i made this completely

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Fabric paint can be kinda expensive, but if you go on Amazon, you can get a 1 litre bottle of fabric paint medium for £8. Mix it with basically any kind of paint and you have fabric paint, and one bottle lasts ages. (I've completely painted two duvet covers and barely made a dent in mine.) Just as an alternative for anyone who's not a fan of how acrylics chip but can't afford regular fabric paint.

For y’all making patches!

-Mod Cha

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I am looking for CS fics to help me with my current withdrawal .. can you suggest any? It doesn't matter if it's complete or a WIP with regular updates) .. My favorite is the enemies to lovers trope

hey. i just made a  complete or a WIP with regular updates list

an enemies to lovers one is in my drafts (beloved trope of mine), but i’ll give you my favourites

  • Lightning Strikes the Heart [4/4] by @thebravestprincess. what can i say about this one? it has it all. it’s long ( this is how enemies to lovers is supposed to be. there is running in both directions. you’re gonna be exasperated at times but the resolution will be worth it

Also completely unrelated but I made a new char on black desert online cause I wanted to see if it had gotten better since I played at launch and instantly the game gave me a weapon that was like 5 times better than my starting weapon and fucking 84 million silver. which. I’m pretty certain is a lot

and I have no idea why it did either of these things

I'm back!

The music festival went great. :D

Some things that happened:

-I drank copious amounts of Red Bull

-Apparently people think I’m pretty, or at least quite a few of my customers were saying so? (The highlights of the compliments I got: “Your skin is really blowing me away, you have the most perfect porcelain-white skin” and “Your eyes are gorgeous, it’s like you have sunshine coming out of your pupils”)

-A girl tried to get my number (the one who said my eyes were pretty). I do not have a phone, so there was no number for her to get.

-I saw Twenty-One Pilots playing, it was a great show!

-In my spare time I not only drew out the design for that new oc I’ve been teasing at, but made a second, completely different new oc as well.

Okay, so, fill me in, what have I missed on here over the weekend? Any major developments?

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Hiya! I noticed you re logged fanart of the leaked Voltron content (the shiro and Keith one). It'd be really great if you can delete that content or any other content pertaining to leak and inform others as well about also clearing original as well as fanart of the content. Thank you! Let's get this mess sorted out and keep this fan base strong!

Guhh..! I’m so so sorry! I made sure to immediately delete actual leaked photos from the tour, but completely forgot about the related fan art. This is my mistake and I am very very sorry! My page should be season 3 spoiler-free now, but if this is incorrect, please let me know! Thank you to everyone who messaged me and was actually kind about it rather than sending threats. I know some people have been really sour about taking these down. (I’ve just been busy with a sick child which is my reason for my late response) Believe me, I’m not one for starting crap. I respect the fandom!


If you look up ‘Cinnamon Roll’ in the dictionary, you probably will see a picture of this guy. This video is probably listed as a source.


he’s actually talking about his senior debut grand prix final win but they just saw sixteen candles so

Yuri Plisetsky Week Day 1: Birthday

I love how they always leave THAT space for Yixing…


poor jun

Lupe is my new favorite Adventure Zone character, okay?