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Strap in nerds because have i got a long post ahead for you

So me and @sassycsap​ (bless her soul. she’s like my first friend here) talked about the nyoom nyoom post with how Rich would totally cart Jake around in a wheel chair like madmen on a chariot race because Rich is a Fast Boy™ and somehow we accidentally gave birth to this beautiful thing called the *drum rooooolll*

BMC Incredibles AU

So here’s each of the Characters

  • Rich is Dash (super speed) u can’t argue with me. have u seen the nyoom nyoom post
  • Jake is violet (invisibility and force fields)
  • Michael is Frozone ya’ll (Ice powers)
  • Jeremy is Bob (Super strength)
  • Christine is Helen (Elastic Body) (because we’ve all universally accepted that she’s the Mom of the Gang)
  • Jenna is Jack-Jack (this guy has a lot of powers that I’m too lazy to type in)
  • Chloe is Edna (She makes the costumes!!!!)
  • Brooke is Mirage (That really pretty girl who’s a spy)(don’t worry, we we’re made her good)
  • Squip is Syndrome (Bad Guy™)

=(The HCs are under the Cut so I’ll spare u the mess)=

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Fuckboy! Ong Seongwoo

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Genre: high school! au + fuckboy! au
A/N: #1 Post!! Let me know how was it :) Feel free to request for mood boards + scenarios (bullet/paragraphs) 
4/10: Added the dating part + edited any errors that I could find 

“You are meant to help me, not make my bedsheets smell like you.”

  • Seongwoo is the resident fuckboy of the high school you go to 
  • The type of fuckboy who flirts with someone and then dumps them when they are into him
  • Rumours are that he flirts with the teachers to pass his grades 
  • Apparently, he also pretty much dated’ ¾ of the female population in school
  • On the other hand, you are the complete opposite of him
  • Being the student council secretary, the one who aces every single paper and basically everyone’s favourite classmate & role model
  • Seongwoo has been trying to get your number after being your chemistry partner cause HEY it takes a skill to not laugh when he pulls his ears back and pops it out again
  • But bro you ain’t falling for those lame ass pick up lines cause you had something more important to do like acing that chemistry quiz next week
  • While Seongwoo liked a challenge, your heart seemed to be made of goddamn steel 
  • He was in the midst of giving up until he was given the opportunity of you having to tutor him
  • To be fair, you only accepted it cause your best friend who was supposed to do it wanted to spend time with her boyfriend instead & she promised you a week of free ice cream 
  • Who doesn’t love free food ????
  • Tutoring Seongwoo was actually really fun
  • He made puns on the equations and drew really shitty doodles of the teachers you hated
  • Slowly & surely
  • You definitely didn’t view him as just that fuckboy who everyone wants to sleep with
  • He was actually super smart and you had no idea why he needed a tutor in the first place
  • Ffs you knew that if he actually studied, he could easily surpass you in terms of grades
  • Seongwoo was also really sweet
  • He did get you coffee each session and lending you his jacket if it was too cold in the library
  • But of course, you were still sceptical and had doubts if he was trying to flirt with you for the sake of keeping up with his reputation
  • Sungwoo was sort of dying on the inside each time he met you cause you seriously made him feel a lot happier 
  • He always looked forward to your tutoring sessions with him
  • lbr he did totally pick you over his weekly video gaming session with Daniel (rip ongniel)
  • He liked the fact that you honestly just wanted him to learn and like improve his grades
  • Most importantly, you weren’t trying to make use of him 
  • One evening, you were locked out of your house as your parents were outstation 
  • They also casually forgot to inform you to take the spare keys 
  • You were extremely pressured out your upcoming finals and with the student council elections that were ongoing
  • This only added more stress to you as IT SUCK to be all alone out in the cold
  • You basically broke down on the hard ground
  • Crying over how shitty life was with your files and books just scattered all over the place (that’s me every single day asdfg)
  • On the other hand, Seongwoo was worried cause you were late for the tutoring session and you were NEVER late
  • He got your address and number from your best friend (who was at a swimming competition) 
  • He freaking ran to your house after you didn’t pick up his call or reply to any of his messages for the 15th time
  • Upon seeing you, he just gave you a hug with no words being exchanged
  • At the moment, it was a comforting silence between both of you 
  • He phoned the locksmith for you and he brought you to his house 
  • Which he and his best friend, Daniel, live together (both of them were not from Seoul) since you had nowhere to go until your parents were back the next day 
  • On the way, he made you rant to him while he listened to all your struggles on trying to uphold the image of yours 
  • He pat your head after everything and told you how strong you were
  • wow your heartbeat just accelerated 
  • A blush crept to your cheeks as he continued to compliment you saying that things were going to be okay now that he was by your side 
  • At his place, he made you sleep on his bed while he slept on the couch, promising you that it was just as comfortable 
  • Even if you refused to, he literally sat on the couch and ask you try moving him if you could 
  • Which was like impossible cause THAT BOY IS ALL MUSCLES 
  • You woke up feeling a lot better and energized after the talk the next morning
  • You also acknowledged your feelings for him wasn’t just a friendship sort of thing
  • Seongwoo greeted you with a smile before asking you if you could return the favour by going with him for brunch today
  • That’s when you knew he wasn’t playing around cause Ong Seongwoo never did the asking ;)
  • Dating him would be a hot mess tbh
  • Expect lots of memes and a spam of 100 messages everytime you check your phone
  • But among that 100, there’s always one telling you how much he loves you 
  • Always telling you how beautiful you look 
  • … but not as good as him are you even surprised?
  • Seongwoo will spoil you a lot by getting lots of gifts
  • Rather than super thoughtful gifts, he just gets everything that reminds him of you lol
  • He is also the type to go the extra mile during anniversaries with like rose petals scattered in the room and candles
  • In general, he will definitely race you to open the car door and get your seatbelt for you
  • He loves skinship
  • So expect him to hold your hand A LOT
  • or just giving you kisses
  • Seongwoo gets super soft when initiate holding hands first or like you are the one who wants to cuddle
  • He honestly drives you crazy in that he does a lot of pranks in school and guess who has to clean after his mess????
  • But he literally makes out with you to forgive him tbh
  • His kisses I swear - 
  • They drive you mad cause he’s THAT good at it
  • Weak isn’t even a good word to describe how you feel??
  • Like every time he finishes, he will just stare into your eyes and in a super raspy, out of breath tone
  • “You make me feel so good.”

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Baking with Tom:

-  You’re happily curled up against the arm rest, his head in your lap, him playing with the ends of your hair as he asks you if you can show him how to bake

- “What do you mean ‘show you how to bake’? Don’t you know how to bake?”

- “Not exactly.”

- “Not exactly?”

- “Okay, so not at all.”

- “Well what would you wanna bake?”

- “Can we make cupcakes? Please? I wanna make cupcakes”

- Going to the store with him to get ingredients and he insists on holding your hand because he doesn’t much time to be home with you that often seeing as he’s constantly travelling for work 

- “Tom I need to get the sugar off the shelf.”

- “Use your other hand.”

- “I’m holding the shopping basket.”

- “That’s not my problem darlin.”

- Him being so curious about all the different types of flour

- “Darlin what’s the difference between corn flour and rice flour?”

- “I don’t know, they’re made of different things I guess.”

- “Yeah but what are they used for? And why is self raising flour called self rais-”

- “I don’t KnOW TOM”

- As you browse through the different icing mixtures, he reads through all the packets to help you choose one

- “This one is lemon flavoured love, I know you like lemon.”

- “Tom, you hate lemon.”

- “But you love it darling.”

- Getting to the checkout and you’re emptying the stuff onto the register and he’s snuck in a bottle of red food coloring and a bottle of blue food coloring

- “What’s this I though we were doing plain cupcakes?”

- “Change of plan, we’re doing spiDERMAN cupcakes!”

- Getting home and he rushes to get the groceries out of the car boot and rushes inside like the most eager of children because you’re dating a big child

- “Darling where do we keep our aprons?”

- “We don’t have aprons Tom.”

- “But I don’t have any baking attire.”

- Don’t tell me this boy wouldn’t think there’s certain BAKING ATTIRE 

- Him being really excited to start and nagging you asking what he can do first

- Giving him some ingredients to measure out but he doesn’t understand the concept of cups as a unit of measurement 

- “Well what sized cup darlin? We have like mug sort of cups, or- does a wine glass count as a cup?”

- “BOi I swear.”

- So when he finally realizes you mean measuring cups he starts trying to pour the flour out of the bag into the cup and you just KNOW he about to spill that shit everywhere 

- “Tom do you want me to do it?”

- “I’m good, I’m good.”

- So you go back to doing what you were doing and you just hear ‘PPHFF’ 

- This BITCH got flour all over his jeans and you just roll your eyes at this FOOL

- “Take them off. Give em to me.”

- “Darling really? In front of the cupcakes?”

- You put his pants in the washing machine so now he’s legit just measuring out flour in his underpants what a SIGHT

- Him sneaking in between you and the kitchen bench while you’re working on the icing mixture, pushing the fly-aways out of your face-  “Shall we put some music on darlin?”

