i made this because i'm a terrible person

ts6 is literally going to be so significant and have such a huge impact in all of our lives purely because of what we and taylor have been through to get there. terrible media, attacks from celebrities who envy taylor’s fame, haters online, this court case, our own personal journeys. we’ve made it through all of that and more - us and taylor - and ts6 is symbolic of what we’ve been through and how strong we have become

tfc characters as things my friends and i have said
  • Dan: In middle school I had a crush on a boy, so the first time he talked to me, I shoved him in a locker.
  • Renee: CPR is pretty much just punching someone in the chest with style.
  • Nicky: (In response to "sometimes when i lay on my stomach my cat will kneed my butt.") But that's supposed to be MY job!
  • Kevin: Anxiety is like 70% of my personality.
  • Allison: (When someone says "I'll miss you.") I'll miss me too.
  • Neil: I've only ever made two mistakes: being born and allowing that to continue for nineteen years and counting.
  • Andrew: You're not untrustworthy BECAUSE I hate you. You're untrustworthy AND I hate you.
  • Aaron: I may be small but I'm five feet of rage and steel.
  • Matt: Fuck it. I'll be everyone's goddamn mom friend and no one can stop me.
  • Riko: It's more fun cutting someone open.
  • Jean: (Loudly, in a cafe in Paris, with a terrible accent.) Hon hon hon croissant

You wanna know what I find amazing? Taylor is one of the biggest musicians on the planet right now. And nobody had a fucking clue she was doing anything. NOT ONE PERSON. I think that goes to show how respected she must be among those that are close to her or work with her. Somebody could have easily leaked her song, especially if she was such a terrible person. But she isn’t. People that know her respect the shit out of her and she was able to keep this so secret because of her character and the person she is. 


Critical Role Parallels: episode 37 | episode 65 - tfw you can’t tell if it’s percy or taliesin who is gleefully and somewhat proudly declaring that vex or laura is A Terrible Person™

bonus gif for episode 65 coz this never not cracks me up:

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I'm not sure if this all really makes sense, but I'm trying really hard to participate in nanowrimo this year, because I've been trying to write this story for forever. The problem is is that I always feel like everything I write is stupid and terrible. I've been made fun of my entire life for my little stories I come up with, and so I'm too self conscious to ever ask anyone for their opinion of my writing. I feel like the few I DO ask are just pandering to me. Do you have any advice?

First, it sounds like you need a hug. 


Second, I can’t speak to your abilities personally, obviously, because I don’t know who you are, but I can guarantee you that every single writer in the world (or at least a significant number, both published and aspiring) has that voice of doubt in their head at least some of the time. I know I do. Writing is weird. It is simultaneously very personal and very public. It’s a weird mix of ego and terror (”Use your time to read my thing! Omg, maybe the thing is horrible!” Sound familiar?). Of course, it’s hard to put yourself out there. It sounds like you’ve had a particularly rough go, with people making fun of you and disparaging what you do.

Look, those people are jerks. I’m sorry to say it, but there are a lot of jerks out there. Who knows why they’re picking on you, but they are. Maybe they’re jealous because they can’t think up stories on their own. Maybe they’re sad and lashing out because they want other people to feel as sad as they do. Maybe they’re just the kind of jerks who pull wings off flies for fun. The thing is, those jerks? Their stuff is not about you, not really. People who pick on other people are doing it because of their own issues.

Unfortunately, there’s a bit of that in the way our own brains pick on us, too. When you feel like everything you write is stupid and terrible, I suspect there’s other stuff happening under the surface. 

For me, that voice comes out of things like: am I just being a showoff? Why do I think I’m so smart/clever/talented/funny? Look at how other people have already succeeded and I’m just a big lump who can’t put my money where my mouth is. Who do I think I am anyway? Everything is trite or overdone or melodramatic or recycled and why do I even bother?? Ugh, I’m so arrogant and demanding and and and and…

Most of that’s not really about writing. Not really. It’s about growing up an overachiever who got a lot of praise, but, as an adult, isn’t sure that praise was warranted or is afraid that praise was wasted and isn’t going to amount to anything. Weird psychological crap. Brains, man. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.

