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Fourth Lesson (M)

Teacher! Taehyung 

Anon requested:  OMG SINFUL SUNDAY!! Ur the best. ㅠ.ㅠ How about a Tae smut where you go to a concert together (he’s just attending with you). Hmmmm, n then spontaneous car sex? ^___________^ Ur a champ~ ;*

Lowkey a smut series ->  Lessons, First Lesson, Second Lesson, Third Lesson

Word Count: 3,385 words

god he’s so damn handsome

You woke up, looking at your alarm clock and sighing. It was time for school, the one place you wished to avoid. There was an error in your winter schedule, making you see Mr. Kim and Ms. Tight skirt at the beginning and end of your day.

Of course, your friends called it ‘destiny’ while you called ‘an error that is the school should take responsibility for’. As if the universe doesn’t hate you enough, you couldn’t pick an alternative. Even computer science was full and everyone knows Ms. Choi is a tyrant because of her divorce from her fourth husband. You were shocked that she still got dates.

You’ve seen her shamelessly flirt with the head janitor but you digress.

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anonymous asked:

Can i ask for a Roman Godfrey imagine? YN is Shelleys best friend and he's completely in love with her (because I adore Shelley and they all deserve happiness)

Part Two

“Hey Um… Shelly Right?” You asked the huge girl who was stood in the centre of the library holding the last copy of your favourite book. She looked at you carefully but didn’t speak, she simply fixed you with a weary look. “Are you checking that book out, it’s amazing and like the only copy in the whole town which seems stupid.” You rambled on about the book for a while and she set the book down, grabbing at the phone in her hands.

“It’s my favourite to.” A robotic voice sounded from the phone and you laughed happy to find someone that shared your love for books. Her suspiciously weary gaze faded as she smiled at you and happily stooped over while you read to her and began discussing your favourite parts in great detail.

Your friendship with Shelly grew as time went on, despite being three years older than her, you both had a love of books and spent almost every day with each other. You were sat cross legged on the end of Shelly’s bed as she rolled her desk chair across her large room. 

Roman, Shelly’s brother, wondered into the room looking for her and wasn’t surprised to see you halfway through reading Shelly a new book.

“You are aware we live in the world on technology right?” He asked you as he hugged Shelly and spoke to her quietly.

“Maybe we don’t want to be teen delinquents.” You said quickly, smiling when he chuckled at you before tapping the end of Shelly’s nose and walking out of the room.

“Oh, it’s raining so you’re going to want a lift home.” He called over his shoulder. Shelly giggled and you narrowed your eyes before trying to get her to tell you what was so funny but shed simply shook her head and refused.

“So you need a lift to school or home tomorrow?” Roman asked as he pulled up in your drive. You giggled which made him frown before shifting in your seat to face him.

“Roman what day is it today?” you asked quickly.

“Friday… oh right… well I could drive you up to the house.” He offered quickly when he realised his mistake.

“We’re going to the Mall, you could come and scare that ticket guy who won’t let Shelly in the cinema… but you’d have to watch a movie you won’t like.” You hadn’t meant to sound so disappointed and Roman swallowed loudly while you tried to think of a way to get Roman to help them without forcing him to sit through the while film.

“Hey I love films, all films.” He said quickly which made you snort in laughter.

“You can’t sit through cartoons… any way my Mom’s waiting I should go.” You say as you mother opens the door and points at her watch before heading back into the house.

“Yeah I’ll… um see you tomorrow.” He smiled at you when you grinned happily and ran from his car to the front door, waving once you’d reached the porch and escaped the rain. He waved back wistfully, not starting the car until he knew you’d locked the door behind you and headed over to Peter’s.

