in a ball outside on a park bench

- and held u and wouldn’t stop apologizing

- on a higher note

- when he first said “i love you”

- he went to ur debut showcase

- and when u came off stage like all hot n sweaty 

- mark low-key died

- anyway he like hugged u and was like

- “i love u sm”

- and y'all just froze

- “did u-”

- “did i-”


- u made him send it to u cause like,,, y not


- I WOULD KILL TO DATE HIM (hahah thats to far but i loaf him)


thanks for reading! 

i will probs post like all of them cause i have a week off school (march break)

anyway, love y'all :)

- emma

anonymous asked:

Do you have a list of favorite gradence fics you think everyone should read?

(only E rated b/c im trash) newer things not on that list that I made ages ago and still like/re-read are (me going through the tag by date posted to find my faves lol also things not mentioned on other lists- its long, strap in). mostly completed works, though i cheated a few times.

this thing of darkness - the smut was a long time coming but well worth it

horrible and terrible and good all at once - mainly b/c it gets to the smut RIGHT AWAY for such a long fic. props to you author, props.

onward, my fawn - kicked off by a gift for me by the ever daZzling @snarry-splitpea, its an excellent dub-con series.

by the way you told me - the first Daddy Kink fic i think i ever read, and god, its so fucking soft and sweet

bless the father, bless the son - the second ever Daddy Kink fic i ever read.

a warning - hi @whileyoustillcan thank you for the first ever sugar daddy AU that ruined my life. also yowza. 

the only one who could ever reach me - slow burn thats a lead into the hottest scorch, b/c summer and smut and hoooooly shit.

a mutual agreement - the cleverest twist i’d read at the time, and just, the first bottom!graves i ever saw too. a fucking + @granpappy-winchester

what grace have I - 2 words: secretary AU

if thou must love me - shameless self promo, the collab i did with @clutchhedonist was one of my first, and im very proud of the lovely AU we created.

hold on, enjoy the ride - first sex pollen AU i ever saw, from the OG discord chat group discussions. desperate to be fucked graves is my fave thing ok? where are the other sex pollen/fuckordie fics???

roche limit - another first. first omega!graves and alpha!credence and the day it posted and i saw 19k completed i think i swooned. i can call myself lucky enough to know the lovely author @rospeaks and we’re geographically close enough to hang out. its amazing. 

the reward of a well spent youth - hung!graves, credence crying basically a good time @jeahtastic / @accio-graves

faith based reasoning - religious guilt mmmm

coffee break - god i forgot about this one, technically sex drugging, a+ wall sex.

broad-shouldered beasts - sequel to shoreline which basically changed my life. @bygoneboy

shadow dreams (against my skin) - a one shot by the author of other peoples poetry, which i still havent read because its 11/12 and its been a while so, ergo, im sad but grateful we have this one thing.

shooting stars, falling objects - the Modern AU with kevin-esc cre, without the murder + more sexual tension.

it started in an alley - breaking the innocent cre trope with a vengeance 

gladly i’ll take poison from your lips - the bdsm club au i forgot about and ended up imitating a touch.

of plenty - in the grindle graves x cre tag but id call this dark graves if you like. @second-salemite

suppression - this… god the second i saw this in the tag i died. its a lovely modern au that FEELS like canon, just without magic. #bless.

what do you want if you don’t want gold - a rare exception to the E only rule, as it inspired me so damn much i wrote my own E rated fic. and yes, here i am pimping myself out again.

the (modern) stripper AU series - like full stop. its amazing.  @jeffgoldblumsmulletinthe90s

ink bloom - Ilvermorny AU, and its @kamikazesoundsociety - all her stuff is amazing & this series .

sweater weather - modern au thats sort of a gods and monsters homage, and its complete! gods & monsters (WIP) is totally amazing too tho, check it out. 

tell me more - veritaserum AU hah its so lovely. all of the bae @percysweetheart‘s stuff.

Faliebesch - accidental love/arousal potion, @ ilvermorny. yowza. 

Beguiled AU series - by @percysweetheart

a little problem - gift for me and its watersports  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) @waywardgraves

faith and virtue - hahaha this is the sweetest sexiest lil thing beyond til tomorrow comes. unREAL.

boy we’re gold - if you like modern au’s and feminization, you’ll love this. technically this part is complete but overall its part of a series. 

the night before - omg here i am reccing all this stuff and not mentioning its got somnophilia in it oops. this is basically a sweet soft version of my all time fave WIP sin ‘graves goes to hell’  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i’m a count, not a saint - COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO AU + INCEST ok. sorry. im just so happy someone wrote for one of my au ideas :’)

bunboy!cre AU masterpost here - this whole AU thing got crazy wild and im so delighted to have been a part of it.

gossamer - a/b/o + incest + its written by @kamikazesoundsociety from a prompt i not-so-secretly sent. 

unforgivable - the imperius curse to make cre jerk himself off AU that i suggested.

sea souls - SOFT!LOVELY!ROMANTIC!!!! cre’s first beach trip @elvishflower

ripe and ready - A/B/O BOTTOM!GRAVES OK i love it

beautiful boy - ‘the man i warned you about is getting closer’ fics need to have their own classification as i love seer!graves i need more even though thats not at all what this fic is lmao, its pure smut. 

overtime - an excellent au with a twist  




turning crimson - another prezzie for me im literally so dumb, i hope there will be a sequel someday *heart eyes* @mercurial-tenacity

unfortunately i cannot offer any specific recs from the fics in the anonymous challenge without giving anything away and/or my commentary relies on knowing the author sooo, it’ll be a while til i can, but for now, i recommend the whole challenge collection. 

this list too, its old but there’s a shit ton of things on there, some may be wip’s.

im very picky about what i read, hence its mostly E and/or complete. i try not to read too many WIP’s because the sheer amount that havent been updated in 6+ months are too fucking sad to consider. hint: its a lot.

This Is Forever

HI umm I was wondering if you could do a one shot where the reader has been a part of Alexandria for a while and she and Daryl have started to fall for eachother without the other one knowing and she goes to The sanctuary and offers herself in return for daryls safe return to Alexandria? And then negan calls Daryl into his room and makes a scene causd he’s jealous about how the reader is in love with Daryl and Daryl finds out that way and somehow Daryl and the reader end up “getting cozy ;)” HI I just sent a request for a Daryl X reader one shot where the reader gives herself to negan in exchange for daryls safe return to Alexandria, sorry it’s me again lol! I forgot to ask if you could also make it like negan brings the reader to Alexandria in horrible condition all tied up and Daryl sees it and it drives him crazy before they some how end up “getting cozy ;)” lol I’m so sorry this is so much to ask! I love your writing by the way!!<33

Somehow, I’m kinda sorta catching up but also not really because I have a million more requests left to write I am such trash omg how did I earn 1,000 followers? Hahaha I didn’t have a chance to write at all last weekend. I was at a charity event my dad runs every year. All the proceeds go to an amazing local charity for autism. From merchandise and raffle tickets alone, we made 5,000 dollars. That’s not counting things like ticket sales and getting in the door. That hasn’t been counted yet. If you wanna hear more about it, let me know because this charity is close to my heart because my brother is autistic. If you wanna know more about it, I’m gonna post it on another blog on wordpress so let me know!! Also, just a reminder that I do have a Wattpad account. My username is PerfectInsanity17 but I haven’t posted in a while for one because I’ve been working on this and secondly, not a lot of people were reading my work so I paused for a bit. But I’ve got three stories to read on there. If you’d like me to keep going on those stories, let me know!

How did you end up here?

A few days ago, things were wonderful. Things couldn’t get any better. Maggie and Glenn would be having a baby, Alexandria was thriving, you were rebuilding the wall. The only complaint you had was that your friendship with Daryl had become more and more complicated. The more time you spent with him, the stronger your feelings got. But he constantly kept you at arm’s length and there was no possible way to get more than friendship from him. But if that was your only complaint, then you really had nothing to worry about.

How could so much go wrong in just a few days?

In just a few days, Alexandria’s only doctor was killed, Daryl ran off to get vengeance on her killer, Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita went after him, something went wrong with Maggie’s baby, and mere hours later, Glenn and Abraham would be dead, murdered mercilessly right in front of you and the entire group. And you would watch Daryl, bloody, pale, and weak being dragged away as a prisoner. All because of one man. All because of Negan.

You’d caught Negan’s attention briefly but it was nothing more than a smile and a nod from him. You wanted to cry out in protest when he had Daryl thrown into a van and driven away but Rick told you not to. The crushed skulls of your friends didn’t hurt in convincing you to stay quiet either.

How did you get here?

It was only a few days later when Carl got the crazy idea in his head to sneak into a savior’s truck and head for the sanctuary. You weren’t sure which was crazier, Carl’s plan to kill Negan, or your plan to switch places with Daryl. How much good would switching with Daryl do? Probably wouldn’t help all that much. But Daryl would be home where he belonged. You had no idea what they were doing to him and that made your heart ache even more. He was already an abused man with a bruised soul. He might not recover from even more damage. If you could get him away from all this, then you would. You’d walk through fire for that man.

The things one does for love.

Seeing Carl with such bloodthirst was unsettling. He managed to take out two of Negan’s men before someone stopped him. And through it all, Negan was nothing but amused by the situation.

“And you,” Negan said when you emerged. He pointed at you with his bat, its barbed wire fresh and clean, as if it didn’t have flesh hanging off it and blood dripping from it like a leaky faucet just a few days ago. The memory of Abraham and Glenn’s flesh dangling from the barbed wire made you nauseous.

“What’re you doin’ here?” Negan asked.

“I wanna make a deal with you,” you stated. Laughter erupted from the men surrounding the truck but Negan was quiet. Once the laughter died down, he let out a chuckle and rested the bat on his shoulder.

“Shit, could’ve just driven here yourself,” he said, “Don’t gotta be a stowaway. Come on in, let’s talk about this deal.”

You’d caught a glimpse of Daryl before Negan took you and Carl outside. He was rounding up walkers for some reason you couldn’t quite understand. He was filthy, his thin hair soaked in sweat, his face marked with cuts and bruises that made your blood boil with rage. At least he’d recovered from being shot. He was alive, that was the most important thing. That’s how you had to rationalize it to keep from losing your mind. Otherwise, you weren’t sure what you would’ve done.

“So, what’s your name?” Negan asked once the two of you were alone, “Didn’t have a chance to ask when we met.”

“Between murdering two people and kidnapping another, how could you have found the time?” you shot back, “Name’s Y/N.”

“Shit!” Negan exclaimed, slamming his hands down on his legs, “You’re just full of piss and vinegar, aren’t ya?”

“Look, I came here to make a deal with you, Negan,” you said, “You gonna hear me out or not?”

