i made this for a photoset but here it is


♥ Jumin Han and the love of pancakes ♥

Omg I finally finished ! My first short comic, I’m so proud ;A; 

The beautiful idea with Jumin and pancakes comes from @serensama with this drabble ! You can found here ! 

snjfnajnklsna I love you & your fanfiction so much, I’m stalking you in secret lol. Jumin: To Misunderstand #4 made me cry, I was a mess ;; Please keep up the super job ! THIS COMIC WOULD HAVE NEVER COME TO LIFE WITHOUT YOU ♥ ♥ ♥ 

@jumin-love thanks to her to explain me how to do photoset ! I’m a noob my god.

P.S. If you find mistakes, please tell me ! English is not my first language ORZ. 

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sehun being cute and sweaty for the lovely @sehuntiful​, I hope your exam went well!


‘hav i evr told u th story of how mac proposed? we’re at dinner one night nd he suddenly says he wants to ask me somethng. he’s, ykno, turning red, wont luk me n th eye, th whole deal. this guy opens his mouth to speak but he cant! he gets rly flusterd…’

Jungkook calls you clingy part 2

Request by anon: Hey!! can i request a fake text about a fight with jungkook where the jungkook is being snappy but they’re havinf a normal conversation but the reader catches on and like they have af ight and jungkook ends up saying something like “youre clingy” or anything else that really hurts her and then tries to make it up to her?? the ending is up to you happy/sad. i hope i made some sense!!! thank you <3

I’ll repeat this…I’M SUCH A ANGST WHORE GoSH

***the time is fucked up in some chats because they got deleted and I had to rewrite them. let me know if the order in the photoset is fucked up or the photos are blurred!

Read part 1 here and part 3 here


hOLY mother of god now i gotta scram byeee



=The Women and Girls of Sonic=

Before anyone asks where characters like, Sally, are; I wanted to focus purely on the main game canon, and the Storybook games, for this photoset. The only exception I made was for Sticks, because she has a profile on Sonic Channel, and at the very least she did appear as a playable character in the latest Sonic & Mario Olympics game. So I didn’t leave Sally, and any other female Sonic characters from the franchise out of this, due to any dislike or personal bias.

Edit: I forgot about Lah from the short, “Night of the Werehog”.(Which is canon to games as far as I’m concerned.) Here we go.


good god, hours of wrestling w tumblr’s photoset settings later. lol. i had to cut out like 3 other pages + i didn’t intend to end here but…10 PHOTOS IS RLY LIMITING TUMBLR…also stuff gets super tiny and illegible behind a cut, so…here is the Director’s Cut version :^) mmm so I really wanted to doodle something not angsty for a break after other comics + ssealdog‘s writings made me rly!! want some jack-angel-rhys stuff so…yes…that in all is the story of how this post came to be.


some quick recolors with the new palettes i made here! these are just for fun & i didnt spend a lot of time on them but i hope someone likes them anyway

my goal was to make the colors less eye-hurting but still fairly vivid/interesting! not sure if i achieved that but yea, here they are anyway!

im tagging the blog that first inspired me to make my own su critical sideblog in the hopes that maybe theyll enjoy these ! ;;;; @disappointedgreg


But there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears.
And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.
Get over your hill and see what you find there,
With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.

Pictures not mine. 

Guys I am so weirdly invested in the in-canon media??? Like I wrote a post about how wild victuuri must look from the outside but I wanna talk about it again.

I started thinking about all the trashy mags that pictures of them pre-kiss must have made it into. Like, real early-days Hasetsu, where Yuuri is touring Victor around the larger neighboring cities, and of course they get paparazzi pics taken and the websites are like “Victor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki spotted at [insert city name here]!” and then tons of relationship speculation. 

The relationship spec is obviously partially fueled by fans; you know what hardcore fans can be like, right? There are photosets on whatever in-canon tumblr is called with victuuri making eye contact once (1) in all the pics taken and everyone’s like “yES IRL CANON”

(They’re totally right, but are you getting the early days vibe I’m throwin out?)

