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The Reality of Voltron Ships
  • Sheith: "you're like a brother to me"
  • Heith: YOU MADE A JOKE!?!
  • Klance: I hate you, but only a bit
  • Shidge: Oh thanks for saving my brother
  • Hance: Brotp
  • Shatt: We had like .5 seconds of screen time together
  • Hidge: "Hey can you pass me the--Hunk stop barfing-- can you pass me the hard drive?"
  • Shallura: These kids stress me out, but we can be stressed together
  • Shance: "Nope, we're not doing that" "LANCE"
  • Lallura: *lances flirting intensifies* "Ugh"
  • Kallura: We were emo enough to run away together and good enough to resolve our conflicts
  • Kidge: I will protect this child.
  • Lancelot: "Who's Lotor?"
  • Pallura: She likes peanut butter.
  • Please no I have nothing against any of the ships lmao
You want Langst, I’ll give you Langst!

So imagine Keith as the leader, ordering the paladdins to go on some mission to steal some quintessence from a Galra ship. The strategy is ill-advised by Lance, but his warning is overlooked. The mission goes horribly wrong and Lance is ambushed by a bunch of Galra, and exposed to a ton of Haggarium (which, if you’ve seen Voltron Force was basically corrupted quintessence) The paladdins are forced to retreat, and in this scenario, they only arrived with one lion, and it isn’t blue. So by the time, he’s finally captured by the Galra soldiers,  his body has been soaking in the stuff for literal hours. As such, he’s basically a walking corpse, with every single cell rapidly  decaying. Haggar thinks he’s useless to them and advocates just killing him off, but Lotor isn’t one to throw away potential, however inefficient it may seem.

So Lotor, being the sicko that he is, submits our lovable Cuban comic relief to a series of torturous surgeries where Lance has basically his skin, and internal organs replaced with those harvested from a wide variety of Galra prisoners. He’s basically a walking amalgamation of grafted alien parts. His skin, that he put so much effort into preventing acne from forming on, is no longer his own. And here’s the real kicker: because the quintessence powering his life force has been corrupted, his body is still rapidly degenerating. This means that while the Galra can stuff him full of all kinds of drug concoctions to slow down the infection, they can’t stop it. So he has to undergo the grafting surgeries over and over again on a regular basis. And since the prisoners are a limited resource, Lance is  eventually forced to go to other planets to kill the aliens who’s bodies he’ll be using in future transplants.

Now imagine Lance  covering up his body and wear a mask at all times-but if he ever fails a mission, Lotor calls together all the soldiers on his ship, and forces Lance to strip naked in front of all of them, showing off his disgusting body as it rapidly withers before their very eyes. Every cringe, every accusation that the soldiers have done nothing to deserve the sight of him, and every time a soldier vomits, feels like a whiplash across his chest, no matter how many times he’s been showcased. Lotor always takes him aside and warmly embraces him afterwards. Lance can’t himself from sobbing into his chest.

“Don’t worry, Lance“ the Galra prince whispers

“Even if the whole universe thinks you’re an atrocity, I will always except your deformed figure as it is.“

Imagine Lotor coming to visit him after every surgery, when he’s most vulnerable both physically and mentally. Imagine Lotor reminding him how it’s Keith’s fault that he’s trapped in this grotesque body. “I wonder what else he’s ruined for you“ He muses demurely, as he touches one of the bandages. Lance thinks back to his time at the garrision, where he was constantly reminded that he got Keith’s sloppy seconds. He thinks of how Shiro, his idol trusted Keith more with the power of leading Voltron than himself. He thinks of Allura, the most beautiful woman in the universe, snuggling up with Keith in the red lion Suddenly, he can see them, plain as day. At this point, he’s not sure if it’s all in his head or not. But they’re kissing. And it makes his heart…or whatever alien apendage is currently in his chest cavity pumping his blood feel like withering. And it shouldn’t be feeling like that. Not right after it got a new transplant. When he finally gets over the waves of nausea, he realizes that they’re talking. When he strains his ears, they’re laughing. And then he whimpers. Because they’re laughing at him

“Can you believe that that pathetic excuse for a Paladdin, ever thought I would love him“ Chortles Allura

“Especially when someone like me is around?“ Adds Keith, who is bent over from laughing so hard.

“I didn’t even want him when the most disgusting part of his body was his ears!“ Gasps Allura as  she struggles to catch her breath after cackling so much.

“Can you imagine his audacity if he showed up looking like Frankenstein’s monster, trying to flirt with you?“ Guffaws Keith?

“Oh that’s just cold“ comments Lotor, who Lance didn’t even realize was next to him until now.

“Imagine him going “girl you’ve already activated my particle barrier’ in that gargled voice of his, as he tries to keep his arms from falling off!“ Laughs Pidge who, along with Hunk suddenly materialized out of nowhere.

“SHUT UP SHUT UP!“ Shrieks Lance as he rushes at them-only to appear in the hospital again, alone. He grits his teeth. It’s their fault that he’s like this. It’s their fault that he was forced to become this sickening artifucial hybrid on a mission he never even wanted to go on. It’s their fault he’ll never be able to look his family in the eye, again. He vows never to rest until he has his revenge. Let’s see how much they’re laughing when their organs are transplanted into his own body. Let’s see how funny it is, when they’re forced to become a part of the second-class cargo pilot who could store the amount of information in his brain in a paper airplane.

I love when people tell me to let go of the pre-New 52 characterizations of DC characters because “It’s been four years already!”


My sweet summer child

I still get rant-y about Sir Gawain and Sir Kay being portrayed as increasingly jerkish and less competent once the French Arthuriana authors made Lancelot their favorite God Mode Sue, and that happened like 800 years ago.

Do you really think I’m going to let this go anytime soon.

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For the suggestion thingy could you do Lancelot but like actually klance with like creep lotor hitting on lance, lance being weirded out and Keith being jealous and protective? Sorry if that made no sense. Anyways, the dialogue prompt could be something like "Look, just leave me alone, alright!"

I hope this was what you wanted! Also, hopes and dreams for S3 tbh

           “Look, just leave me alone, alright?” Lance backpedaled until he was pressed up against the stone wall. “I’m flattered, really, but you’re… you’re, uh, not exactly my type.” Lotor and his bouquet of blindingly blue flowers seemed to droop in unison.

           “The Galra have caused you much pain, I understand.” He bounced back with a toothy grin so fast Lance actually yelped from surprise. “But I can be different. Young Paladin, believe me, your team does not appreciate your talents, your dedication, your­–” Lotor leaned in close enough to smell him– “beauty.” Lance felt himself go red as he tried to subtly inch sideways along the wall.

           “Yeah see it’s not so much the Galra part that bothers me,” he said, a certain boy with a frustratingly attractive mullet flashing unbidden into his head, “as it is the ‘I murder people with a fiery sword’ bit.” Lotor’s hand slammed into the wall beside his head, preventing Lance from moving further sideways.

           “All is fair in love and war, isn’t it?” he asked, and had the audacity to lick his lips with his face bare inches away from Lance. He caught Lance’s hand and pressed the bouquet into it. “I would think you would be impressed with a bit of swordplay.” Lance thought his face might spontaneously combust.

           “You sure know how to use your pickup lines, I’ll give you that,” he said. “Do you… do this with a lot of people?” Lotor’s jaw dropped comically, pressing his now bouquet-free hand against his heart.

           “I have learned the art of seduction, of course, but you, dear Lance, you are no ordinary partner. All the others, they were nothing more than practice so that when I found you—” He plucked a stray flower from the bouquet and tucked it behind Lance’s ear– “I would be prepared to offer you my best performance.”

           “I, uh, um, can I—?” Lotor smiled, far, far too close to Lance’s face for comfort, and he could swear Lotor’s eyes kept flickering to his lips.


           “I’m just gonna… Um…” He was interrupted by the door getting kicked in, revealing a furious Keith behind it.

           “GET AWAY FROM HIM!” Keith shouted, charging at Lotor. He sidestepped easily, lifting Lance out of the way as well so that he wouldn’t get skewered when Keith missed his target. Lance took the opportunity to scramble away as Lotor dodged another swipe from Keith, who growled in frustration, circling the Galra prince. As soon as Lotor was closest to the door, he threw a last grin at Lance.

           “You know how to find me!” he called. He winked, then sprinted for the door and slammed it in Keith’s face as he tried to follow. They heard a heavy bar fall in place across it and Keith growled in frustration when it wouldn’t open, before turning back to look at Lance. His eyes raked over him with a frown.

           “Why are you holding flowers?” he asked. Lance, glancing down, realized he still had the bouquet and dropped it promptly, going red again.

           “That… That dude is weird. He kind of tried to, um. He was trying to seduce me.” Keith stomped over and for a second Lance thought he was going to hit him, but instead he just plucked the flower out from behind his ear and crushed it in his hand.

           “Flirting is not going to win over the Galra, Lance,” he said.

           “Hey!” he protested. “He started it!”


           “He did!”

           “And now you sound like a kindergartener. Are you going to help me get this door open or not?” Lance grumbled, trudging over to where his bayard had landed after Lotor disarmed him. He hefted it up and told Keith to move aside, aiming for the hinges on the door. Keith watched him.

           “He didn’t actually hurt you, right?” Keith finally asked quietly. Lance paused, one hinge blasted to pieces.

           “The emotional damage was far worse,” he said, rolling his eyes and taking aim at the next hinge. “Why the quiznak would a Galra flirt with me?” The second hinge fell to the floor, leaving the door free to swing backwards into the room.

           “I can think of a few reasons,” Keith muttered very quietly, and before Lance could react, he had ducked under the bar and took off running through the castle. Lance gaped after him. He blinked once, twice, and then ducked under the bar so quickly he banged his head, and chased after him.