- “Go on then. Also I know you just got flour in my hair Tom, don’t try and hide it with your smeyes.”

- The first song that starts playing is ‘Like A Star’ by Corinne Bailey Rae, one of your favorites and you sing along to yourself while you keep doing what you doing 

- “Just like a song in my heart. Just like oil on my hands. Oh, I do love you.” 

- “How’s the icing mixture going love?”

- “It, is- just about down.”

- “C’mere.”

- This boy tip toes over to you, taking the mixing bowl and spoon out of your hands, putting them down. He spins you achingly slowly around his own fingers, lacing them with yours. The late afternoon glow trickling into your kitchen, you slow step on the tiles in his embrace. He’s humming the tune now. You’re giggling at his lack of clothing, the whole situation seeming absolutely ridiculous. Your faces are so close that your noses are only just touching. Your mouth reaches carefully for his, coming together, fitting together so perfectly.

- “…..You taste like lemon darling. I hate it, but I love it. “

- You just wipe the icing of his lips with your thumb, turning him around, you smack his butt

- “Go add that flour to the batter Thomas. Get!”  

- “OI! Naugggh-TY”

-You pretty much finish everything off, pouring the batter into the tray, putting it in the oven,  but he feels so accomplished because he measured out the flour and added the food coloring

- “I think I’ve done a pretty bloody good job for my first time baking.”

- “Tom you didn’t eve- don’t worry.”

- Like he is SO proud of what he managed to do you can’t hurt his feelings

- “How much longer love?”

- “About 15 minutes Tommy”

- His little disappointed CHILD frown when you tell him how much longer they’ll be 

- The timer going off and him snatching up the oven mitts before you can even think about grabbing them 

-okay but his HANDS in OVEN MITTS

-He’s hands are shaking as he pull the cupcakes out of the oven 

- “woaHwoHOAHW”

- They lowkey look terrible because he just mixed the red food coloring in with the blue food coloring so they’re just an ugly purple color but he still looks so proud

- “My firsst everrr baking suCEssss wOO!!”

- You let him pipe the icing on and he keeps eating it

- “What happened to you hating lemon hm?”

- “I’m a lemon convert leave me BE BABE.”

- The cupcakes look a little sad but he forces you to sit at the dining table while he makes you both tea to have with your cupcakes 

- “Go sit down love, I’ll bring it to you”

- The cupcakes are horrible, but you try and smile through it

- “Did I put too much flour in love?”

- “No they’re great Tom, you did great.”

- “You’re lying aren’t you love?”

- “Yes.”

- “They were Spider-Man cupcakes too :(”

- “You’re all the Spider-Man cupcake I need Tommy.”

- “Well Spider-Man is having the cookies he saw in the pantry. ‘nother cuppa darlin?”

- “Yes please Spider-boy”
- “It’s spiDER-MAN!”

I wanna make shitty cupcakes with Tom UGHHH

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Kuroo Tetsurou - Relationship in 5 Steps

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∠ words - 3k

∠ genre - fluff

∠ summary -  Do you want to know what it’s like to be adored by one of Haikyuu!!’s characters? Do you want to know five easy steps they would use to make you theirs? Read to find out.


∠ yep, this is a new series, but I won’t post five separate chapters for every character, but just one. I hope you will enjoy, I worked hard for it. It is a piece of my heart - treat it well.

Bokuto Kouratou ver. | Oikawa Tooru ver. | Sawamura Daichi ver.

being noticed

Kuroo closed his eyes, desperately trying to bury the unsettling feeling that welcomed itself into his life a few days ago, on the day when he laid his eyes on you. At first, the sudden attraction had seemed to be just like one of his previous quirks, which were easily forgotten the day after and not remembered since. Although, you surprisingly, were some kind of anomaly, which rooted in his subconscious immediately and didn’t exactly want to leave.

He was strangely okay with how the situation was going on, however, the only con was the fact that you didn’t know who the hell he was and the plan to get closer to you became ten times more complicated than it already was. Poor Kuroo was so deeply into his little crush, that it was hard for him to sit still with his growing excitement upon seeing you for the first time that day.

He secretly eyed you, giving you silent kudos for the jewelry choice. Your rainbow-shaped earrings made a nice contrast to your official, school uniform and even though, you probably didn’t want to stand out of the crowd - to him, you were the only shining star in the room. He couldn’t focus on anything, but you the whole time.

Lessons were long and usually boring, so he couldn’t help but steal a few glances at you from time to time, cheering happily inside that no one saw his growing obsession with the way you put annoying hairs behind your ear.

“You got it bad, prince charming.” Scoffed Yaku, turning to face him when the lunch break began.

“I don’t have anything.” He replied smoothly, clearly failing to assure his classmate that he was wrong. “Does it show that much?” He quietly asked after a minute of silence between them.

“Yeah, it’s almost too obvious to handle.” They didn’t bother to continue their conversation after that.

His time at school was finally moving towards its end and since he didn’t have practice later, he could just walk lazily home and then relax with a hot drink and a good movie in the background. His knee was bouncing up and down, aching but still going like crazy and the quick looks he was giving you, became even more frequent and lingering. Not that he minded.

But it was just his luck that in the moment when the last bell in his day rang, signaling long desired freedom, you turned to him catching his curious eyes, which were observing your smaller form. His insides froze along with his limbs and will to live and when he was finally ready to perform seppuku in front of his class - you sent him a big, toothy grin. Then you and waved happily and skipped towards the door like nothing had happened. Like you hadn’t made Tetsurou the happiest man alive.

He has been just noticed and it was the best feeling in the whole world.

being friends

The black-haired and also very bored Kuroo Tetsurou was aggressively flipping his biology book, giving it no mercy. The colorful pages tore in some places, crumbled or even left the book for eternity. He tried to care about it, he really did. However, it’s been ten minutes since the time you had said you would call him and he was slowly going bonkers in his freshly cleaned room. He didn’t want to mention that he had already cleaned it five times, trying to pass hours quicker.

Since that memorable day, when you had finally acknowledged his presence, you two have grown closer with each day and now he could proudly admit that you two were friends. Not want he wanted, but more than he expected. Kuroo finally knew much more about you, not only your looks. If he was being honest, he would describe your personality as a very similar to your earrings choices: shiny, funny and that kind, which made you feel good about yourself.

His main hope was that you saw him in a good light too, it was one of his the most important matters. And just when he wanted to dig deeper into the thoughts that kept his brain hostage, the phone laying directly in front of him lit up and let out some famous song. He clumsily took it and hesitated for a mere second before picking up.

“Hi!” You both yelled at the same time and then laughed loudly at how stupid your behavior was. He relaxed after that and let himself be filled with your lovely voice, swallowing every word as you told him about your day and today’s events. His turn to rant came way too quickly, but it didn’t stop him from whining about the fight he had with his mum about the habit of not picking up his gym clothes from under his bed and patiently absorbed your advice about the problem.

“I think I’m going to hit the shower now because school is tomorrow and I don’t want to be late like last time when we stayed on the line for too long.” You giggled at the memory and he slightly smiled, preparing for goodbyes.

“Sure, I’m not stopping you.”

“But you kinda want to, right?” You asked quietly.

“Yeah.” He heard you sigh from the other side. It was a shame you were so far away, he really wanted to see the emotions on you face in that moment.

“Talk to you tomorrow, Tetsu.” You said eventually, making loud kissy sounds and eventually hung up, but he didn’t register it. There was only one thing he could focus on.

You called him by his given name for the first time and he didn’t want to forget how your voice sounded with it on your lips.

 asking out

“This movie is shitty.” You stated seriously, shooting him a glare from your spot on the couch. He only winced and gave you a silly smile in return, already regretting listening to Bokuto. Your eyes went back to the screen, as your hand dived into a bowl full of popcorn.

“Sorry, sorry. I will choose better next time.”

“There won’t be next time Tetsurou.” Unknown words stucked in his throat before they could leave, eyes wandering around the room in disappointment. He couldn’t believe you were THAT angry. “You will never choose a movie again, I swear to God. It’s my turn forever, don’t even try to argue.” He nodded in agreement, hoping you didn’t see how he breathed out in relief that you weren’t really mad.

To be absolutely honest, the movie wasn’t all that bad in his opinion, but he wasn’t an expert and probably shouldn’t be asked about it. Volleyball ate a lot of his time and he preferred to spend the free one with people he loved, so that was it. If they wanted to watch something, that’s alright, but it wasn’t a frequent request.

However, you seemed to be crazy about it. Some days, you couldn’t last more than ten minutes without talking about some new film or actors he has never heard about. Although in exchange, he could talk about his practices, so it was very nice.

And about his dirty, little secret - he was able to control his feelings for you easily now. No one, who already didn’t know wouldn’t catch on - including you. After the weird incident with the phone call, when you started to call him by his name, he tried to calm himself a little and not behave like a lovestruck idiot. Kuroo would literally kill himself if he made you uncomfortable or repulsed. And also he didn’t really have any occasion to give much thought to his infatuation because your birthday was approaching and his gift must be the best one that year.

