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sorry [yoongi&you]

Summary: yoongi is lost and completely nothing without you, but what more can he do when an apology is all he really has left to say?

a/n: @marelynn-neko so you gave me about four guys to choose, i think…? lol and while looking at them, i kinda figured this would match the sugary plum turtle the most. enjoy and uhmmm… hold a tissue box. i mean it :DD scenario based off of big bang - haru haru and lies.

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Why must beautiful memories be remembered when the love have already become vain and completely lost? Why are we left in this despair entrapment of broken affections?

To be drowned in alcohol and the smell of other people, tears everyone away from reality. Who would want to stay stuck in a life with nothing being offered?

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Cameron Dallas Imagine (Part Seven)

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Part Five || Part Six

Your face fell. You didn’t know much about Cam’s ex,You just seen them kissing or cuddling in pics on twitter…and they were happy together. you didn’t even know how to react. But you was angry because Cam was right, you did get mad that she texted. And now you was really curious what she texted him.

“What did she text you?” you said with a blank expression “See! i knew you would get mad!” Cam said. “CAMERON DALLAS. I JUST ASKED WHAT DID SHE TEXT YOU. DOES THAT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN IM MAD?” you screamed turning your body to him and crossing your arms. He just stayed silent, which made you even more mad even though you knew it was better if he did just stay silent. “pull over…” you said sighing. “What?” Cam said looking at you then back on the road. “I SAID PULL OVER. I’LL WALK FUCKING BACK.” you screamed. “IT’S ALMOST 3AM AND ITS A 30 MIN WALK. IM NOT PULLING OVER.” cam screamed back. “FINE!” you screamed throwing your hands in the air.

it stayed silent most of the way home. when cam searched for a parking spot, a bird pooped on the window. You and Cam tried to hold in your laughs. You and cam looked at each other and bursted out laughing. Once you guys stopped laughing, it got really quiet again. Cam took out his phone , to do who knows what.

“She said she misses me…” Cam said breaking the silence. “What?” you said scrunching your face together. “My ex…she said she misses me…” he said cautiously. “Oh….i…i dont know what to tell you?” you said unbuckling. “I dont know what to say back.”“Well i dont either.” you said brutally about to open the door.

Cam grabbed you and pulling you to his face. His hot breath met you face. You stared into each others eyes. Cam crashed his lips onto yours hard. But it didnt bother you. Cam pulled away and held your head so that your foreheads for connected.

“Im sorry, forgive me.” Cam whispered.

you bit your lip and crashed your lip along his. And before you knew it, you were on the other side of the car onto of cams lap. You guys were having a full out makeout session.

Cam’s hand was on your bottom back pulling you closer to his body and one hand was running up and down your back. Cam’s hand went in your shirt onto your bare back which made you have goosebumps. His fingers fell upon your bra buckle but you pulled out of the kiss.

“Cam…not yet…” you said embarrassingly and going to the other side of the car. “Its okay babe. If you want to slow down i understand. Im not going to rush you into something you arent prepped for.” He said kissing your cheek.

You both exited the car and Cam’s phone rung with another text alert and he slid his phone out of his pocket. He quickly groaned in annoyance and put it back into his pocket not even replying. I just got angry all over again…but not at Cam, but at his annoying ex girlfriend.

I stormed off in front of him and brutally opened the hotel bedroom. You texted your mom telling her you are staying over at a friends for a while, she was okay with it of course, because she didnt mind much as long as your grades were doing good, which they were. Cam came running in.

“Are you mad at me again?” cam asked sitting on the bed next to you. “No not you. Just that stupid ex of yours.” you said laying your head on his lap. “She means nothing to me. I love you.” He said brushing your hair with his hand nicely. “I know but she just keeps texting you!” you screamed but not too loud. “Lets just get rest…it will blow over.” Cam said laying down as you snuggled into his chest.

You were awaken by a flash.

“AW! LOOKIE AT CAM AND HIS GIRLFRIEND ALL SNUGGLY. IM TWEETING THIS PHOTO.” Nash said laughing. you just laughing and cuddled into Cam more and he held you tighter more protective than ever to make you feel safe.

Your phone immediately started to buzz from all the notifications on twitter after nash posted the picture.

Some of the tweets to you were so nice and made you smile and some wanted to make you cry .

“AWH THIS IS SO CUTE. OTP. OTP!” “that skank is with my husband.” “THIS IS SO ADORBS. I CANT EVEN FUNCTION”

then one tweet caught your attention.

“You’re dating my ex you whore!” your face turned emotionless. (SIDENOTE-I MADE UP THE NAME OF THE EX JUST TO LYK)

cam noticed your expression and sat up.

