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Melanie Martinez.

Probably the most talked about singer for the past, I don’t know, two days?

Listen, Tumblr. I’m gonna get straight to the point. You’re fucked. Very little information has been shown to the public eye and everybody, Crybaby or no Crybaby, is taking it apart and tearing everyone with the opposite opinion down.

Support Melanie and still love her music? yOu’Re sUppoRtiNg a rApisT! VIctiM SHamEr!

Support Timothy and broke every thing you have related to Melanie? fUCk mElaNIe hAh heR MusIc was WeiRd fRom tHE STaRt gO chEck oUt pOppY aND mAriNA

Not taking sides but still listening to her music as it is genuinely good, as I am right now? yOurE A PiEce oF sHIt yOUR IdOl is a RapIst

I went through the Melanie Martinez hashtag and it’s the same thing.

“Our hearts go out to you Timothy! Stay strong!”

“This is why rape victims can’t tell anybody.”

“/some long list of artists/“

“If you listen to Melanie, it’s okay. Don’t feel guilty. There’s a difference between the music an artist makes and the artist themselves.”

But I only came across two posts that were eerily similar to mine. But, instead, both sugarcoating their words because remember folks, this is Tumblr. The site where you can’t breathe if you’re not a liberal or share the same ideas as anybody else without being.. what’s the word? A rapist? Why, no of course not that’s Melanie! A racist? No, that’s Trump. Ah, a fucking misogynistic, homophobic, asshole!

Thats a post for another day on a more serious account, and what I really wanted to say is: Melanie Martinez is innocent until proven guilty. Believe it or not, she’s human. Yeah, sure, go Timothy! Do your thing, girl! Promote your album the day after accusing Melanie of rape when you know you just gained a ton of followers! Sure!

Timothy is most definitely not crying, probably contemplating suicide.

You know who could be doing that? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not Timothy or the people who burned, ripped, sliced, broke, or/and threw Melanie merchandise.

She’s probably so upset about this. I can’t imagine, having millions of fans who related to you on a personal level because maybe they too were bullied as a child. Want me to repeat that? Melanie Martinez, bullied as a child. Maybe like you. She was able to put all of her energy and happiness into photography and music, and she found others who were able to relate to her because they too struggled as she did.

But low and behold, the single, but very detailed, tweet came out and before Melanie could even respond you guys were ripping your T-Shirts and burning holes through the iconic Pity Party cover.

I’m more disappointed of the Internet than Melanie herself. When the full case comes out, and I really do hope it does so Timothy and Melanie can meet in court and settle things, then I’ll take the side of whoever was the true one.

No, I do not support rape or any type of assault. No, I do not like the idea of Melanie doing what she was accused of. And no, I certainly do not like people lying about rape because it just makes it so much worse for actual rape victims. And no, I do not have a sob story about how I was raped like apparently every other Tumblr user who shared their opinion. And God, no, I won’t sugarcoat my words.

I don’t know if any of you remembered, but there was this football player, I forgot his name, but he was accused of raping this small, frail girl. Of course, the court believed the victim over him despite him having great grades and always being seen and known for his positivity.

He was sent to jail for years. His dreams of becoming a profrsssional football player were crushed because of the stupidest accusation made by some teenage girl.

Melanie Martinez’s career is over. Something she worked so hard to build. I understand the sudden negativity towards her, but do not cyberbully her or her fans.

Please just wait for details and then we’ll see what happens from then on.

I love you
I love you a lot
I love you so much more than I’ve loved anyone or anything
But now it has started to hurt
It hurts to love you
It hurts to not be loved back even for a moment
And I can’t write this any further
Because the tears in my eyes have blurred my vision
And the pain in my heart has made it cold
—  One Sided Love/Pain // JustScribbledWords
That what friends are for - Peter Hale x Reader

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Pairing: Peter x Reader

Prompt: Derek comes to you when he has concerns about Cora, Peter decides to tag along for his own amusement. Shopping, Seduction and Sexiness ensues!