There was going to be a movie marathon of very old productions, some of them were even black and white. It’s streaked his interest immediately and since he didn’t hear a word about it from you, he was right to believe that you were simply unaware something like this was happening in your hometown. He has bought two tickets, packed them nicely and waited for a good moment to give it to you. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, something just had to go wrong.

“Tetsurou, did you tell f/n-chan about these movies or something?” His mum, who has come back from work five minutes ago, yelled from the other room not realising her mistake. You ears seemed to perk curiously at the newfound information and you quickly sent him a questioning look.realising her mistake. You ears seemed to perk curiously at the newfound information and you quickly sent him a questioning look.

“You gonna tell me about it or what?” You asked, standing up and sitting closer to him after he didn’t respond to your silent plea. He decided to just give up before puppy eyes appear on your face.

“Yhm, I kind of - bought two tickets to movie marathon and was wondering if you wanted to go? I was supposed to your birthday present, but-” He wildly gestured towards the place him mother was in. “-this happened.” You smiled somehow differently, ruffling his already messy hair, making his heart race.

“It’s so cute, Tetsu! It’s a date then.” You winked and came back to your previous spot like you just hadn’t changed Kuroo’s entire life.

But it’s a date then, he guessed.

 first kiss

‘What the hell is wrong with you?’

'I’m just frustrated f/n, I’ve told you to leave me alone.’

‘'But I don’t want to leave you alone in this situation! Please, accept my support!’’ He sighed and covered his face with a sweaty hand. His team had been destroyed in today’s match and he couldn’t do anything to change it. Some of the most important players hadn’t attended, because of reasons and this made them almost unable to play. His teammates had fought like hungry animals, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. The aftermath of the match left him unsatisfied and not easy to communicate with, however, you tried anyway. It was greatly annoying, but he also couldn’t help but appreciate your soothing presence.

He drew a deep breath, which seemed a little shaky at the beginning as if he was ready to cry, but quickly collected himself. His now dry palm slowly fell from his face and moved against his will towards your form. You looked uncertain for a second, before enveloping it with your bony fingers and hugging it tightly to your chest, right next to the heart. Kuroo felt its fastened beating and immediately felt guilty for causing you so much stress, especially since you didn’t deserve any of thing. You weren’t his punching bag, but a person he held deep feelings for.

‘'I’m sorry.’’ He whispered, closing his eyes as his shoulders dropped a little.

'’It’s okay Tetsu, I understand.'’ Your lips kissed his knuckles and then you cuddled your cheek to the back of his hand, clearly needing comfort and affection. His heart melted at the sight but it didn’t erase that swallowing disappointment, which was still following him after the brutal loss he experienced today. You noticed it faster than he anticipated and opened a mouth like you wanted to say something but closed it, deciding not to. Maybe the silence was the best medicine for now.

Half an hour later, the volleyball team was ready to leave and you all headed home. They bluntly ignored the heavy atmosphere between you and Kuroo after your exchange of words and both of you were thankful for it. They didn’t need that kind of burden right now. Your relationship, your problem.

Everybody was slowly leaving, going their own ways until finally, you two were alone again. Kuroo didn’t utter a single word for a long while and you thought that it would be smart to give him time and wait until he was ready to clear the air between you. Although it was awkward you still held hand as Tetsurou walked you home.

When you arrived, you didn’t look at each other not knowing exactly what to do. It was the first time something like this happened and the unsureness of how to behave in such situations was very visible. You obviously still explored one another and the boundaries surrounding you, which obviously could cause some major misunderstandings. However, nothing good came without a little pain and proper fight for it.

‘'So-'’ He started and you in a mere second looked up, staring at his face with such insensitivity your eyes almost fell out. ‘’-are we okay?’’ He asked, scratching the back off his head. That gesture always made you smile, because it made his hair even wilder. He was very handsome with that look.

'’Of course, Tetsurou. Nothing bad happened in the first place. This day just sucks.’’ You laughed loudly, coming back to yourself after hours of being grumpy and feeling rather out of place.

'’It sure does.’’ He repeated after you and your doorstep soon became a place full of giggles and chuckles Kuroo didn’t know how desperately he craved for the whole time without them. Things were fine.

‘'I like you very much, you know?’’ You said, enveloping his slim neck in a warm hug, which he returned not even a second later.

‘'I really like you, too.'’ He breathed into your ear, before giving it a butterfly kiss. You stayed like that, not leaving the embrace that gave you the security you deserved and absolutely loved.

The way you turned and hopefully will turn Kuroo’s world upside down was indescribable. In such short time, you were able to brighten his days without much work. You were incredible. The only one in this universe who had him for every command. He wasn’t even ashamed to admit it, more like proud of being stupidly in love.



‘'Could you close your eyes for a second?’’ That whispered question honestly threw him off of guard, you didn’t plan on slapping him or something? He kinda liked his face, a lot actually. He would mourn if something terrible happened to it, however, as a good slave, he followed your request.

And waited. And waited. What did you wa–

‘'Ah, screw it.'’ You hissed before something hit him. Right on his lips. Probably your own pair. Warm, plump with flavored lip gloss on it - apples, he dared to guess. He was stunned for a while and before he could react or so much kiss back, you departed from him.

‘'You didn’t like it?'’ The hurt expression on your face hit him hard and fast. You totally didn’t understand his intentions or rather the fact that he was too frozen to do anything.

'’That’s not it! You just surprised me, I didn’t expect that’.’ He pecked your lips quickly as a sign that everything was more than okay and you relaxed against his body.

'’I’m glad.’’ You said and skipped happily to your door. ‘'Good night, Kuroo Tetsurou. Next move is yours to make.’’ You shot him a teasing smile and disappeared behind your doors, leaving him to the cold night and lonely streets.

He would never say it to anyone, even himself that the fact you were the one to take the lead turned him on, a lot.

 being a couple

“Will you tell me why am I getting a silent treatment?” The question left his mouth for the third time that week, less angry than before, but more desperate.

Although you gave no answer just like you had done previously, you eventually sent him a tired look and sighed. It was a better response than he expected and it made him satisfied for a little while. Which lasted approximately two minutes.

“Okay, I didn’t flirt with anyone, didn’t say anything mean, remembered everything important and even bought you food this week!” His hands fled dramatically to his black hair, tugging it in every direction. “Am I being to nice to my own girlfriend?!” Then he dropped to his knees, faking sobs and loud cries.

“I’m not your girlfriend.” You icy cold voice broke his focus on feeling sorry for himself and he stared at you, suddenly terrified. His hopes and dreams shattered, and pieces of them started swirling in his head, bouncing against the walls and finally falling onto his imagined ground in his mind, defeated.

“Yet.” You added grimacing, but your eyes shined with amusement upon noticing his small breakdown. “You’ve never asked me, baby.” And with that Kuroo almost laughed, almost.

“You, young lady, need to stop with this stupid, unnecessary breaks between sentences and words, because honestly, they suck and well, they are going to give me a heart attack someday. Thank you very much.” The Sun was slowly leaving your side of the Earth creating an artwork of the sky. Pinkish and reddish colours reflected on your face, showing him a side of you, he hadn’t had a pleasure of meeting. Open windows welcomed warm breeze into your home, which moved your earnings, shaped as sunflowers. You laughed softly and he was one hundred percent sure he was never going to love someone as much as he loved you right in that moment.

His hands, unlike his body, were cold as they made their way to yours. You flinched, but didn’t push him and both of you knew there was no turning back. Your eyebrows raised slightly in anticipation, however, you tried your hardest not show how long you’ve waited for what was to come. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath.

“S/o, will you do me an honour and–”

“Are you proposing?” Your mocking voice interrupted. “Because if you are I have to say no, we are too young, baby.”

“How about you shut up and let me finish?”

“You go, tiger.” Let’s just say that romantic atmosphere has been brutally murdered.

“Okay, you have to be my girlfriend, because I said so and you destroyed my beautiful proposal, so you owe me.” He said on your breath, smiling. It was the smoothest thing that came out of his mouth, now they can seriously call him a master of love and sex.

“Yeah, sounds great.” You answered, without much thinking and reached out for a phone. “So pizza toning or what?”

“Yeah, pizza is good.” Maybe he was lame, or even you both were. Maybe even your love was lame, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. You deserved each other, fought for each other and hopefully will be with each other forever.

(Or at least for the next two hours, because he was broke and someone needed to pay for the pizza)

Here’s the book meme thingy I was tagged in by the exquisite @batmanisagatewaydrug.

1. Which book has been on your shelves the longest? I’ve owned my copy of The Eyes of the Dragon since I was in second grade, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. I’ve also owned my Harry Potter books for fuck-all ever, to the point where they’re literally falling apart. Like, to the point where Chamber of Secrets has been held together by packing tape since like, middle school.

2. What is your current read, your last read and the book you’ll read next? I’m bouncing between The Graveyard Book, The Wizard and the Glass, and The Collected Short Stories of H.G. Wells. I just finished Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs and reread Coraline. Next is… oh gods, I have so much sitting in my Audible library. On the physical book front, it’ll be Wolves of the Calla, since I want to finish The Dark Tower before the movie comes out. On the listening front… probably between Wuthering Heights and Four Past Midnight. But that could easily change on a whim.

