i made this because tom ward followed me and i wanted to say hey

Imagine: Ward contacts you after the death of his father and Joy leaving him

You admitted it was unexpected when you saw your phone light up with Ward’s name on it. As you waited to the call to pass, you finished up your work before lunch. It was weird that your old friend, from who you haven’t heard anything in almost a year, decided to contact you. “Just a butt dial”. You said to yourself while grabbing your wallet and heading to lunch.

During lunch you sat at the table with your favorite colleagues. They were rambling about their favorite topic: getting out of this shithole that is the callcenter company you all worked for. “A yacht, a cold drink, maybe two and Tom Holland by my side”, Will said with a wide grin on his face. “Isn’t Tom Holland far to young for you Will? I think he’s underage”, your friend Clara laughed. “No way that my man is underage”, Will said while snapping his phone out of his pocket to investigate.

“What are you doing after work?”, Clara asked you. “I think I’m just going to go home, enjoy some wine, hot shower and the comfort of my couch” Just going to enjoy my weekend. Clara lifted an eyebrow. You tilted your head. “Well I was just wondering what happened with that hot date from a few weeks ago”, your friend said suspiciously. “Well he was hot and all but he just didn’t get any of my jokes, that really bothered me. For example, when I told him about-”. “We don’t want to hear any of your bad jokes”, Clara joked. You laughed but that soon faded as you saw the time and realized that you all had to go back to work. “He’s 21!”, Will screamed out with full enthousiasm.


Time flew buy because it was a very busy day. Those days were the best, when you did not have to think about the time. After finishing up, you saw you had a missed call, from Ward. Maybe it wasn’t a mistake call after all? You grabbed your stuff and put on your jacket as you walked outside and dialed Ward’s number.

“(Y/N)?”, you heard a low voice say at the other end of the line.

“Yep, that’s me”.

“I.. I was just thinking.. ehh, wondering how you’ve been and.. if you maybe want to catch up some time?”.

“Oh, ehh.. I’m good actually”, you told him, not sure what to say about the ‘catching-up-part’.

You knew he noticed you avoiding answering his question when he asked you if you had time anytime soon. After all this time he decided to contact you. After ignoring you all this time. It wasn’t like you needed him during that time or anything. It was just nice to have him around. You had very a busy and difficult year. It would have been nice to have someone there. But you knew how he could be. The hard business man with his fancy job, fancy clothes and fancy apartment. So you did not expected anything much from him.

“(Y/N), you still there?”, Ward asked with a somewhat shaky voice.

“Yea yea, I uh.. I could do tonight if you want? We could do drinks at our place at eight?”. You suggested tonight because you just wanted it to be over.

“Uhh, okay.. I’ll see you at eight then”, Ward said, followed by a click.

“Did he just hung up on me without saying goodbye? Does he think he’s in some kind of tv show or anything?”. You noticed how worked up you’ve gotten since the call with Ward. He always brought up feelings you did not know how to deal with.

“What’s wrong with you?”. You heard next to you. Will and Clara had joined you outside the building.

“Well, my old friend just contacted me, but I haven’t seen him in a year and he was just very vague about the situation. He didn’t give me a chance to ask him anything, he just hung up after we made our appointment”.

“What old friend? Are you talking about that Ward-guy? So when is that appointment?”, Clara asked. “Or can I say date?”.

You looked at her with your signature raised eyebrow. “Yes it’s Ward and we’re just catching up Clara”.

“Allright, if you say so”.

“I guess we’ll hear all about it at Monday”, Will said with a huge grimace on his face.

“You won’t”, you told them playfully. “I’ll see you guys, have a good weekend!”.


After finishing your left over meal from yesterday, you put on some fresh clothes and headed towards the place you and Ward always liked to visit. It was close to your apartment in Brooklyn so you could walk. You entered the bar and looked around.

“Is that.. Is that Ward?”, you thought when you looked at a guy who’s face looked kind of like him but his clothes were unrecognizable.

The man at the bar confirmed it was actually Ward when he kind of waved at you.

“Hey, almost didn’t recognize you, how you’ve been?”, you asked while sitting down and taking your jacket off. Normally you would’ve hugged him but you know he wasn’t a hugger. He used to be, but one day he just put up a wall and decided not to hug or touch you anymore.

“To be honest, last year has been a mess and I’m not doing that well, do it’s nice to have someone normal to talk to”, he admitted as he ordered you two beers. “You still drink beer, right?”, he asked and you notted.

“So what happened to you?”, you asked.

“You don’t want to know (Y/N)”, Ward stated.

“Allright, so why have you asked me here then?”, you answered, sounding a bit irritated.

Ward leaned across the bar, one arm clasping around the other, like he was insecure or something. “Ward Meachum insecure?”, you thought.

“A lot has happened (Y/N), really weird fucked up stuff. It would scare you”.

“How do you know? You don’t know what I will think”.

“I do. Last time we saw a scary movie you were screaming and holding on to me tightly”, Ward teased.

“It was a really scary movie Ward”, you defended yourself.

“(Y/N), it was the ‘Bee Movie’, not scary movie at all”.

“That’s not true, I’ve never seen the Bee Movie”.

“After we saw it you practically threatened the gardeners at Central Park, saying that if they would kill the bees you would come and find them because that meant the end of the world”, Ward snorted.

“It’s nothing to joke about, the environment is a very important subject to talk about. Are you a paperless company yet Ward?”.

Ward laughed, but that smile faded quickly.

“So are you going to tell me how you are?”, you asked.

“It’s really difficult actually. There’s just a lot of stuff I have to deal with right now”.

“What kind of stuff?”.

“Family stuff”.

“Ah okay”, you said not sure what to say. You were used to his mysterious behavior but this was beyond something else. “How’s Joy? Still dating that British guy? What was his name? Harry, Harold, William, I don’t know”.

“I haven’t spoken to Joy in a while actually”.

“You mean about that subject? About dating?”.

“No, just in general”, he said, looking down with a hurt and sad look.

“Don’t you guys work together?”, you joked, trying to lift his spirit up.

“Joy left Rand”, Ward said, with a even more sad look on his face.


“It’s complicated”.

“Alright Ward, I am kind of sick of this”. You stood up. “You ignore me for about a year and then all of the sudden you call and want to talk about something you don’t want to talk about. We used to be good friends who shared everything, you know? What happened with that?”. You were mad. Also a bit irritated. But those feeling quickly changed in being worried when Ward grabbed your arm and you heard the following words.

“Please don’t leave. Not you too. I don’t have anyone else”.

“Allright, it’s okay”, you said as you sat back down. “We don’t have to talk about it yet. We could go and watch a movie?”, you suggested.

“Thank you”, Ward said with huge puppy eyes. “My place?”.

“My place is actually closer, remember?”, you smiled.

“Of course, let’s go to yours”, Ward replied.

Ward got the bill and you both stood up and headed for your apartment.