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X-Men Preference - Spin the Bottle

X-Men Preference – Spin the Bottle

You couldn’t believe you’d been talked into a game of ‘spin the bottle’. You felt somewhat childish as you sat in a circle of various potentials, losing the ‘nose game’ which decided who had to go first spinning the bottle. Nervously, you spun the bottle that was placed in the middle of the circle, watching as it went around quickly until it finally slowed and landed on…


Alex. He didn’t even know how he’d been convinced to sit in on this ridiculous game. A bunch of “ooooo”’s echoed in the room, Scott giving his brother an encouraging thumbs up as he knew full well that Alex had had a crush on you for a really long time. Alex rolled his eyes, attempting to seem as if he wasn’t nervous but in reality, everyone could see the blush that had appeared on his cheeks.

He looked up from the bottle, meeting your nervous gaze and you shrugged your shoulders, giving him a small smile.

“Fuck it,” Alex muttered, sitting on his knees and leaning across the circle until his lips met yours.

For most players that went first in Spin the Bottle, they’d give a quick kiss to the person that the bottle landed on. However, for you and Alex, both of you were more than a little eager as one of his hands reached up to cup your cheek and he used the other to lean on. Your lips moved desperately against one another’s, both of you having waited for this moment for far too long.

“Um, guys,” Scott said, clearing his throat as everyone around you were sitting with smirks on their faces, “you’re welcome to take this elsewhere but other people want to have a turn.”

You and Alex pulled away, both of you blushing furiously and Alex not being able to take his eyes off of you. He’d been wanting to do that since the moment he met you and despite the audience, kissing you for the first time was better than he could have imagined.

“That sounds like a really good idea, actually,” he agreed, getting to his feet and then helping you onto yours. You buried your head into Alex’s shoulder as he led the two of you away from the group, Peter wolf whistling while you made your escape.


Charles. Charles had thought he’d safely got out of playing the game, standing next to Erik as the two of them were more watchers of the games than participants. He glowered at Raven who had been the one to leave a gap in the group so if the bottle landed in the gap it would be directed at Charles and he rarely prodded into Raven’s mind but this was different.

‘I hate you,’ he thought to her and she looked at him with a smirk, you sitting in utter confusion because you weren’t sure if your spin counted.

“Go on, (Y/N),” Raven just about yelled, “give Charles a good ol’ kiss!”

Erik snorted, pushing Charles towards you as you got onto your feet. Even Hank, who thought the game was stupid, was grinning quite widely.

“I mean, (Y/N), if this makes you uncomfor-,” Charles began saying nervously, only to be cut off as you wrapped your arms around him and kissed him. It might have been the alcohol you’d been drinking earlier that made you so confident, but you felt like you deserved to finally kiss the man you’d been in love with so long.

Charles stood in shock for a moment but kissed you back enthusiastically, wrapping his arms around your waist and then pulling you closer to him. Both of you smiled into the kiss, Raven and Hank high fiving because it was about damn time.

“You know, for a telepath, Charles, I thought you would’ve realised (Y/N) liked you,” Erik mused, you and Charles pulling away but your arms remaining around each other.

“Is there a button that’ll just make you go away?” Charles said, causing Raven to roll her eyes.

“It’s called getting a room, you crazy kids.”


Erik. He swore he’d just been passing through and not participating in this game at all. He’d made it clear that he wasn’t to be included and yet the bottle had somehow ‘landed’ on him and now he was staring at you with his mouth slightly open and a red face.

“We should spin it again, Erik said he wasn’-,” Hank began but Erik began shushing him.

“I don’t mind doing it just this once, Hank. It did land on me,” Erik nearly tripped over his feet trying to get to you and you, rather confused, got onto your feet.

“Weren’t you just passing through?” you asked him, Erik shaking his head as the others smirked.

“Change of heart?”

“You’re an idiot,” you said before standing on your tippy-toes and kissing him gently. To your surprise, when you went to pull away, Erik pulled you closer to him and kissed you again. Everything seemed to feel right but the nerves began to fill Erik and he stepped away, his face a rather bright red.

“I can’t believe he finally did it.” Raven said loudly and Erik mumbled ‘sorry’ before dashing out of the room.

“I think that means he likes you?” Alex laughed and you childishly stuck out your tongue before going after the embarrassed mutant.


