i made this for a photoset but here it is

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Holy crap I drew art!! Shocking I know.

I feel like a bazillion years ago SailorFailures said it’d be an interesting idea if people took those fashion photosets where the models heads are cropped off and tried to pick what outfit a senshi would wear, and well, I found this photoset of Zuhair Murad’s dresses and…here we are!

The inners the outers and some villains for good measure. Dark Mercury made it in because she is my bae and PGSM is the greatest thing ever.


so i’m starting up a fancomic based loosely on the backstory of “Underfell”

i’ve also posted it on my dA, as i’ll be uploading there more often (once a week, while i’ll post them in groups of four here as the pages get made). so anyway, welcome to The Bad Idea!

pages 1-4 // 5-8 >>>


I can’t believe it’s already almost mid-November! Time has flown by at an alarming rate— it’s been almost an entire year since I made this gown and cloak set for the @failbettergames Hallowmas competition. I don’t believe I ever posted the full photoset here so this seemed the perfect time for some slightly belated Fallen London goodness. Clayr isn’t a character for whom the (marginally less than) Respectable Grey Gown is entirely appropriate, but as I am personally quite fond of the color grey I made it anyways, “terrifying, lethal, midnight and sinister lady” aside. :^) Maybe I’ll attack the (much more suitable) Parabola Linen Frock next time.

The process of patterning both the gown and cloak was exceedingly UnFun and I do not recommend it. 

(As a side note, I have been playing Fallen London since it was Echo Bazaar— 15 February, 1891, to be precise. While the name has changed the game itself has continued to be an utter delight and I would recommend it without reservation. It’s much more fun than wrangling antique patterns and hand stitching eyelets, at least.)


It’s been about two years now since I started watching this goober, and I started making gifs of Jack about two months after that, and I still do to this day!

I wanted to post something about it, so here are some gifs I’ve made (mostly) in chornological order, just look at that fucking progress!! :D

It’s been a great couple of years with ya Jack, u da bess! <3

Dangerous Woman

Negan Smut Week is here! This is my first smutty filled one-shot for you lovely people. Keep an eye out for more this week. Super excited to be participating this round!

This was inspired by the song Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande and I highly recommend listening to it as you read this!


Warnings - Smut (duh lol), fingering, blow job, language.

@negansmutweek , @negans-network , @strangersangel9

PhotoSet/Banner made by me

Dangerous Woman

You walk into the lowly lit room, soft couches and tables surround a softly lit stage.

 You run your hands nervously over the silk red dress you wear. You wave to the band standing on the stage. The buzzing room falls silent as a new face enters the room.

 He strolls in with purpose, taking a seat right at the front, his right-hand man with a mustache and the man with a scarred face sits next to him. He casually peels off his signature leather jacket and red bandana. With a wave of his hand, a glass of scotch is placed in front of him.

 You gulp nervously. He had to come in for the first time when you were performing. And performing that song. You sigh but make your way to the stage, tall heels clicking on the wooden floor.

 You stand at the microphone and smile out at the crowd.

 “Gentlemen, good evening. How are we doing tonight?” You ask; your voice husky and low. The crowd claps and whoops.

 “We seem to have a very special guest here tonight.” You point out. He smirks up at you, slowly taking a sip of his drink. “Negan, welcome to Low Lights Lounge. The sanctuary in The Sanctuary.” You wink.

 The music starts to play behind you. “Tonight we have a special new song for you guys here. Hope you enjoy.”

 “Oh yeah

Don’t need permission

Made my decision to test my limits

‘Cause it’s my business

God as my witness

Start what I finished

 Your eyes lock with Negan and he watches you intently. Your body moves along with the music, hips swaying side to side.

 Don’t need no hold up

Taking control of this kind of moment

I’m locked and loaded

Completely focused my mind is open

 You feel a heat starting in you as Negan breaks the gaze and his eyes wander down your form. You take the microphone from the stand and move around the stage feeling his eyes follow you.

 All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God

Don’t ya stop, boy

Somethin’ 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman

Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout you

Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn’t

Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout

 You move to the side of the stage and walk slowly down the stair onto the main floor.

 Nothing to prove and I’m bulletproof and

Know what I’m doing

The way we’re movin’ like introducing

Us to a new thing

I wanna savour, save it for later

The taste of flavour, cause I’m a taker

Cause I’m a giver, it’s only nature

I live for danger

 You walk around the men, singing to them and running your hands across their shoulders. You watch Negan intently and his eyes glow with jealousy.

