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Current weekly spread💫 Got really inspired by this quote the other day. I’ve also returned to my Spanish class, so that’s why I’ve made the layout in Spanish ( slowly remembering what I’ve learned in the past). I hope you all will have a nice and productive week!❤️

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Here’s one of my favourite international working class solidarity and sabotage stories, it’s very short.

In Madrid during the Spanish civil war they came across an unexploded shell - a German shell, made in the Ruhr valley. Approaching it carefully, on closer inspection they saw that it had words written on it. Those words were “Comrades! The shells I make do not explode!”

They put it on display in a shop window and people cued round the block to see it.

Things only in Hetalia

• An entire religion based on a character.

• Hetaoni and Dreamtalia.

• Gutters and Danish Slaughterhouse

• 23.5

• Being able to trigger an entire fandom at the mention of Davey, Pineapples, and Jeanne D'arc

• 5 minute episodes, 4 seasons.

• Russia’s hands.

• 2p Hetalia

• The elusive 3p Hetalia

• Fucking micronations

• Direct 3rd wall breaking like in the office

• Gay Countries™

• Every Hetalian suddenly knows how to perfectly cook pasta

• Vocaloids made for the characters in Hetalia; Hetaloids

• All Hetalians know at least bits and pieces of several other languages OTHER than Japanese like other weeaboos; Examples include German, any Nordic language, French, Italian, and Spanish (All of which I can say bits and pieces of)

• Ace-ing history class

• Asking your history teacher what Prussia is, and where Liechtenstein is, and if Sealand is considered a country

• Everyone can voice act well or do at least one good or great impression of a character

• Being able to name more countries off the top of your head than anyone else

• Dark Lord Hima

• Studio Dean Animation

Long Lasting Lies [p.p]

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Title: Long Lasting Lies
Fandom: MCU/Spider-Man
Characters: Peter Parker x female!reader, Ned Leeds, May Parker, Michelle, mentions of Tony Stark,
Warnings: mentions of cheating on a partner, description of mugging, mild swearing
Word Count: 3,343
Requested: No, this is just me having major Peter feels at the moment due to me seeing Spider-Man: Homecoming last weekend
Blurb: You, Peter Parker’s girlfriend, have noticed that Peter has distanced himself, and have caught him lying on multiple occasions. When you confront him after being saved by Spider-Man, you are unaware that his excuse is only another one of his lies.
A/N: I have been super busy with exams, school and other personal things, which is why I’ve been so absent, but I’m hoping to update more frequently now that they’re over but I can’t be sure! Remember, I live in Australia where the school year ends in December so we’re only on winter break at the moment. ALSO I ONLY PROOF-READ THIS ONCE I’M SORRY IT’S LITERALLY 1:33AM DON’T KILL ME

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name
[L/N] = your last name 

The first time that Peter Parker lied to you was over the phone. You had just gotten ready for the date you had both planned as a post-midterms celebration when the familiar tune of your ringtone graced your ears. At the sight of Peter’s Caller ID, you had managed to grin before picking up. 

“I’m absolutely starving, Parker.” you greeted, taking a seat on your bed and tucking your left leg under your right. “You better have made reservations at the pizza parlour because you know how busy they can get on Fridays,” you added, and when Peter said nothing, you raised an eyebrow. “Peter?” 

“I’m here,” he assured you since it sounded like he wasn’t present in the conversation at all. “I’m here, sorry,” Peter mumbled his apology before taking a deep breath, one that you could hear even over the phone.

“Are you okay?” you inquired, immediately noticing the edge in his voice. “What’s up?”

“I’m so, so incredibly sorry that I’m doing this to you,” was what Peter chose to lead with. “But I can’t make it tonight.” 

For a moment, you the nervous feeling in your stomach turned into disappointment, but you shook it off quickly, knowing that there was always a good reason for Peter’s cancellations. “That’s okay. What came up?” you asked. “Is everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine, don’t worry about it.” something about the way Peter was speaking — perhaps it was the way his usually nonchalant voice seemed strained — made you immediately come to the conclusion that he was lying to you. 

“Peter,” You began slowly, putting a smile on your face, knowing that this would make your voice sound less worried than you truly were. “If there’s something going on, I’m not going to hate you for telling me. I’d really rather know than, well, not know.” you paused, giving Peter a minute.

“It’s nothing, I swear. Just some emergency stuff came up with Ned and I really have to be there for him is all.” Peter lied so smoothly that you almost believed him, but the waver in his voice when he swore he was telling the truth was enough to expose his fibbing.

“Alright,” you allowed yourself to frown. “Well, I hope everything’s okay with Ned. Let me know what happens when you can, okay?”

“Of course, love you!” and with that, Peter hung up the phone. You were sat on your bed for a moment, phone pressed to your cheek before you realised that he was gone. You lowered your phone onto your bed and sighed, glancing around your room, digesting the conversation you had just had with your boyfriend. Things with you and Peter were still relatively new, going on roughly five months, but you had known Peter since the beginning of high school, which was over a year and a half ago. In this time, you had really gotten to know Peter and his quirks, including what he sounded like when he lied.

Deciding that you still deserved some sort of post-midterms treat, you reached for your phone again and dialled Michelle’s phone number as you pulled off your black lace-up heels. 

“Hey, Y/N.” Michelle greeted you, her voice slightly more vibrant than usual. “I thought you were going out with Peter tonight?” 

“I was,” you confirmed, getting to your feet and comfortably pacing your room. “He just cancelled though, so I’m all free! I was wondering if you might accept a stray into your Friday night plans?” you asked hopefully. 

“Well you know how I feel about taking in strays, everyone’s welcome,” Michelle continued your banter. “Actually, Ned and I were just going to get something to eat so why don’t you join us?” This made you frown.

“You’re heading out to eat with Ned? Like, right now?” you questioned slowly, letting it sink in.

“Yeah, we’re on our way out, but we can totally meet up with you! Ned scored us a table at that pizzeria that we all like by promising that we’d be there in at least twenty minutes. Are you up for that?”

You paused. “Yeah, totally.” you agreed. “I’ll meet you guys there. And Ned’s good?” you asked, making sure that you weren’t imagining things.

“He’s pretty jazzed that midterms are over and his deteriorating test-stress has finally been demolished,” Michelle said, and you heard Ned loudly protesting over the phone. “We’re all good. So we’ll see you in twenty?” 

“See you then.” you agreed before bidding Michelle farewell. You hung up and frowned, the idea that you had about Peter lying confirmed. If there was an emergency with Ned, why would he be going out for pizza with Michelle? Suddenly, the combination of your lace camisole top, skinny jeans and leather jacket seemed a little too dressed up just to get pizza with Ned and Michelle. Going on a date with Peter allowed for the camisole and heels, but dinner with friends didn’t seem like it needed as much special effort. 

Frowning, you stripped off the leather jacket and began to rummage through your closet in order to find a replacement for the camisole, choosing a Nasa t-shirt — which you were certain belonged to Peter — and pulled that on instead. You opted for a pair of old sneakers and pulled the jacket back on before grabbing your bag and phone heading out the door to meet your friends.

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Peter Parker - Its Not An Internship

this was not requested but i loved writing it, it is a peter parker x stark! reader imagine!! i hope you enjoy it and there will be a definite part two!!

part 2

requests are open:))

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i smiled as i heard the door chime ring. the usual nerdy boy who usually sported science puns on his clothing walked in. his friend was quick behind him trying to speak quietly but it obviously wasn’t working out for him.

“peter this is amazing, we have to tell everyone” the friend of the brown hair’d boy attempted to whisper but it was loud enough for me to hear. his hands were flailing in the air excitedly while peter just looked annoyed.

“ned shut up!” peter snapped at his friend ned. he looked back at him he sent a glare his way as they both pulled out their books from their bag.

“okay the teacher was making no sense tod-” peters friend began rambling on and on about something but my eyes were focused on him, the way his eyes scanned through the text, the way his smile starts at the far corners of his mouth.

i was starring from the counter pretending to be at the cash register but no one was paying. someone bumped my hip, i looked up to see my co-worker olivia nod her head toward the table. i blushed while grabbing a note pad and a pen.