Hank. The scientist’s heart seemed to get caught in his throat as you smiled encouragingly at you. Leaning across the circle, you gently grabbed him by the collar and pulled him towards you, kissing him quickly on the lips before going to move back to your spot. To your amazement, as you went to sit back, he took you by the collar and pulled you towards him and kissed you with just a bit more confidence and a bit more passion. You sighed into the kiss, your lips moving slowly together and Alex started slow clapping.

“And the beast finally gets the girl. What a moment!”

You and Hank pulled away, a giggle escaping your lips as Hank promptly gave Alex the middle finger.


Kurt. He didn’t have much experience with girls and when the bottle landed on him, he considered shifting into the other room to avoid this. Everyone knew about his crush on you and to share his first kiss with you, in front of everyone, was extremely nerve-racking.

“Is this okay?” you asked him quietly, your face inches away from his and he gulped.

“Er – yes, very okay!”

He briefly looked around at everyone who was grinning encouragingly until suddenly, your lips were on his. Kurt felt like fainting, your lips much softer than he’d ever imagined and he cupped your face as he kissed you rather lovingly.

He was disappointed when you pulled away, you kissing his nose before turning back to the waiting group.

“What cuties,” Jean winked, “does this mean you’ll finally admit you like Kurt, (Y/N)?”


Peter. He had to do a double take when he realised that the bottle had landed on him and he thanked whatever God there was for having the bottle land on him. Peter wasn’t exactly good at hiding his feelings, his excitement written all over his face.

“Whoa,” you giggled when he was suddenly in front of you.

“Hi,” Peter grinned and then he kissed you. You almost forgot to kiss back in shock, feeling equally excited that you’d gotten the opportunity to kiss the silver headed boy that you’d had a crush on for ages. You flung your arms around his neck, kissing him back and Peter was almost buzzing in happiness.

“Hey lovebirds!” Scott yelled, “there are other people here, y’know.”

Peter leaned away, ignoring Scott, “wanna get out of here?”

“Thought you’d never ask.”

And then suddenly you were in the other room, not having time to recover from the quick movements as the two of you began to kiss once more.


Scott. His heart raced as his eyes met with yours, him giving a small smile as he tried to pretend that he wasn’t shitting himself in terror that he was going to make a fool of himself.

‘Just act cool, just act cool,’ Scott repeated in his head as the two of you began to lean over, ignoring the encouraging wolf whistles and comments. Everyone had been waiting for one of you to admit to each other that you liked one another but it seemed like it wouldn’t happen.

Your lips met halfway and you absentmindedly ran a hand through his hair, getting caught up in the moment as the two of you kissed eagerly. Both of you wanted to kiss just a little longer but you became very conscious of the watching eyes. Pulling away, Scott felt like he was no longer in control of what he said next.

“Man, I’ve been wanting to do that for ages,” he said, the smile on his face falling when he realised what he said and he quickly retreated back into the circle as you blushed furiously.

‘Me too,’ you mouthed to him before giving an amusing wink.

