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Santas Elves

Context: a one off for a holiday, simple and quick before the regular game. It was Christmas, me and my team were santa’s elves and we had to rescue him from a kidnapping. We were given 3 Christmas wishes yet, which we could summon anything we could imagine with. After trying to break into this castle, using a few wishes up (like a huge ladder to reach a window, and one person made a grenade), we finally find ourselves looking from above to see a room full of soldiers, except the soldiers are playing cards, and there’s a queen commanding this army.

Elf 1: I want to use a Christmas wish.

DM: This is your last one, what would you like to attempt to do?

Elf 1: I want to make 10,000 swords floating above the entire room, pointing down, and I want to drop them on the playing cards.

Elf 2: what the hell man??

DM: …you can certainly try

Elf 1: *rolls natural 20*

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What would Yuri and Otabek's first time be like in the mafia AU?? I'm torn between it being really rough or unbelievably gentle.

The first FIRST time they finally go at it, completely, 100%, no stopping, I see it as rough at first. There’s just so much pent up sexual frustration by that point, and though Yuri managed to talk his way into blowing Otabek several times before this, it really only left Otabek wanting more from Yuri every time (but holding back for a hundred reasons he made up in his head, mostly him just knowing when he did there would be really no turning back). So when he finally snaps and picks up Yuri and pins him to the wall, he’s not gentle at first and Yuri doesn’t want him to be. He’s been angling for it for too long to want Otabek to treat him like glass.

But, after that first furious fuck on Otabek’s floor is finished, Otabek isn’t finished himself yet with Yuri. And he goes again, taking him to his bed this time and taking his sweet time to take Yuri apart.

So, both? 🙈

How They Kiss You (Visuals)


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Darry always showed you that he loved you. He said it through his actions and his words. He would kiss you, long and slow and to him, he was saying ‘I love you.’


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Soda always made you feel loved and cared for. He wanted to make you feel as special as he thought you were.


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Ponyboy never knew much about love and affection. He told you that he loved you but that was long before he finally had the guts to actually kiss you. When he did, it was soft and sweet.


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Dally was never one to be really intimate around everyone, but when you were alone, he would kiss you a lot. He loved to set you on the kitchen counter so you could wrap your legs around his waist.


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Steve loved to see you smile. He would always end up making you laugh somehow right before he kissed you, so he could feel it, too.


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Two-Bit was always the one who loved to show the world that you were his. He would pick you up and twirl you around for the world to see.


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It was always you kissing Johnny first. He was scared that he would mess it up somehow, but honestly, you didn’t mind. You liked to be the one to show him what love felt like.


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Imagine being LaSalles girlfriend and on NCIS and one night you come home and someone attacks you?? You don’t die, but like some Chris fluff?? 

Requested by Anon~

You heard Chris’ voice before you even saw him, telling the officers who he was and that he was ‘going to check on his girlfriend, god dammit.’ Despite the circumstances, you gave a small smirk and just waited for LaSalle to find you.

Finally, he rounded the end of the ambulance and saw you, his eyes wide. You didn’t look too bad; not anything he was expecting. So that already made it a little easier for LaSalle to breathe as he came closer. “You alright, Sugar Belle? As soon as I heard, I came runnin’ over.”

His hands came up to settle on your shoulders, and his touch grounded you. Comforted you, knowing Chris was here and he wasn’t leaving. “I’m fine.” You replied lowly. “Now that you’re here.”

An Unwanted Surprise

Dean Winchester Drabble  

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam (Mentioned)  

Word count:  585

Trigger warnings: Suicidal talk, self-harm scars, Depression, Panic attack (tell me if I missed anything)  

(Do not read this if any of this triggers you please)  

(I based this off of things that I have gone through myself which made this somewhat easier to write. This is my first Fan Fic and I just want to thank @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms, @ilostmyshoe-79 , @chelsea072498 for letting me read their fucking fantastic works and inspire me to finally put something I wrote onto here. Thank you guys so much so much)  

Hearing an audible sharp intake a breath from the door way you curse to yourself for not closing the door before you started changing. Quickly pulling on your pants you shove down the panic that Dean just saw your old self-harm scars.  

“Y/N what were those?” He nearly yelled as he stepped into the room. Turning to him your face void of emption so he doesn’t see the panic you’re feeling you mutter the lie you always tell yourself.  

“Nothing. They were nothing.” You can see the rage, hurt, confusion on his face.  

“Those were not nothing Y/N. They looked like scars a lot of scars. More than a hunter should have in one place.” You took a deep breath trying to force down the panic but failing miserably. Clearly shaking you answer him with a small trembling voice.  

“T-They’re old self-harm scars from a few years ago” It felt like you had stopped breathing and in reality you had. The next thing you know Dean is holding you to him trying to get you to calm down and breathe.  

“Sweetheart breath. C'mon Y/N breathe with me.” Running a hand along your back while your ear is on his chest focusing on his hear beat you slowly begin to breathe in time with him. Soon you’ve calm down enough to speak but he beats you too it with a question.  

“Why?” He sits you and him down on your bead waiting patiently for you to answer him.  

“A-as a teenager I was depressed.” You start out slowly. “I wasn’t well liked in school and I couldn’t seem to do anything right in my mother’s eyes so I really started to hate myself. At first it was just on my arms with a paper clip, not enough to do damage, but soon that wasn’t enough and I started using pencil sharpener blades on my arms. It just got to the point where I did it on my legs. I stopped after 3 years I think but the damage was done” you finish shaking softly.  