“By all means,” Negan said, “Don’t be shy, Y/N. I’m shakin’ in my boots.”

“I was hoping you’d let Daryl go.”

“Not a chance.”

“Let me finish,” you snapped, “Let him go and take me in his place.”

“You gotta forgive me, Y/N,” Negan chuckled, “I’m kinda confused. Why would you give a damn if you were here instead of him?”

“Because he doesn’t deserve whatever you’ve put him through.”

“Funny you should say that,” Negan said, “Because Daryl seems to think differently.”

“That doesn’t surprise me,” you said, “But that doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t deserve this.”

“And again I say, why do you care?” Negan inquired.

“Because I love him,” you blurted out, “And I need him to be safe.”

Negan’s smile fell and he leaned back in his chair. He was no longer amused by the situation. You couldn’t imagine Negan being jealous considering this was the only time you’d ever spoken. Then again, he was quick to murder two people he’d never met before. So, maybe he was quick to…lust.

“You stay right there,” Negan said, hopping up onto his feet. The sly grin was back on his face as he headed for the door, “I will be right back. Just give me two minutes.”

You leaned back in your chair, allowing yourself to get just a little comfortable as Negan left the room. It probably wasn’t the greatest idea to get the slightest bit comfortable. If Dwight or any of Negan’s other meathead henchman came in, you’d be screwed. Negan could easily trap you in this comfort you’d sunk into.

After a few minutes, Negan returned with Dwight following close behind, dragging Daryl by the collar of his sweatshirt. You gasped but Negan held out his hand before you could get up.

“Don’t move,” Negan said, turning his attention to Daryl, “Well, Y/N made an interesting offer. Would ya like to hear it?”

“What did you do to her?” Daryl snapped.

“Nothin’ at all,” Negan retorted, “Now pay attention. Y/N seems to think you don’t deserve any of this. And she wants to make a trade. I let you go and take her instead.”

“Why would you tell him this?” you snapped.

“And do you wanna know why?” Negan continued.

“Negan!” you exclaimed, “Don’t!”

He threw his head back, erupting in laughter, “Because she loves you! Now ain’t that just fantastic, Daryl? The things people do for love am I right?”

Daryl stood there staring at you, stunned by the revelation. He fought to keep a straight face. He didn’t want Negan to read him and figure everything out. If he was alone with you, he would’ve…well, he wasn’t entirely sure what he would’ve done. From the time you’d met, he was certain that you’d never seen him as anything more than a friend. And wasn’t this the worst time to find out he was wrong? When he couldn’t say a word in response to you.

“I gotta say, Y/N, you’ve made an interesting offer,” Negan continued, “You can stay if you want to but there ain’t a chance in hell of me letting him go free.”

“No!” Daryl blurted out, earning a rough yank from Dwight, “Just let her go.”

Negan sat back down across from you, nodding to the door, “Dwight, I think Daryl needs a time out. Put him in his cage.”

“Y/N, don’t do this,” Daryl continued as Dwight dragged him out of the room, “Get out of here!”

Dwight slammed the door behind them and it was just you and Negan alone, trapped in the uncomfortable silence. You folded your hands together on your lap, shaking your head, “I’m not staying unless you let Daryl go. Otherwise, I’m leaving with Carl.”

“We’ll talk about this later,” Negan said, “You just hang out here for a while. I’ve got some things to tend to.”

You didn’t move from your spot for hours. Negan had left to take Carl him and you considered sneaking away after a while but you wouldn’t leave without Daryl. And you had no idea where he was and you couldn’t exactly search for him without being caught. You really had no way of escaping so you just continued to wait.

After several hours, Negan burst into the room, fuming and swinging his bat around. He was enraged, pointing his bat at you, “What the fuck did you do?”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t fucking pretend you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.”

“I haven’t moved from this spot!” you shouted, “I’m clueless!”

“Well, looks like you got your deal after all,” Negan said, “Daryl’s gone, and you’re mine now.”

Another few days passed and Daryl had gone from hilltop to the kingdom but ultimately ended up back in Alexandria with the others, prepared to fight Negan with everything they had. Dwight offered his assistance but knew nothing about you or your condition. He hadn’t seen you since the day you arrived, which sent chills down Daryl’s spine. It must’ve meant that Negan had dealt with you personally. Had he killed you? Or…worse? Things he didn’t want to think about.

“We’re gonna win,” Rick declared.

“What about Y/N?” Daryl asked.

“Once we finish this, we’ll be able to go over there and get her,” Rick explained, “I’m sure Y/N is fine, Daryl. Negan won’t kill her. She could be a potential bargaining tool for him. Don’t you think?”

Daryl grunted, “Sure. Better make the fucker pay for the shit he’s done.”

“Believe me, we will,” Rick said, “No doubt about that. Let’s just get ready. Try not to worry, Daryl. Y/N can take care of herself. She was bold enough to leave and try to get you out of there, she’ll be just fine.”

Just as Daryl had been afraid of, Negan had been the one to handle you personally. Negan was convinced you had something to do with Daryl’s escape and it was incredibly bad timing but you had no idea Daryl had even gotten out. Negan of course didn’t believe you for a second and his solution to this problem was to simply have you beaten until you admitted to it. But you knew that if you did, he’d most likely have you killed. On the other hand, you were so delirious that you weren’t sure which would be worse, death or being beaten.

You were just barely conscious when Negan threw you into a coffin. After a few minutes, you heard some familiar voices that made you perk up and felt the coffin being lifted but there wasn’t much you could do as you could barely move and were too weak to push open the coffin.

“I’ve got somethin’ you might be interested in,” Negan said. The coffin creaked and groaned as he pulled it open. You turned away from the blinding afternoon sunlight but were quickly dragged out by your upper arm, feeling Negan’s leather jacket against your skin.

“Y/N!” Daryl exclaimed from behind the gate. Rick stood at the very top of the gate, staring at you in shock. He knew that Negan wouldn’t have killed you but he still wasn’t expecting you to be so bruised and bloody.

“She made the deal,” Negan continued, “She stayed, he left. But I’m gonna take Daryl back now. If you all cooperate, Y/N will live. But, it’s a limited time offer so I’d make this decision quick.”

After that statement, everything became a blur. Bullets were flying, everyone was running around in a panic, ducking down and hiding. You could’ve sworn you heard Daryl shouting so you followed the sound of his voice despite how disoriented you felt. Negan was too distracted to notice your absence or try to prevent you from running off. You were avoiding all the gunfire better than you expected since you weren’t even trying. All you knew was you had to find Daryl. It felt like years since you’d seen him. And the last time you had seen him wasn’t exactly pleasant for either of you.

After being unable to find any familiar face, you realized it was pointless to be in the middle of all this gunfire when you could barely focus. You sat under a tree off in the corner where the gunshots were faint and you were free to take a deep breath. Your bones ached, your head throbbed, the blood and sweat that had accumulated on your body over the last few days left a layer of grime you couldn’t stand. Your eyes were so swollen, it was easier to just lay your head back and close your eyes.

The chaos ceased for a moment but you weren’t allowing yourself to feel relieved yet. Sure, Rick and the rest of the group could’ve won but they also could’ve lost and it would become a slaughter soon. Soon, people were shouting and firing their guns again and this time, roaring followed. Roaring? Why would you be hearing roaring? Who would have an animal like that?

You kept your eyes shut the entire time. If you didn’t see it, it couldn’t be happening, right? You thought of the simpler times when you and Daryl went on runs together, when you’d be spending days at a time alone together. He was always so quiet but his blue eyes spoke louder than his mouth ever could. He always hugged his legs to his chest, like he was shielding himself, very rarely ever made eye contact. And when he did, he seemed so unsure and would only peek at you from behind his wispy hairs hanging over his face. You’d wake up early in the morning while he was still sleeping and you’d push those hairs away from his face just to sneak a peek at his peaceful expression, his chest moving steadily up and down. You never wanted those runs to end. You had been convinced every time that you would tell him how you truly felt about him but in the end, you could never go through with it. And now, it could easily be too late. Daryl could be dead or dying. With all that gunfire, the possibility of him being alive was slim.

The second round of insanity ended much faster and then silence followed for several hours. You refused to move from your spot though, still so tired and so sore. This was the first time you’d been able to relax in days without fear of getting hurt again.

Footsteps approached you but you still didn’t move or open your eyes. The person’s clothes rustled and you heard them set something down in the grass beside them. It was when the person spoke that you finally opened your eyes and a pair of blue ones were staring back at you.

“Y/N,” Daryl said, “I’ve been lookin’ everywhere for you. Thought you were dead.”

“I thought you were,” you whimpered. Despite how injured you were, you threw your arms around him, nearly tackling him, “I’m so glad you made it out okay. Who got you out?”

“Not sure,” he replied, “What did that asshole do to you?”

“He was convinced that I was the one to get you out,” you explained, “The timing was pretty coincidental I’ll admit but he wouldn’t listen to me. I don’t wanna talk about that now. I’m just glad it’s over. Is Negan dead?”

Daryl shook his head, “Everyone from hilltop and the kingdom came at the last second and chased Negan and his guys outta here. But they’ll be back. Come on, let’s get you looked at. Can ya stand?”

“I think so,” you grunted as you got up on your feet. Being in one position for the last few hours made your muscles scream out in agony when you finally straightened out. Daryl grabbed your hand as the two of you walked to the infirmary. With all the commotion, you didn’t feel it was the right time to bring up what Negan had said a few days ago. Daryl would just get uncomfortable and shut down like he always did when someone brought up heavy conversation. Expressing emotion was not on Daryl’s list of skills. Especially now with his mind on other things, talking about that just wasn’t as important.

You gave it about a week. Your injuries had mostly healed by then. But other than that, you and Daryl were back with your group and things felt almost normal again. But you still felt uneasy around him. And he seemed more quick tempered than usual, getting frustrated with you easier than before.

Daryl had taken you back to the infirmary after you’d reopened a wound while you were trying to regain your strength and practicing your shooting. He sighed a few times as he was cleaning up the wound on your arm.

“What’re you thinking, Y/N?” he grumbled.

“Can’t just sit around forever,” you replied, “I have to get back to how I was.”

“If you hadn’t gone there in the first place,” Daryl muttered, “You should’ve stayed here where it was safe.”

“I had to go,” you argued, “You weren’t safe.”

“I don’t care about me,” Daryl shot back, “You shouldn’t worry about me so much, Y/N.”

“Didn’t you hear what Negan said?” you snapped, “What he told you? I care so much about you, I love you so much. I couldn’t stand the thought of you being hurt or ending up dead.”

“Well, how do you think I felt?!” Daryl shouted, tossing the bloody rag into the trashcan, “I hated every minute of you being there. I knew what Negan was doing and there was nothing I could do.”