xmen headcanon

an alternative ending for xma where 

  • instead of going away again, erik stays after saying “you can convince me to do anything” and charles answers him “what if i can do that without my powers? stay for a week or so and in the end of that you decide whether to go or not”
  • erik is all like “oh u little shit u think you have this much influence over me you’ll see i’ll stay here and yet i’ll leave” 
  • spoiler: charles has this much influence over erik. yes, even without his powers
  • on the first day they just talk a lot and charles leaves the training and administrating to hank and raven all day long, focusing on making erik feels welcome and comfortable in the mansion
  • they talk a lot about random things and things go out of track and the subject of the conversation changes and as expected, they fight, because erik thinks charles is uncapable of understanding him and everytime they fight erik starts thinking he’s not worthy or like he belongs in charles bubble of safety and happiness
  • raven “stop bitching around erik for fucks sake charles is just trying to help for once in your life let the man in (pun indeed) and open up to him (pun indeed /2)
  • erik stays 
  • on the second day erik wakes up really early and starts walking around the property of the mansion and runs into peter and even if peter is all awkward and blushing a little he manages to have a real conversation with his dad and when erik says “what would you do if you told someone horrible things that you didn’t mean but yet you feel you are kinda right?” and peter says “if this person really matters to you, i think you should put it all aside and apologise”
  • erik keeps walking alone after peter “i’m sorry i’m really sorry i want i really do to spend more time with you but my class will start maybe we could talk more later? you are an awesome person and i still don’t have many friends in here” maximoff is gone and after a few hours erik just starts running as fast as he can and asks every person in the mansion where charles is until he finds him giving classes and stops in the entrance of the room and goes “i’m sorry charles, i didn’t mean any of that” and charles has his chest warm for the rest of the day
  • erik just disappears after that but in the beginning of the night charles finds him and is all like “i know you didn’t, my friend” and their day two is just watching the trees and feeling the wind together remembering each other that they are still alive after all that insanity 
  • on day three erik wakes up around noon. this is the first night in a very long time he’s slept more than eight hours straight without a nightmare, and he is really grateful to charles for that, even if he didn’t use his powers to help erik. so the day starts really nice and he takes his time taking a long shower, relaxing his muscles and puting on his sweatpants and sweatshirt and goes running around the property while watching a few students playing different sports
  • erik being all like “you are not in the right position, kid. you have to put your feet like this and your torso like this so you have more support to throw the ball” and he goes like that for the rest of the day
  • charles watching and having an ideia
  • day four charles “hey erik i saw you helping the kids out there yesterday and i was wondering if you’d like to give some classes here in the instutute”
  • erik really freaked out 
  • “hey r u that kid with white hair from that day omg please help me charles wants me to give classes what should i do”
  • peter “you were supposed to give me advices and not the other way around” maximoff keeps quiet and just says “you go man!!!!”
  • at first charles only introduces erik to the kids and says “he’s gonna be your physical education teacher, i hope you all be nice to him” and all the kids are like “omg erik is gonna stay here????” and after some awkward moments erik says “well maybe i stick around for a while but only if you can throw a ball right” and everybdy feels challanged and too anxious for erik’s class
  • the class is a success and everybody wants erik to stay 
  • erik and charles laughing together at the dinner table and staying wake until late in the night
  • during day five erik wakes up early again, but not so early, and runs into peter again. this time, though, erik talks excitedly about how good he felt by teaching those kids and that he could do that everyday of his life. it was just nice and fun and made him feel good about himself
  • peter still feels a little awkward, but listens with lots of attention and is basically shining of happiness because “omg dad is talking to me help”. he decides to watch the older kids training when peter again has to go with a lot of apologies and erik goes like “u know what? i think i’m gonna see this famous training of yours”
  • charles is secretly watching from far with a bright smile on his face and his day has never been better than after watching erik giving tips and advice to the young mutants in training
  • after a long day of teaching for both of them have a lovely dinner night in private, after everybody is asleep and just the two of them are in the kitchen and the lights are out and the only thing illuminating the place is the light of some candles 
  • “how it feels like to be teaching the new generation?” “quite tiring, charles”
  • day six they all take a day off and charles takes erik to his favorite part of the mansion: the library. he just knows the kids would be out there with their parents or friends so they’d be alone in that place of the mansion. charles told erik that he loved that place because it was always so quiet and clean and when people weren’t around he could relax his shields and just think
  • and charles babbles for several minutes and all erik can think is how cute charles is and for a moment he forgets charles can read minds so when he blushed erik didn’t understand why so charles projected in his mind “i think you are cute too” and then erik smiles and holds charles hand and suddenly they were back in time when they were all young and innocent because charles countinued to be that dreamy little puppy he’s always been ever since they’d met
  • and that night charles asks erik to sleep in the room with him because “i feel like i can finally relax when you are around”
  • but day seven goes to shit because while erik is on his way to the fields to wait for the kids, he can’t see peter anywhere around so he uses the time he has left to go after the kid and when he finally finds him he sees him in charles office and he has a sad look in his face. at first erik thinks about going in but he sees charles with that serious but gentle look on his eyes and then he says “i know it hurts to watch him be gentle and nice and fun with the other children, but he’s not a psychic, peter. he can’t guess he’s your father”
  • erik storms out so furiously that he doesn’t even risk be near anyone, he just isolates himself and when hank goes look for him, he asks him to tell charles that he’s “leaving right after de sunset” and when hank delivers the message charles doesn’t get what happened until he understands that the enraged thought waves he listened were erik’s and fuck now he could be angry at peter too and dear god now erik is gonna leave and it’s all my fault for not convincing peter to tell him the truth”
  • charles goes after erik and finds him under a tree watching the kids from far and for the look on his face, decides to leave him alone, knowing he lost the bet right in day seven, when he was so so close of getting erik home finally after so many years
  • and the rest of the day is just really gray and peter comes after him again asking what happened and why erik was so weird and when charles tells him peter is fucking pissed like he’s seeing red and he asks professor to take a day off and charles is so sad and not caring at all he agrees and lets peter do whatever he wants
  • so peter passes the day walking around the mansion and calming himself down and suddenly it’s after the sunset and he knows erik’s leaving and he speeds up to stop erik from doing the wrong thing again “i can’t believe you are leaving because of that, you are such a baby”
  • “how could you tell him and not me? and how could he keep that secret from me?”
  • and peter is so fucking done with erik because he’s helped saving the guy two fucking times already and the fucker is still bitching out and “i know i shouldn’t have kept this secret from you and i am sorry but you can’t just be extra and run away you should be thankful because you still have family”
  • erik then goes “come with me”
  • “i can’t leave with you because they need me, and they need you; and more than that, professor needs you because he fucking loves you can’t you fucking see it? you two have been making me sick all week”
  • and then realisation hits him and he puts his baggage down and starts running and only stops to hug peter and “i’m sorry. we’ll talk about it later”  
  • erik runs straight ahead charles’ office and pulls him closer and then he kneels and looking into charles’ eyes “i’m sorry for everything i souldn’t have done that, will you forgive me?” and charles can’t say a word he just starts crying and he hugs erik and “i’m not done yet; i think we should compensate the lost time, right?” and charles’ is still crying and laughing and he just kisses erik and everything ends fine
  • next fathers’ day both charles and erik gets best dads cards 
Xmen thoughts