“whats wrong babe?” he asked pulling you onto his lap. “Well, your ex found out who i am….” you said putting your phone on your lap and looking at him. “No one cares about her opinion right?” he asked. you shrugged.

Im going to WalMart, im going to buy some candy. want any?“ you asked. "Want me to come? he asked. you nodded no.

you threw my hair in a messy bun and put on a black overthrow. you slid your socks on and put on your converse.

"I’ll be back in a few!” you said after you pecked Cam on the lips and left the hotel. You took Cam’s car and went to walmart.

You walked in and some faces turned to you. Out of no where , a group of people asked for pictures and autographs. “so now im famous? you said to yourself and laughed.

after the crowd slowly disappeared i walked to the snack isle. but stopped when i heard someone scream out to me.

"Someone ’s famous now huh?” the voice said.

-heyo. i’ll be writing tomorrow or on wednesday. stay tuned till then to find out who it is. it might not be who you think it is. grinning emoji-

Scenario Request: How would Yoongi react if his girlfriend was a fan of Namjoon's?


The boys just finished their last performance for tonight. “Goodnight everyone! We love you.” Namjoon yelled at the screaming crowd. Some of the fans were crying, obviously not wanting the night to be over. You felt bad for them. Fans spend hundreds of dollars just to see their idols for three hours. That feeling must suck. 

Concerts should last for a whole day, not for like three hours. 

But if concerts did last for a whole day

“I am so tired! I just want to jump into bed and sleep for eternity.” Hoseok pouted, the rest of the boys agreeing.

Then they’d end up like this.

Hi jagi, how were we?” your boyfriend of two years, Min Yoongi asked you, kissing your cheeks. He was really sweaty. 

“Amazing as always.” you stepped away from him. Yoongi laughed, knewing why you stepped away from him. 

“Well, I’m gonna go shower, hoping that Taehyung didn’t step in already.” Yoongi muttered the last part to himself. You laughed at him. 

While Yoongi was showering, you were in the tour bus kitchen, eating chips while checking your social medias. “Yah, it’s one in the morning, why are you up?” Namjoon asked, grabbing some of your chips.

“Yah!” you slapped Namjoon’s hand, taking one of the chips in his hands. Namjoon chuckled, stuffing his mouth with chips. 

“I should be asking you the same thing.” you raised your eyebrow at Namjoon. 

“After every concert, I like to be here to just think, you know?” you giggled at him. “You think in the kitchen?” 

“Well, I’m always craving for midnight snacks so.” Namjoon laughed with you. You and Namjoon have been friends before you knew Yoongi, In fact he introduced you and Yoongi to each other. Ever since that day, the two of you have been inseperable and eventually, a relationship sprouted between you two. 

“I don’t why but for some reason I feel like I didn’t do a good job tonight. I don’t know, maybe I’m just underestimating myself.” Namjoon laughed at himself. “You are. Namjoon, you did a really great job tonight. I think out of all your performances, tonight was your best.” you told him, honestly. 

Namjoon’s face became pink. “You serious?” he asked, looking down at his socks. “Yes, Namjoon. We may be friends and all but if I didn’t know you as well as I do now and I was just a fan, I’m positive that you’d be my bias.” you laughed. 

Even though he was looking down at the floor, you could tell that his face was getting pinker by the second. He finally looked up at you. 

He looks like a strawberry. You thought to yourself. 

You couldn’t help but laugh at him. “He’d be your bias, huh?” you heard a familiar voice say behind you and Namjoon. It was Yoongi. His silver hair was damp and he was already in his pajamas. 

When did he get out of the shower? That was quick. You thought to yourself again.

“Oh hi, jagiya. You want some chips?” you handed out your bag at him. He slapped your hand away, dropping the bag of chips, leaving them scattered on the floor. 

“Okay, um, first of all; that was rude. Second; you owe me a new bag of chips and third; you’re cleaning this up.” you demanded to Yoongi. Namjoon just stood there awkwardly, slowly shoving chips in his mouth. “Don’t act like nothing’s wrong.” Yoongi said through gritted teeth. 

“What are you talking about?” you asked. “Are you joking? You just told Namjoon that he was your bias.” Yoongi explained to you. You rolled your eyes at him. 

“You’re being ridiculous.” You didn’t like how Yoongi was always so jealous of everything. If a guy accidentally bumps your shoulder and apologizes to you, Yoongi will be jealous and will ignore you the whole day. Sometimes you find his jealousy adorable but other times, it’s real hectic. 

“It sounded as if you liked him or something.” Yoongi assumed. You choked on your own saliva, while Namjoon was coughing on his chips. “I’m–gonna go–to my room.” Namjoon said in between coughs.