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I made my best friend watch Kingsman and her comments about the movie read like shitposts

- about harry: “he is the alpha daddy”

- mocking merlin: “geT in ThAAa PlAnE”

- about Valentine: “discount morgan freeman with a lisp”

- she forgot Percival’s name and started calling him Periwinkle

- “Lancelot isn’t very cute and neither is Periwinkle.”

- about eggsy: “daddy in training”

- *starts screaming when harry gets shot* MCXCUSE ME BITCH YOU CANT JUST KILL DADDY

- “what kinda fuckin name is eggy?”

- about roxlin “they only ship them because of the ‘yes, merlin’ line”

- “he’s like 20 and he’s like 50…*whispers* i love it”
The King.

since i’m having a really big writer block with the last chapter of 3rd whee sol i’ll leave you this to read in the meantime. 

(( Lance-centric.
Good Lotor.
Papa Kolivan.
Also, Lancelot.))

Warnings???: i didn’t re-read this. It was made in like, two days. English my second tongue , OH ! Also, angst. 

-Imagine the typical Langst. Lance thinks he’s only the seventh wheel, right? So he tries to prove the team he’s a value and useful member of team voltron by training more, trying to take care of the others (like helping Shiro sleep, be there for Hunk and Pidge, sometimes sparing with Keith).
-Of course, that’s not enough. Not for him, at least. Lance wants to have the opportunity to prove himself. He wants to show eveyone (and himself) that he’s a good paladin.
-The opportunity eventually presents itself. Kolivan asks Allura for Lance’s help to go into an undercover mission on a planet that is 90% water. The mission is not really that complicated, they only need to go, retrive some information of one of their most value -infiltrados- and then go. The problem here was the Galra base was in the very deeps of the oceanv and the Blade’s ships are not capable of resisting the preassure. That’s why the blue lion is perfect for the job.
-It’s not much, but it gives Lance the perfect chance to show his friends he can also do cool stuff on his own.
-He accepts right away. Allura seems hessitant, but she knows it’s important for Kolivan. Shiro is a little worried, but only wishes Lance good luck and hugs him before he leaves the hangar with the older Galra.
-The planet is some systems away from them and Allura could have whormwhole there with no problem, but it was Galra territory.
-Lance travels the old way with Kolivan by his side to their destination.
-Lance, of course, talks. And surprinsingly, Kolivan does too. They get along really well, and even though the galra is clearly different from him (he’s and alien for god’s sake), Lance can tell that was the start of a great friendship.
-It takes a week and half to get safely to the planet. As Kolivan said, the blue lion was perfect for the mission. Blue felt light as a feather and moved with grace even in the depeest part of that weird alien ocean.
-They arrive to the base and sneak in. A quarter of the galra there are from the blade, which makes their mission eassier in a way.
-They finally meet with the famous and importat informant Kolivan was looking for.
“Kolivan! I was not expecting you. It’s good to see you, who is this beautiful creature that is by your side, if i may ask?”
-Lance is gone.
-Really, the guy was the most handsome thing he had even seen in his life. He stutters, and Kolivan just sighs when he notices what’s going on. (He’s not surprised)
-They talk and Lotor’s explains why he had stop giving them information. “Haggar has been keeping an eye on me. I think she supects of my loyalty to the Galra empire. I had no choice but to stop all comunications with the blade. I am very sorry for not telling my reasons, Kolivan. But you must understand why i had to act fast.”
-He also tells them what a bad idea idea was for them to come to the base. He’s happy to see Kolivan again and to know the Blade is now working with the paladins, but the danger still lingers.
“I’m afraid you will have to stay, at least for a while. The perimeter is dangerous. You were lucky for entering without setting any of the alarms, But leaving will be more difficult. As i said, Haggar has been watching me and my people. She’s looking for any excuse to banish me from the empire. If she sees you, she will destroys us all.”
-Kolivan and Lance are not happy with these news but in order to protect the blade, voltron, they have to stay.
-Lotor gives them armors to blend with the others. They act as Lotor’s personal guards. Which is cool, Lance thinks, because he can be in important meetings and gather important information for Voltron.
-He starts spending a lot of time with Kolivan and Lotor (obviously). Eventually Kolivan becomes a father figure to Lance . The galra is really patient and kind with the boy.
-When they are alone, or only with Lotor in the room, Kolivan will often pat his head like child and call him ‘pup’.
-Lance is really happy with this.
-Lance and Lotor also grows closer to each other. Their friendly flirtation quickly becomes something else and it’s almost as if they’ve been friends since forever.
-The paladin starts noticing a few things, and sees that Lotor actually has a really important position in the galra empire (which is why he’s such an important asset to the blade) but he’s not sure what he is. When he finally asks, Kolivan and Lotor share a look.
-Lotor sits him down and holds his hand before telling him the truth"I am the heir to the throne. Zarkon is my father and Haggar my mother.“ He says and Lance is in shock. He looks wary at first, but he decides that if Kolivan trust Lotor, there’s nothing to worry about
-They ask Lance not to tell anyone about Lotor, not even Allura. Only a few members of the Blade knew the prince was a part of the Blade of Marmora. Since he is their best resource they have to keep him identity safe at all cost.
-Lance is wary at first, but decides to give it a shot. If Kolivan trusts Lotor, then he has nothing to worry about.
-The relationship between Lotor and Lance changes only for the better. The flirting does not stop, but there’s something different in the way they do it now. Kolivan prefers not to say anything about it and watch it from a far. If someone comments something about him being around less, he only says he’s bussy (he wants them to spend some time alone, ok???)
-And month and a half passes before they are able to leave the base and start their trip back to the castle.
-Everyone feels relief when Lance finally contacts them and tells them they are ok.
-They tell all the important details to the princess and the other paladins and from there they start making plans. Lance is beams(? with happiness when everyone compliments his good work.
-Kolivan stays on the ship for reasons idk and of course he keeps spending time with Lance. Allura and Coran are really curious about the type of relationship the both of them have since they are completely different. But the Galra seems to be a positive influence on their blue paladin (they notice was really sad lately but were unsure of how to help), so they prefer not to interfire.
-Kolivan is quick to see through Lance’s facade and how inferior he thinks he is to his fellow teammates. To help him see that’s not true, he goes to Coran, and together they talk to Lance retelling all the goods things he has ever done in battle, how many people he has saved, and how special and important he truly is to the team.
-Lance ends up in tears and hugs the galra and altean. Coran sees now Kolivan as a friend and trust him more because he can see how much he cares for his favorite paladin.
-Lance often jokes they both of them are his space-papas.   (He calls Coran dad or papá, and Kollivan papa [the accent makes the difference])
Coran: "Well, you my be his space-father too but he was my son first.”
Kolivan, with a straight face: “… He likes me more.”
Coran: “HOW DARE YOU??!”
-Coran and Kollivan’s friendship
-Also they make lovely space-parents to Lance.
-Kolivan starts training one-on-one with Lance at nights to help him improve in hand-to-hand combat and also teaches him how to use a sword because “My pup shall learn the ways of the Blade.”
-Keith sometimes joining them. Lance does not want to share Kolivan, but the galra enjoys to spar with the red paladin.
-Some time passes, and Lance starts asking Kolivan more questions about Lotor (and the galra empire in general but he cares more to learn about the prince).
-Kollivan sees what’s going on and helps Lance to communicate with Lotor with the only condition to be careful and to only talk with the prince in certain hours and not to tell anyone. Of course Lance agrees and then Kolivan proceeds to explain him what to do.
-When Lotor notices is not the older galra, but Lance, a big smile draws on his face and his eyes shines with happiness. They talk for hours, and none of them wants to stop but Lotor has things to do and Lance needs to rest.
-They talk almost everyday, and everytime Lance sees Lotor, he feels his heart beat fast. It takes him two months to admit he has feelings for the prince. It takes Lotor a week after his realisation to confess to Lance. They start a long-distance/secretive relationship. Kolivan is the only one who knows about it (he was happy for lance when he told him, but also felt very protective of him) and Coran (but he doesn’t know it’s the prince, he thinks it’s a random galra rebel).
-Thanks to the support of Coran, Kollivan and Lotor, Lance starts feeling better about himself and leavex his insecurites behind. He’s happy, truly happy, and the team is also happy and relief to see Lance like this.
-More missions with the BOM appears, and Kollivan often takes Lance with him because he trust him more than any other member of Voltron. He sometimes takes Keith instead, but he prefers Lance because sometimes Lotor goes to those missions and he finds it as the perfect excuse to reunite the new lovers in the process. They both thank him a lot.  
-Their first kiss is lovely, sweet, and full of tenderness. The kisses they share when it’s time to say good bye, are always filled with passion because they don’t know when they will be able to see each other again.
-They can’t keep their relationship from the other members of the blade because they can’t stop touching the other. The others truly don’t mind, they are actually really supportive of them.
-“Finding happines and love in the middle of a war something we should cherish and protect.”
-Two years passes. The war continues, their secret encounters don’t stop, and their love in spite of the distance and a few problems only blooms into something strong, pure and beautiful.
-Lotor proposes to Lance, not before reveling himself to Coran and explaining all the situation to asks him and Kolivan for Lance’s hand in marriage.
-The proposal happens in the BOM base. Most of the members of the Blade knows about Lotor now. Lotor kneels before him, proposing in the human way (with a ring) and then the galra way (by giving him a collar with a beautiful blue stone)
-Coran is bitter he couldn’t go, but he’s really happy when he sees Lance coming back with a giant smile on his face wearing a beautiful necklace and ring.
-Lance is so happy he can’t keep it secret from his best friend anymore. He doesn’t tell him it’s Lotor, but he tells him he’s being dating a galra from the BOM for 2 whole years and now they are engaged. Hunk is a little bit hurt because something this important was keep from him for so long but he completely understands why his friend coulnd’t tell him. He’s really supportive and he tells him he wants to be his best man on his earth wedding (because he will have one on Earth with his family and another one in space, obviously)
-They keep fighting, the end of the war nearby. The final battle approaches. Voltron, the Blade, and others leaders part of the Voltron alliance makes a plan to finally take down Zarkon once and for all.  They know the risks. Even when Zarkon forces aren’t as big as they used to be, they are still a danger to everyone. They all the allies they can get.  
-Lotor finally reveals the truth to everyone and leaves the empire with those who desire to fight agaisnt Zarkon. Allura and the other leaders are doubtful of his loyalty to the cause, but Kollvan tells them everything the prince did for them and how much he helped in the last few years.
-Lance and Lotor prefer not to tell team voltron about ther engagement because they have more important things to think about. Still, they aren’t exactly subtle about it.
-Lotor’s guards are the first ones to find out. Lance often visits Lotor in the middle of the night. He always tells the guards he’s just there to talk, but the galra have very good hearing. They know is not 'talking’ what their prince and the paladin do at nights.
-Hunk is the next one to know, of course. He actually finds making out in his kitchen.
“OH MY GOD! The Galra Prince?! You told me it was just some random galra from the Blade!”
“Technically i didn’t lie. He’s from the Blade.”
-Almost every Galra under Lotor’s command knows about his relationship with the Blue Paladin by now.
-Pidge thinks there’s something weird going between them but she prefers to ignore it. Shiro and Keith thinks it’s only friendship. The mice tells Allura but she believes it’s a joke.
-Slav already knew.
-When the other leaders sees what’s going on they actually starts trusting Lotor more. If the blue paladin of voltron can trust him, they also can. (blue is the most loyal and trusting of the paladins, they trust his judgement)
-They finally come up with a plan. Lance is afraid of what might happen, so is Lotor.
-The galra ask Lance to marry him before going to war. Lance thinks it’s a beautiful idea and accepts.
-it’s a simple ceremony and the do it in the BOM ship. Coran and Hunk are there as many of other galras. Kollivan is the one who leads the ceremony.
-It’s so sweet and Coran is definitely not crying at this point.
-They spend some hours together before parting ways to go to their positions.
-They attack Zarkon while he’s on a planet and manage to trap him inside.
-The battle is brutal. Zarkon is merciless and Haggar is cruel. For a horrible moment… Everyone thinks they are going to lose. But Voltron is stronger. And Voltron finally defeats Zarkon agaisnt all odds.  
-There’s a big blast and each lion goes flying in different directions. The paladins crash on the planet, and now it’s turn of their allies to defeat Haggar and other galra forces. Allura, with the help of light druids, is capable of defeating the witch.
-Meanwhile, Lance leaves the blue lion and starts fighting others galras. He wants to find his friends, see if they are ok, but he needs to fight. He needs to help everyone he can.
-Surprinsingly, he finds Lotor in the heat of the battle. He’s beautiful and ruthless. But he’s to focused and can’t see he’s about to be attacked from behind. Lance is fast, and without thinking it twice he draws his weapong and shots the enemy down. Lotor turns around, and smiles when he sees Lance. They keep fighting side by side. They are unstoppable force together. Finally, the galras started showing their surrender.
-They are still breathing heavily. Lotor and Lance stare at each other, and start laughing with tears rolling down their faces. They done it, they won. They finally won.
-Lance gives a step towards Lotor. The prince smiles and before he can move, there’s a shot. The expression on their faces completely changes. There are some screams, the time seems to stop for both of them. Lance looks pales, and Lotor falls to ground. He runs to his side and holds him tightly. He’s trembling and Lotor is quickly fading before his eyes.
“Please don’t… Lotor please don’t close your eyes, love. Please focus on me, please baby, please.” Lance keeps repeting with fear.
The galra only smiles at him, rises his arm and pulls him down for a last kiss. Lance can taste for blood from his lips. He also knows his armor is no longer white, but crimson.
-Lance kisses him with fear of letting him go and keeps murmuring sweet promises of love to the prince. Not realising the moment Lotor stopped breathing.
-Many surrounds them, allies and enemies alike. They watch the scene with sorrow. Nobody dares to get closer to them. Nobody but Kolivan, who grabs Lance by the shoulders and slowly tries to pull him apart.
“No, no, please, Lotor–!”
“Is not longer with us, pup. Let him go.” Says Kolivan in a soft voice.
“No, no i can’t! Please papa, there’s must be something we can do!!” Kolivan heart broke at the sight.
-It was difficult, but Lance finally let Lotor go. He just stood in silence next to Kolivan as he saw others carry away the corpse of his beloved one
-Lance doesn’t move, doesn’t speaks. The tears are not longer running down his face, but he still looks miserable.
-Kolivan makes him walk back to where the castle is. When they enter the room, everyone is there. The paladins seems so happy and all of them are celebrating. They quickly stops when they see that Lance is in shock and corevered in blood.
-They think at first Lance is hurt and tries to talk to him with no results. Kolivan tells them the that someone dear to the paladin died in his arms.
-Coran and Hunk conect the dots and takes Lance from Kolivan. They take his armor off and takes him to the showers to get rid off the blood.
-Lance stops talking to everyone and locks himself in his room. He only eats when Hunk or Coran makes him, but otherwise he just sleeps all day or just lays awake on his bed.
-Weeks passes like this, but nobody but Kolivan can actually make him talk. He’s too hurt, too sad. He cuddles with Hunk and Coran, but he can’t help but miss the arms of his lover.
-Shiro wishes to be help more, but he and the princess are needed somewhere else. Now that the galra has no leaders, everything is a chaos and they need to put order in the fallen empire.  Sometimes Shiro skips his meetings to visit the blue paladin, he stops trying to make Lance talk (it’s useless) but he always hugs him and tells him about his day. (Lance always seems not be listening, but he is).
-Pidge and Keith also tries to help, but they don’t know what they can do for their friend. The best thing they can do is sits beside him until nights falls (sometimes they fall asleep on his floor).  
-Once the galra empire is more or less stable and the galra’s that fought beside Zarkon are now in imprisioned, the BOM decides they need to make an official funeral ceremony for their prince and name their new ruler.
-They need the paladins and princess to be present, and it surprises them when Lance suddenly appears and tells them he is going too. Coras and Hunk looks worried, but Lance ignores their questions and prefers to go to Kolivan and stay in his ship with him.
-The day of the ceremony arrives, and Lance is nowhere in sight. They think he decides not to go. So they get into their battle armors and goes to the place they are expected to be.
-They see Lance already there wearing a royal Galra robe, which confuses and surprises them.
-Kolivan and others galras part of the blade, leads the ceremony talking about the good things their prince did for them and how much he sacrificed(? and risk in order to proctect his people.
-Lance looks about to crumble when Kolivan calls his name and asks him to give a step forward. Is Lance’s turn.
-The others looks at him weird, not knowing what he was about to do.
-Lance liftes a little box, full of strange-looking flowers. Under them, there were also some of Lotor’s belogings. Suddendly, after a druid says some words in a tongue they can’t understand, the flowers takes and unnatural color and starts irradiating a beautiful light. The flowers elevates and then they vanished in the sky.
-According to the galra, the ceremony was to make sure Lotor’s soul could reach peace, and let his soul become part of the stars. To be one with the universe once again.
-Lance is fully sobbing now. His cries are so painful, so full of grief, that they made everyone present shiver. The paladins and princess finally understands who was the one that Lance lost in the battle.
-He falls to his knees, and Kolivan moves fast to help him stand again. He doesn’t let him go for the rest of the ceremony.
-Lance starts talking, saying how much Lotor dreamt about the day his people would be free from his father control. How sorry he felt for those who were enslaved for their selfish goals. How much he desired to built a better Galra empire. One that could live in peace with the other races across the galaxy. Lance says that the Galra have a long way to go to make up for the damage they done (not entirely their fault, really) but promises to be there for them. To help them to get back on their feets again. He promises to be there for all the good galras that fought besides them to help them defeat Voltron, and he will fight for those who chose to follow Zarkon for fear and not really because they believed in their cause.
“Everyone deserves a second chance” he says, “and i will give one to anyone who truly desires to change. This new empire will be built with trust, loyalty and new hopes.”
When he finish his speech, he kneels and Kolivan approaches him with a black crown in hand. Since Zarkon, Haggar and the rightful heir to the throne are gone, the crown is now Lance’s by law. Kolivan carefully puts the crown on Lance’s head and then steps aside.
“Rise, my King.”
-All the galras kneel when Lance stands up.
-The team truly can’t believe what’s happening before their eyes Not even Coran was expecting this to happen.