Part Two                                                   More Hemlock Grove

Ok but think about it: JayRoy AU where Roy is a famous Youtuber and Jason is the hater who lowkey has a crush on him

  • Roy is a very known youtuber, his username being TheArcherArsenal
  • He started being a youtuber about video games, especially a MMORPG where he played an archer (that’s where his YT username comes from)
  • His funny comments over himself, the game and other players caught the attention of a lot of people, and he started getting more subscriptions as he started posting more
  • When he hit 1k followers, he decided to make a Q&A video and show his face to the world (surprise: he’s hot)
  • After a while, he started making random videos, videos like “Follow me around in the supermarket”, “I have a new car!”, “My collection of trucker hats” and “My feet” (yes, he made a video about his feet. He was going to do about something else, but he forgot what it was and filmed a video where he talks about his feet. And put online. And people watched. And liked.
  • Jay follows Roy in every damn social media. He created a snapchat account so he could follow him.He’s always commenting on his videos (as RedHood), saying how lame he is and giving him thumbdowns before even WATCHING the videoOne day he was the first to comment on the video and the comment was “first. you’re lame.“Jason thought Roy didn’t know who he was, but one day he makes a video and talks about his #1 Fan, RedHoodx'That pissed Jason off. A lot.One day, Dick saw him watching videos of Roy and told him "You gotta get over this crush, dude.”. Jason, of course denied (but he got angry when Dick said “I mean, even *I* have a crush on him”)
  • What Jason doesn’t know: because Roy knows a thing or to about mechanics, robotics and hacking, he hacked through RedHood account and he knows how Jason looks like. He highkey finds him hot and enjoys the fact Jason spend so much time “hating” on him.
  • What Jason doesn’t know, part II: Jason lowkey sometimes sees Roy through the city and follows him. Roy knows it’s RedHood and doesn’t mind, because Roy is an idiot. He should be fucking scared of that, the guy who harrasses him online? What the FUCK, Roy, I’m judging you.
  • At a Youtube meeting, Jason go to talk to Roy and because like I said, Roy is an idiot, he goes like “If it’s not my #1 fan!”. Jason freezes, Roy does too and tells Jason he will only explain if he accepts going for a coffee later on. (Jason says yes.)
  • They go for the coffee, and after Roy explaining how he hacked through Jason’s computer, Jason says “That’s not fucking nice, you know?” to which Roy responds “Neither it is harassing me on the internet, dude.” Jason shrugs and asks why the hell did Roy invited him out.
  • The answer is “Because life is short, and you’re hot. Wanna meet sometime again?”
  • Jason says yes.
  • Two months later, Roy uploads a video “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND NOW!!”, the first comment is from RedHood (that didn’t make any appearance during these two months) where he says “I’m gonna fucking strangulate you”
Fireworks - Dylan Spraberry NYE Smut

Originally posted by mgmovie

Request; I read your rules can you do a Dylan Sprayberry nye smut imagine, you have your nye kiss as friends but end up having sex on the balcony with fireworks in the background sumthing like that ? Please like you had been friends but he’s been away acting so your feelings are put out that night ? X X I love your writing

Warning; smut, long af (i’m sorry it just spun outta control)

Note; sucks, doesn’t live up to my only other dyl spray imagine tbh guys. You are both older, in your twenties CHANGES: doesn’t happen on the balcony bc it would have been hella awkward and plus that’s outside, don’t want you to freeze to death (i don’t mention a place per se, so you know it could be cold where you’re imagining it, ya never know)

Y/B/F/N = Your best friend’s name


“Dylan!” you exclaimed as you saw him smiling and greeting people while he made his way over to you before he wound his arms around your frame and squeezed as he lifted you up just light, your laughter filling his ears and vice versa. Once he set you down, you pulled away grinning up at one of your best friends. “I’m so glad you could make it.”

“Of course, I haven’t seen you in ages, least I could do,” he smirked before throwing an arm around your shoulders and picking up a drink. “So, when do we leave?” he asked.

“In about twenty minutes, as soon as I can get Y/B/F/N a ride back to her house, we can leave too,” you told him and he nodded, clinking his bottle with yours before you made your way to the living room where everyone was dancing and overall enjoying the time spent saying goodbye to the last year.