Yoongi looked at you. “What? You’re not going to go with him and take care of him and continue talking about how much you love him?” Yoongi scoffed. You were getting really annoyed with him right now.

“Seriously, I don’t wanna talk about this anymore.” you said, getting ready to go back to your room–that you and Yoongi shared. 

“That’s right, go back to your bias and tell him how much of a pain in the ass I’m being.” Yoongi called out to you. You were getting really infurirated at this point. You turned around speed walked back to him. 

“Oh please shut up Yoongi! Don’t you think before you speak? Stop being such a jealous baby and get over it.” you snapped at him. Yoongi obviously looked taken aback by your words but you didn’t feel sorry. Not one bit.

“You know what, Y/N. You’re just being stubborn.” Yoongi snapped at you, turning around. You laughed in disbelief. 

“How am I the stubborn one here?” Yoongi didn’t say anything. “Yoongi, answer me.” you snapped at him. No answer. “Yoongi!” you yelled. He let out a frustrated groan. “You’re a smart girl, Y/N-ah. Why are you asking such stupid questions?” Yoongi snapped at you.

You had no idea what he was talking about. Yoongi rolled his eyes, giving up on you. “I’m so done with you.” he muttered under his breath. 

“Excuse me?” you asked. “I’m done with you. I can’t believe I wasted two years with you. What a waste.” he repeated. You could feel tears forming as soon as he said that. 

Through your blurry vision, you could that he was staring at you. It seemed as if hurt was all over his face. He walked closer to you, trying to hold your hand but you pushed him off you. “Get away from me. I can’t believe I wasted two years with you too. All you ever do is get jealous if I talk to any guy and end up shutting me out for a stupid thing. I thought you trusted and loved me but clearly you don’t. I’m done with you. I’m leaving this stupid tour.” You rambled on and on. 

When you headed towards your bedroom, you felt someone tug your wrist. It was Yoongi and it looked like he was about to cry. “No no, Y/N wait. Stop, don’t leave.” You tried to get out of his grip but he was too strong. 

So you just stood there, silently sobbing. “Y/N-ah, I’m so sorry. Please don’t leave me, I was just being stupid and jealous. Here me out.” Yoongi pleaded over and over again. 

You didn’t do or say anything. Yoongi didn’t do or say anything either. You were released from his grip and ran into your room. Yoongi immediately ran after you. You heard him close and lock the door. You were about to open your closet to take out your luggage but he pulled you away. 

He cupped your cheeks, trying to make you look at him in the eyes but you kept looking away. “Please here me out.” he croaked, on the verge of crying. 

“You have five minutes.” you squeaked. You both sat on the edge of your bed, holding hands. 

“Listen; I’m a stubborn man. I’m possessive, protective and I get jealous easily. When something’s mine, I make sure nobody takes it away from me. I also worry too much over stupid things. I make sure that nobody touches my masterpiece. I guess I’m still not over the fact that someone as beautiful you chose me to be your lover. We’ve been together for 26 months and I still can’t get over that. I should’ve came with a manual the first time you met me,” Yoongi said.

You tried to hold back a giggle but you just smiled instead. You could feel him smile at you. “But you’re right. I do trust you and love you way too much. I just don’t trust myself or love myself too much. Whenever we’re together in public, I get so anxious about myself. If I’m good looking enough for you. If I’m good enough for you. If I look intimidating enough so that no guys will ever hit on you. I’m just a really possessive man. And what’s mine is mine,”

He pointed at your hands. “These hands are only allowed to hold mines.”

He pointed at your eyes. “These eyes are for mines only.”

He pointed at your lips. “And these lips are for mines to kiss.”

You felt yourself blushing. 

“I’m so sorry for blowing things out of proportion. You and Namjoon are just friends and you knew each other longer than we’ve known together. I promise you that I’ll do better for being a better boyfriend, I just–,”

You made him shut up by smashing your lips with his. He seemed surprised at first but he quickly kissed you back, pulling you close to him, so that there was no space between you two. The kiss was passionate at first but then it became rough. 

You pulled away, leaving the two of you breathing heavily, pressing your foreheads together. 

Pabo.” you simply said. 

He snuzzled his nose against yours. “Only for you, jagiya.” This time he kissed you. 

You broke up the kiss again. “You still owe me a bag of chips.” you reminded him. He laughed softly. “Tomorrow morning, we’ll get you whatever you want.”

“That sounds good.” you smirked. And you both went back to kissing each other.

The rest of the night was just history.

* * *


* * *

I hoped you enjoyed my first scenario! I got major Suag feels while writing this! :’)