You were startled by his outburst. He so rarely offered much in response but he was off now, “I don’t wanna lose you, Y/N. Not again. Can’t go without you again.”

“I didn’t know you felt that way,” you said.

“Yeah, well, didn’t wanna give Negan any more leverage than he already had,” Daryl said, “I didn’t actually believe him when he said it. It’s true though, what he said. Isn’t it?”

You kicked your feet, grinning as you grabbed his hands and pulled him closer to you so he stood between your legs, “It’s very true, Daryl. I love you so much. There was just…never a good time to say it.”

Daryl nodded, his own way of saying he loved you too. You were content with his not actually saying it because you knew he felt it. You felt it in his touch when he ran his fingertips up your arms. You felt it in the kiss he placed on your lips, careful and hesitant in all of these gestures but they spoke to you.

You wrapped your arms around Daryl’s torso, your hands slipping underneath his shirt and roaming his back. He tensed a little at your touch but soon he was rolling with it, kissing along your jaw and down your neck, his teeth grazing your shoulder. You inhaled deeply, taking in his scent as his trembling fingers tugged on your shirt. Pulling away briefly, you threw your shirt over your head and tossed it to the floor, quickly bringing Daryl back in. He groaned against your skin, running his nails down your back. You unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders.

“You really wanna do this?” you mumbled, wrapping your legs around his hips.

Daryl nodded and ran for the door to lock it as quickly as he could to make it back to you. You laid back in bed as he climbed over you, burying his face in your neck. You wrapped your legs around his hips once more and he responded with an experimental thrust of his hips, grinding against you. A squeak escaped your lips as you gripped him tighter in your arms.

“Shit, Y/N,” he grunted, “Never wanted anything so bad.”

A fire was burning deep within you and he’d barely touched you. Neither of you could bear it anymore, you couldn’t hold back any longer. You lifted your hips so Daryl could pull your pants down with ease. You sat up a bit and smashed your lips against his while you tugged his pants down past his hips. You felt his fingers slip underneath the waistband of your underwear, his thick fingers cold against your warm flesh. As his fingers reached your core, you bit his lip in surprise. You retaliated by allowing your hands to explore, sliding into his boxers and gripping him firmly in your hand.

“Daryl,” you whispered, slowly stroking him. Daryl groaned, whipping your body around and pulling your underwear down your legs. You gripped the headboard, your heart racing as you panted and whined. You wiggled your hips impatiently, looking back at him over your shoulder, “What’re you waiting for?”

“Stay still,” Daryl said, slapping his hands down on your hips. You jumped but smiled at the fiery feeling growing in the pit of your stomach. Biting your lip, you lowered your head. Without warning, he plunged into you and you both groaned in unison as he stayed there for a moment, allowing the two of you to adjust to the senstation.

“Goddamn, Daryl,” you said. Daryl slowly started moving his hips back and forth, his hands moving up and down your back. He held back any noises, only allowing a few grunts. You couldn’t hold back your pleasure as you moaned and whimpered, curling your toes and bunching the sheets up in your fists. The ache grew stronger with every thrust and you knew this wouldn’t last long for either of you. But this closeness would be worth it no matter how long it was.

Suddenly, Daryl lifted you up so the two of you were on your knees, your back against his chest as he thrust harder against you, beads of sweat running down the side of his head and dripping off his jaw, landing on your shoulder. With one hand on your hip, he moved his free hand down your stomach until he reached your sweet spot, his fingers moving in quick, deep circles. You writhed and rolled your hips against his fingers, flashes of white in your vision as you finally came. Your legs were weak and once Daryl let go of you, you fell forward, his continued thrusting sending you into aftershocks and your walls squeezed him so tightly, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He leaned his head back as he released inside of you.

“I can’t…we just…fuck,” Daryl said, more out of breath than you’d ever seen before, “You alright?”

“More than alright,” you replied, rolling onto your back. He flopped down beside you, “That was amazing. I can’t believe we did that though. Ever think we’d end up here?”

“Nah, but then again, you’ve always been unpredictable,” Daryl replied, kissing your sweaty temple. He never thought he’d ever have the courage to tell you how he felt about you. This had been the last thing he ever expected to happen but he wouldn’t change it for anything. He never wanted to let you go. This was forever.


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The Joker x Reader - “Note to Batsy”

From time to time The Joker likes to light up a Batsy signal and bless Gotham’s vigilante with random handwritten messages. Bruce Wayne keeps them all, hoping that one of these days he’ll find something useful that will get Mister J busted for good. So far, no luck: even if the papers have fingerprints all over, there is never a match.

Here is the latest letter Batsy just found on top of the tallest building in Gotham:


- I really wanna show you my kid; I have to admit me and Y/N made a very cute baby thanks to my awesome genes and her beauty. Maybe afterwards we can go for a drink. Wait, she’ll kill me if I go drinking and take the baby (don’t read this part, nobody can kill me). But anyway, if we end up going with the kid, don’t be a snitch and tell on me T___T

Wow, what an entitled prick! Bruce thinks, continuing to read. I am not a snitch!

- My Queen has a complaint: when she busted me out of Arkham last week, she noticed that the new straitjacket is a darker gray than the old one. Y/N said it doesn’t go well with my blue eyes, but the previous model did. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up there again so can you tell those guys to switch back to what they use to have? I don’t want my girl upset over such a trivial thing. She absolutely hates it when an outfit doesn’t match my eyes.

- I think I “accidentally” (Ha!Ha!Ha!) blew up your Batmobile today. I have a new grenade launcher I wanted to test, saw your car and Kaboom! But I think nothing happened to it; seemed alright afterwards except the two cracked windows, one flat tire and a bunch of scratches. So if you were wondering who did that, it was me. Were you inside? If you were, that was pretty cool, huh? You’re welcome.

That insane lunatic, it was him! Batsy huffs, annoyed. He had his suspicions.

- We have Commissar Gordon. I really wanted to kill him but Y/N likes him for some reason. Hold on…We had Commissar Gordon, my Kitten set him free like…5 minutes ago, she just told me. My God, do you ever have problems with your woman?! My Queen does what she pleases and she gets on my nerves sometimes. Any advice? Don’t read that, I don’t need advice from you.

- Can you be more careful when you chase us? Two nights ago we had a date and you almost ruined it. I had to take a sharp turn on 84th and Glisson St., she clenched to my arm so hard she broke a nail. A NAIL! My Doll hates breaking nails! I had to hear about it since. Can you be more considerate?! Pay attention to what you’re doing, man! If this happens again I will send my Pumpkin to you and see how you like to hear about it 24/7. Yes, this is a threat.

I don’t think you want to deal with her, she’s a tough little cookie. OMG, I love cookies and we just run out of the dark chocolate chip ones. If we meet for that drink so you can see the baby, can you bring me some? All my henchmen are away with business -see? I keep you busy, you’re welcome – and I am too important to go get that myself. And I can’t send my Princess; if she breaks another nail I’m screwed.

What the hell is he ranting about?! Bruce squints his eyes because he already forgot what the paragraph was about. He reads the last part again and sighs: Definitely needs some strong medications…

- Y/N wants to have at least 3 more kids.  AT LEAST THREE!!! Aren’t you happy there will be more like me around? I think it’s awesome - you’re welcome. I am tired from being a dad but I manage, I’m not The Joker for nothing.

- Oh, this is my request: next time I end up in Arkham I want to be in a glass cell. Why the hell did they put me behind brick walls last time?! How is everyone supposed to enjoy my handsomeness and breathtaking personality if they don’t see or hear me?! I bet the ladies were upset. Don’t tell my Queen though; she gets really jealous when other girls look my way. But how could I help it? I am just God’s gift to humanity – you’re welcome again by the way.

- I have to cut it short now, the baby’s crying and I am on dad duty at the penthouse because Y/N is breaking into Gotham Bank to steal some diamonds she wants badly. By the time you read this it should all be done with. Let me know when you wanna see my kid.

Another memorable note, Batsy concludes, folding the paper and placing it inside his belt. But I kind of want to see the baby…

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Storm 2

(OMG Just imagine this is actually going to happen to a very lucky woman some day. I mean the proposing part, maybe not like this, but it’s gonna happen…)

Title: Storm 2
Requested? Yes.
Plot: The second chapter of the Storm imagine, where it’s your 4 year anniversary and Alex decides he is ready to be someone’s husband. And the most epic proposal ever is in full effect.
Warnings: Epic proposal ahead!
Word count: 1352

Part 1


It’s an early Sunday morning in Dublin, the sun was shyly showing it’s rays through the curtains of the penthause apartment window. I slowly opened my eyes as I stretched my body, one of my hands feel the bed next to me, soon noticing it was empty and that I was alone. I figured Alex had started making breakfast already, so I decided to begin my wake up routine slowly. Suddenly I felt something soft under my fingers, turning my head to look at the mysterious object I have encountered. It turned out being a red rose, with a note attached to it. The note read:”Good morning beautiful! It’s a big day today, so dress pretty and meet me at the park. Your secret admirer.” I smiled, knowing it was Alex playing tricks on me. I had been thinking about today before I fell asleep last night. Today is four years since Alex and I started our relationship. It felt like it was just yesterday when I first met him, after arriving to the set of Vikings, thinking I was just going to be an extra, and instead getting the big role I play.

Like clockwork, my phone lit up, signaling I had a text. It was the infamous secret admirer, who snuck into my phone last night to change his caller ID to “Secret admirer”. For a moment I thought it might not be Alex, but instead one of the boys trying to pull a prank on me and my boyfriend just deciding to go along with it. If that’s true, and he plays a prank on me, on our anniversary, he is going to be in so much trouble I swear to God. The text read that, knowing how much girls scramble through their clothes to find something to wear every day, an outfit was waiting for me in the living room, just waiting for me to put it on. I replied asking him how he could possibly know I would like the outfint, and he got back to me saying he was 100% sure I’m gonna love it. Alright, let us see what my little monkey man has in store for me to wear today. I quickly showered and did my make up and hair, walking into the living room with caution, as if I was going to encounter a robber who was going through my stuff at this very moment.

I was greeted instead with a beautiful dress, shoes to match and accessories. It was actually a set I wanted to buy ages ago, but somehow always seemed to forget as I was too busy with work and everything. Now comes the next task, will it all fit me? Like a glove! Everything looked perfect and I was ready for the perfect anniversary celebration. If only I knew what was in store for me. Once I arrived to the park, even as the taxi pulled up, I noticed a lot of people swarming the area around Alex. I soon realized it was almost the whole cast, escorting him. I was confused, wondering why he brought all of them with him, and adding to my confusion was a camera that Marco was holding. An anniversary with the whole cast? Not what I was expecting, but I don’t mind. They are my family and I love them, so if he decided they are coming with, fine by me. I gave the money to the taxi driver and exited the vehicle.