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Klance - soulmate au (part 2)

Author’s notes:

  • Read part 1
  • Sooo, remember how I said I was gonna write part 2 if people wanted to read more? Yeah…. I may or may not have accidently written much more than that. There will be more info below, just know that the end of this part is not the end of the whole fanfic.
  • “Bold” texts are from Keith   |    “Normal” texts are from Shiro
  • Hover over the Spanish text for translations. Additional translations below in case you’re having problems with that.

“Sooo…” Lance cleared his throat awkwardly “This is…”

“Weird?” Keith suggested. He pushed the paper cup on the table in front of him from side to side.

“Yes. Definitely weird.” Lance agreed. “I mean… not bad weird, just… unexpected weird? New weird? Totally-not-planned-like-this weird?” He bit his lower lip and tugged on the sleeves of his jacket nervously.

This wasn’t going great. They had just sat down inside the Starbucks they had met in front of and he was already making a fool of himself. This was all a bit too much for him. They had wanted to meet for a while now but surely not like this! Not completely unplanned. It had thrown Lance off track and he had no idea how to turn this around. He kept fidgeting with his sleeves and licked his lips nervously. Keith just sat there completely silent and played around with his coffee cup. Great. 5 minutes in and Lance was already less interesting to the guy than a cup of stupid coffee. He was about to start a desperate conversation about the weather when the girl behind the counter called for him to pick up his order.

“Be right back,” he mumbled before he almost sprinted off.

Keith was panicking. Hard. This was all too much and too fast. He knew that due to being his soulmate he would probably feel some kind of attraction towards Lance right from the start. But he still hadn’t been prepared for his brain’s reaction when the most beautiful boy he had ever seen started to walk towards him in front of the coffee shop. It was like his mind had put out a sign saying ‘no coherent thoughts beyond this point’ and the stuff he found himself thinking now didn’t make any sense to him at all. It was a seemingly random stream of words that didn’t fit together at all. Something like ‘pretty…soft boy…run…RUN…marry…HIDE…HIDE RIGHT NOW…eyelashes…freckles…EVACUATE THE PREMISES…’

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm struggling with Simple Prepositions, I din't pass my exam because I got wrong all the prepositions. Do you have any advices? Thank you so so much. Waiting for your kindly reply , Best Regards.


I thought a lot about your question, and I wish there was a magic rule to get all prepositions right, but unfortunately this is not the case. :(

But I really want to help you so here are some resources and tips. :)

Be flexible

First of all, prepositions don’t have exact translations in English (or other languages), so don’t try to fit a preposition into just 1 or 2-3 translations, or into just one category, because you’ll find surprises that won’t fit in any of those, and you’ll just get more confused and frustrated.
Also, prepositions are not placed everywhere around randomly, so try to see the patterns, the similarities, the differences, make lists, diagrams, drawings, anything that helps you to figure them out better.

General uses of most common prepositions

  • a: objective, goal, indirect object
  • con: with (this is probably the easiest one)
  • de: origin, belonging, ingredient/material
  • desde: origin (focus on distance), from somewhere in place or time until here/now.
  • en: location, transportation, during
  • hasta: to, until (focus on distance), from here/now to somewhere in place or time.
  • hacia: towards, around
  • por: cause, reason, method, way
  • para: purpose, goal

Different prepositions + [place/time]


  • Voy México. - I go to Mexico.
  • Voy para México. - I’m on my way to Mexico.
  • Voy hacia México. - I’m going towards Mexico.
  • Voy hasta México. - I go to Mexico. (All the way from here to there)

  • Vengo de Bolivia. - I come from Bolivia.
  • Vengo desde Bolivia. - I come from Bolivia. (All the way from there to here)

  • Vivo en Chile. - I live in Chile.
  • Vivo por el parque. - I live close to the park. (The park is around my house)

*I made all these examples with hours, but you can use days, weeks, months, years, seasons, daytime, etc.

  • Trabajo a las 8:00 AM. - I work at 8:00 AM
  • Trabajo hasta las 8:00 PM - I work until 8:00 PM

  • Ella llegará por las 5:00. - She’ll arrive around 5:00.
  • Ella llegará para las 5:00. - She’ll arrive around 5:00.
  • Ella llegará hacia las 5:00. - She’ll arrive around 5:00.

    *In this case all these 3 sentences have the same meaning and most of the times can be interchangeable.

  • Practico de 5:00 a 7:00. - I practice from 5:00 to 7:00.
  • Practico desde las 5:00 hasta las 7:00. - I practice from 5:00 until 7:00.
  • Me levanto desde las 6:00. - I get up from 6:00.
  • Me duermo hasta las 11:00. - I go to bed until 11:00.

en + months, seasons, years (not days)

  • Tengo vacaciones en julio. - I’m on vacation in July.
  • Quiero ir en primavera. - I want ton go in the spring.
  • Voy a ir a Argentina en el 2020. - I’m going to Argentina in 2020.

**days: we use “el, los”:
Estoy libre el viernes. - I’m free on Friday.
Tomo clases de piano los miércoles. - I take piano classes on Wednesdays.

Common prepositions

I made a Google document with the most common prepositions and their most common uses, and I also made as many examples as I could so you can see how we use them.

Here’s the document: PREPOSITIONS

Por & Para

For por and para visit my Google document. ↑↑↑

Read a lot

To get used to prepositions you need to use them a lot, and one way to do this is reading. Try to read everything you can in Spanish, from advertising to novels or news, depending on your level. Pay attention to the prepositions, specially to the ones that you find more difficult. Look at the context, and the words before and after each preposition, it will make it easier.

I know it’s difficult to try to understand what you’re reading and try to study the prepositions at the same time, so that’s why I leave you here some webpages where you can read the same articles or stories in Spanish and English. So you don’t have to focus on what is being said, but how prepositions are used.

You can also go to Linguee to search for prepositions in context.

Drill exercises

Do as many exercises as you need to get prepositions right.
Here, I share with you all the preposition exercises I found.

Transitional Phrases

We use Transitional Words or Phrases to link words, sentences or phrases, as therefore, nevertheless and so on.

In Spanish, many of these transitional phrases have prepositions. If you try to translate them literally they probably won’t make sense, so try to learn them just as they are.

Here are some links where you can see these transitional phrases:

I hope this was useful. Remember, the more you use them the easier it will be. :)
¡Buena suerte! Good luck!

Last year there was this rumor going around that clowns were going to break into the school and kill ten people on a certain day that I can’t remember at 2:10pm. Now, most people weren’t really freaked out like at most were slightly more on edge than normal, but the teachers had to keep saying “the school would be closed if it was an actual concern” etc. Everyone was laughing it off (and some actually wanting it to happen I kid you not) until lunch. Then, we found them. Normal gogurts(or at least a yogurt similar), right? Wrong. Because of some horrible twist of fate, there were ten (I’m being serious) gogurts found with something along the lines of “clowns will invade your school” on the back. Everyone freaked out. The kids with the gogurts were panicking because everyone thought they were gonna die, and no one could focus during the last hours of the day. My Spanish teacher was super great, and half the time just let us be on our phones (yet some how I actually learned so Spanish ???) But today when every one was freaking out because we had on of the ten gogurt kids in our class, she just told us that she would stop class at 2 and let us hide if it made us feel better if we focused until then. Nothing happened at 2:10 and everyone went home just slightly more stressed than normal.

Rooftop Season (Peter Parker x Reader) Part 2

You have an undeniable crush on Peter Parker, but not everything is simple as it seems (Peter Parker x Reader)

Parts: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

A/N: MASSIVE thanks to everyone who liked/reblogged RS part 1!!! I honestly did not expect that reaction, and I’m really grateful I’m able to share this love for Peter Parker with an audience like you guys. Thanks for welcoming me as a fellow Hollander.

You stepped off the bus, holding onto your bag as if it were a life jacket. Waves of anxiety hit you at random, making it hard to maintain a steady breath.