3. Which book does everyone like and you hated? I have never and will never understand The Hunger Games hype. They basically put me off YA for like four years. Also, I know this isn’t exactly novel (HAH), but FUCK Ernest Hemmingway. Fuck your old man and his shitty boat and his shitty fish. I love To Kill a Mockingbird, but absolutely detest the way it’s taught in schools. As a social commentary, it’s worthless. As a coming-of-age novel, it’s practically perfect.

4. Which book do you keep telling yourself you’ll read, but you probably won’t? So many. Soooo many. Anything by Isaac Asimov, a whole lot of Dickens (I really like Dickens, but that “paid by the word” thing did the man no favors), uuuuuum. I keep telling myself I’m going to return to Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, which I started and never finished and SWEAR I’M GOING TO GO BACK TO SOMEDAY BUT OH GOD IT’S BEEN FIVE YEARS I’MMMMMM SOOOOOORRY TONI. A whole lot of poetry (here’s looking at you, Dickinson). A bunch I’m forgetting. Oh, and The Vampire Chronicles. Still, now that I’m working overnights and can listen to audiobooks eight hours per night, my rate of reading has practically quadrupled and there’s a good chance that I’ll use that as an excuse to finally get around to all of these.

5. Which book are you saving for “retirement?” I’m dying by twenty-six, so I gotta shove all those words in now.

6. Last page: read it first or wait till the end? 

Not since I was a little kid reading Goosebumps and had to know what bullshit twist R.L. Stine’s ghostwriter of the week would come up with this time.

7. Acknowledgements: waste of ink and paper or interesting aside? It’s a popular misconception that writing a book is a solo endeavor, and it’s self-indulgent bullshit. No book is an island, and the people that surround it deserve credit.

8. Which book character would you switch places with? Oh frick. Maybe not switching place with a specific character, but I want to be friends with the Hempstocks from The Ocean at the End of the Lane.  

9. Do you have a book that reminds you of something specific in your life (a person, a place, a time)? Matilda reminds me of when I was a little kid and books were the most magical thing in the world. Like, they still are, but there’s something about it that just recalls the innocence with which I could view literature as a kid. Hard same for A Series of Unfortunate Events. Jurassic Park was the first “adult” novel I ever read, and introduced me to a whole new idea of what books could be. IT reminds me of middle school summertime, devouring books on the beach while I wiggled my toes in the sand. The Eyes of the Dragon made me love fairytales, and years later Stardust reminded me why I love them.

10. Name a book you acquired in some interesting way. Um… I have a bunch of classics (Lord of the Flies, Brave New World, 1984, a few others) that I nicked from a storage room in my high school of books that used to be part of the literary curriculum but hadn’t been touched in about twelve years.

11. Have you ever given away a book for a special reason to a special person? I gave a really nice gold-leaf fancy-pantsy edition of Huck Finn I got from my Nana and Papa to one of my old friends because I forgot to buy him a birthday present. I also stole like, a dozen Discworld books from him, so it more than evens out.

12. Which book has been with you to the most places? The Eyes of the Dragon has been with me on at least five or six trips as a kid (I used to travel a lot with my dad for business), and has been with me everywhere I’ve lived.

13. Any “required reading” you hated in high school that wasn’t so bad ten years later? The opposite, actually. I read Gatsby for the first time on my own, absolutely loathed it, reread it my Senior year for AP Lit and loved it.

14. What is the strangest item you’ve ever found in a book? I found an old bus ticket from the early Nineties in my copy of A Confederacy of Dunces

15. Used or brand new? Both. Books. Just… books. Both have their own unique smell and feel that I love for different reasons.

16. Stephen King: Literary genius or opiate of the masses? Don’t know, don’t care. All I know is that he’s my book dad and always will be. He was the writer that made me believe that I could actually be a writer through On Writing. The Eyes of the Dragon is my favorite book and the one that’s influenced me more than any other. A lot of his books kind of blow, but when you’ve put out the sheer amount of words that he has, you’re bound to have a few stinkers. When the man hits the vein of a story, he hits it hard. I can’t imagine my middle school years without The Talisman or Firestarter or my high school years without Misery or IT. Speaking of, I’ve been waiting for the new IT movie since it was stuck in development hell however many years ago, and I’m absolutely going to cry in the theatre if it sucks. I don’t even need it to be good, I just need the relationships between the kids to be done well. They’re my children, dammit, and I love them so much.

17. Have you ever seen a movie you liked better than the book? American Psycho is unequivocally better than the book and nothing will ever convince me otherwise. Ditto for Fight Club. I don’t know if I’d say that Stand by Me is technically better than the book, but it’s also tied for my favorite movie of all time. A Clockwork Orange is in a similar boat. And Holes. OH. I can’t believe I almost forgot The Silence of the Lambs. I adore the movie, but the book runs almost entirely on the “male author wants to fuck his lady protagonist” trope, and eeeeeeew.

18. Conversely, which book should NEVER have been introduced to celluloid? Um… now seems like as good of a time to shit on the majority of Stephen King adaptations as ever. Like, I get that this is by no means a new observation, but fuck. Speaking of, I am so confused by the “dOnT rEmAkE iT tHe OrIgInAl WaS a CLASSIC” crowd. The miniseries is ass and the only redeeming factor is Tim Curry because, well… Tim Curry.

19. Have you ever read a book that’s made you hungry, cookbooks being excluded from this question? See my previous comment about wanting to be friends with the Hempstocks. I want that blackberry jam, dammit.  

20. Who is the person whose book advice you’ll always take? Um, I’ll basically read anything that @batmanisagatewaydrug throws my way. She’s like my only book friend (and my best friend) so I sort of figure out what I want to read on my own. Oh, I have been working on some of Neil’s recommendations from The View from the Cheap Seats, which has been rewarding so far (@Diana Wynn Jones, where were you all my life?).

I tag no one because I don’t have book friends (ahem ahem, HINT HINT IF YOU HAPPEN TO SEE THIS AND LOVE BOOKS FOR THE LOVE OF GODS HIT ME UP), but I will tag back @batmanisagatewaydrug just to prove I actually did it.

I read Tower of Dawn and now I’m angry

FYI, this will be a mess, because I’m determined to put as much effort into editing this post as SJM’s publishing team clearly did to get ToD out the door.

It took me almost two weeks to read Tower of Dawn, which is by far the longest it’s ever taken me to read a Sarah J Maas book. Say what you want about her (and believe me, I’m about to), but her books are damn entertaining. Sometimes for the wrong reasons. But still, so much fun to read.

ToD was… not. At all. I was in actual physical discomfort over how little I gave a shit about anything that happened in this book.

Let’s elaborate on that a little, shall we?

  • Wtf even was the culture of the southern continent supposed to be? The stuff that wasn’t straight-up copy-pasted from a Mongolian history textbook was nonsensical. It’s what TVTropes would call a Culture Chop Suey, made up of every not-northern-European culture under the sun. Before any stans grab their pitchforks, I KNOW the Mongol empire was famous for conquering a widespread variety of cultures, and allowing them to keep their traditions/faiths/etc. But let’s take “Neith” for example. That’s an Egyptian war goddess, and… the Mongols never conquered further southeast than Persia. And I don’t even know what to make of the Roman/Italian/whatever the hell “Torre Cesme” is supposed to be crap. It’s one thing to take influences from two closely related cultures when creating a fantasy one, but two cultures that were thousands of miles apart and had as little in common as Egypt and Mongolia? Or ITALY and Mongolia? That’s just a critical research failure, not to mention rather offensive, especially if other pieces of your worldbuilding are practically lifted verbatim from real life history. Cultural exchange is a very heavy, nuanced subject that deserves to be thoroughly researched and sensitively portrayed. ToD really really really really didn’t do that.  YOU CAN’T JUST PICK OUT THE “COOL” PARTS OF COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CULTURES BECAUSE YOU CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO LEARN ABOUT THEM IN ANY KIND OF MEANINGFUL DETAIL.
  • SJM also goes out of her way to tell us all about how the southern continent is SO MUCH BETTER than Adarlan. As a WOC myself, I was at first sort of glad she didn’t make it a “land of barbarians” or something like that. But the sheer saccharine perfection we got instead isn’t much better. Non-white cultures have nuances and ugly sides too, because WE’RE HUMAN CULTURES. WAITING FOR ONE OF THESE MAINSTREAM WHITE AUTHORS TO REALIZE THAT, THANKS. To sum up, the worldbuilding is shallow as fuck. The southern continent is basically just a more diverse Night Court, with giant bird riders instead of Illyrians.
  • Ahem. On the subject of sensitivity, I have complained in the past about how every damn character SJM writes is heart-stoppingly gorgeous. So many narrow waists, “considerable assets”, glistening muscles, and gemstone colored eyes to make any of my high school Mary Sues jealous. And that problem persists in ToD, don’t get me wrong—though we are introduced to one character who is not, in fact, heart-stoppingly gorgeous. And we are consistently reminded of this fact. Said character is also our token lesbian. She’s also a total asshole who ~says mean things about Aelin~. I am the only one who thinks this is kind of weird?
  • I’m not even going to talk about Chaol’s magical healing because it’s been covered by people far more knowledgeable than I on that subject. I’ll just say it surprised me not at all, and fuck you.
  • A lot of the discourse on sexism, rape, immigration, racism, etc. feels copy-pasted from social justice twitter threads. There’s one especially cringe-inducing scene where Kale and Irene discuss the servants providing the royals with sexual favors, and “how it can ever be true consent” (hint: it’s not). They go OUT OF THEIR WAY to explain why it’s justifiable—“don’t worry readers, the southern continent is still perfect.” It’s just weird and awkward and feels hella unrealistic for this setting.