“All hail King Lancelot!”

Lance promise to himself to give his life to the galra empire and to make everything what Lotor once dreamt about come true.

So, this is it. It was so much longer than i expected, i’m not surprised by that anymore. Hope you like it♥ 

Also, this song ‘the born king’ ( x ) was the one that inspire me to write this. 


I’ve always been fascinated with the fact that according to legends big-old-tall-frightening Ban has a son with Elaine. And I wondered, which got me to thinking, which made get ideas; and my friends know, don’t leave me alone to have IDEAS.

So, here’s what I came up with. Elaine, who will smile but is making sure to keep her brother’s influences from her Lancelot. And Ban, who smiles without needing booze to do it. Merlin once asked him, “how many people could you kill, for you son?” Which confused him, as he bluntly stated, “Who wouldn’t I kill, for him?”

Imagine a Mission Interrupting Your Wedding to Eggsy

A/N: This was requested by @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch so I hope you like it! Love the idea and I spent most of this writing time on wedding Pinterests but whatever  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A bit of swearing and blood in this one but nothing too bad! Enjoy pals :D

“You look wonderful, Y/N. He’ll die when he sees you, I promise,” Roxy twisted the final strand of your hair on top of your head, and grinned as she looked you up and down. 

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Lancelot "Meant to be yours" Parody Lyrics:

Edit 2: Made this so Keithis the one who rescues Lance

Edit: I revised some lyrics so it sounds better and adds a bit more context to it.