The moment one of my feet stepped on the ground, a very familiar song started playing. I looked up at Alex in shock, which was soon replaced with laughter, as some of the cast started dancing and the others walked to a bench, holding mysterious boxes. Alex was playing the role of Bruno Mars for now, pulling his best smug face. “Just the way you are” was the song of choice, and soon, the secret admirer had started singing. I was shocked, not able to move. He was actually singing, no lip-syncing whatsoever. It was all the beautiful voice of the man I love, and it just made my day, we don’t need anything else. I tried walking towards him, soon stopped by the guys with the boxes as they poured rose petals to create a road for me, leading up to a heart shape, where my cue was to stand and watch probably. And now I get to feel bad, since all I got Alex is a watch he wanted for his birthday, but I bought him something else instead, wanting to save this for the anniversary.

I took my stand in the heart and continued on watching as they sung and danced around Alex, Marco filming the whole thing. Suddenly I was showered with rose petals and gold and silver confetti. He is trying to ruin my dress and makeup to make me look stupid once he posts this, well, that might be one of the things he wants. Jokes aside, I watched in awe, swaying my body a little to the music, soon having chocolate lollypops and candy given to me, one person at a time, on cue, until I couldn’t hold it all anymore and Katheryn approached me, taking some of it , to put in a bag next to the heart shaped on the floor by the petals. It was all fun and games until the real deal started. The lyric were changed in the last minute. And I tried singing the end in my head, only to be shocked when Alex switched the lyrics, the song becoming a little slower, and turning into another song by Bruno.

My hand flew up to cover my mouth as Alex started approaching me slowly, singing the new song’s last part, to replace the one he should have been singing. Instead of singing: “ ’cause girl you are amazing, just the way you are.” my boyfriend of four years was singing:” ‘cause it’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do, hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.” And continuing on with the rest of the final courus, getting on one knee as he  finally stood in the heart shape with me. Tears began to fill up my eyes, escaping them soon after. I’m trying to make sense of the situation, but right now, I forgot about everyone else. I forgot about the huge cast and crew surrounding us. I forgot about Marco filming the whole scene. All I knew right now was that I had the love of my life kneeling in front of me, telling me how much he loves me and that if he is going to be someone’s husband, he would only want to be mine. he had his black fedora, looking at me with pleading eyes.

“Light of my life, Y/N, will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”
The question left his mouth, making my heart want to jump out of my chest. I began whispering yes, while nodding frantically, soon regaining my voice and screaming.
“Yes! Of course I will marry you!”
He beamed at me with his smile, as he slipped the ring on my finger, than standing up to cup my face and connect our lips into a passionate kiss. The crowd cheered and we both laughed, hugging and kissing. I made everyone laugh, with my comment about having to plan a goddamn wedding, now in my busy work schedule, dramaticaly holding my head and stomach, the ring glowing magicaly on my finger.
“Don’t worry, your fiance will help you with everything.”
Jordan added, Alex nodding soon after, and I knew I could count on all of them to help me, not just Alex, and that made me love them even more.
“It’s official guys, this boy is getting married!”
Travis yelled out, every single person on the streets at the time cheering, making both Alex and I blush. I get to spend the rest of my life with my little monkey man, there is absolutely nothing that can be better that this.


OMG I NEED HELP! This is so cute, If I might say so myself. I hope you like this and it is as you expected it to be. Love you all! <3

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I Guess They Know

Anon: “Could I have a Mikey Way imagine please?”

A/N: Sorry this toook so long! I know, I suck. Anyways, this is what I came up with, lol

(Y/N)’S POV 

You sit at your desk, rapidly typing away at your computer at 11:45 pm. You’ve been on your computer for so long that your eyes were basically beginning to burn. This was nothing new for you considering you’re a pretty successful youtuber. You make about $2 Million a year with 7M subscribers making you basically internet famous. You spend a lot of time where you are right now, editing your videos in the office you share with your boyfriend Mikey. The thing is, nobody knows that you two are dating. You’ve been together for 2 years, live in the same house, you even have 2 dogs. But since you began to get famous, you both just decided to keep your relationship secret. If it eventually got out, you wouldn’t mind that much, but what’s the rush?

You’re just finishing editing your vlog from yesterday to post today even though it’s getting pretty late. Someone opens the door, letting light flood into the room. It makes you squint since the only other light source is the light from your computer screen. Mikey comes up behind you and drapes his arms over your shoulders.

“When are you coming to bed?” He whines tiredly. You chuckle but continue clicking away. You stop and spin your chair around to face him.

“A few minutes. I promise.” You give him puppy dog eyes.

“You said that an hour ago.” He smirks and you turn back around.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry. Final Cut crashed and erased a whole hour’s worth of work. I promise this time.” He nods and rubs his eyes before leaving you to finish your work. Once you finally upload the video to YouTube, you yawn and shut your laptop before going to join Mikey in bed.

The next morning, you wake up and roll over to be face to face with Mikey.

“Good morning, beautiful.” He smiles and cups you face in his hand, gently rubbing his thumb across your cheekbone.

“Morning.” You whisper, smiling back. You roll onto your back and stretch as you begin to really wake up.

“What time is it?” You ask through a yawn.

“About 12.” You nod and reach over to your nightstand to check your phone. Per usual, you have a ton of notifications from every social media account you have. You lock your phone and sit up, thinking about what you’re plans are for today.

“What do you have to do today?” You ask him and he shrugs.

“Nothing really. I figured I’d go spend all those gift cards I got for my birthday. Wanna come?” You sigh and rub your face.

“I do. But I can’t, I gotta film today. Sorry babe.” You give him a sad smile and wraps his arms around you, kissing your head.

“It’s fine. I’ll ask Gee. I think he wanted to go anyways even though one of those gift cards is from him.” You both laugh. 

Eventually, you drag yourself out of bed and get dressed so you could actually be productive. Since you probably weren’t going to leave the house, you vlogged your morning routine since it’s the most interesting thing that’s probably going to happen today. You carried around your little camera as you made breakfast, let the dogs out, did your hair, and talked about your plans for the day. Before you could even get started filming for main channel video which is a Q & A, Mikey was already back and he was excited.

“Babe, guess what I got!” You finish setting up your camera in front of the couch and look over at him as he sets his stuff down on the floor except for one box.

“What?” You ask curiously. He opens the small box and pulls out a mug. You just chuckled at his excitement over something so simple. He hands it to you so you can see it.

“This is actually pretty cool.” You smile and he nods in agreement as you give it back to him.

“Gerard gave it to me.” He says as he admires it again. You giggle, he’s just too cute! He sets it down on the table and picks up the rest of his bags and takes them upstairs as you start recording, pulling up questions on your phone. In the middle of filming, he comes back downstairs with his bass in one hand and his phone in the other, staring down at it and barely paying attention to where he’s walking.

“What are you doing?” You ask, scrunching your eyebrows together in confusion. He still doesn’t look up from his phone as he walks over to the table, resting his guitar against the wall.

“I’m going in the basement to work on a thing…. but I forgot to post about my mug on Instagram.” You playfully roll your eyes as he takes a picture and then sits in the kitchen.

“Are you still going downstairs or can I keep filming?” You ask. He finally looks up from his phone, suddenly aware of his surroundings.

“Oh, you can keep going. I got distracted.” You nod as he looks back down, rapidly typing on his phone but not making a sound so you could finish. You answer questions for about another hour, stopping once to ask Mikey how to pronounce a word which you both failed at and ended up asking Siri. Once you’re done, stand up, stretching since you’ve been sitting for so long. You leave the camera set up because you’re too lazy to take it down at the moment.

“Babe, can you let the dogs in?” You ask as you grab your laptop off the couch. You only put the dogs outside when you’re filming since they’re very loud and like to bark at everything.

“Yeah, one sec.” He replies as you head upstairs to the office to start editing.

It’s only 6pm so you should be done around 9:30-ish. You edit out all the parts where you stutter, when Mikey came downstairs, and when you re-recorded because you realized you had a piece of hair sticking out all crazy. You add music and sound effects and all the rest until you’re finally finished. Once you upload the video, you feel like you’re done but obviously you’re not. You have to tweet about it, post about it on instagram, and tell everyone on snapchat so you weren’t really done. It all gets tiring sometimes but at the end of the day, you couldn’t be happier. You make money doing something you love, you get to share your life with your amazing boyfriend, and you honestly couldn’t ask for more.

You go check the comments on your vlog from yesterday, giggling at the funny ones and just seeing what people thought. You almost scrolled past one of the second top comments but you caught a glimpse of the words ‘Mikey from mcr’ which made you do a double take.

“MIKEY!” You yell for him and after a few seconds he comes running the room.

“What happened?! What?!” He asks, clearly thinking something was wrong.

“Look at this!” You say, pointing to your screen. He squints at the screen for a second since he isn’t wearing his glasses.

“This one?” He asks in confirmation. You nod before he begins to read the comment out loud.

Did anyone else notice her shirt in the beginning is just like the one Mikey from mcr used to wear? lol” He reads then shrugs a little.

“So? Tons of people could have that shirt.” He says looking at you. You scroll down to the responses to show him what you’re talking about:

It has the holes in it and everything! omg XD’

‘I noticed another shirt that I recognized from mikey in another video but i forgot which one’

‘do they know each other?’

‘they met once at a show’

‘what if they’re friends?!?!’

We both start laughing at how much thought was put into this.

“That’s hilarious.” He comments raising his eyebrows.

“What if they figure it out?” You ask hypothetically, knowing that is nearly impossible. He responds with another shrug.

“Then whatever. It doesn’t really matter anymore, to be honest.” You nod in agreement. 

“We should go get ice cream.” He says, changing the topic and you stretch, finally done for the day. 

