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Dating Park Jimin Would Include:

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  • A call every night when you’re apart because he wanted your voice to be the last thing he heard before you fall asleep, and vice versa 
  • A lot of “surprise gifts”, and when you’d ask him why he got them he’d shrug cutely and say, “just ‘cause
  • Tickle fights
  • Couple items
  • Singing around the house
  • Serenading you at the most unnecessary times, but he’s cute as hell and you secretly didn’t mind
  • “Jagi, did you eat? You sure? Are you warm? Do you need anything?”
  • Lots of pictures he’d send to you from the gym/dance studio oh lord those arms
  • holding you real close with thoSE STRONG ARMS
  • Bragging to his friends about how cute you are
  • LOTS of cuddling
  • Quick, soft & sweet kisses, and long, passionate & loving kisses
  • Jamming out to songs on the radio together 
  • LoTss Of bACK hUgS
  • Complimenting you so much to the point where you’re literally ready to ram your head into the wall
  • A lot of deep conversations with you at night, because that’s when he felt the closest with you & he always felt like he could tell you anything
  • When you’re feeling down, he’d just silently hug you to let you know he’s there and mumble an “I love you” from time to time until he felt like you were starting to feel better
  • “I love you, did you know that? …. Oh, well I was just reminding you just in case you forgot ^^”
  • Basically you being the luckiest girl alive

‘Your Gz sans is just useless’

 I’d like him that way, because I love him being useless and look pathetic at the same time.

That’s make him unique <3

Some guard in Falkreath told my Dragonborn to keep their fingers to themselves

like I didn’t even try to steal anything Steve

what the fuck do you know

Okay guys, so two things. First, I dicked around and finally made a dedicated ChaseAgainstOnision email. Unsurprisingly, it’s chaseagainstonision@hotmail.com, so if you need to email me, you can :D

Second, I’m compiling an email to send to Gerg because I’m bored fuck and I wanna shove his hypocricy in his face. So, while I have all of the videos he’s made about Eugenia Cooney, I’ll need some help with the videos that he’s made in regards to the following people: Cyr, Shane Dawson, Hannah Minx (I’ll start collecting videos from that post I recently reblogged, though, which will help), and ALL of his exes. With Cyr, Shane, and his exes, I mainly want videos after their relationships have ended or when they took breaks between reconciling (since he’s generally not going to be all that mean while in a relationship with people, save for his spouse).

I’m also gunna want some of his recent post about shitting on mental illness (depression, eating disorders, etc), since I know that that’s a topic he loves to revisit often. And about about his “Pls donate to charity :)))” cycles. Though, for all of this, I would appreciate links more than I would screencaps.

I’m going to look through the videos that I have on the main list (and eventually add more stuff to it so it’s more complete, but… it’s a long shot with updating it at this point :’D) and try and grab some stuff from there, but anything else will help a lot. You can either email me, message me, or send me a submission/ask :3

I suppose, depending on the results, I’ll post up any replies that I get, but I’m honestly not holding my breath, lmao

I did a thing

I made a small reference for characters I and @wolves-whisperer own. Going from the shortest to the tallest OC. I also made an expanded version with a few more characters and short notes with each one and their relation to the other. Some do not have notes because I am unsure if they have love interests.

Pink refers to love interest.

Red refers to marriage.

Blue refers to family.

Green refers to very close friends.

Corbin Sov belongs to @cosmicraven117 and is only mentioned. I don’t know his height, age, and so on. But I would surely add him in if I did know them.

Also, I notice that the shortest OC and the Tallest OC belong to me. XD Totally unintentional. Belah-96 is 5′0″ even. She was made to be an assassin after all. Jarek-7 on the other hand was made to be a war machine and a defender of the Wall and City. Thus his height. He’s the only one who rivals Thusia’s height in this chart.

Because we all know what state JiKook were in when this masterpiece was created…

Day 131

The older I become the more I realise how similar to my father I might be.

I can’t say I enjoy it.

Who would like to have many similarities with the man who used to hit them and who trained them until their knees and hands were bloody or whom they made cry?
I wonder now if my father really cried and asked for forgiveness for what he had done, because he felt remorse or because he knew I would see my “revenge” as taken.
I wonder if he, who obviously had paranoia and narcissistic traits, is more like me, factually than I would like to admit.
He was hit, but not trained by my grandfather, a man I met, who seemed polite, bottomless arrogant and who was able to speak more than nine languages.

Can a person be a product of a chain reaction, made to form an other one similar to the one before, but a bit “more”, a bit less empathic with every step and generation?

Maybe psychopathy is similar to the kind of pollution that moves through the food chain, becoming more and more in every being until it reaches the end consumer.
I guess I will need to have children and grandchildren to get a vague answer.

It probably is not worth the effort.

(-confession/lie 64)

An Extraordinary​ Gift

Secret griefs of wild, unknown men
A matter of infinite hope and the promises of life
Privileged glimpses into the human heart
Short-winded elations of men
The advantages that you’ve had
The victims of not a few veteran bores
What foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams
Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures

AN: Okay so normally I don’t post poetry but I made this found poem from the first few pages of The Great Gatsby and I fell in love with it. Also I think @musicalmiranda would like this because she’s obsessed with The Great Gatsby.

SU episodes ask meme

GEM GLOW → Have you ever bought something for a friend, just because it was something (s)he’d really like?
Have you ever lost something you were responsible for?
If you could shape shift into anything you’d like, what would you turn into?
If you had to spend an entire day with only one person, who would it be?
What’s your favorite (video) game, and why?
Have you ever done something you weren’t comfortable with, just to become a part of a group?
What would your ideal bedroom look like?
Do you sometimes talk to yourself in the mirror?
Would traveling through space be something you’d like to do?
If you could take 5 things with you to an unhabited island, what would those 5 things be?
WATERMELON STEVEN → Have you ever done something you didn’t want to do to make things better than they were back then?
WARP TOUR → Have you ever seen something and told this to others, but no one was willing to believe you?
HORROR CLUB → Would you ever go somewhere, just because your friends are going?
SHIRT CLUB → Have people ever used something you made in a way you didn’t want it to be used?
SAY UNCLE → Do you like playing pranks on others?
REFORMED → Do people sometimes compare you to someone else?
WE NEED TO TALK → Tell us one of your nicest memories.
CRY FOR HELP → Have you ever done something you regret in an attempt to get closer to someone else?
ONION FRIEND → Do you express yourself in any artistic ways?