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Wait what con artist from 2014

I’d like to title this story “Swing And A Miss

Okay, so my high school had this program where seniors could leave school like a month and a half early and opt out of exams if they took on internships around the neighborhood, but not everyone wanted to/was eligible to do it. Back in like 2013, they had like 15 bored seniors stuck in the school, so the administration brought in this Professional Life Coach, left him in alone in a room with them for two hours to talk to them about like, self-esteem or some shit. All the kids were pulled out of their classes for this*, and later told the administration that they loved him, they really enjoyed the talk.

So, about a year later, we have a new principal. He’s supposed to set up an assembly for all the 11th and 12th graders, but he doesn’t know what to do. One of his coworkers mentions that there was a life coach that was a huge hit with the kids that didn’t do community study last year, so maybe he’d also be great for a larger audience. The principal basically thinks “okay, what the hell” and calls up and hires Jason C. Jean to come talk to the kids.

Now, it’s like, 10:30, maybe 11:00 in the morning, and two entire grades are getting shepherded to the main gymnasium, and no one wants to God damn be there. We ain’t got time for self esteem talks. We want to sleep. And this guy, watching us all drag our feet in and collapse into the bleachers was just like…offensively peppy. There’s a couple faculty members sitting behind him, the woman who suggested he be hired for this, the vice principals for the grades- but the principal himself kept getting calls so he was in and out the whole time.

Now, Mr. Jean was like…the chill “Just call me by my first name dude” history professor at college times 30. He was trying so fucking hard. I’m referring to him as ‘Mr. Jean’ in this story just to be disrespectful. So anyway, we all get in there, and he tells us right off the bat “You guys are totally allowed to be on your phones and laptops during this! I get it! It’s no problem, like really, I insist!” so while the faculty members are exchanging smiles that read ‘how do we kill that while respecting him’, all the kids are immediately pulling out their electronics and he’s starts his speech.

Now, again, I really wanna reiterate that he told us we could be on our phones- because when the news articles started coming out about this, I remember all these angry, annoying comments from old people like “Why the hell were the students on their phones in the first place! So disrespectful! These damn millennials and their social media!” like, they were completely ignoring the entire story and just focusing in on kids using the internet, and it Really Super Pissed Me Off, so. Again, we had permission for this (which also ended up being Mr. Jean’s fatal mistake).

So, he starts off this speech fairly normally, like ‘hi, I’m Jason, I’m a professional life coach and I wanna teach you kids about how to be The Best You!’ and like people were tuning him out and listening to varying degrees. Some kids (like myself) were kinda dozing off, and everyone was on twitter or facebook.

His approach to a self esteem speech seemed to be ‘let me tell you my entire life story for hours’ and like, at first I was like “I’m not really hearing this, I’m half dreaming right now” but the more I started making myself pay attention the more…bizarre and rambling his story got.

So like, for instance, he told us he drank a lot in high school. Like, a lot. But he didn’t use that as a ‘don’t drink or party too hard’ lesson, instead he was like “I was fourteen so I always called my parents to pick me up, and they weren’t mad because they knew it meant I could trust them. So remember, always tell your parents when you’re drinking!” and then it kinda got to a point where it sounded like he was encouraging partying and drinking and the like to the group of underage kids.

And then, he told us how he used to play baseball all the time when he was a kid, and at 16 reached a crossroads in his life where the Phillies wanted to draft him or he could go play football for Penn State. And he said he went with Penn State but later lost the scholarship for some reason and we’re like…really.

There was absolutely nothing coherent about anything he was saying- nothing that tied anything together, made a point, seemed like it had anything to do with an assembly on self esteem. He told us at one point he was making upwards of 7 million a year. He told us one time before college he was homeless. He told us he used to own a construction company and built his own branch of nightclubs himself, that he and his friend then ran. He told us he fought a shark and came out with no scars. He told us that he had less money now, because after surviving a work related accident- direct quote- “I fell almost 30 feet and I broke in half” - he decided to leave that industry and spend more time with his family.

So, yeah, I was pretty positive this was bullshit, but there were clearly kids in the room that were falling for it. But then he said something like…he and his friend got bored one day and started jarring up their own pasta sauce, and made a deal with wegmans or some store like that to start selling it, and now he has a pasta sauce empire. Like he spent 15 fucking minutes on this. The way he kept saying ‘pasta sauce’ was so annoying I was about to claw my ears out. But anyway, two girls in my grade wanted to find out what brand he was talking about, so they googled his name.

And then quietly gasped.

And then furiously started typing into their phones.

And remember- everyone, even though they were paying attention- was on twitter and facebook. All the sudden I see heads flying up and wide eyes and people whispering to each other. Mr. Jean doesn’t seem to notice the change and keeps rambling on, but I know something happened so I google him too and-

Okay so basically he’s 1) been arrested, 2) filed for bankruptcy like three times and 3) has been hailed as a ‘Swinger Guru’ by playboy.


So by now, this is a fucking game- he still doesn’t notice anything wrong amongst the kids, so we’re all silently texting each other to fill each other in. Pulling up receipts. But still playing the part of politely intrigued audience members. The school faculty have no fucking idea what’s going on, until one of the students texts her mom, who happens to be the woman that convinced the principal to hire this guy. We see her check her phone, go wide-eyed, and she runs out of the fucking room presumably to either find the principal or hide in terror.

So Mr. Jean had been talking to random people intermittently throughout this speech, but we reach the ‘questions’ part of it. Everyone seems to silently agree that instead of just asking him anything outright, we should just see how good of a liar he was. So they’d be asking him stuff like ‘how much money did you make with ____ company’ and he’d give a ridiculously high number as people were sending each other reports of him filing for bankruptcy during that time. Or they asked him about his construction business which he said was great, and while he was talking about how great it was we were all reading his arrest report, from when a woman hired him to build her house, and he took her money and then like…just didn’t build anything. Wild. Someone asked him about his family and he’s extolling Christian virtues while we’re all on the website for his annual Swing Fest. People would ask him how he got certain jobs and he was making promises to hook kids up in interviews and shit. Everyone was loosing their God damn minds online and just barely holding it together in person. This man was so beyond full of shit- like, he was a God awful life coach but his dedication to lying was inspirational.

We eventually get to leave and everyone is yelling and cracking up and freaking out, all running to our classes to tell the teachers and the underclassmen everything, and the teachers are freaking out, alternating between horrified confusion and laughing hysterically. Before the school day even ended, someone had called a bunch of news stations. The principal was freaking out and denying he had anything to do with it, before calling some students to his office to see what exactly the kids had searched up on the guy…Because apparently teenagers can perform better background checks than school officials. It was all anyone could talk about for weeks.

A couple months after this, for my theater class’ showcase, I wrote and directed a skit called ‘Mason B. Mean’. It was a huge hit. The principal was in the audience. I’ve never seen a grown man look so dead inside. I made sure I was out of the room before he came up to congratulate the cast and everything. The next day, my theater teacher told me his only comment about the skit was a quiet, long-suffering “Why.” 😂😂

Annnnnnnnd that’s the time a Swinger Entrepreneur rambled on about pasta sauce and money in front of teenagers who knew how to use google for almost two hours.  


Love can be a miracle, darling

Pairings: Harry x reader in the beginning, Draco x reader in the end

Word count: 2281

Requested: Hey, can you write a Harry Potter x Reader where they have been dating for a while but the reader caught Harry cheating on her with Cho and they have a huge fight. After that, she keeps crying and Draco tries to cheer her up and they kiss. Pleaseeeee <3 by @partyiinthedungeons

A/N: I hope you like it and sorry for posting it so late. I did my best to finish it today because of my full schedule. Sorry for the mistakes because i am sure there are and let me now what you think ♥ 

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Being Harry Potter’s girlfriend had it advantages and disadvantages. The good part was the loyal friends you got by your side and the bad…well the bad are the slytherins always trying to offend you somehow. Well, they were mostly hostage toward Harry not me but the fact I was ready to kill everybody who had said something bad about him was enough for a way the others to mockery him.

But besides the bad attitude we got in fifth year, I was more than happy to be with him. Half of the school thought he was a liar, a boy wanting an attention and I were just a chick using him to become famous and so on. However, Harry never paid so much attention to those words but I did. I tried not to but it was hurting to hear such lies. Harry was so nice to stay hours after curfew to calm me down, to say he loved me and that’s all that mattered. He even said that if I wanted we would break up so he could see my smile again. I, of course, punched him slightly always exclaiming that he was much more important than some stupid students.  

We were going to Hogsmeade on dates, drinking butterbeers, shopping at Zonko’s, we basically tried everything there for such a short period. I did my best to stay focused when helping him with his homework but usually ended making out on the sofa in the common room. That led to an angry Hermione who didn’t skip an opportunity to remind us we were falling behind with it. But let’s come to the present where the interesting part is.

Today was just an ordinary Saturday. We had finally finished another rough week. Early in the morning I woke up and after dressing up, I headed towards the library. There was an hour till breakfast so I decided to spend it while searching information for Snape’s essay.

“Hey (Y/N)! Why are you awake so early?”, Hermione’s voice ranged through the empty library.

“I just want to get something done. I don’t want to fall and spending time with Harry isn’t helping me.”, smiling I sat down next to her.

“You managed to find the truth! Only for that I will lend you my notes, but don’t tell the boys.”, we both laughed and after promising I would not each one of us continued her work.

“If we don’t hurry we will miss the breakfast. Come on.”, I packed my things and with my friend we exited the room going straight to the Great Hall.

There weren’t a lot of people but our boys were already on the Gryffindor table. Harry was reading something while Ron was eating…a lot, as usual. A smirked appeared on my face as I went to my boyfriend as quiet as I could. He was facing me with his back so I used this opportunity to cover his eyes, well specifically his glasses. The boy jumped due to being surprised. His hands left the newspaper and touched mine trying to identify the person messing with him.

“(Y/n)!”, my boyfriend exclaimed seconds later and turned around to face me. There was a smile on his face which caused me to smile, too. I sat down next to him placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Don’t tell me you are still reading those lies.”, I took the newspaper from his hands but Hermione did the same to me, making the research instead of us.

“Well, you were late, so we had to take it.”

“You two are disgusting.”, Ron noted as he continued to eat.

“You will be too when you find a girl, oh my pardon, if you find a girl.”, Hermione retorted as she closed the paper and put it in her back.

We all laughed while Ron gave Granger a dead look.

“What are we doing tonight?”, although it seemed as an ordinary question, it wasn’t. Since some weeks, we were training spells in out secret group, or so called D.A.

“We have a studying session at 8 pm. as always (Y/n), how can you forget about it?”

“Oh, sorry Harry but when I see you I forget everything.”, we usually played this game of being so in love only to make no suspicions but we did enjoyed it, it always amused us.

After we finished our lunch we went to the lake. The weather was fantastic and neither one of us wanted to spend the whole day locked in the castle. We sat down next to a tree trying to stay in its shadow and began doing our homework. I can’t say we desired to do it but there was a trip to Hogsmeade tomorrow and I didn’t want to miss it because of stupid two meters long essays. Harry and Ron were complaining instead of working, Hermione used her energy to quarrel with Ron while I and Harry laughed at their ‘family problems’. The time was passing by and soon dinner came. After we were done, we agreed to go to the Required room separated so Umbridge won’t be able to catch us.

“What are you going to teach me today, Mr. Potter?”, I teased my boyfriend as we were heading towards our wanted direction.

“Someone is eager for knowledge? You should spend less time with Hermione.”

“Oh, shut up!”, I punched him slightly and laughed, “You are just jealous that I’m coping with school, while you might be failing.”

“That huts. That’s it! You made me cry, what kind of a girlfriend are you?”

“Come here and let me kiss you, you’ll feel better.”, leaning closer we shared a kiss that would had definitely turned out in a heated one if it wasn’t somebody’s cough to make us separate.