This is insane for my head to get around at the moment, but I just want to say a few things about the xmen and wolverine series since I’ve just watched logan. Okay first of all, I was born in 2000, when the first xmen movie was released, meaning I didn’t start watching until I just turned 3 years old. The first xmen DVD was in my Christmas stocking and it was my all time favourite film until xmen 2 came out, and then it all repeated. Now I’m here, 3 months from turning 17 and still wrapping my head around the fact that wolverine and professor X has now came to an end. My childhood was completely surrounded by Marvel, no matter what movie I loved it, because it made me feel something that nothing else ever could. It made me feel accepted, that it was okay to be different. So all my life up until now, at this very moment I have always watched, liked and talked about whatever made me happy, whatever made me feel accepted no matter how much people thought I was weird, or different. Because of the first film I had ever enjoyed, the first movie that happened to be xmen, I am who I am today. So this post really just expands on the fact that I know I’m not alone with this feeling, and I will never be able to express how grateful I am for marvel, the the actors and actresses and the creators, because without them, life would of been so different for me. So in honour of Logan, Charles, Erik and every other xmen old or new that made the movies so special, thank you.

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Scary Movies- Erik x Reader

Request: One where the reader watched a scary movie at night so she can’t sleep and is walking around the mansion and bumps into magneto and freaks out And then fluffy stuff.

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You were wandering the quiet halls of the mansion, trying not to jump at every tiny sound you heard, but in reality you were beyond scared. You knew it was a bad idea to watch a horror movie alone, but you were running out of options on Netflix and decided you could handle it. Big mistake. After trying to unsuccessfully fall asleep, basically you laying in your well lit room, huddled under a mass of blankets, unable to stand in the dark all alone, you had resorted to walking through the mansion hallways. 

You heard an unusually loud creak in the floor boards and were suddenly over come with panic. 

“Who’s there?” You whispered into the darkness. You balled your hands into fists at your sides in anticipation. Then, a figure appeared from around the corner.

“(Y/N)?” They said questioningly.

“Erik?” You replied, able to make out the subtle characteristics of his face now that his was closer to you.

“What are you doing, it’s almost three in the morning.” He raised an eyebrow at you, clearly doubting if you were okay or not. You couldn’t blame him though, your hair was a mess from tossing and turning in your bed and your pink fuzzy polka-dot pajama pants didn’t exactly scream sexy.

“What are you doing up?” You both said at the same time and then laughed.

“Horror movie.” You shrugged.

“Just couldn’t sleep.” Erik replied. You stood for a moment in silence, shuffling your feet a bit before Erik spoke again. “I could make us some hot chocolate, if you want some.” He smiled, his eyes shinning in the dim light.

“Nothing sounds better.” You grinned back. Suddenly, the wind picked up outside, creating a god awful howling sound. You practically jumped out of your skin, grabbing onto Erik tightly.  

“(Y/N), your okay.” He laughed and moved his arm to adjust it securely around your shoulders. “It’s just to wind.”