You didn’t understand what was so nerve-wrecking about your task this morning: thanking Peter for the help he gave you yesterday.

You twisted the handles of your bag. Was it was because you were shy about approaching people? Or was it the fact that you finally caved in to the crush you’d tried so hard to fight off?

The school bell rung loudly overhead and you felt the colour drain from your face. You were going to be sick.

Yep, it was definitely because of the crush.

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8.13.17 // 2:30pm //guide to school organization

this one was requested by @boglarkat-studyblr, @catharticstudying and @nevermindigotnothin, so i hope you find this useful! i’ve definitely tried a bunch of different organization methods over my years of schooling, so i know a fair bit about it. this post will include my current organizational system and also some other ones i’ve tried/thought of and their pros and cons. hopefully there’s something in here for everyone! xoxo, m

ps. you do not have to be impeccably organized to be successful. studyblr kind of perpetuates this “i need to have everything planned perfectly and color coded and filed away in this super neat system”. not everybody works that way and not everybody needs that in order to achieve their goals. find what works for you.

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After EU

It’s been a year since I graduated from Elsewhere University. There are things they warn you about at orientation. Carry salt and iron at all times, never say please or thank you, and don’t bet anything you can’t bear to part with. They don’t warn you about how hard it is to leave. 

Probably because so few of us do. Out of my entering class of 1000, only 300 of us are graduating four years later. Maybe 100 of us will return later, unable to live with the mundane. Most of those who escape are science majors, of course.

I was a tiny bit too adventurous to pick a science major. So I was a Spanish and Econ double major. Spanish for love and Econ for money; I always got a chuckle out of that. Which means that I was somewhat safe from the Gentry, but only somewhat. I made sure to always have my salt, iron, and towel (you should always know where your towel is), to never stray off the paths, and to find loopholes in agreements with the best of them. I had my quiet corner of the library, where time always passed at exactly half its normal rate and no one disturbed me as long as I read my Spanish Lit Homework out loud. Sometimes when whoever listened was particularly pleased, I’d find a smooth stone or bell afterwards. My time at EU was uneventful, at least by EU standards. I was prepared for it.

No one warned me about leaving. I wasn’t prepared for the strange looks I get when I carry a salt packet around with me everywhere I go (I feel naked without it now). I wasn’t prepared to get glares from passers-by when I leave cups of creamer on benches and to be called a litterbug by children. I wasn’t prepared for the pages upon pages of contracts to download an app, nor for the panic attack the one time I just pressed accept. (What did I just give away???) I wasn’t prepared for my family to insist I see a therapist, or for the diagnosis of OCD.

EU was strange and often terrifying, but at least it had rules that you could follow to stay safe (most of the time). When I left, I swore I would never come back, but…..



× Title: Bokura ga Tsugai ni Naru Made (僕らがつがいになるまで)
× Eng title: Until We Become a Pair
× Chapter: 5
× Artist: GO Mouriki
× Language: stalker with a sewing kit
× Link to read online: [ here!!!! ]
× Download: nope, sorry
× Note: Retranslation: @qvfamma for spanish. everyone else: the usual

Summary: haruki is a poor-arse omega who is the oldest of 7 kids (i guess his parents had too much fun, like the hell?). even though he has multiple part-time jobs and sacrifices eating well in order to pay for his meds, he still remains the top of his 3rd year class. boy got it all, i mean, apart from being poor as hell… but other than that, i guess life is chill? lol not. because for some reason, this poor omega is being stalked by a very stubborn 1st year alpha…

Ω i didn’t add the intro pages, but if you need to, look here to refresh yo’ memories about ‘dem abo rules concerning “b-boy omegaverse”.

Ω shounen 6 next!!

Cement | P.P

Hi! this is my attempt at a soulmate AU bc i live for Soulmate AU’s okay. The concept is that everyone has a uniquely colored bar on their wrist, and only their soulmate has the matching bar, once they meet the other persons initials appear on their wrist-however you don’t magically fall in love the second you meet.

Warnings: Me not editing bc im trash?? Uh swearing? cliches? Avoiding your problems???

Word Count: 2.4k Whoopsie Daisy

I apologize if this is garbage

Every morning you went through the same basic routine.

Except for one small factor, you spent extra time covering your soulmate tattoo in either foundation or by stacking countless bracelets on your wrists.

Everyone always wondered why you chose to hide the small bar, they would never understand how much you hated the idea of soulmates, as well as how much you hated the muddy grey bar that sat on your wrist, along with the letters “P.B.P” on top of it.

The first time the letters showed up on top of the bar your only thought was ‘Who the fuck is P.B.P’ but those thoughts quickly vanished as you contemplated the most effective way to cover the mark.

You never even knew when you met your soulmate, but somehow their initials littered your wrist.

What the hell even is the point of having a soulmate? Being destined to love some random stranger for the rest of your life, some people never got to meet their soulmates and either went with whoever was second best or just decided to stay alone.

That’s what bothered you the most.

People felt as if they were bound to one person based on some ugly color on their wrist, it made no sense to let that limit their life choices, it’s stupid.

So there you were, standing in your bathroom staring down at the bar that would haunt you for the rest of your mortal life. Every morning the stupid bar made you angry, it had bad memories associated with it, actually the entire concept of soulmates had bad memories associated with them.

People say that once you lose your soulmate you feel dead on the inside, and eventually die, most don’t believe in such a “silly” or “absurd” idea, however being that you lived with your Aunt and Uncle after your parents had both simultaneously passed in the same month, only a week and a half apart, you knew the absurd myth wasn’t a myth.

It made no sense for your father to pass after your mother did, he was perfectly healthy, never having a single problem in his entire life, except for fracturing his ankle at the age of twelve, so when you found out he died, you knew all those stupid stories were true.

Not to mention that the bar that sat on your wrist caused you to be bullied as a kid, because while everyone else had a nice and bright colored bar yours looked like dirty cement that had been stepped on too many times.

So you hated the tattoo, everyday praying to whatever higher power there was that you’d never be properly introduced to whomever the initials on your wrist belonged to, that you could just live life naturally, and not revolve your life around the idea of someone being made “perfectly” for you.

You quickly put on the several different bracelets that littered your bathroom countertop making sure that the bar was no longer visible.

Then you made your way out of the small apartment in Queens and headed towards the subway station, making sure to catch your train on time, otherwise you’d have to wait an hour and a half for the next direct routed train.

The train ride was quiet as usual, except for the music that played from your right earbud, leading you to softly hum along as you sat in your seat waiting for the ride to end.

Then of course, you had to go to school. The place that made you want to smack your face against a desk every thirty minutes, not that you aren’t smart, it’s rather the opposite, sometimes you think you’re too smart for your own good, taking all AP classes-except for gym-as a sophomore sounds rough, but somehow you pass them all with ease.

Not to mention the fact that you avoided making friends because everyone seemed to either be too stupid for you, or too obnoxious. Your counselor recommended joining the decathlon team, saying it would be a great experience to make friends with people who have the same intellectual levels as you, however when you found out Eugene “Flash” Thompson was in it you quickly declined, he was idiotic enough to ruin that for you.

People were stupid, and you simply weren’t.

Even now sitting inside of an AP Physics course full of mostly seniors you worked with ease, the seemingly complex problems being like basic arithmetic to you. Most people knew that you were one of the smartest kids in the sophomore class, however none of them had the guts to talk to you, after the many incidents when you-to put in layman’s terms-told people to fuck off.

Being bullied as a kid taught you to be strong, probably stronger than you needed to be, but hell, the only way you were going to get through life was to be strong, even if it meant being a ruthless bitch at times.

“Okay today we’re doing an icebreaker of sorts, I feel like we’ve been in this class half a semester and I know nothing about any of you in this class, so rather than doing an experiment we’re going to sit in a circle and talk about ourselves…oh stop groaning, you need social skills in life…you’re going to say your name and one fact about yourself” with that announcement the classroom was filled with the sounds of chairs scraping against the tiled floors as everyone sat in a rather uneven circle.