“Hey there lovebirds! You can continue that later, we have a work now.”, Fred Weasley smirked and entered the Required room. We followed his actions.

This time Harry showed us some others spells. I was with Neville who surprisingly was doing much better than me. I was doing well to be honest, practicing with Ginny, Ron, Harry, but maybe like 30 minutes later I didn’t fail to notice something. Cho Chang, a ravenclaw girl Harry used to like in his fourth year, was now watching my boyfriend carefully, trying to get his attention. That made me mad and that’s why I got hit my Neville’s spell that paralyzed me for a moment.

“I hit her, I did it!”, Neville screamed at top of his lungs happily, “Sorry (Y/n).” He then came closer and helped me stand.

“No problems. I am happy you did it, Neville.”, he was so happy that I couldn’t tell him I wasn’t paying enough attention to block the spell.

No matter what I did afterwards was, to put it mildly, horrible. I tried to practice but my eyes were glancing and Cho and Harry. I knew he was helping her but I didn’t like she was doing poor just for his attention. Harry was observing everybody and when he saw my actions he came closer and gave Neville time for a rest.

“What’s going on? Are you okay?”, I could read the care in his eyes and it made me feel a little better. Besides everything Harry was with me, not with her.

“I’m fine now.”

“If you wanted to train with me you could have just asked.”

Till the end of the lesson I was actually getting more and more capable of using the new spells. Deep inside me I felt pleasure to show Cho I was better that her. When the ‘class’ was over we were heading out by three. I wanted to stay and help Harry to clean but he refused, telling I’d better go and rest. I listened to him and left the room with Hermione and a tall Hufflepuff boy. We were already on the stairs when I realized I had forgotten my barrette.

“Wait for me, I’ll be back in a minute.”, after notifying Hermione I ran upstairs.

The door was slightly open. Cursing the stupid people who left it that way I entered the room but stopped where I was. My eyes widen when I saw Harry and Cho kissing in front of me. She had put one of her hands on his face, while Harry had placed his hands on her both sides. My eyes were filled with tears by now.

“How could you?”, was the only thing my mouth let out. I felt a strange feeling in my throat, not letting me to breathe or talk anymore. Harry and Cho jumped away from each other, both looking at me as a deer looking at the headlights coming towards her.

“(Y/n), I-”


I exited the room and ran in some direction not caring where I was going. Suddenly I felt somebody grabbing my hand and spinning me around. It was Harry with his messy hair and sad face.

“Stop.”, he said softly.

“Let me go, please. Let me go!”, I managed to find my voice again and screamed at him.

“It’s not what it seems.”

“Oh, really? Because it seems you still love Cho and was messing with me the whole time!”, he didn’t know what to say, he did try but nothing came out, “Have you ever loved me, Harry? Have you?”

“Of course I have, I still do.”

“Do not lie to me! Do not!”, licking his lips, the boy was about to talk but I interrupted him, “I cannot believe you used me like this.”

“I-I didn’t, I-”

“Are you sure because stuttering like this now shows me I am right.”, I bit my lips trying to prevent the others tears to roll down my face, “Look at me, look at my eyes and say you did not use me to forget Cho or to fucking make her jealous! Look at me for god’s sake and say it!”

But the boy was still looking at his feet ashamed.

“I loved you, Harry. Everything I have ever said was true. I showed you my feelings, I gave you my heart…and for what? To be your little toy!? To be the girl you would go to if Cho didn’t like you back?! To be the second option?! Fuck you Harry!”, I screamed at his face, spun around on my heels and attempted to get away from him.

“No, (Y/n), wait!”

“Don’t you dare touch me again or call me, Potter. Don’t you dare!”, this time my voice was low, almost calmly but I felt how he trembled from it. I didn’t mean to threaten him but his presence was no longer wanted around me.  

After minutes of walking I ended in the Astronomy tower. I sat down and let myself cry out all the pain inside me. How could he do this to me? I believed him when everybody thought he was a liar, I was beside him every time he was bullied…and what did I get? A knife in the back! As I was sobbing a voice spoke beside me.

“I see there are troubles in heaven, huh?”

“What do you want Draco? I am not in the mood for your stupid jokes”, but as soon as I turned to face him, his expression changed. With some steps he came next to me and kneeled down.

“Hey, hey. I’m sorry, I didn’t think it was that serious.”, he spoke with a soft and caring voice, something I’d never thought I would hear from him.

“Don’t act as you care.”

“I do care if you haven’t noticed, darling.”

Looking at him, especially at his eyes, some moments ran through my mind. He had always been good to me, never saying bad about me, helping me in Potions, not gloating when I fail… For the first time I felt I could tell him what happened, what I was feeling and he would care about it. All those small details were showing something deeper and complicated to be explained.

“I-Ha-Harry cheated on m-me.”, saying those words out made me sob again. Draco wrapped his hand around me, getting me closer for a hug.

“Hey, look at me.”, with his forefinger he lifted my chin up so now I was facing him, “He doesn’t deserve your tears.” He remover some of them, “He doesn’t deserve your love. You have to stand up, smile and show him what he has missed. Show him you are happier without him. You are the one who deserves better – somebody who would do anything for you, and by anything I really mean anything. You are so kind, funny, just amazing. I cannot explain it but each time I see you, my mood changes. I become more gleeful just because of hearing your voice, laugh or seeing the spark of joy in your eyes. You deserve somebody that can make you feel the same way you make me feel… ”

Without thinking I leaned closer and connected our lips. The kiss was salty due to my tears but was enough to make me feel butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t feel it only with my body; I felt it with my soul. It warmed me up, made me feel loved. That kiss wasn’t like the kisses I’d shared with Harry. It was kind of passionate but showing things that could hardly be explained even from the hand of a skillful poet. It was something not to read about but to feel it.

“I’ve never thought you could be showing such emotions.”

“Love makes miracles with everybody, darling.”, he smiled and leaned for another kiss.  

on self-diagnosing

when i was about 14, i went to a mental health service and was diagnosed with major depression and generalized anxiety disorder. i got put on antidepressants that didn’t work and went to a few therapists that didn’t help me. my parents wasted hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars getting me treated for disorders that were not my true problem.

when i was 21, i went through the hardest break-up of my life. i went to a counselor who didn’t diagnose me at all - she talked to me like she didn’t care what my mental health issues were and that’s when i realized it doesn’t matter what your diagnosis is, as long as you’re getting treated for the problems that lie in front of you.

last year, when i was 21/22, i experienced a few bpd episodes. on new years, i got someone i was barely friends with to drive me over 30 minutes to my ex’s house to punch him in the face over something stupid. i couldn’t believe how manic it made me feel - i felt totally on top of the world. until the next day where the guilt swallowed me alive and i was stuck in yet another bout of depression. a couple months later, i found myself breaking down in the college stairwell over drama with another boy, calling my parents and telling them i was going to kill myself after he blocked me. they had to come pick me up because they didn’t think i would be okay if i drove.

i didn’t understand what was up with these symptoms. why did all of my depression stem from my relationships? why did i want to fling myself off of a bridge after the smallest disagreement? i was more than depressed - i was angry. i was so, so angry. for as long as i can remember, i’d cycle through the worst emotions followed by mania followed by the worst emotions. but it happened so fast, i could barely remember it by the time i got a chance to tell anyone.

i got back into therapy, into medication. i got put on a different antidepressant. i told my doctor, “you don’t understand. i have bouts of anger. do you have anything for that?” she prescribed me an anxiety medication for panic attacks.

the point is doctors do what they can to treat you. they don’t know what is going to help. they’re stumbling around blindly until they find something that works. they don’t truly know what’s going on in your head. they try to diagnose you on your first appointment at a mental health service and if you don’t portray all of your symptoms perfectly, you WILL get an incorrect diagnosis.

i never did my own research. i fed into the lie that psychiatrists/psychologists will do anything in their power to give you a correct diagnosis. i never self-diagnosed until i heard about bpd. luckily, i was already going to a psychiatrist when i heard about it, so i brought it up to him. he said, “huh, yeah, you’re probably right. that does sound like your symptoms” and prescribed me an anti-psychotic. still no diagnosis.

let me reiterate: i could have been getting the help i needed for YEARS, and i didn’t, because though i went through quite a few therapists and psychiatrists, none of them could figure out my diagnosis. it took the couple of “bpd freak-outs” i had for someone to take me seriously. for someone to finally say, “you have a lot of bipolar symptoms…” still not the right diagnosis, but it was getting closer, at least. if i didn’t have those freak-outs, i can guarantee you i still wouldn’t even have a “huh, yeah.” because in the world of psychiatrists (and a lot of times people who are anti self-diagnosis), your symptoms don’t matter until you have the worst possible symptoms, until your symptoms are outward, and that’s unfair and ridiculous.

so this is where the line gets blurred. to those who are anti self-diagnosis: am i allowed to say i have bpd because my psychiatrist told me i did but didn’t officially diagnose me? i ultimately stopped going to a psychiatrist and therapy because i spent another thousand dollars (out of my own pocket this time) to diagnose myself and i didn’t agree with the medication i was on. should i go back for one appointment just to satisfy your need for me to be officially diagnosed?

thinking back on the counselor i had when i was 21, i realized that the diagnosis doesn’t matter. but nobody takes you seriously unless you have a diagnosis and this is what’s wrong, not the fact that people self-diagnose. maybe if people took the symptoms seriously, people wouldn’t find the need to self-diagnose. maybe if mental illness wasn’t this exclusive club, people would feel more comfortable talking about their symptoms, even if they’re less drastic than yours are.

the point is this: somebody self-diagnosing doesn’t affect you. the only reason people knock people for self-diagnosing is because they want to feel powerful and elite. congratulations - you have an official diagnosis. i have three if you count adhd. but my most important number four diagnosis is being left untreated and tumblr has helped me get though a lot of my bpd-related issues and to that, i am thankful. because the resources are always going to be more important than the diagnosis and i am happy that those who self-diagnose are getting the resources they need.

Tom = Pillow

Summary: You lost your favourite pillow and Tom offered to be it for you

Word count: 1018

A/n: Sorry for mistakes and I hope you’ll like it:)

Tom, Harrison, Jacob Harry and I were  in the privat plane. We’re going to Singapore for Spider-man premiere. I have never be on plane until Tom’s world premiere tour.

This is my 4th time on air. I’m not as afraid as at the first time, but I still need my pillow. It makes me feel calmer and I can fall asleep faster with it. Of course, I use my pillow not only on flights. I like hug it during my sleep and I’m so happy that I took it with me. 

Now it’s 11pm and I’m too tired, that’s why I prepare for sleep. Pijama already on me, Tom always laughs when I wear it on a airplane, because nobody here do it. I can’t find my pillow and I feel nervous. Boys playing cards. I don’t want to bother them, but If I don’t find it, I will ask them to help me. 

So, I’m trying to find my pillow is about 30 minutes. Where could I left it? It always was with me. I’m going to ask Tom about my thing. They are sitting on the chair and talking. I stopped in the doorway and just looked at them.

“Hey, love. Something happened?” Tom noticed me first. 

 "Yeah, I think, I lost my pillow. You know that I can’t sleep without it" I’m sure, now I look like a child. 

“Y/n, look” Boys looked at us “You can try to sleep without your pillow? Maybe, you can do it” I made a deep breath and understood, that Tom can’t help me. Shit. Were I could left my pillow?! "If you want, I can go sleep with you" said Tom with a little smile on his face. I like this idea. 

 "You’ll be my pillow" after this, boys started laughing and Tom kissed me. 

“So, can we go guys?” He looked at Haz and Jacob. They pretended as though they discussed this issue and after a couple seconds said yes.

“Good night sweet couple” Harrison dicided to laugh at us. 

“Shut up Haz” Tom turned around to him and showed the middle finger.

“Don’t forget to use condoms!” I blushed and tried not to look at my boyfriend. Of course, we had sex, but for me it’s still embarrassingly. 