“I know, I know.” You worked to slow your breathing a bit. “Sorry.” You muttered, realizing you were still holding on to him. You were thankful he couldn’t see the blush creeping up your cheeks.

“It’s alright.” He replied genuinely. You made your way to the kitchen together, staying close to him, mostly because he helped to calm you down, even though he laughed every time you jumped at another noise.

Imagine #14 Charles Xavier (Request)

Requested by @kkkkkennedyyyyy: Hello! So I came across your blog and being the slut I am for Xmen would like to request an imagine. If it is not too much to ask can I request a Charles Xavier one where he is jealous of your relationship with another xmen (maybe Erik Lehnsherr, or Alex Summers) and then the ending can be all fluffy and stuff… Also can it be through the reader’s perspective? You are awesome. Thank you!

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Not my gif

Words: 1934

Warnings: fem!reader, typos, swearing

A/N: So, I feel like I was half asleep writing this, I hope it’s readable! Enjoy! xoxo

„That’s it for today.“, you ended your lesson and then added: „And don’t forget your assignments, some of you can’t afford a bad score right now.“ Collective moaning accompanied the familiar sound of talking and laughing students gradually leaving your classroom to start their free afternoon. Some of them seemed to be in quite a hurry, you realized and grinned at Peter’s back that was just disappearing around the corner. He knew that you had referred to his grades before. And you knew that his essay wouldn’t be anywhere close to well done, probably not even close to ‘you tried’. Oh, what were you gonna do about that kid, you thought to yourself. Such a smart guy and so absolutely not interested in using his brain for anything else than pranks and music.

You were so lost in thoughts that you didn’t notice the figure sneaking up next to you and when you heard Erik’s voice, you almost jumped. And you might have let out a suppressed scream before turning to your best friend and hitting him with your notebook. “Jesus Christ!”, you hissed. “Just me.”, he replied and you rolled your eyes. “Your kid…”, you gestured vaguely towards the door, “is going to fail my class, if he doesn’t get off his ass soon. Tell him that. You can quote me.”

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Grady Nation

So i made this edit for the Grady bunch today go check it out on my twitter which is @beth_warriors 

when i posted this i then got this off the lovely Jarod 

He played the cop called Officer Tanaka.

Soon after he replied to me, i then got the well known Erik Jenson (Dr Edwards) liking and retweeting my post too. 

this isn’t TD, but i thought i’d just show you that the actors are STILL liking and retweeting and follow up on TWD. why? if the grady story is over? hmm. I also tagged in officer Shepherd actress and the other cop Officer Licari. I hope they will too see this :). 

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Quicksilver x Reader

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based on a prompt by @the-modern-typewriter however I cannot find the post rn.


*month ago*

“And that I stole from the fun fair” Peter said pointing at some teddy bear in the corner of the room. You giggled and hugged onto his side on the bed you were laying on.

“I can’t believe I’m sitting here, listening to you tell me about all the shit you stole.” You played with his grey locks.

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Never Again.

Characters: Erik x Reader, Charles.

Warnings: Physical violence, mentions abusive relationships, swearing.

Authors Note: I do not support any form of abuse in any kind of relationship. If you are in an abusive relationship, or know someone who is in one, please seek help. Thank you @mm277me for the request.

It was a particularly quiet day.

You were sitting in your king-sized bed drinking a warm cup of lemon water. Gazing out the enormous window, the golden sun peaked through the trees, the rays illuminating your skin. Wearing only underwear and your love’s shirt, relaxation flowed through you. In the midst of day dreaming your mind snapped back to muffled yelling and a sudden slam of the door.

“Erik?” No one answered back.

“Erik,” you asked again, with still no response.

You set your cup down on the mahogany nightstand and shuffled into the den. Erik was hunched over the dining table, back facing you, his muscles stretching his shirt. He was heaving as his fists were clenched together.

“Erik,” you whispered.

Erik exhaled a frustrated breath and shook his head.

“Erik, baby, what’s wrong?”

“I thought you were asleep,” he murmured.

“I woke up ten minutes ago, maybe fifteen,” you replied. You carefully walked up behind him and put your hand on his shoulder, “what’s buggin’ you, baby?”

He replied flatly, “Shaw.”

“Charles brought it up again, didn’t he.”

“He doesn’t understand, I have to stop him. He killed my mother.”

“He doesn’t want you to get hurt.”

“He doesn’t want to fight.”

“He doesn’t want you to bite off more than you can chew.”

“Are you actually defending him,” Erik turns to you, “ of all people?”

