i made this for responses hahahahaha

Rejecting this broke my heart: It took about a month but it felt like no time at all to me because making up this magical world with unicorns and Princesses was fun! I put my heart and soul into writing this. I love telling stories and I hope to share them with the world one day. I am eleven now and I was inspired to write this story because I was feeling left out at school so I created my own world with my imagination.

(Of course, I took the time to write a personalized/nice response while passing–which still made me feel like a bit of a monster)

BUT THEN, I got this reply today: Thank you for replying to my daughter’s query. I am truly grateful for your kind words of encouragement.

Aw! Yeah! I love me! HAHAHAHAHA

bezerkaplayz  asked:

Hey did you lose your voice the day after you made your response video? Hahahahaha lol. No but seriously that was an amazing video! Haha lol

I am a trained professional. 1 cough drop recovers 100% throat fatigue.