Now before y’all decry me as a whiny social justice warrior who’s just looking for reasons to be offended, let me move on to why even if it HAD been written with a modicum of sensitivity, ToD would still be a trainwreck of a book.

  • It’s predictable as shit. Magical healing and boring-as-hell romances aside, even. Show of hands: when the five royal siblings were introduced, how many of you immediately picked out that Sartaq would be the heir? Purely because he’s the sexy warrior prince? This is also a huge personal pet peeve of mine: historically, military leaders have not made very good heads of state. Alexander the Great was shitty at everything except conquest. How the fuck is fucking Sartaq, who spends his life flying giant birds and fighting, better suited to rule than Arghun or Hasar, who actually seem to know things about politics? AND SPEAKING OF Arghun. Why are non-warrior dudes in SJM books always villainized? It’s sexist and gross, implying that men who don’t fight are weak and/or cruel.
  • There is SO MUCH info dumping. Scenes, especially toward the beginning of the book, would routinely get interrupted to provide us with backstory NO ONE ASKED FOR.
  • So much vague description of feelings—lots of ellipses and sudden stops before we can actually get to the point. You “couldn’t” WHAT, Irene? You felt WHAT? Also, “holy gods” is not an effective stand-in for emotionally evocative prose, sorry.
  • Idgaf about any of the characters. Kale is still the whiny asshole SJM turned him into to make room for Prince Toxic Masculinity, Irene is a less-interesting version of Sorscha, and I swear Nesryn has no personality to speak of beyond “loves her sister’s kids” and “wants to explore the southern continent”. Riveting.
  • CAN WE STOP PRAISING AELIN EVERY GODDAMN PAGE, FOR GOD’S SAKE. WHAT IS SJM TRYING TO PROVE? I mean, come on. Irene literally thinks she’s a goddess. It’s less a compelling story than a complete mess where I’m thinking “take a drink every time we’re reminded that Aelin Is The Greatest.”
  • The spiders are a blatant LoTR knockoff. I’m pretty sure the line about an “ancient malice stirring” (and actually a lot of the spiders’ society, behavior, etc.) comes straight from the Hobbit movies (and of ALL THE THINGS to rip off?!?!)
  • The characters keep swearing “low and creative” or “filthily” or some variant of those. Could you tell us WHAT they swear by? Aside from being an editing fail, it’s a missed opportunity for more worldbuilding that’s not just more vagueness or half-assed references.
  • I am in fact convinced that nobody edited this book. I’ve edited for pay, and by page 50 I was mad at myself for getting the e-book because I wanted to shred everything with my red pen. Recycled turns of phrase, infodumping, overuse of ellipses and em dashes, blatant ripoffs of better stories… oh, and the elephant in the room: IN NO UNIVERSE DID THIS NEED TO BE A 700 PAGE BOOK. It’s approximately 550 pages of pure filler–the only thing of relevance to the larger series is Maeve’s backstory. Thank the gods we’re almost done with this series.
Goblin King! AU

Genre: This part is some angsty shit with the grandmother but that’s about it, and even then there’s not much. There will be a second part that will wrap it up (the second most likely going to be more filth than plot just an fyi) w/ Goblin King! Jimin

Pairing: Goblin King! Jimin X Reader

Posted: 2/22/17

Words: 2.3k, just a warning it is really long even if it may not seem like it.

Warnings: mature themes, swearing, shitty writing, alternate universe (So Jimin will act different, as well as the other members), winky wonk sturf (not until later), shitty writing, and oh did I mention shitty writing?

Description/Summary - When your stepmother treats you like dirt and tells you that she’s selling your childhood home, the one that held all of the memories you had of your now deceased father, you become enraged, betrayal seeping through your veins. In a fit of a thunderous rage you call upon the Goblin King and beg him to kill her and take you away from your horrible life. Little did you know, he heard your call. But there is a price ;).

A/N: I’m warning y’all now, I haven’t really written in a while so I’m a bit rusty, oh and I’m shit at writing. Yeah I’m just damn trash floating around in a void of more trash that consumes my every being. I also did not edit this, I was hella bored and this happened. I don’t really feel like editing this after 3 days of work on this thing. Let me know if you guys want the other parts, and please be nice.
Also, some ideas are taken from the cinematic genius that is the movie Labyrinth, It has David Bowie in it and it’s one of my favorite movies from my childhood. If you haven’t seen it, set your shit down and go fucking watch it, it’s awesome. I do not own the Goblin King aspect, but most of the other stuff is mine.

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I can’t lose you - TEEN WOLF IMAGINE

requested: yes

“I love Aria and Stiles and I loooove drama between Stiles and Isaac! Imagine Stiles and Isaac get into a fight because of something Stiles did and involve Theo and Malia too, please?”

warnings: I found these pictures on google, I just made the collage. 

I’m sorry it took so long to put this up but I’ve been watching the previous seasons to feel inspired. I’m already thinking of a part2. 


You were with the pack in Lydia’s house for one more of those gatherings she loves to do but you don’t blame her, since you all get together and have so much fun. These little sleepovers are exactly what you need to relax since Beacon Hills is always in trouble and you’re all in such a big amount of stress. Lydia’s house was full of love and laughter while you were all completing the tasks she gave each of you. You were in charge of arranging the living room and choosing movies to watch with little Liam, Kira and Derek while Scott, Lydia and Isaac took care of dinner and Stiles and Malia were setting up the table outside. Although you were laughing a lot with Liam and Derek’s fight over the movies to pick, you had to put an end on it. Both you and Kira suggested a few ones but they ignored you. Finally, you all agreed on two movies and you decided to ask everyone which one they wanted first but before you got up, you heard someone shout from the other room in the house. You exchanged looks with Derek, Liam and Kira and you all got up and rushed towards the sound that came from the kitchen but moved towards Lydia’s backyard. When you got there you saw Isaac push Stiles to the ground and Scott trying to stop them.

“HEY!” Derek ran and grabbed Isaac, pulling him off of Stiles. Scott got in front of Stiles to protect him while Malia helped him get up, annoying you.

“What the hell?” You questioned staring at them.

“Isaac why did you do that?” Kira asked.

“Will you tell them or will I?” Isaac shouted looking at Stiles but pointing at you. Your heart started racing while your mind was already thinking the worst. Stiles had a frightened look as he tried to grasp for air.

“Tell us what?!” Lydia asked, curious but slightly annoyed.

“It’s not what you think, it’s a misunderstanding!” Stiles cried out trying to move towards you but Isaac threw himself at him again. This time Stiles reacted and threw himself at him too. Scott and Derek were in the middle of them and now little Liam also ran towards them.

“STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER!” Isaac yelled at Stiles as he tried to free himself from Derek to get his hands on him.

“YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE STAYING AWAY FROM HER, SHE’S MY GIRLFRIEND!” He yelled back as he tried to do the exact same.


“What?” Your eyes widened as soon as you heard those words. You were so confused with what was happening.

“He was kissing Malia!” The whole pack stopped at stared at both Stiles and Malia in shock. Kira grabbed your hand, as a sign of support.

“It’s NOT like that!” Stiles was now is despair, bleeding from his upper lip and hand.

“I SAW YOU through the window!” Isaac pointed at the window. Derek was so in shock that he even let him go accidentaly.

“Did you really do that?” Lydia asked even more pissed than before, taking a few steps back to stand by you.

“It’s NOT like that! You saw us but you have no idea what was going on!” Stiles was shaking, trying to explain himself but only making it worse. Malia stood by his side, close to him, driving you insane.

“Are you fucking insane?” Scott questioned.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Now Derek was also questioning Stiles.

“You have a few seconds to explain what was going on.” You warned.

“We were just talking about random stuff and then Malia said she remembered when I used to do this thing and we joked about it and she just kissed me and –“ he rambled on, anxiously, but was cut short.

“And you didn’t push her away! I saw you!” Isaac yelled again.

“I asked you a bunch of times if you still had feelings for Stiles and you said you didn’t.” You were staring at Malia with your heart not only broken but filled with hatred.

“And I thought I didn’t. But I’ve realized recently that I still do and I tried avoiding it but it was just too much.” She excused herself. You couldn’t see or feel any type of regret or guilt from her. You turned around and walked towards the door to leave without saying a word, when Stiles called out for you. He tried running after you but Isaac got in the way again, breaking into another fight. You didn’t care to look back at all, you just wanted to leave.

