i made this for responses hahahahaha


I should be doing a million things right now, instead…I did a quick sketch of my favorite Warlock and my favorite Shadowhunter “doing the smooching”…and I am making Yuki (my cat) wear silly hats….she is not happy…omg…her face made me laugh for like 5 minutes!! hahahaha!!

“Responsibilities” what hell is that?!?! I do not know it’s meaning. 🤔🤔 hahahahaha!!

tag !!

RULES - tag 20 followers you’d like to get to know 

thank you sweetie !!! @bangkons !!! for tagging me in this tag game !! 

  • nicknames – joycey ?? my name doesnt rlly allow much variety LOL
  • gender - female
  • star sign - capricorn
  • height - 160 cm
  • sexuality - bisexual
  • hogwarts house - Hufflepuff 
  • favourite animal – polar bears !!! i luv fluffy !! big !! bears !! ><
  • average hours spent sleeping – 6 or 8 on a good night 
  • dogs or cats - dogs
  • number of blankets i sleep with - 2 
  • dream job – I dont have a dream job mainly bc i dont have my life together and have a tendency to avoid my responsibilities regarding my future endeavors 
  • when i made this account – Sep 2013 HAHAHAHAHA jfc im an ancient blog 
  • why i made this account – i love bts and i started out as a bts blog bc i wanted to DE D ICATE a tumblr blog to them
  • # of followers – 1577 whom i love each and every one of yall bc the fact that anyone follows me is incredible and i cant be more thankful !!!

i tag my loves:

@kapparel @jjendeuks @sunnysidewrites @xkatanax @thiccjm & @citruscake ((: pls dont feel obligated to do this i just wanna get to know u guys much better like specifically what hogwarts house yall be in 

bezerkaplayz  asked:

Hey did you lose your voice the day after you made your response video? Hahahahaha lol. No but seriously that was an amazing video! Haha lol

I am a trained professional. 1 cough drop recovers 100% throat fatigue.