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Locked Up

Can you do a reaction to getting locked in the school overnight with your crush, the bad boy, BTS

These are more like scenarios if anything but I still hope that it was close to what you wanted, and I apologize for taking so long to post this

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Being locked up in school isn’t great. Especially when it’s dark. And alone. Well at least you were until you ran into namjoon, the bad boy of the school and honestly you were thinking that it possibly couldn’t get any better. You liked him and now you were alone with him. He seemed quite surprised to see you out of all people in school so late. Namjoon did know you, kinda, since he sees you in like half his classes and getting the sense that you weren’t ok with being alone he dragged you along to an empty classroom. Great. The whole time you two were in there you personally felt like you were about to explode. Yeah, he made you swoon that much. “So why are you stuck in here?” his head tilts a bit and his gaze meets yours. “I could ask you the same thing,” he smirks a little and pick his head back up, still looking into your eyes. “Fell asleep in class, and the teacher didn’t bother to wake me up.” The way he rolled his eyes told pretty much what he thought of his teacher. “Now you tell me your story.” “Well lets just say last minute restroom breaks aren’t a good idea,” you chuckled awkwardly as he grinned. He opened his mouth to speak but the lights of the room turned off and you instantly cuddled yourself into namjoon without a second thought. After realizing this you blushed muttering a quick sorry and pulled back from him but he put his around you and kept you close. “It’s ok, I don’t mind holding you.”


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You never thought you’d get detention, you weren’t perfect but you never did anything wrong, and you didn’t think that detention would be the reason you’d be locked up in school. It was already dark and school was already scary enough you didn’t need this. Seokjin soon came along when you found him asleep in one of the schools closets, and all because he wanted alone time. The whole time you guys talked and just strolled the dimly lit halls which was a little more comforting with him. He might of been the bad boy but he was actually pretty nice. Being with him in a situation like this just made being locked in school not so bad. “You know how I got stuck here, what’s your story?” “Detention,” you groaned slightly. “Oh someone’s been naughty,” he says teasingly making you blush. “I didn’t do anything bad, my teacher is just strict, and he ‘forgot’ that I was there and left me.” You grumbled under your breath and jin laughed a little when seeing you puff your cheeks out of irritation. “Ah, cute,” he mumbles to himself. “Hey well on the bright side you’re stuck with me,” he winks at you and you swear you stopped breathing for two seconds. “Yeah, I’m with you,” you smiled.


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You weren’t all that surprised when you realized that you were locked in. It’s what you get for hiding away to ditch you’re last hour only because you were trying to avoid your crush. New seating charts aren’t  that all great because now you sit right next to him. And at the moment you thought you were screwed because he suddenly popped up decided to tag along with you at some point even though he seemed to pay no mind to you. You were already hating life at the moment and you were hating it even more because he was here alone with you and you knew you were going to embarrass yourself at some point. The cafeteria was left unlocked so you sat across from each other in silence and glancing at each other every now and then to. Perfect, you thought. I’m not doing anything and I’m already embarrassing, you mentally slapped yourself as you tried avoiding eye contact with yoongi. “So you weren’t in class today,” he says and you finally look at him, but he was staring at his hands. “Why not?” his eye looked up and you looked down again and blushed. “I-I wasn’t feeling it today,” you say. “Just for that class?” he raises a brow. “I mean- well-  no it’s just,” you groaned and your hands rubbed at your face making yoongi chuckle. “You don’t gotta explain it’s fine,” your eyes meet with his now and he smiles slightly. “Just don’t skip it next time, it’s lame when you’re gone.”


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So you’re in school, and it’s way past school hours. And you’re also alone…in the dark…and locked in. What could go wrong? To say were scared was an understatement. You were terrified and who wouldn’t be when you’re stuck in school at night. You were sure you were going to die in here, it was the perfect set up for a horror flick. When you heard a sudden bang you screamed and another scream followed, a scream that wasn’t yours. “God you scared me!” Hoseok huffed and held his hand to his chest. You stared at him relieved that you weren’t the only one her now but also wondering why he was here. “S-sorry I didn’t mean to,” you rubbed your arm sheepishly. “It’s fine, kinda my fault to since I dropped that trash can back there,” he points behind him and laugh. You couldn’t help but giggle “and how did that happen?” Hoseok stood by you now with a shy expression. “Don’t tell anyone but I got a little freaked out and ended up running into it.” You smirked a bit and cross your arms “the famous bad boy, Jung Hoseok, was scared?” you said dramatically. “Yeah, yeah whatever you were even more scared you screamed like you were about to die,” “Well because I thought I was,” you shared a laugh before he gently held your forearm and smiled as you felt the heat rush to your cheeks. Good thing it was dark. “Maybe we should stay close just in case anything else happens,” “O-ok”


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Never in your life did you ever think you’d be stuck in a dark room alone with your crush jimin. Well of course you have. And it was happening, but not the way you thought (you dirty person you;)) You were in a dark room alright but that room was the janitors closet…at school…locked in. Now you didn’t know this would happen you were just trying to hide away from the douches that were bugging you. Jimin was hiding away to but that’s for a whole other reason and apparently he had the same idea as you. He startled you as he swung open the door and slipped in with no questions asked. He shut the door and quickly put his ear against it and just as you were about to say something you felt his hands roam around your shoulders then your face before cover your mouth and bringing your head to his chest. “Stay quiet,” he says, ear still pressed against the door. Seconds past and you squirmed out of his grasp “what are yo-” “shh!” you sigh “what are you doing?” you whispered. Jimin stayed there for a moment before leaning away from the door and turned around to face what he assumed to be you. “I was running away from a friend of mine,” “why?” “I pranked  him, and I got him good this time.” You couldn’t see but you knew he was grinning ear to ear. “Who are you by the way?” he asks. “Oh y/n, not sure if you know me but we have the same history class.” He stood silently for a second. “Do you have your phone?” “Yeah, why?” “Turn on the flashlight so I can see you.” You did as you were told and it wasn’t until you turned on the light you realized how close he was. You dropped your phone out of surprise and you both reached for it. At that very moment there was a click. “Did you hear that?” You got up and jiggled the knob only to groan when realizing that you were locked in. “Well were stuck in here,” you huffed and hit you back against the door. Jimin had the light on you and he giggled suddenly. “W-what?” you were beginning to blush. “Nothing, you’re just cute when you’re angry,” “B-but I’m not,” what was he saying? “well, you’re still cute.”


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When taehyung asked you to help him out with studying after school you were quite happy and took the offer. How could say no to him? Yes he’s the bad boy but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t strive for good grades. Plus you liked him so you were down to help him out. But there you were, by the classroom two hours after the last bell had rung waiting on taehyung to show up. A few more minutes, you thought. And after those few minuets you already made your down the hall. Of course he didn’t show, you scoffed to yourself. You found yourself at the main entrance just about to push open the doors when you hear your name being called. “Hey where are you going?” “Home,” you said a bit harshly. “Why? I thought you were gonna help me out?” he pouted almost. “I was but then you showed up tow hours late and I have to be home.” There was really no reason to be mad but if was gonna be busy before hand he should’ve said something! You tried pushing open the door but it wouldn’t budge so you tried the other one but to no avail it didn’t open either. Taehyung then went in to help but that didn’t work. “We’re stuck in here,” he said all too calmly. “Stuck!?” you eyes widened. “As in we’re locked in here?!” You ended up going through the whole school just to get out but everything was locked. Eventually you gave up and sat in a hall hugging your knees. Taehyung looked at you and really couldn’t help but think it was his fault (really wasn’t) and sat by you. “It’s not so bad y/n, I’m here,” he smiles at you and you sigh and return a slanted smile. “Well I hope you’re good company,” you joked. “I guess to pass the time we can study?” you say unsurely. Taehyung smirks suddenly and his eyes lock with yours. “I have a better Idea.”