“It’s 9 o’clock but we really should. Let’s go.”

~~~~~~~2 DAYS LATER~~~~~~~

You’re sitting on the couch next to Mikey, checking emails and stuff as he watched some action movie. Suddenly, you receive a text from a friend of yours who’s also a pretty popular Youtuber. It’s a link to a video so you click it, wondering what it is. You guys were always sharing cool videos wth each other. Once the video finally loads, your eyes pop out of your head.

‘Proof that Mikey Way and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are secretly dating!!!’

You lightly slap Mikey’s arm a couple times as the video begins.

“Yeah?” He asks looking over at you. You hold the phone up so he could see as you begin to watch in complete shock. The person, who was basically a gossip/drama account on youtube, had taken all the evidence that your fans had gathered and created a whole explanation.

Apparently, aside from the shirt incident (which there was a side by side for), people had noticed Mikey’s guitar in the background of your Q & A video as well as the mug on the table, which he had posted a picture of on Instagram that same day (these also came with side by side photos as proof). They even noticed that in some of his old Instagram photos, the comforter on the bed was the same as the one in your vlogs from forever ago.  And if all of that wasn’t crazy enough, they concluded that Mikey was the person behind the camera based on the few words he spoke while trying to help you pronounce the word in a question in your last video.

You were both left speechless as the video ended, staring at the phone screen with open mouths.

“How did they….”

“When did I even….”

“Is that even….”

“What the actual fuck…” Mikey says, being the first one of you two spit out a full sentence. 

You aggressively open up twitter to see if it had spread and it had, of course. There was already a trending hashtag which you clicked on. The most popular tweet with the hashtag was someone sharing the video. The tweet had 12.6k likes and 6.4k retweets. This account is a pretty popular fan account dedicated to you and you’ve definitely seen the username before because this person had so many followers and was constantly tagging you in stuff. You actually follow them and had replied to a couple of their tweets once which might explain why they’re so popular.

You both look at each other, unable to grasp how in such a small amount of time, the idea that the two of you even knew each other had turned into proof of you two dating. You start cracking up at how insane this all is. You both laugh until you have tears in your eyes from how ridiculously weird the internet can be.

“Oh my fucking god, I can’t….” He starts laughing again.

“I can’t believe that just happened!” You couldn’t even speak from laughing so hard, you just nod and wipe your eyes. Once you both calm down and just kind of recap everything that just happened in your mind you clap your hands together in conclusion.

“Well, I guess they know.” You turn to him and smile. He looks at you contently before he kisses your cheek and pulls you into his body, hugging you tightly.

“I guess they do. I can finally share you with the world now.“


Cherchez La Femme: Plus que ma Propre Vie (Final)

A/N: This is the final part. Good Lord, I can’t believe I’m done. This has gone on since JUNE, everyone. JUNE. And I’ve been writing it since October of 2016. I wrote it, edited it, edited it, typed it up, edited it again, and edited as I posted. It’s been quite a mess. But a good mess.

This fic is the reason I started a Tumblr. Back when I began writing it, I was coming out of a really horrible place in my life and I felt like I could start writing again, so I decided to start off easy–with fanfiction. I thought having characters and settings, etc, that were already developed would help me out, but this actually turned out to be one of the most in-depth, complicated things I have ever written. 172 pages (on a Word document, it was over 300 handwritten) and 107,500 ish words later, it’s actually finished. Done writing it, done posting it, and I’m not going to go back and edit the posts, even though I really, really want to. 

I have so many people to thank, for giving me ideas or for encouragement, so here goes:

@captainamerotica: You are actually half of Cherchez la Femme. All those scenarios we came up with? This is a conglomerate of all of those. Also, Drina is based on you, and I’m so glad I included her. So thank you for being there from the literal beginning.

@find-me-here2: You were my first Tumblr friend, and back when I was still complaining about how writing was going on this site, you were diligently reblogging everything and shamelessly promoting my fic even before I was certain that I was going to post it! Thank you for nagging me to finish it. 

@persephone-is-here-omg: Thank you, first of all, for your all-caps, paragraph-long reactions to every. Single. Post. I love seeing them, and I happen to like that your phone doesn’t understand that you definitely put paragraph breaks in. I think it’s hilarious. Thank you, my lovely wifey, for nagging me continually to post it as I teased you with bits and pieces of it (get ready to do it again for Twisted Satin and Diablerie). I treasure you and your wonderful comments.

@thecrownedrose: Thank you for your marginally less screamy reactions to this fic. They were no less entertaining, but definitely a little less punchy. I’m sorry I made you cry so much, but unfortunately, you can’t blame me for all of it; it’s Marvel’s fault. No angst, no Bucky! Thank you for reading and commenting on every single post despite the fact that you are now dealing with screaming, annoying children. Thank you, also, for nagging me to post this, even when I bitched to you about not wanting to, and as I said above, get ready to do it again for Twisted Satin and Diablerie! I love you, I love you, I love you.

@abovethesmokestacks: Thank you for reading and reblogging on every single post! Your reviews were amazing, too; they satisfied my inner English major when I needed someone to analyze things with in-depth. Seeing you reblogging always made me happy. 

@rebelslicious: YOUR GIFS. YOUR GIFS. Thank you for every single one of those. I usually burst out laughing whenever I saw them because they were so perfect. 

@suz-123: I know you weren’t there since the beginning beginning, but I’m so glad you found Cherchez! Thank you for every single one of your reblogs and comments! 

@betsy1066: Thank you as well! You have stuck out this whole thing, and I really, really admire you for it, because it was starting to get ridiculous. @rainbowrobotmarkerz: You started in the middle, but I’m so glad you saw it and enjoyed it! Thank you!

@genesis-d-winter: I’m so glad I met you at that convention! I loved talking to you there, and thank you so much for reading this and reblogging it. Hopefully we can continue talking, and we’ll see each other again at another con.

@sad-af1121 and @papi-chulo-bucky: Thank you for reading and reblogging. I see you every so often in my notes and I love it. Also, @papi-chulo-bucky, that anon’s ask made my year, thank you for thinking of my fic. Church flames is actually a good title. @avengersandlovers, thank you for reading this, too! I love how you attempted to call me out for whining about your angst, but I’m going to, even though my blog is the Angst Den. I’m so glad you enjoyed Cherchez, despite all the sads.

@erisjade: Your messages every so often were awesome, thank you so much for that. They usually came at just the right time and kept me going.

@adminsup and @mo320: I see you messaging and liking all the posts. You guys are absolute sweethearts, and I know we never talk, but I see it, and you make me happy. 

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ON MY TAGLISTS. Whether you stuck it out from the beginning, found it in the middle, or saw the post a few chapters ago, thank you, thank you, for telling me that you wanted to read it and you thought it was important enough to be notified about. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO READ IT OR IS READING IT. I may not see you on the notes, but I know you’re there and I wanted to say thank you for giving it a look. This thing is my baby and I love it, and I love all of you. @charliexowrite and @bi-diana-prince, I know you guys are like me and are going to binge read now that it’s over, so ENJOY!

If I forgot anyone, I am so sorry, but I’ve had this in my drafts now for a couple of weeks. Thank you all. The fanart, the comments, the reblogs, the likes… thank you.

I will probably make a playlist on Youtube soon, and make a post about that. I’m working on a Spotify, too. 

WARNINGS: FLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUFF, small children included, engagement, swearing, marriage



SONG: I’ll Be Seeing You–Instrumental

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I fucked up, I know that - Part 3

omy god. first ever proper imagine i have ever posted online that is in english. man, i feel weird. i don’t know what to expect from you guys. i don’t know if you’ll like it, love it or hate it? this blog started out as a message imagine blog thing and now i’m posting a written one bc most of you asked for it like this. omg i’m so nervous lol. tell me all your thoughts about it and also if you want more of these or if is should just stick to the messages. ☺ did i already say that i’m nervous af? bc i totally am omg lmao. btw if you’re not sure how this has formed, i advise you to check out PART I and PART II then come back to this and read it all as this is PART III but i’m sure you could figure it out by its title lmao omg i’m rambling. okay i’ll stop. tell me your thoughts pls pls pls pls omg

Length: 5,299 words and 8 pages

I couldn’t believe what was going on. At one point I thought I actually did something wrong. I mean, I did kind of have a go at Harry for always being in Los Angeles and such, but I knew I had every single right in the whole entire world to do so.

I missed my boyfriend more than anything and the fact that he basically gave absolutely no shits about me or my feelings honestly broke my heart a little tiny bit. Yes, he spent my birthday with me in July and like two more days after it. But then he left. As if those few days didn’t mean anything to him at all. He came home after almost three months to celebrate with me then he left soon enough again. It was now September and I actually felt like we weren’t together anymore. I mean it wasn’t even like we were in a long distance relationship. We never called each other, we never facetimed each other. Nothing. Yes, he asked me like twice to go and visit him in America but I had a job where I had to go and work at. I couldn’t just pack up and leave. I need to tell my manager like three weeks in advance that I’d like x amount of time off from work for whatever reason. I know her well enough to be sure that she wouldn’t let me leave in a blink of an eye just because my boyfriend wants me to travel to a different continent to visit him. I couldn’t and to be fair wouldn’t ever use that excuse that my boyfriend is Harry Styles. That wouldn’t be me. I never actually told anyone who I was with unless they asked because they kind of realised me and stuff. But other than that, I never in my life have ever used Harry’s name or fame to get me somewhere in life. I didn’t even really care to be honest. I was proud of him, of course I was. He has achieved so much with the other boys so there was no reason not to be proud.

A big sigh left my mouth as I put my phone down after having that amazing conversation with Harry. I couldn’t believe that after almost a whole week we finally spoke – well, more like argued. But still. We interacted. And we might have broken up too. Also, he never denied the fact when I said that he never loved me and that it was all a lie. To be brutally honest, that did hit me hard in the heart only because he always used to tell me he loved me more than anything, any chance he got. But I guess things and people change which brings along a change in feelings too.

My phone suddenly started to ring, but I knew better than to expect it to be Harry. But when I saw the caller ID, which was set up as “Anne Twist” I didn’t quite know what to assume was going to go down.

“Y/N, hello,” she greeted me cheerfully which was a big ass relief for me. I didn’t want her to be upset with me because over the years I’ve learnt to love her so much; it was like she was my second mother. “How have you been? It feels like I haven’t seen you or my son in absolute ages!”