Look, you wrote some nice clean sentences up there. In the short span of a tumblr ask, you told me a little story. You did! And it made me feel feelings and want to engage with you. And that’s what writing is. Telling stories that engage you (first and foremost) and others. What I’m saying is that I am almost certain, based on one little tumblr ask, that your writing is most definitely not “stupid and terrible.”

(This got real long, whoops!)

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Honestly I feel bad for @therealjacksepticeye

Like, yeah, it’s pretty fun and all to theorize about Anti and be like a detective, but lately I kinda feel like people have been going too far and screaming “ANTI” at every little thing he does.

The lights in his facecam, recently, have been a thing.

Yeah, I have to admit, it was all fun and all to say, jokingly, “Oh, the lights! Anti!” At first, but some part of me feels like Jack is genuinely wanting to improve his setup and everyone is just flipping out. It might be an Anti thing, or he might just want to try something new.

Regardless, Jack, I personally feel super terrible about all that’s happened, and I’m not sure if you are planning at all for Anti to make an appearance, but regardless I feel that I need to say I’m sorry if we have possibly made you upset or uncomfortable with the overwhelming Anti accusations.

This post still stands even if Anti appears again.

I just feel terrible about it.


anonymous asked:

So I found a transmedicalist blog and I actually agreed with a lot of what she was saying and now i hate myself bc I feel like I'm gatekeeping but it does make sense and actually made me feel more like a real man when she posted brain scans of cis and trans people next to each other but idk what she thinks of nbs and I feel bad agreeing with the stuff she said how do I stop being a terrible person

Archer says:

After consulting with the other members of this blog we came to this conclusion.

Just because you agree with smaller aspects of that ideology doesn’t mean you’re instantly horrible and/or a transmedicalist. It’s okay to look at different opinions than your own and listen to them from time to time. If we didn’t we would never change our opinions and would never grow as people. That said if you really feel you’re a bad person now you could take some time to really evaluate how you feel about gatekeeping and your opinion on all of those things.

It’s up to you decide on what you’re going to think by the end of this process. Obviously we here would hope you don’t completely change your opinion to that of a typical truscum/transmedicalist–but that is up to you.

Either way we cannot be the people to tell you whether you’re “terrible person” as you put it, or not. Plus, to top all of this off, we have no idea which views you align with and if you wanted more insight you’d have to clarify.

I hope this helped in at least some small way and I wish you luck in your endeavor with this.

Lee says:

I think it’s important to remember that while you can navigate this type of blog safely as a man, these people are hostile to other folks in the trans community like non-binary people such as myself, so you may want to stay away from them. Enjoying being validated doesn’t make you a bad person, but it’s your choice if you continue to interact with these types of blogs despite knowing how hateful they can be to others.

Making a less accepted group (non-binary people) a scapegoat to uplift binary trans people isn’t good- it’s like how in school you knew not to be friends with someone if they were mean to the unpopular kids but friendly to the popular ones. That type of person may be perfectly friendly and to you, but then bully someone else. Certain political groups do the same thing- like how white nationalists will talk hateful rhetoric about Jewish people and Black people to make a case for how great white people are.

I have been harassed by transmeds a lot even though I don’t get into discourse or anything, and they’ve sent me asks on occasion too. On things like me making a personal post just saying I’m excited to start T, they’ll tell me I’m hurting “Real trans people” by transitioning and should die, etc. and every time I post a selfie I have to watch the notes so I can block them when they start leaving hateful replies. That’s made me very wary of any transmeds, and anyone who tries to gatekeep my identity by telling me that non-binary people aren’t real. If you go through the truscum tag on tumblr, you’ll see how hostile they are towards non-binary people.

You may be drawn in by them affirming you as a binary person, but you should try self-validation to help you or get your validation from more inclusive sources and trans positivity blogs who accept all trans people.