(you played hide and seek you nasties) 


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You just wanted to work in peace and quiet get finished early so you could take a nap but no~ jungkook kept throwing wads of paper into your hair and bugged you anyway he could. And here you thought that sitting right in front of him was a blessing. (Still kinda is I mean he notices you) You tried to stop him but he wouldn’t have it and you were slowly becoming more and more irritated. You were a time bomb and any little thing at that moment could make you explode. Jungkook, of course, helped with that when he poked your back making you yelp and scream at him for not leaving you alone. And now your here. Stuck in a class room tired and annoyed. “C'mon I already said I was sorry,” he kneels in front of your desk with his arms resting on it and head sitting over them looking up at you with his big brown eyes. You rolled your eyes and avoided any eye contact with the boy. “Sorry isn’t gonna take me home now is it.” It was his turn to roll his eyes. “Why must you hate me so,” “I don’t, you just irritate me,” you said bluntly. “So you do like me,” he beamed. You choked on your own air and the blood instantly rushed to your cheeks. Jungkook laughed at your reaction letting himself fall to the ground and just kinda roll there in laughter. You glared at him with your now rosy cheeks and stood up from your seat and made your way to the door. “W-Where you goin’?” He scrambled to pick himself up from the floor and raced to the door to block you from it. “Home I don’t want to be here,” “Aw, I was only joking you seriously can’t be mad, plus you can’t just leave.” “whatever,” you moved him out of the way and reached to turn the knob but it was locked. You groan and tried the other one but you were met with the same fate. A locked door. “Great, Just great!” “Locked?” “What do you think?” He comes near you again leaving you trapped against the door. “Well if that’s the case, I have a way to make you forgive me.”

Hope you liked it😊

and again I’m sorry this took awhile it’s been a busy week and I couldn’t really work on anything.

Much love~💖

Yes, Your Bucky

Summary: This is a sequel to My James, Your Bucky. The reader and her plum dumpling come to terms with what happened to James.

Word count: 2.5k

Warnings: Angst central, people. You’ve been warned.

A/N: The response to My James, Your Bucky has been so awesome. I did say that if I write the next part it will be painful. You still wanted more. I hope you like it.

I went through all comments and asks to tag people so I hope I haven’t missed anyone out?

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It’s been good few hours since you discovered your flat in a complete mess. You’ve been practically dragged out of there by a man with the bow. Hawkeye, you think was his name. Frankly, quite a few people introduced themselves to you outside, but you couldn’t care less for who they were. Why would you? They all just barged into your life expecting you to be calm and understanding. Calm and understanding?!

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Every time I see your art of a rare pair I somehow become a huge fan of that rare pair. I have too many otps...,

…is it okay for me to be happy I’m dragging you down with me on all of my weird ships because tbh I am for a lot of them there’s just a handful of people shipping them I’m happy you’re joining us hahaha

Anon said: because of your tags on that kamisero post i now love the hc that kirishima just uses loving bakugou as an excuse to get out of conversations that make him uncomfortable, even if it makes no sense. Like ‘any advice on how to confess?’ 'I’m dating bakugou, you probably should ask someone else.’ or 'how do you think snow works?’ 'Dude I’m dating bakugou, i don’t know.’

I’m in love with this ask because this has been my most ridiculous headcanon for an age I’m glad I could subtely make you share it, anon - Kirishima being perfectly aware of the fact that aside from the face there is no objective reason why he should be that smitten with Bakugou? That’s my jam, he’s as surprised as anyone else so when people ask him anything love related he’s like “do I look like a reliable source man DO I I think it’s hot when Bakugou yells there’s obviously something wrong with me you don’t want my advices”

But also for however aware of it he might be he’s still in love with the dude so people pointing it out to him gets old really fast, like, “it’s one thing if I say it myself and another it’s you talking shit about my boyfriend stop that”, which is why he just starts using “what do I know I like Bakugou” as an answer to anything - it starts with him being a smartass and it becomes just habit by the end of it, sometimes he uses it when Bakugou is around or with Bakugou himself and Bakugou doesn’t understand, doesn’t want to understand, has pondered the option of getting angry/offended/demanding an explaination and has deemed it not worth his time because the answer is most probably just gonna be that his boyfriend is an idiot anyway

(also he might or might not like how Kirishima’s pretty much just going around telling people he likes him over and over again, tbh)

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Tadashi Hamada Relationship Headcanons

(A/N: I just have so many thoughts and feelings for Tadashi Hamada and Big Hero 6 in general, so bear with my madness. Thanks. This might be a part one, so if anyone wants a part two, just hit me up.  -Mod Rae)


  • -There are so many students at the San Fransokyo Institute Of Technology Tadashi hardly can keep track of anyone’s names between his classes, the cafe, taking care of Hiro, working on Baymax, and hanging out with his friends.
    • -He was late to class one morning, as he rushed down the halls half-asleep. Tadashi took a sharp turn around a corner, colliding into you, knocking you both on your (ass) bottoms.
    • -He apologized profusely, taking a minute to recollect himself and just breathe. 
    • -Tadashi offers you a hand to stand up, both of you sorting out the mess of papers flying out of your textbook. “Thanks, your name is Tadashi, right?” You ask politely. “Yeah, how’d you know?” He questioned, his half-asleep mind not yet able to piece things together. With a kind smile you held up a paper with his name written on the top. “So then your name must be (Y/N)?” Tadashi held up a paper with your name written on the top. “Actually no, I was gathering homework for my best friend.” You joked at first, but the quizzical look he gave you made you quickly correct yourself. “That was a joke, my name is (Y/N). It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
  • -When the two of you know you’ll be burning the midnight oil, Tadashi will occasionally surprise you with tea or coffee, and vice versa. 
  • -You decided to keep a spare blanket with you, since Tadashi had spent many nights working in his lab. You sometimes find him asleep and drooling on his desk. Occasionally you check his pulse to make sure the boy isn’t dead.
  • -Fred makes up a personalized nickname of your own and you can’t help but feel truly accepted between the group of friends.
  • -Tadashi introduces you to the Lucky Cat Cafe, which you had studied at before. Though you didn’t know Tadashi and his family were the ones who owned and worked it. 
  • -On days where you’re sick, you try not to tell Tadashi. You know he’d want to care for you, and you don’t need him stressing over more things than he already is.
    • -Tadashi sees through it anyway, and always leaves a container of soup Aunt Cass made specially for you to help fight of sickness, at your doorstep. 