“Aria! I can’t lose you, please! I love you! Get the fuck off me Isaac or I swear –“

“Or what? Get away from her, you’ve done enough. I knew you would screw her over!” Isaac continued to yell at Stiles and you could hear him, although you couldn’t really understand what they were saying, fight back. You felt your chest heavy and a sharp pain in your heart as you left Lydia’s house. You just wanted to disappear so you just ran away. You ran as fast as you could until your lungs and legs gave out. You were now so far into the woods, you were lost. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and you checked it out only to find that you already had 15 missed calls from Stiles, a bunch of texts and some calls from Lydia, Scott and Kira. You threw your phone as you started crying. You placed your hand in your heart as if all the pain came from there. You held on to your shirt as you sobbed, completely heartbroken.

“Aria!” You heard a shout and you tried running away but it was too late. “What’s wrong? Did someone hurt you?” You wiped away your tears and looked up. Theo was now kneeling in front of you, trying to help you in some way. You were so out of your mind that you didn’t even notice him coming.

“I’m ok, don’t touch me please.” You answered politely, shaking your hands and taking deep breaths.

“You are NOT ok, that is not ok. Let me help you.” He reached out and grabbed you but you resisted.

“Stop! Since when do you care? You’re only going to harm me even more!” You pushed him.

“Since I’ve been to hell and back and I realized I fucked up big time. I’ve told you that I’m trying, I don’t want to be that person.”

“There’s a difference between being a good person that made shitty mistakes and being a bad person. You are bad, you’ve always been bad.”

“I’m trying. I hope you can let me show you that.” He held your hand as he stared at your swollen, red and wet eyes. You had no more strength in you to fight, you just wanted to be gone, so you didn’t even push him away this time. You didn’t move. “Let me help you.”

“No.” You mumbled.

“I’m not going to hurt you, I promise.” His left hand shifted to your face as he caressed you and it felt nice. You went back to crying a lot and this time Theo pulled you gently towards his chest and held you. You felt your phone buzz again but you didn’t care anymore. “Do you want to tell me what happened?”

“No. I just it to stop hurting.” You cried out.

“Do you want me to take you to your house?”

“No. I don’t want my mom to see me like this plus she thinks I’m not sleeping there tonight.” You were slowly breathing and calming yourself down.

“I can take you to my place. You can drink some water, have something to eat. You can even crash there if you want. Whatever makes you feel safe.” He offered. You didn’t even know about Theo’s parents, you’ve never even saw them. Although you didn’t want to trust him, you needed an escape so desperately so you agreed. Moments later he helped you up and led you to his house, not very far from where you were. The walk to his house was short but silent, making you uncomfortable. It was very weird to you that you were there with him and going to his house, but life happens. His house was very close to school and still in the woods, like Derek’s house used to be. It was bigger than expected but, to be honest, you didn’t even know what to expect. Theo opened the door like a gentleman and let you go in first. He flashed a smile at you as you took a deep breath and set foot inside his place.

“Work From Home” Xiumin/You

a/n: you can’t just SAY things like this and not expect me to do something drastic. rated like nc-15-17 i guess

warnings: mild, EXTREMELY mild kink fic. (more like kink negotiations, kink acknowledgment, nota lot of KINK)

Your laugh freezes in your lungs when the counter finishes and the next image pops up, completely black except for the small I gonna try something…


You barely have time to form the question when the next picture of Minseok pops up, blurrier, with just enough of his face showing that you can see the way his teeth catch at his bottom lip.

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More on my horrible fursuit by Blix Fox and Darby Deer of Fuzzworks LLC

So, I haven’t been overly active on tumblr for a while, but I have been inspecting and working on my suit.
So, I drove 500km to the nearest capital city (where a bunch of my furry friends live) and we altered my suit. 

With the edits I made, I was able to wear it to a meet at the foreshore. I had a lot of fun.

It looks pretty good as a ¾, right? Still not as good as having a full suit (like I paid for) but certainly a fucktonne better than having nothing.
Anyway, in order to do this, I had to cut my suit virtually in half. Chris and Erin (makers) were of course very upset about the “mutilation” of their “beautifully made suit”. But they can get fucked.
Anyway, in order to cut the suit right, we had to turn it inside out. Which was a nightmare in and of itself. But what we found inside.. I pretty much wanted to cry.

I think one of them nicked the leggings that have been sewn into the bottom half of the body and just gone “ah fuck it, she won’t notice!” so there’s a line of holes in one of the legs. I’m probably going to end up getting toes caught in these when I put it on and fuck the suit. This shouldn’t have happened and shouldn’t have passed as “good enough”/

In this image he’s stitched WAAAYYYYY too close to the edge of the fabric. This is the same for almost all of the markings and I am certain that he hasn’t left any seam allowance, which would also explain why the suit is too small for me. Where he’s stitched this close, there are already holes in the body suit because he’s missed the edge of the fabric completely.

Showing the dodgey stitching around the top of the leggings. It’s bunched up around here.

See how it’s fairly bunched up in places? Well it’s also asymmetrical. The left hand side marking is showing more than the right.

This arm….
Well, not only have they added a good 2 inches of fabric on the end, but the seams don’t meet up where they’ve sewn it and also, look at how both sides of the arm aren’t symmetrical. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the pattern you’re using to make a suit someone has paid $2000USD for be symmetrical???

Another shot of how bunched up and absolutely fucked it is around the waist of the leggings. 

Me cutting across the suit. (This is relevant. I’ll mention back to this at a further image)

This is how close they’ve stitched the zipper. It is near impossible to zip up without it catching on fur every five seconds. It’s also not a very good zipper, it jams on itself. If I were to get heat stroke in this, which is a possibility considering I live in Australia, I’d have to be cut out of this. It takes way too long to zip or unzip. And the zipper is on the back so there’s no way I could suit up alone.

I’d like to make note of the fact that this is not me. It’s my friend. She is thinner than I am but about the same height and she is the one in suit for all the cut photos I’ve posted further down on this thread. 
This is relevant because people keep saying it’s me and it fits fine. As she has thinner shoulders, she can fit into the top better, even though it’s a little tight on her around the shoulders too.

More bunched up stitching

A “fullbody” pic showing how bunched up it is around the waist again.

Wearing the head, which I’ve had to hollow out significantly.

More bunched up stitching, notice on the left that it’s bunched up where dark grey meets light grey as well.

So Chris got hella mad at this pic. 
Kept going on about how “insane” I was. 
“If this doesn’t show she’s insane, I don’t know what does. She has a photo of her suit sucking her dick.”
Meanwhile he set fire to one of his suit heads.
And more recently, poured milk all over his Preacher Wolf suit.
And I’m crazy for this picture???

My friend in the suit after we’d cut it.
This one I’d title “Fuck you, Chris/Blix”

My friend in the suit again. She can finally lift her arms up in suit because before, you couldn’t as it would pull way too much. As evidenced by the large gap around the belly. She was so good. I was on the verge of a breakdown. 
I’d just cut a $2000 suit in half, and seen all these flaws to it…
I was really upset. But she started goofing off in my suit and it made things not so bad. I owe her so much for helping me alter the suit and for being a goof to make sure I didn’t start crying.

So she was running around in suit, and then suddenly goes “Cunt or slut?”
And I was like “cunt?” so she wrote this on her belly.
Basically “Hey Blix, you’re a cunt”
I swear to god, don’t ever give this woman sugar!

The foam I pulled out of my head. Oh, and the pin. 
This isn’t even half of the foam I needed to cut out in order to make the head not suffocate me and squish my face. But yeah, the pin. Who the fuck leaves pins in their suits that they’ve made for a customer???
It’s fucking horrible that he thinks THIS is an appropriate thing to give to a customer, and that he’ll badmouth other makers and say their work is shitty???
What a fucking joke.

An image that shows the fur on the undersides of the paws GOES IN THE WRONG FUCKING DIRECTION.
It’s meant to go TOWARDS the finger tips. 
This is pathetic. This is an absolute rookie mistake. 
This shouldn’t be sold to a customer.

And a close up of the pin.
It’s got a bit of glue and some foam on it too. And my head in the background.

All of these errors and he and Erin have the nerve to say “it was a really good suit” and “the best they’ve made so far”. Fucking makes me sick. 
These people are scam artists.
You can read the rest of the story here http://fenflux.tumblr.com/post/135814289972/scammerhorrible-maker-alert-blix-foxchris

Since going public with the above post, I’ve had so many threats come my way. I’ve had lies spouted about me left, right and center. Some people are even saying that the suit fit me perfectly and I’m doing all this to spite Chris and that I purposely made the DTD too small.
First off, How is it even fucking possible to make the DTD the wrong size?
I will admit that I used SLIGHTLY wrong duct tape. But I’m sure that if they had’ve used the DTD when they got it, rather than keeping it in storage for SEVEN MONTHS, it would have almost fit perfectly, rather than this abomination. Also, I did ask him what tape to use, even asking if Australian duct tape was different. And I got the response “just use duct tape”. so I did. 
I found out later that Australian “duct tape” contains a small amount of PVC. And that here, “duct tape” goes by the name of “cloth tape”. Still doesn’t explain how this fits them really well. How the head, feet and hands were not made to my measurements.
Secondly, why the fuck would I “ruin” a suit that fit me?  I wouldn’t have had much of a problem if the suit actually fucking fit me. Sure, I’d still be appalled at the way I’ve been treated, at the time it took to make the suit, but I’d at least admit that it fit me and looked good. 
As it was, I had to cut the fucking thing in half just to wear it. And that is not ok.