“Anne, hi,” I said it back just as happily as she was talking to me. She lifted my mood up instantly, which I was really pleased about. I didn’t want to tell her straight away that Harry and I might have broken up minutes ago. At least not right then and there. I had much more respect towards her than to tell her through a phone call about what happened. I knew for a fact that she’d be kind of devastated and also, I wasn’t entirely sure if we really did break up or not. “I know right, it does feel like ages since we last met up! Gem was talking about you the other day and how much charity work you’ve done these past few months!”

“Oh, yes. I need to keep myself busy these days,” she said laughing and I joined her. She was such a positive person it made me want to be like her. The relationship with my mother and I haven’t been the best recently, which is actually why I have been so fond of Anne. She treated me like her own even though I dated her son. “So, tell me. How’s your job going? Would you like to come down to Cheshire someday? Maybe you could bring my son as well! I feel like he forgot where he came from.”

“I’ve been doing good, getting lost in all my work. But I like it, so I’m not complaining,” was all I said about the work bit, because I never really liked talking about my job. Yes, I liked it but I never felt like it was something I should discuss with others. I guess it is just personal preference. “Yes, I’d absolutely love to visit you sometime! To be honest, I do miss Cheshire quite a bit I haven’t been there since last year! Oh cranky, that is bad, isn’t it?” I asked Anne laughing quietly. Seconds later she joined on and that eased my mood, once again. The last time I went to Cheshire was with Harry, so if I were to go again I think I would be taking that trip on my own. And I just knew that it’d be much more different, not only for me but for Anne as well. She kind of always wanted me to marry her son but I never really got a reason as to why.

“It does sound a bit bad, you’re right about that, dear. But you are always welcome here, you know that. Or at least I’d like to think so.”

“Of course! You made sure I know that which I’m really thankful for. Honestly, sometimes I feel like you’re my best friend and I know that sounds weird but…”

“Oh, no, Y/N!” she laughed and I smiled hearing her reaction. I didn’t plan on making myself look or sound like a freak even though I knew she would never say that to me or anyone else about me. “I in fact am really pleased to hear that you think so… highly of me, I should say. No one ever, well, apart from my children and friends said that to me. It means a lot, actually. So, thank you.”

“Anne, you’re going to make me cry,” I said chuckling as I closed my eyes for a few seconds, trying to get myself together properly again. “Listen, I’m free this weekend, so I might as well go down and visit you and Robin, right?”

“That is a good idea, honey. What do you mean by weekend, though?”

“From Friday to Sunday. There are some changes that my manager needs to work out so all of the staff is basically off. I wouldn’t have anything else to do anyways so that’d really be my only chance.”

“That’s fine. Yeah, erm, I’m free as always. Robin as well, even though I think he might have a shift on Friday night.”

“We can have a girls night then,” I suggested laughing. “Is Gemma coming down anytime to see you?”

“She’s a busy woman, I’m not too sure.”

“Well, I’ll ask her before I head down and text or WhatsApp you the details, yeah?”

“Sure, that’s a good idea,” she agreed. “Well, then I’ll let you go and do your stuff. I just called to see how you’re doing.”

“That’s really kind of you, Anne.” I said. “Have a lovely rest of your day and talk to you soon.”

“You too, my dear. Bye-bye.”


All I could hear was birds chirping when I woke up from my deep slumber. I didn’t even realise what time it was I just rolled onto my other side and let out an exhausted sigh. I had worked my ass off at work yesterday, I felt like I was treated like a dog honestly. I had to run up and down the building to get literally every single person a coffee or a sandwich just because they are working in a higher sector than me. I was hoping that my boss wouldn’t let that happen, but she was a total stress head with all the people in the room and her presentation that she’s been working on since forever. I was really flipping glad that I had a long weekend, which instantly reminded me of the fact that I’m driving down to Holmes Chapel today to meet Anne and Robin. Gemma said she’ll tag along but she’ll only get to Cheshire around seven pm. So, until then, I’m guessing I’ll be left alone with the parents. Which, by the way, I don’t have a problem with.

After getting myself together properly, I locked my apartment up, took the lift down to the underground garage and with the keys in my hand I pressed down on the circle shaped button to open my car up. I have always wanted an Audi so when I got my first ever payment now three years ago, my baby was the first thing I invested it in. It was a black A1 and it was love at first sight.

The journey from London to Holmes Chapel was around three hours since the traffic was terrible. There was an accident on the road and I was on the verge of crying when we couldn’t move more than twenty meters in half an hour. I was never a patient person and I knew that I should have worked on that but come on… effort. But then finally, when I made it to the house that I’ve learnt to like quite a lot I kind of wanted to turn back and go home in an instant. I was honestly not in the mood to talk to Harry and you may wonder why I’m saying this. Well, the reason for this is that his big ass Range Rover was parked in front of the house where he grew up and I was meant to be going and staying for the weekend. Anne didn’t mention this to me and I just knew that she was aware of the situation between me and her son. Why else would she keep Harry visiting a secret? This again, made me realise that the boy who was once my lovely boyfriend really didn’t want to do anything with me. Like, he came back from Los Angeles to visit his family which is okay. Fair enough. He misses them, I get it. But he didn’t tell me? I mean I know that we didn’t have the nicest conversation the other day but… ugh, doesn’t matter. We’ll just have another argument in a minute so I better get over it. Knowing this “new Harry” he’ll find a problem in me coming here rather than me going to America.

I knocked on the front door once I got out of my car but I didn’t bother bringing my bag with me. With Harry here the chances of me staying for the weekend is really damn low.

“Y/N! Hello,” Robin greeted me in a happy mood, his arms wrapping around me in a tight hug. He kind of reminded me of my dad which wasn’t a surprise since Anne was like a mum to me. “How was your journey here? How come it took so long? Anne said you’d be here around 1 pm.”

“Sorry, the traffic was horrid,” I said chuckling lightly as I left out the fact that I slept in until 10:30 am. “I was tempted to take the other route but I much prefer driving on the motorway.”

“Yeah, that’s understandable,” he said nodding his head in agreement. “Oh, gosh, come in, please. I don’t know why we’re standing here still.”

My teeth sunk into my lower lip when I took a deep breath and kicked my shoes off my feet. I was so close to entering the living room and I just didn’t want to. However, I knew that I didn’t have any other choice. Not only was Anne expecting to finally see me but I would’ve been really rude to just turn around and leave. Plus, just because Harry was there it didn’t mean that I had to talk to him.

But then my breath quickened and so did the beat of my heart. It was like as if it wanted to break through my chest and I felt my hands shake and sweat a bit. I haven’t seen him in absolute ages so compared to the last time, he has changed loads. Like from the outside. And most definitely from the inside too because I’ve had the chance to experience his new, I-don’t-care-what-you-think aura. So back to his physical look, I could totally understand why everyone drooled over him. I always could and did. It actually made me quite proud because hey, I could call him my own even though I wasn’t really fond of this “you’re mine and no one else’s” bullshit. As always, he was wearing black jeans which fitted his legs, especially his thighs perfectly. I had a thing for his thighs but we were together for a long enough time for me to realise that his whole entire fan base thought the same. With them black skinny jeans that he never seemed to put down he wore a blue shirt, it was most probably Saint Laurent, with Mickey and Minnie mouse on it. His hair was short which I have noticed through the pictures on twitter and when he came to visit me on my birthday. He smelled insanely good, I could actually sense his aftershave from where I was standing and it wasn’t helping my case. At all.

“Finally, Y/N,” Anne made me jump back to reality from all my thoughts of Harry. I was glad she was the one to break the silence in the room because knowing myself I would’ve said something stupid. And it probably would’ve been directed towards Harry. “I thought you won’t come at all.”

“Oh, no,” I said, smiling. “I wouldn’t just ditch on you like that. It was just a long journey because of the traffic. I just said to Rob that I was thinking about taking another route but you know how I am.”

“It’s fine, dear. I’m glad you are here,” she said then looked at Harry. He was just standing there, quietly watching me and his mother talking. It was awkward, like really awkward. I wished he wasn’t there so I wouldn’t have to keep looking away from him but I wasn’t so lucky. Of course he had to be here for whatever reason. “So, now that you and Harry are both arrived, me and Robin will just go to town and let you two have a little chat. If I’m right, and I know for a fact that I am, you lovebirds need to have a proper conversation.”

“There’s really no need, Anne,” I said right after she had finished talking. I didn’t want to be left alone with Harry. “I came to visit you and not him. Quite frankly, I didn’t even know he was going to be here and I don’t want to sound disrespectful or bitchy or anything like that, but if I knew he was gonna be here I wouldn’t have come down.”

“Now, my love, that is exactly why Robin and I will leave you two to talk things through!” she said confidently. “Please, be careful and don’t make a mess. Thank you. We will be back when we feel like you’ve had enough time just to make sure that you didn’t kill each other.”

And with that, they left. I didn’t actually realise that they were all ready to leave the house when I stepped in and greeted Rob then Anne. I mean I knew Rob had a shift tonight since Anne told me but other than that I thought it’s gonna be me, Anne and Gemma. I was kind of frustrated because I didn’t want to see Harry, I wasn’t up for another argument and I really hoped that he wasn’t either. I knew that if he’ll open his mouth to say shit I’m gonna slap him across his beautiful face, but then again, I wasn’t one to hurt him so I also knew that I would never do that. I wouldn’t want him slapping me so it was only fair if I kept my anger on the down low too.

“So, how have you been?” he asked quietly, taking a seat on one of the armchairs. I had to control myself not to react to his question in a way that would tick him off. Nowadays it was the easiest and the only way for him to react to whatever I said or did.

“Fantastic,” I said sarcastically. “I’ve been fantastic. How have you been?”

“Good, but… erm, could’ve been better.”

“How come?” I asked, arching a brow. Obviously, I knew where he was going with this but we had to keep up a conversation and I wasn’t going to ruin it.

“I just… since that last text message between us. I don’t know. I miss you,” he said, getting quieter with each word that left his mouth. I was a bit surprised, I thought he was gonna cause another fight between us. “I know I said some things which I shouldn’t have but I am well aware of the fact that I was wrong. So damn wrong, Y/N!”

“Glad you realised,” I muttered. He shot his head up, looking straight into my eyes. He looked lost but cuddly at the same time so I wanted to wrap my arms around him and just lay on the couch with him. But then I snapped out of my thoughts and went against it. I had to. We weren’t in a position where I could be day dreaming about shit like this. We had to sort it or end it first. “So then what now?”

“What do you mean what now?” he asked back, confusion spreading on his handsome face that I just wanted to kiss. It’s been way too long since I had the chance to and to think about his friends being able to do it when I wasn’t just made me feel pure shit. “I came home because I want to fix things. I realised that I’ve made a mistake and I kind of already lost you. I don’t want to lose you completely so while I have the chance to make things better, I will.”

“You came home because you wanted to or because your mum found out and she ordered you home? There is a big difference and I don’t know which the truth is. Yeah, you made a mistake and to be fair you already lost me but I’m too stupid to let you go so I guess you still have a chance to make it up to me. I don’t know if it’ll work for sure but you can do it.”