  • -It came as a shock to some people to find out you two started dating. Most had already believed you two were dating already.
    • -Aunt Cass was especially surprised by this, since when he first introduced you to her, she believed the situation was you two being on a date.
  • -Regardless of who asked who out, it took a lot of courage to get the words out there. The thought of going from friends to dating was worrying at times for the both of you,
    • -“What would happen between us if we broke up?” “What if they don’t see me that way as I do them?” “What would Honey, Gogo, Fred, and Wasabi think?”
    • -Lots and lots of worries.
  • -But as soon as you guys started dating, it didn’t seem like much had changed. In fact you were glad that you two started off as friends first. It built a good foundation for a relationship.
  • -Everyone practically loved you two together, even Hiro. You two are definitely a dynamic duo for more than one aspect.
  • -You two are sluts for holding each other’s hands. You two wil; have a pinky intertwined, all of your fingers laced, or just simply your hands being near one another.
  • -Whenever you guys have time, you love just simply touching in some aspect, long hugs, cuddling, hand holding, etc.
  • -Even when you two are rushed, you always find time for quick kisses, quick catch ups about how your day is doing, or even a fun fist bump and a shared laugh.
  • -You’ve gone to Tadashi’s home to help Cass make dinner. Sometimes she makes the mistake of leaving you two alone and the food almost ends up everywhere but your mouths. Cute food fights are always a thing.
  • -Very simple but romantic dates, walking together just talking about life, movie dates at home and cuddling, going on fast food trips at 2am when you’re up late burning the midnight oil in your labs.
  • -There’s many times where you’ve fallen asleep on the phone together, because you two can talk about anything and everything all night.
    • -Hiro absolutely hates it.
I Hope You Never Find Me

Summary: When people meet their soulmate they see colour, fall in love, and get married.  But Dan’s terrified of the colours and of being a disappointment to his soulmate. (Or where Dan is ace and doesn’t want to be forced into anything)

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: None that I can think of

When people told Dan about how beautiful the colours were, and how wonderful having a soulmate was, he would always force a smile.  When they told him not to worry, he would find his soulmate eventually, and they would get married just like this universe had planned, he would pretend to be reassured.  Though his world was only monochromatic, he was terrified of the colours.  That someday he would bump into someone and they would instantly want everything Dan couldn’t give them.

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I'm kinda curious - in your opinion how Chocobros will express/experience "baby fever"? Or they would brought aspect of "let's have a baby" to their partner in some other, refrain way?(But baby-fever Chocobros! Cuuuuute!)

Aw, this is cute! Thank you for the request Nonny!


  • He’s one of those guys that animals and babies just adore and gravitate toward
  • The thought honestly just comes to him when a delegate or something puts a baby in his arms at someone’s house party like “here your majesty, isn’t he precious?”
  • …Yeah, he is precious, he realizes, and starts thinking about having one of his own
  • So he’s pretty silent for the rest of that party, thinking about about that baby and babies in general and your babies with him
  • He’s also silent for the first half of the car ride home, until:
  • “Hey, do you want to have kids?”


  • He realizes that he’s chest-deep in baby fever when he finds himself reading up on birthing plans and college savings accounts
  • He kind of just clicks out of his browser and gets off the internet for the day, since he’s kind of scared himself
  • But he can’t stop thinking about the adorable bento boxes with teddy bear shaped cheese cut outs and little lions made out of ham. People with kids get to have all the fun
  • So he decides to just man up and own up to it while he’s holding you one night, since it’s been like a week and he can’t forget about it
  • You’re probably half asleep and snuggling into him, and he says it, and you don’t respond because you thought you were dreaming
  • But you can’t forget about it, either, so you bring it up the next morning and he acts all shy about it: “Yeah, I… Guess I did say that.”


  • He’s always loved kids, so it isn’t like you’re surprised when he starts pointing out names he likes, or cute babies on tv, or how much fun it would be to be parents
  • Seriously, his “hints” range from subtle to not even hints at all
  • Out of all the guys, his baby fever is the strongest and he’d want kids before any of his friends/the earliest in his relationship
  • One day he’ll just hold your hand and look at you so seriously, and you know you’re in for a major conversation. With how he’s been acting lately, you think you know what it’s about
  • “Look, (Y/N), it’s fun to joke about wanting babies and all, but… I really do want to start a family with you.”


  • Thinks babies are the cutest ever, even more than chocobos, but goes the “let’s be parents” route instead of the “let’s have a baby” route
  • It’s a very subtle difference, but it goes something like this:
  • He learns to cook. He makes sure you know how responsible he is with the household, from cleaning to fixing that leaky faucet that’s been dripping for a month, to opening an emergency savings account
  • He’ll also tell you how awesome you’d be as a parent
  • “(Y/N), if we can raise kids just like you, wouldn’t the world be a better place?”
  • It’s a constant thing, like he’s trying to prove what a great dad he’ll be, and he’s doing a good enough job that you’re the one who says “let’s have a baby”

Let’s be real here. People are complaining about the lack of Wonder Woman advertising, but at least the DCEU has a superhero film centered on a superhero that is a WOMAN coming out in less than a month.

Plus where are those same people complaining about the lack of progress with the Captain Marvel movie? Since the casting of that movie, I’ve heard nothing but announcements for Dr. Strange, Spiderman, Thor 3, Guardians 2 and Avengers: Infinity War. Hell to be frank we got another fucking Spiderman reboot before Black Panther. Where’s the same “concern” over this issue?

If you’re going to complain about lack of implementation with WB you can’t be one-sided. Yeah Warners Brothers isn’t always on top of things, but at least they’re trying.

Just My Imagination

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Pairing: Dean x friend! Reader, Sam x imaginary!Sully, Sam x friend!Reader
Word count: 3,350
Warnings: Usual SPN stuff.

Episode 8 of Season 11

“Hey, kiddo, what’s wrong?” Dean asked as you walked into the bunker.

You gave him a small smile. “Just wondering if I tell you what’s going to happen, if you knowing will make any difference, or if I’m just going to cause panic for nothing.” You told him.

Sam pulled you into a quick hug. “Talk to us. Even if it doesn’t change anything that happens, I can tell it’s upsetting you.”

“Yeah, you’re like our annoying little sister. Who else can you bitch to?” Dean smirked, making you chuckle.

“We may want to get comfortable for this…”

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You were jolted awake by the sound of Sam’s phone alarm. You’d fallen asleep watching a movie on his laptop since you couldn’t seem to fall asleep before hand. “Dude. What time is it?” You grumbled, your back to Sam.

His hand was grabbing the phone, making even more noise. “6:30.” He yawned, sitting up.

“I’m going back to sleep. Enjoy the morning, you weirdo.” You muttered, still half asleep.

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Soup and Cuddles

[my own prompt]
Contains: fluff

Imagine: Spencer taking care of you while you’re sick
“Y/n…. ” Spencer calmly tried to wake you up. “Y/n!” He tried again a bit louder. “C'mon y/n/n [nickname] rise and shine. We have to go to work.”

“Leave me here to die.” You mumbled, coughing. He pulled the covers back from your face, your body facing away from him, and kissed your cheek.