After finding your friend, you managed to secure them a ride home, and then you got into your car to drive Dylan over to your place to spend New Year’s Eve like every year; watching your favourite film of the year while you caught up with each other.

“So what as that rumour about that girl?” you asked him with a small smile, sitting on your couch, eating popcorn and drinking coke and light mixed alcohol with it.

“Just that,” he shrugged, “a rumour,” he told you, grabbing a handful of popcorn and taking it piece by piece as he watched you half empty the bottle of slightly spiked coke.

“So no one has been the receiver of your amazing hugs that you don’t even give me?” you asked with a light chuckle as you put the bottle down and picked up some popcorn too.

“Well, only you, every time we see each other after I get back from somewhere, did you not know that?” he asked.

“I get your special hugs?” you asked, putting your hands by your heart.

“Yes,” he chuckled.

“Wow, I am honoured,” you told him, looking over to your phone once it started ringing. “Hey, there’s only a little bit until midnight, come on,” you grabbed his hands and pulled him upstairs to your room, one of the only ones with a balcony, and took him outside, sitting up on the garden table you had put out there. “Sorry that you’re just spending it with me this year,” you apologised as you waited for the fireworks to start.

“Why would that be a problem?” he asked, giving you an incredulous look. “You’re the only reason I’m spending it here, why is it a problem that we’re alone?”

“I don’t know. Someone with your profile should be spending it at a party, not at-“

“Stop,” he chuckled lightly. “My profile?” he scrunched up his face, “what are you talking about?” he just watched as you scanned his face.

“You know. Actor, celebrity, all that jazz,” you waved your hand.

“Are you saying I can’t miss one of my best friends?” he asked.

“Dylan I just meant that I’m sorry it’s so simple, and boring, and just me, that’s all. I thought you’d want to spend it at the party, or-“

“No,” he shook his head. “Don’t be silly, of course I want to spend it with you. We do this every year, I wouldn’t just let this one go,” he flashed you a smile as you nodded, not wanting to fight about it. “How much longer?” he asked.

“Like two minutes,” you told him, looking up at the stars. They were especially bright tonight, and you could definitely see more than in the centre of the city, which you’d moved out of, so that you could experience time away from the buzzing that was the city itself.

“Okay, well, it’s gonna come sooner,” he said with a small sigh before he turned. “Listen, I know we’re great friends, better than that even, closes as brother and sister, but I couldn’t never look at you like my sister,” he said quickly as you just stared at him, feeling a little weird about all this, because you had no idea what he was about to say.

“But, Dylan, I-“

“No! No, no, no, that’s not a bad thing, I promise. I like you a lot more than that, okay? In a different way,” he started to explain. “I just- God, if I could just tell you easier-“ he cut off and looked back at you, before he sighed, seeing your clueless expression. “Fuck it,” he muttered before his hand slipped to hold your cheek and he quickly placed his lips on yours. You immediately pulled back, the feeling foreign and not welcomed so suddenly.

“Dylan, what-“

“I’m sorry, oh my God, I’m so so sorry,” he quickly said before you shook your head.

“No, you just took me by surprise, that’s all,” you told him. You looked back up at him before your hands placed on either side of his face, turning it towards you. “Don’t apologise. Just tell me next me, yeah?” you smiled as he stared back into your eyes before smiling widely and you lifted your chin to kiss him, making his arms sane around your torso, pulling you right to him, your bodies fitting together like two puzzle pieces.

You let out a light sigh as his hands slipped under your shirt and he got up, standing opposite you, between your legs, before he slid his hands down, over your butt, one slipping into your back pocket and the other to your knee, pulling it up and pulling you to him as you tightened your legs around his waist before he picked you up, stumbling back into your bedroom through the screen doors that you had left open. He lay you down on the bed, which was only a couple of steps from the door that opened to the balcony, before his hands had taken a wander around your top half.