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Tbh I love your content and personality but what made me wanna message was actually to thank you for inspiring me to go to the gym. I honestly wanna start living a healthy life and be happy and bring happiness to those around me, but I'm also shy of my body because of terrible things I have done to it :^/ I would say it off anon but maybe I'll post a pic once I start to gain confidence ill tag and thank you again. Ps my fave cat Pokémon is Incinaroar cuz I wanna look as confident as they do.

It means so much for me to know that I’ve given you the inspiration to hit the gym! It makes me even happier that you’ve gone through this sort of change, I believe that you can do it! Thank you for taking the time to write this! You have no idea how much I appreciate knowing this! I’m happy for your sake and I hope that it has helped you a lot, my friend! I wish you nothing but luck and that you’re able to achieve your goals as the greatest Incineroar ever!

Uhh?? I recently rewatched episode 4 of despair arc and Ruruka didn’t yell at Seiko because of the laxatives.
When they first started taking effect, she was like “Yoi..? Seiko…? How did this happen?” And was just really surprised and seemed to be second guessing herself, and YOI accused her of drugging the sweets.
then Seikos bag fell open and there was a BOMB inside. Ruruka then made the obvious connection, realizing Seiko was probably planning to bomb the fucking school.
That’s when she started yelling at her about how she’s a terrible person and she likely sabotaged Rurukas sweets also. Because, yknow, she was planning to bomb the school.
Which is also likely why she had trust issues, because she believed her best friend of around 10 years was a school bomber.

Closure || 10/?

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Wew double digits and Cloor Claw Island~

I have no idea how to draw abombs /o/ but look at that hourglass figure hue

By Ive’s canon, representatives from all three orders made it to Claw Island when the fortress was attacked, hence the presence of Etiery, who is technically a member of the Priory.  Because Ive is Whispers, however, Tybalt is the only mentor to canonically die in the attack.  Mostly because I didn’t actually think about what happened to Forgal and Sieran. Schrödinger’s mentor~

anemated  asked:

I'd like to hear your opinion (I'm terrible at reading people) - when do you think Tom Christie fell in love with Claire? I can understand how back then an intellectual mind could have sparked something for one person like puppy Philip Wylie, who was young, clingy, pompous and obvious. Tom's so reserved/conservative that it made it hard to tell how he felt compared to Wylie. Could it be because how different Claire is from his first wife, even though both are considered witches in their own way?

@aruza83 asked: Hello lovely Gotham, I would like to hear Your thoughts regarding Tom Christie and his complex relationship with the Fraser’s.

I think it was a very long process, but culminated when she operated on his injured hand. To see Claire exhibit such skill, and to see Jamie’s appreciation of her skill, undoubtedly had an impact on him. That, and Claire’s follow-up visits forcing him to get to know her better. Get a sense of who she was as a person - as a healer - and not just as Jamie’s wife.

Because in so doing, Tom grows to really respect Claire. And up to that point in his life, he’s only had (mostly) terrible experiences with women - I doubt he’d ever met a woman he thought capable of doing what a man could, let alone respect her for her abilities.

So, she is exotic to him - and infinitely attractive. I’ve always thought it odd that Claire didn’t realize herself that Tom was in love with her, until Jamie pointed it out. Not that Claire is oblivious, but given their history - and his history with Jamie - it’s the last thing she’d expect coming from him.

I so, so want to see him again in Book 9…

*lies on the floor* people liking and sharing my art means so much to me because I’ve spent so many years feeling like nobody cares about my art except me. in the past year I’ve made such incredible improvements in my talent and confidence in art and it has literally changed my entire life and my future. just because of fandom, especially dghda, supporting me and my terrible terrible drawings  

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There's this person I'm friends with at school and they're cool but they're an anti??? Like they thought that actions such as physically exposing someone's adress was okay over ships so I just said that's a terrible thing to do and they kinda toned it down until at lunch they started saying how that sheith was kinda gross because it's kinda " pedophile like" But my csa surviver ass just said nothing and drank my drink faster. But hey I think I made some progress

No offence but your friend kinda seems like an asshole 

So I just got the most amazing art ever.. and so I decided I had to do something to repay this amazing and utterly beautiful and wonderful gift sooooo I made a thing because like Xandie, I am an awful person who finds humor in fucked up shit. I hope you and Chrome both enjoy it!