You were sat between two guys, one being Abe, the kid that always called Flash an idiot without using the term idiot, he was also a sophomore, and the other being Jenson, some senior with a knack for half-assing experiments.

Slowly but surely everyone in the class had to stand up and say something about themselves, most of them saying what they wanted to do after high school, their family lives, or something about their soulmate, when it was your turn you shrugged refusing to stand up.

“I’m (y/n) (y/l/n), and I hate icebreakers.” some people laughed and some just stared at you, the teacher in shock that you’d say something so bluntly, Abe holding his hand to give you a high-five, which you returned to his shock.

Eventually the circle landed on Peter Parker, the kid you considered a genius, that was in love with Liz Allan, or at least he made it seem that way.

“Uh I’m Peter Parker, and well I uh want to go to school for engineering” he quickly sat down and tugged at his left sleeve, where his tattoo would presumably be, before he rolled his sleeve up slightly to look at his irritated wrist and his eyes grew wide in shock, which made you stifle a slight giggle, however the class laughing at something some senior said hid it rather well.

Once the bell rang everyone made their way to their next class-or in your case-lunch. Where you sat alone, headphones in, reading Possessing The Secret Of Joy, well you would have been reading if someone hadn’t plopped their lunch down right in front of you, what made it worse is with one tray came two.

So when you took your headphones out you weren’t pleased to see Peter Parker and Ned Leeds in front of you.

“Is there something you two need” Before you could say anything else a copy of The Crucible found it’s way onto the table as well as Michelle Jones.

“Actually there’s something that we all need, and since these two are too scared to ask, what are your initials, first middle and last to be specific” You rolled you eyes and plugged your headphones back into your ears and continued to read your book.

There was no way in hell they’d get you to play their little soulmates game. You refused.

You even rolled down your hoodie sleeves to cover up your bracelet-clad wrists for extra emphasis on the topic at hand.

When the bell rang you grabbed your stuff, rolled your eyes at the three musketeers and made your way to your AP Spanish class, aka your napping class.

Yet for some reason, you got called down to the Morita’s office, so you couldn’t take your nap.

“What the hell is this about” The moment you entered the room, there sat the three musketeers again, making you want to jump out of a third floor window.

“Okay, these three have something rather important to tell you, and they wouldn’t leave me alone until I called you down, sorry kiddo” With that he left the room and you stood there, arms crossed and pissed off.

“Your name is (Y/f/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n) correct? Making your initials (y/i) correct?” you rolled your eyes and nodded at the persistent teenage girl. “Let me see your wrist” You laughed at her attempt to ask politely and gave her the finger.

“Why the hell does any of this shit matter? Oh wow big deal you know my name and my initials, I’m so impressed, wow you solved a giant mystery, here let me just show you my wrist now because you asked so damn nicely. Hate to break it to you all, but that’s not how the real world works”

“Jesus Peter, you got yourself a handful” You quickly looked at Ned, who now had his hand over his mouth, wide eyed and nervous.

“Wow, that’s what this is about, I could be napping right now, but no I’m standing in the principles hot ass office because Peter Parker thinks I’m his soulmate. Are you shitting me right now.”

With the amount of times you rolled your eyes, you were shocked that your eyeballs hadn’t fallen out of your head. However the look of shock on Parker’s face was enough to make you laugh at the shitty situation you were in.

You knew the truth, he had to be your soulmate, based on logic, if you were his, he was definitely yours, and you knew he wasn’t a dumb kid, hell you knew the three people in front of you weren’t dumb.

“Here’s how we end this, show us your wrist, boom if the color and initials don’t match up you guys weren’t meant to be and Peter can stop panicking, I mean a lot of people do have the same initials” Michelle sighed when you shook your head and flipped her the bird once again.

“Okay how about on three you both show us your wrists” Ned was at least trying to sound nice, rather than his friend who was very much so ‘do what i say’. Peter looked nervous, he avoided your stare, he already knew the truth, as did you, however you knew you had to be sure.

So you nodded at Ned, carefully removing the bracelets from under your hoodie sleeve and putting them in your pocket.

“3…2…1” With that the two of you rolled up your sleeves and placed your wrists out, only to hear MJ mutter an ‘i totally knew it’ while Ned was breathing like he was going to have a panic attack.

As you stared at the cement toned mark on Peter’s wrist with your initials covering it all you wanted to do was scream. You hated the idea of a soulmate, and now you knew yours.

That only doomed you even more, because the bond is created on sight, and soulmates were similar to marriages in the ‘til death do us part’ sense, however in a marriage you could get a divorce, soulmates didn’t get divorces.

“Great. Yipee. Fuck Yeah. Woo. Hope you assholes are happy. I’m leaving” with that you slammed open the principal’s door and exited the office, however instead of going to class you decided to leave the school.

Eventually you found yourself inside of Mr. Delmar’s Bodega on 21st street.

“Que Paso Curlita?” You sighed at him showing him the bar on your wrist, now having a darker look to the initials engraved into your skin. “Y why is that a problem?”

“Because I don’t want a soulmate Mr.Delmar, hell I’ve never wanted a soulmate, and now that I know him, I’m doomed to life with him” The older man sighed as he took a seat across from me and smiled.

“Listen Curlita, I’ve known you since your parents moved into that old apartment on 14th street, before you were even born, I went to highschool with your parents, it’s funny your mother had the same exact mindset, but remember you don’t have to fall in love right away, or even at all, you could just try being friends with the boy before you go and shun him, after all the universe did pair you two together for a reason” You sighed and nodded at his words.

Although you hated to admit it, he was right, you had to give Peter a chance, even if it meant just trying to be friends with the spastic genius.

“Speak of the devil, Peter, come here” You sighed turning around slightly to see Peter standing at the door, in shock at your presence in the bodega.

He slowly made his way over, and sat down across from you, Mr. Delmar leaving the two of you to sit. In all honesty you two sat there and stared at each other in silence for about ten minutes, admittedly you were taking in the details of his face, it had been the first time that you really got the chance to take a good look at Peter Parker.

“You hate me don’t you” His comment caught you off guard slightly, however you tilted your head at him and shrugged.

“No, I don’t hate anyone, I don’t have time to hate everyone, that’s too much energy to waste on other people in the first place. Although I guess you could say it was a sense of indifference before, but now I don’t exactly know what it is, but I know I’ve never hated you”

“So are you willing to at least try to be friends cause we’re kinda uh-well-soulmates and all-destined to fall in love-and that other stuff-i mean it’s cool if you don’t want to fall in love with me-I get that, I’m probably just some spaz-oh god I’m rambling”

You stuck your hand out in front of him and smiled

“Friends” when he took your hand, you knew that this would be a long ride.

You had finally taken a good enough look at the guy you were destined to live the rest of your life with, and you had to admit, even though he’s a nervous wreck, he’s cute.

Lunch (Jeff Atkins)

Requested: yes (my first request yay!) 

Words: 2541

Request: nishattazz: Hey here’s an idea! Anyways, I LOVE Jeff and I hope they explore his character if they do season 2. ANYWAYS! I want an imagine where y/n is a friend of Hannah’s like how Jeff is to clay. And basically Jeff and y/n have always liked each other and they kind of know that they have feelings for each other, but y/n always put a had front up and likes to play hard to get. So an example would be that Hannah and y/n are eating lunch and they see clay and Jeff on another table. Y/n is pushing Hannah, but she won’t do it and Hannah turns it around and y/n is like meh! And then c&j come over and ask what they’re talking about. Y/n blatantly say ‘you’ to clay and starts eating normally. And then Jeff put his hand around y/n and her eyes widen at Hannah, she pulls his hand down and he does it again. This time he pulls her into her, and she’s trying to still play hard. A lot of funny and flirty moments, maybe like he intimidates her and walks her into the lockers until he gets a date, complimenting her etc. And like he snakes his hands around her waist and leans his head on her should from behind.

Hi guys! So this is my first imagine and I hope everyone will like it especially the one who requested it!