“Sweetheart you’re burning up!” He exclaimed, his hand resting on your forehead. “Yeah, I’ll call Hotch. No way am I going to let you go in to work today.”

He grabbed his cellphone off of his night side table, small beeps coming from the dialing pad as he entered his number. He then walked out of the room so he wouldn’t disturb you.

You started into a violent coughing fit, getting up to grab some water. Spencer was in the hallway, pressing a button on his phone, ending the call. He turned and saw you walking and immediately stopped you.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked, picking you up bridal-style.

“The kitchen for water.” You mumbled. “Spence what are you doing? You have to get ready for work.” He turned you around, walking back to the bedroom.

“Not today. Today I’m taking care of my princess while she’s sick.” He gently laid you down on the bed. “I don’t want you to move a muscle, well except to change into looser clothes because it helps with air circulation and to make you more comfortable.” He moved some hair off your forehead and kissed the top of your head.

“Well I’m glad I have my own personal Dr. Spencer Reid to take care of me.” You mumbled, closing your eyes and smiling slightly. Your speech sounded a bit slurred because your nose was stuffed up.

“I might not be a medical doctor but I know how to cure a fever. Now, I’ll be right back.” You nodded as he exited the room.

You grabbed an oversized t-shirt and short pajama bottoms, changing out of the sweats that felt hot against your skin.

You flopped back on the bed, closing your eyes and trying to make your migraine go away.

“Here you go.” Spencer said softly, setting a tray of something down on your bedside table.

“Mmm..what is it?” You mumbled, sitting up.

“Well when you’re sick, contrary to popular belief, you absolutely can’t starve it out, you should eat easy to digest foods. So I brought you soup, water, and power drink in case you can’t keep the water down or finish it. I also got you a hot compress in case your stomach hurts later, tissues, And pain killers.”

“I love you.” You said, popping two pills in your mouth and sipping your water.

“I know. I’m the best boyfriend ever, you’d be lost without me. Since you’re sick I won’t make you say it.” He smirked and you rolled your eyes playfully.

“I will not hesitate to sneeze on you.” You threatened, slowly sipping the soup. He just chuckled and sat down next to you, his arm resting on your shoulders so he could softly stroke your hair.

When you were finished, you curled up next to Spencer, covering yourself with a blanket.

“Can you read something to me?” You mumbled.

“Like what?”

“….(y/f/b)? [favorite book]” you had made him read it once, so he could recite it without having to move, as if not to disturb you.

After about a half hour of him reciting chapters of [your favorite book], he noticed your breathing had slowed down and your eyes were closed.

It turns out you were about half asleep, so had enough energy to mumble “you know you’re going to have this fever tomorrow right?” He chuckled.

“Oh yeah. But it’s worth it, because I know that you’ll always take care of me.”

All I Wanna Do [Gray]

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Artist: Gray | Word Count: 1.996

Ayeee this was from a long time ago, sorry it took so long to finish:( Anyways, check out the video of Jay Park’s All I Wanna Do collaboration with 1Million Dance Studio here, and you’ll get the idea of what the story is about;) Hope you’ll like it anon!<3


“Alright, everything’s set!” Jay cheered, “Let’s go home and get a few hours of sleep, and then meet me up at the 1Million Studio to shoot the dance practice.” Sunghwa nodded silently while Kiseok voiced out his fatigue by letting out a groan.

“Do Sunghwa and I have to be there?” Kiseok whined, “I’d like to catch up on a few nights sleep, if that’s alright.”

“I’d like to sleep a whole day too, if I can.” Sunghwa followed suit while letting out a yawn, stretching his hands up in the air.

“Come on guys, just a few hours, please?” Jay pleaded, “I don’t know anyone there, and I’d like to have you both accompany me, at least. I’ll treat you both to food after this, alright?” And of course, the two wouldn’t let down an offer for free food, and probably because the two didn’t have enough sleep to think thoroughly.

“Meet me up at seven there, got it?” Sunghwa and Kiseok agreed, and the three of them packed their bags to quickly get back home and get a wink of sleep.

“What time is it now?” Sunghwa asked when they got inside the elevator. Kiseok brought his left hand up to glance at his watch.

“Around five past thirty in the morning,” Kiseok said, “That means we get at least thirty minutes of sleep, I guess.”

“That’s for you both,” Sunghwa cried out, his right hand flying up to the bridge of his nose to pinch it gently, “My apartment is an hour away.”

“Get breakfast then,” Jay gave him a pat at the back in attempt to comfort the older, “Or hang out somewhere around Gangnam first.”

“Well, I’ll do that I guess.” The three arrived at the lobby and walked out of the elevator, and Sunghwa soon fished his phone out to call a certain person while the two CEOs waited for a taxi.

“Who are you calling?” Kiseok asked in curiosity, peering in from behind Sunghwa’s shoulders.

“(Name).” Sunghwa mouthed, and soon Jay and Kiseok heard your cracked voice from his phone.

Jay raised his eyebrows at how Sunghwa’s expression changed drastically the moment he heard your voice, while Kiseok was having thousands of guesses in his mind regarding the weird emotion painting his face. They both silently tuned in to Sunghwa’s expression.

At first, you wanted to throw your phone aside hearing the loud ringtone echo through your room. But then when you saw the name of the caller flashing at the screen of your phone, you had butterflies in your stomach and pressed the green phone symbol in no time, because this is Sunghwa. And if it weren’t because of the feelings you have for him, you wouldn’t have picked up the call in the first place. Maybe Sunghwa wanted to talk about the dance collaboration between Jay and 1Million Dance Studio, since you were one of the dancers in the collaboration.

“Sunghwa? Why did you call?” You asked, not even trying to hold the yawn from escaping.

“Let’s get breakfast, (Name). I can pick you up in ten minutes.” Raising your eyebrows in confusion, you slowly got out of bed and pushed your duvet away.

“What? It’s five in the morning, Sunghwa!”

“Please? Or if you want me to crash at your apartment, that’s fine as well.”

Kiseok and Jay shared a look with each other, knowing full well seeing the expression on the producer’s face. Sunghwa had a hopeful look in his eyes, yet there was warmness in it as well as something Kiseok and Jay identified as love. Jay knew now how Sunghwa had some sort of feelings towards you, who was a friend of Jay even before you knew Sunghwa.

“Just pick me up in ten minutes and let’s get breakfast near Han River.”

“Cool, see you there.” Sunghwa ended the call while he had a smile on his face now, as he then bid goodbye to the older two and got inside his car.

Meanwhile, Jay and Kiseok were trying hard not to cringe and burst out laughing at the even that unveiled just now. Now, everything seemed to make sense since the two of them would glance at each other with emotions shared only between you two, and how you and Sunghwa were always together. And it seemed it wasn’t unrequited at all, Jay concluded. It was all so obvious, yet you two couldn’t see it in each other’s eyes.

And with how long this was dragging on, Jay decided to help you out as your friend, with the extra help of Kiseok to end the cheesy and shy act and take it to a whole new level.

“They’re so foolish, it’s about time we help those lovebirds, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I can’t agree more Jay.”