“I don’t want you to go after Shaw either, not right now.”

“Why,” Erik growled, “because you couldn’t handle a bit of blood either?”

“Excuse me?”

Erik began to prey on you causing you to walk back into the bedroom, him inches away as he growled, “ you know Charles wants you, and you know he could influence you if he wanted to.

You were brought to a halt by the foot board of the bed, “I know that he wants me, but he can’t influence me, and you can’t beat Shaw, not today.”

He latched onto your wrists and pinned them against the wall.

“You’re weak,” he snarled in your ear, “you’re weak and you know it.”

“Let me go Erik.”

“What do you think you’re gonna do, huh? What do you think would happen?”

You could feel his hands strangling the circulation out of yours, with great pain you pleaded, “Erik, please stop, it hurts,”

You fought to get out of his claws but the grip tightened.

“Get the fuck off me!” You then kicked him in the stomach. He fell to the ground, winded, and tried to run. Erik pounced on you and grabbed you by the shoulders bringing you down with him. The two of you began to scuffle, rolling around on the floor until you managed to get on top of him and pin him down this time. You punched him twice, as hard as possible, making his nose bleed.  

Erik was out cold and you sprung up to successfully escape.

You were speeding through the hallways and corridors to get as far away as possible.

About to run out into the gardens a pair of hands reached out to you, “stop, what are you doing?”

You froze in your tracks to the sight of Charles, he rushed to you, “what’s going on? What happened?”

You stuttered, “I was in my bed, then a I heard a - and he came - and we - then he - then I - and he’s on floor and now I’m - and I -”

“Shhh,” Charles whispered, placing his hands on either shoulder,”  don’t worry, love, I’m here.”

You nodded, still winded.

“Come with me and we’ll talk after some tea, yeah?”


Charles sat you down in the kitchen and made you a cup of chamomile tea, “here,” he said, “this should help you relax.”

“Thank you,” you sniffled.

“Now, what happened.”

“I was in bed a-and he came in, and was just so angry about Shaw. Then, before I knew it, he was holding me against the wall, then I pinned him to the floor and punched him, then I ran and now I’m here, a-a-and…”

“You don’t have to go on,” he assured.

You looked to him and saw guilt in eyes, ”its not your fault,” you said.

“Maybe not, but you still got hurt pretty bad.”

“I’m fine, really,” you insisted.

“I beg to differ,” Charles pointed.

You looked down to see purple marks on your wrists, bruises from Erik’s hands.

“It’s nothing,” you shrugged.

Charles scowled, “and this has never happened before?”

“No, never.”

“Well if this keeps happening you need to let him go, I don’t want this to turn into abuse.”

“Believe me,” you laughed coldly, “he wouldn’t be around if it was.”

“Well, good,” Charles nodded.

You spent the next few days in Charles’ quarters. You slept in his bed while he took the couch in the other room. He insisted and you couldn’t say no. Charles granted you a vacation from training but you would look out his window to see Banshee flying around ever so often and the occasional red flash coming from Alex.

The fight kept replaying in your mind, everything happened so fast. The blood, the bruises, the yelling. It was a 24 hour news reel of pain and regret and despair.

You started to weep, “Erik, Erik…”

Your tears were interrupted by a creaking doorway, you wiped the droplets away, not knowing who it was that was sauntering towards you.


“Darling, I’m so sorry.”

You jumped from the bed and into his arms, sobbing, “I’m sorry too.”

“I shouldn’t be in here but I had to see you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Charles told me to leave you alone, but I just couldn’t.”

You chuckled, “you made the right choice.”

“Please forgive me, baby.”

“I do, of course I do,” you looked up to him and you changed your tone,” but if you do this again you’re gone.”

“Of course, darling, of course. Never again,” he cried.

Hand in hand you went back to your room, laughing and kissing one another.

Charles was leaning in a doorway, watching you cheerily walk with Erik. He sighs and walks outside to check on the other’s training.

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Colors Part 6

A Charles Xavier Soulmate AU

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here. Read Part 4 here. Read Part 5 here.

Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, and there is one color that they can’t see until they meet their soulmate, and that is the color of their soulmate’s eyes. For Charles Xavier, this is difficult, because his powers have filled in the blanks, and he can see all colors. He assumes that he’ll just know when he finds his soulmate. Should be easy for a telepath, right?