Hey, it’s Ella, Ella Montoya. Don’t worry nothing bad happened. I’m just going to tell you the story of how I fell in love. So lean back and grab a snack and let me tell you how this all began.

Liberty High, Senior Year

“Ella! Hey!” Hannah called, running after the blonde
“Hannah Baker, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Ella grinned
“Well, I need help in Spanish and Ms. Gomez suggested you for tutoring?” Hannah said nervously, eyes locked on the ground
“Yeah sure! Meet me at the library after school?” Ella said happily, but when is Ella not happy? That is one of the many reasons why people enjoyed talking to her, she has never greeted anyone without a smile.
“Okay thanks!” Hannah said
“No problem” Ella grinned

But for me, Hannah Baker helped me more than I helped her.

After School

“So, what does el pan mean?” Ella asked, tucking her hair behind her ear

“Um, A cup?” Hannah said, but more like asked
“No but it means bread” Ella giggled
“Oh my gosh. I’m sorry. This is what I meant when I said I needed help” Hannah said
“Don’t worry, It’s okay. You’re not the first person to have trouble” She assured the curly headed girl
“Thanks for doing this” Hannah said gratefully
“No problem! So I think I know why you’re having trouble” Ella smirked
“Really? Why?” Hannah asked
“Well for starters, you keep glancing at Clay Jensen. Tell me do you like him?” Ella said
“Yes. No. Wait. I think?” Hannah said, looking at Ella who just raised an eyebrow
“Ugh yes!” Hannah finally concluded
“Yay! I definitely have to get you two together!” Ella squealed
“How about you and me head down to Monet’s and get together there, bonita” A voice said, Ella turned around and there he was, Jeff Atkins, star baseball player of Liberty High and behind him was Clay Jensen, who kept glancing between the floor and Hannah, who was also glancing at Clay.
“Hi Jeff” Ella said bluntly
“C'mon I like you, you like me! Why are you making this hard?” Jeff pestered
“Not everything is supposed to be easy, Jeff. C'mon Hannah, let’s go. I’ll give you a lift home. Bye Clay” she smirked at the two oblivious lovebirds.
“Thanks. Bye Jeff, bye Helmet” Hannah said, waving to the two boys
“Bye” Clay said, waving back
“Bye Hannah. I’ll see you tomorrow, hermosa!” Jeff shouted, earning him a ‘shh’ from multiple students.

In Ella’s Car

“So?” Hannah grinned, smiling a smile that that was bigger than the Cheshire Cat’s

“What?” Ella asked

“What’s between you and Jeff?” Hannah grinned even more if that was possible

“Nothing” Ella smiled

“Oh yeah sure! That smile means nothing” Hannah scoffed

“Okay let me tell you, Jeff made it clear that he likes me and sometime between his confession and now, I also made it clear that I like him back” Ella explained, pulling out of where her car was parked

“Then why are’t you two together?” Hannah questioned

“Because! What if I’m nothing but a conquest for him? How do I know that he’s not part of some group that sleeps with girls and keeps score in some sort of secret play book?” Ella exclaimed, keeping most of her focus on the road in front of her and the other on Hannah talking

“Okay you have to stop watching Riverdale and you need to listen to me, Jeff is literally the nicest jock at Liberty High and it looked like he really likes you and I think you should give him a chance” Hannah smirked

“But what if he-” Ella got cut off by Hannah shushing her

“No buts!”

“Okay” Ella sighed

“How about this? If I get at least a B in a Spanish test then you have to give Jeff a chance” Hannah negotiated

“Okay. If you don’t then you- you have to tell Clay that you like him” Ella said

“Excuse me?”

“Oh sorry correction, you don’t like him-” Ella started

“Yes” Hannah sighed

“You looooove him!” Ella continued laughing

“What? No! I don’t- Shut up!” Hannah blushed, making her cheeks pinker than what a blush powder can do

“Awhh! Hannah Baker’s blushing, Hannah Baker’s blushing” Ella sang, laughing afterwards

The next day

“Hey Ella!” Hannah called

“Hannah Baker! What do you got for me?” Ella smiled

“Well I’m doing a test later in Spanish” Hannah revealed

“Won’t that test determine if you need a tutor or not?” She asked

“Yeah but tutor or not, I still want you to be my friend” Hannah grinned

“Awh thanks Hannah Banana! Eat with me later at lunch!” Ella squealed

“Yeah sure!” Hannah giggled and there they were chatting about things when Ella heard that voice that instantly made her day

“Hey bonita!” He called

“Ugh Jeff” Ella groaned, pretending to not be fazed by his presence

“Bye, Ella” Hannah winked, walking away to her classroom

“Let me walk you to class” Jeff offered

“Thanks but no thanks. I’m capable of walking to class on my own and don’t you have class in the other building?” Ella declined

“So you know my schedule?” Jeff grinned, outside he was happy but inside he was jumping up and down out of happiness

“Yeah” Ella said

“May I ask why?” Jeff asked curiously

“So I know what classes to steer clear of” Ella smirked

“That hurt me, hermosa. You should know that” Jeff faked groaned, his hand holding the chest part above his heart but Ella just smiled at him and walked away.

As she walked away, Jeff watched her with a smile on his face that always appeared whenever she was around before walking away.

At Lunch

Ella and Hannah walked over to a vacant table, carrying their trays and sat down.

“So? How did you do on the test?” Ella asked then taking a bite from her fruit salad

“I don’t know but I think I failed it” Hannah said, pushing her food around with her fork

“Be positive. You probably did good” Ella encouraged

“Thanks. And good enough to get a B, so you can finally give Jeff a chance?” Hannah said, suddenly having her big grin

“Nah you probably failed” Ella joked then taking another bite from her salad

“Okay ouch!” Hannah laughed, throwing a fry at her

“Hannah, Clay hasn’t taken his eyes off of you since we sat down. Look C or not, you have to tell the poor guy that you like him back!” Ella exclaimed

“I can’t!” Hannah said

“Why not?” Ella asked

“I don’t know why!” Hannah said

“Just tell him and- Jeff and Clay are on their way here” Ella said shocked

“Hey girls, what are you talking about?” Jeff asked, taking a seat next to Ella

“We are talking about Clay” Ella said bluntly

“Me?” Clay asked, sliding into the seat next to Hannah

“Yes Clay, you” Ella said

They continued talking, but not about Clay anymore obviously the poor boy would probably be tomato red if that conversation continued on. So as they were chatting and eating, Jeff did the oldest trick in the book,  The old yawn-then-arm-over-shoulder trick on Ella.

“Okay Jeff, we are at the cafeteria, not at a cinema in the Crestmont” Ella said pushing his arm off her shoulders

“Then let’s go to the Crestmont, after school and catch a movie?” Jeff offered

“Jeff, for the hundredth time-” Ella started

“Ella! Can I tell you something for minute?” Hannah cut in

“Sure, We’ll be right back boys” Ella said following Hannah to the side where they were out of earshot

“You have to give him a chance!” Hannah said

“Okay” Ella said

“Wow that was easy. Okay let’s go and-” Hannah said before getting cut off

“I just wanna see the B on your Spanish test paper” Ella said, tapping her foot

“Okay” Hannah shrugged, pulling out a folded paper from her pocket

“Hannah?” Ella rolled her eyes at the sight of the contents of the paper

“Yeah?” Hannah sheepishly said

“This is a B” Ella said slowly

“Yup” was all Hannah said

“From your old school!” Ella exclaimed

“Well you never said the recent test paper” Hannah shrugged

“I- ugh Hannah Baker, you are one sneaky mujer” Ella groaned

“What does that mean?” Hannah blinked

“Look it up” Ella simply said, returning to the table and taking her seat next to Jeff

“Jeff?” Ella started nervously


“Yes” Ella said quickly

“What?” Jeff said clear shock on his face

“Yes” Ella repeated

“What?” Jeff said again still shocked

“Yes! I’m saying yes to-” Ella laughed

“I know! But you finally said yes!” Jeff exclaimed happily, standing up

“Jeff, calm down!” Ella laughed

“The girl of my dreams finally said yes! Woohoo!” Jeff pumping his fist in the air