I was listening to Meant to be Yours from the heathers musical today and I was like this a perfect Lancelot song so I changed some lyrics and the setting and made this thing. Enjoy (I guess)!

Scene: Lance has been captured by Lotor and in attempts to escape he is severely hurt. Lance locks himself in a room on Lotor’s ship waiting to either die or until someone come to rescue him. Lotor tries to get him to come out, unaware that Lance has been hurt. Meanwhile Keith infiltrates Lotor’s ship to save Lance.

All is forgiven baby!
Come on, get dressed!
You’re my date to the battle tonight.

You chucked me out like I was trash,
For that you should be dead—
But! But! But!
Then it hit me like a flash,
What if this war went away instead?

Those paladins are the key
They’re keeping you away from me
They made you blind, messed up your mind
But I can set you free!

You left me and I fell apart,
I punched the wall and cried—
Bam! Bam! Bam!
Then I found you changed my heart
And set lose all that truthful shit inside
And so I built a bomb
Tonight this system is Vietnam
Let’s guarantee they’ll never see their conquest rise!

I was meant to be yours
We were meant to be one
Don’t give up on me now
Finish what we’ve begun
I was meant to be yours

So when the Galra Fleet goes boom with everyone inside—
Pchw! Pchw! Pchw!
In the rubble of their tomb
We’ll plant this note explaining why they died!

Lotor & Galra soldiers:
We, the soldiers of the Galra Empire will die.
Our burnt bodies may finally get through to you.
Your society churns out slaves and blanks, no thanks.
Signed, the Soldiers of the Galra Empire.

We’ll watch the smoke roll down the halls
Bring marshmallows,
We’ll make s’mores!
We can smile and cuddle while the fire roars!

I was meant to be yours
We were meant to be one
I can’t make this alone
Finish what we’ve begun

You were meant to be mine
I am all that you need
You carved open my heart
Can’t just leave me to bleed

Lance! Open the—open the door, please
Lance! Open the door.
Lance! Can we not fight anymore?
Please, can we not fight anymore?
Lance, sure, you’re scared,
I’ve been there, I can set you free
Lance, don’t make me come in there
I’m gonna count to three!
One! Two! Quiznak it!

*Sees Lance’s unconscious body in a pool of blood*
Oh my God! No! Lance!
Please don’t leave me alone
You were all I could trust
I can’t do this alone

Lotor & Galra soldiers/Paladins:
Still I will if I must!

*Slightly above a whisper*
I came to rescue you.
*Normal Voice*


I call this, “all the knights are a lil bit in love with merlin part 6″ aka that time Lancelot was thinking about protecting merlin (not arthur for gwen because why would he have sacrificed himself if that were the case? merlin was going to take arthur’s place therefore arthur would have been fine and dandy so he did it to save merlin)

More all the knights are lil bit in love with merlin

When You’re Near

Thank you to @sqrzos for this prompt for a Merlin/Arthur fic! 

“You stubbed your toe, you’re not dying.”

Arthur Pendragon was the King of Camelot. He had a beautiful kingdom, with its endless bounds of bustling people; bright blue skies, and sunny mornings, such as this one. Even though he had his list of duties to attend to that morning, he was gazing out of his window at some children playing with their parents by the courtyard, and he smiled at them. Training was due to begin in an hour, and he was waiting on Merlin to bring his mail and armor to him; Which, if he had been paying attention, Arthur would have noticed that Merlin had arrived a few seconds ago.

“Here you go, sire,” Merlin said, cheerily as he sat the mail and armor on the table gently. Arthur turned around suddenly and ended up knocking his water pitcher over from the desk, spilling over the side of it. Luckily, none of the documents on the table had gotten wet. Merlin clucked his tongue. “I’ll get it, Arthur.” He muttered, and grabbed a rag from the bucket in the side of the room.

“Damn it,” Arthur cursed quietly and crossed the room to change.

“And you call me clumsy,” Merlin teased, wringing the sopping rag into the bucket.


“Shut up?”

“You guessed it,” Arthur told him, peeking from behind the screen.

“So, I’ll see you down there?” Merlin asked, retreating from the room.

“Make sure there are plenty of water skins,” Arthur reminded him.

“Oh, no…I figured you guys could just lick it off the bench,” Merlin joked, shutting the door. Arthur snorted at Merlin’s snarky retort, and finished dressing. Truth was, this was happening more and more the moment Merlin was around Arthur. If Merlin just appeared, Arthur would drop whatever he was holding, stutter over his words, or spill something. Even dropped his sword during training yesterday, much to the amusement of Gwaine. He would never hear the end of that one…



Arthur called the Knights to attention when he reached the training field, with a good morning and a nod to each of them. He purposefully did not look to see if Merlin was around, and began the exercises.

“Hello, Merlin,” Gwen greeted, as she made her way over to him. Merlin beamed at her, and took the extra water skins from her hands.

“Thanks. How’s everything?” Merlin asked, as he filled them up.

“Oh, good. Good. How many times can I say the word ‘good’?” Gwen smiled and blushed when Merlin saw her sneak a glance at Lancelot.

“As many times as it takes,” Merlin sat down on the bench and began to organize or polish the training swords, so he would have something to do. “Hey, Gwen? Have you noticed that Arthur has been…off lately?”

“Off? How do you mean?” Gwen asked curious as she sat next to Merlin.

“Well, he keeps dropping things and stuttering. Arthur does not stutter. He’s very eloquent, usually. Even though he’s a cabbage head,” Merlin explained.

“I have noticed, but really Merlin…of course he’s going to act like that.” Gwen laughed and lightly touched his arm.

“I’m not following…” Merlin said, confused.

“It’s how someone acts when they are…well…like how Arthur is,”

Merlin raised his brows in even deeper confusion.

“Merlin…it’s how Lancelot acted around me when he first started courting me. I didn’t fare much better. We were—are, completely besotted. That’s not a bad thing,” Gwen smiled, and sighed as she looked over in Lancelot’s direction again.

Merlin felt his heart skip a beat, then thump wildly in his chest. “Arthur is besotted with someone?” He asked, his throat feeling dry.

Gwen looked at him with wide eyes. “You—oh my god. Merlin…you don’t–? Oh dear,”

“What Gwen?” Merlin asked, when she rose to leave.

“I just—I have duties that need seeing to. Tell Lancelot I’ll see him for dinner,” Gwen rushed away, turning bright red as she walked. Merlin was confused at her sudden departure, but couldn’t think about that at the moment. It made sense, now Gwen had explained it. Merlin wondered who it was, and he hoped that Arthur was happy. He deserved it…Merlin shook away the feeling of uneasiness that came with the tightness in his chest at the thought of Arthur happy with someone else. Not that Merlin had entertained thoughts of being…like THAT…with his King in any way.

Except, he did. Often. He often dreamed, and daydreamed when he was supposed to be getting on with his chores. He dreamed that Arthur would come up behind him and kiss the back of his neck after a long training session, in the privacy of Arthur’s chambers, making Merlin shiver. He dreamed that Arthur would hold Merlin close at night, whispering sweet promises of the future of them together. He knew it was a fool’s dream, but he couldn’t help it. Even looking at Arthur sometimes made his heart clench in his chest. With his sun-kissed hair, shining like a halo on his head, bright blue eyes that Merlin sometimes got lost in, and such a generous and good heart…how could anyone with a pulse not fall irrevocably in love with Arthur Pendragon?

He felt tears burn his eyes, but he would be damned if he let them fall. He was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t hear Arthur call training to an end, and the Knights come over for their water skins.

“Hey Merlin!” Gwaine greeted happily, but out of breath. “You see the princess drop his sword again?” He took a generous gulp of his water, and chuckled.

Merlin smiled half-heartedly at him. “No, I didn’t see it,” he commented flatly, and this caught Gwaine’s attention. He felt Gwaine sit next to him on the bench.

“Alright, what is it? You never miss an opportunity to poke fun at His Majesty,”

“Nothing. It’s nothing,” Merlin muttered, looking up to see Arthur coming over to him. Merlin automatically held a skin out for him to take.

“Do not go spreading lies, Sir Gwaine,” Arthur scolded the knight. “Thank you, Merlin,”

“Not a lie, since we all saw it,” Gwaine rose an eyebrow at him.

“An honest mistake,” Arthur tried to cover up his own chuckle as he took a drink from his skin.

Merlin decided it was best to take his leave from Arthur to go see if Gaius needed any help before he had to tidy Arthur’s chambers. He needed to think, and to try and calm the rainstorm building in his heart. “I’m going to assist Gaius. Do you have any need of me, sire?”

Arthur rose his eyebrows at that. Normally, Arthur would retire to his chambers for lunch, while joking and laughing with Merlin a bit before he had to sit through boring council meetings all afternoon. He blinked at him, not really sure what to say.

“Sire?” Merlin asked.

“N-no. You’re dismissed. Just make sure my chambers are cleaned before I retire this evening,”

Merlin nodded once at him and hastily made his way back to Gauis’ and his own quarters. He slammed the door harder than he thought, making Gaius look up.

“Something wrong, Merlin?” He asked.

“No, nothing. Everything is fine,”

Gaius raised The Eyebrow at him, making Merlin think Gaius didn’t believe him, but he didn’t comment on it further. “Well, since you’re here, you can clean the leech tank,”

“Fine,” Merlin rolled up his sleeves and went over to the other side of the room to gather the supplies he would need.

“What is going on? You usually kick up a fuss if I ask you to do this,” Gaius asked, walking over to him.

“Just seeing if you needed any help,” Merlin commented, voice shakier than he would have liked it to be.

“Merlin…you have been ward for years now. I know you better than you think. So, what is going on? Something has upset you,” Merlin squeezed his eyes shut, and shook his head. “Very well. I won’t push. If you need to talk, I’m here for you, Merlin.” Gaius squeezed Merlin’s shoulder and Merlin smiled back gratefully.