Warnings: Angst maybe? definitely, injuries, near death experience, violence

A/N: So, this won the contest! I knew I needed to post this soon, given the awful cliffhanger I left y’all with last time. Well….I’m not gonna say anything else really. Just….consider yourself warned. 


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Please Come Back

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Erik x Reader

Please Come Back

Prompt: Imagine erik trying to apologize after you two get into a fight?

“So you’re not gonna talk to him, huh?” Logan asked you when you plopped down on the couch, still angry at the argument you and Erik had just had. It was yet another little quarrel about humans. Your parents were human, and so of course you cared about them. Erik said this made you weak, that you shouldn’t attach yourself to an entire species because of two people, and it had gone downhill from there.

“I don’t want to see him.” You shook your head. “I…I think I’m going home.”

“Just because Erik is a jerk doesn’t mean you have to leave all of us, kiddo. Give it some thought,” Logan said before taking a long drag from his cigar.

You sighed before getting up and walking up the stairs.


Erik found you hours later, packing a bag.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going home, Erik.” You said as you shoved another shirt into your duffle bag.

“You can’t do that,”

“Why?” You looked up at him, a glint of defiance in your eyes.

“Because I care about you,”

“It didn’t seem like that earlier,” You looked away, avoiding his gaze. His eyes were brimming with tears.

“I want to protect you, but sometimes you make it so hard.” Erik took a step closer, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and burying his face in your shoulder. “I can’t stand to see you upset with me.”

“Erik…” You sighed, succumbing to his warm embrace.

“Please come back to me,” he murmured, his voice low. “I was wrong, I know that. I can’t lose you. I can’t lose anyone else…”

You turned yourself around and faced him, resting your hands on his chest as his arms wrapped around your waist. He pulled you close to him.

“You’re not going to lose me,” You reassured him, bringing your hand up to graze his cheek. He closed his eyes before bending forward and pressing his lips to yours.

“I love you,”

“I love you too,”

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Charles Xavier x Reader ( non-mutant), 7 and 21?

Characters: Reader x Charles Xavier + Erik Lensherr

Warnings: none I think ??

Prompts: 7: “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” 21: “He’s a bad kisser.”

Word Count: 374

A/N: first Charles drabble ! wasn’t sure how to combine these prompts, so I hope you don’t mind me throwing Erik in there !


Charles tried his best not to let the jealousy fill his chest as he wheeled into the room and saw you and Erik sitting next to each other on the couch, but he couldn’t help it. He pressed his lips together and awkwardly waited in the doorway, moving back as he watched the two of you interact. You were leaning towards Erik, who had his arm around the back of the couch, his fingers lingering by your shoulder. 

“You know,” you laughed after Erik whispered something in your ear. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” 

“Depends on who’s side you’re on.” Erik replied, and you raised your eyebrows.

“Fair enough.” you shrugged, smiling. Erik leaned over to whisper something again in your ear, and Charles turned away. He took a deep breath and was about to leave when you suddenly appeared behind him.

“Hi, Charles!” you chirped, and Charles whipped around. He plastered a smile on his face and quickly composed himself, running his hands through his hair. 

“Hello, y/n.” he greeted you, and the two of you began walking down the corridor. You slowed down to match Charles’ pace, and Charles couldn’t help but smile. 

Charles wasn’t entirely sure how you ended up at his mansion, and you didn’t exactly know either, but here you were. You weren’t a mutant, like everyone else, but you worked with Hank in the lab. Charles liked you a lot; you were a fun person and you always made him laugh, but now he was beginning to realize he liked you a lot more than a friend. 

“So do you like Erik then?” Charles blurted, remembering your interaction earlier. You laughed, not responding, and Charles tried his best to seem nonchalant. “He’s a nice guy, I suppose. But, uh… he’s a bad kisser.”

“Oh, is he?” you teased, turning to Charles. Charles blushed when he registered your sarcastic tone, and shook his head. 

“Never mind, ignore what I just said.” he said quickly, and you giggled. You stopped, and Charles quickly stopped next to you. You leaned towards him, smiling. 

“I don’t like Erik, Charles.” you clarified, and Charles tried his best not to look relieved. 

“Okay, that’s good to know-”

“I like you.” 

Yours and Mine (Quicksilver X Reader) (A/B/O)

Okay y’all first time writing in the Alpha/Beta/Omega universe so please excuse me if this doesn’t flow well! If you don’t know what this is you can google it or message me and I will try my best to explain it! I am 115% trash for A/B/O and I live for a/b/o fluff stories (smut is good too but I just love fluff).