“Oh, guys! Can you just be quiet?” Tom looked at them and without letingt them tell anything, closed the door of our little room.  

“Stupid guys” Tom laughed, turned his arms around my waist and his lips met mine. 

“I think, we shouldn’t even try to do that” I looked at my boyfriend. I’m sure, that’s impossible to sleep without my pillow. I use it scince I was 9.  

“Nothing wrong will happen, If you just try to fall asleep. Y/n, I’ll be with you, as you said, I’ll be your pillow” He looked at me with tenderness. 

“Okay, let’s try. But I don’t promise” I looked  at Tom, who already fell down on the bed. 

“Just  come to me” He rolled his eyes and pulled me to him. “Don’t tell anything, relax" 

We crossed our legs and I layed on his chest. I could hear his heartbeat and breath. That made me to relax and close eyes. 

“Are you sleeping?” Whispered Tom.

“I just relaxed… maybe, you are a good pillow” I heard how he gave a chuckle. My eyes were still closed.

“I’m better than your pillow” Now that was my turn to chuckle “I love your pijama. This monkeys are funny” My face became red, I forgot about my pijama. This one is my new. I bout it before our flight and this is the first time I wear it. 

“I like my pijama too” I made a deep breath and tried to fall asleep. Surpricely, I was already sleeping after five minutes. I felt more comfortable with Tom. Of course, he is warm, soft and… he’s Tom. That’s enough. 

When I woke up, Holland still slept and I decided not to bother him. Where is my toothbrush? As I remember, it should be in my bag, which in the top-drawer. I tried to go as quiet as possible, because everyone is still sleeping.

So, when I came to top-drawer and opened it, I found… my pillow! I would never put it here. Wait… Did Tom do that?! I’m not sure, but the one who could do this is Tom. Guys wouldn’t risk, because they know that with me, jokes are bad. 

“Tom fucking Holland. You are dead.” I whispered and came back to our place. 

I’m not mad at him, but the fact, that he did it… I decided to take a revenge and beat him by my pillow, then jump on him. Of course, I’m not an elephant, but also not a feather. 

So, when I did this, Tom groaned with pain and tried to throw me off. I laughed and kissed him.  

“You are a little asshole Tomas, you know?"  

"Okay, okay, I give up. Just stand up from me” His voice was hoarse. 

“Why did you do that?” I asked and rolled onto the bed. 

“I… fuck,” he closed his eyes “I was jealous” I started laughing loudly. 

“You were jealous about my pillow? Tomas Stanley Holland, you are my boyfriend and I even couldn’t imagine that you, hot and cute guy will be jealous about my pillow!” I couldn’t stop laughing. 

“You sleep with it every night and I can’t even hug you, because you hug this shitty pillow. I hate it” He looks so cute when he’s angry. I completly stopped laughind and just stared at him with love. “I love you” He looked at you surprisly. 

“If you want it, I’ll try to get used to sleep without my favourite pillow. But instead of it, you’ll be my pilliow and… I think you’ll be better" 

Now was Tom’s turn to smile and laugh. He pulled you to him and kissed tenderly.

"Oh-h, I’m sure, I’ll be more than better” He kissed me again. 

  Can’t wait him to be my favourite pillow

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Do Me (Peter Parker X Reader)

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Requested: BY MY SOUL

Warnings:Underage drinking, violence, language.

Word Count: 1,441

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Flash Thompson had sent a text to the entire school, inviting them all to a house party at his massive house. As soon as I got the text I ran over to my best friends Peter and Ned. “HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS?” I asked loudly, showing them the message. “I don’t think we’re going (Y/N). It is Flash’s house. He’s definitely gonna be there.” Peter says, glancing at Flash across the cafeteria. “Petey, I won’t let him talk to you.” I say, grabbing his chin and making him look at me dead in the eyes. I knew that Flash had been emotionally, verbally, and physically battering Peter since the 2nd grade. “(Y/N) could totally take him.” Ned says, gesturing like he was squaring up and nodding.  “Totally. So can we go Pete?” I ask with puppy dog eyes and a pouty lip. “I can’t say no to that face.” Peter says, with a small smile in my direction. “I’ll see you guys after school!” I said just as the bell rang.

As Peter, Ned, and I walked towards home, we discussed a game plan for tonight. “I’m definitely wearing the hat.” Ned says. “I wouldn’t expect anything else Ned.” Peter said with a chuckle. “So I’ll meet you guys there?” Ned says, as we walk in front of his building. Peter and I lived in the same building just a few blocks away from Ned, so we always dropped him off first. “Are you ready to face tonight?” I ask Peter after a little while. “I don’t know. It kind of depends on how much of a dick Flash is.” Peter says with a shrug. I knew that he would be stressing until it was time for the party so to calm him down I put on The Empire Strikes Back as soon as we got back to Peter and Mays apartment. May was at work so we watched our movie until i heard the alarm on my phone go off signaling that it was 5 minutes till we had to start heading to Flashs’ house. Peter ran to his room to go change and I run up a floor to my apartment and change into a maroon tank top and black pants with my comfiest tennis shoes on. I grab my black leather jacket, my wallet, and my phone and head to meet Peter. Flashs house was far enough away that Peter and I got an Uber. The ride was about 20 minutes long and the entire time Peter and I were discussing the science/superhero joke on his shirt. His shirt read ‘What would a women version of Iron Man be called? Fe male.’ and that lead to a very long conversation about if Tony Stark was a woman. When we finally got there we were joking about how if Tony was a chick that he and Bruce probably would have dated.Flashs house was huge and obviously full of people. The windows were rattling with the music. Ned was on the sidewalk in front of the house just staring at the front door, his mouth agape. “Are you guys ready for this?” I ask, a little nervous myself. “Not really.” Peter responds, his hand shaking a little. I grab his quivering hand and intertwine my finger with his. He looks down at our entwined hands and then up at me, his eyes wide. “We can do this.” I say looking him in the eyes. “Yeah we can!” Ned says, grabbing Peters other hand. “Too far Ned.” Peter chuckles, releasing his hand from Neds. I laughed and started walking towards the door, dragging Peter along behind me with Ned following after The party was in full swing and people were everywhere. Flash, being the douchebag that he is, was DJing and calling himself “DJ FLASHY”. It was clear that he had already been drinking, as had most of the other people at the party. “HEY EVERYBODY! PENIS PARKER HAS ARRIVED. SCATTER CAUSE THE LOSER GENE IS CONTAGIOUS.” Flash yelled and then started laughing, and then a bunch of people followed him, laughing at Peter. I felt Peter’s grip on my hand tighten and his jaw tightened. “Petey it’ll be okay. Let’s go get something to drink.” I said, pulling him towards the kitchen. When we go there I went for the coke but Peter made a beeline directly for the keg. He poured himself a full cup and downed it. “Do you have like a super tolerance like Captain America?” I asked. “We’ll find out tonight.” He says, pouring himself another. About 30 minutes later and Pete was drunk as a skunk and giggly as hell. Flash had turned on a CD and was now making his way around the party. I had a drink myself and was feeling the liquid courage in my veins. “I have the urge to do something stupid.” I say to Peter, my first balling. “I’m stupid, do me.” Peter whines. I giggle a little and kiss him on the cheek. I knew I was going to be embarrassed about kissing him on the cheek later. But right now I whispered “I’ll be right back.” to Peter and walk over to Flash. “Ssssoooo the lady nerd decided to talk to a r-real man huh?” Flash slurs at me. I turn to a group of slightly sober teens and say “ You guys probably want to record this.” I turn back to Flash and let loose what I’ve been holding back for years “Flash you are the biggest asshole I’ve ever met. You act like a huge dick, which is misleading because thanks to Ruby Mackabee we all know you have a tiny dick. You hate that Peter is smarter and more talented than you. And quite frankly I’m tired of your shit.” I say with contempt in my voice. I ball up my fist and sock Flash directly in the nose, knocking him to the floor. I hear Peter yell “OH MY GOD (Y/N) YOU KNOCKED HIM ON HIS ASS.” I giggle and walk away from Flash, who had blood running from his now crooked nose, over to Peter. “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.” Peter says, grabbing me by my face and kissing me harshly. I was so caught up in the feeling that I barely taste the alcohol on his breath. He broke the kiss and squeaks out “I’ve loved you since the fourth grade and I don’t know why I didn’t tell you sooner and I in the 6th grade I was the one who took your drawing and it’s framed on my wall and I didn’t mean to tell you that and oh my God I hope you like me back.” He finishes and breathe deeply. “Peter, I’ve had a crush on you for years and I really hope you remember this tomorrow.” I say with a smile and pull his face back to mine. We danced the rest of the night together.

We woke up slung over the couch in Peters apartment. My head was pounding slightly and Peter was banging around in the kitchen. He came out with a glass of water and 3 pain pills in his hand. “Here these are for you.” He says quietly and and I thank him and take the pills. “Hey Petey? Do you remember last night?” I ask quietly. “God yes.” He says looking into my eyes and smiling. “How do you feel about what happened?” I ask looking into his warm chocolate colored eyes. “Like I want to do it again.” He says, cupping my face in his hands and pulling my lips to meet mine. The kiss was soft, and sweet, and full of emotion. “I love you, (Y/N). I didn’t just say that because I was drunk.I remember you saying you love me too. And God do I hope you meant it.” He says. “ I did mean it Pete. I’m in love with you.” I say with a smile. “FINALLY!” Ned says, coming out of the bathroom. “HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HERE?” Peter shouts. “PETEY VOLUME AND no seriously Ned how long have you been here” I say loudly. “Since last night. I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS.” He says with a huge smile and throwing his hands up in the air. “I’m happy too.” Peter says, smiling and kissing me sweetly. I smile and kiss him back. “Be mine?” He asks, leaning his forehead against mine. “Always.” I say kissing him.




Peter Pan Imagine\I haven’t done it yet

You soon realize Peter hasn’t done “it” yet…

Warnings: Smut,cursing,virginity

You lay down with Peter just like every other night, it was date night so the lost boys were put to bed and it was just you and him.

You two were laughing the night away, telling jokes and stories, same old stuff but it never got boring with him.

“That joke was not funny.” he said 

“Shut up it totally was!” pushing him and he laughs

You loved his laugh, it brought you happiness, and made you feel warm inside

You kiss him and he kisses you back

“What was that for?” he asked

“Just because.” you said  as you smiled

“Well why thank you love.” he said

“Can we play a game?” you asked

“Like what?” he said a little taken back

“Like charades!” you almost yelled

“Charades?” he cocked a brow, smiling

“Please Peter…” you begged

“Fine fine, but you’re going first” he said

You guys played for about 30 minutes

“I feel like I’m dating a little girl.” he said

You pouted at that “Hey!”

“Oh I’m joking love.” he smiles

“Well it wasn’t funny.”  you folded your arms

“Hey hey hey, cm’ere, “ he said heavily.

Which made you giggle and feel warm inside

He grabbed you and put you on the bed with him and gave you a kiss, with that you kissed him back.

“Okay okay , let’s continue this horrid game.” Peter joked

“Actually Peter, I was kinda wondering..” you mumbled the rest

“We what? Did you want to do something else?” he asked

‘“Maybe like you know, it”  you looked down

“Oh!” Peter made an o shape with his mouth “Listen love maybe we should get some rest now , it’s getting late.” 

“Why do you always do this?” You ask , a little irritated 


“Well what Peter?” you say

“It’s just that…” he starts to mumble as well

“Am I not pretty enough?” you start to doubt yourself

“NO! “ He almost shouts, “It’s not you, it’s never you love, it’s me.”

“Well what about you Peter?”

“I’m a virgin! There I said it!” he shouts

Your eyes are blank, you had no idea, the Peter Pan, was a virgin, you couldn’t believe it.