“You’re not sure it’s going to work?” he whispered back but I could still hear his voice crack for a minute. I didn’t like that sound. And not just when it happened to him, but when it happened to other people as well. It made me weak so I would give into people and also draw tears in my eyes for no reason and I just didn’t like it. “What’s that supposed to mean? You’re not going to take me back?”

“I mean I don’t have to,” I said, shrugging. “You didn’t treat me right for a while now. How am I meant to know if you will now? Are you even going to stay in England if we work things out or go back straight to America? You’ve changed so much Harry and I’m so sad when I about it.”

“I haven’t changed, I swear! I’m still the Harry you know and love and I was just influenced by the people who surrounded me. I knew it was a bad decision to be around them but they persuaded me and after I properly realised I couldn’t just back up and leave.”

“Why?” I asked back, curious to know his answer. “Did they threaten you? Did you get involved with people who use drugs and stuff? Is that why you ‘couldn’t back up and leave’?”

“Y/N, don’t take the piss. Not right now at least,” he said, a sigh leaving his lips as he leaned forward and covered his face with his hands. “I’m trying, okay?”

“Yeah, okay,” I nodded while responding normally. “Now answer my question from before. About the drugs and stuff. Unless you have something you are hiding from me.”

“No, I wasn’t threatened and no, I didn’t get involved with drugs. I would never.” He shook his head after he answered. I didn’t want to feel sorry for him but I just couldn’t help it when I heard his sad voice. He always got me and he probably knew it because he used or maybe still does know me better than some of my close friends. “I’m just so fucking sorry, okay? I love you so much and I know I messed things up lately but I didn’t want to! I was just so angry all the time because of my friends, who actually don’t deserve that title. I don’t think they ever did. I mean, they made me turn against you so now you hate me and don’t want to do anything with me.”

“I never said I don’t want anything to do with you. I don’t hate you either. Hate is a strong word and even if you did something really bad I don’t think I could ever hate you. I love you too much to even consider it.” I told him casually, shrugging my shoulders a little. He looked up at me with red eyes while he sunk his teeth into his lower lip. I wanted to hug him so bad and I just couldn’t control myself when I stood up and went over to him.

I sat on his lap, putting his arms around my waist loosely and wrapping mine around his neck so that his face was against my chest while leaning my head on top of his. I closed my eyes as I hugged him tightly, feeling myself warming up from the inside just by being close to him. I have missed him too much and to finally have him here no matter the circumstances I was actually quite happy. Harry tightening his hands around me shook me out of my thoughts and hearing him quietly mutter “I love you so much” a few times made me forget about all of the crap that has went down between us in a snap of a finger. And it was bad, I knew it. I shouldn’t have allowed him to think it was all okay however I had to be close to him for a bit. If I were to not take him back I need to make sure that I’ll remember what it was like to be with him.

A long few minutes passed by and we were just sitting in silence, holding each other tightly. I wouldn’t have had it any other way to be fair. I mean every other girl or woman would have whipped his boyfriend’s ass if they were to be in our position but I wasn’t every other girl or woman. I was different. And maybe stupid.  But I already knew that so it was nothing new.

“I fucked up I know that.” He started off, slowly pulling away from me. He took one of his hands to wipe his cheeks that were stained with tears and that broke my heart. Every time he cried I died a little. “I also know that I didn’t treat you right, oh gosh, I treated you really-really bad and I’m so sorry, baby. I’m possibly the most awful man in the whole entire universe for behaving the way I did especially when it came to you. I should never ever take you for granted but I did and we basically broke up through a text message which was worse than doing it in real life. I’m so horrible I don’t even know how you can stand being in the same room as me.”

“I know for a fact that you’d be on your knees, begging me not to leave the room, so I don’t even want to try.” I laughed lightly which caused him to crack a tiny smile then roll his eyes. “I’m glad you know you fucked up and I hope you also plan on actually making it up to me somehow. Like I don’t know. Staying home for more than two nights? Yeah, that would be an amazing start, don’t you think?”

“Yes, Y/N, that’s what’s going to happen!” he agreed, his voice confident. That made me smile then I remembered that I need to act like a strong, independent woman. I mean that’s what girls say, right? “I have also been thinking about treating you to something for a while now. I never knew how I could just bring it up, then we fought so there was really no place or time for it.”

“Well, then you can re-plan it or something and then surprise me again.” I said. “But make sure it’s a weekend because you know how my manager is.”

“Why do you call her your manager and then your boss? Isn’t that supposed to be two different people? Like your boss would also be your manager’s boss, right?”

“Don’t know and don’t care to be perfectly honest. She pays me anyways and I don’t think she’s bothered what I call her as long as I work properly for her.”

“Oh, okay.” He smiled then it disappeared from his face and I just knew what’s going to happen. “So, am I okay then? Are we okay?”

“I mean I love you, you love me which means we love each other,” I said, over complicating the whole thing but I couldn’t help it. Also, there was nothing else that came to mind that I had to discuss with him even though I was sure there were loads of things that we haven’t even talked through. “I’m quite okay with you trying to get me back and stuff so it’s up to you now really.”

“I have to win you back?” he asked as a big grin spread across his face. I rolled my eyes so hard I could see my brain. Well, okay, maybe I couldn’t but it made me feel like I was funny even if I was only thinking about it. Man, if only Harry knew who he was putting up with, pft. But then again, he was worse. “Okay, I will win you back.”

“I can’t wait to see that.”

“So, Miss Y/L/N, would you like to have lunch with me?” he asked smiling. “I know just the place we could go to, they have your favourite.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked back, pretending to be shocked as I still sat on his lap. One of his arms was still around my waist while the other one holding my hand, our fingers intertwined. I loved it when he intertwined our fingers, they just seemed to fit perfectly and I don’t know. I also had a thing for his hands so I’m guessing this was the reason I really liked it. “So, then what’s my favourite?”

“Anything that’s edible,” he winked at me cheekily and I just laughed. It was true, I was exactly like his band mate, Niall, the only difference is that the boy was half of me. I didn’t have a fast metabolism, I wish I did and I never really worked out so I didn’t have a flat stomach or thigh gap but I was okay with it. “But you absolutely love brownie with vanilla ice cream as well as cookie dough with vanilla ice cream especially the ones from Pizza Hut.”

“True,” I nodded in agreement. I was a sucker for sweet things and he knew it like he did with everything else. He could easily pass as my best friend if I were to challenge him. “But what about like proper food?”

“Even though you’re not American you love Mac and Cheese and I’ll never understand why but you just do. You also love chicken soup, you could eat it anytime doesn’t matter if it’s three am or one pm.”

“Aw, you’re cute. I love you,” I kissed his temple as I smiled.

“I love you much more.”

“Not possible, but okay. So, um, can we go and eat now? I’m quite hungry.”

“You slept in, didn’t you?” he smirked as the question left his kissable lips and I just had to attack them. The kiss was soft and sweet and just perfect and I didn’t want to pull away but we both ran out of breath so we kind of had to. “You slept in so you were late.”

“No, there was an accident on the motorway, that’s why I was late.”

“That and you slept in.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Oh, yes you did, cheeky girl.”

“Piss off, Harry,” I rolled my eyes as I got off his lap. I felt his hand wrap around my wrist so I turned back to face him just to see him smile in victory. Did I already say that he knows me too well? “Okay, yeah, I slept in. Happy now?”

“More than happy, my love,” he winked at me. “I love you and I’m so sorry, okay? I swear I won’t do it again.”

“Well, actions speak louder than words, right?” I sang back to him.

“And you’re about to break from all you’ve heard.”

“But don’t be scared, I ain’t going nowhere.”

“Okay, that was enough of me and my band for today,” he laughed. “I’m supposed to be on a break where I don’t sing, okay?”

“Oh my god, why are you lying, eh? You’ve been working on a solo album or more for that matter so you sure been singing during this hiatus as you and your friends call it.”

“Shut up, woman. You know too much,” he said jokinagly. “Come give me a kiss then we can go get food, yeah?”

“You don’t deserve none of my kisses, so just get up and let’s get food.”

“Why are you being so rude?”

“Because I can and after our fight you deserve it, so shut up and buy me food,” I winked at him. He just pouted as he stood up and intertwined his fingers in front of himself. I rolled my eyes as I stepped in front of him and I put my hands on his cheeks. His head snapped up and I just pressed my lips against his, a sigh leaving both of our mouths. I might have missed his kisses too much.

“You’re amazing.” He said smiling as we pulled away from each other.

“I know right?” I smirked then took a step back and started to walk towards the hall to get my shoes. He followed me soon enough, slapping my bum gently. “Oi, behave.”

Oi, behave.” He mocked me.

“Shut up and as I said before get me food already. I’m getting moody because I haven’t had anything to eat.”


“Oh geez.”

sexafterquidditch  asked:

Hi hi :) I was wondering if you had made that 8th year drarry one shot Rec? Your recommendations are the best and I love your blog! Hope you're having a good day sorry for the bother 💘

omg I made the rec agesss ago but forgot to post it, thank you for reminding me!!!! one 8th year drarry one shot rec coming up…

  • A Different kind of Wet Dream  Harry did not find the sight of Draco Malfoy pissing in the urinal beside him arousing in the least. He did not. 
  • A Fire in the Snow  Harry spends his days sitting by a fire in a forest clearing
  • A Good Bet   Since returning to Hogwarts Draco has been acting well… NICE. Harry is suspicious, Hermione thinks they should give him a break, and Ron still hates the git. Harry investigates, what is up with the git?
  • A Nothing to Anything  When nothing seems to happen, two students find each other something to do
  • A Year in Review  Harry and Draco sit under a tree and ponder the past school year.
  • Action Figures   Harry discovers that snogging your enemy in unused corridors is one thing, attending costume balls together is something else entirely…
  • Aftertaste  Draco asks for his wand back and gets more than he bargained for. and its sequel Afterglow   Poor Ron
  • Amelioration   Harry’s return to school after Voldemort’s demise was pleasantly peaceful, until the holiday decorating contest.
  • Because its Required   Draco would have been just fine without Potter’s interference, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t glad for it. 
  • Bound and Determined  When Harry and Draco face off during a meeting of the Duelling Club, Draco finds out a very interesting secret about Harry and decides to use it to his advantage.
  • Bridges   The collected correspondence concerning two ‘8th Year’ Hogwarts School students, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, from September through December, 1998. 
  • Bringing us Home  A day in the life of Hogwarts eight year
  • Burn Burn Closer and closer his palm hovered
  • Buyer Beware   Eighth year has begun and all our favourite people are back at Hogwarts. A “servant auction” is being held to raise money for children orphaned by the war. Harry Potter is up on the block. Who do you think will bid on him?
  • Cheaters Prosper  Draco won the Slytherin-Gryffindor match by cheating. Harry has a problem with that.