@xandiepandie-blog @chromehoplite I thought I would animate and bring to life… seb’s death from the little knowledge I have of the scene. This S.O.B took me far longer than terrible art should have and the drawing of the peoples wasn’t what actually took me so long… animating it and turning it into a gif was what slowed me down!. FML


“Do you know what you’re getting yourself into, Anna? I’m relentless.”
“I figured as much, Elsa, but you’re not gonna scare me. This is happening.”
“I don’t want to hear that you made a mistake agreeing to this.”
Anna scoffed, “As if.”
“Or that I’m not playing fair.”
“Oh, I’m counting on that one.”
“Or that you normally win. Because I assure you, honey, I’ve never lost.”
Elsa smirked, “Never.”
Anna paused, before her grin grew even larger, wider, more frantic and she lunged, over the coffee table and into Elsa’s lap.
The cardboard top flew off the box, and she opened the board, the word “MONOPOLY” written in large block text along it’s center,
“I’m the top hat.”

  • Other People: I really like Connor. He was decently developed and felt the most "human" of the Assassins, and I could relate to a lot of his choices and hardships.
  • Me: (◡‿◡✿)
  • Other People: Connor was okay. I don't think he was one of the stronger protagonists of the series, and I definitely prefer other main characters to him. But overall, I think he was alright.
  • Me: (◡‿◡✿)
  • Other People: I didn't like Connor. In my opinion, I just couldn't relate to him and I think that I wouldn't make some of the choices he made. I also couldn't really see myself as this soft spoken person; I think I prefer more vocal protagonists. He's definitely not one of my favorites.
  • Me: (◡‿◡✿)
  • Other People: Connor was shitty. He was bland and dull and stupid and terrible. I really wish they had made a different protagonist or stuck with Ezio. And not to mention how annoying his fan base is and how terrible his voice actor was.
  • Me: (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

thebreakfastgenie  asked:

I'm having a really hard time believing that that person who thinks "don't you think she looks tired" is sexist is doing anything other than trying to prove that RTD is a terrible and sexist person. Moffat stans love to be like "ummm actually RTD was worse!!!" and it annoys me more than most of their behavior because they're always grasping at straws. (I also added a really long response to that post because I was irritated I hope I did a decent job)

Wow, Ten made a comment against an immoral woman once, wow, sexism!

That’s so much worse than:






How was I so blind?

Scully, Will You Sing Me The Song?

“Scully, will you sing me the song?”

She looks up from her magazine to see her stubbornly awake partner pleading at her with drug-enhanced puppy dog eyes.

“What song, Mulder?” She shifts in her chair and looks back at the magazine with calculated nonchalance. And he lets her.

“You know, the song.”

She looks up then. Again, calculated “recognition.” Again, he lets her.

“Mulder.” is all she says as she darts her eyes to the hallway, but he hears the “Do we have to go through this? You know I can’t carry a tune and someone might hear me” in the deepening timbre of her sleep and stress laden voice.

“Scully?” is all he says but she hears the “Please do it for me, I won’t make fun of you and who cares if they hear anyway” in the scratch and rasp of his blister-riddled throat. 

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Messy hair, messy life ♥

anonymous asked:

One time I said something mean about you on Tumblr and you took the time to personally message me, and to this day, months and months later, I still feel terrible. I never meant any of it because I actually freaking love you. I was just having a shitty day and I don't know what made me think it was okay to take it out on you, but I'm genuinely sorry.

It’s okay. Trust me, you’re not the first to say something negative about me. It’s life. Sometimes we get worked up and wanna take the anger out on someone. I understand that so no worries!