‘“I must sound like a complete loser.” he puts his head down

“Peter no.. it’s cute really.” you smiled

“It’s cute?” he said as his face expression turns into disgust

“Why haven’t you old me ?” you asked

“Because it was never a big deal love, we never had to talk about it, until now.” he said

“So what have you done?” you asked

“I just kissed love, kissed, held hands, that’s it.” he looks at you.

“Could we maybe ?” you ask

“What “it” tonight? Love I don’t know…”  he scratches his head

“Peter..” you start to whine

“Love it’s quite intimidating knowing you have and I haven’t” he confessed

“I understand.” you hold his hands and smile

“I mean I really like you Y/n,like a lot.” he holds your hand even tighter

“I like you too Peter, this is why I want to do … it.” you shrug.

Peter looks at you and smiles, you were so damn beautiful to him, your hair was messy, in a bun, you were wearing one of his shirts and your booty shorts. Sure he wanted you, and he could have you, and if you were willing to give it to him,he was done denying it, after all Peter Pan never fails.

“I mean, I guess we could…” he cocks a brow

“Really?” you smile

“Y-yeah.” he said a little intimidated

“Are you sure?” you asked

“I am love.” he looked you in your eyes, and you knew he was being hones, he was ready, and you were too.

You go to the door and lock it.

“Lights on or off?” you asked

“On ?” he questioned

“We’ll dim them.” you giggle

You get on top of him and start to kiss his neck

“Y/n you’ve been the best thing, in my life.” he said

You head shot up and looked at him, “Really?” 

“Yes love. Really.”

You kiss him and he tenses up, you could feel his arms and his muscles , you rest your hands on his arms, signaling it was okay, he looks at you with a smile, and a nod.

You kiss his neck and start to pull up his shirt, you take it off and oh my fuck.

He body was gorgeous, it just as you would imagine, he had abs and his stomach was so soft, you ran your fingers up and down, taking it all in, what a sight to see.

You kiss more down to his stomach and you saw his partner get hard, you smiled at that, as you start to un buckle his belt he started to tense up.

“Do you want to stop?” you asked

“No love I’m fine.” he took a deep breath

“Tell me if you want me to stop.” you say

He nods, he never told you, but he loved that you were in charge, sure he was king of Neverland, but the fact that you were doing everything, turned him on.

After his pants were off you quickly took off yours, and he looked at you in disbelief.

“No fucking way are you that perfect.” he says

“You giggle and start to straddle him.

You’re kissing him hardcore now, make out session.

You running your fingers through his hair, and Peter starts to rub his hands all over your body, and his partner starts to poke your stomach, you look at it, and you looked at him

“What?” he said in a tired sexy voice

“I just hope you want me as much as I want you.” you looked down

“Hey.” he lifted your chin up with his finger “I’ve always wanted you, from day one, that’s why I made you my one and only lost girl, no one, and I mean no one can take that title away from you, do you understand?” he looked deep into your eyes.

You nod, “ Yes Peter.” with a smile

With that you push him down so that he is laying on the bed, you star to kiss and suck his neck, getting moans out of him, which made you happy.

“Y/n…” he would moan your name, wanting you second by second

You grab his dick and let it slide into you

Peter moth opened wide and you never heard him moan so loud in your life, it was so fucking sexy.

You start to grind on his slowly so that he can adjust himself if he needs to, you see his face, it’in complete pleasure, the way he bites his lips, the way he is grabbing your hips, it’s all such a turn on.

You start to bonce up and down,on him, he starts to bite his finger

“Fuck Y/n..” he would say, making you feel confident

He would rub his hands all over your body, rub your tits and play with your nipples making them  hard, he sucked on them as well, getting moans out of you. He would grab your ass and smack it,getting yells and screams, it brought him pleasure.

“My turn.” he said as he flipped you over and started to pound you, fuck he was good for his first time, but what do you expect from Peter Pan?

You dug your nails into his arms, making him feel like he was doing right.

Peter sucked on your neck , leaving hickeys and what not, marking his territory.

“Peter I’m close.” you moan

“I am too, what do I do?” he asked

“You cum!” you yell

“In you?” he asked as he’s still pounding you

“Yes Peter FUCK!” you yell as you cum

He quickly goes faster but gets sloppier and then comes in you.

His hair was a mess, he had beads of sweat drip from his forehead, you wiped them off and kissed him

“I love you Y/n.” he tells you, still on top of you and in you

“I love you too Peter.” you smile

You know, Homestuck is so text-heavy and I got so used to the way Hussie makes exposition and dialog that I didn’t even think Hiveswap had too much to read, it just feels light in comparison. @therealjacksepticeye makes a fair point in his last video- Much like with Homestuck, you really gotta like reading and get in the mindset to read before going into it. I’m imagining if Jack had made 30 minute episodes or something smaller than an hour he’d have enjoyed it more and not gotten too burnt out by the end. Oh well, I’m still happy he enjoyed it and he’s looking forward to more of it! :D

Serendipity (Taehyung x Reader) Pt. 1

Synopsis: A language barrier can be easily overcome if you truly love, but what about seas, prejudice, cultural differences, family views, and fame? Maybe this was never meant to be. He never meant to be the one who led you to your downfall.

Warnings: Relationship abuse, Vulgar language

Genre: Social commentary, Romance

Word Count: 4129

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

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The only reason why you ever agreed to come to Korea with your friends was because they had promised to go to Bryson Tiller’s next concert in LA with you. It was fine really. Your plane ticket? Paid. Hotel room? Paid. Room service? Paid. Transportation? Paid. Food and water? Paid by your sugar daddy. 

“I still can’t believe you have a sugar daddy.” Your friend, Jake, whispered to you as everyone loaded into the taxi that was taking you all to the hotel.

“Do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to pay for college?” You shot back at him in a low voice. Maryann, another friend, looked at you two quickly before the taxi driver told her something in Korean. 

“That doesn’t mean you should prostitute yourself, you know.” 

“I’m a sugar baby, not a prostitute.” He rolled his eyes as he began to load his luggage into the truck.

“It’s not different.”

“Yes it is.” You were incredibly angry at Jake for his ignorance. “I simply go on dates with the man, hear about his day. We don’t have sex. That isn’t what sugar babies do.” Jake scoffed as he began to place your luggage on top his his and in between Maryann’s. 

“Lots of them have sex with their sugar daddy. It’s only a matter of time before you do as well.” Jake could never fully respect what you ever did.

 You were triple majoring, it was a lot of money. You had fucked up in high school and ended in community college but transferred out at the end of the first year because you were constantly on your counselor about taking extra classes to leave early. This determination landed you at Stanford. But it was expensive, you did not receive a full ride even though you clearly deserved it. Working helped but it was difficult with your tight school schedule. So you did what your older friends did; get a sugar daddy. Ray was sweet, and you had told him you weren’t going to have sex with him in exchange of money, just give him company. The 37 year old man happily agreed, giving you an allowance of $4,000 biweekly. All of it went towards school. He had offered to pay off your school from the beginning but you had simply told him the allowance was okay and enough for you to put in money every chance you got for your education and school supplies. 

As a photographer, psychiatrist, and business major, you were always busy. But summer vacations had finally come and you were more than happy to leave the stress of university for a bit. 

“Hey, (Y/N)?” Maryann was directing the driver to the hotel and soon turned to you.

“Hm?” You were focused on your hands, looking pitifully at how fragile they seemed as you turned over the words that Jake had spat at you. 

“We are going to a Kpop fan meeting.” You looked up at her face. A smile illuminated her face. 

“I thought we were here because your sister was getting married here.” 

“That too.” 

“How convenient,” Jake muttered. She smacked his arm, rolling her eyes. 

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Sexual Tension - Bucky Barnes x Reader - Chapter 6

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Summary: (Y/N) transfers to a new university only to find out her new teacher is a hot jackass. Heated words are tossed back and forth but it ends up making them gravitate even closer.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader!

Word count: 2.2K

Warning: little different than usual, lots of curse words and lots of fighting but it’s petty cute fights and shows how close they are and how much they love each other, ok?????/?/?/?/?/?/ thanks !!!


more notes lol: WAS going to do a horrible angst fic, THEN was going to do a loki soulmate one, NOW IM UPDATING SEXUAL TENSION
Also request are open! I’m open to anything as long as it’s not morally wrong but YK I’m open to a lot of things !! (;



The last thing you expected was spending you day off with your professor. You didn’t necessarily complain about it though, you both completely cancelled any plans for the day and just hung out around your apartment. At first it was fun and games, until you both fought like 5 year olds and almost burned the whole building down.

“I wanted to make us breakfast! I’m not good at this stuff!” Your hands raise in the air for defense against the laughing man across from you.

“You didn’t have to tell me that! I already knew!” He pointed to the pan on the stove before bending over in laughter.

“I’m sorry! This didn’t goes as planned!” You dragged your hands to the side of your head in frustration while eyeing down your now crying guest and burnt eggs. He finally stopped laughing before covering his smile with his hands and pointing at the ‘food’.

“Did you come to that conclusion from the fact that everything was just on fire?”

You had to admit, you were a bit grumpy but maybe it was leftover mood from when he took your whole queen sized bed from you earlier that morning.

“I swear to god James if you don’t give me at least 5% of my bed, I’m making you sleep on the floor!” Half of your body was falling off the bed, if it weren’t for his grip on your waist, you’d be on the cold hard ground.

“Just make me your mattress, babe.” His arms pulled you to the point where your whole body was laying on top of his, and he wasn’t the definition of comfortable, or at least not in the position.


You had to admit, you have no idea what put you both in such a childish mood. It may have made the day funnier but overall it was you both just bickering over stupid, petty things like an old couple on a hot summer day.

“I thought you said you were going to do the dishes for me.” Your arms rested on your hips as you focused your gaze at the man. He didn’t move an inch, he was too fixated on playing the video game you offered him an hour earlier.

“I thought you said that since I’m your guest you would do them?” His eyes didn’t leave the screen, he was too busy trying to win the round.

“Well, you fucking thought wrong, pretty boy.” A smile played on your lips as you threw the towel at his head, covering his eyes and making him lose.

“Seriously?? I would have won the trophy!”

Although it was funny to see him whine and do your chores, the aftermath was horrible. You hated it and boy did he enjoy ever second of it.

“How dare you do that to me!” You dramatically tossed the controller onto the group before ripping the blanket off of Bucky and pulling it over your head in despair.

“It’s a game, (Y/N), besides you made me lose not even 30 minutes ago by tossing a dirty rag in my face.” You felt his arms tug the thick blanket surrounding you but you wouldn’t budge. You refused to move until he apologized for doing something so horrible to you.

“It’s not just a game! You hit me with a red shell as soon as I was going to cross the finish line! I would have been first! It’s not fair!” Your knees touched your chest as you complained in a kid-like fashion.

“Aw come here, let me comfort you.” His arms found your hips hidden beneath the covers before lifting your body and pulling you into his lap.

“Not until you say sorry!” His hands found the opening of the blanket and tugged on it until he found your face. Your head poked out in disgust before crawling back to the other side of the couch.

“Jesus Christ, (Y/N). It’s Mario Kart. Also are you going to completely avoid the fact that there were 4 rounds and you beat me in every round but the last one because I hit you with that shell? Overall you still won!” He was laughing as he tried to pull you back towards him by your feet.

“Say sorry!”

The asshole never said sorry. Yeah, so what if you won, but 4-0 is so much better than 3-1. You weren’t going to let him have it. So what did you do? Tried your best to annoy him.

“Can you please stop!” His hands were holding his head. He was trying to read this forum for his job while it was silent in the room, but you wouldn’t let him have it. Well, not until he apologize to you. You stopped for a moment before staring at him with a smirk, taking a sip from the straw in your drink.

He smiled in a sigh of relief from the silence you gave him. “Thank you!”

“99 bottles of beer on the wall! 99 bottles of beer! Take one down, pass it around! 98 bottles of beer on the wall!” Off-key, man was your tone so off-key, but who cared? Well, clearly he did. That’s really all you needed though. While singing the song loudly, a smile played on your lips.