  • Eavesdropping  Draco begins disappearing into the Room of Requirement again, and just as before, Harry wants to figure out why.
  • Fly with Me   Draco does not want to go this stupid Halloween party. But the mention of Harry’s outfit may change his mind…
  • Game Night Pansy suggests game night to foster inter-house unity, and boy does it ever.
  • High Tea   Hogwarts has re-opened, and when Pansy Parkinson hands out invitations to a tea party for the promotion of inter-House unity, a certain Ferret makes his way back into Harry’s life with a vengeance. H/D, though begins H/G with MINIMAL het. Rated for later chapters.
  • How to Handle an Enemy   Everyone knows that it’s no fun playing truth or dare with a Slytherin. But add a little Veritaserum, a scheming duo of Slytherin girls and surprising things can be revealed. Particularly about the fine line between love and hate… 
  • I Like my Body when its with You’rs The strange title will be familiar if you’re an e.e. cummings fan, and it will make sense after you read the story. Harry struggles with his exams, and Draco’s there to make him feel better.
  • I’ll Show You Mine   Whose scars are bigger and better? 
  • Kinesthic Learners    A moment during a Quidditch game.
  •  Lessons Returned  Harry returns the favour
  • Speaking lessons  Harry thought he and Malfoy were done with each other after one round of mutual humiliation. He didn’t realise a Malfoy’s desire dies harder than that.
  • Life is Full of Surprises When Draco goes back to a restored Hogwarts to complete his unfinished education, he gets more than he’d bargained for. 
  • Love Honour and Obey - Not in that Order  Harry notices something not quite right about Draco, and, true to form, doesn’t relent until he figures it out. Of course, Draco doesn’t appreciate being ‘figured out’ and makes things very difficult. 
  • Marginal Notes   When you’re 18, and nothing is as it was meant to be, sometimes it can be hard to let the right people know what you are thinking. 
  • Obsession  Harry worries that there’s something very, very wrong with him because he just can’t stop staring at Draco Malfoy’s arse. 
  • Say Anything When Draco loses his reserve and starts speaking his
    mind, Harry realises something is very wrong.  
  • Seeking   Back at Hogwarts after the war, nothing feels quite right and all anyone really wants is for things to go back to ‘normal’. When a suspicious package arrives in the morning post, however, it quickly becomes clear that normal is the last thing this year should be.
  • The Best Laid Plans  Pansy Parkinson’s got a plan. It doesn’t work out quite like she expected.
  • The Charm Conundrum   Harry misplaces an interesting “self-help” manual. Draco finds it and discovers some fascinating insights into Harry Potter. 

So the Lapidot Anniversary week finally began 8D !! I’m so glaaaad.

I’m sorry in advance  this post will be really long

Probably no one knows this, but I’ve been in this fandom for about 2 years, despite the fact I started watching last december -or last october if I count the firsts episodes before stopping-.

Before watching, I was just looking at fanart in my FB feed, and saw a lot of Lapidot fnarts. I was like “Oh damn they’re cute !!” and was randomly saving pictures. I was sometimes reading comments, looking at memes…To a point where I was like “But, wait. They’re together right ?”. I seriously thought they were a couple before watching.

When I was  finally watching, after Peridot’s arc I wanted her to live with everyone and was sad she decided to stay in the barn because it meant we would see her less often.

But then there was this beautiful episode called Barn Mates .

I was like “Oh wait so Lapis is gonna live here too ?! YES OMG YEEES”

Even if we wouldn’t be able to see them often, well they’d still be living together so that’s cool ?!

But then I saw how Lapis was in this episode and…kinda fet sad for Peri ? I could understant Lapis but well

I spent the episode internally yelling “PLEASE LAPIS LOOK HOW SHE’S TRYING DON’T YOU SEE SHE LIKES YOU” and kinda almost cried and melted when Peridot left because she wanted so bad to make her happy she gave up her own home (that, remember, she found first)

Then Lapis saved her and my heart almost exploded.

You see, even if it started kinda bad, well, look at how it is now. This is one of the most precious ships I’ve even been interested too.

And tbh this is not the only one that started like this, actually some ships I like/used to like sometimes started even worse and still became canon…

I could make you a list of ships I love and are a little like Lapidot and they’re all canon come on make the list complete lmao

…Now. Let me explain” what the actual fuck is going on with this drawing ?”

For the first day, I didn’t really want to do some ship material, I have the whole week for this, I just wanted to…start slow y’know ? I also didn’t want to do something like a screencap redraw. So I basically made a “what happened when they finally started to live together” or something like an alternate end
This may look a little off topic BUT there’s a stupid rommate story story behind this - beside the pun on the title-

For some reason one day, I don’t remember why, I thought “I’m sure Peri would play as Megaman in Smash Bros. Lapis could be Zelda and-” something then came into my mind.

One of my best friends -and ex-roommate- is a huge fan of Smash Bros (actually he’s just a Nintendo fanboy, say hi dude :3), and we spent a lot of time playing this game. A while ago my main was Zelda and one of his most used characters was Megaman.And there was 2 things that this little bastard loves to do as Megaman : either discreetly putting a bomb on me and then saying “Hey, hey, guess what ?! BOOM 8D” while I’m on fire or constantly throwing lemons because why not.

Aaaand when this memory came back just after this I felt the need to draw this

Also what makes this even funnier, is that ou respectives colors are the same :v I love blue to a point where most of my stuff is blue and, well, same for him but green.

-And yes now Peri and Lapis own a wii U fite me-

(oh yes and i forgot - boop @lapidot-anniversary-week )

I don’t think I’ve ever done this but I was bored and in a great mood so here we go!!! 

thank you to everyone whose been here, for whatever reason, you’re all wonderful people and I’m glad I got to know you guys, some more than others, and some longer than most, I love you guys.

special shoutout to @andreil (storms) for bringing comic sans back into our lives <33 she’s been fighting tooth and nail day and night to make this a reality and help all of us become aware of the comic sans discourse we should’ve had years ago!! she’s truly an icon of our generation 👏🏾 when will your fave ever be so revolutionary?? 👏🏾👏🏾 

also, not to self promote, but please check out our ComicSansNet, follow the blog and perhaps apply for our network here? storms really has been working hard on this, and we would love to hear from you :’) <3

favourite blogs / favourite people

@aaronswarner, @aaronwarner, @adriansydney, @aguidetoliving, @alekzandermorozova, @alliisonreynlds, @artistotledante, @ashatteredvisage, @brotticelli, @buchananjames, @bunnnyfae, @cobaltcharlie, @comicbookmatt, @csaintclair, @daenerysjon, @daylightring, @deletetime, @drogonqueen, @dulquers, @elainarcherons​, @gianlucafalcone​, @hhamlet​, @importedmuslim@isaakvaltersens​, @janeqobalt​, @julieteferrrars​, @jyneerso, @kylosren​, @lnfinitetsukuyomi​, @mathiashelvars, @mavencalore, @maveybarrow, @mcnstress, @miercolesporlatarde​, @mrsmeadows​, @neiljosteq​, @neitherheavenorhell​, @niallick​, @noahczerny​, @rhysfeyre​, @rosecallaway@rykemedows​, @shadowskissed, @skinsplaces, @snapbacktaehyung, @vvolchitsa@zoyalina


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anonymous asked:

what particular dan and Phil videos do u recommend watching for people that are new

ohh boy anon i hope you’re ready for what you’re asking for hahaha (nah really though the phandom is great and dan and phil are good people to watch so i’m happy you or whoever you’re asking for is interested and i’m honoured you came to me!!) but warning this might get long because i’m gonna use this ask to make a kind of exhaustive list if you don’t mind lol so i’m gonna put a read more here and go wild.

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anonymous asked:

who are your favorite mutuals? tell me something nice about them? and who are mutuals who u want to be more in touch with? You always seem very close with people here!

hi there <3 

this became some sort of mutual appreciation post and got a lil personal lol. loved the ask tho! so yeah i tried. thanks again <3

@ambrosius-faust is my baby bro. tbh my life wouldn’t be complete without him! he’s such an important presence in my real life. There isnt a day where i dont talk to him. My lil bean is2g too much love. 

@henricavill it was some sort of weird ass connection that made it feel like we’ve known each other for years! Jess is honestly so nice, talented af and sweet asdfghjkl. shes my messy head cowboy wifey <3 

@steveetrevor HANNAH MY FAVE TO HURT ME <3 this cutie is too talented for words like wowowow rude if you know what i mean. and shes also hella nice and smart and always sharp A+

@oldfashionedvillain Emile is an absolute miracle worker, her work is so amazing like even the minor details wowowow. Shes so adorbs and cute ugh im so glad we can scream together about shit ;)

@flawlessbanshee HANNAGH and i  go waaaaaayyy back. it almost feels like a crime to unfollow her! shes one big ass ball of positivity and love. Respect her and she will protect u forever <3 shes my light!

@margaerytyrelle ANNETTE!!!!!! SO. SWEET. NICE. AND CARING. and talented bc she owns my soul with her icons. hella! i am so glad we started blabbering together haha!

@generalantiope BEE IS MY GOALS OKAY. the whole package okay jfc. Talented af, got them amazing urls, makes edits to die for, is super duper nice and patient whenever i attack her with questions and i just love we met over our love for antiope! ;) <3

@wingscomeback fleur darling! our fandoms couldnt be more different and yet we met i think ¾ years ago AND WE STILL TALK I MEAN THATS MEANT TO BE RIGHT. Absolute sweetie right here; girl power flower <3333 

@takingoffmyshoes ANNA! we sorta met bc of jess and my obsession with her amazing super power fics. and we we’re a match ;) supersmart and caring af! its always a delight to talk to her!

@isak-valterssen CAROLINA! Whenever im in doubt i go to her. Whatever it is, she’ll always know something about it, or a cool fact, movie, music, book whatever shes my miracle worker and honestly i love it! shes a wonder alright <3! 

mutuals i think are A+ and i wish we talked more :

@keoghanbarry A+ talented bean right here and so nice!

@legohlas came for the quality and stayed for the person! wonderful blog!

@feedingmyinsomnia my german teacher in disguise! i love every convo we have lol we need more tho my german is slacking haha also ur my snapchat bud so yeehaaa

@yigrittes meghan is superduper sweet and makes amazing shit like woah

 @napolllya whenever i see u on my dash it makes me really happy woah and ur so beautiful is2g! 

@wondcrwomans we’ve never really talked but woah what an amazing blog!  

@lmwechirrut we sorta talked like years ago bc we bonded over bucky and tears but wouldn’t unfollow for the world. A+ powerblog!

@screamingarrows my new hockey master who somehow always makes me laugh with texrpost and A+ selfies wowwoowow! 

@wonderwowan the sweetest bean out there! nice and caring with the right amount of sass <3 ! 

@truegriefbeard followed forever lol can’t imagine my dash without u on it! 

@deforestkelleys i legit screamed when u followed me lol. ur always A+ and sweet here and hella cool applause dude! 

@captainvkirk u always say the nicest things about my edits and asdfghjkl that means so much to me! ur a doll <3  

@johnnyjaqobis dutchies unite! so talented with them gifs i cant handle! A+ dude 

newsbians modern au
  • in her junior year, katherine is the school poster child; having perfect grades, as many AP classes as allowed, in the chess and journalism club and having a dad as president of the school helps.
  • however, she is strong willed, and had been dating a boy who her dad did not approve of, and only just broken up with him because she didn’t see it going anywhere
  • she still really likes jack but realized she doesn’t feel like she should for him anymore, and besides him and davey has a spark and she doesn’t want to get in the way of a relationship that might be going somewhere
  • she still hangs out with her and jack’s friend group, but she’s getting annoyed by being constantly asked if she’s ok
  • she is

so she decides to join the debate club

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