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*NEW VIDEO!* i redrew some josh dun drawings i had made last year for that one old video you guys are probably familiar with aaa 

Connected — Jung Hoseok (03)

Words: 2612

Warnings: Fluff, Internet best friend!Hoseok :)

Description: You and Hoseok are internet friends with secret feelings for each other. The only problem (besides the distance) is that you’re both in relationships with other people.

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“Thank you so much, Y/n. I’m sorry I made you stop your date with Josh. I just didn’t want to talk to anyone besides you.” Hoseok says.

“It’s okay, Hobi. I’ll always be here for you.” Even if it makes my boyfriend break up with me.

“Jae and I weren’t dating for long, so I don’t know why I’m so upset about this. I just—I just wanted this relationship to work out. I thought we had a chance, you know?” He says.

“I get it. Not everyone you date is going to be the one. But you’re going to find the perfect person for you one day. I just know it.” You tell him.

You had been on video chat for about an hour.

Everyone else in your house was sleeping, so you went downstairs and got ice cream, then came back upstairs to talk to Hoseok again.

“I know I’ve said this before, but Josh is a lucky guy. Any guy would be lucky to have you. You’re so special.” Hoseok smiled as you ate the ice cream.

“Thanks.” You said, emotionless.

Hearing Josh’s name made you more upset than you already were, but you didn’t want Hoseok to know.

The point of this video chat was to make Hoseok feel better, not to make him feel worse.

“Why do you seem so sad? Oh! My sadness didn’t transfer to you, did it? I’m sorry.” Hoseok apologized.

“No, I’m fine.” You lied.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to be sad, Y/n.” He says.

“I’m sure.” You said, eating the ice cream.

“Well, let’s talk about something happy. I get to see you in a month!” He says, a smile coming to his mouth.

“I can’t wait to see you!” You returned the smile.

“I can’t wait to finally see you in person and hug you and squeeze your adorable little cheeks.” He laughed.

“I can’t wait to push you off of me after you squeeze my cheeks!” You giggled.

You honestly couldn’t wait for the day the you would finally meet Hoseok.

He was such a ray of sunshine and you couldn’t wait to have him by your side.

“Is she still texting you?” Hoseok asks.

“She stopped. I hope she doesn’t text me anymore. It sucks, she was a good friend.” You tell him.

“You can still be her friend, I guess.” He says, running his fingers through his hair.

“No. She cheated on you. She messed up. I don’t want to be her friend.” You say.

Hoseok smiles. “You’re a good friend.”

“I know.” You smiled, putting your hair up into a ponytail.

“Y/n-ah, what is that on your neck? It looks like you and Joshua had a good time last night. I guess I didn’t interrupt as much as I thought.” Hoseok smirked.

“What?” You asked, immediately standing up and looking at your full body mirror.

There was a huge purple mark on your neck. “My parents are going to kill me.” You say, walking back to your bed so Hoseok could see you.

“What exactly did you and Joshua do last night?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.

“We broke up.” You mumbled under your breath, thinking that Hoseok didn’t hear you.

But he did. He heard you clearly.

“What? Did you just say that you two broke up? Oh my gosh! Why didn’t you tell me, Y/n?” Hoseok asks.

“It’s not important, Hobi.” You say.

“It is important. You should’ve told me! That’s why you seemed so sad yesterday. You were sad and eating your feelings while I just complained to you about my break up.” He says. “I feel guilty.”

“You shouldn’t feel guilty. I didn’t want you to worry about me.” You explained.

“Why did you break up?” He asked.

You didn’t want to tell him. It would just make him feel more guilty.

“It’s nothing. He just called it off.” You tried to be as vague as possible.

“Stop lying. Josh would never just break up with you. What really happened, Y/n?” He asks, but you didn’t answer him.

“Was it because of me?” He assumed. “It was me, wasn’t it?”

“Hobi,” You started. “Don’t. I’m so sorry, Y/n. I ruined your relationship.” He interrupts you.

“It wasn’t your fault. Joshua was just mad because I wanted to call off our date so I could cheer you up. He was overreacting.” You explained.

Hoseok sighed and ran his fingers through his hair once again. “I can’t help but feel like this is still my fault. Your relationship came to an end because I wanted to vent to you.” Hoseok tells you.

“Don’t feel guilty, Hobi. You’re still my best friend. I still love you.” You admit.

“I love you too, Y/n. Hey, maybe we aren’t just meant to be in relationships.” He jokes.