Arthur went back to his own chambers, and began removing his armor and mail, a little awkward since Merlin wasn’t helping him, but he managed. He ran his hand through his hair, and went to wash up at the bowl over on the side of his bed. He couldn’t get his mind off of how Merlin was so stand offish earlier. He was never afraid to say what he was thinking, no matter what it was, and that was one of the things that Arthur loved about him. He froze, water dripping off of his face, and all over the floor.

“Oh…OH. Oh my god,” Arthur said to the empty room. He…Arthur Pendragon…loved Merlin. He loved him. He was in love with Merlin. It all made sense now! Arthur’s laugh bubbled up in his chest and he let out a loud whoop, not befitting a King at all, but he could be arsed to care in that particular moment. Now, only to tell Merlin…he faltered a bit, wondering if Merlin returned his feelings. He was sure he didn’t miss the lingering glances or the way Merlin gazed into his eyes that made Arthur feel like he was the most important person in the world. Or the way Merlin had risked his life several times over for him…maybe Merlin felt the same. Only one way to find out…

“Sire?” He heard a voice come through after a knock.

“Guinevere, hello,” Arthur greeted her, hurrying to find a tunic in his wardrobe. “Did you need something?”

“Well, I was out on training field this morning…”

“I have no doubt,” Arthur teased her. “Sir Lancelot did exceptional today, don’t you think?”

Gwen blushed. “Yes, of course he did. But, that’s not why I’m here,”

Arthur walked over to her, and began to put his boots back on. “Oh?”

“I spoke with Merlin, and he mentioned you had been acting strangely, sire,” Gwen sat on the chair across from him, lacing her fingers together on her lap.

Dammit, Arthur cursed himself. Of course Merlin would notice…”O-Oh? Well, I…er…”

“Like. You don’t stutter. Ever,” Gwen pointed out.


“I explained that your behavior wasn’t as different as Lancelot’s was when we first starting courting,”


“Yes. He dropped everything he was holding, ran into people…oh, he was a mess! A sweet mess, but all the same,” Gwen giggled. “But, I thought that Merlin…well, that you and Merlin were—,”

“We were…what, Gwen?” Arthur asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You know—“Gwen raised both of her eyebrows, hopeful Arthur would catch her meaning. Arthur just stared at her. She sighed. “Courting, Arthur.”


“Yes, oh. And…I don’t think Merlin—“

“Oh, this makes so much more sense now. The hurrying off, the sudden need to help Gaius. Oh, I’m such an ass,” He looked at the ground and shook his head. He rubbed the back of his neck and sighed.

“What do you mean, sire?” Gwen rested her hand on his knee in a comforting gesture.

“He most likely thinks I’m seeing someone else,”

“Oh…oh, no,” Gwen said, sadly. “You have to tell him you’re not,”

“Well, I—“

“Now, Arthur!” Gwen asserted, and pulled him up out of the chair. “You know how Merlin is,”

“How do I even know he will return my feelings?” Arthur asked her, as she pushed him out the door…of his own chambers, no less.

Gwen just raised an eyebrow at him, in a frighteningly good impression of Gauis. It seemed to say ‘You cannot be this ridiculous’.

“Alright…so, I’m just gonna…”

“Yes, that would be best. Sire,” Gwen waved him off and started down the other end of the hallway.

Arthur tried building up his courage on his way there, but he kept coming up with more and more down right awful ways to tell Merlin his true feelings. All of them sounded more ridiculous than the last. Finally, he arrived at the front of the door to the physician’s quarters. He breathed in a deep breath and knocked.

“Come in,” Arthur heard Gaius call out. He shook himself out of his stupor and walked in. Gaius looked up from what he was working on, and smiled.

“Hello, sire.” He greeted.

“Good afternoon, Gaius. Is…is Merlin available by any chance?” Arthur asked, and he felt his voice waiver ever so slightly.

Merlin heard Arthur ask after him, and thumped his head on top of the leech tank he was scrubbing. What the—why was Arthur asking for him now? He thought.

“Yes? Did you need something?” Merlin asked, setting down the rag. He was breathing a bit heavily from the exertion, and Arthur’s mouth went dry. Merlin was flushed all over his face, and down his long, pale neck that Arthur often thought about nuzzling into. “Arthur?”

“I was—I was just wondering…if you—if you eat,”

Merlin raised an eyebrow. “Eat?”

“Yes. Eat…lunch,”

“Of course I do,” Merlin answered, slowly. He was missing something here.

“I think what his Majesty is trying to say,” Gaius chimed in, because he couldn’t take the tension anymore, “Is would you like to have lunch with him, Merlin?”

“Yes, thank you, Gaius,” Arthur was sure his cheeks were burning red, as he felt it from his face to the tips of his ears.

“You’re welcome, sire,” Gaius replied and went back to the potion he was working on.

“Well…yeah, sure, I guess. Just let me clean up and I’ll be right back,” Merlin answered, retreating to his room. He shut the door behind him and leaned against the door. What the hell was going on? He was having lunch with Arthur…all of a sudden? It wasn’t like they didn’t share meals before, but never like this. Arthur had never asked him like this…his heart was beating a mile a minute as he washed up quickly and changed his clothes. He made sure to look at least halfway decent, and tied his red neckerchief securely around his neck. He breathed a deep calming breath and went back out to the main room.

Arthur looked up from the little blue bottle he was inspecting at the end of the table and saw Merlin standing there with a smile. He looked like he always did…but now, it took Arthur’s breath away. His heart swelled with all the feelings he had for the man in front of him and he couldn’t wait to tell him.

“Ready?” Arthur asked, returning the smile.

“Sure. Let’s go,” Merlin answered, and kept pace beside Arthur. Before he came to the physician’s quarters, he arranged for a picnic to be set up for the both of them and they were going to meet the stable boys over at the stables for their horses. He smiled as he saw the horses already packed and ready to go.

Gwaine and Leon were waiting at the stables for them when they arrived. “Everything is arranged, sire,” Leon said, with a small bow.

“You apologized to the council for me?” Arthur asked, petting his horse on the neck.

“Yes, and they were very gracious about it,” Leon responded.

Merlin was in surprise…no, shock was a better term. He looked at the pack of food attached to the horse, and the blanket. They were going on a picnic? What the hell? Merlin wondered, but he said nothing. He mounted his own horse, as Arthur mounted his, and Gwaine came over to bid him goodbye, with a grin. “What?”

“Nothing, my friend. Just that it’s about time and Percy owes me five,” Gwaine gave the horse a pet, and sauntered off. Merlin shook his head at his retreating back.

“Come on, Merlin! Food will get cold!” Arthur called and spurred his horse into a gallop. Merlin followed suit, his horse making his way to catch up to the king.


When they finally reached their destination, they were only minutes outside of the city, and Merlin sighed with the fresh air and quiet. All he could hear were birds singing and the small river trickling in the distance. He had picked herbs for Gaius here more times than he could count, and he often let his magic into the earth as an outlet without anyone being the wiser.

“Merlin, a bit of help would be nice,” Arthur called to him, already trying to unpack their lunch. Merlin rolled his eyes, and went to tie up his horse next to Arthur’s. He walked over to Arthur and grabbed the blanket and unrolled it onto the ground, while Arthur carried over the basket of food.

“Here, Merlin. Sit,” Arthur pointed to the spot across from him, and Merlin sat with his legs crossed. He was still very confused as to why they were here, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. It was rare these days that he got to spend time alone with Arthur, so he was determined to make the best of it.

They talked, laughed and ate their way through the lunch, and half of the wine skin that Gwaine insisted they bring with them, and wound up resting on the blanket beside one another, looking up at the clouds.

“This is nice,” Merlin commented, with a smile. He looked over at Arthur, only to find the king already looking at him.

Arthur smiled in return. “Yes it is,”

Merlin’s heart fluttered in his chest at the clearly adoring look Arthur was giving him, and then remembered what Gwen had said earlier. Before he could say anything, he heard Arthur sigh in contentment and then felt Arthur lace his fingers in Merlin’s own.

“Arthur?” Merlin squeaked out.


“You’re holding my hand,”


“Well…you don’t do that.”

“I do now, Merlin.”

“Huh?” Merlin asked, sitting up. Arthur sat up as well, and looked at Merlin directly in the eyes.

“I—I know I’m not good at these things. You said once that…what was it? I had the emotional range of a wart?” Arthur laughed out loud at this, and Merlin felt his stomach swoop at the sight.

“I remember,”

Arthur stroked Merlin’s hand with his thumb, rubbing circles onto it. “I have been off, lately. I’m sure you’ve noticed. I finally figured out why, just this morning,”

Oh…yeah…here it comes. Merlin pulled his hand away, heart breaking in the process. “Yes, I know. You have obviously been besotted,”

“Yes, as a matter of fact,”

“Well. Good, good. I’m happy for you,” Merlin was truly, but he couldn’t help that he was jealous of this person.

“I thought you would be,” Arthur smiled and Merlin couldn’t take it anymore.

“Why did you bring me out here? I know you are all ensconced in your new found love and happiness! You should have brought her out here instead!” Merlin yelled, standing up. He was breathing heavily with the effort not to let the tears he felt sting his eyes fall.

“Merlin…” Arthur began, slowly. He knew he had missed something if Merlin thought in this way. “What are you talking about?”

“You’re new lady, of course! I hope she’s pretty. I bet she is, knowing you,” Merlin quipped.

“Oh…Merlin,” Arthur sighed, walking closer to him.

“What?” Merlin asked, angrily.

“You really are an idiot,” Arthur said, fondly. He took Merlin’s face in his hands and pressed his lips chastely to Merlin’s. Merlin felt like his entire being was alive. His magic was singing in his veins and his body was covered in delicious goosebumps. He grabbed Arthur by the waist to pull him in closer. Arthur pulled back from kissing Merlin and rested his forehead against Merlin’s. “That enough for you?” Arthur asked, cheekily.