“Whoa, Dylan, are you sure-“

“If- I mean, I’m okay with it if you are. Do you want to continue? Do you want to do this or just leave it?” he asked, backing off, his lips swollen and red while you both tried to catch your breath.

“Do you?”

“Well-“ he stopped for a second, smiling down at you, “yeah,” he let out a light chuckle.

“Okay cool,” you shrugged before pulling his head down and trying to suppress a groan, unsuccessfully, once his tongue met yours.

Why hadn’t you done this before?

You shuffled up further on the bed before he leaned back a little and pulled his jumper and shirt off, letting you do the same before his lips were on yours again, pressing harder and harder, hands feverishly pushing against your skin, the only sounds being the sharp intakes of breath before you both stopped, turning your heads to the screen door where you could finally see the fireworks. He only smiled and turned back to you. “Great timing,” he breathed.

“Are you kidding? That’s exactly what I’m feeling right now,” you told him, running your hand through his hair, trying to comprehend what was happening. You’d never thought you’d be here, but it seemed to be the best outcome.

“It’s only what you’re going to be feeling,” he said with a smirk before you both sucked in a breath of air before he pulled the blanket back and pulled it over the two of you as he slid his hands into your skirt and pushed the material down your legs as you kicked it off and helped him with his own jeans which he managed to kick off while his lips were attacked to yours still.

“Don’t even thing about it,” he told you as your hands inched down towards his briefs and instead of pushing it down, you reached to his hips and pulled him into you, hissing at the contact as he let out a groan. “God, I hate you,” he said as you just grinned.

“No you don’t,” you told him, kissing his neck and sucking a hickey onto his skin.

“Very true,” he told you before his eyes fluttered closed, his hands a little stronger on you for a couple of seconds before he let out a light moan at your touches. He swore out loud a couple of times, especially when your hands had drifted south, but so did his, a finger pushing into you as your insides turned and buzzed at the feeling. “Condom?”

“Side drawer,” you gasped before he went right back to kissing you.

He continue to move his fingers before they were soaked and then it wasn’t just his fingers that were making your skin tingle. With constant movement, it wasn’t long until your legs began to shake.

The fireworks were still going on when he rolled to your side to lean on one arm and watch as you tried to catch your breath. “So, fireworks?” he asked with a small smile, softly tracing the skin on your arm.

“Yeah, fireworks,” you breathed before leaning up to kiss him once more before you bit your lip and pulled the blanket up to your chin. “Thanks for that,” he only grinned before turing back up to the ceiling and wound an arm around your waist.

“So do you want those fireworks to stay? In maybe like, you know, like a relationship?” he asked, not even looking at you.

“Is that a question?”


Haunted House

Summary: Teenage foursome having a sleepover at a haunted house, they try to freak each other out by telling ghost stories and jumping out from behind things. but later that night things start getting really creepy and they all end up getting scared they run out of the house screaming.

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 2,024

Warnings: A lot of swearing in this. Quite a bit.

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I watched TFP again and...

So when I watched TFP last sunday it was such an emotional rollercoaster. Yeah there were plot holes..but overall I thought the episode was great by itself, however, made no sense compared to the rest of the series. So in spite of everything and all the tinhatting thats happened since I decided to watch TFP again, with a clear(ish) mind. A lot of this is common knowledge, some has been mentioned before by other users on tumblr, and some are some new observations I made. I know its long but theres some good stuff down there so here are the comments I made while watching TFP once again:

-”The Final Problem” caption flickering just as the film Mycroft is watching

-the entire production when sherlock is “scaring” Mycroft. clowns? bleeding paintings? rly wtf? when I watched it the first time I truly believed Mycroft was dreaming

-did sherlock saying “hey bro?!” make anyone else uncomfortable

-wHy is sherlock wearing the deerstalker just to go spook his ‘bro’

*loOOOoots of weird stuff*

-Who’s the man pictured in the car when the governor calls to ask about mycroft?