After that whole fiasco, it led you and him to your currently clingy and youthful mood. It was a silent hour of just cuddling on your couch with legs intertwined. You both were scrolling down multiple social media pages on your cellular devices without speaking a word. The silence eventually killed him, so he tried to start a civil conversation. Of course, it turned out to be just another stupid arguement.

"Did you watch the news today?” His face was inches from yours, his hot breath hitting your lips. The side of your mouth tugged up, giving him a smirk.

“Was it about you apologizing for cheating in Mario kart?” You shifted your body, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him closer.

“No, I didn’t even chea-“ Small wrinkles formed as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and defense.

“Then I don’t care, go fuck yourself.” Letting go of your close hold on him, only to ignore whatever he was saying to continue scrolling over old photos on Facebook.

His hand snatched the device from your hand and stared at the thing that was taking your attention away from him. He made a face of anger, confusion and a pinch of jealousy. It was a photo of you and a guy, he seemed around the same age as you. Dark brown hair, green eyes and gripping hands around your waist. You both were smiling to your hearts content with arms linking around each other.

“Who the fuck is he?” His wrist turned, allowing you to see the familiar photo.

“Oh god, James. You sure will be the death of me.” You grabbed the phone and clicked the tag on the ’mysterious’ man in the photo, his profile soon popped up. “Scott Lang, he’s my cousin.”

“Sure he is!” His arm slide under your back before pulling you closer to him in a dominant and overprotective way. “I know how you have a thing for men who are tall, with dark hair and light eyes!”

“Bloody hell, James. That’s my cousin! You know what, to prove it to you, I’ll call him right now!” You exited out of Facebook before clicking your contacts and typing in his name.

“How will I know if it’s actually him?”

“Dude, I’ll let you see the contact photo and name.”

“Don’t you dude me.” You rolled your eyes before clicking Scotts contact and practically shoving the device in his face.

“Look, look. Scott Lang. Cousin! And….. dialing!”

While the phone started to ring, you hit speaker and lifted it between you and Bucky so he could hear the conversation. It rung a few more times before a click was heard and a familiar voice came through.


“Hey Scotty!” A huge smile was spread onto your face as you heard the voice of your favorite cousin.

“Oh hey, (Y/N). Wow, I haven’t talked to you in ages! Sure is reassuring to hear your voice.”

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing! I was just wanting to ask a quick question!”

“Oh yeah? Ask away.” Scott was always so open to things, that’s why you loved him so much.

“We’re first cousins, right? Like my mom and your dad are siblings, right?” A giggle escaped your lips before you quickly covered your mouth with a hand.

“Uh…. yeah? Did you forget or something?” The confusion in his voice was noticeable, and man did you find that hilarious.

“Oh no, I was just looking at old photos and someone happened to see the photo of us two and claimed you were my boyfriend, or significant other or something.”

“Oh, yikes. No, we’re cousins, if that… person is listening.” His award tone rung through the phone, you sure did miss how awkward he is.

“Oh he is, thanks Scotty! By the way, we gotta meet up soon. I miss you a lot, bud. Talk to you later?”

The call soon ended with small goodbyes. You lifted yourself from the couch before eyeing down the embarrassed James. You took your leg and placed it over his body and straddled him.

“Men who are tall, with dark hair and light eyes, huh? I’ll give you that. I’m a sucker for anything, though.” The same smirk from before was visible on your lips, you leaned your body down to where your faces were centimeters apart.

“Don’t act like I don’t know what type of men you like, just compare the similarities between me and Jacob Mcevoy and you’ll have it all down. I don’t know why but you act like every man with those characteristics are gods most beautiful creations.”

“James McAvoy. It’s not that hard you know? But… do you want to know what’s truly beautiful?” You poked your finger against his chest as he let out a small chuckle. His hands lifted to your sides before slowly caressing your skin and settling at your hips.

“Oh lord, don’t be cheesy and say it’s me.” He gave you a cheeky smile while a tint of pink rises to his face.

“Good because was going to say Tom Hiddleston. Tall, oh boy is he tall. Dark-ish hair, depends on what movie your watching, and his beautiful blue eyes. What I’d give just to be in the same room as that man.” You dramatically sat up and set your hands on his chest lightly. Your eyes were wide with a sparkling sensation, obviously trying to tick off the man beneath you. His whole smile dropped, you could feel his irritation radiate off his skin.

“At this point I should just go talk to myself in the mirror instead of talking to you, it’s the only way I can have a intelligent conversation, I mean clearly I’m more attracted than Jacob Mcevoy or Ron Littleston.”

“Littleston is probably the most ironic name you could give him.” You chuckled at your own little innuendo before continuing. “And go ahead, I don’t care what you think!”

“Oh really?” The grip on your waist was still there and getting harder by the second. Within seconds he pulled you back down to his body with a playful look.

“Yeah, I find it hard to relate with people who pronounce the ‘g’ in lasagna.”

'Easy.’ You thought to yourself.

“Um, excuse me. Aren’t you the one who pronounces bologna like buh-log-nuh?”

'Damnit! Never mind.’ You thought giggling to yourself, overlooking this whole situation and seeing how dumb you both were. It’s like you guys were made for each other.


“So we’re even, right?” “Mhmm”

Your face found its way to the crook of his neck while you let out the approving hum. His hands ran up to the top of your back and to the bottom while your hands massaged his scalp by playing with his hair.

“Good, because I may or may not have been invited to a family dinner in a few days and I’m bringing you as my date so they’ll stop bugging me about Dolores.” You lifted your head before staring into his eyes.

“Aw! Are you, James Buchanan Barnes, asking me out?”

“You know what? I’ll take it back! I’m sure Dolores would love to come with me.” He began to sit up and lifted you off of him, before he had the chance you pushed him back down and sat in the same position as before.

“There is no way in hell I’d let you go with Dolores, I’d feel too bad!” His hands found his way back to your bottom and back.

“So, you’ll go with me right? You’ll have to dress up all fancy, if you don’t have anything like that I can buy you something.” His tone went from joking to serious, you knew your best option was to go with him. You were always there for him, you would always support him. If that meant possibly embarrassing yourself in front of his entire family; then so be it. If you’re going to be an embarrassing mess then you’ll be his embarrassing mess.

“No. I have this dress I got for my last birthday that’ll work. So yeah, I’ll go. Anything for you, James.” Your comment made his teeth shine. You couldn’t help it, as much as you both fought and bickered, you loved him too much. You’d never want to put him in harms way.

“Thank you, (Y/N).”

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Creepypasta #1272: Something's Wrong With My Flight

Length: Medium

Something weird is happening. I’ve taken my iPad off flight mode to connect to the internet and post this. I’ve tried checking the news but it seems different. I should be in Morocco by now. Actually more than that, I think I should have checked into my hotel and be relaxing by the pool already. My watch has stopped working so I could be wrong but we’ve been flying for so long!

To explain, I’m flying to Morocco for a holiday – my boyfriend, Lars, suggested we get some proper sun and he’d seen a cheap deal online with some new airline where we could fly direct from Stockholm. We left our home town of Umea and spent the night before the flight with my sister and her family in their cramped city centre apartment. That should mean last night but I feel like it was so long ago.

We had an early flight so it was still dark when we left for the airport. We had a light breakfast at the airport but neither of us ate much; we were planning to continue sleeping on the flight to make up for the lack of sleep the night before. Everything went fine with check-in and boarding, it was busy but everyone looked sleepy like us – just eager to get on the flight and get to some much needed sunshine. It’s been so cold in Sweden recently, everyone just looked grey and worn down from what I can remember, although I wasn’t studying them in my sleepy state. 

The plane is massive – I’m sorry I’m not a plane person so I don’t know what type it is (I have an uncle who’s a geek for this stuff and could tell you the difference between an A something and an airbus something – I don’t listen as you can tell, I just zone out because I don’t care). All I know is that it’s much bigger than the little planes I use to fly to nearby European countries – this plane has 2 aisles, that’s how big it is! I’m used to the little planes with 3 seats on one side, an aisle, then 3 seats on the other side. It’s pretty amazing to see one with an extra row of seats in the middle. Lars and I are in the middle row so we can’t see out of the windows at all. If I’d been by a window maybe I‘d have seen something, some change in the landscape, and could explain what’s going on.

I don’t know how long we’ve been flying. The pilot hasn’t made any announcements in ages. I read for maybe 30 minutes to relax before sleeping, while Lars just went straight to sleep. I feel like I slept for hours but it’s impossible to say. It was when I woke up and went to check the time that I saw my watch had stopped working. Lars woke up at pretty much exactly the same time as me and asked if we were nearly there yet, as if I’m flying this thing!

I sat up and looked around and that’s when I noticed everyone seemed to be doing the same as us – waking up, looking around and remembering that they were on a plane, and looking at their watches and finding them broken.

That was when I started feeling nervous. Why is every watch broken? I spoke to the young family behind us - they’ve stopped at different times. I don’t know if that’s comforting or not, but either way the mood on board began changing and people were looking scared. Nothing seemed obviously wrong – we were still flying, no turbulence, it’s just that everyone had gone to sleep and woken up with a broken watch. I realise there are much more sinister things that can happen on a flight but this is just weird.

Shortly after we’d all woken up, the flight attendants came past with a trolley of drinks but they just ignored everyone. They called out, offering drinks as they went and a few people tried to ask them the time and where we were on the journey, but they just brushed everyone off, saying they’d check and kept smiling at us. I tried to put it to the back of my mind. Other passengers shook their heads or shrugged and began reading books and magazines. Bit of a weird thing but no big deal – don’t they say that everything, no matter how improbable, can happen once just by pure coincidence?

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On May 5th, 1993, three eight-year-old boys from West Memphis, AR, disappeared while riding their bikes around their neighbourhood. Their naked, beaten, and hogtied bodies were discovered in a drainage ditch the next day, in a local patch of woods known as Robin Hood Hills. Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Steve Branch had been subjected to a vicious beating, and two of the boys had been mutilated.
Three local teenagers were charged with the brutal triple murder - Jessie Misskelley Jnr (17), Jason Baldwin (16) and Damien Echols (18). In two sensational trials the trio were found guilty of the murders, and Damien Echols - the presumed ringleader - was sentenced to death. Baldwin and Misskelley were sentenced to life terms plus 40 years.

In 2011 all three accused struck a plea deal with the State of Arkansas and were released from prison after serving 18 years.

Over the years, four documentaries have been made about the case, all of them arguing that the ‘West Memphis 3’ are innocent and a miscarriage of justice occurred when the three teenagers were convicted of the murders. These documentaries are most peoples introduction to the case, and in many respects they skew or omit details of the crime to make the West Memphis 3 appear innocent. While these documentaries make valid criticisms of the investigation and the justice system, they fail to deliver the full, truthful story of the tragic murders. Without further ado, here’s the evidence you never get to see that points to the guilt of the West Memphis 3:

(NOTE: this post doesnt contain any source details because the website that contains all the case documents is currently inaccessible. I promise I will add the links and source details when I can access the website callahan8k.com again)


Its a little known fact that Echols, Misskelley, and Baldwin could not provide alibis for the night of the murders. The alibis presented in 'Paradise Lost’ and 'West of Memphis’ have been heavily distorted and/or lied about, so lets see what the three accused REALLY got up to on the night of May 5th:


In 'West of Memphis’, several shorts of footage from Jessie Misskelley’s trial shows a number of witnesses confirming that Misskelley attended a wrestling match with friends on the night of May 5th, 1993. An (undated) registry with Misskelley’s name on it and a photo of a wrestler is offered as proof that Misskelley was out of town on the night of the murders.