Warnings: Explicit smut. BECAUSE I CAN! Muah! :* Love you guys!


You turned over in your bed, trying to get comfortable but having no luck. After being laid there for over an hour you gave up. You sat up with a huff opening your laptop you decided to scroll through Tumblr. You got bored after half an hour and decided to look at some NSFW posts. You tilted your head as you saw the first post, you stare at the girl who had stockings on, no panties and a lacy bra. Her hands were tied with black silk and he eyes were covered with the same material. The man was licking from her pussy to her ass. Gotta love Tumblr you thought, you bit your lip and continued scrolling, after about half an hour you decided to watch a film.

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Becoming Queer

When I was 8 I was obsessed with Disney’s Aladdin. Not just the original movie, but both of it’s poorly made sequels too. I watched them everyday after school while I drew pictures in our basement TV room, simultaneously fixated on their adventures and creating my own on paper.

I remember being absolutely in awe of how handsome Aladdin was, but also of the beauty of Princess Jasmine. They were the most attractive people I could ever imagine existing.

When I was 10 my mom gave me an American Girl book all about puberty and the female body. I only read through the whole thing once, but I left it close to my bed because of the one page I looked at nearly everyday.

It was one of the sections of the book on bodily changes throughout puberty– body hair, periods, etc. At the bottom of was a picture of several girls in front of a mirror, completely naked, to illustrate the different sizes and shapes of breasts. I was absolutely fascinated by these girls: the soft curves of their hips, their round and full breasts, the way their thighs came together. Despite their cartoonish nature, this was the closest I’d come to seeing a grown girl’s body. It was foreign and beautiful to me.

Somehow, I knew this wasn’t normal, so I always hid the book after I was done in case mom asked why I still had it.

When I was 12 I found my self distracted in classroom discussion circles looking at girls chests and lips and thighs. Every time I caught myself I’d immediately look down at my lap and blush. I’d learned by now that it wasn’t normal for girls to look at other girls like that, what it meant to be gay. But I’d eventually find my eyes wandering again, my thoughts focused on how beautiful one of my female classmates was.

I remember walking down the hallway one day mentally reciting “you can’t be a lesbian, you like boys… every girl must look at each other like this.”

When I was 13 one of the girls that I clung to during PE (because they were just as repulsed by physical exertion as I was) told us she was bisexual. This was the first time I’d been told someone could be attracted to boys and girls at the same time. It was confusing and enlightening at the same time.

I remember she put her arms around my shoulders once, during badminton week, her face inches from mine. It made me nervous, but in a way that I’d never felt before. My stomach had dropped, and I didn’t know why. It wasn’t like the fear I’d felt from scary movies and my dad yelling at me, but it wasn’t quite like when I felt exhilarated from riding a rollercoaster or binging on sugar with my friends… it was something in between, and entirely new.

I’d told my mom about it and she immediately wanted to call the principal and make sure the girl didn’t touch me like that again. That scared me, her reacting like that. I started acting repulsed by the girl afterwards, telling my friends she had flirted with me even though I wasn’t entirely sure she had, how weird it was and how weird she was.

Looking back, I probably wish that she had been flirting with me.

When I was 14 I was acquainted with the first queer couple I’d ever met. They were in theatre with me, and I’d been wanting them to start dating for months. At this point I’d stopped acting weirded out by gay people and claiming that bisexual people were “selfish and should just pick a side already.” I openly showed my support for gay people, citing my theatre friends of examples of how “normal” they could be.

I walked in on the couple in the dressing room one rehearsal, shocked to see them making out. I stood in the doorway a moment, then walked out without either of them seeing me.

I thought about their kiss for the whole day, wondering how their relationship worked, what it was like to date someone of the same gender as you. I was dating a boy at the time, my first boyfriend and the one that would create fear and an inability to trust for my entire high school career when he started abusing me. I wondered if this couple’s relationship could be anything like ours.