- ”clown costumes satirically relevant”-Mycroft

- wHaT hairband euros 

-happiness is a pop song, sadness is a poem ? idk i thought this was gonna have some significance

-Sherlock igNOring “Vatican Cameos” babe why

-Sex has always made sherlock obviously uncomfortable but when Euros brings it up?? he does? nothing?? no reaction???

-the glass in the ceLLs: ELePHANt glass

-Johns swirling camera shot??? what ??

-If “redbeard” was moriarty’s gift, why didn’t he take advantage of it ???

-We see a nativity scene in the governor’s office during the moriarty flashback, but when john asks if he’d like to pray (before shooting him) he says “who would I pray too?”

- why is CONTExt ContExT coNteXT soooo in your face throughout this ep

-when sherlock begins deducing the coffin and stating facts about the price john says “that was a lonely night on google”

-why was molly having a bad day?


-”explosives? why would I be so clumsy?” bITCh didn’t you just blow up baker st??? (which BTW why would sHE do that if she wanted sherlock to play this crazy game her and moriarty so ‘cleverly’ worked out????!!!)


-”moriarty thought you’d make this choice, he was so excited” aGAIN WHY THE BOMB N RISK BLOWING THEM UPOMG

-okay so the first time I watched this scene I thought that euros was more upset about sherlock’s impending suicide and john was just standing there. BUT. watching it again I realized that john is shell shocked. paralyzed. you can see his lips quiver as he tries to say sherlocks name but he can’t even get it out (all we hear barely audible is “sher-”)

-the black goo?! i mean cool visual but wHat???

-the fake room at musgrave ???

-where’s the water in the well coming from if euros is talking to sherlock?


-theres so many things off about euros killing victor in the well but I won’t go off on that

- Culverton and “anybody” vs Euros and “nobody”

-If the girl on the plane is really Euros’ coping mechanism, how can she speak it  so casually and turn it on and off in “the game” but it seems to be tearing her apart at musgrave and sherlock has to snap her out of it??? wHAT hoW does thAt maKE anY sENSE

-agAin she’s CRYINg while tALKing about iT!! its obviously traumatizing so HOW could she turn it on and off



-srsly though who is uncle rudy

-The book lying on the FLOOR OMG (I’m about to make another post about this)(stay tuned) (oh look there it is, this is huge folks)



-I think we can all agree lil Tom as bby sherlock is the best thing to have happened to TFP

The end.

I'm hiring

Dear World, I’m hiring.

I suppose you could say I’m looking for a “manager” but the patronizing implication of the term annoys me. What I’m looking for is someone to help me grow my business. You might be an artist manager in the traditional sense but I’d prefer to think of you as a vice president of business development, of marketing, of sales, of operations, etc.

In the music business they say you don’t find a manager, that one comes to you when you’re ready. I think I’ve been ready for a long time but for whatever reason, the right person has not presented themselves and I’m such an outsider that I don’t know where to look.

Part of it might be that I’m known as a DIY poster child and often “DIY” tends to equal “amateur” and “struggling”. It’s true that I don’t have the metrics of most “normal” artists: I’m not young, I don’t sing, I don’t have any videos with millions of views. I’ve never even made a video. But there are 8,000+ user generated videos with my music on Youtube that get watched about 225,000 times every month. I’ve sold, last time I checked, more than 70,000 albums without publicity or marketing. My commercial licensing is regular and solid (car commercials, network TV, major films, ballets) and I can fill a concert hall in pretty much every city in North America, in Australia, and in a few European cities. All that to say, I might be DIY but this is not an amateur operation. There is enough money here to make it worth your while.

After a decade of running my music business alone, I think I have acquired some useful knowledge on how to do things. But as they say, you don’t know what you don’t know and I certainly don’t know everything. I have blind spots and increasingly less time (I’m a mom, ‘nuff said). I’ve let more than a few opportunities slide.