What 'West of Memphis’ conveniently leaves out is the footage of Jessie’s alibi witnesses being cross-examined by the prosecution. When questioned, every single one of them gave conflicting stories about who attended the match, who drove, where they went, and the places they visited. While all of them confirmed Jessie had tagged along on at least one trip to a wrestling match, none of them could say for sure if he was present on the night of May 5th, and receipts produced by the prosecution seemed to point to the fact that the wrestling trip with Jessie actually occurred several weeks before the murders.
In 'West of Memphis’ Misskelley’s attorney Dan Stidham complains that the jury “didn’t pay much attention” to Jessie’s alibi. Why is that? Because Jessie’s alibi witnesses gave such contradictory evidence that the jury didn’t believe them.


An interesting point to note is that none of the documentaries made about the case even bother to give Jason Baldwin an alibi for May 5th, 1993. Why? Because his alibi claims to police were so vague and unbelievable his defense lawyers didnt even try to submit them in court. This is an highly unusual step for the defense to take - if Baldwin had given them an alibi that seemed even half decent, his lawyers would have certainly submitted that evidence in trial.

The fact that Jason Baldwin’s lawyers didnt even bother to submit an alibi means only one thing; their client could not provide a single bit of proof he was elsewhere on the night of the murders.

Baldwin’s lawyers were aware that he had no proof of alibi, and they knew the prosecution would use this fact against him during cross examination. So they did the clever thing and did not bring up his alibi at all during the trial.

In the years since the murders, Jason Baldwin has never given an explanation for a lack of alibi nor has he attempted to provide one. His actions on the night of May 5th are therefore a complete mystery. Or are they?


Damien Echols’ alibi claims have been heavily distorted over the years, most notably in 'West of Memphis’ where alibi witness Jennifer Bearden (who was 12 at the time of the murders) claims she was on the phone with Echols all night on May 5th, 1993.

The murders of the three children are widely believed to have occurred between 6:30pm and 8:30pm on May 5th, 1993. Jennifer Bearden’s claim she was on the phone with Echols from 5:30pm to 9:30pm is presented as concrete proof Echols did not commit the murders.

“….she [Bearden] had been on the phone with Damien and Jason during the afternoon after school until about 9:30pm”

- Jennifer Bearden in 'West of Memphis’

In actuality, Damien Echols originally claimed to have talked to FOUR different girls at home between the hours of 4:00pm and 10:30pm on the night of the murders. This immediately contradicts what Jennifer Bearden says in 'West of Memphis’ where she claims ONLY SHE talked to Echols on the phone during the hours in question.

Whats more, Bearden’s statement she reads on camera in 'West of Memphis’ (above) is actually misleading; in the statement she gave to police on the 10th of September, 1993, Bearden states she rang Damien Echols at Jason Baldwin’s house between 4:15pm and 5:30pm, talked to BOTH of them for twenty minutes, before Damien told her to ring him back at 8:00pm because he and Jason were “going somewhere”.

Here is the part of Bearden’s interview with Bryn Ridge where she confirms this, verbatim:


RIDGE: About what time was that call made to Jason’s?

BEARDEN: Between - it had to be somewhere in between 4:15 and 5, something like that….5 or 5:30

RIDGE: Who answered the phone at Jason’s?


RIDGE: And did you talk to Damien?

BEARDEN: Yeah I talked to Jason for five minutes and the (inaudible) with Damien and he wasnt talking because they were playing video games with his little brother Matt

RIDGE: Okay, and after that conversation you had with him?

BEARDEN: He [Echols] said him and Jason were going to go somewhere, him and Jason were going somewhere, and that he, um, wanted me to call him later at his house around 8 and I said okay

RIDGE: Okay, did he say where he was going to go?



The above statement is Jennifer’s own words, transcribed by police four months after the murders. They directly contradict what she says in 'West of Memphis’, where she claims to have talked to Damien UNINTERRUPTED between the hours of 4:15 and 9:30.

Bearden’s interview with Bryn Ridge clearly demonstrates she rang Echols between 4:15-5:30 pm, talked with Echols and Baldwin for twenty minutes, before Echols told her to ring him back at 8:00pm. Furthermore, Bearden’s statement implies Echols was out WITH Jason Baldwin between the time of her first phone call at 4:15pm and the time she rang him back at 8:00pm.

Further down in her police statement, Bearden says she attempted to ring Echols again at 8pm, like he requested, BUT WAS TOLD HE WASNT HOME. Here is the excerpt from that statement, verbatim:


RIDGE: Okay, and when you called back about 8?

BEARDEN: His grandmother said he wasn’t there, and that I was supposed to call back around 9….and I called back around 9:20, 9:30 and I talk to him [Echols] for a little bit, but then I had to get off the phone because I wasn’t supposed to be on the phone after 9:30


Bearden told police in her statement that she rang Damien’s house at 8pm like he asked, but his grandmother (Francis Gosa) told her he wasn’t there. This is a HUGE piece of evidence against Echols. Not only does it prove Echols lied when he told police he was at home all night, but it places him outside his home WITH Jason Baldwin during the crucial hours the murders are believed to have been committed. The murders are thought to have occurred between 6:30pm and 8:30pm, remember? Jennifer Bearden’s statement only covers the time between 4:15pm to 5:30pm and after 9:20pm. She tried to reach Echols’ at 8:00pm, but couldn’t get a hold of him.

Contrary to what is presented in 'West of Memphis’, Damien’s Echols’ whereabouts are unaccounted for between the hours of 5:30pm and 9:20pm. Again, the murders are thought to have happened between 6:30pm and 8:30pm. Jennifer Bearden’s police statement does not support Echols’ claim he was at home all night talking on the phone. His other alibi witnesses - Holly George, Heather Cliett, and Domini Teer - further damage his alibi claims with their own police statements:

1) Holly George
Holly George told police she spoke with Damien Echols around 3:30pm on May 5th, 1993. She only called Echols once that day. Holly also claimed she and Echols engaged in a three-way phone call with Jennifer Bearden, and she only talked to Echols for five minutes.

There are several contradictory details in Holly George’s statement - she claimed to have talked to Damien AND Jennifer via three-way calling, yet Jennifer doesn’t mention a three-way call in her interview. Holly also states she rang Damien around 3:30pm and their conversation didn’t last past 4:00pm, which conflicts with Damien’s assertion he spoke with her much later in the evening.

George also mentions in her statement that she talked to Jennifer Bearden after the murders, who told her that she (Bearden) had spoken with Echols after George rang him, and tried to reach him later that evening but he wasn’t home. Jennifer Bearden confirms this in her own statement (above)

2) Heather Cliett
Heather Cliett is another girl whom Damien Echols claims to have spoken to on the phone on the day of the murders. In statements given to police on June 7th and 8th - immediately after Damien was arrested - Cliett stated that her, Holly George, and Jennifer Bearden had talked on the phone via three-way calling on the night of May 5th. She said Damien only joined the conversation around 10:00pm.

As you can see, Heather Cliett’s version of events are dramatically different from Holly George’s statement and Jennifer Bearden’s statement:

- Holly George claimed she had a three-way phone call only with Damien and Jennifer; she did not say Heather was also present during the three-way conversation.

- Jennifer Bearden does not mention a three-way call at all in her statement, despite two different people claiming she participated in one.

Since all three alibi witnesses - Bearden, George, and Cliett - gave conflicting statements about a three-way call between them and Damien, its impossible to know whether the call actually happened, and who was present if it DID happen. The important thing to note is that Heather Cliett states she talked to Echols AFTER 10:00pm, and did not talk to him before. Cliett’s statement doesn’t support Echols’ assertion he was at home until after 10:00pm.

3) Domini Teer
Domini Teer told prosecutors on the stand she spent the afternoon of May 5th with Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin. Domini was Echols’ pregnant girlfriend at the time.

She told prosecutor John Fogleman that Damien came to her house around 1:00pm on the day of the murders, and the two of them waited for Jason to come home from school, which he did around 3:25pm. Teer then states her, Damien, Jason, and a friend called Ken walked over to Hubert Bartoush’s (Jason’s uncle) house to watch Jason mow the lawns.

Teer tells Fogleman the time they arrived at Jason’s uncles house was around 4:00pm. Here is an excerpt from her testimony, verbatim:


FOGLEMAN: Okay. About what time did ya’ll get to his uncles?

TEER: Um….4 o'clock, something like that

FOGLEMAN: 4 or 4:15, something like that?

TEER: yeah, it was around there.


Domini told Fogleman after she, Damien, and Ken arrived at Jason’s uncles house at around 4:00pm, the three of them watched Jason mow the lawn.

Domini Teer’s testimony on the stand conflicts with Jennifer Bearden’s statements to police - remember, Jennifer told police she spoke to Damien AND Jason on the phone between 4:15pm and 5:30pm that day. Domini, however, told a prosecutor that she, Damien, Jason, and another friend went to an uncles house to mow the lawn, and they arrived there around 4:00pm- 4:15pm.

Damien cant of been on the phone with Bearden and travelling to Jason’s uncles house with Domini at the same time. One of the girls is either lying or mistaken about the times they were in contact with Damien.

Domini Teer also stated in court that after she and Echols watched Jason mow the lawns, she and Damien was picked up by his mother around 5:00pm. Damien’s mother dropped her home around 5:30pm, and the two didn’t speak again that night until 10:00pm when Damien rang her on the phone.

Domini Teer’s testimony only covers Echols’ whereabouts for the hours between 1:00pm and 5:30pm, and after 10:00pm on the night of May 5th. Her testimony clashes with the statement of Heather Cliett who also claimed to have talked to Echols around 10:00pm.


The testimony of Damien Echols’ alibi witnesses makes for confusing reading, as all four of them contradict his claim he was home all night, and with none of the statements actually providing him with an alibi: when compared together, not a single one of Damien’s four witnesses can vouch for his whereabouts for the hours between 5:30pm and 9:20pm on the day of the murder.

A lack of alibi in itself is not irrefutable proof of guilt. But when you consider the fact NONE of the three accused had a solid alibi, as well as the evidence that suggest at least two of the accused- Echols and Baldwin - were together walking around during the hours in question, it begs the question: where exactly were they? What were they doing? Why couldnt a single one of their witnesses verify their claims?

Hands Off (Ethan)

A/N: I was in yoga today and it inspired me to make this little imagine. You convince Ethan to come to yoga with you, and he thinks the instructor is being a little too handsy while modifying your poses.

warnings; I think just cussing, mention of v*mit and I guess suggestive touching but not really just yoga


“You owe me big time, y/n.” Ethan grumbles as the two of you walk into your usual yoga studio. Since moving out to Los Angeles, you have become much more interested in your practice and after practically begging Ethan to join you, he finally caved. “I feel so stupid in this.”

Coming along with you wasn’t enough, you forced him to purchase and wear a brand new yogi outfit from Lulu Lemon’s men’s line. You had to agree, he did look quite ridiculous wearing joggers and a sleeveless hoodie, but at least it made his arms look good.

“If you quit complaining maybe you’ll actually enjoy it.” You tell him, receiving a huff from Ethan. Once the two of you entered the room you are greeted by one of the usual instructors, Brian.

“Y/n! So great to see you!” Brian exclaims. He is by far your favorite instructor, he is much more zen than the others, making you feel as though you actually got something out of your practice. “And you brought a friend, amazing!”

“Boyfriend.” Ethan corrected very bluntly, to which Brian nods uncomfortably. Once you set up your mats and are sitting cross legged, Ethan leans over and whispers. “You didn’t tell me it was a guy!”

“What difference does it make?” You ask, genuinely unsure as to why it made him to uneasy. “I promise you’ll like it. If not I’ll, well I don’t know what I’ll do but I’ll do something to repay you.”

30 minutes in, everything has gone smoothly. Besides the sporadic adjustments Brian had made to Ethan’s posture, he actually seems to be enjoying himself. That is, until you arrive in your side angle pose. 