“Before Jeff starts jumping from table to table Clay, Hannah likes you” Ella revealed and both Clay and Hannah was blushing from the revelation

“Ella!” Hannah said blushing

“Bye! Love you Hannah Banana!” Ella sang, standing up and running to Jeff, who was standing next to Justin’s group’s table and pestering Zach

“Jeff! Leave poor Zach alone!” Ella scolded and he ran off happily again

“Sorry about him” Ella apologized to Zach

“Don’t worry about it. Congratulations” Zach smiled at the blonde

“Thanks” Ella said then went to Jeff to calm him down

“Jeff! Calm down!” Ella laughed, giving him a kiss on the cheek which made him stop immediately

“Okay, bonita” Jeff grinned

“Now Crestmont, after school?” Ella smiled back

“That’s the plan” Jeff said kissing her on the forehead

“ELLA MONTOYA! YOU’RE DEAD!” The couple broke apart at the sudden words of Hannah Baker

“See ya!” Ella grinned kissing Jeff on the cheek before running away from Hannah

“Bye” Jeff chuckled

He was happy that he finally got the girl of his dreams.

Now let’s go back to Ella and Hannah and see how’s their chase is going.



Or maybe we shouldn’t…

After Classes

Ella was putting some of her stuff in her locker, humming to herself when she felt arms wrapping around her waist and by the sudden warm feeling that grew in her she knew who it was.

“Hey, cariñoa” Jeff said placing his chin on her shoulder

“Hi” Ella giggled turning around to place a kiss on his cheek

“Are you ready?”

“Sure! Oh wait! Hannah!”

“She told me to tell you that she’s working today” Jeff said

“Okay then let’s go!” Ella smiled closing her locker and pulling Jeff by the hand to the school doors

At The Crestmont

The couple were walking towards the ticket booth when they heard a voice that they never expected to hear.

“Hey!” Hannah grinned from inside the ticket booth

“Oh hey, it’s Hannah!” Ella grinned

“Hey, Hannah” Jeff greeted her

“You work here?” Ella asked

“Yeah. it’s good money” Hannah chuckled

“Here you go” Hannah said giving them two tickets

“How much?” Jeff asked reaching into his pocket for his wallet

“On the house! What’s the use of having a friend that works at the movies if you can’t get in for free” Hannah whispered

“Thanks! Monet’s on Sunday?” Ella asked

“Sure! Now go! You might miss the movie!” Hannah laughed

Jeff and Ella were walking and laughing at each other’s jokes when again they were surprised at someone who they never expected to be there

“Clay!” Ella called walking over to the concession stand where Clay was the cashier

“Hey” Clay greeted the couple

“Hey, man” Jeff said doing a some sort of guy handshake with Clay

“You work here?” Jeff asked

“Yes! It’s good money here” Clay answered

“And the girl he likes works up front” Ella smirked

“Dude, she’s right. When are you going to ask her out? I mean you know she likes you.” Jeff asked, Ella nodding in agreement

“Soon? I don’t know! Now go to your movie! You might-”

“Miss our movie? Yeah we know” Ella laughed

“Good! Now here’s two complimentary drinks and jumbo popcorn” Clay said giving them the said items

“Wow, Clay and Hannah working here just saved you 20 dollars” Ella realized

“Even if they didn’t work here I’ll get anything for you"Jeff sweetly said

So the couple walked to the cinema and went to their seats

“So, tell me what is the movie about?” Ella whispered leaning close to Jeff

“I don’t know” Jeff whispered back

“Who’s the lead in the movie?” Ella whispered again

“I don’t know” Jeff whispered back

“Do you know anything about the movie?” Ella laughed

“No” Jeff laughed

After the movie

“So? How was our date? Tell me, do you want to marry me now?” Jeff asked jokingly

“The date was perfect and maybe or maybe not. Let’s see how this relationship goes” Ella chuckled

“I’m in a relationship? I thought I was in a dream” Jeff said smoothly

“Smooth, Atkins, smooth” Ella laughs as they got into the car

Ella’s street

“Park here. my house is like three blocks away and I don’t wanna disturb my parents and brother with the headlights” Ella said, so Jeff parked at the side

“Walk me to my house?” Ella asked

Jeff nodded and turned off the engine, taking off his seat belt and Ella doing the same. They both got out of the car and started walking to Ella’s house

“Tell me, why wouldn’t you say yes to me when we both found out that we liked each other and I asked you out?” Jeff asked while they were walking and holding hands

“Honestly? I was scared that I was just something you do and dump when you’re done” Ella answered nervously

“I’ll die before that happens, cariñoa” Jeff promised

Before they knew it they were in front of Ella’s front door and Jeff’s eyes flickered to her eyes then to her lips then he started to lean in and Ella doing the same then their lips collided against each other and Jeff felt Ella smile into kiss and sparks flew but like the night, the moment had to end and so when they pulled away they both blushed and promised to call the other back. Ella took her keys out and opened the door and gave Jeff a peck on the lips before bidding him goodnight and closing the door. Behind the door Ella smiled and touched her lips still feeling the sparks from the kiss and outside the door there stood Jeff who also touched his lips an feeling the same and started walking to his car. The memory of the kiss replaying inside his head.

The Next Day

At Ella’s house

Ella laid in the living room, reading a book though she couldn’t focus on it as she remembered the events of last night when the doorbell rang. She stood up and answered it.

“Hey, hermosa ” There stood Jeff with a bouquet of pink roses and a smile

“Hey! aw thank you! What are you doing here?” Ella said pecking him on the lips when he handed her the roses

“We are going on an adventure!” Jeff announced

“Really? Where!” Ella asked excited

“Calm down hermosa, it’s a secret” Jeff laughed and Ella laughed back and just looked at Jeff mentally thanking Hannah for convincing her to say yes to Jeff.

“Well? let’s go! We have a long journey ahead of us!” Jeff said, grabbing her hand and pulling a smiling Ella to his awaiting car to start their adventure.



YAY my first imagine! I hope ya’ll liked it and if you want to see more like this just request! I’ve got 2 Jeff imagines and 1 Clay imagine coming in the days to come! Hope you guys loved it!

Good For You

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Peter Parker X (Fem!) Stark!Reader

Summary: The reader takes Peter out on a special date for their nine months anniversary. Kinda inspired by “Good For You” by Selena Gomez

“Peter”, you called.

Your boyfriend stopped and waited for you. It wasn´t easy to get to him through all the other teenagers walking to class, but you managed.

“Hey”, you greeted and kissed Peter on the cheek.

He smiled and blushed. Even though you´ve been dating for almost nine months now Peter was still nervous around you. 

“You know tomorrow is our nine months anniversary, don´t you? I have something planned. It´s kinda special so you should wear something nice. I´ll pick you up tomorrow at eight”, you rambled. 

Peter raised an eyebrow but nodded anyway. 

“Sounds good. But I´ve gotta go to class now, see you tomorrow.” 

He pressed a kiss on your cheek and hurried across the hallway to his Spanish class.

The next day you showered at half past six and then started to choose something to wear. 

There were dresses covering your floor, trousers all over your bed and shirts on your desk. 

You let out a frustrated sigh when you heard a laugh from your bedroom door.

“Do you need help?”, your father asked and made his way over to you.

You nodded.

Tony looked at the clothes all over your room, then at you, then at your closet.

“Where are you going anyway?”

You sat down on the floor in front of your closet.

“I made a reservation at a fancy restaurant. I told Peter to wear something nice but I wanna look more than just nice, I want this evening to be something special. He´s been the best boyfriend I could ask for and tonight I want him to be able to show me off, I want to be good for him.”

Tony nodded. He wasn´t happy when you told him you were dating Spiderman but he realized Peter made you happy, and that´s all he ever wanted for you.

“Fancy restaurant, so a dress. Something special, a dress and jewelry.”