When I was 15 I joined Tumblr. I’d just moved from Michigan to Alabama, had my heart broken by my abusive boyfriend furthering the pain he was inflicting by cheating on me, and was just beginning to realize that I had an eating disorder with no idea how to feel about it or whether or not I wanted it to go away.Tumblr became a place for me to escape all this into “fandoms” and “fitblrs” and personal posts from strangers I didn’t know but whose lives intrigued me. It was on Tumblr that I first encountered the word “pansexual.” I was 16.

I was intrigued and slightly obsessed with the concept of it, pansexuality. I’d only just begun to learn about transgender and heard rumors of other genders outside of men and women, and being attracted to all of them or being “genderblind” seemed impossible, but incredible. I spent months randomly researching sexual orientation and transgender people before finally adopting the term as my own.

Though, it was only in my head that I claimed pansexuality as my own. I didn’t want to tell anyone… not because I was ashamed so much, I’d forgotten that stigma several years ago, but more because I was afraid that I only wanted to be pansexual, not that I actually was.

After all, if only ever been in relationships with boys at that point. How could I know if I was actually attracted to other genders if I’d never dated them?

When I was 17 I got my first crush on a girl. I didn’t recognize that that was my motive at the time, but I was constantly staring at her in the two classes we shared, payed special attention when she spoke, and the day she announced that she had a Tumblr I made it my goal to be a part of her life.

By winter we were best friends. By summer I’d begun to realize the extent of my feelings for her. The first time I got drunk at 19 I blurted out that I thought about making out with her all the time. I told her how I felt at 20, 3 years of pining later.

She told me she didn’t feel the same.

When I was 18 and in my first year of college, I binge watched all of Laci Green’s videos on YouTube, deciding that it was time I figured out how my body and how sex worked. Through her I found not only the courage to masturbate for the first time, but my first confrontation with “third genders.”

I obsessively studied nonbinary genders, claiming to just be interested in them, giving speeches and presentations on them for class, messaging nonbinary people to ask about their experiences. I came to accept that I identified with this term the summer of my sophomore year of college.

When I was 18 I also came out to my dad. I’d already come out to my close friends, sisters, and mother at this point– all giving me generally positive responses. This was not the case with my dad.

We were fighting in the kitchen, something that had become a regular thing since I’d started expressing my feminist and liberal beliefs. He was making homophobic comments and I guess I must of have been very clearly upset by this, because he asked, “do you have a problem with that?”

To which I responded, “Yeah, because I like girls, dad!”

My outburst led to two and a half years of him telling me that my identity was fake, a scheme to get attention, that all I believed was a result of my being brainwashed at college and my own self delusion. The full force my panic, bipolar disorder, and depression came out during this time. The first time I thought of killing myself was when he threatened to kick me out and cut me off from my sisters if I didn’t stop with this “feminazi LGBT bullshit.”

When I was 19 I started dating one of my best friend from high school– a boy, but pansexual like myself, I felt like this was the first queer relationship I’d been in.

He told me he didn’t want a monogamous relationship, that he identified as polyamorous– which I knew because this was one of the reasons his last relationships hadn’t worked out. Thinking I wouldn’t fall as desperately in love with him as I did, I agreed to an open relationship.

Two months into the relationship and much research and self reflection later, I’d come to accept that I was also polyamorous and I never wanted a monogamous relationship again.

When I was 20 a girl on Tumblr reblogged a set of selfies that I’d posted, exclaiming in the tags about how handsome I was. I took one look at her blog, saw the profile picture of her staring directly at the camera with intense blue eyes and an expression impossible to read, and immediately followed and messaged her my thanks.

We started messaging frequently, talking about such expansive and random things, things I’d never talked about with anyone. Soon we were messaging everyday and I began to realize how hard I was falling. I wanted her, I wanted her so badly.

I hadn’t had a crush on a girl that’d worked out in my favor and I was constantly pining for a girlfriend. I loved my boyfriend, I was still attracted to men and non-feminine genders, but I felt not only “too straight” to be queer at that point, but also like I was missing some sort of affection in my life that only a feminine partner could fill. And I was beginning to wonder if this girl was the person who could finally end my wanting.