Names i know they go by: Chris Patterson (Blix Fox, Keurig Husky, Preacher Wolf, Christian Patterson)
Erin Capps (Darby Deer, Rasta hound)
“Business” name is either Made By Blix/Blix Fox Fursuits or Fuzzworks LLC

Light up the Dark

So I’m finally cross-posting this here from my ao3 account. I would have done it sooner but that would have required some editing and I’ve just been lazy :-). I figured I might as well put it on my blog (after 3 months lol) just to archive it.

Warnings: Try not to cry I guess.

Disclaimer: This is not a writing blog. I just like to very occasionally write fan fiction when I have the time (and I usually don’t).

To be honest, Jungkook had no idea what to expect when his mother (without his permission) signed him up to be a volunteer at the small local hospital. He imagined wearing a girly striped smock while cringing as he changed a sickly, middle-aged man’s bed pan. He imagined wanting to tear his ears off after hours of listening to elderly patients gripe about backhanded politics, overly complicated technology, and how his ear piercings made him look like some kind of “flamboyant thug.” Hell he even imagined getting roped in a doctor’s desperate plan to save a patient’s life who’s been impaled by a stop sign like in those ER shows he secretly binge watches when no one’s at home.

What he didn’t expect was to be led to the long-term stay ward by a pale, blond haired nurse, who looked like he rather curl up in the nearest comfortable spot and take a nap then be a full-time medical worker and be introduced a teenage boy with bright red hair and an even brighter toothy grin sitting upright in scratchy, white hospital bed sheets.

“Jungkook, this is Jimin.” The nurse drawled out with a deep, but lazy tone. “Jimin, this is Jungkook. He’s the volunteer assigned to you to keep you company for a few hours a week. Try not to scare this one off with your greasiness.”

The boy, Jimin apparently, let out a high-pitched laugh. “Ah Yoongi hyung I have no idea what you’re talking about. Why would I scare away someone as handsome as Jungkook here.” He ended with a flirtatious smirk and eye-smile directed towards said boy, making Jungkook highly consider turning about face and walking straight out of this hospital without even a glance back, but despite himself he stay rooted to the same spot sporting an annoyed look on his ‘handsome’ face.

“You see that’s what I’m talking about.” Yoongi let out an exasperated breath and turned to leave Jungkook to his fate but stopped to give Jungkook a side long look. “Hey this might be asking much but please be patient with Jimin. He’s a good kid, an annoying little shit at times, but a good kid nonetheless.” Jungkook just nodded at Yoongi’s sagely advice as said nurse shuffled away, kind of struck speechless at the fact that a medical professional would call someone a ‘little shit’.

Jungkook wearily walked towards the empty chair that was adjacent to smiling boy’s hospital bed and sat down. A few moments of uncomfortable silence passed by as Jimin stared at the teenage boy waiting for him to open his mouth and Jungkook stared out of the large sliding window, determined to avoid looking at the guy that had some nerve to openly flirt with him 10 seconds after meeting him.

“Ah I see, you’re the shy type. I guess that means I’ll have to be the ice breaker.” Jimin rubbed his chin in a comical, but contemplating manner. “I know,” he snapped his fingers as an idea popped inside his mind. “Want to know what I’m dying from?”

Snapping his attention away from watching a bird bully a squirrel, Jungkook couldn’t help to give the red-haired boy a wide eyed ‘are-you-serious’ look. He couldn’t believe that came out of someone’s mouth.

“I see that got your attention.” Jimin gave him smug smirk (that looked suspiciously similar to the flirty one he gave Jungkook a few minutes ago, Jungkook noted wearily). “Yeah well I have cancer-leukemia to be exact. I actually had it when I was little kid and it was thought it was gone and I was in remission but then BAM!” Jimin clapped his hands for emphasis, startling Jungkook a bit. “A few months after my 17th birthday I get the news that it’s come back.” He let out a short sigh before plastering a genuine grin on his face. “Such a life, but enough about that boring stuff. I want to know about you.”

All Jungkook could do was stare, absolutely befuddled at the sight before. How could someone, anyone, talk about dying from a terminal illness as if they were discussing the weather. There was only one thing Jungkook could think of to respond with.

“You’re…really strange, you know that?”

“Haha, thanks!”

“That wasn’t a compliment.”


Strangely enough Jungkook found himself back in the same wooden chair the next couple days, partially ignoring Jimin as he whined at him for barely answering his rapid fire questions. Even Yoongi raised a blond eyebrow as Jungkook signed in for work at the front desk earlier that day.

“Oh so I guess the kid didn’t scare you off yet with his shitty attempts at flirting.”

“Jungkookie~” His name was annoyingly drawn out, snapping him out of his musings.


“You’re ignoring me when I’m trying to ask you questions.” He put on a childish pout. “I swear kids these days are so disrespectful to their elders.”

“Okay first I don’t know why you feel the need to ask me so many questions; I’m not that interesting. And second you’re only two years older than me, though I have hard time believing that.” Jungkook eyes roamed over Jimin’s shorter stature and slightly chubby cheeks.

“Aish, this kid.” The red-haired teen gave him a faux glare before slipping into his usual smile. “But what do you mean you’re not interesting. Everyone has something interesting about them, like…do you collect anything?”


“Play any sports?”

“Not really.” That was kind of lie. Jungkook was actually really good at sports, but participating in organized sports never appealed to him.

“Know anyone famous like Big Bang?”

Jungkook couldn’t help but roll his eyes at that one. “Of course not.”

It amazed Jungkook how someone who was sick with such an aggressive illness could be so energetic. His dark eyes lit up when Jungkook walked in the room and had yet to stop shining as he roamed around the slightly spacious room while talking about everything and nothing.

“Come on everyone has something about themselves that’s interesting. How about music?”


“Yeah like can you play an instrument? Or sing, dance?”

Jungkook was just going to say “no” but thought better to tell the truth to maybe end this meaningless conversation. “Well, uh, I can sing, I guess.” He averted his eyes, embarrassed at his admission. Not many people knew about his love of singing. That privilege usually belonged to his parents, brother, his old childhood friend, and his shower at home.

A calm silence spread throughout the room after Jungkook’s admission. Averting his dark eyes back to a now silent Jimin, Jungkook was surprise to see a soft look gracing Jimin’s face, taking place of the usual flirty grin.

“You can sing?” He asked softly, more softly than he’s ever been since they both met.

“Uh yeah, nothing special.” Jungkook shrugged his shoulders as his eyes desperately flitted around the room looking for anything, something to distract him from the strange look the usual jubilant boy gave him. They finally settled on the various “Get Well Soon” cards strangely organized on Jimin’s mostly cluttered desk.

“Can you sing for me sometime?” The question had Jungkook refocus his attention to Jimin, who still had that weird look on his face. For some reason Jungkook couldn’t bring himself to look away this time.

“I’ll…think about.” Jungkook answered surprising himself.

Jimin let out an amused snort at the younger’s cryptic answer. “You know I actually wanted to be a singer, an idol even.”

Now it was Jungkook’s turn to let out an amused snort. “Really?” To tell you the truth Jungkook couldn’t even imagine being one of K-pop’s many idols. Sure he loved Big Bang and highly admired G-Dragon, but you couldn’t pay him enough (or not pay in some cases) to have makeup caked up on his face almost every day, do body rolls and hip thrusts in front thousands of teenage girls, and have very risqué fanfiction written about him and one of his bandmate (or in some scenarios all of them). He just rather stay in Busan and loudly play video games with Taehyung, low key stalk G-Dragon’s Instagram, and secretly practice girl group dances in his room.

“Why does everyone always say that?” The red-haired teenager let out a sad puppy pout that made him look even younger than he already did. “I always thought it would be cool to have fans from Korea and internationally, travel the world holding concerts, and learning all sorts of choreography. It might seem like a hassle to some people but it’s a life I wouldn’t mind experiencing, even if was for one day.”

“Yeah but…” The younger hadn’t really consider the upside of being a singer. It was often hard reading idols faces; were they really happy with their life style choice, why did they choose to sign a binding contract just to have their face and private life plastered all over the internet, what is their goal? In all honesty Jungkook thought if he decided to become an idol, there may be a chance he end up resenting himself.

But of course he didn’t say any of this Jimin.

“But aren’t you too short to be an idol? The fangirls would have a hard time seeing you on stage.” He couldn’t help replying teasingly.

“Yah you’re really are a brat!” Jimin complained even though he was struggling to hold in a smile.

And despite himself, Jungkook couldn’t help let slip a chuckle from his lips, amused by Jimin’s red hair and even redder face.

Jimin stared out him for a little before bursting out in laughter himself, forgetting all his previous frustration towards the younger. “Ah Jungkookie you’re so cute when you smile.”

Jungkook quickly dropped his smile and looked away with an exaggerated eye roll. “I’m not cute and don’t call me ‘Jungkookie.’”