And then of course, I guarantee you there are photos of them taken in the hot springs themselves; somebody totally snuck a phone in the wash room just outside the springs and took a couple photos of Victor hovering way too close to be platonic. 

(Whoever took the picture was long gone once it was posted; the Katsukis never really tracked the person(s) down. All they could do was more thorough checks of toiletries so the rules aren’t broken again.

Yuuri is incredibly embarrassed–not about the nudity, since he kinda grew up around it, but just that a photo was taken without his knowledge. 

Victor isn’t embarrassed at all. He has this instinctual need to be constantly naked, so it’s not a big deal to him.

The whole thing was a violation of privacy, but a number of fans collectively shaming OP guaranteed it never happened again.)

The press catches pictures of them eating together, going to the rink, etc etc, before Yutopia politely but firmly kicks them out after onsen on ice. 

Everything’s a little silent until Cup of China. Victor’s instagram is constantly updated over the summer, but they’ve been careful about where they go. The citizens of Hasetsu are also really protective about their town pride Yuuri and his (probably) bf, so pics from there are kept to a minimum. 

That one insta photo from the triplets of Victor brushing Yuuri’s hair is added to proof comps on fansites. 

I imagine everyone had a fucking field day with that one pic of a half-to-fully-naked Victor tackling Yuuri and looking all possessive. There’s so much reaching from certain sources/people to make it platonic, but NOPE, that shit’s fuckin gay. 

All the photos of them hugging, leaning against each other, Victor’s incredibly smiley personality once he starts spending time with Yuuri create the best goddamn conspiracy blogs ever. People talkin about how they’re so happy that their Russian skating son/dad has someone in his life he clearly cares so much about. People cheerin on Yuuri for getting that idol dick. 

idk. I have a problem I think. 


Behind the Scenes of The Poison Sky / The Sontaran Stratagem (Part Seven)

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant, Russell T. Davies, and producer Susie Liggat:

DT: We should talk about these Sontarans because they were one of my favorites, watching Doctor Who growing up.  Great to have them back, and done so brilliantly by Neil Gorton and the prosthetics team. The faces move and react, and I love the fact that they’re all little as well.

RTD: Yes [laughs]

SL: Awww, that was a nightmare!

RTD: That was a nightmare

DT: Difficult to cast

SL: Yeah, it was difficult to cast. 

RTD: We’re now actually bringing a Sontaran back for Sarah Jane…

DT: Ahhh!

RTD: …and neither Christopher Ryan nor Dan Starkey is free, so they’re actually having to spend a fortune building a slightly taller suit from scratch, because the next taller guy who can do it is like 5'4" or something

DT:  What, you can’t find another 5-foot actor?

RTD: No, no. Those two men are the only two in the country…

DT: What?!  [laughing] They’re the only people in Equity?

RTD:  There’s not many that height. It’s hard.

SL: It’s not that they’re the only two, it’s finding someone that short who can act really well

RTD: In the lead role. A proper lead role.

DT: Right

RTD: Because we blithely assumed one of those two will be free for Sarah Jane, how marvelous, and the script’s all written, and it starts prep any day now…

DT: Wow!

RTD: It’s like, oh my god, we’ve got to spend a fortune

SL: And the guys who play the soldiers… who keep their helmets on

DT: Well, it was a casting nightmare, wasn’t it?

SL: It was a bit.  Because Jenny Fava, the 2nd AD [Assistant Director], and I were talking about casting and finding these guys who all had to be between 5-foot and 5-foot-2.  It was a big chore

DT: We did end up having…

SL: Yes, one of our accountants

DT: Every other source had run dry, so we went upstairs to the accounts department and got Jag out.

SL:  Jag, yeah.

DT: Jag from the accounts department is under one of those helmets

SL: Jag who hardly ever spoke a word, and I think it really made his year!

DT: If you go up to the Doctor Who offices you will often hear Jag shouting, “Sontar Ha!” and running up and down the corridor

RTD: [laughing] 

A big “thank you!!” to everyone who shares set photos

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