An hour and a half of chatting and trying to keep Sunghwa awake, you finally arrived at the 1Million studio, and you surprisingly made it in one piece despite your black haired friend’s soul is partly wandering dreamland. But it was worth it seeing Sunghwa half asleep, as he looked like a sleepy child ready to hit the bed. He was whining about wanting to sleep so badly, but you managed to drag him to the studio anyways. Jay and Kiseok were already there as well, and the dancers are doing warms up already. So you pushed your bag to Sunghwa and joined them, since you were going to join the shooting.

“Okay, so now we are going to shoot the first team. Jay, Sori, May, and Mina, please come forward.” The cameraman instructed, while you and the other dancers stepped back and sat near the walls.

Sunghwa couldn’t seem to hear Kiseok’s voice explaining a few things, despite his boss being right beside him. His eyes were focused toward you, who were talking to another dancer, and he couldn’t help but smile a little seeing you laugh, and Sunghwa thought it was the cutest thing he saw today.

“Hey! What are you smiling at?” Kiseok’s voice suddenly entered his mind when the older nudged his rib, “Stop staring at (Name), I’m briefing a few things for you here.” Sunghwa’s eyes turned wide hearing what Kiseok had said, but he tried to think that his friend was only saying that jokingly.

“O-Oh, sorry about that, I spaced out,” Sunghwa laughed dryly, scratching the back of his head, “What were you saying?”

“There will be three teams to shoot the video, and each team consists of three pairs, which means six dancers in total.”

“Oh, alright, I got it.”

It didn’t take long before your team was up, which means it was the last team to perform. But the information that was revealed before the shooting was shocking, which caused confusion between the dancers.

“I don’t think Baram will be able to make it.” One of the dancers said, informing about your dance partner’s whereabouts.

“What? Is he still sick?” You asked, feeling concern wash over you.

“Yeah, his fever hasn’t gone down from last night,” He frowned, “I’m afraid we will have to pick a replacement for him.” You sighed, eyes glancing around the studio.

“Alright, any of you want to replace Baram?” But your question was met with silence from the other dancers, since they barely got any of the moves down.

Jay and Kiseok gave each other a smirk, knowing there was a chance to start their plan today. Kiseok then glanced towards Sunghwa, who looked just as confused as you are. He didn’t waste any moment to open his mouth and speak his plan with his deep voice booming through the room.

“Sunghwa wants to!” Kiseok yelled out loud, raising Sunghwa’s hand up. Meanwhile Sunghwa was frozen on his spot, as all the attention were on him.

“N-No! I don’t want to.”

“Oh, don’t be shy Gray! You said you memorized the moves just from watching them. And besides, if you messed up a little, the fans would still love you!”

At this point, Sunghwa was shooting daggers at Kiseok and Jay because the glints in their eyes say it all. They knew damn well about his crush for you and the two couldn’t seem to stay silent about it. And as much as Sunghwa doesn’t want to look like a wimp by backing down, he doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of you, everyone inside the room, and the public when the video is released. Before he knows it, a hand was lured in front of him, and you were waiting for Sunghwa to take your hand and let you help him up.

“Come on! It’s alright if you make mistakes,” You giggled, “Just follow my lead, Sunghwa, I’m sure you won’t do that bad.” Sunghwa didn’t know if it was because of the glowing smile you had, the crowd that cheered him on, or the adrenaline from his fast heartbeat, but he ended up taking your hand anyways.

You were sure he was way bad than the other dancers, but you tried to think that he won’t do that bad, right?

“Well, all is set then,” The cameraman said, sparing a glance towards Jay, “I want everyone in position and try to relax a little in this shoot, just to adjust with having Gray here.” Everyone nodded and got into position, and Sunghwa couldn’t help but panic a little inside his heart, knowing everyone’s attention was on him.

When the song started to play, Sunghwa thought to himself that he’s doing pretty great in the first few seconds, even though he would glance at the other dancers. And then the two male dancers joined and you shifted your position beside him, portraying May J Lee in the first team. And that was when Sunghwa almost lost it as his cheeks were dusted slightly in pink when you didn’t hesitate to touch him. It was a part of the choreography, but the way you were staring so deeply into him made his heart beat faster than the beat of the music.

And then before you shifted to his left and let the other female dancer to move beside him, you had to lean very close to Sunghwa, and it was as if Sunghwa was caught in the moment, he leaned in and gently pressed his lips against yours, causing screams of joy and squeals to erupt through the whole room. But instead of pushing him away, you closed your eyes and leaned deeper, circling your arms on Sunghwa’s neck while he pulled you closer by your hips. The song was still playing in the background and the other dancers were still dancing, but that didn’t seem to stop the silent confession of love between you two.

As you parted away from Sunghwa, you were now gasping for air but you had a huge smile on your face. This all felt so surreal, and you were questioning what had just happened a few seconds ago. But judging by the looks everyone had, the kiss did happen, although you still find it hard to believe.

“What was that?” You asked, completely forgetting that you still had to dance. Sunghwa grinned widely and held your hands with his, with the feeling of happiness fill his heart.

“That was my love confession for you, (Name),” Sunghwa chuckled, eyes glancing down in shyness, “I love you for so long, and I guess your answer is that you would be mine as well?”

The studio was filled with awes and then people started to chant to accept his love and be his. And of course, you didn’t even need to think about the answer, as you gave him a short peck in a teasing way. The warmth and love was evident in Sunghwa’s eyes, and you felt like you’re on top of the world with your crush loving you back.

“Of course I do, you’re all that I wanna do, Sunghwa.”

Lone Wolf● PART 4●

Originally posted by phoebetonkinforever

WARNINGS: lying, torture, swearing, jealousy.

Sypnosis: (y/n) goes MIA after her confession to Deputy Clark. With Theo defeated Scott tries to focus on helping (y/n) get back to normal, but finds out she’s missing.

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“Deputy Clark” you said, making her look up from her laptop.

“(y/n), what can I help you with?” deputy Clark asked.

“It’s about my dad’s killer. I think I know who it was” you said, faking sadness.

Deputy Clark stood up.

“Okay, follow me” she said. Guiding you towards a room.

“They made me watch, they forced me to watch” you fake cried.

“I had to watch him die” you sobbed. Deputy Clark stopped writing on the notepad. Her hand holding yours.

“Hey, it’s okay, do you remember what they looked like? If that’s not too much for you?” Deputy Clark asked. Rubbing soothing circles onto your hand.

“They were both tall. One had brown hair with brown eyes while the other one had black hair and brown eyes, but their eyes changed your almost like the colour yellow” you sobbed, making Deputy Clark look up from writing.

“Yellow eyes?” she asked.

“I heard them say some names they sound like boys names, I think they said, Alex not wait it was Adam and Lance

“Thank you” deputy Clark said. Pulling the notepad closer to her.

“(y/n), there’s something I need to tell you. It’s about your mum” she said.

“What about my mum? Did something happen?” you asked, faking concern.

“Sometime this morning she got murdered” she said, making you fake heartbreak.

“What?” you said, fake crying.

“Do you think it was those two guys who killed my dad?” you asked.

“I don’t know, maybe, but there are hardly any prints” she said.

“I have to go” you mumbled, walking quickly out the door. As soon as you made it out of the police station you smiled evilly.

 “Not so fast bitch” Adam spat, as him and lance stood in front of you.