The only problem with this girl was that she lived an ocean away from me, in Denmark to be specific. But my feelings became so strong that I couldn’t just be silent anymore: I told her I liked her.

She said she felt the same.

Today, March 2nd, 2017, Hayley Kiyoko released the music video for her single “Sleepover.” It wrecked me.

Hayley has become someone that I not only admire, but someone who makes me feel so validated in who I am. A mixed, Japanese American, queer girl in love with art and comfy clothing. Before Hayley, I’d never felt like there was anyone in the media who was even remotely like me. With great music and a connection I’d never felt in any other celebrity before, I became an avid fan. So naturally, when the video for “Sleepover” was released it only took me minutes to find it on YouTube and watch.

The music video was so much more than I could have anticipated, actualizing all my experiences as a queer feminine person, admiring from a far, living in my head with my fantasies and no hope of ever being able to experience them in reality. With this video I was thrown back into all the years I spent confused and afraid of how I felt and who I was, all the girls I wanted to be with but knew they couldn’t work out, or didn’t work out even when I tried. And as melancholy as these thoughts were at first, it pushed me to the realization:

I love who I’ve become. I love that I’m queer.

And despite how grueling the process of it all has been, I wouldn’t trade all that heartache for a normal life if I could. I wouldn’t give it all up to be the straight girl with no struggles or worries about who she loved as I once believed I would. Even with the pain that it had brought, becoming queer has made me the person I am today.

And I love that person, even if there are still rough edges to be smoothed, I am finally unafraid of who I am.

I love you
I love you a lot
I love you so much more than I’ve loved anyone or anything
But now it has started to hurt
It hurts to love you
It hurts to not be loved back even for a moment
And I can’t write this any further
Because the tears in my eyes have blurred my vision
And the pain in my heart has made it cold
—  One Sided Love/Pain // JustScribbledWords

“do you ever think of him?”, his best friend asked me.

“it doesn’t matter”, i said, trying to shrug him off.

he looked at me and then at his fumbling hands.

“it’s just…”, he stopped and looked at me.

i looked at him too, quizzically. “what?”

“he talks about you a lot. he…he’s still in love with you, i can tell.”

“he left me, not the other way around. he is responsible for this, not me. he made a choice and now he has to live with it. when he broke up with me all that time ago, i was broken and every part of me ached for him. i wanted him back so badly, but i don’t anymore. i’ve finally put all my pieces back together and i don’t need him coming back into my life and crushing everything again. he made a choice, and he has to live with it, just like i had to survive it.”

—  e.s. // his choice.
What if I could love you ‘til the end?
Always were your ’+ 1’,
fell asleep to the sound of your breathing
and made sure you’d never be alone again?
What if you would love me ‘til the end?
Kissed my knuckles,
read out stories
and always were my friend?
—  // –

Blame it on Sidney Paget!

My first introduction to Sherlock Holmes was when I was about 10 years old and my dad read The Hound of the Baskervilles out loud to us. Scared the living daylights out of me, but I loved it. Soon after, I devoted a summer to reading through all the Sherlock Holmes books and what can I say, I’ve been into murder, mystery and mayhem ever since.
I always liked Sherlock as a character, of course–but Sidney Paget (who was a big influnce on me as a kid) made him look SO cool. I dunno, maybe it was the cheekbones. *shrug*

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What an awkward boy.
…Protect him

And I believe that if I - a couple of decades ahead -
found myself in a room with all the people I have ever loved,
you would still be the one that makes me feel slightly uncomfortable in my own skin, causing a lump to appear in my throat and making my heart pump blood a little off beat.
You’d still be the one that I am somehow hyper aware of, like all of the atoms my body is made of are attracted to you, as if you were the vanishing point that all lines in the room realign for.
—  // there is something about you and yet, I haven’t figured out whether it it positive or rather negative

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Do you use tumblr at school?