“Heart forward, y/n.” Brian reminds you, placing one hand on your chest and the other in-between your shoulder blades straightening your posture. You’re unphased by this, but Ethan’s suddenly louder breathing implies he is definitely not. “That’s it, good adjustment.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, during one of your final downward dogs, Brian again fixes your pose. He places his hand on your lower back and stomach gently pulling your hips higher. Ethan’s sharp inhale signals how angry this makes him.

This, however, is not the final straw. Only 10 minutes before the class ends, Brian again modifies your pose. During cobra, he places his hand right above your breast and the other between your shoulder blades again. You hope that you will be able to get away with another huff from Ethan, but he has other hands. 

“Oh for fucks sake, that’s enough.” Ethan burst out, causing the whole class to look his way. “Hands off.”

“Ethan, sit back down. You’re causing a scene.” You hiss at him. He stares at you for a minutes then at Brian, who looks like he is going to throw up, then back to you. “I mean it Ethan.”

He mutters something under his breath but eventually goes back into the pose. Brian hesitantly backs away from you and continues on teaching the class. After the class finally finishes, you roll up your mat, grab Ethan by the wrist and pull him down to your height.

“Ethan Dolan, I want you to go to Brian and apologize to him.” You command him.


“No, you’re going to.” You tell him, not even letting him finish his argument. “That is not how you express your feelings, E, you know that!”

“Fine.” He groans, walking towards a terrified looking Brian. “Hey, man. I’m really sorry about earlier. I guess I just get a little-a lot defensive when other guys touch y/n.”

“No worries, Ethan.” Brian accepts, probably relieved that Ethan didn’t come over to beat him up. “You know, yoga is actually very good for controlling that anger. I’d love to have you back sometime!”

Ethan nods his head and you quickly apologize to Brian before you both walk out. Your walk to the car is silent until Ethan decides to speak up.

“I’m really sorry, y/n.” He apologizes. “I shouldn’t have blown up like that, I know its his job and all but you’re way too gorgeous for me to just brush off other guys touching you like that.”

“It’s alright, E.” You stop to look at him. “I just really wish you did it a different way.”

“Maybe Brian is right.” Ethan says and you give him a very confused look. “You know, yoga might help me control that.”

You smile and place your hand on his cheek. “I love you for trying.”

“You still owe me for this outfit.” He informs you with a chuckle, making you laugh along. “Alright, if we don’t get pizza right now I’m going to pass out.”

Detective Conan 998 Spoilers [English Translation]
  • [So… How are we going to find him?]
  • A: The man with a kid that picked up the Higo-senshu charm your friend dropped on the train…
  • A: Far as I can see, the kid and the dad are both pretty tan…
  • Ay: Really!
  • G: Pitch black!
  • M: Maybe…  they were going to swim in the ocean?

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you could write a scenario where MC has no control over the world she's in and it gets restarted on them over and over on them. And MC gets the feeling they have to save V and expose Rika earlier on in the "game"? Like they get fed up with no one listening to realising so she flat out tells V she knows about Rika, and then he has to do something about Saeran? Maybe some Angst? How would that play out? I don't know if this makes sense, sorry.

I think I understand, I hope you don’t mind where I went with this. I’ve always liked the idea of MC being the one trapped in the world, and not being able to control restarts, I’m not sure why. 

You were over it. You’ve been through everyone’s routes, all the good and the bad that came with them. You watched yourself tear the ones you loved apart again and again, you failed miserably at saving them, and when you finally ended on a good note; it restarted.

Your life restarted again, you suddenly found yourself with your phone in your hand and ‘Unknown’, who you knew was really Saeran Choi, questioning you. 

At first you feared breaking reality, you were afraid you’d say something wrong and time would reset, or reality would fall apart in front of your eyes. But after realising no matter what you did, time would reset after the 12th day, you stopped caring about how reality was going to handle you. 

Your first attempt at changing your fate was with Unknown. When he messaged you, you wrote a long and hard explanation on how you knew he was Saeran, on what Rika had done, and how Saeyoung didn’t intentionally abandon you. He kept denying it and begged you to go to the apartment, and then you decided to help Saeyoung find his brother and rescue him from mint eye. But, even after Saeran was safe in the bunker, and you took the picture with the RFA, time reset and you started again. 

You tried so many different things to just get out of this hell. You went to mint eye before you even stepped foot in the apartment, you exposed Saeran and Saeyoung on the first day of meeting the RFA, you even triggered the bomb to go off. 

But it didn’t matter, time reset, you lived, and they forgot. 

You were running out of options, but you still had one thing to try. You were going to wait until V entered the Chatroom to talk to him. Of course, you couldn’t do it on the first day, they’d probably kick you out straight away. You waited a few days until he came back to announce the date.

It didn’t matter whose route you were on, you were nice to everyone, you were just focused on seeing a Chatroom open with V’s name under it. You didn’t have a very solid plan; you were probably just going to say it outright. 

Finally, V’s name appeared in group chat, next to Saeyoungs and Jumin’s. You took that as a good sign, seeing as normally there is only one other person in the Chatroom with V. You took a deep breath before entering and started the beginning of the end. 

V: MC, I’m glad to see you’re here. 


V: How are you?


MC: I’m good, but I have something to discuss with you. I’m afraid it won’t be very pleasant.


V: Is there a problem, MC?


707: MC MC!!! 


707: What’s Wrong!!!


707: problems with in the RFA???


MC: I’d appreciate it if none of you would talk until I’m finished, I’m afraid getting my point across will confused you. 


V: Please feel free to tell us whatever is bothering you, MC. 


707: We’ll fix it! Meow!! 


Jumin: Do not meow as if you are a cat. 


MC: I know about Mint Eye, and Rika, and Saeran


Sure, that seemed like a good place to start. 

MC: I know Rika’s alive, I know what Rika did to Saeran and I know she’s mentally unstable. V, I know everything that has happened between the two of you.


V: MC…


MC: Please let me finish it will be much less painful.


MC: I know Saeran’s brother was taken into an agency to learn hacking so he could save his brother. I know Rika tortured Saeran into thinking he was betrayed. 


MC: I know what she did to you, I know your vision is impaired and you’re going blind. 


Jumin: MC I think you should stop talking about think you don’t understand. 


MC: I do understand! I know you can’t believe what you’re reading, I know what I’m saying sounds insane, but I am not lying. 


MC: V, I know about the Mint Eye blueprints in the drawer behind me. Trust me, I know you love Rika and you want to protect her.


MC: But if you don’t go there now and help Saeran, if you don’t stop what she’s doing, people will die! 


MC: I am begging you, stop her, get her the help she needs before she ruins anyone else’s life. 


V: That’s enough, MC. 


707: How do you know that name? Saeran? What does she mean Rika tortures him, V? 


V: How could you possibly know all that MC? 


V: Who told you all of that? 


V: Was it Unknown?


MC: Haha….


MC: you wouldn’t believe me even I told you.


MC: Unknown is Saeran Choi, by the way. 


V: MC, clearly this Unknown person has fed you lies, im sorry, but Rika is dead, and I don’t know who Saeran Choi is. 

You dropped your phone as you felt any hope you had left leave your body. You knew he was lying out of love for Rika, but your life was falling apart, like it had been for the past several months, and you couldn’t bring yourself to feel sorry for him. 

Drastic times call for drastic measures. 


MC: I can’t force you to believe me.


MC: But I’m going to Mint Eye. 


MC: I’m sorry, Saeyoung, V, Jumin, I’m so sorry for everything. 


MC Has left the Chatroom

You took a deep breath before leaving the apartment, you stopped in the hallway and looked up at the camera. You knew Saeyoung would be watching, you gave him a sad smile before leaving. 

You didn’t drive, instead you took two trains and a few buses, it was a pretty long way away, but you wanted to stay updated on the group chats incase something happened.

Yoosung and Saeyoung believed you, Yoosung believed you because he didn’t trust V. Saeyoung knew you weren’t lying, even if he didn’t know how you knew. You weren’t surprised when you arrived within the area of the Mint Eye base, and you saw V. 


“You were right” he told you, you blinked at him several times, making sure you heard him right. “Please let me talk to her, maybe I can get her to stop” 

You agreed, waiting patiently and quietly outfront. You didn’t know how it would play out, but you prayed something else would happen. 

15 minutes passed.


30 minutes.


An hour


An hour and a half.

You thought back to the time you and Saeyoung broke in, and followed in his footsteps, asking him to shut down the security beforehand. You made your way in, and tried hard to search for Rika and V. 

You felt like crying out of frustration when you saw a familiar scene. Saeran had a gun to V, and Rika was looking down on him and threatening him. V Looked desperate, and you felt your heart break again. 

You saw the look in Saerans eye, one you’d seen before, and you made your move. If V died, time would repeat, but maybe, just maybe, if you saved him, would it change? 

You had to try.

You ran forward and jumped in front of V at the very last second. The bullet hit you instead of V, and you slammed into the ground with a searing pain in your side. 

MC!” You heard V yell.

MC?!” Saerans voice asked. Your vision started to blur as you looked up at V, who looked frantic and out of sorts. 

Help them, save Saeran” you told him, before looking past him and up at the sky “please make it stop” 

You weren’t asking anyone, you just wanted it to stop. You couldn’t handle it all, and it was weighing on you. You hoped now it would end and everything would work out, even if you didn’t want to die, you couldn’t repeat this life over and over. 

Your eyes closed and you saw nothing.

Your eyes opened and you saw a screen with a stranger asking for help. 

“Sormik’s New Year”, or “Soreo’s New Year’s evening”, or “Fluff that changed into flu disaster” page 6

6 done, 4 more to finish. This time Tsunleo and Sorey trying to tease his boyfriend about his habit. And there was a kiss too. Do I want to add anything to this page? Rather not. I’m just disappointing because I wanted to draw that small story faster and back to my other projects.

Did you notice something? Yes, there is a little crossover in this page. I made it because I simply can XD.

I put a little announcement here. I have a 30 minute skit movie/story which was added to Zestiria X season 1 Blu-ray. To my big surprise it’s really good and very game canon. I would like to translate it and upload for other Zestiria fans but first- my Japanese is only self learned, I wouldn’t be able to translate everything right (right now I understand around 70% of whole story), second - I really don’t have time to translate something from Japanese if I don’t have script for it. When I translated LN game from Xenosaga universe I exported game file with script. It made work easier since i could check kanji directly in google translator if I didn’t understand line from hearing it. I don’t have something like this for this Zestiria skit so I would need to search through the books and wakan software for 30-40 for one kanji. Not something to have time for when you have a job.

So if anyone willing to translate it then PM me here on tumblr. I will upload whole thing. I would gladly edit video with english translation if that would be problem, so there is only basic translation needed. For now there is only soft-cream part translated and it would be nice to have it all translated. 

I realize that the whole “make a 3D model of the clothes I want to make before I even buy the fabric” is way overboard, but the advantages to doing that step have been outrageous for me.

I already know how to 3D model clothes, so it takes less time to do it than it would for me to make a roomy version and then do a fitting and then sew all the seams again. It only takes like 30 minutes to sew the shapes digitally. It takes much longer than that to take a garment in after sewing it too large, especially if you’re fitting it in yourself.

I can adjust the seams to fit straight, lie down well, and fit beautifully before I make it.

It’s already fitted to me, so it saves fabric from that annoying fitting step.

I know it’s going to fit, so I just serge all the edges before I sew so I have neat flat seams.

I haven’t ever made something too small (so far).

I get practice making 3D clothing, and now have obj files of medieval clothes on my computer. I could easily refit them to another body model.

Anyway, it seems like a weird amount of extra work, but I’m such a visual learner that to see how it looks on my body before I make it gets me excited about sewing, which has always been a crapshoot for me before. If something doesn’t flatter me, I can avoid making it, or edit it to look more flattering.