“If it isn’t the two cowards, I would run if I were you” you taunted.

“Well were not scared of you” Lance and Adam said, making you roll your eyes.

“Really because I smell fear on both of you’s” you sassed.

“Shut up bitch” Adam yelled, moving closer to you, until you were chest to chest.

“Bite me” you sassed.

“I’ll do more than that” Adam grumbled, sticking a needle into your neck.

“You think that will make me scared of you?” you asked.

“Yeah, because its wolfsbane” Lance chimed in, walking behind you.

“You’s are a pathetic excuse of wolfs that can’t fight” you snarled, Lance pulled you closer to him, holding you against him.

“And you’re a heartless bitch” Adam snarled, injecting the wolfsbane into you, making your vision go blurry.



“Sh” Hayden giggled, against Liam’s lips, as they made their way to her room.

“My sister is asleep” Hayden said, as Liam run into her desk.

“Hello?” Deputy Clark said, making Hayden’s eyes widen.

“Relax, she’s talking on the phone” Liam said.

“Good, I can do this” Hayden said, as she pushed him onto her bed, her lips capturing his.

Liam didn’t mean to ease drop but when your name come, he pulled away from Hayden, pushing her off of him.

“Wait, (y/n)’s missing?” Liam said, as he walked towards her window.

“Yeah, so” Hayden grumbled.

“Hayden” Liam said, as his body was half way out the window.

“You still love her?” Hayden asked, feeling slightly jealous.

“Don’t do this Hayden, not now” Liam sighed.

“Just go and find her, I hope she’s dead” Hayden slightly shouted, making Liam glare at her, as he jumped out the window.

Liam ran quickly towards Scott’s house, knocking frantically on the door.

Scott opened the door.

“Liam, what’s wrong?” Scott asked, as Liam pulled him out the door.

“(Y/n), it’s (y/n)” Liam gasped out.

“What about (y/n)?” Scott asked.
“She’s missing and well when I caught her scent I smelled blood, Scott we have to find her, I know she’s been a bit crazy lately but she’s still our friend and I,I still love her” Liam said, making Scott rest his hands on his shoulder.

“Come on let’s go help (y/n)” Scott said, as Liam lead the way.


You let out a groan as you opened your eyes.

“Hello princes” Lance said, as he dragged the knife down your arm.

“Go to hell” you grumbled, pulling against the ropes.

“Wow, so cliché of you’s” you mumbled, as you looked down at your feet, noticing they were tied to.

“Val and I didn’t want to” Dave said, making Adam punch him.

“Shut up” Adam shouted.

“Theo’s dead” Val said, making you look at her.

“That’s meant to make me cry?” you asked, making all of them look at each other.

“You really have no heart” Lance said, making you roll your eyes.

“And you have no brain” you shot back.

“Guys, she’s not heartless, she did save us from your old alpha” Dave said, making Lance and Adam walk towards him.

“Shut up” Adam yelled, as Val went towards you, kneeling in front of you, untying your feet.

“NO! What you’re doing to her is wrong, so what if her antics are a little crude, they hurt her she deserves justice” Dave shouted, trying to defend you.

“You know what Dave” Adam shouted, shoving his hand into Dave’s chest.

“I never liked you” Adam shouted, pulling his heart out of his chest.

 “Wow touching killing your own friend” you said.

“He wasn’t a friend” Adam shouted, glaring at Val, as she quickly moved away from you.

“We have to kill you to Val, you’re on her side, and I can smell betrayal” Lance snarled, as he pushed her against the wall.

“And I can smell stupidity on you” you sassed, making Adam grab your throat.

“Don’t hurt her” Val said, as you saw something in her hands.

“Kill her” Adam shouted, as lance stuck a needle into her side, as Val stuck a needle into his neck.

“You’re not the only one with wolfsbane” she coughed, as she crouched down.

Both of them struggling to breathe.

“I have a plan” you laughed, as Adam stomped towards you.

“I don’t care about your plan, I want your title” Adam growled, his claws coming out, as he raised his hand.

“You start with the weak one first, then suspicious one” you smirked.

“What are you talking about?” Adam asked, his claws still raised high.

“I will get my vengeance” you said.

“Too bad you will be dead” Adam said, just as he his claws where about to come down, Liam chucked him against the wall.

“Don’t touch her” Liam growled, slashing his throat.

Scott quickly untied the rope that was wrapped tightly onto your wrist.

Liam pushed Scott away, bringing you into a hug, holding you close to him like you were going to break into a million pieces.

“I’ve got you, your safe now” Liam said, kissing the top of your head.

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“I want you to...”

A/N: If you know me by now, you know that I have a sick crush on Jai Courtney. So here enjoy some nice sexuale things about him and you. And for the love of god, please forgive my grammar mistakes and stuff. English is not my native language, thank you! 

Being friends with benefits with the actor and your neighbor Jai Courtney isn’t that easy. Especially if you feel more for him then just a good time here and there. But does he feel the same? Or will you only stay his fuck buddy? 

Warning: Mature / Smut (duh), Swearing, Dirty Talk 
Jai Courtney x reader  

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Pumpkin Pie (Roommate!Calum)

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requested: yes

rated: NSFW (very small amount)

summary: You an Calum have been roommates for over a year now, and he just cant help himself when you guys get a little close than usual

masterlist | ask

“What the hell is evaporated milk?” You muttered to yourself, reading the recipe book. “How do you evaporate milk? Wouldn’t that just be air?” You wondered out loud, grabbing your phone to search it up.

This wasn’t anything new, cooking at two in the morning. You don’t even know when it started, but you blamed it on the stress of university. You called it stress-baking, and it just so happened that you always did it during the middle of the night. And in your bra and underwear too.

Your roommate didn’t mind, he was very aware of your weird ways. Honestly, he was a sweetheart, probably the best roommate you could ask for. Calum, his name was. You had met a few months after University had started; for the first months you were staying with a group of friends, but you wanted your own place. Calum had been looking for a roommate at the time, so you took him up on the offer.

After over a year of living together, Calum had gotten used to your weird sleeping patterns, your stress baking and the lack of clothes you would wear around the place. And you had gotten used to the little songs Calum would hum to himself, when he’d all your food and his lack of clothing as well.

Your friends liked to say that he sculpted from the Gods, he had a beautiful body, and a beautiful face. You thought so too, of course but you didn’t want to cause anyway uncomfortable tension between the two of you. And plus, you liked being friends with him. He may look, or come across as an asshole, but he was probably the nicest guy you knew.

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anonymous asked:

Yeah unfortunately that woman is a Stalker. Have a look at her Twitter (TKarma). She's friends with that Duchovniac group and there are more than a few obsessed stalkers in those people trying to get David to fuck them. This girl's dress choice and hair style and multiple pics with David are way overboard. Like creepy overboard. Maybe I'm the only one thinking it but it's nagging at me.

To be honest when I opened Tumblr this morning it was her pic with David I saw first, and then I had a heart attack because I thought she was Gillian, but maybe I was still half asleep lol. But yeah, there is resemblance in her appearance to Gillian. So maybe it is conscious from her. I don’t follow her, but I’ve noticed that she is everywhere. I didn’t think about this until now, because the fact that she can afford to be at these events made me a little jealous, and I thought myself, wow what a lucky girl she is. But if I think about it that’s really an interesting dress choice wearing the cutting room dress.