He stood in front of your closet for a few more seconds before picking a dress. It was black and had a red stripe on each side. It was long enough to cover everything but still looked very sexy.

“Dad, I can´t wear this! Why would you even let me wear this?”

“For one it´s very special and it will look great on you. And Natasha bought you this dress and she´s gonna get mad if you never wear it.”

You took another look at the dress. You could cover it up with a jacket, wear your red high heels and maybe a necklace. 

“Hurry up, it´s almost half past seven”, your dad told you and left the room.

You put on the dress and the red heels and sat down in front of your make up. 

After a while you picked a natural look that would bring out your eyes but didn´t make it seem like you were actually wearing make up.

You grabbed your jacket and made your way to the front door.

“Wait!”, Tony called after you.

You stepped out of the lift again and looked at your dad, confused.

“I wanted to give you this.”

He held up a beautiful silver necklace with a single diamond at the end.

You smiled.

“Thank you, dad.”

You gave him a quick hug and let you put the necklace around your neck.

“Now hurry up. Have fun and don´t do anything I wouldn´t do.”

“Ned, what am I supposed to wear?”, Peter asked, panic in his voice.

“I don´t know”, Ned´s voice sounded from the laptop.

Peter ran a hand through his hair and looked at his clothes again.

“Something nice…”, he muttered.

It was frustrating. All he had were jeans and shirts, knowing (Y/N) Stark “something nice” wasn´t a science shirt.

“Do you still have the suit you wore to your uncle´s funeral?”, Ned asked.

A smile broke out on Peter´s face.

“You´re a genius! Gotta go now, otherwise I´ll be late.”

Peter shut the laptop and changed into the suit.

Just seconds after he had put on his shoes the doorbell rang.

“I´ll get it”, Peter called before May could make her way to the door.

“You look very handsome”, May told her nephew.

Peter just shook his head to tell her to be quiet, he didn´t want (Y/N) to hear.

After taking a deep breath he opened the door.


You laughed.

“You look good as well.”

Peter hadn´t realized what “something nice” meant to a Stark. (Y/N)´s eyes were glowing, her hair was in a beautiful braid, her dress showed off her legs and the necklace made her whole body look like it was on fire.

“Bye May”, you shouted and took Peter´s hand.

“I´ve never been at a restaurant like this”, Peter confessed.

He looked around. The women were either wearing dresses or skirts and blouses and the men were all in suits. 

“I know. I just wanted this evening to be really special”, you told him.

A waitress arrived and sat a basket of bread on your table.

“Are you ready to order?”, she asked.

You nodded and gave her your order.

Peter was overwhelmed so he decided to choose pasta.

“I feel like a child. Children order pasta”, he sighed after the waitress had left.

You took his hand, which was playing with his napkin.

“Pete, it´s fine. If you´re uncomfortable we can leave.”

He shook his head.

“No, I´ll be okay. I just wanna do this evening justice.”

You smiled at him but before you could answer your food arrived.

You ate in silence. Peter seemed to enjoy his pasta, you liked your meal as well.

“Are we gonna order dessert?”, Peter asked after a while of silence.

You shook your head. 

“I´ve got something planned at home. Why don´t you get our jackets and I´ll pay, then we can leave.”

“Thank you again”, Peter said.

You stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and looked him in the eyes.

“Peter Parker, stop thanking me. I planned this date because I wanted to do something special, not because I wanted you to thank me all the damn time.”

Peter smiled. He took your hand and gave it a kiss. As he let it sink again he looked you in the eyes.

“I love you, (Y/N).”

“I love you too.”

You took a step closer to Peter and put the hand he wasn´t holding on his shoulder.

“I love you so much.”

You leaned even closer until your lips met. Kissing Peter never got old. It always felt like a fire growing bigger and bigger until your whole body was burning. At the same time it felt like butterflies flying around in your stomach and honey dripping down your throat. 

“We should get going”, you whispered against Peter´s lips after the kiss.

You opened the door to your bedroom. 

The city lights were glowing outside your window and all over the room candles were burning. 

There were two glasses, a bottle and a bowl on your bedside table.

You walked over to your bed and sat down.

Peter looked at you. He had always thought you were the most beautiful girl, when you had arrived at his flat this evening he had seen you as hot and sexy, but now, your hair around your face after Peter had opened your braid, and candles making your skin glow, he was enchanted. 

“Come over here”, you told him.

Peter took a deep breath to calm himself and sat down next to you.

“Dad gave me a small bottle of champagne for tonight, and I´ve got strawberries.”

You handed him a glass and a single strawberry.

Peter took a sip. The champagne wasn´t like anything he had drunken before. It was kinda sweet and bitter at the same time. The strawberry however was just sweet.

You kicked off your shoes and took another sip of champagne.

“It took me so long to get dad to get me this bottle. And it´s not even a full bottle, just enough for two glasses. He doesn´t want me to drink. Like he wasn´t way worse when he was our age. I just don´t understa-”

Peter stopped you by pressing his lips to yours. He could taste strawberries and champagne. 

Your eyes fluttered shut and you tangled your hands in Peter´s hair, carefully twisting it.

He let out a moan and deepened the kiss.

“I love you”, he whispered.

You could only nod because Peter had started attacking your neck with kisses. He pressed gentle kisses all over your neck.

When he arrived at the hem of your dress he stopped.

“(Y/N), do you want me to continue? Tell me to stop, I don´t want to force you.”

You smiled. Even now Peter remained a gentleman and put your needs before his.

“I´m sure. I woulnd´t want it to be anyone but you.”

You raised your arms to let Peter pull the dress over your head. He let it fall to the floor. Now it was your turn. You got rid of his jacket and then started kissing his hands. You opened the buttons on his shirt and continued to kiss his arms until you reached his elbow.

You look Peter in the eyes, asking if he was okay with where this was going.

He nodded and you unbuttoned his shirt.

“I love you”, he said before you pressed your lips against his once again.

“Are you alright?”, Peter asked.

You turned in his arms to face him.

“Never better”, you replied with a dreamy smile on your face.

You had never thought the night would end like this but you were happy nonetheless. And you were glad your first time had been with the boy you loved.

“I still have a gift for you”, Peter whispered in your ear.

You shook your head.

“Tomorrow, I´m tired.”

Peter nodded and closed his eyes. 

Though he didn´t fall asleep until he heard your even breath next to his ear, felt your heart beating at the same time as his. 

“I love you”, he whispered into the night.

studyblr intro!!!

hey tumblr! I go by Palm and i’ve had this account for a few days but i just got around to making an intro post so here goes !

about me 

  • I’m going into sophomore year of high school
  • my birthday is september 1st !! so i’m a virgo
  • I’m an entj
  • my fav place to go is probably california and i go every year during the summer!
  • I love grey’s anatomy, gilmore girls, the office, everybody hates chris, and oitnb
  • I’m very interested physical sciences/space science
  • I’m a gryffindor !

Classes (next year)

  • Hon Chemistry
  • Hon Pre Calculus
  • AP Government NSL
  • Hon Spanish 4
  • Journalism

future goals / why i made this

  • my dream school is a UC school in nor cal 
  • i really enjoy school and i kind of slacked off in the beginning of my freshman year but second semester i redeemed myself ! 
  • i’m super motivated to go to a good college and just in general i love academics and its awesome to be in a community full of (and hopefully make friends with) people who are equally motivated!

other stuff

  • I’m really into film and art
  • I play ukulele
  • I’m vegetarian and am considering pursuing something in agriculture that has to do w/ sustainable solutions + environmental engineering 
  • me and my brother are best friends and he’s extremely successful w/ school and is so helpful and tries so hard to help me w/ complicated school stuff

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I would make a Youtube video but I’ll save you guys the 2005 video edits

Lol but seriously guys I truly feel like I’m acting like a youtuber doing this but in order to really help you guys out I decided to include a Supply Haul in my back to school series. The reason behind this is because I could say this, this and that but I would be hypocritical if I wasn’t actually using the supplies I suggested in any of my past masterposts. I will include pictures of everything I bought as well as a brief description of why I bought it and how I will use it for the upcoming school year. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of my personal preferences for school and how it may help you stay organized, and succeed.


