i made this in class i dont even care

I kid you not, there was the cutest, most adorable little bird that hopped along next to me for half of my journey to the parking lot today. I came out of the building my last class was in and was walking in the little guy’s direction, expecting him to fly away, but he didn’t and instead chose to walk/hop with me. I may have talked to him a little bit and earned a few odd looks, but seriously, who wouldn’t talk to a bird walking with them? I mean, do birds even do that? Is that normal? I don’t know and I don’t care because it was the cutest thing ever

Bleach Ending 686 Rant

sigh…how to even start this… there’s so much I want to rant and complain about… After reading the last ch, as a hardcore IR shipper this is a total “in yo face!” diss. It feels like I’ve been betrayed by the one I respect most. I am also a fan of Naruto, but being honest during the SS arc, I chose Bleach over Naruto. The storyline of Bleach may even beat Naruto but after the Anime ended (I’m not the type to read shounen manga, I prefer for it to be animated) I just once in a while check upon it to see how my beloved, respected Rukia doing, turns out she didnt get enough screentime and that turned me off in reading Bleach. I thought Rukia was Kubo’s most beloved character as well but she didnt get too much attention like Kubo has lost interest in her. Rukia was a role model for me, some people might think that it was just a simple girl crush but I literally look up to her, I want to be like her, strict, discipline, strong, focus and everything about her is beautiful in my eyes. All I want for her is to have a happy ending and I can see that her happiness is Ichigo. 

Honestly after watching the movie where Orihime hugged Ichigo from behind, I was torn apart that Ichihime might be canon, I almost gave up then I search for people or even somebody who ship Ichiruki like I do and help me be confident in IR once again. Most of IR shippers were in tumblr so I made one JUST FOR THE SAKE OF ICHIRUKI! I thank all the IR fans that make me believe in them again.

Ichiruki was not an ordinary couple for me, I bet my love life in them, some people say that I am a commitment phobe but seeing Ichigo and Rukia’s beautiful beautiful relationship open my eyes and heart to try but it all has torn apart after this ending. Seriously it affects me, I woke up late the next day, grumpy as hell and went to school really late (class start at 8, I came at 11) and I didnt even care so much. It was painful and it still is. I dont know if that’s what Kubo really desire as an ending or he was too not satisfied with the ending but if he planned to make IH canon from the beginning he should’ve made her more heroic kind of feeling and stop made her look some kind of loser who lose battle everytime, cried and need Ichigo for help. Be like Hinata who were there when Naruto was about to gave up, she gave him motivation, she fought with him THAT’S WHAT MAKES HINATA DIFFERENT FROM ORIHIME. In the beginning, I really like Orihime, she was funny, bubbly and dorky but as time went by she became more and more annoying that all that she can ever think of is Ichigo, Ichigo, Ichigo. I know she was lonely because she had no family and live alone but Rukia was lonely too but she stood for herself, why cant Orihime do it too? Instead she waited for Ichigo YET THIS KIND OF GIRL GOT HIM IN THE END??? 

Let’s do some experiment shall we?

Go to your friend who is a guy and say to him “that’s the kind of man you are in my heart” or

say to her “because of you the rain of my world has stopped” or

“I dont know if I can keep up with the speed of the world without you in it”

how they react?? they’d give you that disgusted look because they would thought you like them. SEEEE??? Ichigo and Ruki were obviously IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER. AND WHO EVEN TALK ABOUT A FRIEND IN JAIL ALL DAY LONG IF THAT FRIEND IS NOT SPECIAL IN ONE’S HEART?? (talking about the time Rukia was in jail) and I bet their children would be confused as both of them always talk about each other a lot than talking about their spouses, just like the ending of TV series “How I Met Your Mother” where the entire season was the guy telling his kids how he met their aunt instead of their mother.

Bleach ending…everyone deserves better, and I’m sorry to say this but the ending was disgusting. Not the Bleach I knew, the aura of Bleach was not there, it used to be beautiful, artistic and full of meaning. But the ending, nada, empty, no motivation, no moral of the story, no single conversation in that chapter gave me happiness. Ichigo was not being himself, eventhough he had that gangster side of him but to those he loves and be affectionate to his eyes will be full of warmth and love but what is this 



sigh..to be compare with these eyes

and Rukia, Rukia in this last ch was not made well, like she should be more elegant but it felt like she went 10 years younger after she became captain like WHY KUBO WHYYY YOU KNOW BETTER, YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS!!

I’m sorry but I dont see RenRuki coming because when Rukia became captain I didnt see love was in the air

he was not even being gentle but just normal tease, where’s the warmth of love in this!! instead I find that kind of eye here 

see that happiness in his eyes. If they were real people, this is torturing both of Rukia and Ichigo to act like nothing happen, anyone can see it that they are legit in love. 

Kubo sensei…why are you doing this to us? you even tweeted the part where Ichigo hold hands with Rukia was beautiful, why did you give us hopeless hope, light so pure that it turn to disastrous black. I don’t know whose fault that all of this end up like this, but that person is responsible for all of this, and if you don’t do anything to make it right, I hope that karma will hit you so hard that you cried in agony just like what thousands of us currently feel.

Now for officially letting go of Bleach (but the rant might still goes on), Goodbye Bleach, you were inspiring, you were awesome, I loved you so much..so much that it hurts it ends this way but I will continue believing in Ichiruki, this ship wont vanish and will continue sailing in my heart. Goodbye Ichigo, Goodbye Rukia, I’ll miss you guys so much, thank you for being amazing role models to me.


omg I feel weird posting this but!!! This is my final storyboard/animatic for animation class *HIDES* I’VE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE…there’s probably a lot wrong with it but I still had fun…it’s done on post-its and then i polished it up some in photoshop. HOPE Y'ALL LIKE IT IT’S SO CHEESY AHAH