You lose all sense of the world around you. Your only focus is Negan.

 All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God

Don’t ya stop, boy

Oh yeah

Somethin’ 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman

Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout you

Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn’t

Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout you

 You move forward still your standing right in front of him. He smirks at you and you smile back.

 “All girls wanna be like that

Bad girls underneath, like that

You know how I’m feeling inside (somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout)

All girls wanna be like that

Bad girls underneath, like that

You know how I’m feeling inside (somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout)”

 The music breaks for the solo and you take the time to rest your hands on Negan’s shoulders. His hands grasp your hips pulling you close. You straddle his lap and move your lips across his rough stubble. You let out at sigh when his lips meet your ear. He lets out a low growl when you press yourself into him.

 “Somethin’ 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman

Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout you

Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn’t

Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout you”

You pull away from Negan. You smile satisfied that your red lipstick leaves a mark on his chin; you turn and make your way back on stage.

 “All girls wanna be like that

Bad girls underneath like that

You know how I’m feeling inside

Somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout

All girls wanna be like that

Bad girls underneath like that

You know how I’m feeling inside (somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout)

somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout you

somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout, somethin’ 'bout you.”

 The instant the song finishes Negan jumps from his seat and storms out of the room. You breathe heavily and take a bow as the crowd claps and whistles. A hot blush spreads your cheeks.

 Shaking it off you move to perform your next song.

It’s late and you’re the last person in the lounge. Everyone else had gone to bed. You sit in the chair that Negan sat in earlier, his forgotten leather jacket sits on your shoulders and his bandana is being twisted in your fingers. You’re deciding if you should bring them to him.  

 “I do believe you have something that belongs to me.” Negan’s’ voice comes from behind you, dangerously close to your ear. You stand and whip around fast to face him, his leather jacket falling off as you move too quickly.  

 “Oh, I’m sorry.” You bend to pick the jacket up and offer it and the bandana to him.

He takes a step forward and you take one back. The cycle repeats until you’re pressed up against the front of the stage and Negan is pressed up against you.

 “Sir?” you question.

 His tongue does that thing with his bottom lip, slowly tracing it before he chuckles and smiles at you.  

 “Was there something you needed?” you ask softly.

 A hand comes up to cup your face, his thumb pulling at your bottom lip. You lean into his warmth, a soft sigh leaving you. Suddenly he picks you up and sits down in the chair, making you straddle his lap.

 “I’d like to fucking continue where we finished off.” Negan tells you his lips back to your ear just as it were earlier. He nibbles lightly, tugging at your lobe. This entices a moan from you. You press yourself into him, feeling his hardness already. His hand comes up to grasp you by the throat, he squeezes lightly and you feel the wetness in your panties spread.

 “Yes.” You croak out. He squeezes tighter for a second before yanking your face forward, bruising your lips with his. Your hands fist in his shirt keeping him as close as possible. His free hand comes up and strokes your bare spine, slowly dipping lower, tugging on the zipper of your dress. You pull back for a second and he growls trying to pull you back but you shake your head and climb off his lap.

 Lowering yourself to your knees you pull and tug at his jeans until his cock is released. Your mouth waters and you slowly stroke him, spreading the pre-cum leaking out of the tip. Negan throws his head back as you rub the head of his cock and lets out a gasp as you take him in your mouth. You go slowly, his size bigger than any other cock you’ve seen before.  You take him as far as you can, no more than half way so you use your hands to work the rest of him, as well as his balls.

 His hands find their way into your hair, pulling lightly, hard enough to cause pricks of pain that turn into pleasure. You moan around him, biting down very lightly, your teeth scraping the vein on the underside. He bucks wildly and pulls you off him. He stands, the chair falling to the ground with a thump.

 “Fucking fuckity fuck. I was about to blow my entire fucking load in your beautiful fucking mouth.” He pants, pulling you close, his hands finding the ties around your neck, allowing your dress to full come off and fall to the ground.

 “Why didn’t you?” you ask.

 “Because if I’m going to fucking cum it’s going to be inside your fucking pussy.” He states and slips a hand inside your red lacy completely soaked underwear. He pulls his hand out and shows you the wetness on his fingers. “So fucking wet for me.” he pops his fingers in his mouth, sucking them clean.