Through all of this Dean was quiet and listening closely and wiped away a couple tears that you hadn’t noticed fell from your eyes. Scared to look into his eyes you buried your face into his chest. He gently placed his fingers on your chin motioning you to look at him.  

“This isn’t something you have to hide or be afraid of Y/N. You aren’t alone in this world anymore. You have Sam and I and If you ever feel like harming yourself or any self-destroying thought please come to me or Sam. We are willing to listen to you and not judge. We love you Y/N you’re family. Please don’t hide anymore sweetheart.” He gently kisses your forehead and rests his chin on top of your head.  

Fighting back tears you bury your face into his neck as he rubs his hand up and down your back. “Thank you Dean…thank you so much. I love you too. You guys are my family too and I wouldn’t trade you two for anything in this world. ”  

“Us either sweetheart.” He smiled softly into your hair.  

For the first time in a long time you felt at piece with who you are and that there are people in this world that love you.  

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The end of How I met your mother sucked so much and I refuse to acknowledge it. In my world it never happened, Robin and Barney are still together.

It was the most disappointing series finale ever. And I’m not even just talking about Robin and Barney who were so meant to be it was ridiculous – but of what they did to Ted and Tracy. I loved Barney/Robin but I legitimately was so enthralled and looking forward to the mother and Ted.

They even had that amazing scene in the season before the final season where he talked to her about what it would be like when they met and I was in tears. 

THEN – we meet her and she was AMAZING. LIKE I LOVED TRACY, OK? It made me happy – they made me happy – and then nope. We’re just going to relegate this epic, amazing love story to her being just a way for Ted to have kids and then kill her so that he can be with the REAL LOVE of his life and the one he always wanted to be with – Robin. (Even though they were terrible together – TERRIBLE).

They destroyed TWO awesome couples in LITERALLY the span of 15 minutes. Like – it takes some special kind of really bad execution and writing to do that because it wasn’t just the finale they messed up but the ENTIRE PREMISE OF YOUR SHOW WAS A LIE. I mean, I can’t even watch re-runs and sold my DVDs. That is how messed up that was. 


March 26th 1997

20 Years ago today one of the best, most show stopping games of hockey ever was played. It’s a day i actually remember very well. I remember every second of that game and I have since I was 8 years old. It’s what made me fall completely in love with the Red Wings. (I had been watching long before that day, but that was the day that did it for me) Every play, every whistle, every inch of blood stained ice, every single punch thrown. That game is what made everything I do revolve around hockey. If there’s a better game I’ve yet to see it be played. The amount of passion on the ice that night, The amount of love for teammates, friends, and the game of hockey in that one single night is unsurpassable. 

The Wings took a win today at home, at The Joe, in the final season of hockey that will ever be played there. We’re by no means the team that touched the ice 20 years ago today, But I’ll be damned if I’m not proud of every second of hockey that I’ve witnessed played there. 


It’s a long-standing tradition for the sitting president of the United States to leave a parting letter in the Oval Office for the American elected to take his or her place. It’s a letter meant to share what we know, what we’ve learned, and what small wisdom may help our successor bear the great responsibility that comes with the highest office in our land, and the leadership of the free world.

But before I leave my note for our 45th president, I wanted to say one final thank you for the honor of serving as your 44th. Because all that I’ve learned in my time in office, I’ve learned from you. You made me a better President, and you made me a better man.

Throughout these eight years, you have been the source of goodness, resilience, and hope from which I’ve pulled strength. I’ve seen neighbors and communities take care of each other during the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. I have mourned with grieving families searching for answers – and found grace in a Charleston church.

I’ve taken heart from the hope of young graduates and our newest military officers. I’ve seen our scientists help a paralyzed man regain his sense of touch, and wounded warriors once given up for dead walk again. I’ve seen Americans whose lives have been saved because they finally have access to medical care, and families whose lives have been changed because their marriages are recognized as equal to our own. I’ve seen the youngest of children remind us through their actions and through their generosity of our obligations to care for refugees, or work for peace, and, above all, to look out for each other.

I’ve seen you, the American people, in all your decency, determination, good humor, and kindness. And in your daily acts of citizenship, I’ve seen our future unfolding.

All of us, regardless of party, should throw ourselves into that work – the joyous work of citizenship. Not just when there’s an election, not just when our own narrow interest is at stake, but over the full span of a lifetime.

I’ll be right there with you every step of the way.

And when the arc of progress seems slow, remember: America is not the project of any one person. The single most powerful word in our democracy is the word ‘We.’ 'We the People.’ 'We shall overcome.’

Yes, we can.

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President Barack Obama 


We’ve all made terrible mistakes in our lives, done things that no apology can heal. But you just have to keep going, try to find some new happiness. No matter how much you’ve lost. The strange thing is, losing those people was what brought us together. It’s how we found each other. It’s what made us… f a m i l y.

About Sangwoo’s motive for murder

So I just had a conversation with @mutual-curiosity about what happened the night Sangwoo ‘killed’ his parents, and his current motive for murder. Oh boy brace yourselves because this is gonna be long.

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top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #2. Zoë Rivas

“We all have one thing in common - we want to be loved for who we are. We need to celebrate our differences. For instance, I’m gay. I’m not bragging about it but I’ve always been afraid to say it and I’m not anymore. I want this place to be a safe space where everyone feels free to be themselves. Welcome to Degrassi.”

so. here’s a nice little graph I made of the 18-49 demographic ratings for episodes 8-16 (note: 8 is included to show the dramatic drop like damn). you see those peaks? the red dots?

those are the episodes lena is in


Humanity…  It’s not a state. It’s a… It’s a quality.
↳ Leo Elster, 1x08