In the long run, it really saves me a lot of time, and makes sewing easier, especially for custom costumes. I could see this being very useful for cosplay, or making a costume for someone who lives far away.

anonymous asked:

what was it like in there

well first you cant have anything like shoes with shoelaces or sweatshirts/sweatpants with strings so if you want them they have to be cut out for you. any wire in note books isn’t allowed and no glass containers so yeah none of that. where i was they didn’t allow hairspray because one time a girl there drank it and got really drunk i guess (according to someone working there). theres way more but those were most dealt with probably.
im an adolescent and we were sectioned off from everyone over 18 so usually the door to get out of our section was closed which was kind of annoying because i really like seeing whats going on at the front desk.
uh yeah but anyway you wake up and they take your vitals and then you wait for breakfast which is usually pretty decent. if its a school day teacher comes in and you have to deal with her bullshit for about two hours. if it isnt a school day you have a group usually which is usually psychotherapy. and then it goes group, lunch, visiting, group, dinner, visiting, group, free time.
there was like art therapy groups and psychotherapy and community meetings and a couple times we would do yoga or something like that.
i made some friends so it was actually kinda fun for a bit but when all but one left we just watched catfish and got in trouble for trying to flush everyones toilet at the same time.
also there was someone watching you at all hours of the day and on paper depending on your situation they mark where you are every 5,15, or 30 minutes.
besides that there not a whole lot except that my friend tried to just walk out behind someone and they restrained him and almost gave him the butt drugs. also there was a fire drill and so all of the doors automatically opened and i almost made a fuckin run for it. oh and this one girl got really pissed and threw a water cup and then coffee at one of the nurses and then we didnt see her for like 2 days because she was in isolation.
its a lot like prison but more therapists

sorry for the long post but that’s about it

Coffee Breaks with Oak - Part 1: Lin

Note: I really feel in the mood for writing right now, so that’s a thing I guess??? We need more Oak in our lives, so here you go. To me, Oak likes milk in his coffee ok? This is probably gonna be a series because I really like writing it (Ok, it’s definitely gonna be a series. Sorry, not sorry) (This is supposed to take place while the original cast was still on the show btw.)

Request: okay um hi, this is my first time ever asking for well anything on here so I was wondering if you have the time if you could write an Oak x reader fanfic, I never see enough for him. The prompt can be whatever you want/are comfortable writing for him. All love ❤️

Wordcount: 2280

Pairing: Okieriete Onaodowan x reader

Warnings: None???

Originally posted by falling-through-autumn

You had just started working at a small coffee shop in downtown New York close to the Richard Rodger’s theater. When you had started working there, it was just a way of making money on the side while you studied as well as a bit of an escape from exactly that. You had not expected it to very eventful. Oh, how you were wrong.

It was no secret to your colleagues that you were a huge fan of the newest musical to arrive at the Richard Rodger’s theater, Hamilton An American Musical. When Lin-Manuel Miranda himself had come into the coffee shop, you were pretty much about to lose your shit. You had been the only one except for your boss there since it was morning and regularly, not a lot of people showed up in the morning. You were in the middle of wiping down a table when he entered and your jaw practically dropped. You tried to keep your shit together, though. You were not about to lose it in front of the writer and lead of the musical.

“Good morning sir. What can I do for you?” You questioned as you returned to your spot behind the counter, leaving the cloth at the table you had just been wiping.

He smiled at you and it was infectious, making you smile as well. He looked at the name tag on your apron before answering. “Good morning, Y/N. Can I have a black coffee please?” He asked.

“Of course, do you want it to go or are you drinking it here?” You asked as you tapped the price of the coffee into the cash register.

“To go, please.” He smiled at you. He seemed polite and down to earth and it made it a lot easier to handle.

After he had paid for the coffee and you were about to turn around to make it for him, he caught you a bit off guard by his question. “Don’t you need my name to put on the cup or something?” He asked politely.

It made you blush slightly. You already knew who he was, so you had not really thought about asking him for his name. “Uhm… I already know your name.” You said, lowering your gaze.

“Oh…” He simply breathed with a huge grin on his face that you did not quite understand. “Hamilton?” He asked and you nodded.

“Yeah. A bit of a fan, I guess.” You admitted as warmth spread across your face. You felt awkward, so you simply offered him a smile before turning around to make the coffee he had ordered.

You had a couple other customers and being the only barista currently working, it took a bit longer than expected and when you finally finished by writing his name on the cup you had expected him to have grown a bit impatient, but when you turned to the counter to put it down and call his name, he seemed relaxed, even smiled at you as you called his name “Black coffee for Mr. Miranda.” You called.

He arrived at the counter in a matter of a few seconds, taking the cup with a small “Thank you.” Unable to conceal the grin that spread across his lips. You were still blushing and it was embarrassing. You just felt so awkward. “If it’s any good, I’ll definitely recommend the place to the rest of the cast. I hope that when I come back you will have seen the show and can tell me what you think.” He joked.

You were unable to hold back the giggle that left your lips. You felt a bit less uncomfortable when it seemed like he just thought the whole situation was fun and light. “Have a good day, sir.” You simply said and with that, he left.

You did go to see the show a couple of weeks later. Lin had visited the coffee shop a couple of times before you went, always in the morning. At least what you knew of. You had had time to chat with him several times and you had become somewhat friends. He was nice and easy to talk to and you did not get half as embarrassed around him anymore. He even came by the morning on the day where you were going to see the show and you had not really talked to him about going.

So, when he entered the coffee shop, a grin spread across your lips. You should probably tell him, you figured

“Well look at you, sunshine.” He joked as he approached the counter. “Why are you so happy this dull winter morning?” He asked fondly.

You giggled at that, shaking your head slightly. “Well. You know. I’m gonna go see a certain Broadway musical tonight.” You said, unable to help the grin that spread across your face.

“Whaaat? That’s great Y/N!” He genuinely seemed excited and it made you happy.

“I know! I’m so happy.” You giggled. You had no idea why you had not told him before. Maybe because you still did not fully believe that it was happening.

“I’ll definitely take you backstage so you can meet the cast. Whoever you are going with too, of course.” He said excitedly and it made you blush.

“Oh… Lin, you don’t have to.” You laughed. You were pretty sure that they were busy and probably could find better things than saying hi to Lin’s barista friend.

“No, no. I’m serious! You’re great. They’ll love you.” He decided.

You gave in with a small smile. “Fine.” You giggled because you knew there was no way you were getting out of it. You suddenly felt very nervous about going tonight. The people you were going with knew that you had the biggest crush on Oak, so it could potentially be the most embarrassing night of your life.

“Yes!” He exclaimed. You had trouble believing that Lin was actually excited about you meeting the cast, his friends. But, he genuinely seemed excited and it made you happy that it seemed like he considered you his friend.

You laughed softly, shaking your head a little. “The usual?” You asked, trying to change the subject. You just had to let the fact that you were meeting the cast sink in.

“Yeah. Can you add a coffee with milk for Oak? Promised him to bring one along for him.” He asked. You swallowed lightly at the mention of Oak. You still could not believe that you would be meeting the guy that you had a celebrity crush on.

“Sure.” You said after a second and as he paid for the two coffees, you wondered if Lin had noticed you zone out for a second at the mention of Oak’s name. You hoped not.

You had the two coffees ready in no time as there were even fewer people than usual in the shop. You wrote Lin’s name on the cup with regular, black coffee and Oak on the one that had milk in it as you placed it down on the counter. “I hope you boys enjoy your coffee.” You smiled.

He thanked you before leaving the coffee shop. The rest of your shift went by pretty quietly as a lot of people decided to stop by the coffee shop that morning. You were going to see the show tonight with a couple of your coworkers and you managed to catch them just before leaving. Or rather, they managed to catch you. You had planned on just texting them that Lin was taking you to meet the cast, but now you might as well tell them.

“Y/N! Are you ready for tonight?” One of them asked.

You grinned slightly at that and nodded. “Definitely is. Lin invited us backstage, by the way.” You giggled as their eyes widened.

“He was here, again? Seriously, Y/N. You need to get his phone number or something!”

You shook your head a little. “First of all, he is married. Secondly, Y/N is into Oak, not Lin.” One of your other coworkers said before you could even get to answer.

“Right… I’ll see you tonight, then?” You questioned, really wanting to get out of this situation. It was not like you did not like your coworkers, a lot of them had become your close friends. But, first of all, you had studies to attend to and second of all, it was getting a bit embarrassing.

“I’ll come over to your place tonight, help you with your outfit and all that.” Alex teased, who just so happened to be the person who you had grown closest with out of all your coworkers but who also constantly teased you about your crush on Oak and especially after you had met Lin.

“Bye, Alex.” You waved at her. You had not exactly said no since you would probably be really nervous tonight and having a friend’s help would definitely be nice. So, having someone there with you would probably be nice.

Once you got back to your apartment, you were pretty exhausted and you barely managed to lie down on your couch to take a nap before there was a knock on your door. With a sigh, you got up and already knowing who it was, you mentally facepalmed yourself for not realizing earlier that Alex would probably be there way too early.

You opened the door with a slight groan to reveal Alex in a dress, something you had never seen before. Usually, you never saw your coworkers in anything but their work clothes or the stuff that they wore on a regular day. “Hey.” You simply said.

“Hello, grumpy.” She teased, which made you roll your eyes.

“Give me a break, I just arrived.” You snorted. You should probably have expected her to be here already, but you had just expected her to be there 30 minutes before you had to go or something. Instead, she literally arrived an hour and a half before.

“Poor thing.” She said sarcastically, as she stepped into your apartment. It was not like she looked like she was going to some fancy party, but she still wore heels and a pretty gorgeous, yet simple black dress. Casual but pretty, but then again; It was Alex. You had just planned on putting on a pair of black jeans and some kind of shirt. But, she obviously had other plans for you.

“Where’s your closet? You should take a shower while I pick your outfit.” She winked at you. You groaned, but simply lead her to your bedroom where your closet was.

“Don’t pick anything I wouldn’t or I swear, I will strangle you.” You said a bit dramatically. You were still not sure you wanted to show up in a dress, but it was probably what she was going to pick out for you.

“Well, you need to impress Oak somehow.” She called after you as you left for the bathroom to take a shower and put on makeup afterward.

When you left the bathroom a little over a half an hour later, your bedroom was scattered in clothes and you were pretty much ready to just stumble back into the bathroom. You had just organized your closet a couple of days ago and now it was all a mess again.

“Alex, really?” You groaned, pressing two fingers against the bridge of your nose. It was truly a mess.

“Relax. I’ll help you clean it up later. What do you think?” She asked, holding up a black dress that you had had for years. It was nothing special but it was definitely too short too.

“Definitely not.” You snorted and rolled your eyes. Had you been going out to get drunk, maybe. But you were going to the theater.

“Okay… How about this one?” She asked, holding up a black pencil skirt and a white silky top.

You shrugged a little at that. “I don’t know… isn’t it a little office-y?” You questioned. She had to agree with you on that one, so she moved on to the next thing she had figured you might want to wear.

She held up a pair of your best, black jeans and a black turtleneck with short sleeves and happened to be a little cropped. “You could pair it with a cardigan or a denim jacket?” She suggested. “And I figured these shoes would go well with it.” She added, holding up a pair of nice, black shoes.

It seemed pretty great to you, so you nodded approvingly. “Yeah. Seems good to me.” You said. It had taken you a good amount of time to find the outfit, but you still were not late. Though, it was probably good that she had arrived a little if not a lot earlier than you expected.

While you changed in the bathroom, Alex put your clothes back into your closet where she had found them and once you were all set, you could begin to feel the nervousness.

“You know… Maybe this isn’t a good idea.” You swallowed.

Your friend simply snorted at that. “Really, Y/N? This is going to be great!” She said as she held out a dark green cardigan that she had found in your closet. “Put this on.” She added and you did.

The two of you were out of your apartment after having pulled your coats on. It was not a long walk to the Richard Rodger’s, but you had all decided on getting there a little early to find your seats and as you made your way to the theater with Alex, you felt more and more nervous. What if you embarrassed yourself completely?