 “Turn for me.” he orders and you follow. His hands run down, your body, finger deftly twisting at your taut nipples and soft mewl leaving you. His fingers continue its trail, leaving your skin feeling like it is on fire.

 His hands reach your panties and he pulls them down swiftly, he places kissing on the high of your ass cheeks and back up your spine. He grasps your ankles and pulls off your heels. Grasping your hips, he walks you forward to the stage and bends you over it.

 “Hmmm. What a pretty fucking picture.” You can just picture him, running his tongue over his bottom lip. “Are you ready for me baby?” he asks and you cry out, wiggling your ass at him.

 He grasps your hips, placing his cock at your entrance teasing you slowly and you cry out again. “Please, Negan!” You beg.

 “That’s right baby, fucking beg.”

 “Please fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock! Please, Negan!”

 He presses forward and slips inside your warm wet pussy, your walls clenching him. He pulls back and rams back in, his pace, fast and hard. You let a sob fall from your lips as you feel yourself get close. He lifts one of your legs, letting it rest on his hip and the new angle allows his balls to hit your swollen clit. You scream his name as your pussy convulses.

 He then flips you. “Not fucking finished.” He continues to drive into you, and he rubs your aching clit causing you to buck against him.

 “I can’t!” you shout.

 “You fucking can and will.” He grits out breathlessly.  

 Your hands find his shoulders, nails digging in and he growls, bending to claim your mouth with his. You tighten once again around him and your orgasm gushes over you, Negan follows you.

 “Still feeling dangerous?” he asks once you both come down from your high.

“Only around you.”

@undererwinswill replied to your photoset “Mikasa Ackerman accidentally modelling in SNK chapter 89”

is this really 89,i haven’t seen the first three images anywhere..

It is. Chapter 89 is real. These stunningly gorgeous Mikasa head shots are completely real. I understand her dazzling beauty might’ve made you a little confused, so click here for the almost-complete chapter (compiled by @lenok993)! <3


Check Please + popsicles 

I spotted a picture of ice cream and thought that is such a Lardo ice cream, and from that sprung the most random photoset I have ever created: all your OMGCP faves with their own flavours. I figured Bitty’s whole dessert thing makes it a bit less weird?



So last year I drew a short comic based off of the Stucky pic I made for the Brooklyn zine and I JUST got around to finishing it wow. After watching Ant-man I was like “…wait didn’t I want to draw that stucky thing???”

Here are the cover/inner color pages for the comic! I’m trying to figure out the best way to post the actual comic pages. It’s 13 pages long, which means it won’t fit into one photoset post– anyone who knows more about this drop me a line, I’d really appreciate it!

Anyway, planning to get this printed and ready for SPX 2015. Agghh busy busy.


OKAY I posted Part 1 of this comic! Split it into two parts– will post part 2 tomorrow to give you guys a break from all this posting spam :P

EDIT2: Part 2 is now up!

anonymous asked:

hey! i'm new to making gifs so i was wondering if you could give me a few tips? like how to make the gifs smaller/square so they go side-by-side when you upload them but are still good quality?

Welcome to the giffing world nonnie!

First of all there is sizes for the dashboard images display if you made any size then it will be re-sized and in that processes it will look ugly, there is two different dimension so here we go.

Keep reading


madzither replied to your photoset “Benedict at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards 3/12/13 Once you get…”

I’ve always found this fascinating. It also makes me feel somewhat sad for him/potentially them, at the time/who they were. He’s also especially beautiful here.

This has always made me kind of sad, too. It was before they had their little falling out or whatever, but the impression I’ve always gotten from it is that Ben wanted more than what he had.



With all of the Oscar-buzz right now, I figured it was important that we take a moment to look at the marginalization of women in film, off-camera specifically, that has made no sign of improvement in the 86 years that the Academy Awards have existed. In fact, in 1947, 6% of winners were female. In 2011, the number was 7%. (Both percentages include acting awards).

And here we are in 2015. The first African American woman with a chance at a Best Director nominee. A year full of successful films shot by women (The Rover, The Skeleton Twins, Cake). But yet, unsurprisingly, each of the above listed categories are still limited to men this year. (Except Boyhood editor Sandra Adair). With almost nine decades behind us, and yet such little progress, it becomes difficult to believe that the glass ceiling for creative and talented women in this industry is even remotely penetrable.

Who is your favorite female filmmaker? (any and all disciplines welcome).