i made this in gimp

And so their legacy grew….


puppy jihoon getting friendly with the eel but mostly just with jonghyun



Okay, so the part where I said I could draw? Malarkey. But GOD HELP ME, I will show you this. Note, this cape does not posses sleeves or a hood, but those would not be difficult to add, should you choose to do so.

Step 1: acquire mannequin.

Step 2: Drape inside layer of cape(the lining?) over your mannequin in a manner not unlike a clothesline. Pin in place, try it on several times to make sure it’s sized the way you like it. Mine is snug in the shoulders.

Step 3: Sew those shoulders together and cut the excess fabric. Also add a hole for your neck.

Step 4: Eat a snack.

Step 5: Embroidery! Fit your outermost layer over the inside layer already on the mannequin and cut it to shape. Once it’s the size and shape you want, separate the layers and get ready to either get carpal tunnel or get really, really friendly with your sewing machine’s embroidery feature. This, I actually did make a pattern for, if anyone wants to use the deer. The lines on the side of the head are where the antlers go.

This spans from my lower back to about my shoulderblades.

Step 6: After you put the deer on, put the layers back together. If you want to use the optional middle layer for extra warmth, go ahead. Because it doesn’t face anything, the middle layer can be whatever shape and size you want. Mine just sort of hangs like a sheet and adds weight. At this point, you can round the shoulders out or leave them pointy for Extra reasons. Mine are pointy, they give the funfur a little extra shape.

Step 7: Sew all of that together. It will not be easy on your patience or your sewing machine. Next, the fur!

Step 8: If your machine isn’t some kind of beast that laughs in the face of danger, sew the trim on manually. It hangs freely in the back, so you may want to ground it to something. I made the trim thicker above the chest specifically to attach it to the back, holding it more firmly in place.

Step 9: Latching! I used two heavy-duty hook-and-eyes to clasp the cape together at the chest, but you can also use buttons, a fancy broach, all sorts of things.


2yds black fleece, inside 

2yds black wool, middle 

2yds blue satin, outside

1.5 yds funfur, trim

And that’s the cape! If you make it, pleeeeeease show me, I wanna see it!

rebelcaptain + the 60s

Psychedelic rocker Jyn Erso meets Cassian Andor, lead singer of a doo-wop inspired pop group, while they’re both performing at a Civil Rights benefit. She takes an immediate liking to him, despite their conflicting genres. 

On the last night of the weekend long concert series, Cassian takes her out for drinks. Puzzled and intrigued by the upbeat nature of his music, Jyn finally asks him how he stays so positive with the state of the world. 

His answer? Rebellions are built on hope.

[playlist here]


This took a lot longer than I thought it would;;;

I doodled my custom MC “Eun-kyung” for Mystic Messenger based on MC5 lol. She goes by ♡UNICO♡ in the app c:

Uhmm a bit about her, she’s a lighthearted person. She’s whimsical, humourous, and romantic, a free spirit who tends to do what she wants and is pretty bold about it. Because of her boldness she’s pretty stubborn and can be recklessly brash when angry or upset. She can be mature though at least. Oh yeah, Eun-kyung is a mythology buff and is intelligent. But she gets stressed easily and has a tendency to become highly insecure with her actions. Combine that with her stubborn brashness and she gets really defensive. She has a lot on her mind pretty often. I guess she can be pretty thoughtful too.

Something like that? It’s really late and I’m very tired :c I just wanted to doole a little bit ;;o;;

[ Please don’t use my art without permission or credit while of course adding credit ]

silverfae16  asked:

For the pixel scribbles, could you draw Christina Kuroda? Thanks in advance! ^^

The stripes, the skirt, the bowtie? Clearly this lady is a mafia queen pin. BC Sol is a front for heinous criminal activity! There is no other explanation for such impeccable fashion sense!

Really though, does Christina’s outfit somehow remind anyone else of 1920s gangster fashion, or at least the Halloween costume version of it? Or am I just seeing things.