You and Michael were teenage sweethearts and you’ve been apart for a while

DISCLAIMER. Michaels name was Henry Johnson when he was with his adoptive family

Henry Johnson was nice. He was a nice boy with a rebellious side that not many people saw apart from you. Henry liked you and grew up with you. You met each other at school and kept on staying in touch after you both quit at age sixteen. His mother didn’t mind much, she didn’t care that you two were close friends. She would care that you and Henry fucked on her bed, but she didn’t need to know that.

You two didn’t know what protected sex was. You didn’t even know it existed then. Condoms or protection or slims weren’t talked about, neither was how a baby can be conceived so easily.

When you were about seventeen and a half, you were told by your parents that you were being sent to a boarding school for young ladies in Oxford. Also that you would be staying there permanently till you were twenty one and would not come home at all. You couldn’t believe it. You and Henry had just started plans for you to run away. It despite your protests and your screaming. You were put onto a train that same day and never saw Henry.

It was only the day before that, that you’d slept with him in your bed and your mother had walked in on you. She chased him out of the house and forbade him from seeing you. But you didn’t expect them to send you off the following day without even being able to see him.

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Fortune Cookies

@heavenlytheshield You’re a part of the BAU, you have had a rough past in which the BAU knew about it. Your parents had been murdered so you become a BAU agent to help other families. Spencer knew your past, you tried to push your love life aside but your feelings had come about for Spencer when you discovered that he loves Dr. Who like you do. Its Spencer birthday when you give him a new Dr. Who  collectors item along with the newest season dvd. He asks you to come over and watch it with him.

“Happy Birthday, Spence,” I said. Spencer smiled as he took the small wrapped package from me. The BAU is home to me. When I was a kid, my parents were murdered. They were the fifth couple to be killed in a matter of weeks, and they were also the last. An Agent named Jason Gideon had caught their killer, and I’d resolved to do what that team did for me. I’d made it, too. I’d been a member of the BAU for almost six years now, and they were my family. Every single member of that team held a special place in my heart, but none quite as much as Dr.Spencer Reid. He was the best friend I’d ever had, more caring and kind than anyone I’d ever met. He smiled at me as he pulled the wrapping paper off of a new collector’s edition box set of Doctor Who-his favorite.

“How did you know that I didn’t already have this?” he asked.

“I checked your shelf,” I shrugged. I spend plenty of time at Spencer’s place anyway. Sometimes we’re looking into a case, sometimes we’re just hanging out, but his apartment is kind of my safe place when I need to get away from my own place, and he’s been known to show up at my apartment as well. I love Spencer for all his quirks and the aspects of his personality that others find weird. He’s wonderful, and as much as I also love the rest of the team, I have to admit that Spencer Reid is my favorite.

“Of course you did,” he laughed, and reached out to hug me. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and back, feeling so at home in his familiar touch.

When the others left, I began to help JJ clean up from Spencer’s little party.

“JJ, you can go home,” Spencer offered. She looked up at him.

“I’ll stay and finish helping (Y/N),” he told her. “You go home to Henry and Michael.” She hesitated but then smiled.

“Alright,” she agreed. “thanks. Happy Birthday, Spence.”

“Thanks, JJ.”

As we finished cleaning up, he glanced over at me.

“Do you want to come back to my place?” he asked. “We can order dinner and start in on this Doctor Who you got me.” I shot him a smile.

“You even have to ask?”

We settled onto his couch together. I had borrowed some of his clothes; a pair of sweatpants and a tee-shirt. We called and ordered Chinese before settling in to start our marathon. We didn’t talk much, pausing the show when the food arrived. An episode was just ending when I finished my food and reached for our fortune cookies. I tossed one of them to Spencer, who caught it deftly. I tore the plastic as Spencer launched into a story about the origins of fortune cookies. I just smiled. Most people interrupt Spence when he starts rambling like that, but I actually enjoy listening to him talk. I broke my cookie and watched as he did the same.

“What does yours say?” I asked. He squinted at it.

“It says, ‘You will be discovered by someone who will bring you to greatness’,” he replied.

“If you get a job offer, you better say no,” I joked.

“I get about three job offers every year,” he said. “But I never even consider them. I like where I am. What does yours say?” I looked down at the little white slip of paper.

“You should look closer to home for love,” I read aloud.

“Love, huh?” Spencer said lightly. I nodded.

“Yeah,” I replied. I couldn’t help but think of Spencer. He was about as close to home as I could get. Hell, he was home.

“(Y/N), can I ask you something?” he asked.

“Yeah, of course,” I told him.

“How come you’re not married?” The question seemed to come out of nowhere.

“Married?” I repeated. “I don’t know that I ever…I don’t really want to get married,” I replied.


I glanced away from him.

“My parents,” I said. “They were married, and so were all these other couples. I guess it just sort of ruined it for me.” I hesitated.

“It’s been fifteen years today, right?” he asked softly. I looked up at him.

“How did you know that?” I asked. “I never told you, because I never wanted to ruin your birthday,” I said. He smiled slightly.

“I looked up the case once,” he said. “I didn’t want you to have to tell me the story, but I wanted to know.” I nodded my head. Had it been anyone else, I might have been angry at them for prying, but this was Spencer. I trusted him with absolutely every aspect of my life.

“Yeah. Fifteen years,” I confirmed. “I miss them so much, Spence. They were…such good people, and I took them for granted. I never appreciated them the way I should have.” I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. “Maybe that’s another reason I don’t want to get married,” I admitted. “No Mom to go dress shopping with, no Dad to walk me down the aisle. I just wish they were here. It doesn’t make sense, even after all this time.” I couldn’t hold back my tears, and he reached out, swiping a stray tear from my cheek.

“Come here,” he murmured, and pulled me close to him. I curled up against his chest and he cradled me close, murmuring quiet nonsense in my ear. I fell asleep like that, warm and safe in his arms.

I only woke up because he was picking me up off of the couch. I protested halfheartedly, but he ignored me.

“You’re staying here tonight,” he said. “The majority of car accidents caused by tired driving happen at precisely this time of night.” He paused in the hallway, hesitating for just a second, before he turned left, into his bedroom.

“That’s new,” I yawned as he tossed me onto his bed.

“I figured you wouldn’t really want to sleep by yourself tonight,” he said as he crawled under the covers with me.

“I love you, Spencer Reid,” I said, and he laughed.

“Tell me that when you’re not half asleep,” he said. I nodded as he held out his arm for me to curl up next to him. I fell asleep within minutes.

Sometimes, I wake up screaming. Not nearly as often as I used to, but it still happens now and then. Unfortunately, that night, the fifteenth anniversary of my parents’ murder, was a bad dream kind of night. I was startled from sleep by the sound of my own screams. My eyes snapped open, the visions of bloody sheets and my parents’ wide, frozen eyes fading into the darkness of Spencer’s bedroom. I usually calm myself down and am able to go back to sleep, but this time I wasn’t alone. My screaming, it seemed, had woken Spencer.