“Maybe you’re right.” You laughed. “We can be forever alone, together.”

“Or maybe we can just get married to each other. We wouldn’t have to be bothered with other people’s crap.” He laughs.

You smiled and nodded. “We can get married after I graduate.” You say.

“And we should invite Jae and Josh to the wedding.” He laughs.

“That would be awesome.” You giggled.

Suddenly, Hoseok’s laughed turned into a yawn.

“I forgot that it was night time in Korea. Why don’t you go to sleep?” You asked.

“Because I like talking to you.” He says.

“You can talk to me when you wake up. You need your beauty sleep.” You tell him.

You heard your bedroom door open. It was your dad. “Hey, dad.” You say.

“Hi, Mr. Y/n.” Hoseok greets.

“Hi, Hoseok.” My dad says. “Y/n, can your mom and I talk to you downstairs?”

“Okay. Let me hang up on Hobi first.” You said, turning back to your computer screen as your dad left the room.

“Ooh. It sounds like you’re in trouble.” Hoseok teased. “Shut up.” You laughed. “Go to bed, loser.”

“Okay. Goodnight. I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you too, Hoseok.” You say before ending the call.

You already knew what your parents wanted to talk to you about.

They were going to ask you why you were with Joshua, and why you were crying. And why you lied to them.

You closed your laptop and walked downstairs to see your parents sitting on one of the couches.

Abby was sitting in the kitchen, where she had a clear view of the situation. She loved seeing you get in trouble.

You sat on the couch across from your parents and sighed.

“I already know what you’re gonna yell at me for, so can we just skip the yelling at get to the part when I say sorry?” You asked.

“Guess who we got a call from this morning.” Your mom says.

“Who?” You asked.

“Josh’s mom.” Your dad answered.

Yikes. Why would Josh’s mom call your parents?

“She said she found a used condom in their garbage. She asked Joshua about it and he confessed.” Your mom says.

Your eyes widened. If you weren’t already in a lot trouble for lying, you were in more trouble for doing what you did.

“You’re having sex?” Your dad asked. “Your mom and I specifically told you that you can’t do those things until you move out of this house.”

“Dad, I—”

“Don’t even try to make an excuse. We already know what happened and you’re in so much trouble.” He says.

You looked at your mom, knowing that she wouldn’t be as harsh as your dad was being.

“Mom, I—”

“I can’t help you, Y/n. You messed up.” Your mom tells me.

You sighed and looked at Abby who was laughing her behind off at you getting in trouble.

“And let’s not even start on the fact that you lied to me just so you could be with Joshua.” Your mom says.

“You’re grounded.” Your dad states. “Come straight home after school, everyday. You can’t go anywhere with your friends. No parties or anything.”

“What if I want to go to the library to study?” You ask.

“No library. Come straight home. Study in your room.” Dad says.

At least he didn’t take away your phone or anything.

“And let me have your phone. And your laptop.” He adds.

“Dad!” You groaned. “I need those things! How am I supposed to call or text Hoseok? What if I need my laptop to help me study?” You ask.

“You should’ve thought about that before you decided to lie to us and go see Joshua.” He says.

“Well, it doesn’t matter anymore because he and I broke up.” You said, standing up and going upstairs.

You didn’t want them to take away my phone or laptop. You needed to have contact with Hoseok all the time.

Whether you needed to vent to him, or you just needed someone to talk to.

A few moments later, your mom came into your room.

“We decided that you can keep your phone and laptop. But the other things still remain. Next time, think twice before you decide to do something stupid.” She says.

You nodded and she kept talking.

“What happened with you and Josh?”

“Nothing. I don’t want to talk about it.” You sighed. Deciding not to pry, your mom didn’t say a word and she walked out of the room, leaving you with your thoughts.

The bell finally rang.

It was time for you to get out of school, thank god.

You couldn’t stand another minute in this place.

As you walked out of the classroom, you went to your locker to put some stuff in there.

As you opened it, a little note fell out.

You picked up the note and opened it.

I really need to talk to you. Meet me at your favorite park after school? :)

You thought that Josh was done with you. What would he need to talk to you about?

You decide not to question it.

You quickly walked to the park, hoping that if you got this over fast, you wouldn’t get in trouble for coming home late.

Abby and Olivia were the only ones home anyways.

You texted Abby and told her that you’d be a little late because Josh wanted to talk to you. You knew she wouldn’t tell your parents anyways.

The park was half empty, not many people came here because it was near water, which made it really cold on some days.

You saw him sitting on a park bench and you took a deep breath before walking over to him.