I have decisions to make: I have a new album, how should I release it? I have multiple commissions in the pipeline, which should I choose? I hate sports metaphors but I want you on my team. Let’s combine our knowledge to grow this thing.

In addition to relevant experience, there are some other basic requirements for the job. My previous career in information technology left me with certain standards about business communication and organization. You should have those standards too. You are fluid with technology and don’t see it as a separate “thing”, it’s an evolving part of life. You are curious about culture, about trends, about the world. You have moral and ethical standards and being a good person matters to you. You practice random acts of kindness.

If this sounds appealing to you, please write to me at info (at) zoekeating.com with an outline of your vision and tell me about your experience.

Thank you very, very much,


I think we can all agree that Amanda Abbington is at least critical towards spoilers when it comes to Setlock.

This is why I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that during the London part of filming Sherlock IV, episode 1, Baby Watson was heavily promoted on her twitter account.

And finally the really huge spoiler that Mary most probably gave birth in the backseat of a car was confirmed indirectly by Amanda Abbington via twitter. Everyone who followed Setlock could read between the lines that this is what she wanted people to believe.

I wonder, if this has something to do with the close up pictures @sherlock-series was able to take from the supposed birth scene, and in which she looks anything but in labour, while Sherlock is watching whatever film on his mobile, and the only one with a pained expression on their face is once again John Watson…

I really don’t know myself where I am going with these speculations. I only wanted to share my uneasiness.

Amanda Abbington’s untypical behaviour on twitter is what made me question the scene above even more than the pictures themselves.

Do they imply that something besides a newborn might raise it’s ugly head inside this car?

Which ‘sharks’ are the three of them seeing on Sherlock’s mobile screen?


credits for the photos go to sherlock-series

Lee Jong Suk for Instyle (Sep 2014) - Extras

Source: DC
Translation note: Instyle is the gift that keeps giving, lol.


Things That Make Him Happy

The perfume he uses every day: Burberry ‘The Beat’ Woman. Although it is a perfume for ladies, but I’ve started using it in my early twenties and there’s a lot of memories in its scent for me.

Fashion item: Alexander McQueen shirts. The sleeves are long and the cutting is fine, so I like wearing it.

The movie that brought him on the path of being an actor: “It was watching Kang Dong Won sunbae’s 'Temptation of Wolves’ that made me want to be an actor.”

Interior Design: 'The yellow light of a standing lamp makes the living room seem warm.“

The car he wants: "Compared to other people my age, I really know nothing about cars. If you must have me pick one, I’d pick the batmobile from the Batman movies! Isn’t it so cool when it becomes a motorcycle?”

A movie you are very into lately: “I’ve been waiting for 'Amazing Spiderman 2’ for so long but didn’t have time to go to watch it at cinemas while the drama was filming. After IPTV uploaded it, I immediately bought it online and watched it twice.”

Food that makes him happy: “Short-ribs kimchi stew made by my mom. I love this so much I could eat it every meal for two days without getting sick.”


Editor’s Note (DC)

It was the day before we set off for New York. Late in the afternoon, Lee Jong Suk entered the coffee shop, a 'flower smile’ on his slim, unique face. “No matter how good it is to be home, lying on the bed for more thanaweek is really too much, my back’s almost broken…” As he spoke, he broke into a chuckle that was like a scene in a CF.

Wearing a purple, spray-dyed Vivienne Westwood shirt and dark navy trousers, his shoulders seem more broad than before. He ordered his favourite iced latte then apologized for being late for 10 minutes, since it has been so long since his last outing from home. He felt that he must give a good impression for official work business, so he went to get a facial and make-up done before arriving. (For a person like him, it is such a 'privelege’ for us to receive such honour.)