ya sometime :O altho its a dangerous game, my semi crush/a good pal saw i was using tumblr and asked me if i could follow her

this image perfectly displays how i felt in that situation

i just said id follow her at home since my 3G was weak and she said ‘’oh thats ok! ill follow you whats your username??”’ and i just said

‘‘i-i don’t…. remember?’‘

she just looked at me weirdly and stumbling over words i tried to explain its pretty long and i made the account 3 days ago and i forget hahahaHAHHAHHAH IM TELLING THE TRUTh I SWEAR

then i went back home and created an account, followed some basic aesthetic blogs (ykno the ones who reblog commercials) and followed her on that one lmao smooth julia


shhhhhhh guys……… ur favorite boft (big soft) boy is sleeping

Looking back I see that I still have far to go
But I walked many miles and I’m proud of each step.
Some opportunities I missed,
Some I grabbed too tight,
And realized that life is too gray,
For me to be wrong or right;
So I painted it white
So I could start all over again.
Mistakes, I made,
But didn’t give up the fight
And realised there’s a bit to lose
And too much to gain.
I may have stumbled and lost my way,
My feet might get bloody and blistered,
My heart might get crushed,
But I will shatter everything that stands in my way.
I am ready to walk through storms,
All night. All day.
I know it will be quiet sometimes,
And the silence will come biting my ways;
But still I will light up the fire within,
Whenever it gets gray.
—  Collab with my Tumblr fam @out-through-keyboard@swiss-999, @limbo–bird & @giulswrites 

I’m in love with this boy (but who am I to even say what love is). I’ve had feelings for him for over a year now and we were going to date but I called it off. I regret that now. For a calendar year I haven’t been able to get him off my mind even though he has a girlfriend. I made out with him while he and his current girlfriend weren’t exclusive. Last night he texted that he missed me and that we could’ve been good together. I’m not about to wreck someone’s relationship but I love him. I hate it

This is Jordn Lynn Fletcher


-Height: 5'10


-Height: 5'0

Extra info:

-They are Genderfluid. And by that, I mean they can actually physically switch from male to female

-pronouns are they/them

-their birthday is October 6th (Libra)

-orientation: pansexual

-crushing on someone special TwT

-they’re 18 yo

-The bear ears are just a headband that they wear more often than they should //because they wanna be cute >U and it works

they have two lip piercings.


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fam your threesomes are so lit 👌🏻👌🏻 they've made me in the mood to read some more, do you have any recommendations for any threesomes? specifically thing like ones because those kill me omg

okay, okay, I think i got you 👌🏻 cue to me scrolling through my following list so i don’t miss any out.

» business | Taehyung + Jungkook | by @btssmutgalore (there’s two parts right now, i don’t know if there will be a third, I mean, I haven’t even read part 2 yet because part 1 messed me up too much (but well i did skim the ending because my curiosity got the better of me and well…rip me)) 

» pour up | Taehyung + Jungkook | by @jungkxook (this was one of the first things i ever read on tumblr and there are no words to describe how good this is tbh) 

» unexpected | Yoongi + surprises | by @noona-la-la-la (I say surprises because the last part made me explode haha, it’s a series and not technically a threesome, but amazing nonetheless!!!) 

» the resolve | Jungkook + Wonho | by @wonhopes (KILL ME NOW. I’m still in denial about crushing on jungkook AND wonho probably, but when my sister showed me this I had heart palpitations… thanks sis)

» boastful drunks | Jungkook + Jimin | by @ellieljade (confession time, I haven’t read this yet, but I know it will be good OBVIOUSLY so it’s next on my list, I just need to make sure I’m well hydrated first…) 

Also, I just realised Jungkook is in all of these bar one lmao, so yeah… ooops, I need to reevaluate myself and read more!!! 

It’s as if, the fabric from their clothing is still slipping out of my delicate fingers. The bitter sweet taste of their lips, made it so hard to let go of their sweet lips, but I always despised the bitter aftertaste. All these memories stuck in my head, as if they’re still there playing out with my eyes.