“More than,” Merlin answered, kissing Arthur again. They were so wrapped up in each other that they didn’t see the still heavy basket sitting on the edge of the blanket. Since they had both taken their boots off some time ago, this was bound to be inevitable. It was Arthur who screeched out, making Merlin start.

“What happened?” Merlin asked, worry etched on his face.

“My…my foot!” Arthur bit out, grimacing.

“What happened to your foot?” Merlin asked, confused.

“Hit it on that damn basket! Argh!” Arthur cried out, falling to the ground again, clutching his foot in pain.

“Arthur, you stubbed your toe. You’re not dying,” Merlin teased him. “I am not going to kiss it better,”

Arthur turned on his full pout, knowing it would work with Merlin. “Hmm, but come here. I’m feeling something else. Pain,”

Merlin smirked at him, and crawled closer. “Where?”

Arthur touched a finger to his lips. “Here,”

“Ah.” Merlin pretended to inspect his king’s lips. “I can tell I am going to have to be very thorough. Only to insure there isn’t any residual pain,”

“Absolutely,” Arthur breathed out, before reaching for Merlin again. Arthur pressed Merlin onto the blanket, Merlin giggling into the kisses Arthur was bestowing on him. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, he had a gorgeous man all to himself…yes. It was a beautiful day, Arthur thought happily.

In Secret

“Killian, wake up.”

Killian groaned in protest. He took one look at the clock, and grumbled. It was too early… even for him. “Emma, we had a busy day yesterday, and I’m bloody exhausted. Can we at least wait until the sun comes up?”

They were getting married in a week, and the Charming’s were not only bogging him and Emma down with all sorts of wedding details… they were bickering amongst themselves every step of the way.

Not that he truly wanted to complain. He was marrying the love of his life, and agreed that everything needed to be perfect. Emma deserved no less.

“Do you want to get married or not?” she asked, clearly frustrated that he wasn’t moving fast enough.

“Of course I do,” he sighed, “but we aren’t meeting with the baker until noon. Please darling, let me rest.”

“I’ve been thinking…” she mused. Right in his ear. Bloody hell, the woman was not going to let him sleep. Ignoring his groan, she continued. “Why are we going crazy with my parents? We can get married now.”

“Your mother would kill us,” he reminded her. “She’s spent so much time on this-”

“Oh… we can have that wedding too,” she assured him. “I wouldn’t take that from my parents. But… it’s all kind of overwhelming, don’t you think?”

“What do you mean?” Curiosity now piqued, he sat up and looked at her.

“It’s great,” she said, “and I like the idea of a big, princess-y wedding… but I also like the idea of just you and me… exchanging our vows on the Jolly Roger…”

“Your parents-”

“-Had a secret wedding of their own,” she interrupted. “And they don’t have to know. It doesn’t even have to be official. Just… something you and I can share together… before we do the whole thing in front of the entire town.”

“So, why did you wake me now?” He asked. It was a great idea, but it was also two in the morning.

“Because we have an appointment with the baker at noon,” she said, “and the second the sun rises, my parents will be here, ready for breakfast and another day of wedding planning.”

He didn’t quite catch on until she hopped out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. She meant to do this now. “Emma, who’s going to marry us at this ungodly hour?”

“Lancelot is meeting us at the Jolly in an hour,” she giggled. “Unless you have any objections.”

“No objections at all, love,” he grinned. “But why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“You were sleeping, I was thinking…” she shrugged. “And fortunately, I wasn’t the only one needing a midnight hot chocolate at Granny’s.”

“We have hot chocolate here…”

“I needed a walk, and so did Lancelot apparently. We got to talking, and now, you need to get up if you want to do this.” She gave him an adorable little smirk, “we can save time by showering together, Captain.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. In a flash, he was following her into the bathroom for a shower.

They wound up being late to their own secret wedding.

Things about Son of Haggar, also Headcanons

-Son of Haggar was actually wasn’t suppose to have multiple parts. Only 1, but people liked it so much I made more.
-Lance actually has abilities like Haggar’s, he uses magic to help Shiro to sleep (or so he thinks) He has the ability to absorb other’s abilities, and into understand emotions to the next level.
-What actually put Shiro to sleep is actually Lance’s purring. Lance purrs in his sleep, all altean do this.
-Lance was in 4 plays and 4 musicals, and loves to make people laugh and cry by his acting.
- The name Farla is the name for Haggar when she was the Blue Paladin, this name came from the original Voltron or Beast King Golion.
-Lancs’s father is actually Lance Japanese name in the original Voltron or Beast Golion. Isamu Kurogane.
-I actually got the idea of Son of Haggar by fan art of a Druid that I thought was Haggar holding a baby Altean Lance.
-Lance knows magic, as he started to isolate himself, he was looking for spells to hopeful change his appearance, he can’t transform or change form like normal Alteans.
-Lance knows Altean, Galra,Japanese, Spanish, and English. Lance native tongue started to come out after a few days of his cruel discovery.
-Shiro has been very possessive of Lance and protects him from the team, when he can’t show up for training.
-Shiro actually told Lance he loved him in Japanese, which lance didn’t understand at the time until he decide to learn Japanese.
-Lotor and Lance were childhood friends and made a lot of promises together, even to get married one day. Lotor still wants to keep those promises alive, even the marriage one.

I’ll make another one, or if you guys have questions please feel free to ask me! I would love to clear all questions that you guys have c:

I'll sacrifice for you

Read it on Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10396728/chapters/22957917

Written by: boozombie http://archiveofourown.org/users/Boozombie/pseuds/Boozombie

Story status: completed

Words: 29,240

The Golra ships hallway was long, confusing, and unbearably dark. Do Golra have night vision or something? They must in order to navigate these dark halls.

            My bayard was balanced on my forearm as I checked yet another corner. Our source had to be right, Shiro had to be on this ship somewhere.

           What else could they be taking to the center of the central fleet could be so important to demand this many guards and heavy security.

“I don’t like this” hunk whispered honestly through the comm. probably pacing from where he had been left to guard our exit.

“This is a simply search and extraction Hunk” Pidge told him calmly from where she was hacking the ship, most likely the control center where I had left her. “We use to do this in the training deck back at the garrison all the time”

“Ya and Lance usually got us killed in those exercises” hunk rambled “oh god I’m gonna puke” hunk whispered more to himself.

“Look Allura knows what she is doing if she thinks I’m better as the distraction and Lance should be the one to get Shiro then we have to trust her judgement” Keith hissed acting mature once again. I gritted my teeth in an effort to remain quite and not blow the fact that I had remained unnoticed.

“Lance is an excellent sharpshooter and can be more stealthy than he seems” Allura raged from the castle probably coving Keith’s ass as he was the only lion fighting at the moment. I couldn’t help grinning at her praise “… probably the blue paladin before was at least and is a key factor in the blue lions personality” so she didn’t trust me. Great.

“Look guys as much as I love hearing you talk im trying to work here!” I hissed a little offended. I knew I was the weakest link in the team, they didn’t have to remind me.

          Everyone here was amazing. Pidge was a basic genius and could hack and figure out anything given the chance, hunk was brilliant with any kind of ship despite his motion sickness plus he was the unofficial chef, Allura is a badass princess that could probably take all four of us in a fight, smart pretty, powerful, not to mention brave, and then there was Keith, my first crush but soon as I realized how far above me he was I began to resent him and his pretty face. Keith basically belonged here in space he was a leader in training and had every ounce of talent I lacked myself.

Myself in comparison to the rest of the team was pretty much nothing. I know I have good points and after two years in space I myself could see them. But how do you show off how charming and diplomatic you are when all there is, is war?

So for now I’m sneaking. No one knew except Keith but ever since Shiro disappeared I had began to train more. Keith and me had spent hours in the invisible maze, fighting the gladiator, protecting each other in the shooting range. He helped me with my hand to hand combat and I even helped him with his shooting.

My crush on him didn’t help in close moments when we were locked in combat and it took everything in me not to flush as the way his chest heaved and he smiled at me, complemented my improvements.

Shaking my head I returned to the situation. Soon we would have Shiro back and everything would be back to normal.

“Lance I’ve located the prison on the grid just take two lefts and straight” Pidge told me calmly. I nodded my head and began making my first left.

Two lefts “guys something’s wrong, something’s kicking me out of the system” Pidge yelled suddenly panicked. I hesitated for a moment but continued, if we’ve been caught it doesn’t matter I’m too close to fail.

“Pidge what’s happening?!” Allure yelled concern in her voice. 

And straight… “THIS IS A TRAP” Pidge screamed. A metal wall suddenly blocked the passage behind me, I couldn’t get back the way I had come. “Lance get back here now!”

“Pidge I’ve been blocked in I can’t” I snapped feeling frustrated and angry at myself for not stopping when I had the chance “I’m just gonna have to go the only way I can”

“The system is complexly locked or else I could do something” Pidge sounded frantic. 

“Just get back to hunk I’ll find a way out” I told her not wanting her to stay where they knew she was.

“She isn’t gonna leave you Lance” Keith yelled and I sighed as hunk and Pidge agreed adamantly.

“It’s not leaving me it’s just retreating to a safe place to wait for me!” I growled starting my trip down the dark hallway once again “now go Pidge!”

“Fine but we aren’t leaving until you get back to the yellow lion” I could almost pictures her annoyed face, pitched in the way it does when something doesn’t go her way.

“I’ll be there soon!” I grinned as I shot at three guards that came running at me from down the hall.

Everyone became background noise as I concentrated on not getting cornered. Something was squeezing my heart and I just knew I had to get back as quickly as I could.

“Lance I’m back in the yellow lion” Pidge told me over the comm. I breathed a sigh of relief and immediately bit back a scream as I was hit right in the shoulder.

“Hurry back Lance!” Keith yelled worry evident in his voice. I slide across the floor my back slamming against the wall as I turned for cover immediately.