To be able to lie at home and do nothing for a  whole week is very rare for Lee Jong Suk, who has been working nonstop for 4 years straight. Since his debut in 'Princess Prosecutor’ and breakout role in 'Secret Garden’, both in 2010, his acting career kickstarted. He did 'High Kick 3’ in 2011, 'Korea: As One’ and 'R2B: Return to Base’ in 2012. As for last year, he was in four projects, dramas 'School 2013’, 'I Hear Your Voice’, movies 'The Face Reader’ and 'No Breathing’… it can definitely be said that he is the most busy out of actors his age. For the first half of this year,he has already completed 'Hot Young Bloods’ and 'Doctor Stranger’, before earning this long-awaited holiday.

“I really didn’t do anything and just stayed at home.” This famous 'home-dweller’ continued to say these cute words, “I felt like I should do something so decided on this New York trip, but when it’s come to the day before the tip, I want to be lazy again.” Even so, since he is out anyway, he decided to make the best of it. A dinner with Kang Sora and drinks with business associates later in the day, his excitement can be seen in his expression.

For his first interview after 'Doctor Stranger’, he answered our questions with his own friendly style and without any reservations, for two whole hours, un-distracted and completely honest.

Request here | Masterlist | new fanfic ideas please vote | 5sos fan video

Im just gonna do it for all but if you want single boys just request. Sorry I wanted to get this up for you! It started off as a Luke one and then I changed it. SORRY ONCE AGAIN FOR BAD WRITING BUT ITS MIDNIGHT HERE.

I hate it when I get like this. Luke and I had just gotten off of the plane from our lovely pre tour vacation. It happened one day, Luke came home saying we needed time away from people and that he booked us a hotel in Venice for 2 weeks. The fans found out but weren’t too bad and gave us privacy and of course we spoke to them. However it was different once we landed back in Sydney, fans were crowding the airport. There wasn’t as many as they usually were because well it was only Luke in the airport but the rest of the boys were in the car waiting for us as they said they would pick us up. We were both tired and when I get tired I get very emotional and worked up fast.

“Are you okay babe” Luke asked knowing how I got.

“Yeah I’ll be fine, you go ahead and I’ll meet you by the exit” I smile, he looks at me making sure I was okay and I nodded. He went off to talk to fans, I could see he was tired but yet he still made the effort to interact and every time he did I fell in love with him more than I thought was possible.

As Luke made his way through the fans I took the opposite direction to the exit. Just as I was half way I heard screams coming in my direction. I turn around and see some fans coming towards me.

“OMG I can’t believe were meeting you” one said shakily

“We ship you and Luke and you so hard seriously” another said, I smiled at their comments.

“Can we get a picture please” another one asked more shyly.

“Err yeah sure but I look a mess right not” I laugh and get into the photo.

“You look gorgeous and Luke is so lucky to have you” the fourth girl smiled.

I chatted to the fans and got their twitters, just as I was leaving more came up to me who had finished with Luke and seemed to want to see me also. I was handling it fine as long as I knew I could get away if I felt too claustrophobic. But it got worse. Next thing I remember is being outside and being surrounded by 4 similar faces.

“hey Y/N babe it’s okay, I’m here and the boys are here” Luke said.

“Yeah Y/N breathe” Ashton said

“The fans said theyre sorry and they feel guilty” Michael said “Im gonna go tell them youre okay, okay?” he asked, I nodded.

I couldn’t catch my breath still to speak.

“Oh God Y/N please try and breathe” Luke said I could hear panic in his voice. “Calum go get water” he shouted “sorry” he said after

“its okay” Calum said as he left.

Luke started to sing parts of different songs to calm me whether it be his own music or our favourite bands.

Calum came back with water and Luke opened it for me and put it to my lips. I took it off him and smiled while I took a sip.

I finally calm down enough to be able to speak and by now the fans had gone and we were all in the car, Luke and I in the back with Calum.

“Thank you guys, gosh I’m so sorry” I smiled at them

“its okay baby” Luke said kissing my head and all the boys nodded in agreement.

When we got back to mine and Lukes shared house we all watched films until jetlag made me and Luke fall asleep on the sofa in each other’s arms.