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favorite  episode of season 3 ❊  2:10 du er over 18, sant?

control your hoes, is all i’m saying.

Khonjin House Asks!

1. When did you first discover Khonjin House?

2. Favorite Episode?

3. Favorite Character?

4. Favorite Moment?

5. Favorite Ship?

6. Favorite Quote?

7. Any Headcanons?

8. Have you seen Smash Hall?

9. Have you seen any of Khonjin’s Livestreams?

10. Have you bought any merch?

11. What’s your thought on Supermental?

13. What’s your favorite thing about Khonjin House overall?

14. Will Khonjin ever get the pep-pep-pepperoni pizza?

15. Is Shelby dead?


At last, here’s my entry! I just wanted an excuse to kiss Tokiya

Notice me @skillshotlabs-senpai!

If you like my art, why not commission me? Sanddollars aren’t made of money you know!

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I am the child who made the hamliza request and I must thank you for this birthday present

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHILD!!! didn’t expect that to be your present! aah it was worth to stay until 2am every minute <3

anonymous asked:

yo ok so im just kinda venting a lil but i entered a skin design contest for a game and i made it to the top 3 right and at this point the game ppl draw their concept art based off of our skins and then put it out there for voting and im PISSED because the concept art for the 1st one is very well done and very nicely rendered the second one is good but its not on the same tier and then mine looks like they just threw it together in 15 minutes??? it legit looks like shit im so mad like???why?

that is….. so bad and so unprofessional…. i’m so sorry that happened to you :( i would be really upset too….

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Wait a minute hold up I just did a bit more scrolling and apparently Tayales thinks she isn't the prettiest apple in the bunch and like I'm sorry but I'm calling horse shit on that one that's total crap because I've seen her and hot diggity damn she's hot asf and she was just wearing a hoodie like um???

noooooo, dont lie to everyone! but thank you for thinking so!

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Hey thanks for that krii7y it made me smile in a very depressing dark time rn. I found out one of my best friends is dead last night and thankyou for writing something smol to take my mind of it for a few minutes. Thankyou.

oh holy crap sweetie, are you okay? if you ever need to vent im here for you! im so sorry that happened, but im at least glad that short drabble could help you. 

stay safe my dear, i love you <3

Coming Out - Pack
  1. anon asked: Can you do a one shot about coming out to the pack as bisexual? If not that’s fine 😁

i am sorry if I anyhow offend you or anything, I really don’t mean it!  

Warnings: Nothing idk i made this at 3 am so im sorry if its not rly editied

Word count: 613

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I literally made it with 2 minutes to spare. I hope you had a wonderful day. And sorry my first message was really simple I saw the time and wanted to say happy birthday really fast before the fdate changed lmao. Anyways, I hope you received nothing but happiness and love for this birthday and are blessed with good luck and fortune (and a live action Red Hood movie or something) this next year! Have a good one. <3


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omg i had no idea your into persona! can you draw naoto and kirigiri being best buddies? :D ps. i really like your art so keep drawing!

(thank you so much, your ask made me stare at the screen for a couple of minutes and scream internally ♥

(To be honest, I haven’t yet played Persona, but I know a few things and I want to play it as soon as possible)

I hope you know what you’ve just triggered.

They’d be perfect together.

It got out of hand at one point.

don’t forget double dates

and party preparations

it was 3 am


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Bees Schnee's future!AU :'3

Yang sauntered over to the shelves behind the counter of the bar as she reached for a glass, humming teasingly over her shoulder, “Wow, Weiss. How many years has it been and you still can’t reach the top shelf?”

The head of the Schnee Dust Company groaned from where she sat and snapped a reply, “And how many years has it been, and I can still make you scream by simply putting a little ice on the back of your neck?”

And then the muttered comment that made both Yang and Weiss blush, coming from Blake beside them: “How many years has it been, and I can still make her scream for different reasons?”

hey guys ! ^^

im so sorry about this guys i wouldnt be doing this if i had another way out, as most of u know i made this post 3 weeks ago after my roommates threatened my husband and have since been harassing me and yelling at me almost everyday. they are squatting the house and refuse to leave, and just a few minutes ago they got a little physical and i cant do this anymore.
i have found a new place for MUCH less money so i dont have to go through this again, but unfortunately its taking so long to make the first months rent and the deposit, and living here every day is an absolute fucking nightmare and my mental health/physical health is taking a toll. we paid the deposit yesterday (500$) and now we need 500$ for the first months.
my husband only works for lyft and i am severely mentally ill and unable to get a job so i have no income. i DO have commissions on my art blog however!!! :3c
we already have enough trouble keepin food on the table so its taking forever to make this money to leave.

if anyone could donate my paypal is cpstraus@gmail.com, or if u are unable to signal boost helps the world!! thank u!!! 

undercut is a cap of our bank accnts as of rn for transparency~

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Of course you are an Amazing artist! Your art is LOVELY!! I like it sooooo much!! <3

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I had a moment where I clutched my chest and fell backwards. You’re so precious. I wheeze

Hey! I recently reached 1000 followers and seeing as I’m not gonna get to many more I thought I might as well give you all my favourite blogs and people I think are cool, or just really hot idk. You’ll never know which category you’ve fallen under. I’m gonna miss so many people out so I’m sorry in advance and also I’m sorry about how tacky my picture is but I made it in 3 minutes on paint


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There are so many i’ve forgotten so I’m sorry! You might be on the next edition of Aidan’s follow forever thing so keep your eyes peeled!


Happy birthday, Lu Han! What should I say? It’s been an amazing year with you, so many ups & downs just within the past year, but you’ve still always managed to smile that smile that makes my lungs contrict & my heart soar. I want three, four, five, endless more years together. I want to walk with you until we’ve lost the road, until we’ve got nothing but the love & happiness you’ve given us, because it’s always, always been enough. 

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