“I beg to differ.” Giving Jungkook his signature eye-smile. Glancing back at him, the younger couldn’t help but notice how genuine Jimin was being. Maybe this once he’ll return a compliment.

“Hey so when you finally sing for me, can you do it without a shirt on like Taeyang-sunbae?”

Or maybe not.

“I change my mind, I’m definitely not singing for you.”

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Drawn to Midnight

A/N: Intially this was supposed to be a short little Negan x reader fic for Ash’s 2k writing challenge under the New Year prompt. But with the New Year fast approaching, I got a little carried away with it! Excuse my lack of editing as time ticks down on 2016 and plans get in the way of being able to conclude it properly (or give a decent title). I wanted to finish it in time for the celebrations so I apologise in advanced for the last couple of thousand words. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy this imagining of our Savior and a very happy new year to all!

Word Count: 10,554

Warnings: Swearing, violence, death, minor smut.

Tags: @negans-network , @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash

That week between Christmas and New Year had always been a timeless space, an empty gap in your life. It seemed sad really, that you never did have the friends to hang out with, the family to celebrate with. Instead you had been alone, wondering whether you really ought to reach out to those long lost. Of course now, none of that mattered… There was no one at the end of an awkward, long distance phone call- you couldn’t even remember the last time you held a damn phone. The world had changed. No longer did you watch the glitter ball drop in Times Square on TV as the seconds counted down to midnight. No longer did you fall asleep, curled up on your couch with a half drunken cup of coffee. No longer did such luxuries matter.

It was New Year’s Eve, Sanctuary looking the same as every other day. No fireworks ready and waiting, no dastardly countdown to new beginnings. It was all bullshit anyway. Resolutions and making promises you’d never keep. You hadn’t done such things since you were a teenager. Now, as a fully fledged grown woman, you realised how pitiful your life had been. Before this, before the world came to a halt and the dead reanimated, you’d been a college graduate, working a shitty 9-5 receptionist number whilst trying to make it as an illustrator. You’d been shot down more times than you cared to remember, made to think you were worthless in a worthy society. Oh how the tables had turned. See, Sanctuary was a worthy society, it was THE community you had always belonged in. And meeting the love of your life? That had just been a damn coincidence.

When you’d first arrived however many months ago, you never thought you’d meet ‘the one’. To be honest, you never believed in that so called soulmate to begin with. It was all a crock of shit fantasy the media had forced the fragile minded to convince them their lives were shit without someone else in it. Yeah, you had pretty strong feelings about love back then. You still did now, except now, you were in love. It was still an unexplainable feeling, a crazy whirlwind of emotion. Love wasn’t just one thought or one action, it was everything you’d ever do or say again. It affected you wholly, consumed your very being. Love had a name though, that it did. Love was named Negan.

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Dedicated to ... ( Phan )

Dedicated to …
GENRE : Fluff as always (; Confessing and shit and an oblivious as FUCK Dan Howell.
WARNINGS : None :)
SUMMARY: Phil’s dedicating various of songs to an unknown person on the radio .

(A/N) wrote this out of boredom so?? im sO SORRY if it’s really shitty but the idea of this is so cute omg !!!!

WORD COUNT : 1,823

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anonymous asked:

Got any fluffy Hollstein stories?

how about a band au where laura and carm answer questions sent to laura on tumblr… and literally all of them are about her and carm being a couple??? bc band aus make me happy also sorry it’s long omg i wrote it in class it was like 10 pages in my notebook

Laura flicks on the camera with a bright smile.

“Hi guys!” She greets (to, technically, her wall). “So, I’m here with-” she turns to her right, where… absolutely nobody was sitting. “Carmilla! You have to do this!”

“I know,” the familiar brunette appears from the kitchen doorway, two mugs in her hands. She gives Laura the TARDIS one and sits down beside her on the light blue sofa. “Just thought you’d want some cocoa is all.”

The blonde smiles, sipping her cocoa happily. She lets out a quiet hum. Three marshmallows – she remembered! “There you have it, folks: Dark and broody teen heart throb Carmilla Karnstein is actually a big softy.” She tells the camera.

Carmilla rolls her eyes. “Only for you, cupcake.”

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tahnks to karasunotsubasa for the SUPER AWESOME PROMPT. this is not edited at all and im tired so i will do so in the morning. but. here. take it. (be warned its 3400 words)

“I have class in the morning, so I have to go back.” He pecked at Kuroo’s lips again, laughing when he felt the other pull him closer, “You can come stay with me if you really want to, you big asshole child.” When he got a grin in response, Hinata tossed him the keys and rolled his eyes, a smile on his face. 

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Interview with MissHoneywell!

And now it’s time for an interview with the irreplaceable MissHoneywell (aka @badnovels), who writes dark!Peeta like no one else can. Join us for a conversation about reading, writing, the fandom and the unforgettable Prompts in Panem!

Note from the mods: This interview was carried out before the very exciting announcement of one last round of PIP.

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  • ‘why does my shitty neighbour keeps using my wifi’ 'then you shouldntve made the password a dumb lord of the rings reference’ au

Author’s Note: I changed it slightly to where the password was different to fit the prompt. But this is for drunkroosters so Julia I hope you like it. :D

Word Count: 1,275

He noticed it one late night during a match of Halo with Ray and Geoff. 

Michael had his headset over his ears, yelling into the microphone how he was going to beat the living shit out of the two since he kept getting shot as soon as he spawned. “Tough luck dude,” Geoff laughed into his ears, managing to shoot down Michael’s character almost instantly after a spawn. 

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anonymous asked:

What'd do you think of Reylo type ships outside of canon? Like, in the context of au's, where it isn't portrayed as abusive? Often times, in au's, he's written as a generally nice guy, just with serious anger management he's working through, and they ship itself then changes dynamic to be non-abusive.

Honestly I think AU’s where the person is a generally nice guy go a long way towards woobifying that particular villain. I’m saying that as someone who read a lot of Loki fanfiction to try and see the point that fandom was trying to make by woobifying him.

All that really happens in the end is that the fandom forgets the real charactization in canon and clings to the fanon version in their AUs. I’ve seen it happen in different fandoms where everyone starts swearing like their fanon version is the real version.

It happened to Loki to the extent that they blamed the majority of his villainy to the shitty parenting he’d received even though the evidence for that was flimsy at best. Not to mention most of the comic Loki fans were quick to point out that while comic!Loki was more of a truly chaotic trickster and not as evil as MCU Loki.

In some fandoms its possible to do away with the evil part altogether. Like for example in the Flash fandom its possible to write a true Harrison Wells that was never tainted by Eobard thawne impersonating him and wearing his face. That I wouldn’t consider woobification of Harrison Wells at all. It would just be writing Harrison from say Earth 2.  

Can you really do that to Kylo Ren? I don’t think so.  In the film he is homicidal to a massive scale. He sides with the people that destroy everything from whole villages to whole planets thus sharing in their guilt for the massive genocides.  He himself wiped out a class of young Jedi and he did that before he became Kylo Ren. He kills his father to get himself to become more of the Dark side. Thats not someone working out some anger issues that’s someone who’s committed to becoming evil.  

Could that be worked out? Could we go back to a time when he wasn’t evil I think we could but it would have to be the distinction between Ben Solo and Kylo Ren. Ben Solo may have had some anger issues before he submitted to the Dark Side but the Ben Solo who hadn’t killed a whole class of young Jedi. Making that distinction is important I think because if not you’re just saying that Kylo Ren is actually an ok dude. Which he is not.

You can’t have Kylo without the genocide its impossible and attempting to do that is clearly woobification.  While that may not be shipping an abusive ship it still has toxic consequences on the fandom because the fanon Kylo becomes intertwined with his woobified fanfic counterpart. That has other effects such as vilifying other characters in order to do this. I’ve even seen it happen. In one meta I didn’t care to finish they blamed bad parenting saying that Han had been a bad father. Which not only made Han seem OOC but also removes Kylo’s culpability. That’s bad don’t do that. He’s the sole reason he’s so fucked up at this point.

I’ve seen it countless times like what happened in the MCU fandom where people started going out of their way to vilify Fury in order to provide a softer less abrasive Tony Stark or to absolve Grant Ward.

After all of this even if you’re writing Ben Solo before he went Dark Side (and killed all those kids) you have to be aware that some people will still use your fics and your characterizations to justify a shitty abusive ship.  You can’t stop others and how their brains will make leaps of rationalizations it’ll happen.

tl;dr  You can’t have AUs where Kylo Ren is an ok dude without woobifying him. You have to be clear that you’re writing Ben Solo if he’d never killed a class of kids. That’s the only way to do it. Otherwise you’re still contributing to a toxic habit that fandom has of absolving the main villain. Even if you write Ben Solo before he’d killed those kids you have to be aware some people will continue to use your charactization to further woobify Kylo Ren.

I hope this all makes sense its kinda late here.

mod m

Edit: I just realized that I referred to you writing fics as if you weren’t referring to fics already written. Basically all fics that write Kylo as an ok dude with anger issues are still shitty but because they absolve him of his genocidal tendencies and his abusive nature.

Edit: After getting this ask I’ve decided that the only reason to write Ben Solo is because you want a white OC to ship with Rey and you are therefore racist.