Warnings: None, mention of a fight I guess, ABO if you think thats a warning

Summary: Peter was a good alpha. But got very jealous. And one day Alex got a little too close to you, Peter’s omega, and that did not end well.

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Imagine #4 Erik Lehnsherr, Charles Xavier - Part 2 (Request)

Requested by @mutantsupremecy: I request a fic where there’s a hit list going around the world for mutants, and the X-men along with the reader are on it? The reader can manipulate energy and stuff, and Erik wants to protect her but Charles becomes protective?? Please??

Requested by @lostamongstthecosmos (and kinda by @samariabarnes, like 20 years ago, who’s probably already forgotten about it): Would you consider continuing the Imagine 4th story? I’d love to see more

Not my gif

Words: 1927

Warnings: typos, fem!reader, also I kinda messed up the timeline, I hope you don’t mind 

Part 1  Part 3

The moment you entered Charles’ office, you knew that something was wrong. He usually didn’t call you to his office. He rarely called students to his office, let alone teachers, such as you. And as you stepped through the door, you realized that you weren’t the only person, who had been called in.

“What’s going on?”, you asked as you stopped in front of the professor’s desk and looked at Jean, who seemed just as confused. “I don’t know. I had to dismiss my students early, he usually waits till the end of the lesson, before he calls me in.”, she replied and you couldn’t help but feel a little sting of jealousy. Jean had been your best friend ever since you had arrived at Xavier’s a few months ago, and you knew about the close connection she had with Charles, due to her telepathic abilities and the fact that he had helped her through some rough times, long before you even met him, but you still envied her for their closeness. You were aware, that you weren’t the first person to have fallen for the professor’s intelligent charm, and you never even tried to approach him in that way. He clearly didn’t see you as anything else than a colleague and not that close friend.

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Come and Get Your Love

Summary: (Y/N) loved Erik and Erik loved (Y/N). Then, Erik was arrested and left (Y/N) with no other option but to turn to Charles and his band of Mutants. 10 years later, Erik is freed, and has even more problems, like the fact that Charles and (Y/N) and supposed to be married in three days.

Word Count:

Warnings: Lots of cursing

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Never Did

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Someone from your past tries to make their way back into your life but not if Steve has anything to say about it.

Pairing: Steve X Reader
Warning: None

You had been inside your room watching Netflix with Steve. You had been watching some tv series, but you weren’t actually paying attention. You had a mission a day earlier that really took the energy out of you.You had your head resting on Steve’s chest and were listening to his heartbeat. The steady pulse lulled you to sleep. Just before your mind wandered off, you felt a buzz in your pocket. You groaned and took out your phone. You unlocked your phone and went into your messages. Your eyes widened when you realized who had texted you.

Come outside. You’re not going to want to miss this.

You locked your phone and shot up from off the bed. Steve looked at you confused.

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The Interpol, the FBI and a gunshot

So agents, gunshots, Charles being stupid and Erik worrying

Hope you like it! :)

The whole world is spinning, there is a vague sense of pain on his left shoulder but it doesn’t somehow feel like it’s his own. Actually it kind of feels like it does when he is in someone mind so Charles tries to reach out with his telepathy, but it is not there. He panics, he gets scared, and he does not know what’s going on.

“Charles, you’re going to be okay, you hear me? Don’t panic, please, you’re just going to hurt yourself more.”

Charles opens his eyes, but everything is out of focus, so he closes them again. He recognizes the voice though so he smiles a little.

“Oh you know me Moira, I’m always A-Okay.” This is all he can say before he passes out again.

Charles has been in hospital enough times to know when he is in one, although he has no recollection on how he got there. He peeks under his eyelids and is relieved to find that there are no bright lights in the room. It’s nighttime and Moira is there sleeping in a very uncomfortable looking chair beside his bed.

He lifts his hand to his shoulder, where he can feel some discomfort and when he feels the bandage, he remembers what happened. He got shot. He’s a stupid idiot who is really lucky that he is not hurt even worse. Running into the house without backup could’ve gotten him killed, but he just couldn’t let the suspect to run away again.

He approached the suspect and he is pretty sure that he put him to sleep but the suspect unfortunately fired at the same time and his shoulder was hit. Charles grunts and lets out a sigh. Erik is right about something at least. He is always saying that the protocols that restrict the use of his telepathy on suspects are stupid and…

Erik. Has someone told Erik that he has been shot?

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