“(Y/N)?” he asked. I glanced over at him, his curls touseled by sleep, his skin warm, his eyes blinking rapidly as he fought the effects of being woken up. I tried to brushed him off, but that was useless.

“Are you okay?” he asked. I nodded.

“Yeah,” I sniffed.

“You’re crying,” he pointed out. “Bad dream?”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “I’m sorry I woke you up, Spence.”

“No, don’t be,” he insisted. He sat up and reached for me. I let him pull me close, tenderly wiping the tears from my cheeks before he pulled me back into his arms, my head on his chest, his heartbeat in my ears. It was a comforting sound. He stroked my hair and I was struck by the realization that this could be my future. I could battle the dreams with Spencer, instead of alone. He would be there, just like this, for every dream. Every night.

I had meant it earlier, when I told him that I loved him. I did. He was the one person I could see myself spending the rest of my life with. That was a strange realization to come to. I’d never thought of him like that before, but now that I had, it was impossible to escape.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“For what?” I asked.

“That your parents died. That you have bad dreams,” he replied. I snuggled closer to him.

“It’s okay, Spencer,” I said. “I’ve learned to live with it.”

“I guess you usually deal with this stuff by yourself,” he said, sounding as if he’d just thought of that. He began to pull back. “Sorry if I overstepped, I just sort of reacted instinctively.” I pulled away to look at him.

“You didn’t overstep, Spence,” I assured him, reaching up to tuck a lock of his hair behind his ear. “You did exactly what I needed you to do.”


I nodded affirmatively.


I met his hazel eyes and smiled.

“Hey, Spencer?” I said.

“Yeah, (Y/N)?” he said.

“I’m not half asleep right now, so there’s something I’d like to tell you.” He just nodded, so I carded my fingers through his hair with a smile.

“I love you, Spencer Reid.”

He didn’t say anything, but his smile made up for all the words in the world. Even if it hadn’t, the kiss that followed would have.

Weekend Readings!!

Holy crap the list of amazing was long this weekend!! It was so difficult to choose and I had to pick out some great ones even though the list is longer than I usually make it! Sorry guys!!

First let’s do a few imagines 

(Let’s just face it - they will have a space on my list from now on!

“Scoot over. I want to be under the blanket too.” by @sincerelysaraahh - so so sweet and I would love to see what happens when the reader sobers up!!

Imagine Dean being jealous over your crush on Chris Evans by @angelkurenai - funny and cute! And yeah Dean! You are jealous :P 

Imagine Falling Asleep in the Backseat of the Impala by @ellen-reincarnated1967 - So amazingly written! Captures the brothers perfect and it really made me feel like waking up in the impala behind them! Love it!

And then for the very long list of amazing one shots this week!

I don’t trust myself (Dean x reader (with a special ability))by @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit -  this story had me on the egde of my seat and I was crying for about half and hour after finishing it! So so amazing!

For better or for worse (dean x reader) by @d-s-winchester - sweet and sad and Ashley captures Sam so so well in this one. Love this little story and would love to read a part to (wink wink!)

Tell them goodbye (platonic tfw x reader) by @redlittlefox - this one also had be crying but again it is so beautiful and if you like me love torturing yourselves then read it! Castiel is perfectly written!

I got you (platonic dean x reader) by @letsgetoutalive - really really powerful story! It got some triggars so make sure to read the warnings but Dean is amazing so read it anyway! I have no direct expirence with domestic abuse but I work with mom’s and kids all the time that suffered abuse and Dean is being perfect and I love the writing! hats off!!! 

Lip Service (Sam x reader) by @dirtysupernaturalimagines and holy shit is it dirty! I needed a (COLD) shower after reading this! Sam is hot AF! I think I may have discovered a kink I didn’t know I had so thanks! lol

A head of schedule (The littlest Winchester) (daddy!dean) by @sophisticated-angel - I always love when a new story about the littlest Winchester is out. I love seeing her interactions with her dad, uncle Sammy and Uncle Cas. This one did not disappoint either. So sweet and makes my heart melt every time!

Fury (John x reader) by @winchesterswoonathon  - SMUT!!! It has the sentence:  “I’m just a bit baffled by the size, you’re so big.” - need I say more?!!!

Hush little baby (dean x reader) by @daydreamingintheimpala (can’t tag you sorry!) - family don’t need to be blood and just because you made the baby happen doesn’t make you a dad. The guy that holds you when you cry does! Dean gets that and he is gonna make and amazing dad to that little one! I love this story so so much!  

Finally together (cas x reader) by @not-so-natural-spn - holy fuck! What a reunion! I made the mistake of reading this at work and I might have been blushing for the rest of the day!!!

Daddy/dauther bonding (daddy!dean x reader) by @mysupernaturalfics (again sorry it won’t tag you!) - I will always be a sucker for daddy dean and the amount and great and fluffiness of it this week almost killed me! The sweetness of uncle Sammy in this one does not help! Love it!!

Love in an elevator by @kittenofdoomage (dean x reader) - Kitten you are amazing!!! I love this one so so much and I wanna get stuck with Dean in a small space now because holy shit!!!!! And also I love how it is written form his perspective! Makes it even hotter!

Fun in the sun by @lawrence-to-lebanon (sam x reader) - I love when someone writes happy days! The boys deserves all the smiles and laughter we can give them and I love this one! Cheeky ass brothers :D 

Goodbye by @i-think-i-just-killed-death (dean x reader) - so so sad! I love Adeles song Hello and this captures it perfectly and stays within the spn universe! I adore this fic and I think it is one of those I will keep coming back to read over and over! Twice now so far!

Series you have to check out!

And the devil makes three (dean x reader) by @ilostmyshoe-79 - Endverse!Dean series and I LOVE how Kim writes him! She manages to capture him at his worst (not bad persay but broken). He is struggling and it is amazing yet hurtful as hell to read! 

Friends after All (dean x reader AU) by @angelkurenai - I am pretty sure this one is going to break my heart so badly I never recover but who cares because it is amazing and I love it!! 

20 seconds (dean x reader) by @littlegreenplasticsoldier - I am really loving this chase and I can’t wait to see what happens when one of them finally runs out of breath ;) 

Somewhere in Neverland (Jensen x reader AU) by @d-s-winchester - I love this story! I really hope thinks will go well for these two because damn they deserve it! It got a few triggers btw so remember to read the warnings but it is awesome so read it :D

An unassuming life (Husband!Dean x reader AU) by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog - I am pretty sure Mimi is trying to kill us with the smut, fluff and angst in this one but it is brilliant so read it anyway! And wow I can’t wait for part 7 to be a thing!!!!

Till our eyes meet I am a mess (Soldier!Sam x reader au) by @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel - I only just began reading this one but part 1 got me hooked and I know what I am reading this weekend! You should too!!!!

Prophet City (Superhero!Dean x reader au) by @winchesterenthusiast - wow wow wow!!! I am so so stoked about this one! Only one part yet but damn it was amazing! I am hooked and I can’t wait to read more about The Hunter! 

So guys that was it for this weekend! Please keep tagging me in stuff so I discover more amazing writers and stories :D 

Go read all of these and show the authors some love because they deserve it!!!