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I was wondering, how did you meet Kylee and how did you become such good friends?


Back when I was 15 I came across one of Kylee’s old flashes with Sonic. And it maed me look at all her other stuff because this girl on the internet here was doing something I had also been doing for years but never shared. And that was drawing myself with favorite characters for fun and because it made us happy. And the more I looked at her stuff, the more I was like “omg this girl is like me.” Our humor is similar as well as a lot of passions we have for things we love.

And I’m following her for a good while and one day I see her post a journal saying she’s going to Anime Expo. And I’m like “wait… IM GOING THERE TOO OMG” and honestly I wasn’t sure if I’d meet her at all, but I kept an eye out.

I’m at the con with my mom, and as we’re about to leave we pass by this group of FMA cosplayers taking pictures, and I remember thinking “huh kylee said she was gonna cosplay, i wonder it—OMGTHERESHEIS” And I like, pointed her out to my mom like “thats the girl who’s art I like” and my mom was like “GO SAY HI” and being the completely anti-social and painfully shy young teen I was, I was too scared to just approach her on my own, but I really wanted to just meet her and get her autograph and just tell her how great her stuff was.

So my mom starts walking over all like “FINE I’LL DO IT” and im clinging to her like this small child, practically hiding behind this giant Sonic doll I was carrying, and my mom’s all talking to her like “MY DAUGHTER LOVES YOUR STUFF” and I managed to squeak out this “canihaveyourautograph”

the next day I think is when I interviewed Kylee for my local newspaper, ‘cause I was covering the con. And then I ran into her again later and was like “o hey I never got a picture with you O:” and kylee was like “dude lets fix that”

and then I cross paths with her AGAIN later, and she was sitting alone and drawing, and my mom needed to wait in this huge line for the ATM and I was like “mom i wanna go sit with her but im shy” and my mom was like “lol yolo”

and I took a chance to suck it up and not be shy LOL and I asked Kylee if I could sit with her for a while and she was like “YEAH DOOD” and I watched her draw and we talked and I showed her my sketchbook and it was all fun times~ After the con I left her a message on DA saying thanks for letting me interview her and stuff and she followed me back; and I still kinda remember her message, and it was something like “I want to watch your journey as you grow and improve in your art.” And it was super sweet and little 15 year old me died.

And one day some weeks later I think, I sucked up the courage to again stop being shy and sent kylee an MSN message(back when msn messaging was a thing LOL) and she was like “HEY ITS YOU!~” and we talked more and more and had silly rps and conversations and it just kinda grew from there.

And Kylee’s just always felt like a big sister to me and I love her for it and is one of the greatest people you can ever know, and I can never thank her enough for being just a wonderful person and best friend.

tldr; I stopped being shy for 2 seconds of my young teenage life and was myself and made a best friend 4 life <3