i made this in class i dont even care

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Your teacher is gross and your response appropriate, another appropriate response: "I'm pretty sure it's not in your job description to give me bullshit life lessons" bc what the fuck. Their job is to give you info related to the class and that's it :/

okay so the calss is abt culture and we were talking abt family and i, honestly dont even know how we got on the issue of gay marriage, but FUCK, shes suuuper anti, its So visible on her, and she asked the whole calss if anyone was against it and like, literally No One was. there were like 3 guys who were like ‘i dont care lol’. so she made two groups and put Us - as in, the actual lgbts + supporters - in one group, bc we ‘seemed passionate, and need to try on others’ shoes’ and i jst. i wasnt even the 1st one who was uncomfy with it i just got super angry bc my classmate seemed super upset so i blew a fuse and got an extra absence from leaving lmfao