When he saw you, he stood up.

“Y/n,” he says. “Josh.” You say.

“Can I talk to you? Please?” He asks.

You nodded and you both sat down on the bench, facing each other.

“I’m sorry. For everything. I’m sorry for getting jealous, I’m sorry for blaming you, I’m sorry for yelling at you. I’m an idiot.” He speaks.

You didn’t say anything, you just let him keep talking.

“Ever since I broke up with you, I’ve regretted it. I want to be with you. I just hope you still want to be with me.”

“I want to be with you too, Josh. But you know that if we get back together, Hoseok will still be my best friend, right? I’ll still video chat him all the time. And if it happens again, I have to be there for him, even if I’m on a date with you or something.” You explain.

“I know. I’ll try not to get so mad over that anymore. I’m sorry for everything I said. Please forgive me, Y/n.” He says.

“I forgive you, Josh.” You smiled. Josh returned the smile and hugged you, tightly, burying his face in your neck.

“I have to go home soon. I’m grounded. I’m not even supposed to be here right now.” You tell him, pulling away.

“I’m grounded too, but I’ll just tell my parents that I got stuck in traffic.” He laughs. “Want me to drive you home?”

“Sounds good.” You smiled and you both stood up, walking to his car.

“You’re so lucky that I actually came to the park.” You told him as he began driving. “If my parents were home, you wouldn’t have seen me.”

“I’m so glad you decided to come. If you would’ve ignored my note, I would’ve been so sad.” He says, putting his hand on your thigh and you intertwined your fingers.

You looked at him and smiled.

Everything was back to normal again.

“You got back together with him?” Abby asks. “Mom and dad are going to kill you if they find out.”

“They aren’t going to find out.” You tell her. “And you aren’t going to tell them, right?”

“Sure. I won’t tell them. Unless you get on my nerves.” She laughs.

You rolled your eyes.

“But I don’t get why you ever went out with Josh in the first place. It’s so obvious that you like Hoseok.” Abby tells me.

“What? I don’t like Hoseok.” You denied.

Why would she think that?

“You totally do. It’s obvious, Y/n. You like him, a lot.” She smiles.

“I don’t like him. He’s my best friend. That’s all.”

You didn’t like Hoseok, did you?

If you liked him, you would’ve know by now, right? You’ve been friends for like a year and a half already.

If you liked him, you would know.

“I think you’re just using Josh as a cover up, because you don’t want to admit your feelings for Hoseok.” Abby says.

“That’s not true! I really like Josh.”

You wouldn’t be dating him if you liked someone else, right?

“Whatever.” Abby said like she didn’t believe you. “You’re in denial.”

You did not like Hoseok.

He was a really great friend, that was all.

“Are you sure you don’t like him?” She asks.

“I’m sure I don’t like him like that. I don’t like how adorable he is. I don’t like when he runs his fingers through his hair. Or when he smiles and his dimples show. I don’t like how he always smiles after he laughs. Or how he looks at me through the camera when I’m telling him a story. Or the way he bites his lip when—” You stopped yourself.

Your eyes widened and Abby looked at you, just smiling.

“Oh my gosh, I like Hoseok.” You say, coming to a realization.

“I knew it!” She exclaims, standing up.

“You like Hoseok! You like Hoseok! You like Hoseok!” She cheers, pointing at you like a child.

Who would believe that she was 7 years older than you?

“Stop it!” You yelled at her.

“Go call him and tell him, right now.” Abby says.

What? Was she crazy?

“Are you crazy? I can’t tell him that I like him.” You tell her.

“Why not?”

“Because he doesn’t like me back. He only likes me as a best friend, nothing else.” You explain.

Abby rolls her eyes. “You’re such an idiot.” She says. “Of course he likes you. Why wouldn’t he? You’re pretty and smart. And also, why would he take the time out of his busy schedule to fly to New York, just to see you, if he didn’t like you?” She asks.

Maybe she was right.

Or maybe she was completely wrong.

“Anyways, I have a boyfriend, Abby.” You say.

“You definitely like Hoseok more than you like Josh.” She said.

“No I don’t. Don’t say that!” You say.

Abby just laughed. “You’re still in denial.”

You stood up. “We’re done talking about this. Goodnight.” You tell her as you walked to your room.

All you could think of all night was your conversation with Abby.

Did you really like Hoseok?

You can’t like him. You have Josh.

You’re not supposed to like anyone else when you’re in a relationship.

What are you gonna do?

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