So let’s begin:

·       Backpack

I chose to go with one of Jansport’s most popular backpack. It has one main pocket with sufficient space as well as two front pockets and a laptop sleeve. I chose this backpack because it’s simple and is a decent size for my first year of college.

·       Notebooks

I bought 5 notebooks for this first semester. Two of them are from Stellar and they are simple, one subject, college ruled notebooks.

The third notebook I chose is a grid notebook which I plan to use for my Intro to Statistics course. I felt this was a better option rather than a lined notebook because it will help me to keep my notes organized and easy to read. This notebook is also in the size 8.5x11 which was really hard to find for me. I don’t like the Mead Five Star grid notebooks and every other grid notebook was small so when I finally found this one I was extremely excited!

The last two notebooks I bought were from Muji. These Notebooks are made of recycled material so they’re an off white color. I plan on using this for my Spanish 202 class. These notebooks don’t have a spiral binding which, for some reason or another, I actually prefer for my language courses.

·       Binders

I chose to buy 4 1" binders for this school year. There isn’t much to this except that I’m going to use these as my main source of organization for each class which includes: Spanish, Statistics, US History, and English

·       Index Dividers

I plan to use these to further organize my classes in my binders. I won’t use an entire pack for one binder but just a few to divide up spaces for my homework, essays, class work, and notes. (also of course I had to pick the cute ones)

·       Folder

I grabbed a single folder along with everything else because, if you’ve read my BTS Series masterposts, then you’ll know that I strongly recommend a folder that you use for important papers or work that is given or needs to be turned in that same day. I grabbed a plastic Five Star rather than an off brand paper folder because I know I’ll be using this all year round for multiple purposes. I’ll need to get maximum use out of this folder so the sturdier, the better.

·       Erasers, Refills, White Out, and Adhesive Rollers

This is all pretty self-explanatory. I just want to point out that I strongly recommend you buy white out because you’ll definitely need it if you prefer writing notes with pen rather than pencil.

·      Highlighters

I bought 15 Zebra Mildliners for this school year. Of course you don’t need this many  highlighters, let alone such expensive highlighters. Just make sure to include a good variety for yourself if you heavily rely on highlighting your notes!

·       Colorful Pens

I bought 2 sets of pens (highly unnecessary but I’m extra) for this year. The first being 12 Pilot G2 pens in 0.7mm as well as 12 Muji pens in 0.5mm. If you don’t have access to online shopping I would go ahead and buy Pilot G2 because those will more likely be in stores rather than Muji pens (If you guys know of any American store that sells Muji prducts LET ME KNOW). But if you’re thinking of buying yourself some Muji pens, I highly recommend them! I also bought a white Gelly Roll pen which I plan to use for my bullet journal.

·       Black Pens

I bought three different black pens (again, EXTRA) which includes the Staedtler Fineliners, Pilot G2 in 0.38mm and Uni-Ball Signos in 0.7mm. I plan on using the fineliners for my bujo and the Pilot G2 for notetaking. The Uni-Ball Signos for whatever other reason but most likely as back up.

·       Pencils

For pencils so far I’ve only bought 2 pencils from Muji which is, again, totally unnecessary. I do plan on buying just some regular pencils from whatever store since I’m not really picky on the actual barrel but rather the size of the lead. I bought these Muji pencils for the heck of it (cuz it’s Muji ya know?) and liked how they looked. Plus they were in 0.5mm lead which is my preference.

·       Planner/Bullet Journal

I bought my first Bullet Journal after having tried it out with a different notebook over the summer. I chose to buy the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook since I’ve seen many good reviews and whatnot. So far I really enjoy the quality of the paper and everything the notebook has to offer.

·       EXTRA

Lol so this has been a reoccurring theme in this masterpost but these are just a few extra supplies I bought that I know I’ll be using this school year. This includes Washi tape (for my bujo), Tombow dual Brush pens (for my bujo) and a notepad for quick lists.

So that’s everything that I’ve bought for this school year! There’s certain things, such as my pencil case and loose leaf paper that I didn’t mention because I didn’t buy new ones and they’re pretty self explanatory. If you want to see the pencil case that I’ll be using for this school year you can check out my “What’s in my pencil case” post. Apart from that, if you have any questions of where I bought any of these or whatever else, don’t be afraid to comment, send me a message, or send an ask to my inbox! I'l be happy to answer and send you guys links of where I bought everything.

This was a pretty long masterpost considering I included multiple pictures. This was a lot of effort (much more effort than I thought it would take) so I hope you guys enjoyed and can really understand what I’ve been talking about in my previous BTS masterposts!

Also! Don’t forget to check out the rest of my Back to School Series HERE!

-much love, studyessie ♡

When I was 6 I went to a friends house next door to spend the night. It was one of my first sleepovers so I was extremely excited. At the dinner table I attempted to ask for something and used the Spanish word for it—too young to realize a separation of languages. The table was quiet for a moment before my friend leaned over and said in a hushed voice “my dad doesn’t like those kinds of words.” I apologized and never said the word around other people again.

When I was 8 I argued with my white Spanish teacher that Ñaño was a Spanish word. It was what I called my brother, a term of endearment we inherited from my mothers Ecuadorean culture. She gave me a non passing grade and I got my first red card of my life.

When I was 10 I began developing faster than my fellow classmates. My mother told me to not wear tight clothes because it was indecent. I was so embarrassed I wore sports bras for three years straight to hide my breasts.

When I was 11 these boys in my class who made fun of me and my best friend started calling me Chewbacca because of my dark arm hair. I began to wear long sleeves despite living on a tropical Island.

When I was 12 my mother taught me how to shave my legs. I shaved my arms too.

When I was 13 my breasts were too large to hide with sports bras. I stole my brothers hoodies and told everyone I was just a tomboy. I walked holding my books in front of me. When I wore a dress for formal everyone exclaimed how surprised they were that I had a figure. I went home early.

When I was 14 I dated a boy who called me spicy because I was Spanish and determined that I must have been a sexual being because of it. I let him take things from me I still regret today. I hate the word spicy.

When I was 15 I discovered the word feminism. My mother said it like it was dirty. I hid behind a computer and tried to learn more.

When I was 16 I was told I was less Latina than my white classmates because I didn’t speak fluently. My white teacher told me she was surprised I didn’t know some of the verb tenses better. I stopped talking in class.

When I was 17 I dated a boy who said feminism was wrong and talked down to me because of it. I let him make me believe I wasn’t worth the love he gave me. He eventually broke up with me because I wasn’t willing to have sex with him. I still feel like I’m wrong sometimes.

When I was 18 I said something in Spanish to one of my best friends. She looked at me incredulously and yelled “English?!” I stopped speaking in Spanish to her.

When I was 18 I found out I was a person of color. I tried to raise awareness about the problems they face and my parents told me that activists who support things like BLM were anarchists and protesting something that didn’t exist. It was the last time they threatened to raise a hand to me.

When I was 19 I discovered I was not straight, and settled with the identity of Bi because it felt the most right. I went home from school and my mother immediately began bashing the LGBT community. She called them unnatural. Sinners. The speech I had written in my notes was deleted and we dropped the subject. 

When I was 19 I sat down and wrote all of these out and realized I never wanted anyone to grow up this way again. I called myself a feminist.

So I was carrying around some V.E. Schwab books today, right? And A Gathering of Shadows was at the top of the stack, okay?

So when I got to my Spanish class someone else in the class saw it, and his eyes got really wide, and he pointed at it, and I was like “Have you read it???” And he nodded, and I was like “THAT ENDING THOUGH” and we were just kind of nodding frantically at each other while the professor was trying to start class, and he was just like “we should talk,” and so I just met someone who’s read V.E. Schwab without me telling them to for the first time??? (With the exception of my twin.) This made my day.

(And my professor wrote down V’s name because we both got so worked up about the book so fast and, idk, that seemed appealing to her?)