“I’m trying dude!” I yelled. the guards were getting hard to handle, I could duck and dodge down these twisting hallways forever and I only ever came back to the same hallway. I had no way to go. Shit well just great, I guess down the trap hallway I go.

The Golra seemed to thin out and if that didn’t just scream trap I don’t know what else did. The hallway opened up to a large room that looked as if it had been a lounge before the thirty or so Golra had rearranged all the furniture to circle the entrance of the room guns and swords ready.

“Guys I might be late for dinner” I tried to joke as everyone started yelling at me to explain. I didn’t have time. The Golra came at me shooting and swinging, I had to defend.

Kicking the first Golra to reach me he flew back knocking down three behind him, I turned and blocked a sword coming straight at my head with my shield, before he could pull away I punched my bayard into his open stomach and fired. One down 29 to go.

I was suddenly grabbed in my wounded shoulder and I couldn’t help crying out as I was thrown to the other side of the room. Great now I could get some space.

“LANCE! Buddy I’m coming to help you right now!” Hunk yelled and I could hear pidge agreeing in the back ground

I went with the momentum of my body rolling and managed to catch my feet, jumping up to face my enemies “NO!” I yelled into the comm. my breath harsh and tired “dude I’m surrounded but at least thirty you aren’t going to change anything” my voice may have been a little too resigned.

No one talked for a long moment before allura suddenly asked “you have no escape do you?” Her voice shook.

I punched one of the soldiers that came running at me before shield bashing another “ya” I whispered trying to keep my voice light “I’m sorry guys” I shot at three behind me, only landing one non-fatal hit “I wish I was better, I know I’m a shit paladin and I’m replaceable but thank you for flying with me” I was shot in my leg and I bit back a scream and remained standing no matter how much it hurt.

“Lance stop talking like your about to die!” Kieth yelled, for now ignoring the realization that Lance didn’t think he was as good as the rest “were coming to get you!”

I was encircled again my breathing harsh and uneven my back against a wall. There was wounds all over me and I could barely stand.

“Alright men step back” a dark voice purred the twenty Golra soldiers stepped back to let a large figure through. My blurring vision cleared as I focused on him.

He was Golra alright but looked to be a little of something else. His skin was a lavender color while he had long white hair cascading down his shoulders, the hair was held back by small braids on each side of his head showing off his sharp face, pointed ears, and glowing yellow eyes. His face had two vertical scar like marking over his eyes that seemed to glow a blood red color. He wore a typical soldiers uniform but seemed to be different some how, more fancy as if he had just a bit more command.

I chuckled “come to finish up now that I’ve been cornered? Oh how scary you must be” I didn’t know who this guy was but I was gonna let this guy intimidate me.

“The Golra ships are too thick I can’t get it!” Kieth yelled over the comm. as hunk yelled about soldiers now flooding there way in.

The Golra in front of my smirked “oh little paladin your wit is amazing but it’s time for you to say your goodbyes”

“Lance what’s happening!? Please answer us”
I pushed myself from the wall I was supporting myself with and ran at the Golra. This time this fight was one on one.

“Hunk” I yelled slashing at the Golra with my shield trying to knock him off balance, before firing my bayard he only laughed as he dodged easily “get Pidge out of here” I yelled

I was met with a chorus of defiance from everyone and I ground my teeth “hunk remember back at the garrison” I kicked at him hoping to knock him off balance but only successful in knocking myself back I went with the sliding motion as I fired “when we all failed that lost cause simulation? One of the team get captured and you were suppose to leave them behind for the good of the team” I jumped up and ran in a large circle trying to create some distance. “Buddy we all died in that simulator. I can’t go on living if I know you died for me, please take pidge and FUCKING GO!” A sword slashed into my side and I screamed.

“Lance no way in hell am I leaving y-HUNK PUT ME DOWN!” I smiled knowing hunk was doing exactly what I told him. We had made a promise after all.

“Pidge hunk you guys are like family to me I’m sorry I was only ever annoying and useless” there was no way out I was simply trying to say my goodbyes and the Golra in front of me had no problems with toying with me until I finished “you two are geniuses and I’m so damn happy this was me and not one of you” everyone tried to say something but I was blocking them out until I was done.

“Allura you are like a big sister to me, I’m sorry I’m not as good as the last blue paladin” she tried to protest but I kept going “coran thank you for being the one to listen to me whenever I got homesick, you always cheered me up”

I was thrown to the ground my helmet flying off I reached for it desperately, tears in the corner of my eyes at the thought of Keith never getting to hear my last goodbye. I turned to the strange Golra, my eyes swirling full of emotion as I glared at him from the ground.

He stalled for a second briefly and suddenly a large smile graced his face. I was picked up by my neck and shoved against the wall. I struggled pointlessly but everything hurt and I was basically useless.

“Who knew paladins could be so pretty” he whispered in my ear and my body froze. Was that a hand feeling me up?! “Do all humans have such deep beautiful eyes?” I stuttered not quite understanding what was happening. wasn’t he going to kill me two ticks ago?

“Get off me you bastard!” I screamed and suddenly my world lurched to the side and my face stung. Did he just quiznacking slap me?

He smiled as my shocked look and locked a tear I didn’t realize had fallen down my cheek. “Bring me his helmet” he suddenly yelled.

The helmet was suddenly placed in his hand and held close to me. I could hear my team shouting for me. “Finish blue paladin, say goodbye to the life you knew” he smirked at me and silenced the screaming over the comm. with just a few words “paladins of voltron and my dear princess allura my name is lotor and I am heir to the Golra empire. I have decided to keep the blue paladin so please listen to his final words to you all.”

It was deathly quite and I wheezed out as he dropped me and the helmet. I landed on my knees and I grabbed at the helmet and held it like my last lifeline. “Go on pretty”

I refused to cry anymore so I began “allura move the castle and get out of here! Please do this for me, right now there is no way I’m getting out of this so please, please just run”

“Lance” allura cried and I thought I heard a sob. Yes she would cry but I knew they would find someone better to pilot blue. “I think of you all as my family, thank you for that guys”

After a silent moment I took a breath “Keith” I whispered knowing this one was going to hurt me.

“Ya dude I’m here” did his voice just crack?

“Back the garrison the very first time I was you I thought you were the most beautiful damn boy I every saw, I tried to flirt with you but you always thought I was picking on you and then I hated you for always being better than me but I’ve realized in this time being with you as a paladin that Keith” I looking up around me and lotor seemed to be mixed between victory and fury “Keith I’m in love with you” with that my head was grabbed by my hair and someone punched me hard, the last thing I saw was lotor’s smiling face as I past out.

Arthur x Reader: Alone Together

I don’t own the image, and I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy!

You groaned as you sat up.  “Ugh, I’m never staying up until four again,” You grumbled as you rubbed your eyes tiredly.

Then you realized you weren’t in your room.  “What the hell?”  You stood up in the middle of a endless green field.  A castle towered in the distance.  You held your hand up to block the sun as you studied your surroundings.  It was the only visible civilization, and you decided that it was the best option.  As you walked, you were filled with a sense of déjà vu.  Eventually, you made it through the front gates.   Red banners hung from the high stone walls, a golden dragon sewn on the front.  Then it hit you.

“No way.”   You stopped and studied the kingdom.  It was the exact same as the show!  As you were lost in your staring, a horse thundered by, with a knight sitting atop it.  “Was that…Lancelot?”  You asked yourself.  “If he’s alive, then that means…”  You trailed off and ran towards the castle.  You ran down the steps and threw open that familiar wooden door.  “I need to speak to Merlin!”  You almost shrieked.  Gaius looked at you, and his eyes widened in shock.  He nodded dumbly.

“Merlin?”  He called over his shoulder, his gaze never leaving you.  “Someone’s here to talk to you.”  You heard footsteps, and Emrys himself turned the corner, freezing when he saw you.

“Y/N?” He said at last, which creeped you out.

“Wait, how do you know my name?” You shook your head.  “Actually, never mind.  I have to tell you something important.  Arthur’s life is in danger!”  He blinked at you.

“I think you should sit down.  You’re not thinking straight.”

“You have to believe me!  It’s Morgana; she’s going to open the Callieach.  It will tear Camelot apart if it isn’t stopped!” “How do you know this?”

“I’ve watched you stop it.”  They stared at you.

“Then why are you warning us?”

You hesitated.  “…Because Lancelot died to stop it.”  Merlin and Gaius stiffened.  “And unless you believe me, it’ll happen again.”  Merlin and Gaius looked at each other for a long moment.  Then Merlin sighed. 

“I’ll get Arthur.  Follow me.”  He motioned, and you complied.  He knocked on the doors of the throne room, and after no reply entered anyways.  Arthur was pacing at the window.

“Arthur?”  Arthur sighed in annoyance.

“What is it now, Mer—”  He turned around and froze at the sight of you.  “Y-Y/N?”  He said cautiously.  You raised an eyebrow.  Why did they all know your name?  You were so caught up in your musings that you didn’t notice Arthur until he was right in front of you.  You looked up to find him staring at you intently.  He slowly reached a hand out to your face.    “Is it really you?”  You said nothing.  “I thought you were dead!”  He pulled you into his arms before you could do anything.  Merlin seemed to notice your discomfort, and tapped Arthur’s shoulder.  Arthur reluctantly let go and turned to Merlin.

“Arthur, I don’t think she remembers.”  Arthur looked at you in disbelief.  He pointed to himself. 

“Do you know who I am?”  He asked cautiously.  You nodded.

“You’re Arthur.”  He sighed in relief and gave Merlin an ‘I told you so’ look.  “But how do you all know my name?  I’ve never been here.”  The colour drained from Arthur’s face and he turned to Merlin, who shrugged helplessly.  The room was silent, until Merlin cleared his throat. 

“Anyways…Y/N came saying she had information.” He motioned to you.

“Oh.  Oh yeah!  Uh…Morgana is planning to open something called a Callieach.  And unless we stop it, Camelot will fall and Lancelot will die.”  Arthur’s eyed bulged out of his head.  He turned to Merlin again. 

“How does she—?”

“I have no idea.”  Arthur thought, before turning to you.

“Alright, Y/N.  What do you propose we do?” You grinned to yourself. The fan theories would never come in useful, they said.  Well you were about to prove them wrong.  You grabbed a piece of parchment and quill from the table and laid them out.  You began to write as you tried to ignore Arthur’s burning gaze on you. “Well first of all…”

So.  The fan theories didn’t work.  You had followed the plan step for step, but after Arthur tackled you out of the way of a falling rock, you were all huddled behind debris, trying to figure out what to do next.  “This is all my fault.” You cursed yourself.  Arthur looked down at you and wrapped an arm around your shoulders.

“Don’t say that.  If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have been prepared for this at all.  Thanks to you, we have a chance.”  You scoffed.

“A chance?  Look around.”  He sighed and pulled you closer.

“Don’t blame yourself.”

“Arthur, come on.  What part of this am I not to blame for?” He sighed again.  He opened his mouth to say something, but was stopped by a rumbling noise above you.  You both looked up as rocks fell towards you.  Arthur slung his arm around your waist and flung you out of the way.  Rocks hit the exact spot you had been sitting. 

“Are you alright?” He asked from where he was crouched above you.  You nodded breathlessly.  You saw him relax.  “Good.”  He looked around, before helping you up and running to another hiding spot.  You both tried to catch your breath, as you heard a pair of footsteps.  You looked over the edge of your hiding spot as Lancelot walked towards the rift.

History was repeating itself.  You ran towards Lancelot and grabbed his shoulder.  His head snapped to look at you.  “Don’t!”  You snapped.  “If you go in there you’ll die!”  Arthur came up behind you and locked his arms around you, pulling you away from the rift. You glanced towards it and froze.

You could see your room, exactly as you’d left it the night before.  “I know how to stop it,” You breathed.  Arthur’s grip on you loosened and you turned to look at him. He stared at you as if he knew exactly what your plan was.

“No.” He said firmly.  “Absolutely not.”  …Apparently he did know exactly what your plan was.

“I can see my home on the other side.” You argued.  “I’ll be fine!”

“Your home is with us!” He shouted and you blinked in surprise.  “…With me.”  You sighed.  He wasn’t making this easy.  You looked up, gently grabbed his face, and pulled him in for a kiss.  He quickly melted into the kiss, and you took your chance. 

“I’m sorry,” Your voice cracked as you mumbled against his lips.  Before he could do anything, you shoved him over, and raced towards the rift.

You ran through without a second look, ignoring the shouts for you to stop.  You collided with your wall as you stopped yourself.  You turned around to see Arthur racing towards you.  The rift closed before he could even get close.

And then you were both alone.

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Jealousy Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Pairings: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Notes: Now taking requests! I need some more prompts for this darling! I’ll post guidelines later.


“You can do better than that (Y/n).” Your mentor Rachel said as she helped you train before she left for her mission.

“Rachel, you should be going. The jet leaves in 10.” Eggsy came in the training room and looked at the two of us. More like ogled us.

“Goddamn it Eggsy! You couldn’t’ve told me this five minutes ago! Fucking asshole!” She yelled and you laughed at her annoyance. She just glared at you. “Shut your fucking mouth.” She ran out of the room and slapped Eggsy on the back of the head.

“Merlin wants to see us (Y/n).”

“Alight. I’ll be there in a minute!” You yelled and ran off to change out of your workout clothes. It didn’t take that long, but you were curious as to why Merlin wanted to see you and Eggsy of all people. Making your way to Merlin’s office, you heard snickering coming from the other recruits. One look and the all stopped and walked away.

“Thank you Ms. (L/n) for joining us. I know that you’re only a trainee, but we need female agent for this mission and currently Agents Lancelot and Guinevere are already preoccupied.

“Why do you need a female agent?”

“You and Galahad will be attending a gala in three days to prevent nuclear codes from getting into the wrong hands.”  Merlin droned on with the details of the mission and then the two of you were dismissed and ordered to train and get to know each other. So for the second time today, you changed into your workout clothes. By the time you made it back to the training room, Eggsy was already there. His back was facing you and he noticed your presence almost instantly. The two of you sparred for an hour then went your separate ways to change. You planned on meeting him in the lounge so you could talk with him, and get to know him.

“Where do you want to start?” You asked Eggsy as you sat by him on the couch. He looked blankly at you and when it started to get a little creepy, he grinned at you. From there Eggsy started to tell you about him, and you found out that you both had a younger sister, and that you both came from shit homes. This was the routine until the start of the mission. Wake up, eat, train, talk, sleep. Now it was the day of the mission and you were trying not to freak out. You and Eggsy boarded the jet, since it was pretty far away, and that’s when you began thinking. What if I mess up? What would happen if I did? Would I be kicked out? What would Eggsy do? He would probably hate me, and Rachel will murder me. Shit, what have I gotten myself into. You didn’t hear Eggsy as he was practically screaming your name for the last couple minutes. He gently shook your shoulder as a way to jar you from your thoughts.

“It’s going to be alright sweetheart.” He said as your eyes showed how panicked you were. Eggsy placed a hand on your shoulder as the plane landed and the two of you made your way to the gala. Taking a deep breath, you pushed out the bad thoughts and started the mission. It took a couple hours, but you and Eggsy finished it without a hitch. Once you reached the plane, you fell into the nearest seat and relaxed. “See it wasn’t so bad.”

“Yeah, even though there were these old perverts grabbing my ass half the time.” You replied. Eggsy’s jaw dropped as he stared at you.

“What were their names. Do I need to teach them how to respect a lady?” Eggsy growled which sent a shiver down your spine. His eyes bore into you even more as you took too long to reply in his book.

“I..I..” You stuttered trying to contain your flustered state. He leaned in, your lips only a centimeter apart.

“They shouldn’t be touching what’s mine.” He whispered as he pressed his lips against yours in a heated and loving kiss. You wanted to yell at him for calling you his, but that thought was long gone at this point.

“You’re right.” You said as the two of you separated for air, and after this statement, Eggsy slammed his lips against yours desperately.

“How about I show you that you’re mine?” He suggested as the two of you started ripping each other’s clothes off.

“We’ll be-NOT ON THE FUCKING PLANE EGGSY. Couldn’t you keep it in your pants?” Merlin said as he discovered the two of you catching your breath after round three.

“Sorry Merlin.” You said.

“I know you’re sorry Ms. (L/n), but you Galahad. Get some clothes on you two, debriefing in ten. Make yourselves look decent.” Merlin headed back to the cockpit and Eggsy’s hand covered yours as you went to put your clothes back on.


“We still have time.” Eggsy said.

“Eggsy, we have ten minutes. That’s not going to be enough time to cover up all these marks and fix my hair.”

“Come on love.”

“Plus I don’t think you could get me off quick enough.” You said.

“Challenge accepted.”

The Tale of Sir Galahad and the Ridiculous Chicken Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

My contribution to #TristhadFest. I’ve never written the pair before, but it was a ton of fun. Thanks to @victorineb for making me write this and @wrathofthestag for kindly reading through this nonsense. 

         Tristan didn’t even have the courtesy to look up when he caught the mug Galahad flung at his head. Instead, he placed it on Vanora’s tray with his own.

         “Careful, pup, you could have hit the lady.”

         “I WANT IT BACK!” Galahad fumed , marching toward the small gathering of Sarmatian knights still mulling over their breakfast s. His glower was enough to cause Gawain to scoot out of his path and Bors to tuck Vanora behind him. Tristan, however, remained annoyingly calm in the face of Galahad’s rage.

         “Then you shouldn’t have thrown it.” Tristan took the mug from Vanora and offered it back to Galahad. The younger knight slapped it out of Tristan’s hand.

         “I want my bracer back, Tristan.” Galahad held out his hand. Tristan raised an eyebrow.

         “What use would I have with your bracer, pup?” Tristan snatched at Galahad’s arm, dragging the knight into his lap. He forced the younger man’s wrist up. “I couldn’t fit into anything made for these dainty wrists.”    

         Galahad shoved at Tristan, righting himself. He could hear the snickers of Bors and Lancelot behind him. Gawain had stood, poised to break up the oncoming fight.

         “Your damn bird took my bracer.”


         “That ridiculous chicken that follows you everywhere, she dove down as I was changing this morning and stole my bracer.” Galahad could feel his face redden. Tristan merely blinked.

         “Sounds like your quarrel isn’t with me, boy.” Tristan took an apple from his pack and began to cut it. “I can point you to the tree she favors if you’d like to ask her about your bracelet. Be careful with your tone though, she’s not as kind as I am.”

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Loving the Son of Hagger 1.5

Lance sits in the main room staring into space. The moment of him leaving shiro playing in his head. The sadness and anger on his teammates faces. It keeps replaying, and it won’t stop. He did this for them, he wanted them to be safe. “Lavi?..Are you alright?” Lance turns his attention to Lotor. Lance puts on his best smile. “I’m fine What makes you ask?” “Well for starters” Lotor said walking close. “For the past 2 hours you just stared into space” Lance looks away. “It’s beautiful, don’t you think so?” He said making an excuse. “It makes me wonder how far from earth we are” he smiled remembering his memories from earth. Lotor looked at Lance smiling face. Such a precious person. Every time he smiles, he remembers the promise they made when they were children. “Lavi…I love you, you know that?” Lotor said hugging Lance from behind. Lance looks down, he isn’t sure of what he should say. Should he said I love you back? Say I don’t feel the same way? Or just avoid the question. Avoiding the question seems like a great idea. “Lotor…can you take me to my room?” He asked him nicely. “Of course” lotor said picking him up and walking him to his room. Soon, Lance fell asleep.